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We were in a place like it was a school, but the rooming situation was a little strange. It was definitely a school because we had to attend classes, but it was located in an open air compound that trained/schooled many different skill sets/jobs. It almost seemed military. My old friend and I were partnered up to be roommates. Our first “room” if you will which basically was just a place to sleep, was on the roof of a one story building. The ragged looking lady that was there was supposed to be vacating the area so that we could take use of the bed. She was very friendly and the area was well maintained, so we were OK with it. The bed was large and nice. We were about to put our stuff down, when we were informed that our rooming assignment had changed. Instead of on top of the roof, we were to be on ground level about 2 streets over. The nice part was that it was a covered area between 2 buildings, but that’s where the niceness ended. It was dark, for one, and we weren’t happy with that because darkness breeds vermin, illness etc. Then there was the bed: the metal bed frame was large, but the mattress was extremely thin and very poor quality. There was another mattress across the way from our little square of space that was empty, but it clearly belonged to another group of roommates. It’s not like we had much choice since those were our orders, so I put my stuff down. I chose the right side of the bed. I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep. The next thing I knew i awoke because I heard noises. My roommate had fallen asleep too, next to me, but I had been well equipped from home with nice bedding and a thick blanket. She had a very thin blanket. I felt bad and was about to wake her up and ask her if she wanted to share mine because I knew she gets cold easily. I heard the noise again, coming from my right side, and looked over to see that we were placed right outside the fire/EMS training building. The big group of trainees were out doing calisthenics and being yelled at military style by their instructors. It was still pitch black outside and there was no way we were going to be able to sleep through that. In the square across from us, 2 other females were waking up to the same realization. They were marveling at the fire heroes and exclaiming about how glamorous and hot they were. I became instantly upset and with my ex having been through the same thing and now a firefighter, I told them that I before him and before knowing some insider information, I used to revere fire and police too. I certainly still respect their duties to the people, but it’s not as glamorous as they think it is, and the people aren’t as caring as you think they are either.

There was a very slow chase scene whereupon either I was being chased or I was doing the chasing of and by a bratty child through narrow buildings and streets with common obstacles in the way.

Right after that we were out in the day taking courses. We were to pick a weapon set from the cart before us. I happened to choose the one with knives even though I kind of wanted the one with bows and arrows. No matter, knives of different sizes were really cool. I joined the others in my class sitting at a very long table like those found in grade school cafeterias. Everyone had set theirs in front of them and I was admiring mine. I don’t know what happened to my roommate who was supposed to be there, but it didn’t matter because I was super excited to be learning about whatever we were about to learn.

Well, I never got to learn it because all of the sudden I was in a grocery store. I was apparently staying in a living arrangement with one of my coworkers and we were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. I told her that it’s OK, I’ll cook tonight and I wanted to do one of my mom’s favorite meals. It would be easy, yummy, filling and fast. The target group was not picky at all. So as she was shopping for different items we’d need, I went around and picked up the ingredients I’d need. I had to call my mom to ask and make sure I was getting the right ingredients, and she hung up on me, but then I saw her wandering around the store. What?? OK, then that’s good because I was busy looking for the last and most important ingredient: a Marzetti raspberry vinaigrette. The particular grocery store was unfamiliar to me and I went to ask the workers there and they told me it was on the other end of the store in the aisle before the Mario Kart. I thanked them and thought, Mario Kart? They have A MARIO KART??? Wow. Anyways, I continue to search for the dressing. My coworker was already starting to check out, I was running out of time! Then, AH HAH! There! The packaging was completely different from what I remember it being, but there it is!

Cut to a different dream. Much more convoluted and not as clear. Driving, something about my dad, relatives, windy mountain roads. Maybe a relative’s house?


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My co-worker and I had made a conscious decision to go back in time to high school. My high school or maybe a mixture of our high schools. Either way, it was kind of like a chance to do it over again for me, with the confidence of my 30 year old self. I saw people I used to know, I talked to them, with no fear of fitting in because I had nothing to fear. I could attend events if I wanted and if no one wanted to sit with me at lunch, I’d either sit with them anyways, or be totally fine eating by myself. This particular lunch saw me talking to a classmate from far in the past, but it was weird because I was asking her about her baby. Then the main event came: I was waiting for the pep rally scheduled to start there in the courtyard/lunch area. When it began, I made my way forward to see it, getting closer to the front of the line and relying on the others to give me a clue as to how things were done around the school. Then, screw it, I just moved front and center to get a good view. It was interesting enough, and looking around, I saw younger kids and other taking videos with their phones, so I took my phone out to take a picture as a souvenir to prove I was there and to show my friend who was performing in the rally. I snap one picture, making sure the flash was off, when all of the sudden, someone took my phone from me as I was sticking it back into the back pocket of my jeans. I turned around in surprise and it was a teacher! He then grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to a kiosk with a computer in it. The person managing the computer asked me my name and information. I told him and he placed my infraction into the system. Great. I’d just messed up my future and I’d gone back to fix something. I’d tried to plead my case that I was new there and I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to take pictures. The teacher that caught me was sympathetic, but the principal/security guy was not and enforced the rule.

I later caught up to my coworker friend. We appeared both at work. It was a strange location, kind of a garage/auto shop type of setting. One of my docs had been seeing a patient, so I was familiar with what was going on. As I sat there with my coworker, we talked casually about how it’s weird that I have all the memories and feelings of being 30, but my body was only 24 in this particular time. I still have no idea what the point of going back in time was, because I ended up in the same job. Then it was time to see that patient. I basically picked up where my doc’s conversation ended, trying to convince the patient that we should try going for a partial that hooks on to the one tooth that is salvageable on the bottom arch, because complete denture set is just a nightmare to try and use. However, he was completely adamant that we not try to save any of his teeth, that despite all of the detriments to a full set of dentures, that is what he chooses. It was all or nothing. Seeing as he was so set on it, it was out of my hands, so I went to write up my notes for the patient. Determined to not leave anything out, I decided to write it on a pad of paper first before I write it up officially, for real (I guess this was before digital). As I was writing the draft, someone comes in and starts briefing everyone on how the upcoming wedding we’re all attending is going to go because as soon as work is over we’re all leaving, or at least anyone who is coming is going to. I’m listening out of one ear, not sure if I’m going or not, while writing and when I’m done, I go back to read the 3 and a half pages of notes I have down for the appointment. It was…all hooey. Completely unnecessary to write all of that down for a legal document. I had literally written down every single detail that happened in the appointment. In my head I narrowed the narrative down to about 2 paragraphs, but before I could write it officially…

…I was traveling down a hill in a car? On my belly? People were driving willy-nilly and apparently that was the custom there, so because i was such a small vehicle (I was scooting around on my belly) I maneuvered around everyone. Then all of the sudden, everyone was scooting on their bellies in this strange transportation system. The traffic light system was singular for each path and would beep and turn green for you on the ground when it was your time to go. It was a bit confusing where I was supposed to go, but there were police hanging around everywhere because a large event was occurring. I was traveling the not so popular way, so my path was clear, dragging myself along with my hands under and around police legs and following whatever path I had. I ended up in the closet of some college guys and wanted to ask where I was because I was lost and needed to find out where my workplace was. I bit back a question and pulled out my phone and map. I was well away from where I was supposed to be. Disheartened, I exited from their closet and start walking instead, giving up the hope that I was going to make it to my destination.

…I slept super well last night!


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Bus, computer, work

The other night I dreamed of being in elementary school–not that I was that age again, but that I physically at the elementary school doing something. Classes were out and I led the procession out to the bus loop, my backpack on my back. I look around and it seems we’re early as there are no buses yet. The “kids” were hanging around waiting and I noted some of my old classmates sitting there waiting too. That familiar embarrassment of having to ride the bus instead of having my own car wasn’t so bad, seeing my other classmates. Eventually buses came and went, taking kids with them, but mine never did. A handful of us waited and some even went inside presumably to call their parents. I was panicking a little, because I knew no one was near that I could call to come pick me up, so I had to hold out as much hope as possible. I looked across the way, while waiting, and saw they had opened up a video game/anime/hobby shop right next to the school. In my mind it made sense for kids to hang out there while waiting for the bus or after school in general. I had a mind to go there, but then our bus came! …except it wasn’t so much a bus, as a big box van. I had no idea how all the kids would fit in there. I hopped up first into the passenger seat and encouraged the others to file into the back. The kids were apprehensive, but needed to go home and were looking to me to keep them safe. The weight of the responsibility was real! Eventually we made it into my old neighborhood, and there was one kid left. We asked where he lived and he said Norfolk. The driver said, OK that’s where we’re going first and then he’ll circle around and bring me home aftewards. What???

Last night there were several dreams, but only a few stood out. The first, I couldn’t place the setting, but on the TV screen there was showing a revamped Animaniacs! I grew disappointed, however, when it became evident that it was in all ways inferior to the original despite the cast of celebrity voices. Some random things happened and then I began watching my brother on his absolutely massive computer screen talk to this guy. He got up to do something, so I picked it up and started “playing” this game while talking to this obviously British guy. Real funny conversation, makes me laugh out loud. He starts asking me questions and I respond, and I begin to type this really long response, but it’s slow going because not only are my fingers so cold, they don’t work properly, but I have to use this amazingly slow responding touch screen with the smallest key pad like a phone. I go to write something intelligent in response to his question and accidentally hit the send button. I curse out loud and he responds with a “wot? wot the blinkin’ ‘ell is this?” Laughing and taking offense at my response. I try to type back, but it’s so SLOW, and he decides to cut off communication with me, enjoining me to continue to play his game as he is the THE developer, the man, for it. I’m exasperated, and my brother comes back and I tell him that the guy signed off.

Then, of course, the obligatory work dream. It’s a big area, and I’ve been off work for being sick. People are in their rooms, and I notice that one of the temps that had been in our office was there. I must have been away for a while, because she’s right chummy with everyone. As I was prepping my room, she’s in a waiting room nearby, exclaiming at the top of her lungs, “HEEEEEY, BITCH!!! HOW’S IT GOING!!!???” I quickly come get her and move her to my room. I talk and do her teeth, trying to keep up with the schedule, and then get up to tell the doc I’m ready for an exam. I proceed to walk across the way to my co-worker’s room who is still on vacation so that I can use her room which is for some reason in a cruddy-looking tiled shower stall. Whoever had been using it wasn’t cleaning it very well, so in disgust and smirking in my righteousness, I start wiping up all the nasty crap, wondering to myself how patients don’t notice stuff like that. Then, I hear that my doctor has made it into my room for an exam. I look back and see her sitting next to the temp, with the temp exclaiming again about “WOW HOW’VE YOU BEEN!” She doesn’t need me so I go back to cleaning up the space, when I suddenly realize that I hadn’t finished scaling 2 of the sextants. Oh. My. No doubt the doctor can see that, and I rush back into the room to see her scaling something she sees too. The temp is blissfully unaware and the doc gives me a look before leaving the room, while I pretend it was all planned this way and the patient was just in a hurry to leave. I sit down and start scaling quickly the areas I missed and realize to my horror that I missed a LOT. Talk about failure.

Man I hate dreaming about work.

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Avocado, class, Josh Groban

I was in my last semester of college and unlike other semesters (in previous dreams) I was actually going to attend class so that I could graduate! Loaded a couple classes into my schedule and attended my first day. I get into one class and the instructor looked like Josh Groban. He played with the lights a bit, demonstrating to the class what the lights would be like so that he could watch out for people sleeping (dark in the front, on in the back). I happened to be sitting in the very back corner next to this other dude. As the professor was saying that, I looked over in front of me where 3 rows up this Asian dude with glasses was straight up sleeping already. He starts class by drawing and writing on the right side chalkboard (projector was up front). “AVOCADO: and introductory course.” My eyes bug out and whisper to the kid next to me, “why in the hell am I taking a boring course like this?” Then it became apparent! I must be majoring in Biology? Because the parts of the avocado had names like Golgi apparatus, etc. I was like, OHHHHH!!! It’s because avocados are the perfect real life example of cell structure! Duh! Ok, this class is totally worth it now. We all write down notes as he says it and eventually as he talks he moves around the room to where I’m sitting against the wall of windows. I’ve been busy playing on my portable speaker some music and I keep trying to turn it down, but for some reason it keeps turning itself back up! As he stands there next to my desk, my music is loudly playing “Be Not Afraid,” a Christian church hymnal. I apologize and try to turn it down, but the lowest setting is still freaking loud. He just stands there, humming, and swaying to the song, otherwise enjoying it, until it ends and I turn it off, before returning to his lecture which at that point was just reading straight from the textbook. He moves to the front of the room, where he has an electric guitar and a complex, high tech amp/sound system he fiddles with. Obviously he’s about to serenade the class with some singing and music and by this time had turned into Josh Turner, not Josh Groban. Right before he’s about to strike the first cord….I wake up. GAAAAAHHH!!

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Burger King, family, HS

I was driving/walking around the area I grew up, supposedly on my way to school, when we saw a Burger King. I mentioned to my brother and mom that for some reason I never see anyone at BK during night or day, but it’s always jam-packed for breakfast. My brother confirms, oh yeah, BK breakfast is the best. So we go in and it’s a small, tight, carpeted joint. We wander to the back nearest the kitchen and my brother sits down at 2 2-seater tables (definitely fast-food tables). He and I wait for a server as we’ve already been to this place before (in another dream). I warn everyone that I have to be done in 10 minutes because I have to make it to school. My mom looks around and sees some food sitting in a container covered with foil. I turn around to ask my brother when my sister, who was supposed to be meeting us there is coming and how we’re going to sit and eat, when my mom had already grabbed a plate and several char siu pieces and started eating it. She was commenting on the good taste, when the server comes out, sees her with it, grabs it out of her hand and tosses it aside before turning to us and asking for our order. She has an Eastern European accent and an exasperatedly gruff exterior, but friendly. I remember her from a prior dream and wonder if she remembers me too. At this point my sister has arrived and my brother has moved over to the table my mom and I are at which has morphed into a 4-person table. That’s good because people are streaming in and waiting for tables. My brother has already ordered, and then it’s my turn. I order the “Meal Maker” which is a sampler dish plus another dish, though the name escapes me at this point. She goes back into the kitchen to place our orders and I am super excited to be able to eat tater tots and  hash browns. Not too soon thereafter, my first dish arrives by an attractive younger woman possibly Asian or mixed, but with a Chinese accent. I think it’s an omelette with all the works on it. My mom asks me if she was Asian but I’m too busy digging into my food to answer, but I don’t need to because suddenly we hear a loud Vietnamese conversation coming from the kitchen area. I was a little surprised because I thought as a BK, it would be staffed like a fastfood place and not a restaurant. For some reason everyone kept referring to it as Rand Ally instead of BK. Anyways all of our food comes and as we eat, I laugh and notice that it’s no longer 6:50am, but more like 7:50am. I am one hour late. I start joking that I guess I’ll be missing first class today. Then I decide that it’s better to just miss the whole day because it works out: I had presentations and papers all due today but I’d done absolutely none of it all weekend…I knew I’d forgotten to do something. Then I laughed with my brother, asking, I can’t remember how I used to go to school? Was it school bus, because I have a car, so why not use it? My family confirmed that and said it was because it was a waste of money to go park my car at school. I disagreed since convenience was better than the parking pass payment, and now money isn’t a big problem. Later, even though I hadn’t meant to go to school, I wandered in anyways and walked down the quiet hall (my true elementary school hall). I caught a glimpse of my boss in real life, but in my dream a teacher, and booked it into the nearest bathroom which looked suspiciously like an old bathroom from our old house. I could see x-ray style through the door as she walked slowly by, suspicious of me, but distracted by commotion in the boy’s bathroom next door.

A prior dream saw me shopping in a very crowded place, filled with old classmates. It was a library/school store/retail store. Very full. I think I was living on campus, but I still had my dogs. I was getting bored because I couldn’t afford anything, when I noticed their massive Clearance section. Immediately drawn to it, I started picking through all the goodies, thinking about Christmas gifts and comparing prices. A worker was actively marking down items and I was criticizing the prices with my mom, because I was a price guru and knew what was a good deal and what wasn’t. So hah.


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My mind was going through lists of people I used to know, used to go to school with.

Earliest one I can remember is being in a large campus. It starts as everyone sitting in a cafeteria on those stools-attached-to-the-table things. We’re waiting for an event to start and next to me is someone I’m close with, a female. I assume we are going to be partners given our close relationship, but then goes off and we’re effectively broken up. I’m pretty upset and sad at this point at the betrayal (I don’t even know if I ever see her face), so I wander around, partner-less, to the field and other places on campus. The major festivities are low-key for the moment as it is in between events. I find an old classmate of mine and we hang out with each other. He’s married, I already know, with a kid and everything, but that apparently doesn’t stop us from sitting intimately squished together in this large shoe-like chair. All completely platonic. Soon, the next event starts and we’re back in the cafeteria except this time everyone has a string instrument, playing along to the music. I have my violin, but I was busy daydreaming or something because while everyone is playing, I don’t even have my violin out. So while the orchestra rests, I loudly open Velcros and zippers to pull out my violin and bow. Finally, I am able to play with the group, but I haven’t even gotten to tune anything yet, so I find the note we’re all playing and try to match it. I’m too loud, though and possibly out of tune. No one says anything, just gives me funny looks.

Next I’ve moved on to the hygiene group. I’m in an academy for dental hygiene. It’s absolutely massive and akin to those in Britain. It’s nighttime and I’m walking around making sure that everything is shut down for the night. I don’t think I’m a student, more like a visitor or a mentor. My boss is there too and we all start looking up at the night sky and asking if it’s a blue moon. Some males that are students there are helping out and everyone starts answering. I’m going back to the labs where someone had left some loose corn to boil on the electric stove there, to make sure it’s off. I’d turned it on because I thought someone had not finished their assignment yet, the only reason it would still be there. Since no one was attending it, I go to make sure it’s turned off. Then it’s morning and I join a group of my classmates as we head to the next area across the lawn of the massive campus. It’s not “my” group in the class, but I go with them anyways since we’re all classmates. We go into the automatic doors where we see someone of the other classmates in a room with all sorts of couches for sale. They’re sitting on some and these 4 black guys in sunglasses are all watching us like guards. I flop on a 4 seater couch, as do my entourage, and exclaim that I love the burnt red fabric (a very soft suede). One of the pillows cost $400 and the couch is on Target clearance for $10000. I mention jokingly that it’s on sale, better get it! haha! The guards are none to impressed, but I don’t care since we’re not buying that, so I wander into the next room which is the kitchen sale area. I keep going, seeing some glasses for sale and on and on through the store. It’s in a mall! My friends keep going, but I double back to try on the glasses frames since I need some. Some severe-looking rich people start making comments and I shrug and keep trying on increasingly ridiculous and eccentric glasses.

I’m having a sudden memory of another dream, a much more action-packed one in white building and dealing with…clothes? Some nakedness? Farting? haha. Clothes racks, maybe werewolves and blood and survival. A parking deck, digging a hole in the ground, weapons.

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More work dreams, doughnuts

I dreamed of my coworkers and work AGAIN. Once again it was in a building I’ve never been in before. There was very little actual work being imaged in the dream. Some patients had brought some doughnuts and left them in the common area of this building. I followed me Dr. and my a couple other people came with us to grab some. I took one myself and bit into it, but good golly it was BAD. Dry, tasteless and no filling at all even though it looked like it should. Everyone else threw theirs away but I felt bad so on our way back to the office I managed to finish mine, but I felt bad after that. Then I was setting up a tray in a stairwell for the next day, because I don’t know why there would be a unit hookup but no chair in the stairwell.

There was something about me stepping on a random green Lego brick on the floor and warning others to stay away from it. My right foot.

There were other pretty interesting dreams, but now I can’t remember any of it.

Strike that, here is one.

It was a very long-winded and frustrating dream. I went back to college and was to stay in a dorm with a roommate. The first time I went to the room, I went straight to it and was like, OK, cool this is my dorm room with my roommate. I knew that I was older than most of the students there, but everything seemed so mature in this particular dorm. I walked around campus, possibly went to classes and then it was getting dark and time to get back to my room. I ended up forgetting what the room number was and where it was, so I kept roaming all the floors, trying to figure out which one is was, to no avail. At one point I saw my  cousin who greeted me warmly, but I turned down the hallway like I had somewhere to go, so she stopped by someone’s room and was flirting with him. Still wandering around, I finally decided to text my roommate and she text-laughed and basically told me that I was on the wrong floor altogether. Grateful I went to the right floor but STILL couldn’t find the room because the numbers and layout followed no logical order and was so confusing! Someone finally found me and helped me out. They walked me through the in-house grocery store/café/cafeteria and I was ogling everything. I tried some drink from the café and ended up burning my tongue and hands, but it was worth it. Then we finally made it up to my dorm room and to my roommate and I decided to put it all down into my phone this time so I wouldn’t forget. Then I decided to visit my old friend Bernie from years ago. He was down on the main floor or the basement but he wasn’t in, so I looked on my phone and found him at a restaurant with friends. I pressed the summon friend button and he was whisked away and came to me.

I swear, around this time of the year I get that irrational fear of forgetting the location of my locker and the combination. The scalding from the drink was from dinner where I did end up burning my mouth and tongue.


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Work, Popeyes, Biking

I’ve been having some sleepful nights as opposed to sleepless. It’s nice, but the dreams have been interesting too. The night before saw some weird stuff with guns, toilets and old classmates. Last night was more tame.

Let’s start with the college dream. Something about going back to college? Well I wanted to take a tour of campus to reacquaint myself with it (it was completely unfamiliar to my real life memory), so I took my bike and started pedaling on the “bike path.” There were other bikes too, but at one point I got a reflection glimpse of mine and the tires were absolutely massive. I even was wearing a seatbelt?? Because I wanted to stand up but the belt wouldn’t let me, so I decided to “risk it” and took off the seat belt to ride. Ooooo so dangerous! I remember passing by existing students and instructors, getting snippets of conversation. One kid in particular had his mom there because he was in trouble for doing drugs. His mom was very supportive and tried to make him feel better. On my second go-round, there was some sort of big social event going on that included the community. I ran into an old man, so I got off and escorted him, laughing hysterically to find his wife who was doing a comedy skit in front of their merchant kiosk, but because she was busy I brought him to watch a different show with a lady who was entertaining a large crowd. Both shows were quite funny!

Change scenes to work, and I was tired and wanted to go home, but my last patient was my brother. My boss was taking forever to come do the exam, and when she finally did she took it upon herself to polish some more and sat down for more scaling like I hadn’t done a good job at all. In the meantime, her patients were waiting and it was past 5, plus we had 2 more sets of walk-ins! The assistant couldn’t wait any longer so left for home. I was standing up front with my co-workers, waiting, when her patients didn’t want to wait anymore so they come up to us and hand us trays of food from Popeyes saying they found it at the airport they had come from and that we should enjoy it. My coworker and I were like oo because it was an exotic flavor of Popeyes, so we split the sweet, tropical chicken tenders and the drumstick. It was very good. One of the waiting patients was having an emergency of sorts and was very insistent on seeing the doctor. Dark haired, young man, I was like, that’s cool. By now she finally had gotten done with my brother and ran off to deal with the other people. I go to clean up and she had reprimanded me for my subpar cleaning ability. My dream translated that to cleaning as in cleaning things, so there was this whole scene where I’m washing tools and dishes, and the light hits this strainer such that I can see nematodes being left behind! I am devastated by this and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to wash these parasites away. I manage to get it off the strainer, but the instant it hits the sink it puffs up and starts to bubble. Little patches of…mold..? start growing on it and I immediately grab a bottle of chemical to squeeze onto it. Much like squeezing BBQ sauce on meat. Then ANOTHER clump of parasites appear so I slather it on that one too! The more I squeeze on them, the faster they are overwhelmed and sink into the bubbly pool of  liquid in the sink. Finally they are gone and I am happy.


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Neato dreams

Probably having something to do with spending the evening watching Mortal Kombat videos and movies on YouTube.

I was in different levels/chapters of this adventure. Now, of course, it’s hard to recall exact details, so here are some snippets.

One part where I was in a village in a forest and looking at bugs (D’Vorah, no doubt inspired this). Found a little bottle glowing when I scanned the area. upon opening the bottle, there were eggs inside and to hatch them (side quest?) I needed the water from a little stream inside the forest, because not just any water would do. It had to be a non-polluted source. I tried to get back to it as it wasn’t too far away, but it had become night time and there was a large scary barrier blocking the way and obviously if I went through it, I’d be swarmed by high level bugs. So I asked my mom to do it for me because she was like a high level druid of the area. She said sure and went over, but was a little worried upon seeing the barrier. I’m not sure if she went in or not because the next level started.

Some cars, a warehouse, some sneaking, lights and nighttime.

There was a big level which was the climax of the adventure, but now I’ve plumb forgotten about it. I suspect nighttime again, some mecha maybe? Fighting for sure. OH. Advancing through a facility floor by floor as a “final battle” of sorts, with 2 other trusted teammates. We were different colors (blue, green and red) and had different abilities. A sword, a shield, and something else. It was part a mind game because we had to each go through some inner strength/demons test in order to power up our weapons. Mine had a part in the underground lab where I saw Dr. H who did the surgery for Gable’s paw. I talked to her in this very very cold basement. She was carrying gifts from patients and told me she had to go see if she could find my present to her. I had previously wandered silently through the operating room. It was so cold that the calla lily I’d given her hadn’t even started blooming yet.

Very interesting. I had to wake up because I was so cold and my baby girl had wandered into the room.

The next big dream was completely different. This dealt with college instead. College, part work again, but mostly being at a school. Similarly it was in some more locations and buildings that I have never dreamed about nor find familiar at all in real life. At one pointe I was seeing a patient who hadn’t been in since 2012, a teenager. Back then he had needed a scaling and root plane, but his mom reported that she only brought him to have his lower front teeth done. I told her that I would strongly recommend scaling again since the xrays obviously showed the need for it. For some reason both of my doctors were hanging out in my operatory the entire time and I had had the hardest time getting started with so many people chilling in it. She wasn’t happy and left, but it wasn’t my problem because Dr. V didn’t want to look in his mouth.

Then it moved on to a facility where I was busy showing off my skills with nunchaku and the big longer version it. Chased a friend around with it. Then someone asked me if I had finished my semester and I said, yeah I had decided to take 15 credits that semester for fun so I could finish out my degree that I’d started years before. However, upon looking at my transcript, they’d only accepted 9 of my credits. I was appalled because it was almost time to move out and why had I been taking my 6 credit English course then? It occurred to e that maybe it didn’t count because the class’s professor was unable to finish the semester and I thought it was completely unfair and not my fault. Oh well. It was time to move out of the “dorm” so I was the last person to sleep that night. Made sure to turn off the TV because I wasn’t a lower classmen anymore and the seniors were all very mature and responsible. Climbed up to go to sleep so I could leave the next day, but noticed that my friend J was awake. I snuck through an open door and surprised her who was getting ready to sleep. We talked a little bit and then I woke up.

Interesting. It was all very interesting. Hard to say why I dreamed the second set there.

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Man, classmate

This morning after one of my usual work dreams, was something a little more strange. I was with my hygiene classmates again and we were supposed to go watch some erotic movies (set up in a large bathroom) and group masturbate. I was like, WHAT??? but it was for school so what was I supposed to do? We were assigned a partner with the next person on the roll, but mine (a male, who in real life is now a crossfit trainer and used to be a body builder) didn’t want to be my partner so he kept going back in line to another girl until he was forced back into it. Instead of porno movies, though, we all sat on the ground in a bunch and watched a talent show that asked people from the audience to try feats of amazingness. I’d brought my camera so was trying to take pictures, but then I remembered in the back of my mind that I was supposed to be “taking care” of my partner, so I would every so often remember to rub him down with my free hand, except that when I did, it wasn’t him anymore, but my boyfriend. His arms, legs, neck, head…the pictures themselves I was having a hard time capturing because it was dark and lots of movement blurring the image (in real life I still have yet to figure out how to deal with that). I, too, was called to try one of the jumps, but didn’t do too well.

…an interesting one this morning eh? I can’t think of anything that would’ve brought that on except maybe a part of XXX movie with Vin Diesel I was watching last night? I’m always dreaming about work. Maybe I’m thinking of my classmates too.

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