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Videogame like, I was fast traveling around a map, away from the cliff with the massive monsters, when I guess I became stronger and subsequently braver and came back. The crawling, red dragon was still in the middle, but the Deviljho and the Manticore from Ni No Kuni II were missing. The red one started trying to ram me with it’s large, rhino horn and I would grab the horn and push it away, but it kept trying to charge at me. Apparently it wasn’t worth my time, but all of the sudden, I see a large green body and leapt over the side of the cliff onto a ledge, squishing my body down and into the ground against the wall. I hoped that the game defined walls that would block the monster’s detection of me and thankfully, it didn’t see me. When I was sure it passed, I scrambled up the Minecraft-ladder and ran to the edge of the cliff, unscathed. There I saw a woman, short, stocky, and about middle aged. She was wearing armor and had what I assumed to be a lot of hair on her head. She was a feisty one and was distressed about something. I wanted to take her optional quest, but would have to wait until a certain time to find her at “home.” I walked up a hill to the right and saw a group of people I could talk to. I managed to hit “talk” with one before the sun began to set, putting the map into evening and I quick jumped myself to her map location. It was a place I’d already been, but didn’t understand the significance of. Well there you go. I found her in the corner on a small pallet, surrounded by her few possessions in life. It was a safe zone, so I was not concerned. Her armor was off and as it turned out, her hair was buzzed. It must have been a helmet before. I got to see her clearly now and she was tired, older than I thought and had darker skin, though she still didn’t look her age. Morosely, she explained to me that her body had been feeling so strange lately and it was making her so depressed she didn’t want to live anymore. Her training wasn’t yielding anymore strength. She didn’t feel the same after she’d gone to the big city and seen a government doctor about it. It wasn’t pain, but it felt strange and no matter how many monsters she killed, she never leveled up. I had her roll onto her stomach and began my inspection (apparently I was well versed in diagnostics or something? Maybe it was my obligation as the protagonist) by running my hands all along her back. My eyes widened in surprise at what I saw and I let out a short laugh because the quest was easy. Her eyes were inquiring, but I wanted to do a complete examination before I gave a definitive diagnosis. I checked her scalp carefully, looking for numbers, moved her arms around…then I told her: “You’re a cyborg.” She looked at me incredulously. They had turned her into a cyborg. Her face seemed to comprehend and became sad as well as relieved. I wanted to ask her if she’d been seriously injured in the near past, because it seemed she’d lost both arms and a large part of her skull. Possibly even much of her torso. However, I never got to ask.

Suddenly I was in an above ground facility that wrapped around a mountain. Everything was connected by a maze of metal walkways suspended in the air. It was like a camp or something. My sleeping quarters were shared with my group. We all had our own sections, pallets or blankets on the ground and a few crates or small furnishings we did ourselves. I seemed to be one of the heads of a group of kids all wearing different colors depending on their head adult leader (like me). Each house/den had 3 different colors. We were supposed to be competing and playing war games with the other houses, but our house was particularly lazy and didn’t care about anything, even though we still participated. The kids from the other groups when “invading” ours would comment on our strange and lazy furnishings. I just laughed and directed at bare minimum. Then a meeting of all the houses were called and we were the last to arrive, of course. The other 2 groups and group heads in my house decided they wanted to rebel against the entire organization and situation we were in, so instead of standing quietly, they glowed red and rushed forward to attack and rebel against the bigwigs. The other houses were confused, but rushed up in a frenzy. I knew that the coup didn’t stand a chance of succeeding (even though I was so lazy and uncaring, it wasn’t from lack of ability…no one was aware of my full strength or legendary status), so I took the few kids I had and we resolutely but not panickedly returned to our house to quickly gather our meager belongings. I was going to get us out while the coup distraction was going on!

Turns out I was now with my family, extended too, and we were at a beach vacation. It was only supposed to last a week, and the days flew right on by until I happened to look at my phone and exclaim to everyone that OMG IT’S SATURDAY!!!! We were supposed to have gone home the day before, but we’d lost all track of time! No one else seemed bothered by it except me. I had to go back to work! I grabbed a huge bag of my laundry which was obviously not getting done before we left and I worried about having to wait to do it at home. My aunt (like everyone else) was not in any hurry at all and mentioned that before we left she wanted to stop by the gun store and buy some ammo. I was trying hard to be patient with everyone and wanted to go to the gun store too, but was I the only one worrying about having to pay for an extra day that we hadn’t planned on. Right when I was about to freak out some more that no one was taking this seriously…

…I woke up.


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powerwash, AC unit, dynasty warrior, family

Our townhouse was inside of a large facility, indoor community which was a bit weird, but I guess that way they could control the weather. I can’t remember the events leading up to it, but eventually I was outside of the house (maybe they were just house faces, but the insides were built into the facility. A façade to make you feel like you were living out in the real world) and realized that thee brickwork seemed very faded. I know it had been raining a lot lately because the concrete porch and walkway were all darker, but it shouldn’t have been that dark. I commented on this and then suddenly remembered that my brother had given me a power wash attachment for my hose. I ran inside, grabbed it, and turned on the hose. Amazing! It wasn’t too powerful, but powerful enough that I had to be sure to hold it with 2 hands and it was making the brickwork seem newer. A male neighbor? came to watch and comment and I was so very pleased that I started on the concrete just to test it out. Wow. Just wow! I guess I spent the rest of the time doing that, went somewhere, came back and noticed that the neighbor the left of us had just gotten a large package that looked quite a bit like an air conditioning outside unit. Oh, they’re attempting to replace it themselves, eh? It’s about time, too, their unit is the original unit for the house.

Switch to a completely different dream. Some part about me sleeping and having an injury and healing it while I slept which meant that I couldn’t move or something. A lady that is not a relative in our family was visiting and sat near me at one point. Then my immediate family and I were at an amusement park, it seemed, eating food in the cafeteria. It was very crowded and we found a spot in a corner. When I was done, I picked up my tray, passed by a young teenage boy, and went to throw out everyone’s trays. Apparently I spilled some and needed a paper towel, but to get the paper towel which was just sitting on a counter filled with cleaning bottles, I had to reach in between all the of them. Very inconvenient. Then my mom asked if we wanted smoothies or tea because it was so hot and stuffy, and I thought it was a fantastic idea. She wanted a place that would make it with no milk. I get a weird flashback to an older dream where I had ordered from the same set of vendors, and my brain even recognized the familiarity, telling my family that we shouldn’t order from these people because if you wanted a smoothie, they wouldn’t have what you needed. Alas, I don’t know if we got any or not, because…

…I was a soldier in a military. We were blue and they were red. I was running along with the movement of the army and had to quickly choose my path which split into paths of the river. I accidentally chose too quickly and chose left instead of right. It seemed the right side folk would have it harder and I needed not only to be there for them, but to take the experience points. I ran into the water on the left as I was being pushed that way, but tried to make my way to the right path. There was a massive line of soldiers coming (single file) towards the right side soldiers which were the magic unit. Magic unit would certainly need help from an infantry unit like me! I knocked a few out, worried a bit about being electrocuted if the magic units decided to use a line of electricity to fry their enemy, but kept going. Since I was in the wrong section, I was being pushed strongly back onto my own path. I realized my folly because the side I had chosen were being defeated without me, so I tried to swim hard to get back there, but the current was so strong! Just as I thought we were going to be defeated, a huge group of blue soldiers showed up. They had just performed a pincer attack! The water level dropped and I stood up and the captain launched into dialogue. I wasn’t interested even though I was proud of our army, so I moved along the way forward.

And ended up going down a very narrow and creepy set of stairs into a basement. some tight rooms, dim light…and not much memory of what happened.

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Ex, game, baby, work

Where to start….

I was at work and it was raining outside, a little dreary. My patient was in the operatory (an office I am unfamiliar with) and I was talking to the people I worked with (also unfamiliar) having not started yet. The office was set up in a squarish shape with the front desk right in the middle and all of the ops, lab, etc in the surrounding square perimeter. By the time I got into my room to work on the patient, I only had 5 minutes left, so we told him that he was going to need to come back and apologized for the inconvenience. I wasn’t particularly sad…in fact I rather happy, if a little guilty, but apparently I had much sway and power that it didn’t matter at all. The patient (a man in his 60s or so, white beard, fit) was completely fine with it and made another appointment to come back.

Now without a patient and perhaps done with work, I went outside and started digging a hole in a strip of land not too far from the office. The clay was still moist from the rain, so it wasn’t hard to dig. It felt like I was trying to dig hole for a coffin, but it kept switching to giant top down view and ground view. While doing whatever in the dirt, I didn’t see her, but my ex’s mom started talking to me. I could see 2 dark haired guys standing to my right farther back looking at me, but didn’t bother to look up. I didn’t want to be rude to her, but her presence was not wanted there. She told me my ex had a new girl now. I responded with, that’s not surprising. He seems not to be able to be without a female. Either way, it doesn’t matter because that’s good for him. I’m glad for him. She started going on about something I don’t remember, possibly that she thinks I should go find someone, myself, but I wasn’t listening. Instead thinking to myself that maybe this time he’ll treat her well and something else I don’t remember.

Cut to a different location altogether. Something like a busy city. I’m visiting with my mom, and I think we’re at my sister’s new place? I’m not sure of the details. What I do know is that there’s a newborn infant and that it was imperative that I help. My mom picked up another older baby (maybe my nephew?) and I gently, but with the urgency of necessity picked up the newborn and held him close to my body. I had to protect him from something very dire. He was quiet and didn’t cry, but he also wasn’t the cutest baby in the world…then again, I guess newborns really aren’t.

Now it was the video game-like portion. I ran into a location, there was some dialogue and menu screens I needed to read to flesh out the story. Then I realized that the game didn’t pause while looking through these screens, so I quickly ran for cover inside a large building? cave? and my teammates made sure we closed the large door behind us this time. OK…now to review what I was trying to earlier. Whatever I chose, would make the story go along. The door behind us had several colored orbs embedded in it. Right now they were all lit, but I surmised that I would need to figure out this puzzle somehow. The whole time, the threat of whatever we just shut out was there, but for the moment it would be OK. The story seemed to be a Teen-Rated story…something about a woman in a dress and choosing the right questions to ask which would then trigger different story lines. Whenever it would seem to head in a more mature direction, the game would then switch to the next story. Only a tease. Whatever was chosen, would then affect what was happening in the live play.

It never amounted to much because when the sun is out, I’m up. It might be rainy, but it’s still bright. I managed to nap a little to try and get more of the story, but it never happened. 😦

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Laughing, golf ride, underglow cars, locker, acquaintances, dental, monsters, beach house, bathroom

On this piece of property, like a vacation area of sorts, I get onto a cart ride on rails that runs through a golf course. It’s not all that exciting, but it’s a ride. It ends inside this huge stainless steel bucket atop the golf clubhouse with grass growing at the bottom. I get out and start driving in my car, I presume, back home. It’s dark now and the asphalt is shiny with wetness from a passing rain and suddenly there are these very sporty, low, expensive cars driving around with sponsorship all over them and surrounded by these electrical-looking fields on the ground. I exclaim, look at the underglow! so cool! The driver of my car starts trying to start something with one of them and I’m upset but thrilled at the same time, but the sporty car does not take the bait and instead turns around, still driving very slowly for such a fast car. There are more of them! Everywhere! I tell the driver to follow them and we lose track of the cars in a nondescript cluster of low, faded brick buildings with no windows. I get out of the car and the sign on one of the doors reads in boring lettering: Government Property. I figure this is where the suspicious activity is coming from, so I’m about to open the door to go in, when a tall man rushes at us from in between the buildings. Get out of here, he exclaims. You’re not supposed to be here! Then in a smaller tone, he whispers, you’re blowing my cover! Apparently I know this guy, so I leave as to not jeopardize his case, but I’m still disappointed because I wanted to see what was there.

Now I reach my destination which looks to be a row of lockers inside of a grocery store, adjacent to the dairy aisle. I’m with another person (I think I kept calling her Prentiss–as in Criminal Minds), and I explain to them that I need to stop by this spot to get some belongings (another glimpse of a dream just popped into my head, but it’s not clear at this point…something about a day care?). Lo and behold there is someone inside of my locker. An old friend! What are you doing in there? She explains that she’s been waiting for me and wants to hang out, but she’s been waiting too long and doesn’t want to hang out anymore. I laugh and apologize, but I have got to get to my assignment! So I grab what I need, close my locker and head off to my assigned location. It just so happens that I’m returning to this place from my dream past…a place that I’d spent some time as a dental hygiene student on rotation. And what a place: it was a dark, spooky, place full of old metal walkways and dark corridors, rusty ladders. I see lots of dental and hygiene students wandering around and doing their work, but it’s amazing to see this is the class of 2018 and 2020. My what a long time I have been working out in the field after graduation. As I walk around, I am acutely aware of the random encounters that I might experience like back then where I’d be expected to all of the sudden fight some very tough demons and ghosts and monsters that inhabit the dungeon. Even with all of the experience I’ve gained and my oversufficient level, the memory of the fear and anxiety from the past was real. I see my old hygiene classmate and an old dental friend, so I catch up with both of them. After a few hours there catching up and watching students perform the task they are supposed to, I’m ready to leave when on the screen pops up some text: “are you ready? Yes or no.” I laugh out loud at how much easier they’ve made this place that they give an option to fight, so I select no and continue my way out of there, passing the grisly dissections the students are performing.

Now I’ve arrived at the beach with my family. We troop into the beach house, and head out to the beach immediately. It’s at the very end of the island and to the right there is a steep, verdant hill leading up from the sand with cows or whatever animals populating it. Plenty of green plants are growing where the sand and dirt mingle and as I inspect it, I am satisfied, despite my initial disappointment at how far down the island we are, because my dogs have a good place to pee and walk and stuff. I can see on my mini map that the path isn’t too long, but just long enough for a good walk every day. I set our stuff out on the sand, choosing the soft, fluffy sand so that once I’m done with the umbrella, my dogs can lay with us. It’s a bit crowded. As I’m putting up the umbrella, I realize I’ve forgotten to bring out the sand bag that will weigh it down in the wind, but I’m too lazy to go get it. The lady digging in the sand behind me asks if I’m using my small shovel and wants to borrow it. I throw it at her and turn back to see my umbrella all blown inside out in the wind. The people around me laugh and I’m upset, trying to pull it back, only to be knocked silly by the powerful waves. I lose all of my stuff and go back inside. As it turns out the house is to be shared with another family. It is VERY tight with mismatched furniture and beds in weird places. I have to pee, so I look for the bathroom, but the only one in the house is a ridiculously and impossibly small completely see-through thing in the middle of the main floor. We all laugh incredulously. We are connected to this set of dungeon, dark, stone stair system, so i go check it out and there is a private toilet there! I go use it, but am terrified of the cold stone and creepy place, but it’s better to me than that impossible small, see-through one. We can’t get out of the rental because it would cost us $1000 to cancel. The other family agrees it’s a complete ripoff, but we try to make the best of it. I have to pee so badly again, that I decide that I’ve had enough and am just going to use the toilet when everyone’s “asleep.” We all laugh about it and the daughter from the other family starts playing her oboe. I’m never going to come back to this beach house ever and it’s getting a terrible review too.

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Convolution, mission, Nissin, enemy base

There were some very convoluted things going on last night. Didn’t help much, I guess, that my throat was killing me basically all night which meant that I couldn’t keep my night guard in, and it was both hot and cold at the same time. No matter what, I did not wish to get up, but prolong the dream, but alas.

No straight plotline that I can remember in the beginning. It was some images where things happened which no apparent cohesion. Vaguely I was in a place that was not my home, maybe a different place or a vacation, but it didn’t feel like vacation, more like work. The place was very crowded with many different people and happenings. I also had my laptop with me. The main thing was there was this ever growing stress, anxiety and fear. Something along the lines of treachery and escalating attacks that would soon arrive in the HQ location. Then it did arrive and it was just confusion all around. Convolution, paranoia and mystery that needed ASAP resolution. People started dying. As one of the main agents/protagonists, I fell onto me as one of the top, to figure this out and prevent more people from dying. Especially since my family was involved too. HQ seemed like a large housing unit.

Things got out of control and the HQ was a den of fear and violence. There was a night scene where I took a company car to get gas. It was well lit and busy with other customers. Obviously it was not my normal car so I pull up to an open pump and get out only to realize the tank is on the other side. It was only a minor issue, so I was switching to top-down mode to do a quick pick-up-and-turn-the-car-around-maneuver, when this young-middle aged woman comes out to greet me. Long, straight, dirty blonde hair and fit build. She had an aura of authority. She asks me how it’s going and I explain that I was just turning the car around to get it on the correct orientation for the pump. She smiles disarmingly and goes to pump the gas for me. Oh. I’d thought that it was a self-serve pump, shows how familiar I was the with area. She makes small talk with me and introduces herself as head of security there. I’m like, that’s cool, I’m here to resolve the imminent danger for the area and she relaxes a little. Then we’re done and I get in to leave and she surreptitiously gives me some vital information as I say goodbye. When I get back, I check my phone and find that she’d sent me an email in the Outlook. I carry my laptop into the HQ building and up the stairs.

Suddenly there’s an invasion and I escape to the city. I ditch the car and was walking around a not so upscale part of the urban locale. I had a location objective, but the overwhelming anxiety to hurry and eliminate the threat was looming over me. I end up wandering through the parking lot of some very large reddish /orange/brown brick buildings and am looking for an exit. Turns out it it’s a Nissin factory right in the city! I’m totally excited to see this and tuck the information away for later. I see the exit  which is up a very steep set of stairs. There are some tourists trying to leave too, but they’re busy taking pictures so I go around them. At the top of the steps is a large glass enclosed buffer zone with some heavy doors. Me and a male of my group are trying to hold the door for the tourists, a black family with 2 kids and a little one in a stroller. They go through and we continue on our way.

Now I’m in our target location building with my group of operatives and we’re looking for the target. This is it, we’re making progress in our mission. The 5 of us are walking around the place and keeping our eyes out for our target while remaining inconspicuous. We’re the last shot at resolving this conflict so the significance of our presence is well understood by all of us. It’s extremely crowded where we are; we have infiltrated the enemy base. Full of innocent people or at least those who are not our targets. We are moving forward very quickly. I try to keep the group together, but it seems we are closing in on the objective! The agent in front of me suddenly starts surging forward into the crowd and I do my best to keep up while keeping eyes on the rest of us (we are in the hornet’s nest, and I did not wish to lose anymore of those that matter to me). Then all of us are separated and I have no idea where he went. The 3 behind me finally catch up to me at what seems to be the far end of the building. I don’t know which way to go. We watch through the see-through entrances in the wall in front of us as operatives from the enemy side are entering the base. It’s rather ingenious, really: the general population were not at all aware of our presence–neither the enemy nor us–so what we would do is blend in and appear to simply walk into a nondescript building, but what’s happening is that once you walk through the “door” you walk into our reality, our realm, if you will, and are no longer merely a human. It was kind of neat to observe this from within the enemy side, but the most important thing was where do I go now? Where is my teammate? And where is the target???

I will never know unless I get to experience a sequel dream, because I didn’t want to get up, but I had to.

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Co-Worker, food, TV, Pokemon, cake

2 nights worth.

I was driving down a road, busy with other cars. My car turned into a bike and it was a 2 lane road. We were all commuting to work. I decided to go too fast down a windy, hilly portion and managed to crash my bike into the person beside me, who just so happened to be my co-worker. I was like, oh man, that wasn’t supposed to happen, and she was berating me about being too reckless. I said, I’m supposed to be able to pull off moves like that because of the special tires on my bike (they looked like bike versions of my light off-road tires on my car), but apparently not. The rest of the way ended up being walking and all of the sudden there was a massive traffic/walking jam. I try to look around the sea of bodies standing in line on the 2 lane road and I see that there’s a stop point. As we get closer, the stop point is where you were supposed to donate any food you had to those less fortunate. Considering it was a donation, that was a very aggressive campaign. I had a bag of food with me and I ended up giving away everything in it. I watched as the ladies sitting at the table sorted through the food and kept the good ones for themselves. But I was free to go now, being the good citizen I was. I wandered around the building behind the table which looked like a big college campus (I think this was my work place?) I remember being extremely self conscious because everyone was white, and they kept giving me that look as they passed by, that “ew wat are you doing here non-white person.” I was used to that treatment and wandered on as confidently as I could. There was a stage show, a talent show, where I watched very amateur people try to pass off talent. Then I appeared on top of a building where I watched as those who had donated food were made to wear Japanese bunny maid suits and set on this large river and waterfall.

I’m at my old house, the one I grew up in. I’d recently had new cable and internet installed at my place and it was a good experience. This house was to have the same company do it. My dad was there and he was being an absolute jerk on the phone and to my family around him. I didn’t want anything to do with it, so when the lady that had done it for me came, I told her that my dad was upstairs (she remembered me) and that I wasn’t going to go up there. I’d be downstairs if she needed me, but good LUCK with that. She’d been on the phone with him and gave me a wry smile before venturing upstairs. Not my problem.

I was driving around a wooded and quiet neighborhood, looking for Pokemon. My map indicator would show which ones I hadn’t caught yet and weren’t in my Pokedex, but I had the vast majority already. It would also indicate hidden items, but I was a veteran and had plenty. I did manage to get into a group fight with 8 other Pokémon, my single one being a Pikachu, but the Geodude used Magnitude (12!!) and not only wiped out the other Pokémon but also my Pikachu that was easily 8 levels above everyone else. Darn low defense Pikachu. I reach my destination in a house with 3 other guys and they come up with this great idea about making a cake. What a great idea! I’m not good at making cakes, but decorating one would be awesome. They crack jokes the whole time (I had just watched Whose Line is it Anyway before sleeping), and soon the cake comes out and we start decorating. To my discomfort, they start decorating with breasts, nipples, and penises. I’m standing there watching them as they’re so happy and excited and turned on by making this cake for their party which more than likely was going to be THAT kind of party. I go along with it, attaching a penis that was way too long and start drooping on the stick, and trying to make the parts more anatomically correct (men…). When they are finished it looks like a ball sex monster with weird projections. They turn it over to this other person who returns with some VERY detailed and accurate revisions to the pieces. Everyone is clapping and cheering and hugging on each other and the party is about to start. I’m stuck with no ride home, and then…I wake up.

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Work, levels, Korean water feet

Quick update here!

Last memorable dream: I was dreaming about work again. It was to my relief that it would be my last patient of the very long work day. I went out thinking it was a different patient, and it turned out to be someone else. OK, that’s fine, my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. I get her back and she’s on the bigger side for a patient and she won’t stop talking to me. Very friendly and I like her, but gosh darn it I wanted to go home. As she’s yammering on to me, I go to grab the ultrasonic because I can see clearly the moderate to heavy accumulation and I really don’t want to waste my time hand scaling because, I want to go home! As I’m trying to set up the device, I realize I don’t know where to plug in the water supply line. This is a new office and I don’t know everything yet, so I excuse myself to go look for the water supply plug-in or to ask someone. Instead, I end up going through the same level that I did earlier in the night, and as I’m in a rush and already did it before, I’m not as thorough. However…they’ve changed it all on me!! No!!! The water that used to be there with the fish I’m supposed to touch has now a layer on ice on top of it. I go look for some items in the shed nearby and end up giving up and I’d wasted so much time I start running to the end of the level to get back to my patient. Might as well just handscale. I get a flashback of doing the level the first time and how I did the optional side quest of showing the NPC the place where the Korean swimmer people exist. They all have abnormally large and fin-like feet and hands, which make it so that they are superhuman swimmers, but very isolated from the rest of society and have to live in this temple place specifically for them. I run through a mall that is connected to a school and I see teachers and stores and finally I get back to my patient who is still waiting patiently outside in the open air dental office. It is now around dusk and I try to sit down to do my work, but none of my instruments are there anymore and as I am panicking, I wake up.

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I had some…interesting…dreams last night.

Are these even appropriate to share? I actually don’t remember too much about them, just the more prominent parts. Same subject matter, though…

I was bored and watching DVDs on the TV (at this current house for once!). I was using the Xbox to play them and there was a stack on the ground. Strangely it almost seemed like I was renting loads of them; either that or I had just stolen a bunch of rental DVDs, but I think they were either borrowed or rented because I wanted to be sure I was watching them before they needed to go back. Anyways, whatever I was watching ended even though I don’t think I was paying much attention to it, on my phone instead, but I wanted the background noise, so I went to put a new DVD in. The menu was set up to show several different clips of movies, like a sampler. I chose one and it played. I watched in horror and fascination as it featured a man and woman on a bed, the woman with a sleep dress on and the man was not clothed, but covered on his lower half by the white thin blanket. His body was tone, then this fatter naked guy decided to roll across both on them on the bed and I got a glimpse of the first man irritatingly grab the man’s erection and pull as if to punish him for doing that. The fat man stood beside the bed with erection and just laughed while the other man sat up, berated him, and rolled over to grab the still-sleeping woman, the movement of which moved the blanket so that you could see everything. My jaw dropped and I heard my mom coming down the stairs, so I quickly tried to reverse it to the beginning, but it decided to keep playing automatically and why a movie would start with a scene like that, I don’t know. In panic I tried to switch to something else, but everything on the screen seemed to be a porno. To my chagrin AND relief, she forgot something and went back upstairs. I wanted to see the rest of that first video, but my mom was taking FOREVER to come back down and leave for work, so I found a cartoon on the next menu page. It seemed safe, as it was a parody of Naruto (though it looked nothing like Naruto) with different art style. I had this sinking feeling as the video progressed that it would end up being a cartoon porno parody, but so far it was ok. My mom STILL hadn’t come down again and I was on pins with impatience to have the privacy to view these flicks with morbid curiosity.

I guess she finally left because the dream cut to a cartoon. It kept cutting from 3rd person to 1st person, full immersion. It was in a dark forest on the edge of the ocean and you could see a unicorn constellation in the sky. A white unicorn was singing and running along the coast shooting rainbows from it’s horn. The view showed a second, blue hued unicorn in the forest and the 1st one stops. Then it cuts to the sky again and shows, I guess, what’s coming up next: a woman’s shoe, a pirate sign. 3rd person me freezes because it suddenly realizes what’s going to happen next. Several close-up pans of 3 seemingly male cartoon characters, 2 smaller, cuter ones and one tall, lean-looking pirate lying seductively on the grass in the moonlight. One of the smaller crew members turns out to be a female in disguise. You can see the pirate ship off in the distance so I guess they came to the cliff for privacy. She climbs over on top of the pirate with a lascivious face. Then it cuts to the other pair which is the 2nd crew member that looks like a Luigi-Toad cross, and a very muscular pirate man person, also lying in a seductive pose, except that his bare, ripped body suddenly contracts and is somehow more attractive. The Luigi-Toad cartoonishly eye bulges and yells, “mamma-mia what a hot bucket” or something corny like that. He launches himself onto the rippling muscular torso and…proceeds to start pecking holes in the man’s abs. The camera pulls back to show that the Luigi-Toad now has a beak and is eating the man, pulling out his entrails. Cartoonishly. Then it cuts back to the first couple and the same thing is happening! WHAT????


In the same vein (apparently there’s a pattern going on here). The other day I was dreaming that I was on this island with very few inhabitants. There was a sort of celebration going on and I had been invited there to investigate a haunting that has been causing the few inhabitants to die off or forced to move away. My mission was to find the cause, and deal with it. The island was very nice, very small. With so few inhabitants most of the wildness had been preserved and I guess the ghost wished to rid the place of any people at all. There was indeed a ghost that hung out in an old, abandoned building near the water with a wooden signpost next to it. She had long hair and a dress of white and pink. Finding this out, I go to the town to tell the leader there, but there’s a festival of sorts going on and visitors are there to celebrate too. I see one of my friends there who pulls up in a military Jeep. He is wearing a black fleece jacket and glasses. I smile and invite him to follow me in between large stacks of crates and supplies. I lay on the ground and beckon him with my arms. He comes down on top of me and I grip his body. He kisses my forehead, but that’s not what I want, so I flip so that I’m on top of him and start kissing his lips. He’s nervous and doesn’t know what to do, so I do it, but he’s so stiff, I try to work apart his lips with my own to make him give in and relax. All I remember is that his lips seemed very small and very hard like a beak almost. He seemed to enjoy the make out session and I let him up finally because it was getting more awkward than anything and while his body seemed to want it, he was too scared and nervous. We both smiled at each other and I kissed his cheek. Then, I was off to fight the boss monster of the area! He was raining down destruction onto the island and I had to stop him! I ran along the wind/water/cloud pathway with my friend and other agents in tow, my speed and determination unmatched by anyone else! It was rough going because the path kept undulating and disappearing and reappearing with the massive storm the boss was generating! The ghost girl was helping the boss and probably summoned him. I looked back and saw that my friend had LONG disappeared and my fellow teammates were stuck way behind. It was all up to me. The storm boss was absolutely massive, like a genie/dragon! I jumped forward to attack, but fell down the constantly moving path.

And. That’s it.

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Game? Car? Patient, brother, food

It’s hard to remember what I dreamed about last night. I must have slept really well, or at least relatively so. Didn’t want to get up this morning. There are snippets, though.

It was village compound. Wooden and metal structures with lots of stairs which made me think of somewhere close to water. I think there was something that happened before arriving at the compound, but no matter what, I was on a mission FPS style. I ran up some stairs and into a room. Stuff happened and then I needed to find and earn some keys. There was some longer explanatory cut-scenes which I paid no attention to and tried to skip but couldn’t. I decided to do the stair mini-game because I needed those keys for later on and didn’t have time to find the real ones. It was simple enough, just climb some stairs within the time period, increasing increments to get more keys. I managed to get the first key, but then something happened and I cancelled the game to go find out what it was. I had spent too much time doing that and the game time counter was getting shorter and shorter. I went into another room where I saw someone who looked like my ex on the bed without a shirt. I jumped on his back and played a puzzle about hitting some numbers on his back that would light up (other things happened too, but I can’t remember). Then it was the boss fight! I ended up in my bathroom, naked, because I needed to shower and pee. The door wasn’t closing all the way (it doesn’t in real life until you push it hard into the latch), so my ex kept coming to the crack and looking in it playfully. I kept pushing it in his face before realizing I left something on the bed and asked him to get it for me. He did and handed it to me and I closed the door for real.

Then there was some convoluted storyline about shopping, my mom, my cousins? and a diva peer from hygiene school. A craft store, then we all were supposed to get into a car. A spattering of my family, friends and co-workers. I didn’t know how we were all going to fit in her Crosstrek, but I was the first to climb in from the trunk and sit in the back. Everyone else was going to go in my mom’s car instead and the remaining would go in her car (all males). I think we were going to a party or a wedding. The peer was just telling me that my look wasn’t good enough and she did not approve of the “makeup” I had on.

We went on our way and I ended up at work. The patients were a large family of black people. My patient was a young man, about 17 years old (even though he looked more like a 25 yo). We got to talking about cars and he told me he wanted a WRX. I basically spewed the same conversation I literally just had with my brother about cars in real life last night at him, while not only cleaning his teeth, but dismantling everything in his old red car. One piece had broken, so my brother and I removed everything but the frame and then replaced them all. My brother even gave him a new trash thing for the car. I left my brother to put it all back so I could go help pack my uncle’s van. It was so big they even had a chest of drawers in the back. By the time I went back to the patient, my dad was there, pulling a long usb cable out of the young man’s car. I scolded him not to pull too hard because my brother had just installed it. My dad frowned at me for disrespecting him, but I didn’t care. I was more concerned about the fact that my brother had already finished and left behind a lot of food for me: Popeye’s chicken strip, McDonald’s hamburgers, drinks, and a few other good food pieces.

Then I got a text and woke up.

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Guns, camera, work

…when do I not dream about work is the better question.

In a futuristic world, a local war on an evil facility has just reached a conclusion. The populace celebrates in relief that the danger has passed and they can get on with their daily lives without fear for now. As part of the team and now part of the cleanup crew, I, too am happy that the imminent danger has passed, but there is knowledge that it’s not quite yet over. The computerized columns outside have been restored, meaning that the building itself is safe now, but my job is to go in and secure a very sensitive and integral object. To my knowledge a non-combat agent, like myself, is cleared to enter because the threat level is low. Regardless, I’m always carrying my standard issue Glock 9mm pistol. Upon entering the facility, I am struck by the difference now than before wherein the commotion, combat and sheer number of individuals is greatly diminished. I enter the elevator and hit button #17. On second thought, the lack of people around is starting to make me nervous and a feeling of dread fills my stomach. Suddenly, I have a partner, an armored combat unit. We get out onto floor 17 which is a large garage looking area for robots or other large weaponry. There are metal ramps leading to walkways above and large military containers strewn about. We proceed cautiously and turn to make it to the command room when suddenly there is movement. A large man in a suit is coming down the walkway to us, his semi-automatic rifle raised. The enemy lives?!?!?! I yell, “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!” and make a break for the shelter of the command room while pulling out my handgun. While running, I turn to fire at him and should have landed 3 perfect headshots, but he seemed unperturbed. My protection detail goes down in burst of blood, multiple bullets ending his life. I am disturbed by this, not being hard combat trained, but I ready my weapon and focus as I hide in the cover of the doorway. I peek around the corner and rapid fire into the oncoming enemy. This time he goes down. No time to stop and catch my breath, I quickly look around the command room for my target, but as suspected from the presence of the enemy, it is not there. I run out and up the walkway to where the enemy was coming from. Along the way, I check my magazine which is an extended one, and I only have one bullet left (and one which misfired, apparently). Before I have time to think about whether I have extra mags or not, I run into my brother, a combat agent. It appears that he too has run into more of the enemy. Before we know it, we are beset by 2 more of the enemy, this time one has a pump shotgun and the other a TMP. We both duck behind cover and thankfully he has a rifle. Suddenly, I pause the experience and ask my brother if maybe I should try a higher-powered weapon, since my pistol isn’t going to be too terribly useful on these harder enemies. He tell me that I should try the semi-automatic rifle too, and I think it’s a good idea, except I forgot to take it from the enemy down on the floor.

Then there’s a work dream about this whole camera system. My bosses are stressed out about it and I’m trying to help but they have a “specialist” there and I’m just sitting around, bored. I offer to go to a seminar for them. Then there’s a bunch of driving in off-road terrain with hippos and alligators in the rain. Gable sleeping too close to one of the mud puddles and I’m terrified that a hippo will come eat him, but he’s obviously bigger than them even. Then I watch in amusement as a huge group of people attempt to run their cars through the muddy, flooded terrain.

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