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Video game type dreams!! I should really type these up immediately because I’ve already forgotten some of it.

I was a normal young person when all of the sudden I was hit with some sort of accident leaving my brain handicapped. Unable to think properly, move coordinatedly, not even speak well. Immense pain in my head and constant dizziness/nausea. I kept getting an image of a large void in my brain. My mom was extremely worried for me and brought me to the grocery store which is a public place and everyone got to see for themselves how invalid I was. A worried doctor met us there and kept me under his care, testing my reflexes and everything. It was a major blow because it was my or our job to infiltrate a facility, but now the main operative was down and out…what could I possibly do? Apparently I still needed to be there because they still took me to the place where our team was being ruthlessly overrun…but. AH HAH! It was all a ploy! As we pushed through level after level of obstacles and enemies (I guess I was still able to do minor supportive roles), we finally get to the end and the enemy’s guard was down give their arch-nemesis was rendered useless, and I sprang into action! At my sole decision, the void in my mind filled right up and WHAM. Victory for good guys! Even my team didn’t know the plan and so it was quite a stir!

Now cut to my extended family. I was taking pictures or something on a bed of one of my old classmates and there was this adorable French bulldog, dark brindle, sleeping there. I spilled water on everyone for some reason but the dog couldn’t even bring itself to care and kept sleeping. I rubbed its belly and it slowly slid over onto my lap where I fussed over it. So adorable! Then the dream became videogame-like where my extended family and I were participating in some quests/games like scavenger hunts and such in this large facility filled with different rooms. Kind of like a convention or a festival. I was doing pretty well looking for chests and looting from them before everyone else to get points. It was strange the way it would switch from digital playing to in-person lifelike. Anyways there was this one room where everyone’s dogs were there. I remember looking for my dogs and chasing after Gable who decided to poop in this place. I was very embarrassed and was looking for how to clean it up. The other dogs had pooped everywhere too and suddenly it was my job to clean everything up while everyone else stood around talking to each other. The weirdest part? The dogs had all pooped on these napkin squares and I had the hardest time trying to pick them up without spilling the poop off. I was trying to stack them and not to breathe in the smell or make a mess, but alas.

Jump (thankfully) to the next part where I wandered by myself after the above festivities with family to the rest of the convention type place. I passed by some sweepstakes for cars that I’d wanted to sign up for earlier but was afraid everyone else would complain for it being a scam. I saw one for a new Corvette and the sign said it was a Disney sweepstake so I started filling out the form, but noticed that it needed a code. I looked up to see a lady walked to me. Dread filled my stomach, fearing that I would have to sit through a sales pitch before being allowed to enter. She was very friendly, though and looked at my entry, saying, oh you’re a female. I was confused until I looked up and realized that the Corvette entry was for males and the pink picture over on the other side was for females. Instead of a Corvette, though, it was for a Lexus, small sporty car, but not anywhere on par with the Corvette. I pulled a face and told her let me just enter it and if they want a male as a winner then I can give them my brother because he’s the one who likes Corvettes anyways. She gave me the code and placed the entry for me and then invited me over to the big table so that I could partake of the tacos they had there. There were couples all eating tacos together. She made me a taco and had me sit down to eat. It. Was. GOOD. I got up to get some more after finishing the first one and eavesdropping on all the other conversations. I had to fight with another guy to get the remaining ingredients which were running low. So good!


The food and fighting for it was from eating Golden Corral for dinner. The dog poop was probably because there was a dog sleeping in my room and farting. I fed them a different food last night (came in the mail, free!) which typically lends to gas. Not sure where the other stuff came from because I didn’t play any video games at all yesterday. The headache might have been a real headache from sinuses or weird sleeping position.

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Work, Popeyes, Biking

I’ve been having some sleepful nights as opposed to sleepless. It’s nice, but the dreams have been interesting too. The night before saw some weird stuff with guns, toilets and old classmates. Last night was more tame.

Let’s start with the college dream. Something about going back to college? Well I wanted to take a tour of campus to reacquaint myself with it (it was completely unfamiliar to my real life memory), so I took my bike and started pedaling on the “bike path.” There were other bikes too, but at one point I got a reflection glimpse of mine and the tires were absolutely massive. I even was wearing a seatbelt?? Because I wanted to stand up but the belt wouldn’t let me, so I decided to “risk it” and took off the seat belt to ride. Ooooo so dangerous! I remember passing by existing students and instructors, getting snippets of conversation. One kid in particular had his mom there because he was in trouble for doing drugs. His mom was very supportive and tried to make him feel better. On my second go-round, there was some sort of big social event going on that included the community. I ran into an old man, so I got off and escorted him, laughing hysterically to find his wife who was doing a comedy skit in front of their merchant kiosk, but because she was busy I brought him to watch a different show with a lady who was entertaining a large crowd. Both shows were quite funny!

Change scenes to work, and I was tired and wanted to go home, but my last patient was my brother. My boss was taking forever to come do the exam, and when she finally did she took it upon herself to polish some more and sat down for more scaling like I hadn’t done a good job at all. In the meantime, her patients were waiting and it was past 5, plus we had 2 more sets of walk-ins! The assistant couldn’t wait any longer so left for home. I was standing up front with my co-workers, waiting, when her patients didn’t want to wait anymore so they come up to us and hand us trays of food from Popeyes saying they found it at the airport they had come from and that we should enjoy it. My coworker and I were like oo because it was an exotic flavor of Popeyes, so we split the sweet, tropical chicken tenders and the drumstick. It was very good. One of the waiting patients was having an emergency of sorts and was very insistent on seeing the doctor. Dark haired, young man, I was like, that’s cool. By now she finally had gotten done with my brother and ran off to deal with the other people. I go to clean up and she had reprimanded me for my subpar cleaning ability. My dream translated that to cleaning as in cleaning things, so there was this whole scene where I’m washing tools and dishes, and the light hits this strainer such that I can see nematodes being left behind! I am devastated by this and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to wash these parasites away. I manage to get it off the strainer, but the instant it hits the sink it puffs up and starts to bubble. Little patches of…mold..? start growing on it and I immediately grab a bottle of chemical to squeeze onto it. Much like squeezing BBQ sauce on meat. Then ANOTHER clump of parasites appear so I slather it on that one too! The more I squeeze on them, the faster they are overwhelmed and sink into the bubbly pool of  liquid in the sink. Finally they are gone and I am happy.


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Night visitor, Mall, old person, food

I am plagued. Absolutely plagued by these erotic dreams.

I was sleeping and woke up because my bf was suddenly on top of me. I was surprised but not put off. I asked him how he got in and turns out he had been away training intensely for covert ops and used his skills to come surprise me. I cried and asked him if this real or just a dream. He shushed me and told me to just give myself to him.

Later I was at a mall I’d never been to with my family, but we all split up. There was a large congregation and I was telling my mom that all the people here were in on a publicity stunt. There were schools of some really amazing young people and one girl in particular could jump up and down from ridiculous heights! I followed the crowd up to the top floor but by the time I’d made it up there it had all dispersed. My mom and I walked a little down the mall but it was too early and none of the stores were open. She saw the old bishop in full vestments and he flagged her down, so I left them to talk and went back to where the congregation had been. It was mostly empty and I saw this loud old woman and her caretaker pushing her along in her stroller/wheelchair thing. She was yelling at the top of her lungs asking for donations because she couldn’t pay for her medical bills and would accept any sort of food too. No one was paying her much attention when all of the sudden her ride flipped and she fell off, sliding away. She tried to get up but would fall down again. The caretaker tried to quickly upright the cart and rush over, but was having trouble. No one stopped to help, so I casually walked over, a little cautious, myself, but she really was legitimately handicapped. I picked her up an placed her back on her wheels (with no help from the caretaker at all) having to brace the vehicle from moving while trying to set her. Similar to the elderly, she was a tough old woman and very prideful despite her condition and asking for donations. We were nearby to a little ice cream store so an important man ordered an ice cream cake for her much to the applause of his admirers and the press. When they gave it to her and she pulled a face, I was busy thinking to myself that she doesn’t need sugar, she needs a decent meal. I left at that point, looking for food for myself because I was hungry. Stopped by a cookie/ice cream/pastry kiosk. They were happy and helpful at first, giving me and another lady a taste test of their grass flavored chocolate (interesting…) grated to look like hay and grass. It wasn’t that bad. I wanted to order some cookies and things, but all of the sudden it got REALLY busy and the girl got really irritated at me so I left. Never did find any other food. I did find my sister, however, and found a directory to look at, but the mall didn’t have many food places. Of course, when I went to the crude directory, a crowd of people suddenly wanted to look too.

Oh these dreams.

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Video game, shopping carts, family

Last night I slept rather well having gotten much accomplished the day before and having an overall great day. However I woke up around 4am because of this interesting dream: I was in a video game type dream again, first person perspective, in the vein of Fable, Watchdogs, Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect. It was set in a world where humans were being hunted by alien forces and my job was to survive by killing humans loyal to the aliens, save those injured or hunted by aliens, and in general stay alive. The beginning portion had lots of shadows and sneaking around and I kept failing or dying on my objective so I had to keep repeating the mission over. Eventually it became less a level-based game and more open world. I’d have to save this lady and make sure to pick up her arm on the way to the goal. I’d have to save another female whose clothes were mostly missing from fire or ripping. In my attempt to flee detection, I had to run by some destroyed buildings and slam the head of the passing human who was loyal to the aliens so that my position wouldn’t be compromised. I’d hide in rubble, between buildings, in alleyways and survey my enemies before hitting them with shots from my weapons. I’d see survivors and here’s were it starts getting weird and inappropriate (which seems to be a pattern lately in my dreams). There were 2 men lying in the rubble of a mostly destroyed building, I was looting one of them, feeling them up everywhere, asking if they had any sidequests, and then trying to get it on with them. @_@  Apparently sex didn’t matter either, because male, female, it’s cool. Everyone I’d run across it was attempt or kill them. There was one in particular which I swear started out as a man who forced himself onto/into me from behind. It was sudden and forceful and not initiated by me, but good golly I wasn’t exactly protesting either. In fact I guided his hand underneath my shirt and I hope the noises I was making wasn’t being projected aloud in real life. When he finished I turned to find out it wasn’t a man’s head after all, so a she/he? The body part was correct obviously. Then again I didn’t care and in the game I guess we were an item. Strangest part of it all? My clothes were all still on. How does that work? Who am I to question video game logic? While that was mostly enjoyable and I had a sort of relationship going, I wasn’t totally happy and continued looking for a different one, a more fulfilling on. My journey led me up to a 2nd story I’d climbed where a young woman caught me. I knocked her down and proceeded to try and kill her by holding her nose and holding my hand over her mouth. Dragged her into the shadows because I saw people coming, but it was too late to be undetected, so I continued to asphyxiate my victim. The two women were coming in to work and walked by me, not caring what I was doing. Instead they both smiled suggestively at me, signaling they had a side quest for me whenever I was ready. It creeped me out a bit, so when victim was dead, I left her there and surveyed the land below me. I see my relationship girl/guy and fly down to see them, but when I see that they’re busy pleasuring themself without me I realize that this relationship is not the one for me. I am wholly unsatisfied, so I leave to find my satisfaction.

Next portion of video game dream finds me driving cars around. I’m having fun crashing and stuff when an online girl says, hey let’s go here, to a weird part of the map. By going there I would be contributing to the main story line instead of side quests but I figure that’s better with 2 people, so sure we go there. I don’t want to go into the clown mouth so we try to find a way around it, and we do! Jump down a big cliff and enter the building from behind. It is chock FULL of people and I enter by myself because the other girl is hung up on a canoe for some reason. It’s a library! My map tells me I have some people I can talk to, so I do to add them to my progress list, and then I head over to the main mission… Around now my dogs start waking up and making noise because that’s where it ends.

Not last night but the night before I dreamed about my family. It was set back in my childhood area. I was driving my car around near Chickfila and couldn’t make a U-turn for some reason. My family members were there and I had a shopping cart. They all were supposed to pile in so I could push them to my house, but my grandpa staunchly refused because I drove to scary. I said fine, you guys figure it out and so my mom and I took a walk down the road. She found some apple trees and started picking them. I look down the road near the mall and see my family members trying to load into this shopping cart. I feel bad because I’d lost my temper and go over to help them. Apparently only I knew really how to work it. They’re more amenable now that they had trouble. Dream cuts away.

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Driving, running over people

I was driving to work early in the morning down my normal path out of the neighborhood. It was very very dark and I was already starting to get impatient with the slow people. I was stuck behind a slow motorcyclist and for some reason was having a hard time seeing even with my lights on. I change lanes to go around the guy and decide to turn on my high beams to help me see. Just as I do, I see a bike with 3 people sitting on it in my way. It all happened in slow motion: I tried to swerve around them, but it was too late. One girl is sitting on the bike normally and a male and female were sitting in front of her on the bar, making out. In pitch darkness. I hit them going 60mph the impact sent things flying in all directions. For an instant I thought about just leaving and pretending I didn’t know anything, but I couldn’t do that, so I hit the brakes and back up. I get out of the car and am suddenly teleported to the hallway in my house where plastic debris sits all over the floor. I look for the bodies, but I don’t see them until I notice a large mound of blankets in the corner of the hall. I take off the top layer, and it’s the kissing guy. He stirs, so I pull him onto the ground. Next under another blanket is kissing girl. She smiles, hops off and goes to join her lover. Finally on the bottom layer is the biking girl. I poke her in the head until she wakes up and ask if she’s ok. She says she dislocated a shoulder and I move her just to be sure. She’s right and demands an ambulance. Now starts my predicament. I don’t want to call 911 because it’s not really and emergency emergency. I don’t want to call the cops because I need rescue. Also, I still need to get to work and it seems I’ll be late if I have to file a report. I’m not worried about getting into trouble with the law because what the heck were they doing on the road just sitting there like that with no lights? And I have dashcam. Finally I call 911 and as I’m waiting to be connected, I talk to the injured girl (the other two have started making out again). Apparently I’ve been connected to 911 for a while and didn’t respond so they mobilized swat and pulled all the stops. Transported again but this time to the front of a Walmart. There are people EVERYWHERE, police, rescue, people in general, classmates, teacher. Like it was a carnival. I stand there and wait for police to come talk to me, my story all ready, but no one ever does. In fact, besides pointing at me, no one passes me another glance. The kissing couple have split up and gone away. The injured girl is lying in the shadows on a mattress on the ground and I go to talk to her. She’s been handcuffed and feet cuffed. I asked her why they were out on the road just sitting there like that, and she said matter-of-factly that they couldn’t stand being in the house anymore. At least she didn’t lie. So I go out to the crowd again. The law sqauds have gone away and now it really is a carnival. People in cow costumes, singing, chanting. I am completely confused.

wth. I have no idea.

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Real Estate, BF

There was a house located at Creek Lake that I must have done an Air BnB for. The family consisted of a frazzled housewife and her 2 kids. They were looking to sell the house to help with financial troubles since her husband was no longer around. There was a realtor coming and I volunteered to help out. The realtor couldn’t find the house, so I went out to guide her there and gave her a tour of the place. Then we went and took an aerial view of the place, which wasn’t all that impressive, but when seen on the map, had easy and direct access to the lake, a good selling point. She seemed happy then and started to direct where furniture should be moved. We waited a few days and it was slow, because, well, the area wasn’t all that popular. I wanted to help the curb appeal, but never got a chance.

Then, I stepped out of the shower and stood in front of the vanity, looking into the mirror. All of the sudden, my bf surprises me by stepping into the bathroom and embracing me from behind. I melt into him, leaning back into his body, my heart at ease and enveloped in his warmth. He caresses my skin and I turn to plant kisses on his face and anywhere I can reach. We continue in this loving dance for a while, then he decides he’d like to take a shower too, as he has arrived to spend time with me, so strips to his undies. He asks me for some clean ones, so I leave to go back to my room to look. On my way out an older lady is looking in, hoping it was her turn in the bathroom and surprised to see a man in there. I grin at her and after l search through his spare clothes, I find that they haven’t been washed yet. He then leaves to buy some new ones. I must have been in living in a dorm-like situation? I dress inside my room and get back to business with the rest of the plot of my dream which includes seeing patients and dealing with some significant thing (probably some secret agent thing again). My bf having returned home and not seeing me there, called me, worried, asking if I needed help, knowing my line of business. I smile because he’s so sweet to ask, but I assured him he needn’t worry and to enjoy himself while I work my trade, and I’ll be back soon.

Ah. If only.

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Games, king cobra, guys, deli food, dad

Woke up not wanting to leave my beautifully soft pillow, but alas. The dreams were pretty fun, though, mostly set up in the form of video games.

As I was wandering around this video game world (1st person, my view), with items, objectives, and data to collects, I was playing with some friends and my brother, but I kept wandering off to do my own thing as they were launching assaults into other areas. I remember I opened a lock and one of my buddies ran in to grab the chest before I could in jest. I was exploring the map and was under fire from enemies so I took the nearest warp point which set me right at the feet of a mid-range monster. With no friends to help, I had to hit the little toes (Zelda Skyward Sword-style) to make it fall down, but I must have woken up or gotten hot, because the dream changed.

Now I was in a supermarket, at the deli counter, having gone through a small portion of the store already. I was debating (like in other dreams) what I should get, a little disappointed that unlike last time (other dream) their dessert section wasn’t nearly as expansive or fresh, but I told myself it was for the better because it’s healthier. Their freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches were too expensive ($2.88!!!) so I was longingly looking at the chicken, turkey and other meats fresh baked. Everything was too expensive and I couldn’t afford it. Just as I was going to leave, an enthusiastic worker who looked quite like a certain Oral Surgeon, came out with a large piece of solid yellow something. He touted to the large crowd gathered that it was fresh seasoning for the meat! He then climbed the ladder (much to the other worker’s irritation) and dripped this fat laden seasoning packet down onto the meats below. Everyone including me was so happy and they other worker started handing out samples of the newly seasoned products. It was HEAVENLY! I still couldn’t afford anything, but at that moment my mom arrived and I eagerly told her about the seasoned food! She seemed skeptical but the man came out to hawk the products again! Just as she was about to agree to buy some, the dream changed. More heat it think.

This next part was broken up into small parts partly because of heat, dogs and my need to use the restroom. Early morning usually sees that. I was doing something with one of my old suitors-still-friend guys, then it was time to meet up with other people to go for food with my dad. Obligation on my part. We were sitting in the back of a car together, must have been a taxi or an Uber, with me on the left side and he was sitting in the middle for some reason. Our legs and shoulders/arms were touching in the back of the small sedan and he was leaning purposefully on me. I remember thinking to myself that I felt very neutral about it all, very unlike how I feel when I sit next to my bf, and thought to myself that I should tell him that later. Anyways, we arrive at the food place and it was like a Checkers? You choose your food, pay with coins and choose the bigger entrees at the main counter. I took a small baguette that cost 75 cents but I didn’t have any quarters so I go tot he ATM and cash out an old gift card with $99.67 on it. Pay for that, and head to the table where my brother, dad, suitor friend and yet another online suitor friend was sitting. I remember whispering to one of them that my dad is very annoying and I wish I didn’t have to eat with him.

Dream switch to another video game dream. This time animals were involved and I was being chased by something, but I also had a King Cobra, its mortal enemy, so we crossed an ocean portion and I released the cobra in hopes that it would fight the other and give me a chance to escape. Instead, as I was trying to leave via swimming (my most vulnerable!) the Cobra suddenly jumped up, flew over top of me and aimed so that it was fall on my head. I remembered that snakes can swim and I freaked out because it was trying to kill me. Then the game paused. I guess I must have died or I don’t know. Next and last thing I did was relate to my brother this part of the game how this snake could fly and proceeded to attack me.

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Money, mall, retail, horny men

Typically when I recount these I’ll do it backwards from most recent to farther back as I recover the memory. However then it gets complicated because they go in sequential order so I need to explain what happened first…

Let’s see…the farthest back I remember…it was in a heavily wooded area with windy, narrow roads, some dirt and some not. No real law there just people living and plying their trade. I must have owned a home in the area and my family was visiting…because it was a newer place. I’m driving in my Outback on these roads and some events have taken place. It had rained and my sister was complaining about something so I explained that the water level goes way up given all of the dips but it just so happens that right now it’s not super flooded. I go by a bunch of homes, farms and craftsmen. I get out of the car and see one of the farmers (one of my real life patients) who had just seen a traveller out thanking the farmer for his hospitality in letting him stay the night. I am impressed because the guy is known to be belligerent and not super nice. He sees me and walks me up and down the street, messing with the craftsmen there of different races, but they all knew him and just rolled their eyes fondly at him. 

Then cut back to my house and I have a few neighbors (all men) over. Some are sitting on folding chairs and some other people on the couch. We are either watching a movie or some sort of major drama amongst the townsfolk has come this. Anyways we are watching a girl on the screen or standing there relating or going through whatever drama it is. I’m getting a little irritated when I notice the men are acting strangely. They suddenly start getting red and groaning. Next thing I know they’ve grabbed from who-knows-where some sex toy vaginas and start getting busy each on their own. I am appalled and yell that them that this girl could be any of their daughters but they keep going at it and I leave in an exasperated huff. Men!!

The next dream was at a mall. My siblings and I were walking around what suddenly became the mall we grew up at and decided to go into a gift type of store. It was owned by some asian women. We are lookimg through everything, she starts talking in Vietnamese, people start coming in and in an instant I am an employee there. There is lots of interest! I have 2 newer coworkers but I spent so much time on the floor that I don’t know how to work the registers. Apparently we even sold drinks there! And this poor girl waited patiently and nicely as we tried to figure out how to ring up the drink for her. I went on break having tried some of the drink (very watered down…) and went to explore the rest of the mall. I see people I used to go to school with, stores that were there in my childhood. I see a place that does massages so I strip down to nothing but my underwear in the middle of nowhere but there’s a line and it looks so sketch I feared to be molested so I begrudgingly wrapped myself up in a too small white towel, being too lazy to put my clothes on, and continued down the mall, drawing stares from others, looking for the big reflexology store. As I made my way down to the other side I stopped seeing brand new and exotic stores. I light up as I see an Asian mart full of things you can only find in Chinatown. I take some raisin bread and the 2 Chinese guys at the register said $43. I am aghast at how expensive but I pull out $60 since it’s cash only. They don’t have change for me in American dollars so I take my money back and I say I might come back later. Shaking my head in disbelief I keep going and find a Homegoods, so I go in looking for dog stuff. People are still staring and giving me a wide berth but I seemed to not register why, only concerned with how much money I didn’t have and that I couldn’t afford anything!

End dream.

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New boyfriend, house, plants

Whenever I anticipate going back to work, the dreams are very interesting. The nice thing about having been on break was that I was relaxed so sleep came naturally and peacefully. So glad I was wearing my nightguard last night.

I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember trying to find a new bf. The first guy was a white guy, but he didn’t sit well. The next one was much nicer and I really liked him. Polite, caring, intelligent, gentle and honorable. He was either of Indian or middle eastern descent, about my age. He had a decent, nice car dark gray. He came to visit me and it was night time so we fell asleep (something felt like college, or some sort of event like that where there are other people around our age). He slept next to me and I remember his warmth next to me. I reached out to touch him in the morning, feeling attracted and even though I could tell he was attracted to me too, but we only knew each other one day and so he smiled, hugged me and left for the day.

Another dream saw me living in a new house. I asked my mom what plants we should have. It had been rather run down, but we had it fixed up and looked really nice. They were redo-ing the driveway and sidewalk. I wanted azaleas. Then I had to go look for either a venus fly trap or pitcher plants because of all the bugs. Used my phone to look up information. I wanted both and was planning on situating them between the azaleas.

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Pizza guy, rain

My family and I were eating dinner at the dinner table and I decided to order Pizza Hut on my phone without telling anyone. 3 pizzas for $12! What a great deal. Then I start scrounging around for cash to pay the $12.84 when he finally arrives. I go through my wallet, my cash stash and can’t find the perfect denominations. I then wonder how much is appropriate for tip and settle on $2 but my sister informs me that I should give him $17. I say, isn’t that too steep for delivery? But she doesn’t think so. I figure since I can’t find smaller bills that I can just give him a $20 and be extremely generous. She starts balking that it’s too much! I ignore her and continue to search for currency, going through a bag full of candy because if you find the right candy bars they can be substituted for money. Can’t find anything. Next I go through a bag of stuffed animals. Still no luck. I decide to wait until he gets there to ask if I can just pay with credit card. My phone app has been updating me on every individual detail of the process and he’s about to come through the door! I go and station myself at the front door. Looking through the storm door I see a figure walking up the street (why didn’t he drive up closer??) in the pouring rain. I am surprised that it is raining so heavily and he’s caught in it, so I look around and see a poncho I had used once and never need to again. It’s a really nice one too, a heavier, cloth-like waterproof material, yet breathable and lined with a warm fabric. He walks into the foyer, and miraculously the pizza is dry. Nice white guy taller than me, about the same age, glasses, brown hair, kind face. I thank him and ask him how I can pay. He says there should be an option on the app to do so. He’s eager to leave and get on with more deliveries and steps back into the rain, pulling out a small, green umbrella, but I stop him and put the poncho on for him, saying that this way he only has to focus on the pizzas and not the umbrella too. He gets an embarrassed yet grateful look on his face, but I tell him not to worry, I won’t ever use it again. He smiles and leaves. I go back into the house where my brother is already eating and look on the app to pay, but I see that it said, “order cancelled, no charge” and that it was authorized by the deliverer. That’s pretty awesome, I think, and proceed to grab a slice, but then I wake up.

It has been raining outside and pretty heavily it seems. Amazing how my brain incorporates that into my dream.

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