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Teeth and work

I went to my workplace to have my teeth looked at because I was having tooth pain. Instead of the usual people, I got a new guy, so I proceeded to tell him what to do. It was a lower right premolar that I suspected had a cavity. He confirmed this and I instructed him to take an X-ray of it too. Then he found another one! I was like, huh? It was one above it, so I told him to take another image. Then I looked in the mirror myself and found that I had managed to break 2 premolars. They were not broken to pieces, but more split in 3. The x-rays came back looking awful and I had a huge abscess in the lower tooth. The doctor that came to look at me, I did not recognize. He was older, slower, but seemed very capable and very chill. He told me I needed to come back another day to do it, even though it didn’t seem busy at all. It was almost like he wanted to go home. I looked at the time and it was only 1pm. Nevertheless, he was the doctor and I was the patient, so I said, ok and considered making an appointment for 2 crowns and RCT. That’s when I decided to go seek out my bosses. I no longer worked there, I guess. Just a patient, and it must have been a few years hence the new faces. I first met with Dr. S and told him what happened. He scowled and mumbled about how the new doctor always goes home early even though he should be seeing more patients. I moved on and found Dr. V in her office. When she saw me she seemed a bit irritated (or perhaps mad? sad?) and I exclaimed, “You’re going to be so mad at me!” She shot me an annoyed look and I explained that I managed to break 2 teeth despite wearing a nightguard and now needed 2 crowns and RCT. That changed her expression to concern and I said Dr. So-and-so was going to do it. Her eyebrows shot up and she pulled up the schedule. I took that as a bad sign and asked if perhaps I should try to schedule with one of them instead?

I don’t know what happened after that because other dreams happened and now I’m at work again, but working this time. Some stuff about the Quip toothbrush, lots of patients and then ended up with a crowd of Asian people blocking the interstate as they surrounded some elder women. I seemed to be familiar with them, but then I was on the road again to my vacation destination somewhere.


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Kid, patient/client, landscaping

I was “working” and I got my  next patient. It was a black mom, her friend/relative and her daughter. The mom was saying that she’s decided to choose another child and that they want to buy a portion of the landscape. I’m looking at the kid (probably around 6yo) and I look up quickly at her, exclaiming, “What?? Are you sure?” The two women look at each other and then eventually say, “I want to get new appendages for my daughter.” I look back at the kid who now has no hands or feet. That I’m better with, so I go through the order with the patient which now has nothing to do with the kid and all to do with the landscape order. I pull out a diagram of the location (which is actually serving as my workplace, though all outside in the open) and start giving her options, asking her what she wants and where she wants it. Mostly, she just wants to go along with the existing theme. It’s not very creative, but I can see why she’d want to continue the pattern. A similar copse of trees there, similar bushes here. She wants 6 trees to make the area look good, but it has to be a mix of hardwood and ornamental. She gives me creative go-ahead there. I place them on the map with brown marker and number each one. We continue on the design until she’s happy and they leave. My boss eventually comes by while I’m browsing through the different options on my tablet (thankful that the client is giving me such creative space) and starts asking me what I think about a design for the place. I excitedly tell her that I’m working things through for a client and what the client wants. She seems a bit disappointed because it looks like she wants to expand or upgrade the current landscape, but now that the client has ordered elements, she’ll have to work around it. We talk shop for a while and I’m just super excited to be able to place everything and see it all come together.


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Dairy Queen, coworkers, working, rain, bathroom

I was walking home in my scrubs. It was getting dark and I was very tired, unable to keep my eyes open, but I was almost home! Because it was raining, I really didn’t want my scrubs to get mud on them, so I decided to walk on the wood piece separating the mulch from the grass. It wasn’t perfectly straight, so I held on to some trees for support, but then there weren’t any trees. I lost my balance and stepped off to the right, preparing for the squelch of mud, but it was dry! yay! Almost near the pavement, I looked out and saw that the orange-red setting sun was making a neato scene, so I pulled out my phone and got low to take a picture that didn’t show any cars in it. I snapped 2 photos before I started hearing some noise. It was my neighbor’s daughter with her daughter. I suddenly was very self conscious, and went to walk into the building, but the girl kept dancing around me. I said “excuse me” and pushed into the building.

I wanted to go straight through the next set of doors into the dormitories, but passing in front of me in the same direction was an old co-worker and a new friend of hers. They were clearly just getting off shift from the Dairy Queen. My friend/coworker, Q, suddenly next to me, exclaimed a greeting at K which forced me to be nice and say hi, too. Instead of going the same way, we took the right and went to the DQ for food. Instead of food, they set us in seats away from each other and started going over the rules of employment. They thought we were new employees! Listening quietly to the strict rules, I thought to myself, why would anyone want to work here? but there were so many current employees there too! Then, a song came on and everyone had to stand. Three workers were up front singing and dancing to it in synchrony. I looked around and saw other employees dancing along. What…in…the…world…? My coworker seemed to be brainwashed by all of it. Was I the only one not taken in by all of this? Finally, it was over and they set meals in front of us. It wasn’t bad, honestly. I got some collard greens and mashed potatoes. By then, I just wanted to go the dormitory so I could sleep, but then everyone sat down as a big group and started listening to more presentations about employee expectations and rules. I swear I was being inducted into an evil cult. One guy with blonde hair in a bowl cut stood up and walked over to the door. I jumped up and followed him, aware that all eyes were on us. He looked back at the crowd which was pretending not to see us, but I could feel the disapproval. He seemed disappointed but entered the next area anyways. I was just grateful to have an excuse to leave. As we walked on, 2 more girls came with us, giggling and gossiping. He said something to the effect of, “I thought they were going to come with me to rebel.” Since it didn’t pertain to me, I didn’t respond.

Stuff happened and then I was back in the seating area because I was hungry again. The meeting had dispersed and there was an overseer doling out food. I took my seat again and coworker K came out to see what was going on. I was glad to see her. While eating, I looked around with new eyes and I could suddenly see the allure of working here. Everyone seemed to happy and fulfilled. Young to middle aged worked together, no doubt some of them having stayed for years on end. Reason dictated that it must be an awesome job for people to act the they were. A part of me wanted to quit my job and just come work there. Thankfully, I had to use the bathroom which pulled me back to my senses. I announced that I had to go to the bathroom and suddenly, the happiness of the place took a dive and all eyes came to rest suspiciously upon me. What was the problem with going to the bathroom? So I got up and confidently walked to the back of the room. Past the heavy, red grate, into the musty, expansive back area that looked like a massive storeroom. It was empty, though, and I swear I could smell earth. Like a series of tunnels would extend from it. There were signs everywhere saying “Stop,” “Do not Enter,” and “Authorized personnel only.” The sparse fluorescent light bulbs didn’t help the creepy factor in the least, but I really had to poop. I found the bathroom which was just as creepy but seemed to be clean enough. A severe-looking man in a red cap and janitor clothing glared at me, while utilizing his push broom right before I locked the heavy, metal door and pushed it closed. Then tried to poop. I was having a hard time getting anything to come out. Maybe the food wasn’t real after all.

Suddenly. I hear voices. My other “coworkers.” A girl just pushed her way into the bathroom which was perplexing because I swear I had already locked and closed it. I didn’t seem bothered much by the fact that people saw me sitting on the can. The door was now not a solid door, but the same heavy, metal gate as earlier. People were crowding around to look at me now and I kept trying to lock them out because this was getting really scary. I got the feeling like they suspected me of trying to escape or plot against them. Even if I was, this was just a job working at DQ, right? RIGHT?!?! THe door would just not stay closed! I was starting to panic, unable to poop properly (amazing constipation), and feeling like my life was in danger. Their excited, happy faces all around the door and pushing towards me. I uncomfortably realized that their eyes were vacant, like their brains. This place was evil! I needed to escape! Just after I successfully poop.

I didn’t.

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Relative, interview, plane, pushpins

It started when I was off of work for vacation. I pulled up my car in a neighborhood and started playing an old Gameboy style video game. I see in the house that my mom’s cousin had another child, a boy and they were both pretty old, like 7 and 10. Asian kids, wearing thank tops, caps and sandals. The younger one ran out and up to my car and then back to his mom. I smiled at them and then drove off. I ended up at a building parking lot. One side was a church-like place and the other was a different building I ended up parking on one side and then the other, trying to figure out if I was going to work or an interview. I ended up parking on the church side. I make my way in and proceed to the room I needed to be in. I stated my business and waited in a chair in front of the interviewer’s office door. There in the waiting room were stacks of books, written by the interviewer. I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was wearing jeans and that instead of being polite to the receptionist, I was being very informal. It was taking a while, so I started reading one of the books. It wasn’t bad, but it was a bit amateurish. Apparently, the fun thing about the books was that the characters were mirrors of the workers there. The receptionist saw me reading the book and rushed over to ask if I liked it. I didn’t answer right away, trying to weigh my response, but she got upset when I didn’t gush over it. I was like, “uhhh…” this interview wasn’t going to go well, was it?

Then I was playing a video game involving flying a plane and shooting things. The first level was easy enough until the plane was me and it was the ultimate level. I had no idea how I was supposed to fly the thing so vertically up to the main bad-guy island in the sky, but I did while being shot at from all sides. I jumped from the plane and tried to quickly find the target. Turns out it wasn’t atop the giant tree. It was just across from the pool and I had to climb a twisty root. At the top of the ceiling was a small square with Malroth’s bat insignia on it. I stuck my pushpin through the middle of it and boom, I won! I’d saved the world from the bad people!

There was an earlier dream about a candy factory, relatives and going to church where I was just wearing my home shorts and a t-shirt. I had been eating food while the service started, so I went to the kitchen to put my plate in the sink. The kitchen happened to be behind the altar, so I was extremely self-conscious walking back to my seat. I ended up meeting the Queen of England on the way back and I just smiled and nodded at her. As I walked away, I realized I was supposed to have bowed or done something more respect-worthy, but now it was too late and I was forever shamed. I walked over to the orchestra and told the cellist how much I loved this song from Dragon Quest Builders 2 because it featured cellos and basses prominently! Basses! You never have songs for basses! I said it really loudly. They just stared at me. Later I saw the Queen nasty-kissing Trump.

Then there was a part where I was sitting in a work van with a bunch of gangsters. I didn’t know the first thing about shooting the guns, but I was part of them and wanted to come along, dammit. They liked my attitude so they brought me along. I was given a pistol. We drove until we came upon a small town of a rival gang. Then the firefight started. I mostly hid behind stuff. Suddenly, everyone was buddy-buddy and the feud was over!

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Friends, work, farting, dog poop, shopping, clumsy, earrings

I was at work which didn’t look much like work, more like a house, but a house I don’t know. We were doing our stuff and there was this smell. At first, I didn’t pay it much heed, but it lingered and lingered. I started to complain to my coworker and we blamed it on the two pregnant people. That’s right, two. They denied it all and I was annoyed to even be working with a smell like that.

Then it was night and I was in the basement of the work house. An old friend of mine was dressed in her Navy uniform and I told her to go outside the sliding door and do something out there. It was raining steadily and hard. I didn’t want to go out. She protested that it’s raining and I said, “It’s ok, just go.” She looked back at me and did so. I felt kind of bad and grabbed a clean towel to dry her off when she came back in. I was worried that I had chosen a dog towel, but I spent a lot of time smelling it to be sure just before she came back in. She had completed whatever I told her to do and started trudging up the basement stairs to leave. I wrapped the towel around her from behind and gave her a big hug in the process, trying to help dry her off. She was upset at me. She kept walking straight ahead like a zombie with no reaction whatsoever.

Now I’m outside of the house walking around. It had snowed! There was this nasty smell like dog poop and I realized that the people walking their dogs around there had not been picking up after the pups!! I was upset. So I started pulling poop bags and more poop bags from the dispenser so that I could pick things up. I had a larger bag with me to put them all in. Other people saw me and wanted to help. The place started to smell better.

Jump to shopping in a huge grocery store. I’m drinking a caffeine-free Pepsi from a can while shopping. I see another old friend in an aisle and go to say hi, but trying to juggle the items in my arms plus the Pepsi resulted in my spilling the entire can on the ground. People were completely clueless and kept walking in it. I asked the friend to grab me something to help mop it up because were in the towel section, conveniently. He grabbed a cheapo bag of kitty litter and I’m like, huh? He says that it will help soak up the liquid for easy cleanup and I’m like, are you sure? I’ve never done it before. People are still tromping around in the sticky fluid, so I put the kitty litter back and go myself to look at the paper towel place. I see one canister of cleaning wipes and nab that, telling myself in my head that I’ll use it and then pay for it. I went to open the canister and found that it was half empty, I guess because others have done the same? I snag 2 wipes and start vigorously wiping the floor. When I’m done, I conveniently have forgotten to take the wipes canister with me.

My friend and I leave the aisle and continue walking the store, he’s telling me about his new roommate and life and such. I continually knock things over and end up crossing my arms because I am so clumsy, I’m going to break something else. I wander down the clearance aisle and he goes to the one next to it. I light upon earrings for $0.25 and to my delight find that they’re the ones with the backs I’ve been looking for! I’m happily picking through them, aware that the aisle has suddenly gotten very crowded, when a black woman yells, “NOBODY MOVE, OR YOU’LL REGRET IT.” I’m still picking earrings and when I’m done with that I finally look up to see everyone terrified and jammed into the aisle. I don’t know what’s going on and am about to leave to go find my friend and pay, but something tells me not to, that the danger is real, so I stand there with everyone until the black lady leaves. It’s all back to normal now. I follow her and she pushes her cart up to the front. I see my friend checking out who is now a patient of mine from work. She is unloading her cart and come up to her and ask with a low voice if that black lady who is now checking out next door to her is her roommate. She nods and I say that I suspect she’s dealing with terrorism. My patient is very mad now and starts going off on the black lady, telling her that if she doesn’t stop her heinous behavior that she’ll lose the $500 deposit. Black lady is pretending to be oblivious to the accusation while trying to unload her goods. My patient isn’t doing a good job of gaining the crowd’s favor, as no one knows what’s going on except that she’s harassing the black lady. I kind of slink away…

And now it’s like I’m in a Fast and Furious movie dealing with cars and such. I can’t remember now what happened, just a lot of drama with cars and things.

I wake up and realize that Gable has been repeatedly gas-bombing my room and it smells extra awful.

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Work, school

Something about getting ready to move, and I needed to really get the rest of the stuff out of the house because it’s time, but when I went to the house to get the last of the stuff, I found that it’s a LOT more than I originally thought and now I only have one night to get rid of it all.

I was at home and had just received some interesting dental stuff in the mail. There was a big catalog, a powered, cordless handpiece and an Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush. My family and I were playing with them and I couldn’t figure out what the cordless handpiece was. I’d thought it was a toothbrush or a polisher. Turns out it was a dental tool to dispense 2 composites at once, similar to how epoxy works.

Then I went to work. We had some downtime in the unfamiliar office layout, so I was showing my coworker the fun tools I’d gotten. My boss comes up to us and asks what we’re doing and I happily give him the cordless handpiece, cheerfully asking if he knows what it is. He nods and says something garbled and I’m amazed that he knows because I had no idea! I tell him that they can have it because I got it for free. He takes it and my coworker and I go down to the hygiene side where there is a large open area. I show her the oral-B toothbrush and everything that came with it which is a 2-layer robe-like vestment similar to a gambeson and tunic except much thinner (apparently you were expected to wear it when you brush your teeth?). She asks if I’m going to give a patient the Oral-B stuff and I shrug and say yes because why would I keep it? Suddenly the doctors’ extended family including cousins and such start parading through. We weren’t surprised because we were warned beforehand. My coworker and I ignore them. She finds a girly apron in my stuff and puts it on, curtseying and stuff. I laugh and say that my mom made it for me.

It’s time to get to work and get our patients back. I check the computer and am totally confused as to how to read the schedule. It’s not like any I’ve ever encountered. It looks a bit like the menu list from Ghost Recon complete with pictures. My schedule keeps changing too because the original patient didn’t come and then another came and then it got switched around. The office is no longer a private office. It’s one huge, busy school. It’s getting really late, so I say screw it and go out to get John Sobokitsu. The waiting room is extremely crowded and extremely loud and something is wrong with my voice. At first I yell for John, but no one got up. Just when one person decided to stand up, I yelled the last name and he sat back down because it wasn’t him. No one else got up and I suspected it got changed on me again. I go up to the nearest desk and look at the schedule. It did change and I still have no idea how to read the schedule. I ask the unfamiliar girl at that desk for help and she tells me my patient is the first column. I believe her because I’m new here. So I go call the patient who gets up immediately. Still suspicious, I ask if she’s here for a cleaning and she said no, she’s here about her elderly parent to check on them. I’m exasperated now and go to a different desk. The guy there is more helpful and tells me my patient is John Garcia. He even calls the patient for me who is the guy who initially got up. The patient is a little annoyed and I am irritated, because now I have, what, 15 minutes?

I lead him to the back and for the life of me I DO NOT KNOW WHERE I AM. I am lost. I have no CLUE where the hygiene rooms are. I recognize no one. I lead the patient past eateries, the cafeteria, a sauna, past many other places an institution has…how the heck big is this school? We walk and walk and keep walking and I’m getting more and more angry and panicky. Seeing a dental student in one room, I open the door next to it and tell the patient we’re going in there and he says he doesn’t want to because now he has to use the restroom. I’m running out of time and still have more patients, so I more forcefully tell him there’s a bathroom in there which there is except the room is also totally wet because it has a shower, a bath, a toilet and a dental chair right in the middle of it all. Someone had left all the water on, so I turn it off. He’s still peering in and I’m running through my mind ways to force him into the place so I can get the cleaning over with quickly when–

–I wake up.

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Work, School, Phoenix Wright

I was at “work” which seemed to be in a school classroom? My core coworkers were there and I’m not sure exactly what our jobs were. Anyways, there we were hanging around in the classrooms. Nothing at all was happening. I think I was dozing and dreaming stuff when my boss comes out of his office. He shakes his head and dismisses all of us. We’re look, whoo!! It’s only 3pm and we get to go home! I feel a little bad, though, because our office made zero money. Oh well. My friend and I navigate the corridors of the school, walking amongst the rest of the other students, light crowd because it’s only 3pm. I ask where we’re going and my friend said, “To the bus.” I laugh and said, “No, I drove today.” I’d been driving to school a lot more recently and I was very proud of that. My friend was surprised, but happy for me.

We walk towards the parking lot and we cut through the auditorium to get there. I see a ton of people walking around dressed up as different characters from the Ace Attorney series. My friend has no idea and I suddenly turn around in the middle of the aisle because the presentation is starting. They say something and then start asking the audience who these cosplayers are cosplaying. I’m super nerded out and excited, standing in the middle of the aisle there, throwing my voice in with the rest of the crowd. Miles Edgeworth is easy. Then there’s Maya. And it starts getting harder after that. Then one small professor stands up and the crowd has no idea. I screw up my face, thinking hard. She turns towards me and starts walking my way. I whisper, “Babel?” She must have been wearing a microphone because the audience erupts into applause. I guess I got it right. Her face beams that I got it. The announcer goes on and I am just amazed that I even have this level of confidence about me to be shouting out answers before a crowd of strangers. It’s one of my worst fears ever! Suddenly, Professor “Babel” walks up to me again and says something to me. I vaguely hear $5,000, $50,000, some other items, enticing prizes. I can barely hear her because everyone’s being so loud and the announcer and I’m still hung up on my brazenness. Before I know it, all noise has ceased and everyone is holding their collective breath. The spotlight is on me again. I look into the professor’s earnest gaze. My mind is racing, trying to make sense of what she’d just said to me. So I say, “The money.” The entire room is screaming with applause and agreement. The professor repeats to herself, “The money…” She’s a little disappointed, I can tell, but it is a good decision. I can do more with the money than a house or a car or whatever the other prizes were.

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Work/school, shopping, finger/time travel/assassin, hot springs, bamboo

This is why naps are dangerous for me. They result in strange dreams that are oddly real.

I was traveling down an old road from my childhood, Buford road. I knew that going down far enough would take you to a church which has a preschool my mom used to work at. So we’re driving and then all of the sudden I crash the car and roll out (Ghost Recon style). I’m trying to stay low to avoid detection, but it’s hard because we’re high up on the slope and they’re down with no vegetation in the way, so we’re sitting ducks. I make my way down and I realize that it’s not a church and a preschool at all, it’s a spa. The spa building is to the right and the rest of the place is one huge hot spring type of place, surrounded by bamboo. I don’t think they’re open yet, but after some recon, I decide they’re not the enemy at all. The lady there is very friendly and invite me and the guys to bask in the relaxation of the water. They do, eagerly, leaving me to watch the lady work. She’s not old but not young. Relatively attractive, but I don’t really care about that. She wanders off to do something else, and I sit there in the peace of the place, taking it all in. The “hot spring” is interesting. I’m in the open side of it, closer to the road. There are trees dividing it from other properties, but it’s open air. It’s rather cool, but the sun is warm on my skin. I watch the birds and bunnies frolic and as it starts to get chillier, I think about joining my guys in the interior portion. Before I go, I watch the bunnies, which are apparently cold too, jump into a shallow hot spring pool and chillax in it. I dip my hand in and it’s very comfortable, so I follow the little stream/creek into the trees and come upon the pool. It’s very natural. The water comes up to my neck and in the non-hot spots it’s cold and rapidly churning like, well, rapids. A guy is in one of the hot pools, so I make my way over to sit in it too.

Now I’m in the spa building. The lady  is doing some bamboo work with cutting them and shaping them. I offer to help because I used to play with bamboo when I was young too, and have never been able to work with such large green poles before. She says no, so I just watch. Suddenly something happens and we’re being infiltrated. My guys are not with me. I retreat to a safer point to watch for the enemy. Stuff happens and now we need to escape. The lady gets sucked into some dimension. I prepare to follow. It’s like a limbo dimension. Not very large, but I see 4 cells. One of them is broken and I see her. Her name is Hina, or Rina or Rita. I call for her and find her in a small cell that looks more like a storage room with another guy. He’s been stuck there for much longer than her. She’s sitting on a stool, unsure of what to do and he’s raving and ranting at the cell door. I ignore him and reach my hand in to try and help her. She doesn’t move. I yell her name again because time is running out. She gets up to come towards me and then a blast dents the door. Now we can’t open it even if we try. The place is collapsing and I get stuck under some debris. Rina tells me to stick out my finger. I do with my free hand, though I cant feel it. She tells me to focus on that finger! Focus! I do with all my might and begin to feel it. I look up at her face and then now I’m back in the spa. Without her. Assassin stuff happens after that.

My mom is shopping. I’m bringing her. There are two stores together, Walmart and another store whose name I forget now. We walk into the other store and I say to my mom, “I thought you wanted to go to Walmart?” She said she still does, but she wants to look here first. I look around and we need to sign up for a member card to get the prices in this grocery store. I don’t know if she wants to buy anything here, so I don’t get one right away, but as it turns out, she does. She finds a big pack of toilet paper on sale for only $3.99 with card! I can’t deny it’s a good deal, so while she happily looks for other deals, I decide to go sign up for a card. Of course, when I want to get one, the line is crazy long, but it’s moving fast and finally it’s my turn. I go to the side where there is a table set up and see my name on one of the documents. I ask the lady if this is the paper to sign up and she said, it’s for the credit card. I ask for the member one, and she hands me a book. On the table is a large keyboard. She says, as I flip through the book to look for an empty sheet, the keyboard is a neato way to enter your information. The keys are like a keyboard. I tell her the book is full, so she gives me a new one and turns to help someone else. I’m totally into this neato way of entering information, so I read the instructions which is to hold the edge of the book up to the keyboard. It beeps to signal success and I put the book up on the stand and start hitting keys. Unfortunately it’s really hard to do. The keys are so soft that it keeps entering numbers in multiple times. After some error, I decide to just put it in by hand with pen. Saddening.

Now I’m at work. But I’m at my computer writing a paper. However, I’m goofing off instead of doing what I’m supposed to do. On my phone, browsing sites, watchign videos of people jumping from cars onto their apartment balcony from traffic, chatting online. I’d already written a paper. The teacher, my boss, is saying stuff and I don’t hear a lick of it. It’s quiet as we’re supposed to be doing our work. I’m lounging because I’m over-confident in my abilities, then I decide, as the time ticks down, I need to focus. It’s 4:19 when I find a book I’ve wanted to read (called the Jade–something). I’m excited to read the rest of the book and not just the part necessary for the paper, when I realize that I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. I whisper to my coworker/fellow student and ask what we’re supposed to be doing and she is irritated because she’s seen what I’d been doing. She tries to tell me, but the teacher yells out that there’s very little time left, only 30 minutes on the clock. Coworker hisses for me to look on the syllabus and I do. OMG. I am NOT prepared! I’ve been working on the WRONG assignment! I immediately regret all of my shenanigans and scramble to do it. I can still do it. I’m an ace student. I’m sweating, though. I hadn’t even read the text yet. Anxiety climbs, regret laughs, and–

–I wake up. Because it’s TWO HOURS after when I usually get up. I hate naps. I was up since 6am before these dreams. Good thing it’s a holiday today.


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I was living in a dorm/apartment situation with other people my age. I had my own place, but in a community. It wasn’t clear whether I was in school or working. Everyone knew everyone to some degree, whether or not you were good friends. Things were happening outside, some social stuff, some drama. I knew that up the road an oral surgeon that our office works with often had set up shop. He is a good looking guy, older than he looks. He’d been by the young people community and I sensed something off about him, but I had to be nice because our offices are familiar with each other. I decided to go to sleep because it was late and dark out. As I walked up the walkway to my little townhouse (second from the end), I thought I saw a girl lying there in her sunning chair, but something was wrong with her face. When I blinked and looked again, there was no one. Crazy. So I went to sleep. The next morning I came out and was alarmed to find a girl lying in a reclining outdoor chair there, her face done up in makeup, a costume of a white alligator put on her. She was OUT, too. People came rushing over to see what was wrong. She wouldn’t wake up, but she wasn’t dead either. I took a neighbor aside and told them that I had seen the girl like that the night before. They wouldn’t believe me and when I turned around, I saw Oral Surgeon H standing there in the crowd, staring at me. He’d overheard. And he was smiling. I KNEW that he was the culprit. He’d done this. Was it just a prank? Or was it something more? The cops were called to investigate and as it turned out, she’d been raped. Everyone was warned to be careful. Another night passed and another person was assaulted and left wearing something ridiculous. I knew who it was, but I couldn’t prove anything. The next night I stayed outside in the dark and waited to catch him in the act. He drove by in his car, charmed a young female by the tree and stepped out. I saw from my vantage point that his scrub pants were down in the front and he was sporting a ridiculous, huge boner. The charmed girl rather liked what she saw, but I came out. He looked at me and drove away. I made my way up to the office he had set up, but when I came up he was working on a patient, extracting teeth. The office was small, but well lit and he worked by himself? He saw me again and smiled that charming smile of his.

The next thing I knew I was stumbling away, having escaped my bonds, into the relative darkness of the dawn. The building was somewhere I was unfamiliar with. Something bad had happened to me but I wasn’t sure what. All I could remember was being somewhat attracted to Oral Surgeon H and that I’d been at this strange place for 5 days. I staggered out and my mom was waiting for me in a crazy old car with no top, just a windshield. She’d come as quickly as possible and we both jumped in. She hopped into the passenger seat and I into the driver seat. I remember wanting her to drive because I was too disoriented to drive, let alone a manual car, but she said she couldn’t see well. In the interest of time and my escape, I just started to drive. The car was weird because you had to hit the clutch when you braked, but the gear box was very automatic. I asked her about it and she shrugged. By the time I made it back to my neighborhood it was dark again and my energy was refilled. I hid near H’s office. The neighborhood was ablaze with activity because apparently there had been many attacks since I was gone. I watched him see 2 female patients, each one young and blonde, and when he was done, he ordered them to clean up the instruments and operatory for them. Both were confused, but did so, charmed by him, yet scared of him at the same time. I remember whispering to a nearby neighbor that it’s weird he doesn’t employ an assistant. Then, when he did his usual drive by of the community, we all decided to accuse him. He seemed very apologetic. One guy asked if he’d actually loved him as he, apparently, didn’t discriminate based on sex, and H responded that he did love him for the 3 days. He then looked right at me and said he’d very much enjoyed my relationship with him for the 5 days. I remember feeling completely detached, neither angry nor happy. Apparently he was a bit of a paramour, loving everyone, in love with everyone and wishing to be with as many as possible.

Some other things happened in that community, though no more assaults. I went to an eatery with a female, one of the females involved with H. Was it a date? Or just an outing. Either way I asked if she wanted to eat at the restaurant in the nearby joint, but she said she just wanted the Puka Café. I didn’t really want to go there, but I wanted to make her happy, so we did. She ordered her food and I decided on a watermelon ice cream cake. I remember thinking, wow, I’m not that hungry and this is going to be so big, but the girl next to me in line was super excited that I got that. My date was totally over it all, so I decided to get in with the excited girl.

Now I’m at a church. It’s tiny. Some Vietnamese church music is playing on our old boombox and it’s clearly like ripped from a DVD. We’re not the only ones in the small church, or chapel, really. The music is so loud. My sister is there, being responsible for my grandparents coming to whatever this celebration is. I reach over, embarrassed, so turn down the sound. Then, 10 minutes before the celebration is about to start, my sister starts freaking out about where the deacon is. She decides to start the ceremony without him, getting up and humming a hymn. The deacon comes in, surprised, looks at his watch and mumbles the same thing I did about being 8 minutes earlier than scheduled. At least his arrival shuts my sister up and so he just goes with it and starts speaking. No one has had the presence of mind to shut off the music, so I have to do it. Afterwards, my grandparents are saying that they think they should just suck it up and go visit some religious place because they’re old and will never get another chance. I tell my mom to go with them and have fun.

Then something crazy about fighting animals in a stone fight zone and the special attributes and moves that each creature has.

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I was walking through a neighborhood to my grandma’s house. It was a very old neighborhood with smaller, quaint homes, similar to the neighborhood I grew up in. When I got to her house, I found my mom and sister discussing something. Looking around, I noticed that every single home had taped to them large signs apparently from the HOA. Along with the signs were large plastic zip bags with stuff in them. It looked like the HOA was trying to get the homes compliant…and honestly, they were right to do so. Initially I was confused because I was pretty sure my grandma’s neighborhood only had a civic association. Perhaps they were trying to clean the place up. I started walking around some more, taking in the homes and someone was with me. I explained to them that I agree with the HOA because, man, the homes needed a good push. Some properties were very well maintained, but many of them were falling apart, had grass up to your waist and other issues. I was also speculating about why the HOA was hitting this part so hard, especially since that area was very rich. Sidewalks vs. non.

Then I was inside of one of the small homes. My home. The living room was very small, but I didn’t care because it was mine. My brother was there and I’d just come home so I called out to Gable to come to me as I sat down on the couch. He ran over, but Liana came rushing over too, right to me. I remember being surprised and almost horrified. In my head I kept telling myself she was just an apparition, a wish, a memory, BUT she was solid. I touched her, hugged her, all the while in disbelief. I kept asking my brother is she was real and he just shrugged. She was solid. Eventually I allowed myself a little happiness despite still trying to work through it all. I got up to start dinner. Gable went in first and I herded Liana that way too, but as she was passing between the TV stand and the couch, she decided to lift her leg on the TV stand. I yelled a, “NO!” She stopped and kept moving but then decided she wanted to poop. Exasperated because it seemed like I was going to be unable to stop her, I scooped her up, held her upside down and marched with her into the kitchen. She managed to squeeze out 3 tiny poops before I stuck her bottom under the sink faucet. All I remember is she weighed nothing, though she was warm and furry in my hands. And very much alive.

I’m at work and I was to see a mom and her kid. I went to sit the kid in the chair, but mom decided she wanted to go first. The older son decided to sit on a chair in front of my computer while the younger son (my patient) ran off towards the window. I hadn’t realized he was so YOUNG, but hey, I’m already seeing a patient, so let’s just do it. I asked him if he wanted to be hefted up into the chair with his mom and he said yes, so I tried to pick him up to help, but I couldn’t squeeze my fat body between mom and the other son, so I didn’t. Then I proceeded to clean mom’s teeth. When she opened, her molars were JAMMED with Skittles! Smashed skittles, mush Skittles, whole Skittles, you name it all clogging up her occlusals. I was trying to figure out the best way to remove them when she suddenly asked for the suction. I confusedly gave her the small suction and she said, “No, the big one.” I don’t keep a tip on it, so I turned it on and held it out for her. She then proceeded to spit the Skittles in her mouth out one by one like watermelon seeds into it. I stood there holding the suction like, uuuhhhhhh, and wondering how clogged it was going to make the unit. It was taking a while despite me trying to go as fast as possible (I usually try to do the kids first because they get bored) and the kid kept complaining about why it wasn’t his turn. Finally, I just kicked mom out of the chair and had the kid sit in it. I asked my coworker to do me a favor and get me another instrument kit and she did, but begrudgingly, giving me a face. I’d have to deal with that later. Mom starting giving me a hard time about him not being able to finish some story about teeth in the  waiting room and he kept saying he wanted to know what happened! I tell them they can always read it on the way out. So then I get him to open up to start and am appalled by what I see. His little mouth was full of crowns, bridges and implants. To his credit, he was an amazing 5 year old in the chair, but then again, given how many restorations were in his mouth, it wasn’t all that surprising either. I picked around a bit, pulling what seemed like cottage cheese curds from under the bridges and then finished with that, I pronounced him done and was about to set off to find the dentist. A panoramic had shown up on my screen, showing his teeth and the kid basically just had 4 implants supporting all the bridges in the maxilla. Having walked away already, I realized that I hadn’t polished his teeth yet. NO one had complained until the doctor came into the room and he demanded that I do it. Since the family was no longer sitting in the operatory but was instead walking around inside a Kmart clothes section, I started chasing the kid around with a toothbrush and an unplugged suction, the hose trailing on the ground. I laughed at the absurdity in the dream, thinking about how nightmarish this all was.

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