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Coworker, mom, sister

One of the most moving dreams I’ve had in a while occurred on Saturday night into Sunday:

I was at work (always a different workplace), and I was walked into my operatory and sat down to work on an already seated patient. I guess I had a hygiene assistant. As I started working on her beautiful, white teeth, something was tugging at my recognition abilities. I stopped and looked at her again and she looked up at me smiling and radiant. I was completely astonished to see Brenda, my coworker who passed away 2 weeks ago! Completely caught off guard, all I could do was gape at her. She was beautiful! She had every single one of her teeth, her skin was smooth and young, even her hair had no shades of gray or white in them. She beamed at me and I kept thinking in my head, but, but you’re dead! I can’t remember if I asked her that out loud, but I could tell she knew what I was thinking and she never answered the question and just asked me how I had been. Other coworkers jumped into my room, all ecstatic and greeting her like she had just come back from a long trip, leaving me, the only one who could seemingly not process her presence there. By now everyone was in the hallway and she was standing up chatting with everyone–and by everyone I mean like 10 people. I went into a neighboring op and told the people in there, one of them was our assistant who nodded like she already knew and another assistant smiled while cleaning up. I didn’t recognize her. She was a Latina middle aged lady, short, chubby and I think her name started with an E. Or A? Back in the hall, Brenda was being mobbed by the 10ish people. Half of them were those who worked in my office and I didn’t recognize the others. She looked at me again, happy, and I felt a peace and acceptance wash over me.

Some other work dream, rather frustrating dealing with time that both went too fast and never ended. I hadn’t gone home from work in months.

Then it was a dream about living in this European Medieval seeming scene. I had just moved into a house on a cobblestone street. Everything seemed older and made of stone and I was having issues with water. I walked across the way to where my sister was staying. Perhaps renting a room? Anyways I go in to visit and she’s busy pestering her husband about something, to which he says a firm, “no.” I’m hanging out by the door and then she comes over to me and says, “You need to get a bigger car.” I’m like, what?? She continues berating me, “Your car is TOO SMALL. You need to get a bigger car!!” I’m getting upset. Why do I need a bigger car? What would I carry that I would need a bigger car?? I like my car!! I turn to leave, not wanting to deal with this anymore and my sister and I stop and go “awwwww” at the scene before us. In a dead leaf pile, there are two robins sitting on their nest of baby birds. My sister comments that she forgot about the bird nest.  Just as the mama sits on the nest, one of the babies escape and my sister and I both exclaim that wow the baby is flying now! I then walk off only to hear behind me my sister begging my brother-in-law, “Can we go bowling? Please? PLEAAAASE!?”

Then I’ve brought my mom to a Target we’ve never been to before. It is amazing inside! Very flashy, futuristic and wholly unlike any Target I’ve ever been in. She goes back to the clothes place and we both witness someone ask the fitting room young man where to find a certain person. He not only gives out their member number, but full name and where they are in the store. We are like, omg. My mom then walks up to them and starts giving them a hard time. I chime in that yeah, you shouldn’t because if someone was after them, etc. Then I wander off to let her berate them some more. The lights are dazzling and blinding me, so I put my sunglasses down when I hear my name. I turn to see my sister, my BiL and my brother all sitting on Adirondack chairs. Apparently my sister is waiting for a movie to start in the theater nearby. My brother has changed the overhead music to Shinobi game music at this point and starts biking with store provided bike to where my mom is. I walk back with him and thankfully she’s done. I tell her we need to go now and she starts exclaiming over the bike.


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Dogs, xrays, old friends,

I haven’t slept too well of late, but I’ve also been dreaming of old friends for some reason.

Some old ones first:

I was at work and the usual receptionist was gone for her wedding, but in her place was someone else. Turns out it was the mother of a coworker that had just passed away. I remember being surprised to see her there working on the computer. After that I went around the “office” which had hallway rugs and big ruts in the floor where water flowed and it was raining outside.

After that I was driving and there was a group function in the park. It was nighttime, but I stopped by anyways because my friend was there now, heading the group, but they were packing up to leave and then left for their camping trip in another state. I never pegged her for a camping girl, but there you go. I came to visit and off they went, so I hung around their cabin/meeting place for a bit, feeling a bit sorry for myself because I was lonely and everyone had their own lives.

I was at home, here, and the house seemed like it belonged to me now because it was furnished but rather sparse and not furnished. I seemed to be running a business of my own out of it, a side business wherein I cleaned people’s various objects. I came downstairs and it seemed that someone had already let him in because my client was sitting at a small table in the kitchen filling out paperwork. I looked out on the deck (also sparsely furnished) and saw a school bus on it. I was like, uhhh. I turned to him and he had finished his paperwork but was on the phone. Turns out he wanted the bus battery to be cleaned because it was very corroded. Ok, easy job. On second glance at the school bus on my deck, I realized the bus was very clean and newish, and also that it wasn’t as big as I first thought, so it wouldn’t be hard to carry out of the house when I was done. I snooped around the table with his papers on it and found a lottery scratcher. He had only uncovered some of the non-winning numbers and gave up on the rest. So I decided to scratch the rest for him. I found $1.00 and then there was one that was very difficult to scratch, like an error from the machine. Lo and behold, $2,000!! I was so happy for the guy and eagerly showed him when he came back, and then told him that no problem, the battery would be cleaned up.

Now I’m at work and needed an xray of something, but I have to do it outside, so I grab a flash drive and bring the sensor with me outside to the parking lot. There, on the cart return pole are ports so that I can take the xrays I need. Some lady is already there trying to take xrays of her grandkids, so I wait a little, but then they leave so I step up. I mount the subject and plug everything in, a little unsure of how this worked without an XCP. I did it and swung the unit over to take the image. Suddenly 2 or 3 other people were hovering around trying to help me out even though I didn’t need it, but I understood their goodwill, so I let them. As I looked again at the woman beside me, I realized that it was an old classmate of mine who is now a dentist! I exclaimed at the recognition and ran to give her a hug.

Now there were a bunch of greyhounds everywhere, along with my two. Stuff was happening and I lost track of them, but we moved everyone to safety in a building. My grandpa was there and talking to some of the people and I was worriedly looking for my dogs, but one guy was holding them. I called their names and they came running to me, I was so relieved. The man wouldn’t let me take the makeshift collars and leashes off and was still holding them, reassuring me that he’ll look after them since I had more pressing responsibilities such as coordinating the crisis that we were having (unclear what it was). I reluctantly trusted him and returned to my duties. All I remember is a Brita pitcher and water, as well as lots of other water.

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Stethoscope, wedding

I’m lying here ready to sleep and I suddenly remembered my dream from the last night. Normally I wouldnt care but I found out this morning that one of my coworkers died in her sleep and decided that my dreams then were important to me.

It was around wedding time for one of my coworkers. She’d been trying for months to get me to go but I keep saying no (real life fact). In the dream I didn’t attend in the official sense, but I was dressed up and I was merely helping out a little with chairs, setup and other menial stuff. The reception was in full swing and I decided that my role was done so I went to leave which was great because it was getting too rambunctious and crazy. I’m walking through the small, red-rug-ed halls and ended up outside when my coworker in her wedding dress runs after me and asks why I’m leaving. It’s weird though because she’s riding on one of the dining chairs that I had bee moving around and that are suddenly moving like it’s on rails. I tell her I’m needed at home and she waves me off with a sad smile, while turning her Rail-chair around.

I get to “my” house and notice that its raining outside. While I’m glad I’m home, there are 3 strange yet familiar people in there with me sitting on the floor. A woman, a man and a smaller girl. They’re all rather large people. Nothing special is happening, but then I go over to a plastic tub and rummage through it, dumping it out on the ground. Randomly, I start listening to everyone’s heartbeats because for some reason it seemed urgent that I should check for a good pulse from everyone. I even pulled out a sphygmomanometer intending to use it but didn’t. The stethoscope I’m using is missing an ear pad on one side so everytime I put it in it digs into my right ear. The woman is fine and in good health. The kid is fine too, but wanted to try it herself, so I let her put it in her ears and she put the larger end on her chest. I put my ear on the smaller side as if I’d be able to hear anything and managed to hear her breathing. As for the guy (big, fatter guy wearing blue tank top), I was unable to hear anything at all. I even stuck my scope under his shirt from his shoulder area to get a good listen, and then same way on his back to hear his breathing, but I couldn’t hear anything. He seems to be alive still, but he’s not moving much besides sitting there. I am alarmed but I get no reaction from anyone at all…

Thats when I wake up.

Is this related to my coworker? I don’t know. I fancy myself some psychic-ness when it comes to creepily realistic dreams and dealing with people, but they don’t make sense until I wake up with it in my memory and figure out why I dreamed that. For the record, that day had nothing to do with stethoscope or blood pressure cuffs or respiratory rates. I just went to work, the coworker that passed away was there filling in for the usual receptionist who was at her bachelorette party in Vegas, it rained all day on Friday and that was about it.

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Ex, game, baby, work

Where to start….

I was at work and it was raining outside, a little dreary. My patient was in the operatory (an office I am unfamiliar with) and I was talking to the people I worked with (also unfamiliar) having not started yet. The office was set up in a squarish shape with the front desk right in the middle and all of the ops, lab, etc in the surrounding square perimeter. By the time I got into my room to work on the patient, I only had 5 minutes left, so we told him that he was going to need to come back and apologized for the inconvenience. I wasn’t particularly sad…in fact I rather happy, if a little guilty, but apparently I had much sway and power that it didn’t matter at all. The patient (a man in his 60s or so, white beard, fit) was completely fine with it and made another appointment to come back.

Now without a patient and perhaps done with work, I went outside and started digging a hole in a strip of land not too far from the office. The clay was still moist from the rain, so it wasn’t hard to dig. It felt like I was trying to dig hole for a coffin, but it kept switching to giant top down view and ground view. While doing whatever in the dirt, I didn’t see her, but my ex’s mom started talking to me. I could see 2 dark haired guys standing to my right farther back looking at me, but didn’t bother to look up. I didn’t want to be rude to her, but her presence was not wanted there. She told me my ex had a new girl now. I responded with, that’s not surprising. He seems not to be able to be without a female. Either way, it doesn’t matter because that’s good for him. I’m glad for him. She started going on about something I don’t remember, possibly that she thinks I should go find someone, myself, but I wasn’t listening. Instead thinking to myself that maybe this time he’ll treat her well and something else I don’t remember.

Cut to a different location altogether. Something like a busy city. I’m visiting with my mom, and I think we’re at my sister’s new place? I’m not sure of the details. What I do know is that there’s a newborn infant and that it was imperative that I help. My mom picked up another older baby (maybe my nephew?) and I gently, but with the urgency of necessity picked up the newborn and held him close to my body. I had to protect him from something very dire. He was quiet and didn’t cry, but he also wasn’t the cutest baby in the world…then again, I guess newborns really aren’t.

Now it was the video game-like portion. I ran into a location, there was some dialogue and menu screens I needed to read to flesh out the story. Then I realized that the game didn’t pause while looking through these screens, so I quickly ran for cover inside a large building? cave? and my teammates made sure we closed the large door behind us this time. OK…now to review what I was trying to earlier. Whatever I chose, would make the story go along. The door behind us had several colored orbs embedded in it. Right now they were all lit, but I surmised that I would need to figure out this puzzle somehow. The whole time, the threat of whatever we just shut out was there, but for the moment it would be OK. The story seemed to be a Teen-Rated story…something about a woman in a dress and choosing the right questions to ask which would then trigger different story lines. Whenever it would seem to head in a more mature direction, the game would then switch to the next story. Only a tease. Whatever was chosen, would then affect what was happening in the live play.

It never amounted to much because when the sun is out, I’m up. It might be rainy, but it’s still bright. I managed to nap a little to try and get more of the story, but it never happened. 😦

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Medical, Dental

It must be springtime! Chill out, hormones and brain!

I walked into my new doctor’s office, not knowing what to expect (unsure at this point why I went). The office was a bit strange looking for a doctor’s office, much less warm and inviting than what I’m used to (and that’s saying a lot). There was this big, open bay with examination tables everywhere. In the middle towards the back wall was a large brick fireplace that extended to the roof. Lighting wasn’t very bright. It all seemed industrial. At first, I got a larger woman doctor (there were 3 that I could count). What the place lacked in comfort, the people made up for tenfold. They were very caring people. Everyone was dressed in different colored scrubs. I tell her what’s going on and she nods, doing doctor stuff. I remember thinking that she’s very thorough, and was worried that if she intended to do a full physical examination, then would she pull a curtain at least to give privacy? There’s some sort of commotion going on, and she’s distracted, but she continues with my treatment and gives me drops in my ears, bilaterally, saying this will numb your thyroid. In my dream mind, it made all sorts of sense because my ears connect to my throat and somehow the liquid would penetrate my tissues. I nod in understanding and she leaves, no doubt to let the medicament do its thing. Since the whole place was open bay, everyone could see everyone else. I tried to see what was going on while trying to be a good patient, but given that I was behind the big fireplace, I had no clue. However, I did work out that it seemed the whole place was split up like a restaurant where, in this case, it was 1 doctor to 2 examination table/beds. If you counted them, though, they seemed to be short-staffed. It had been plenty of time for the numbing drops to work and I was concerned that I would burn through the anesthetic too quickly, so I tried to get the doctor’s attention, but that commotion seemed to be an emergency, so I just sat back down and waited some more. It wasn’t like I had anywhere to go and I didn’t seem to be dying either. Well, after a bit of time, a male doctor in blue scrubs came up to me. It appeared that he was taking over for my initial doc. He seemed fit, young, with reddish brown hair and a neat full-beard (…same guy as in the last recorded dream?? This guy seemed slimmer and shorter) and a little bit unkempt. Extremely friendly, though, he moved liked he knew what he was doing, so I let him. Indeed, it seemed he was doing a full examination (was I in an ER???). At that point I didn’t seem to care much about anyone around me. His movements were quick and precise. Suddenly, he got on top of the table, straddled atop me, and started humping me, still clothed. I was taken way aback, but my body responded to my embarrassment and I gripped his butt with each thrust, trying desperately to control my breathing and voice. While he was doing this, I could lightly sense him touching my head all around, and pretty much figured out what he was doing: trying to distract me while examining a different place so that he could get an accurate exam without my “helpful” interference. When he was done, he stopped, and sat back, still astride me, with a very apologetic yet amused expression on his face, no doubt regarding my “encouraging” hands. My mind was still in a surprised and embarrassed haze at this point as he explained, people–women–think I’m hitting on them, but it’s the best way to…blah blah something. It was hard to focus given what just happened. He then thrust his ear in front of my mouth and told me to breathe. Then just breathe with my nose. He must have put some aromatic oil on his ear because it smelled good and I was terribly concerned that I hadn’t brushed my teeth well with him so close to my face. Plus, it was so VERY hard to control my breathing. That’s when I realized he didn’t have a stethoscope. My breathing was labored…I hoped it wouldn’t effect his diagnosis His next move was to check my pulse on my chest and I was excited yet worried about what his next surprising move would be: put his head on my chest? or pull up my shirt and put his head on my chest?? But alas–

–next dream. It was a work dream. The office was in a different place–a bigger place, but much older it seemed. There were actual rooms that worked as operatories with doors, except the doors were made of thick metal…I think the place used to be a prison. Dim lighting again. Each of the rooms had windows, but they were barred. The reception area was doored off from the rest, but the desk was absolutely massive. The waiting room was closed off from that area too and filled with patients lining each wall in the chairs, waiting. I was in the bathroom and came out to find that my patients were seated in my op already. An older couple whose names did not match at all what they looked like. I treat them both and go off to get the doctor for an exam. She happened to be reaching into a refrigerated display like in grocery stores to take out a couple packets of unleavened bread wafers. I tell her what’s going on and inform her that the patient wishes to come back for a 3 hour block to get everything done that needs to be done. She says “ok” and I wa der off to wait for her to go see them. I head back to tell them she’s coming and notice that my dumb coworker just brought back her patients and roll my eyes as she closes the door to her room. I tuck that into the back of my mind to gossip with my other coworker later. Then I head out to the reception area to see what another coworker is up to and she’s lamenting about how the piles of paperwork on her desk will take weeks, no, months to go through! I check the schedule and she gives me this look when I ask who “Queen of the year (something to that effect)” is. Uh oh. High maintenance patient. Great. I’m in no mood to deal with this. So I finally get her back and its dark outside now. The patient has been rather impatient but I can’t help that if my doctor is always behind. The first thing I ask her is what is her real name. She smiles at me, obviously not about to give up her secrets, and makes up some other ridiculous “name.” I then ask her for her license because we can’t treat her and submit to insurance without her real name. She just smiles again and I continue, asking if she drives. She does, so may we have her license. She looks about to launch into some self-entitled tirade so I book it to tell my doctor.

Then I wake up.

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Dog, dental

I was at work looking through the x-rays of a patient that is not particularly liked as a patient in our practice. I guess every time she came in she’d have a PANX taken so you could flip through all the images and see the massive deterioration. My coworkers and I were looking through and the doctor called over and said is that the L-Jaw Patient? We all though it was the most absolute hilarious thing ever…L-Jaw…apparently so named because she only had sextant 2, 5 and 6 remaining, but as you kept going forward those teeth would just break off, even the implants and now all she has are the sextants 2 and 5. She’s scheduled to come in again and we assume now she’s missing one of those too.

Then I’m working on a patient. Turns out, it’s my dog. He’s laying there on his side on the dental chair/table/thing, being a good boy and I get the bright idea that he’s being so good, let’s try to get an xray of his teeth! Our sensors are smaller than it should be for his mouth, but it’s OK, let’s try. I’m going to have to hold his mouth which means I can’t leave the room, so I pick up our lead vest and have the hardest time trying to get it on one-handed. I’d asked my doctor to help me, but she just came in, looked at me, asked what crazy thing I was going to do and then left. My coworkers were much more interested in helping because, well, dooog. Hello. So I’m fitting the PA XCP in there (why not the BW? Bc I’m too lazy to get it) to do a test image, he’s being a good boy, though he doesn’t like it of course, and then I say, hit the button. They do and we get through 3 of them before one of my coworkers mentions that it’s not taking the image. Oh man. Somehow the program messed itself up and I’m like dangit we don’t have much time before my boy starts acting up. I try to reach over and fix it and then, boom, I wake up, because the real boy is making a racket wanting to go on his walk about an hour before I’m scheduled to wake up.

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Work, levels, Korean water feet

Quick update here!

Last memorable dream: I was dreaming about work again. It was to my relief that it would be my last patient of the very long work day. I went out thinking it was a different patient, and it turned out to be someone else. OK, that’s fine, my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. I get her back and she’s on the bigger side for a patient and she won’t stop talking to me. Very friendly and I like her, but gosh darn it I wanted to go home. As she’s yammering on to me, I go to grab the ultrasonic because I can see clearly the moderate to heavy accumulation and I really don’t want to waste my time hand scaling because, I want to go home! As I’m trying to set up the device, I realize I don’t know where to plug in the water supply line. This is a new office and I don’t know everything yet, so I excuse myself to go look for the water supply plug-in or to ask someone. Instead, I end up going through the same level that I did earlier in the night, and as I’m in a rush and already did it before, I’m not as thorough. However…they’ve changed it all on me!! No!!! The water that used to be there with the fish I’m supposed to touch has now a layer on ice on top of it. I go look for some items in the shed nearby and end up giving up and I’d wasted so much time I start running to the end of the level to get back to my patient. Might as well just handscale. I get a flashback of doing the level the first time and how I did the optional side quest of showing the NPC the place where the Korean swimmer people exist. They all have abnormally large and fin-like feet and hands, which make it so that they are superhuman swimmers, but very isolated from the rest of society and have to live in this temple place specifically for them. I run through a mall that is connected to a school and I see teachers and stores and finally I get back to my patient who is still waiting patiently outside in the open air dental office. It is now around dusk and I try to sit down to do my work, but none of my instruments are there anymore and as I am panicking, I wake up.

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I was at work and for some reason the lights weren’t working because it was really dark and really hot, but the chairs still worked, so we went with it. I was trying to hurry through the rest of the patients so we could leave finally. I was surfing the schedule and was bumming around on my phone waiting for the last patient (or possibly having a completely different dream that I can’t think of right now, but I’m getting a glimmer of memory as I write this) when I look up and my boss tells me to hurry up and get my patient back. Some kids just showed up, so I look on the schedule and go call the kid but he doesn’t answer. I get a sinking feeling in my stomach and realize that I’ve been looking at the completely wrong schedule! I’ve been looking at 2019 when it’s actually 2020! Wait. How did I manage to lose 2 years??? I return to the right day’s schedule and I’m almost 1 full hour behind on my scaling. He volunteers himself before I have a chance to call him and I can’t believe this is happening. It’s a good thing I was originally scheduled with so much time! I have him sit in my chair but I’m completely unprepared thinking I had a kid, so I dig around in my drawers for the items I need, but I literally can’t find anything because somehow everything has changed! I really did lose 2 years of my life! My boss comes in to do the numbing and I’m not ready at all, even spilling things everywhere all over the counter. The patient is busy telling me in very technical terms about his conditions and medications before I even ask. My boss is very patient and picks up I assume a type of anesthesia. I run around looking for lidocaine and can’t find anything int he back either because it’s being renovated!!! I manage to dig up 4 lidocaine vials in my drawer and he has already used the other one which he calls propolol. He then uses some lidocaine and then the patient reaches over and looks closely at the vial, reading off lidocaine to himself and writes something down. My boss is done so moves on to his patient as he also he eager to leave, and I set down to start quickly. Instead, my patient decides he wants to stand up and he does NOT look well. I had already set the chair all the way down when he suddenly gets up, all woozy and stands on top of the chair and proceeds to fall and tumble off of his own head. I yell for help, but no one helps me, and manage to help the man get up (he was very tall and skinny), balance him, get my seat back up and set him back down on it. He seems to quite appreciate my handling of him as I ask him what’s wrong how he’s feeling!? He says it was the propolol and how it is reacting to some of his medications, but he’s not mad, just kind of drunk-like and he keeps smiling at me content-like. Still no one has come to see what’s going on! So I keep going to finish the patient.

End dream.

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school, coworker, work

My co-worker and I had made a conscious decision to go back in time to high school. My high school or maybe a mixture of our high schools. Either way, it was kind of like a chance to do it over again for me, with the confidence of my 30 year old self. I saw people I used to know, I talked to them, with no fear of fitting in because I had nothing to fear. I could attend events if I wanted and if no one wanted to sit with me at lunch, I’d either sit with them anyways, or be totally fine eating by myself. This particular lunch saw me talking to a classmate from far in the past, but it was weird because I was asking her about her baby. Then the main event came: I was waiting for the pep rally scheduled to start there in the courtyard/lunch area. When it began, I made my way forward to see it, getting closer to the front of the line and relying on the others to give me a clue as to how things were done around the school. Then, screw it, I just moved front and center to get a good view. It was interesting enough, and looking around, I saw younger kids and other taking videos with their phones, so I took my phone out to take a picture as a souvenir to prove I was there and to show my friend who was performing in the rally. I snap one picture, making sure the flash was off, when all of the sudden, someone took my phone from me as I was sticking it back into the back pocket of my jeans. I turned around in surprise and it was a teacher! He then grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to a kiosk with a computer in it. The person managing the computer asked me my name and information. I told him and he placed my infraction into the system. Great. I’d just messed up my future and I’d gone back to fix something. I’d tried to plead my case that I was new there and I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to take pictures. The teacher that caught me was sympathetic, but the principal/security guy was not and enforced the rule.

I later caught up to my coworker friend. We appeared both at work. It was a strange location, kind of a garage/auto shop type of setting. One of my docs had been seeing a patient, so I was familiar with what was going on. As I sat there with my coworker, we talked casually about how it’s weird that I have all the memories and feelings of being 30, but my body was only 24 in this particular time. I still have no idea what the point of going back in time was, because I ended up in the same job. Then it was time to see that patient. I basically picked up where my doc’s conversation ended, trying to convince the patient that we should try going for a partial that hooks on to the one tooth that is salvageable on the bottom arch, because complete denture set is just a nightmare to try and use. However, he was completely adamant that we not try to save any of his teeth, that despite all of the detriments to a full set of dentures, that is what he chooses. It was all or nothing. Seeing as he was so set on it, it was out of my hands, so I went to write up my notes for the patient. Determined to not leave anything out, I decided to write it on a pad of paper first before I write it up officially, for real (I guess this was before digital). As I was writing the draft, someone comes in and starts briefing everyone on how the upcoming wedding we’re all attending is going to go because as soon as work is over we’re all leaving, or at least anyone who is coming is going to. I’m listening out of one ear, not sure if I’m going or not, while writing and when I’m done, I go back to read the 3 and a half pages of notes I have down for the appointment. It was…all hooey. Completely unnecessary to write all of that down for a legal document. I had literally written down every single detail that happened in the appointment. In my head I narrowed the narrative down to about 2 paragraphs, but before I could write it officially…

…I was traveling down a hill in a car? On my belly? People were driving willy-nilly and apparently that was the custom there, so because i was such a small vehicle (I was scooting around on my belly) I maneuvered around everyone. Then all of the sudden, everyone was scooting on their bellies in this strange transportation system. The traffic light system was singular for each path and would beep and turn green for you on the ground when it was your time to go. It was a bit confusing where I was supposed to go, but there were police hanging around everywhere because a large event was occurring. I was traveling the not so popular way, so my path was clear, dragging myself along with my hands under and around police legs and following whatever path I had. I ended up in the closet of some college guys and wanted to ask where I was because I was lost and needed to find out where my workplace was. I bit back a question and pulled out my phone and map. I was well away from where I was supposed to be. Disheartened, I exited from their closet and start walking instead, giving up the hope that I was going to make it to my destination.

…I slept super well last night!


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Work, food, waterfall

Good, quality sleep is apparently incompatible with me, but don’t let my bizarre theories scare you, lol.

Some stuff in our neighborhood now. I’m parallel parked and we need to go somewhere, but I’m sick or something strange is going on. Cars. Heat. My brother, my mom. I want to eat food at this place, but I keep getting thwarted from the meal that I want because things keep happening. I’d been trying at least 3 or 4 times to order this exact meal that I want, but alas.

Then more crazy stuff. I was on some big missions. It was frigid cold and the crew consisting of big men and other families were passing through the next stop/mission point. I wasn’t particularly useful, just more like a supervisor than anything. We had just about finished up securing all of the supplies in that particular room. I went outside first to scope out what was going on next. There was word of rebellion or mutiny, so to escape Robin from Teen Titans loaded his crudely made high-tech boat onto a waterfall coming from where the crew was and rode it down (with me) the steep drop to the ocean below. It was water, but choked up with plants. The machine mostly stayed intact, but what could have survived a fall like that? I hid underneath the remaining pieces and Robin had some conversations with his teammates. We started swimming out into the vast ocean, to freedom, but then saw the enemy ship coming our way. They had seen the crash and would certainly investigate. All hope was lost.

I was at work, doing my job. I had brought back my patient while humming the Teen Titans! tune. I finished my 3pm patient had just gotten done in real-time graphics. Went to go get the doctor who was stressing out that she was so busy and not getting anything done. I briefed her quickly about the new patient I just saw (even the name came up clearly on the computer in the dream….Oda Robbins? Something like that) and she surprisingly came to do the exam and it was a quick exam too. I was elated. My next patient was my mom, as well as the last of the day. It was only 3:38pm, so we both took separate cars to this different office where I was applying for a job and they wanted a working interview. The parking lot looked very familiar from other dreams. We both go inside and it turns out that the office is attached to a Target. How convenient! I told my mom the plan which was to see the one patient they had for me and hopefully it will be quick enough that we can go back to my office and finish her appointment because she’s not a hard patient. As I was coming up on the dental place, I got a funny vibe. I left my mom to look at things in Target and worked my way to their front desk. They didn’t have any patients yet and it almost seemed like they weren’t even open yet. I got the attention of one person in the 7 person group in the front and told them who I was. The man nodded and started rifling through the papers there. I tried to smile at some of the other workers, but they were busy sizing me up. He then asked me if I was able to see patients from 6-8pm and I was like, wait, what? I thought they were closed in an hour. He said no, it was their late day which explained why nothing was being done yet. I wrinkled my nose and told him that I need to talk to my mom first. The girl told me that was about 3-4 patients. That wasn’t the original deal! I run out to my mom who is browsing and I tell her the situation, leaning towards ditching the place and going back to finish her appointment in my office. She told me not to and that she’ll become a new patient here so that I could clean her teeth, that way I won’t lose the opportunity at this new place. I told her I already don’t like it, so I don’t care, but she insisted, so I decided to agree to take the patients for her sake. I went back in and now the front desk area had all the workers sitting on the floor waiting for something…a meeting? There was a guy and a girl without any clothes on, just some bath towels and looking sheepish, though. Everyone else seemed as depressed as they did when I first came in. What a huge team! The office must be massive! I hate chains, and I can already tell there is drama here. I’m wandering through their halls looking for the guy and I wave at some of the other people who work there, but they just scowl at me and return to doing what they’re doing. I’m about to tell my mom we’re leaving, when I wake up.

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