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High school, driving, choosing minions, hair, grocery store

Didn’t sleep well and woke up late!

In the dream I was at a grocery store. Several grocery stores, in fact. It was all just before closing and the sky was either dark or gloomy out. I kept looking for the special sale items they were promising in those sections of the store. The bakery items were really what got me excited. I managed to snag a container of King Cake that looked much more like a Sara Lee pound cake jammed into a clear plastic container that store bakeries put cookies in. I was very excited even though it wasn’t one of the sale items. I placed that into the cart and carefully stepped around the wet tracks and puddles in the store. A few other people were hanging around us, trying to see what deals we were scoring. I looked around a bit, but didn’t find anything worthwhile.

Then I was more concerned about my hair than anything. I managed to bother my mom enough that she gave up all together and finally just cut my hair the way I wanted it, which was buzzed on my left side and a bit longer on the right. I was super stoked about it and though a little wary of what others would think, managed to hang around a young lady with red and gold hair colors who told me my hair looked awesome. Noting my reflection in the window, I noticed that I’d forgotten to make the longer side stand up, so it was flat. With a shrug, I told her I’d forgotten and she said that’d looked even cooler than it already did. Hearing that made me really happy.

Then I was in the house I’d grown up in, but it was weird: I was my current age and yet not at the same time. It was a big day for me because I was going to be a student at my first high school for a week. At first I was afraid I’d have to go stand at the bus stop with the other kids, but it turned out I had my car. With much relief and happiness, I bade my mom a good day and happily hopped into the car with my bag and wallet and phone. Couldn’t forget all the essentials! It was such a good feeling to be able to do high school again and the right way. As I drove carefully (since I was back in my old hometown where the pace is slower) through the neighborhood I was jittery with excitement, going over in my head the story and the plan. Maneuvering around kids and parents standing and waiting for the bus, I stopped for one and couldn’t believe my luck at not having to wait behind one that was loading kids. I turned and even the long line of traffic to get out of the neighborhood could deter me. I called my mom to finalize the story we were selling to the school about me. She said she’d put down her information on the paperwork so I could go to the school and I asked her what story we should have about whence we came. The line was crazy long and hadn’t moved, so I became engrossed in a text conversation, forgetting about everything. When I finally looked up, I first realized that I wasn’t alone in the car. There was a lady sitting in the passenger seat behind me. I looked back at her with distaste and “remembered” that she’d clambered into my car when she’d missed the bus. Then, I realized that I had stopped traffic. Distracted driver! Not a good way to start the school experience! I caught up to traffic and then suddenly I had reached a checkpoint where I was to walk. Hanger-on lady was following me, like my 2P. Finally making it to the save point, it was time to choose a minion/familiar to aid me in my quest. I gladly ditched bus stop lady (she literally flew away into the air and disappeared Team Rocket style) and was stoked to have enough experience this time to choose minions that weren’t pure basic level ones. I still couldn’t choose the high level ones because I’d skipped too much of the level and didn’t collect enough points, so I chose a mid-level one that I knew would level up into one of the most powerful ones. Satisfied and very happy, I proceeded to leave the save area, when–

–I WOKE UP WITH A START AND SAW I WAS 15 MINUTES LATE!!!! All this decision making stuff…

I seem to have major regret about my high school years. How many times have I dreamed about being able to re-do high school with a car this time and with the confidence of my adult self??


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Hiding, car, flood/mud, elevator, massage

I was in an unfamiliar house, but brought my laptop to a bed where I started browsing and ended up pulling open porno tabs. 2 or 3 other people showed up on the bed too, stripped naked and started going at it right there. I was like, uhhh, but then one of my family members showed up at the door. I quickly opened up a new tab, addressed them, as they wanted me to go help my grandpa, and pretended the people in my bed were just my friends sleeping under the blankets. They were doing a good job of snoring, and had wrapped their naked bodies inside the sheets. I said, OK, and shut my laptop. I got up and helped my grandpa in regard to something with a plant, and came back to my room. I opened up my laptop and the people continued their physical games. This time I legitimately wanted to just browse the internet, but everything that came up just happened to be porn in some way shape or form.

Then I was driving in my car. We were apparently back in my old hometown, but I did not recognize it at all. It was raining quite hard and as I went to leave, I found that there was a large washed out, rapid-type of blockage in the large parking lot. There were other areas where tons of mud was just sitting around. It was thrilling, and I decided to turn around to try and ford the water because it couldn’t be that deep and I just wanted to see how my car would handle it. Bummer, though, because the cops blocked it off. I was like, darn, and so zoomed out and around with everyone else. In order to do that, however, I had to leave the county line and suddenly, I stopped and got out of the car, walking on the grass and exclaiming, “Wow! I’m in Canada right now???!!!!”

Then this weird bit about standing in my grandparents’ house with my siblings and holding up quilts that we’d made back then and brought up here with us. My sister’s looked really nice like a coat of arms, my brother’s was, I don’t  know, and mine was good until you looked too closely. There was a big horse in the middle that still needed to be sewn on. I couldn’t believe (current me snatched the thing away from past me) that I hadn’t finished this marvelous thing. Why hadn’t I done that? I brought it over to the couch to get a better look at it and then saw why I’d abandoned the project: To the right of the horse were supposed to be 2 human figures except that the arms were drawn very poorly and completely disproportionate to the rest of the image. I laughed so hard at the image. NO WONDER!! Then I started trying to figure out how I could fix it and salvage the project, when…

…next dream. It was a Target run with some other girls, students in the same class as me. I had gotten the wrong futuristic add-on to a machine that I needed in order to complete a project for class. A very important project. Apparently I was very new to the program, but was still expected to catch up with the rest. The girls were very kind and were helping me out. I took the new one and the old one and went to pay for it, but then we got into a large elevator and started roaming around. Stuff happened, I guess, and then we were back into this ridiculously huge elevator that looked more like a moving, ornate room and not an elevator. Our next assignment had us go do something called, “legs and arms and back.” I was completely clueless, so was just following the others. Most of the girls and guys exited, like, ran off the elevator and I stayed behind to help another girl carry her stuff. I held the door which was very heavy as it tried to squish me, but I was bigger and older than everyone. We both get into the assigned area. The other 4 had split into 2 groups and darted into 2 of the 4 rooms, giggling with each other. Those 2 rooms happened to be the only 2 with doors. Obviously they knew something the other girl and I didn’t, so we each took the other 2 rooms, or alcoves, really. We put all of our bags and such down in our respective spaces. I studied the chair, shelves and counter in each one, then looked at the sign and realized that we were about to get massages. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that and the other girl didn’t either as we’d have to strip for it and our rooms didn’t have doors. I guess it was a physical assessment for the program? I looked on my phone which showed we were in the right place at the right time and then the “instructor” section was “loading” for a few seconds before showing  us who would be doing the massage. To my surprise, it was Mrs. Casella, one of my hygiene instructors. The other girl had her too. Hygiene was a prior program that the 2 of us had been a part of and I laughed at the other girl whose face was not happy at the turn of things. I wasn’t either, but I just laughed and laughed because while I didn’t really want her to do my massage, I knew the other girl really disliked her. And why was she here anyways, something that had nothing to do with hygiene. The main door swung open, and…

…I woke up.

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Biological clock, food

I had several different dreams, but only one stood out to be remembered.

I was in our old house sitting on the floor and feeling morose and depressed because of my failed relationship. My mom comes down the hall and says, “You need to have a child even if you have to adopt one.” I sadly nod and acknowledge that I do, but I wanted to be able to have a spouse to help take care of the kid financially and just overall. I told her my boss told me the same thing and had a flashback to my boss telling me, “Now is the time to have a child. You shouldn’t wait much longer or you’ll be out of time!” We all were supposed to be packing up to go somewhere on a trip and were almost leaving, so I go and strip my clothes to change into my dressy clothes. I stop to close the curtain from peepers even though there is someone behind me in the room watching me. Then when done the dream cuts to the place, which is a very large, packed, indoor stadium. What the program is, I have no clue, but I was the only one smart enough to have brought a blanket because it was cold. I knew everyone in the crowd around me, but can’t tell you who they where. There were cooks at the bottom of the crowd and they were bringing food around for people to eat. I was still depressed, the prospect of food was great! For some reason no one else was taking any of the food, so I said that I’d eat it and all of the sudden other people were brave enough to try. I chose a cheese/potato thing, and was about to get up out of my chair to go somewhere, but they had these good looking stuffed, fried tofu pieces so I called loudly to get a piece before other people could.

Then I think it took a turn for adventure, I can’t remember, but it was enjoyable! My bed was so comfortable last night…I think the rain helped.

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Bras, Traffic, Dad, BF

Finally dreamed about my bf again. Also my dad. My mom and I were shopping for clothes, at this small, in-home/sewer/underground store. She kept asking me if I wanted this bra or that bra loudly and normally I’d be really embarrassed, but I was fine in the dream. Then she went to pay for it and we left. She shook her head saying it cost $300 and I was like let me pay for some, but she held up her hand signaling that it was OK. That was the end of the argument and we both got in her car to leave. We end up stuck in traffic and the sky is either darkening or about to rain.

Then we get home, the townhouse, and I’m sitting on the floor fiddling with something. My dad is there and he keep smacking me on my head or poking my ear, so after about the 5th time I told to stop and warned him aggressively not to do it again. In my mind I knew he’d do it again and sure enough, whap. Right on my ear. I get up to confront him and tries to physically knock me over (the way he used to sweep our feet out and knock us to the ground to show us how strong he is). At first I’m a little girl again, no match for him, but then I remembered that, actually, I’m not. I’m an adult, bigger and taller than he is and I’ve been working out. So I block his attempt to get me, and instead I move to flip him over my shoulder Aikido style (getting leverage right under his armpit) and taking him by surprise. I don’t go all the way through the move, but he gets the idea and disappears.

I am irritated and go into the half-bathroom to sit on the toilet. I start texting my bf. I calm down as the conversation goes on, and all of the sudden he texts to me “the truth” that he has low sex drive due to a medical condition. Considering this information, I text back that while I don’t require from him to be “on” every single day (and honestly prefer that not to be the case), I do need some physical loving from him. Cut to the next scene (after some road and motorcycle stuff)  and my family and M are at a vacation home. Somewhere I don’t recognize. It’s nighttime and M asks me giddily if I want to watch an erotic video with him. Obviously this is stemming from our text conversation from earlier and I guess he’s eager to please me, so I agree. My family has already gone upstairs to bed, so the two of us go into the living room. He rips off his shirt and gets onto the couch, so I join him. We ready a phone and all of the sudden I look up on the ceiling to see that my mom and sister are looking down at us and smiling! Then they burst into the room and shower us with gifts. The most notable are the scrubs they pile on us. Yes, us. My sister gives me a reversible Pokémon print scrub top and M is like, OMG THAT IS SO COOOL. He gets less than me but is extremely happy even though all the scrubs are bright and garish.

Then I wake up.

Analysis: M is apparently with us on the vacation home staying the night which is OK and I’m going to assume here that since my mom is there too that we’re married and probably just married given the dream overall and the gifts. My dad has been extremely docile in my dreams for a while so this is a change of pace here.

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Bothersome night

I can’t remember all the dreams but I do know there were negative emotions associated with them.

First there was the one where we were searching for a good Chinese place to eat. We found the old place we used to go to but everything was shutting down. We managed to snag a baked pork bun but when we came back again it was all closed. We went in anyways and it looked like they were just as surprised to be shut down. Then the places started cooking food anyways and a few of them got together to make a big feast. I wanted to start eating, but they were to wait until certain people showed up. I remember some big wigs were there and some were upset.

Then all of the sudden we jump into my dogs…namely my baby girl who was not doing well. Interestingly I don’t remember seeing her very clearly, but I felt it was her. I didn’t want to go to the vet, so I tried to research and buy the barbiturate to put her to sleep myself. It worked after some drama, and I remember my boy standing stock still, just staring at her.

I think I woke up at this point for whatever reason and when I went back to sleep, I dreamed of M, my bf. He was visiting me here in my house, and it was this big deal as I had al my family members around. I talked to him about video games, and then the dream delved into a video game, complete with complex story  where the characters took on the shape of a different character. My character wanted to kiss his character at the end of the game and I asked him, smiling, what if I’m not me and I’m so and so character. He just smiled at me and then it reverted back into “reality.” I kissed him for real a couple times, but there were so many people around we couldn’t do more. When I looked up, I saw my dad. Damn him why is he always in my dreams?!?!?!?! He fixated M with the most loathing hate. It infuriated me and I tried to chase him off. He finally left, but I was in an awful mood because he had destroyed everything being there. I threw things and slammed things in anger, and when I came back to M, I told him apologetically that I hated my dad. He just smiled and pulled me to him. Then it was time for him to leave and it was a big send off because we had all of this raw meat and food to send him off with. It started raining outside, but we helped load it into his car. I was very sad to see him go. My grandparents loaded themselves into his car and insisted  that he drive them home. I was confused and so was M, but they also wanted him to first bring them to a specific bank in order to open a bank account for him. My grandma was adamant about it and wanted to make it so that she could send him money while he was overseas. My grandma isn’t adamant about much, but when she is you don’t say no. M was bemused, but happy at the same time and went to oblige. When we got there, he walked off to go to the bank and his back was the last I saw of him. Him being overseas explained the reason for the big hullaballoo and why my emotions were off the charts.


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Boyfriend dreams

I’ve had 2 dreams in the last couple of days about my boyfriend. The first of which seemed very realistic and it might be because it was one of those “nap” dreams. I wanted to ask him to marry me and was looking on my phone for a good house to share, but he seemed very apprehensive, so instead I began searching for a house where he could just live with me.

Then this morning, I packed up a small Uhaul type truck with my things (haphazardly as my usual), and filled the front behind the driver seats with the rest of my things. Then started driving. Picked up the BF and we drove around together. We went to go visit his mom for a little. As he went to finalize a few things, I stayed waiting with a bunch of kids. The mail person came and gave me my mail (Zelda style I guess haha) which had a check for $150,000. I was super excited and when he came back, I wanted to show him our luck, but the owner of the carpet store down the road came to me stressed and apologetic, asking for the check back which was written in error. I gave it back to him, my heart sinking, and my bf said that I should’ve kept it. Briefly I was remorseful, but didn’t stay that way because I’d done the right thing. Then we hopped back into the truck and off we went again. Met up with my sister who wanted to try driving it, and she ended up not being able to brake because the rain was torrential and the truck just wasn’t made for driving in that much water, but it all ended up well. We stopped by a Japanese gift seller where I met my cousin and after a little time there, it stopped raining and we continued in the truck. Our next destination was my childhood home where we all spent time catching monsters until it was night and then it was time to leave. Our truck was the last car in the driveway so I backed it out in the night and off we continued with our journey together.


Haha, oh my, this dream has so many references to my life right now rolled into one. We keep thinking about moving to a nicer home hence the uhaul, I keep thinking about how I want to live the rest of my life with M, not sure where the carpet seller comes into play, but the money taken away is reminiscent of the free money I was given then taken away from Allheart scrubs, and the catching monsters is relevant to Pokémon Go.

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