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Over the span of several days.

I was in North Carolina in my cousins’ old house. The siblings were really excited and Mm was mostly so. She exclaimed to me that she and her siblings had taken control of the home and fixed it so that it was more comfortable and less negative. Indeed, it was different, but also much much larger than I remember. In one of the cathedral hallways, she had lots of kids toys like costumes. I donned one of the dinosaur ones and we ran around chasing each other. Then I ended up walking around the outdoor, covered walkway/balcony. It was dark out with clear skies. I felt sad. That’s where my cousin found me and then suddenly I was at a gas station getting gas. The station was crazy huge with more pumps than I’ve ever seen in one station before. It was all in a line wrapping around the building, but it wasn’t too busy at the time. We parked towards the end near the carwash.

Then I drove to a place where I was supposed to be spying on my mark. I was early and it made me nervous since I’d be conspicuous, but suddenly a lot of cars pulled in and it was okay. I got out and approached the outdoor conference area under one of those vinyl tents you commonly see at weddings. I took my seat around the large table, going over in my head my name and what my area of expertise at my university was. My mark showed up and it began.

Then I was at home and Gable had gotten to the point where he was fully incontinent. I knew the time was coming. The pee smell was very powerful and he looked mournful though he couldn’t help himself. So I jumped into the car with my mom, discussing which type of diaper to get him. A belly band with bladder leakage product, or an actual doggie diaper. I choose one and try to put it on him, but I never get to see the whole thing.

Now I’m at this run down apartment building. It’s really, really run-down and I’m confused as to how my life has changed for the worse that we have to live here. It’s only a few day’s rent to get us to the next place. I promised my mom in the grungy room that if she came with me, we wouldn’t have to do this. However, she’d paid for the few days already, so we’d stay since she couldn’t get a refund. I bade her stay in the house and went out to look for groceries and other foods. It was late afternoon at this point. Peeling paint, rust, cracked and broken concrete steps, and lots of lounging, suspicious people. I kept telling myself they’re just people who can’t afford to live in a nice apartment or detached home, down on their luck and that they’re not inherently dangerous, but I was on high alert. They all stared at me and my out-of-place nice clothing and teeth. Just then, something happened and I chased two perpetrators out of a wood-choked metal fence. Stuff happened and then it was dark.

I chased them over to a park in a city. There was a celebration or festival going on and it was filled with characters from old TV shows in the 90s. I was walking around taking everything in. Suddenly, I’m at work, a small office in that city, and my doctor is doing an exam for a child I had seen or was about to see. Something bad was happening in regards to the kids’ teeth, so she finished the exam to let me finish up while she talked to the parents. I left and ended up back at the festival, but this time, I was with the kids from the Loud House. Luan was cracking some jokes and I decided to go with her onto a large yacht. She had done something she shouldn’t have done for the sake of a prank, so her siblings were trying to find her. Some confusing action occurred and I ended up in the thick of it all, the cartoon characters no longer cartoon, but realistic. Somehow I was just as responsible as Luan for her antics. The siblings caught up to me on the side of the boat, demanding answers.



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Work, car, lawnmower

I was at work and things were rolling right along when I happened to look outside of my op. There had just been an accident and a dark colored honda accord had somehow managed to land on the bushes!! I gaped and speculated about what happened. Two females emerged seemingly unscathed from the car. I ended up down in the parking lot where we’d just so happened to had moved our cars onto that side of the building. As it turned out, a car traveling on the road had crashed while driving so fast into the accord, pushing it onto the bushes. Debris from the impact was so damaging that my boss’s car’s door had fallen off altogether. As I got down there, ogling the crash, I saw these two guys come over to steal my boss’s car doors, so I yelled, “HEY!” and they backed off before running away. By that time my coworkers and employers had come down too.

Then we were all in my car driving. I had tried to leave the parking lot so quickly that I’d forgotten to put my car into the Drive gear, so I turned up this curvy, steep driveway so that I could stop and change gears without messing up traffic. I remember being confused that being in Neutral gear could drive so smoothly up the driveway. By the time I made it to the top, I realized that it was private property. THe homeowner came running out of her house yelling at me to get off her property. I put my car, which was now a lawnmower, in Drive gear and pushed it quickly down the driveway, making sure to run over all of the weeds along the way as an apology.

There was more to this, but WordPress wasn’t working properly and I’ve forgotten some.

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Yet another work dream. Sigh.

I was at work and seeing this patient. I remembered her from another dream because work idiot was unable to scale properly and left some serious calc behind. She was an Asian patient. So I get to work, falling into the usual autobot mode. Everything looks good as she has good hygiene. Finally, I get to the anteriors and WHAM, I am BLOWN AWAY at how much crap there is subg and how much boneloss she has! I grow angry because I suddenly remember why she was thrown onto my schedule. I grab the Cavitron, trying not to make the patient anxious and go at the part of the calc sheet closest to the coronal tooth structure. Ah hah! That did the trick and the patient emitted a sound of surprise, having felt the calculus sheet shifting. I stop and grab the loosened sheet coming apart in large pieces. I place the pieces on the tray, but then sections of her teeth start coming out too. Apparently the calculus was the only thing holding together the maxillary arch. I am astounded once more and the patient seemed a bit sheepish, but accepting. I am still beyond words about what I’ve seen now on this patient, the extent of the calculus sheet and how much boneloss she has. I stop then, having finished, and go to get the doctor for the exam. I wander off to the back of the office where they are speaking to each other about something important. My doctor goes off to do the exam (she has 2 now since my coworker is still waiting for an exam) and I ask what’s going on. My other doctor said that they gave up cable and are using a different service. I ask if they watch TV and he says, yeah only CBS. I’m like ohhh, ok. He says, excitedly that the day is done! We get to go home soon! Then I go over to my coworker who is sitting in a green armchair in the middle of the room, and lament to her, “DO you know how long my exam is going to taaaaake?” My coworker just smirks at me and I look at the schedule to see that my last patient has canceled. That makes me happy! I go out to see that the doctor has surprisingly gone to do my exam. I make my way over, seeing boxes of portable golfing greens sitting on the floor in the front of the office. The doc is talking talking talking. I walk over to a table sitting in front of my patient and a girl I don’t recognize is asking if everyone is ready for the giveaways!

Suddenly I’m sitting in an auditorium-like gathering with people that I am somewhat familiar with, like classmates. We’re all waiting for the announcer to give us things! They go through a couple of things that no one seems to want, like Kosher cookies, a bunch of Halloween decorations (very creepy ones at that), graves, that kind of thing. Then they ask who wants these other cookies and I raise my hand. The guy next to me does too and wait and wait as they hand out stuff. They run out and we didn’t get anything. Darn. Then they ask who wants leftover Christmas trees! I’m like, yes, I do!!! Same thing where despite me holding both arms high, they seem to give them to other people. Then all of the sudden a giant machine parks itself in front of my section of the audience and they call out the name of the guy beside me, saying that it’s his. I’m like, uhhh how’s he supposed to get that home, but he gets up and pushes this enormous machine towards the parking lot. Then a beat-up looking delivery truck drives in and the guy pulls out a Christmas tree, I wave my hands and he points at me. I’m like, YESSS, and go down to look at my tree. It’s partly artificial with real tree boughs that fold up like the artificial trees. Neato. I start folding it up, proud of myself, and thinking, yeah I can totally fit this in my car.

Then I wake up.

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School, cards, work, cult, dogs

Soo. Hot. Last. Night.

There were some dreams about the neighborhood I left before coming up North, and then I was in a large building. Very open and grand, with vaulted ceilings like an empty museum, except it had people and stuff and lower stone walls that created different regions. Apparently, I had just spent the summer taking a bunch of courses, and preparing for a re-take of the last year of either HS or college. I’d done it in such a way that my year would be relatively easy. There in the building were classmates-to-be who were buying books and preparing to start their year. I’m lamenting to some people that I’m not worried about any of my classes except for orchestra because it’s been a very long time. The academic course part I have concerns about, but the doing part I am nervous about. The people I’m talking to tell me they think I’ll be fine, smiling. Then the other students see me and I inform them that yeah, I’m just waiting now. I see the book they need to read for the English course and I just smile knowingly, like whoa, yeah phew, so glad I’m done with that. I walk around the building when I start talking to a female teacher about my age. She’s very nice and I learn that he fiancé is also working there. He’s about to retire too. I look over and see an average looking guy in his 30s sitting at a desk and wearing a red polo shirt. I ask what he teaches but no one ever answers me. Instead, I learn that this is his last day and that he leads an after school tutoring session for some students. Something happens and all of the sudden the fiancée looks behind her when I point and gasps aloud in anger and grief. The reflection she sees is the same picture that we’ve been told to look out for on an email, warning about an unlawful action. Turns out that the retiring teacher/fiancé’s after school tutoring isn’t about school…it’s about teaching the students how to cheat at cards! It is very unlawful and taboo! The fiancée is very upset and the fiancé, now found out marches over, unapologetically and tries to explain, but then security swoops down on him. He escapes, and swears that he won’t stop teaching them the craft!

Then I’m at work. It looks more like a dental school clinic than my office, but I’m working in it. All of the hygienists are in different areas. I’m waiting for an exam but the doctor seems to have forgotten, so I navigate the cluttered hospital-like office to find him. Another hygienist has gotten to him first so I follow and let him know I’m waiting. We had gotten a new hygienist who is also a fire fighter part time. I’m standing around when I see fiance/teacher guy from the last dream. My doctor gets angry and starts berating the man. Why is he here? Get out of the office! The man is still as unrepentant as ever but was there to pick up his corn. It was sitting in a nook in the wall. I ran over to help to get him out faster. They are big bags of frozen corn and I tried to stuff them into his bag but they wouldn’t fit so I just carried them out to get him out quickly. The man and his follower are laughing maliciously at the expense of my boss and then we all get onto motorcycles to head towards his church. CHURCH?? Wow, their cult has gotten so large that they have this enormous, stone church. However, in front of the church are barricades and protestors and police. The man grew angry and instead of giving up, he ran his motorcycle up the building!! Around and around until he reached the upper window and busted inside. I was with him too and I’m like, wow.

Then I’m walking my dogs in my neighborhood and that kid on the bike rides by screaming at me, I want to pet your dogs!!!! I’m trying to ignore him but he keeps yelling at the top of his lungs. Then I hear his mom say, “Uh, honey, I think the dog is walking funny.” As if because my dog is lame it’s not worth petting anymore. Very condescending.

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Work, patient, shaving, convenience store, people, misunderstood

This was from this morning, but it wasn’t until now that I have gotten around to updating. Hopefully I can remember it all. It is also a result of me napping. I hate naps for good reason. A 2-hour nap, at that.

I was at work. The office itself was unfamiliar, but hey, it’s my workplace. I have a male patient that I need to take x-rays on because as I look into his mouth I see that he has a suspicious area around 2 crown-connected teeth. My explorer keeps sticking there. So,  I take him over to the x-ray operatory and take them, and clearly there is something wrong. I put my explorer in again to check it out and somehow manage to rock it off. The crown falls apart into 2 pieces and I scramble to snag the golden one that is threatening to fall down a grate. Inside his mouth, there really isn’t much for a crown to sit on, and I’m thinking, uh oh. However, at that point it’s no longer my problem.

Onto the next patient. This time I have a young lady maybe in her twenties. She’s thin, white, with brown, straight hair a bit past her shoulders. I have her on a chair in an op and something happened, but soon I find myself rolling up her pants so that I can shave her legs. She’s protesting, but I am adamant and 100% sternly confident that this needs to be done! She fights me at first mostly because I’m using Aveeno shaving cream and she’s never used that before, only Skintimate cream,  but after a while she relents, deferring to my expertise and knowledge. While I’m shaving her legs, arms, and basically her whole body, the scene travels until we end up in a convenience store. I’m still working on shaving her. At this point we’re fond of each other. Customers coming into the store start whispering to each other in alarm at what I’m doing and they yammer to the store clerk and amongst themselves that they need to call the cops because I’m clearly strong-arming this girl and have her groomed in such a way that I’m going to take her home and rape her. I try to tell them no, and I’m almost done shaving her anyways, but they don’t want to listen to how I’m doing this out of duty and merely for her benefit. I finish, finally, and leave. The young lady begs me not to go, but I exit into the night, pulling up my hoodie and with my hands in my pocket. I’m sad because just an act of caring is condemned by the public and I feel ashamed.

I walk until I reach my small, quaint house and I open the door and go into my room. Suddenly, the young female bursts in, removes all of her clothes, lays on the bed and thrust her naked hips at me crying desperately, “You forgot to shave here!!!” (As usual, my brain has censored out all inappropriate images with a large blur where her nether regions are). Her intention is obvious and I am torn among desire, duty, ethics and decorum. My heart aches from the internal clash of wills, biting my lip, while averting my eyes. The desperate tears on her face are killing me, as I care deeply for her and only wish to satisfy her in any way shape or form.  However, the patient-clinician relationship is taboo, and I could only do her and my reputation harm. My duty now is to end this inappropriate relationship now. I turn my eyes back to her blurriness, unable to control my movement towards her when–

–I wake up. And it’s 9:11am. Way past the time I usually get up!

WHY oh WHY do I never get to know what happens after scenes like this??? And how bizarre anyways.

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Work, bathroom, delay

I’ve been having many and vivid dreams, but I can’t seem to remember them long enough to blog about them. Mostly because I’m a fool and for some reason keep going through my Facebook newsfeed. That stuff will make you paranoid, idiotic and empty-brained.

The other day I was dreaming about work. Again. The building used to be a prison or a school or medical office or something. There were operatories, but then there were full on rooms too with toilets inside of them. I was waiting for an exam or had just finished one, except that I really really had to pee. I wandered over to one of the full setup rooms since they are rarely used. In one room, I pretended to inspect everything while trying to decide if I should just go ahead and use the toilet. I walked over to the 2nd door (which is blocked off and not usable) and pulled aside the curtain on the door window. It overlooks the reception area, but more interestingly there is a mesh of metal inside the window. I say to myself, man, this place is like a prison, and turn around just in time to see one of my bosses come in. She’s about to use the place. She tells someone outside to bring a particular patient into the room, and then busies herself getting everything ready. She looks at me, wondering why I’m here and not seeing my patient and I smile and head out of the room, going into the other full setup op like I’m just looking for something. I am beyond relieved that I hadn’t decided to pee in that room after all.

Instead, I head over to get my patient. He and another man are standing in the farm part of the office, on the other side of a small, low wooden fence in the hay. They are wearing guard armor. I walk up to them, tackle the man with my patient until he lay on the ground and then proceed to pee on him. My patient, the other guard reels back in surprise and just kind of stares at me while I “kill” his buddy. I glare up at him like he’s next.


One of my online friend’s flight was very delayed yesterday as he was trying to go home. I dreamed, then, that it was delayed 3 months. He was laughing while exclaiming this and I couldn’t understand why he was laughing instead of being upset about it all.

Other dream snippets are on the edges of my memory, but I can’t seem to recall the details.

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I was at work and it was very busy. We’d been there for a  long time and it was dark. Unfortunately people kept coming in. I was shutting down my room when one of the Dr.’s family members came in with her kids. I said hi. One of the little girls apparently really liked me and smiled. Then I went to the back where there was some sort of commotion going on with other patients. Looked like we weren’t going to be able to leave yet. I don’t remember seeing any of the doctors. It was so dark and I was so tired, but why the patients would just not leave I don’t know! I set up a bunch of blankets next to a wall, covered myself in them and decided to take a short nap. It was very warm. Then I could hear lots of noise going on around me and I felt guilty because I was the only one not working. So, I unfold myself from the blankets, let them drop and stepped out of them like I was leaving a cocoon. My coworker laughed at me and we dealt with whatever was going on. Even with all the lights out or dimmed, another patient came in to make an appointment. I looked at my phone and it said 8:26. I didn’t know if that was PM or AM. One of the other coworkers was adamant that it was AM! I was like, no way, I refuse to accept that I’d been there until morning, because if I did there’d be no reason to go home, I might as well stay since my next shift started in less than 2 hours! I ran to leave and said I have to go home! I jump into my car and pray that it was 8pm not 8am! My brain ran through the worst case scenarios. How were my dogs? Did my family worry that I didn’t come home? No one had called me to find out! It was so stressful and the worst part was that there was NO traffic on the road! BAD SIGN!!! That didn’t explain why it was so dark outside, though. I just kept hoping and praying that it was still night because I was exhausted and needed sleep and wanted a shower. It started getting brighter, then, and my anxiety spilled over until–

–I woke up to a helicopter hovering. Who knows how long it was hovering for, but it was super loud and annoying. I was, however, snug and warm in my blankets.

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Dental job, water competition

I’ve had some very interesting dream nights lately, but I pretty much forget what they are by the time I get back from dog walkies and onto my laptop. This was the tidbit before I woke up this morning.

I was working and needed to go to my next job. I’d gotten a part-time, temp or limited gig at a larger office, but the shift was right after my regular shift at work. I believe I was either referred in or presented the job opportunity by someone I loved, whether it was a friend or a relative. I park in the massive parking lot and come in. The time was 6:48pm, 12 minutes before I needed to start my shift. Since I don’t usually go into work until minutes before my shift starts, I wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t think much about it. I come in and stand aside to let the large group of departing patients pass. I make my way down the hall where an authoritative woman had children and other patients lined up in the waiting room. She was shouting instructions to them before she allowed them in the double glass doors of the office. I remember thinking, yeesh, in my brain, when right at that moment the same woman barks at me, “YOU ARE LATE!!!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE EARLIER!”

I’m taken aback and quickly check the time. It’s still only 6:50pm. I’m still early. Thoughts rush through my head, like, oh, maybe they wanted to give me a run down, or maybe there is a huddle I need to attend, and was this mentioned when they offered me the position? I rush into the employee room which is very spacious and I find myself in front of the entire evening staff. It IS a meeting about the evening shift. Another authoritative woman is giving the instructions, though she seems a little nicer. I look frantically around and find that there is nowhere for me to change into the uniform. Most of the staff are in these stall-type cubicles where desks would normally be in a classroom. You can only see their heads and everyone is busy changing into their uniforms while listening to the woman. Some that have already finished are standing around the outside of the room. Even though I want to wait for a stall, 1) there are none left, 2) I didn’t want to be rude by walking in front of the woman, 3) they’re way too small anyways, I can’t see myself able to move around in them, 4) I’m LATE, and 5) I’m LAAAATE.

Oh, what the heck. Why not? So I start stripping down right there in front of everyone, clothes just come off and right when I take my bra off and everything flouncing and bouncing and chilly, the woman stops and addresses me, introducing me to the entire group. I’m not really embarrassed since we’re all healthcare professionals and even with the uncomfortably small stalls, I can see clearly everyone basically naked anyways, so I smile and wave. There are a couple of nice looking guys who think it’s humorous and gutsy, what I’m doing, but once again, I’m not really embarrassed. Plus, I don’t know how long I’m going to be here in this office, so…

Some things happen and suddenly I’m at a lab station like in science class. I haven’t left the building, though, so in the back of my mind I’m well aware that I’m still employed by this dental company. Apparently it’s my lab station for the time being. The company is having a very important visitor coming and now I’m in a competition to see who can give him the best tasting water. Someone is there helping me and tells me that the little saltwater aquarium I have on the lab counter with sand, a sea snail, a plant and some small aquatic animal really needs some TLC to make it presentable. Apparently the person before me really neglected and failed at this important task. I pour everything into a tall glass beaker and the helper sets it on over a flame, telling me to stir. Even though I’d never done anything like this before, I know exactly what to do now. The helper who turns out to be the 2nd authoritative woman, smiles and leaves, trusting me to do a great job. I can’t let her down!! I stir the sand-water mixture (after fishing out the snail, plant and fish or frog or whatever it is) until it is mostly evaporated. I just have to keep stirring and stirring and adding water. Time ticks on and soon I’m running out of time. Finally, it is ready, and not a moment too soon. I cool it and right down to the wire, pour it into a clear rectangular dish/small aquarium. I add the sand, the plant and the sea snail decides to follow. I have a hard time trying to remove the snail from the dish, but I’m out of time. As the clock counts down, I look satisfied into my entry and am very proud to see how clear the water turned out.

Confident, the 3 entries are brought to the VIP, and it turns out that my competitors are my siblings. I’m a tad worried that my brother’s turned out super clear too. The skinny man in the suit looks at them and scoops each of the clear aquariums up and downs the water. Mine first, then my brother’s and then my sister’s which he grimaces on and instantly says no. He points at both mine and my brother’s and it’s implied that the last competition will be between us. We laugh at my sister and then we leave.

I end up setting up a dental operatory, gloves and  mask on, finally doing the job I was hired to do. I ask the girl in the room with me (who is the one who referred me) if we’re supposed to come early to work every day, because I didn’t know and was yelled at. She turns and looks at me with pity.

I’ll never know her answer because I woke up.

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Work, food, guy, embarrass, ants

I didn’t update this as early as I wanted to, so memory is a bit hazy now.

I’m at work, but it looks more like my grandparents’ basement. It looks like the office is about to close for a week for vacation, but our new employee has begged to be able to work that week because she wouldn’t be able to feed herself without working that week. My doctor sits us all around my grandparents’ card table to discuss this, setting up appointments for her that week. I’m confused about the whole thing because she’s no hygienist and why would or could she be able to see patients. My doc doesn’t seem concerned about it and says it’s OK, we can handle it now. There are currently 2 patients sitting with the employee and I’m like, what’s going on, but doc now has the “slingshot” which is more like a nerf gun/crossbow/slingshot mix and is aiming it at the patients’ mouths. Then in quick succession she shoots twice and whatever it is lands into the patients’ mouths. I look back even more confused while my coworkers congratulate my doc for her spot-on aim. She looks smug and says, “That oughta take care of anything that builds up in the next 6 months.” I’m now amazed and worried because a tool like that would put me out of a job, though there seems to be an inkling that it’s only an overall not fine detail solution to tide everything over.

Then I’m walking along a paver walkway through a city. There are lots of people around, some of whom I’m familiar and most of whom I wasn’t. It was fun but crazy, and finally I’m walking alongside a guy that I’m comfortable with. His face is that of one of my ex-suitor friends, but his body most certainly is not, all firm, tone and manly. I come up to his shoulder and walk closely so that we’re mostly touching. It’s a tad cold and I’m going on and talking and exclaiming about stuff. Then I suddenly posit a question as to why boobs are so squishy. He doesn’t answer right away and I’m not sure why I’m being so bold as to ask him this question even though I know I’m not interested in him at all. Suddenly I’m pulling down and off my shirt, though I’m still wearing a jacket outside. Others can’t but he can clearly see my goods and I sense his unbearable embarrassment, but I continue on, asking and then answering my own question, as they jiggle and bounce along our walk. Soon, I realize the extent to what I’m doing and it’s cold so I put my shirt back on and as I come down off that weird high or whatever I was on, I’m feeling embarrassed. No, humiliated. And ashamed too, basically teasing him knowing full well that he still likes me and I don’t share the sentiment. We come up on a food court and I ask him if he wants some food. He does, anything to change the subject, and we order some food while I try to figure out what to do with this awkward situation I created. I want chicken tenders and fries and go find a table for us.

While waiting for him, I concoct this crazy scheme and when I see him start my way, I suddenly slump over, my head on the table. He comes to see if I’m OK, and I sit up, blinking blearily and dramatically as if I just woke up and am in a dizzy stupor. He’s concerned and I’m playing it all through as if I was drunk or high or on medications or even sleep walking and can’t remember any of what happened in the last hour or so. I ask him, worriedly, if I did anything weird, and his face turns red and can’t look at me. Inside, I’m happy that the acting is working.

Then I’m dreaming about what I’m about to do in real life later, collecting ants for my entomologist patient. I think there was something strange about it, but I no longer remember.

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Been a while, hasn’t it?

This morning was an interesting dream, a supposed sequel to a dream that had already happened. I can’t remember if the original did happen or not. I was at work and freaking out because the day is going so terribly slowly and I feel like I’ve been there for 10 hours already even though the schedule only shows that I’ve gotten through only half of my patients. I freak out even more when I see that I have 4 patients in the span of 2 hours, with 2 columns under my name. I have been double booked with no assistant to help me. The only good thing is that my coworker has the same issue. I try my best, and my doctor tells us to do our best. He then goes out to the waiting room to explain to the patients what is going on. I bring back my first double book patient (a real, existing patient in our office) and it’s so dark out. Turns out, though, that our “appointment” is just a talking session. We reminisce about our experiences from “last time” where we went to a convention and I saw her there. We speculate about whether it was in France or not, and then we both decide around the same time that it was actually in Maryland, not France. The patient laughs and remembers that we thought it was actual France because the convention was in a “Global Village” where different places were made to be like the countries, Busch Gardens style. We both share a plate of food I’d prepared as we talk and I realize I have to cut it short because I’ve spent 45 minutes with her. I’m not going to make it! I apologize and end the appointment with her, in order to accommodate my next patient which are actually the girl’s choir I made friends with at the convention too. I bring to a different table and pass around 2 plates of food and yummies while I talk to the young, teenage Indian girls wearing white dresses. We talk like old friends catching up and I ask what they’ve been up to. They’ve had gigs all over at different conventions singing and making themselves known. It seems like it has been years since I last saw them and they’ve gotten older and prettier and no doubt better with this singing. It’s getting harder to hear what they’re trying to say to me, and I struggle to seems like I can hear. I watch them each snag some broccoli before–

–I snap awake because I’m 10 minutes late waking up.

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