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Game, mission, house, kohls

I always wake up in the middle of the best dreams!

The other night I dreamed that my sister was finally moving out of my house. I was extremely happy and of course they still hadn’t fixed the siding like I asked them to so I had to do it but that’s ok becausr they were gone. Apparently I was going to do it myself but then my neighbor from here was helping me for some reason. He ripped all the nails out and we took off the broken siding then we replaced the piece and I left him to nail it back in but he did a horrible job and I had to try and fix it. Add in a trip to a home improvement store where I couldn’t find the siding I was looking for.

Then I was going to Kohls with my mom but when we got there the parking lot was empty and the lights were off inside the store. I assumed there was a power outage but we were upset so I got out of the car and walked along the sidewalk. Instead of just being stores, it became a stripmall and I passed the other stores looking to see what the problem was. Some had lights but some did not. There were some latino peopld standing around and I saw that as I walked the back portion of Kohls was lit. Then I woke up. There was something significant that occurred but I forget now.

Last night’s dream was pretty cool. Video game like. There was a carnival/fall festival portion where I was enjoying some games. Then it cut to a…TV show? Maybe I was playing a game? Anyways it was a race through a crazy obstacle course where it cycled between first person and tv-viewing. The characters were Gumball and Darwin from the cartoon tv show and the obstacles were water, ladders, walls, pipes, etc where you would have to navigate on a timed course. It was understood that you were 2 of several contestants and they/you were bottom dead last. Finally making it through the last tunnel, it ended up landing me on a cushion in a large room where the rest of the class (now it was apparently a class for training purposes). Given that I had just barely passed the course I begged the instructor to let me have another chance at it. They said OK, but now the whole group was placed on a large moving platform and sent to the other side of the compound outside where I got to see it all from up high. That course had been the 2nd level and now I was to complete the 3rd and final level with a burly male partner, and for some reason I had aced the previous test which allowed me special permission to represent our whole class with my partner on the course. I knew the stakes and significance of acing this course too so I carefully studied my mission and as much of the course as was visible.

We were both suited up with spec ops gear and the two of us transported to the entrance. As we made our way there it was pitch black so I flipped on my night vision goggles. My partner whispered to me asking what I had seen and I told him dead soldier bodies. Lots of them. We were worried…this was just practice right? They’re actors? We creep up to the door in the darkness, readying ourselves. Our earpieces told us to go and i we went, fast and efficient. I don’t even know what the mission was. The area was littered with fallen bodies of enemies and friendlies. Obviously a battle had been fought. We split up looking for key items like usb drives with data, and anything with intel or looking like a key to unlock the upper areas and to help us takr down the boss. At one point we were attacked by an enemy and since we were mostly unarmed, I pulled out my combat knife to defend myself. Those portions were fuzzy but we managed to fight them back, the sense of danger and urgency strong. I pilfered a bigger knife from my enemies and looked around for any other weapon. We found some data drives hidden that the enemy did not lay their hands on yet and both relieved that we still had each other to rely on. We were about to head forward to the next area when–

–I woke up. Baaaaaah!!!!!


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Former Presidents, house, pots, family, ex

Wasn’t a good night for sleeping…then again, I haven’t really been sleeping for a week. Very tired.

I was in a town house. It was new! We were having a housewarming party. I looked out from the kitchen and sitting at the counter were former presidents Clinton and W. Bush. My mom greeted them and after a little hesitation I came over to shake their hands too. Then I was bustling around being busy while the party was going on. My relatives were all here and there, sitting on the couch and eating food, talking, etc. I sat down on the couch with a row of my family and sitting and talking and laughing with them, and suddenly, I noticed that my ex was sitting 2 people down from me. Why was he there? I remember thinking to myself in the dream, had he been there the whole time? He was looking at me out of the corner of his eye and looking away. I decided to pretend he didn’t exist. I went back into the kitchen to make macaroni and cheese for myself, so I opened cabinets to find THE pot, but after opening 10 cabinets and looking through hundreds of pots and pans, I couldn’t find it! I couldn’t believe how many pots and pans there were! Then my mom told me that oh, it’s outside. My ex’s mom had a shed outdoors and my mom had gotten the OK to store her extra stuff in there. I went in and started poking around. There were lots of junk, but after lots of searching and visits from my ex’s family, I still couldn’t find my pot!

I never could make my macaroni and cheese. ūüė¶

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Chameleon, Liana, car, family, aliens

Very interesting dreams last night. I didn’t sleep well through the night because I had to go to the bathroom but my body didn’t want to get out of bed

Something video-game like where my goal was to defeat this boss man. Dark like the devil! The setting was inside a building and at first it was RPG style buildings and walking styles, but soon I was talking to my family around a table. It looks like we were supposed to go to a cookout at this park with people from the community with games and everything for the whole family. We would meet up with family there. Time just kept going as I listened to everyone talking. My brother was going on about talking to some aliens, my sister was talking about something else, and the adults were too. I was busy having to go #2, but was trying to hold it (I guess because my body and brain realized that I was sleeping and didn’t want me to mess myself?) and finally when were preparing to leave, late, I said I have to go to the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom and finally my stomachache left me. Then I came out, changed my clothes and we all trooped outside. By now it was 9pm and pitch dark out. Liana wants to come too, and I couldn’t find her collar and leash, so I decide to use her old, black martingale and a long leash. As I waited for the door to be locked, and the car unlocked, I see two figures walk towards me from the dark. They were 2 midgets and in costume at that! I stare at them and suddenly exclaim, these are the aliens my brother was talking about! I complain to him that why did we wait so long to leave when they’ve been waiting out here for us the whole time??? We all start getting into the car, a long, huge American luxury sedan. Because I have Liana, I tell my mom and sister and brother to get in first so I can be closest to the door. It is extremely roomy and shouldn’t be any issue at all with the 4 of us back there. As we pile in, the sun starts to rise and keep telling them to watch out the little chameleon on the floor. We all get in and start driving as it is¬† morning now. I tell my sister to reach down and grab the chameleon. My brother instead gingerly picks it up and tosses at me. I scowl at him and pick it up. It’s nervous and starts squirming, but it’s totally adorable. As I look outside to see if I can run out and put it on a tree somewhere while the car is stopped, it starts squeezing my hands something awful. Like a vise. I look at it again and instead of 4 chameleon legs, it had 6-8 black spider legs! It was STRONG and I kept yelling ouch ouch ouch ouch! It must be an alien chameleon, it all makes sense now. We make it to the park where the gathering is and we stop the car because I see my grand aunt playing baseball with the neighborhood kids, running for bases and throwing the ball. We yell at each other through the windows and on the other side of the road are the rest of my family eating food. Obviously we are really late and they say we should go park and grab some chao tom. I yell at the driver to keep driving, why the hell are we parked in the middle of nowhere like this. So we keep driving and arrive at the house we’re staying at. It’s nice, but half open and half not. Then all of the sudden it starts to torrential downpour and I’m like, oh well. The chameleon was still pinching my hand and I put it on the palm tree. When I’m finally situated I ask my sister where Liana went because she’s not where I left her. I’m scared, but she just went into a carpeted room and was lying on the floor. I tell her to come back with me and fold up her blanket to have her lay near me, kicking myself for forgetting her bed. She doesn’t want to and lays on the ground instead and I finally make it to the bathroom to pee because my bladder is exploding.

Then in real life I wake up to empty my bladder because now I really have to go before I mess myself.

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Ex, kid, intruder, family, mormon

A very interesting dream. I had a lot of problems falling asleep for whatever reason (probably heartburn which is God-awful right now or playing video games all day). It never matters when¬†I go to sleep, I’m always awake at the same time every day. Dogs or no dogs.

I was at home (not a home I totally recognize) and my grandma and grand aunt were there too. I was at the table eating food and they were watching some PBN. They were having problems figuring out how to make it play, so I help, but then it’s over and I put in another one, one I think they’ve never seen before. The music is loud and so they continue to watch it while talking to me, like they always do. I assume my mom is cooking in the kitchen as I am eating dinner food and the sun it setting outside. I don’t see him, but my brother is sitting in his usual spot and we’re all on our phones. Then appearing next to me is my ex, also eating and on his phone. People are talking to him like normal and I am not uncomfortable even though we did not break on good terms. In fact, he’s being so much more kind and friendly to me than he ever used to be. We both know that we’re not together anymore, and I’m not banking on it ever happening again, so I treat him like a brother or friend. I happen to look over as he’s texting a friend (he’s sitting very close to me) and I don’t really register the text, just looking to see what he’s doing. He sees me looking and profusely apologizes for what the text is saying, trying to explain the context. I’m like, no, no, I’m not looking at what you’re texting, it’s not my business, it’s OK, I’m not offended by anything. He seems relieved and I give him a familiar hug, pressing my head lightly onto his shoulder/arm, not trying to start anything, just a familiar hug. He smiles and I wander off to go to the bathroom which is located behind the kitchen on what is in reality the deck. It’s a full bathroom and I see to my horror that someone had peed all over the toilet, the ground and even sprayed above the mirror in a yellow line. Obviously it was male.

I go out into the kitchen and complain loudly to my brother or my ex as I wash my hands there. Both of them vehemently deny any involvement. I’m inclined to believe my brother’s excuse because yeah it’s true, my ex tries in vain to persuade me he didn’t do it, and I’m like, well there are only 2 males in the house!!! But, he’s being truthful, I can tell, so I’m like, well, so you mean there’s an intruder in the house? I guess I did leave the back sliding door unlocked and someone could have gotten in (the backyard doesn’t have a fence), so I let it go and move to start cleaning the mess up since it was about to get dark. I go into the laundry room (the house suddenly is very narrow and full of corridors and hallways) to grab cleaning things and see that the laundry machine was shoved off to one side and behind it is MORE pee on the wall, except it was dripping (a very unhealthy dark yellow color…) this time, which meant it was fresh! I burst through the door I came through, though I don’t remember closing it. A torn piece of paper with blue pen writing on it is jammed into the crack. I grab it and barely give it a glance as I run for my ex and my brother yelling, they’re here somewhere! Help me find them! I finally skim the paper and it says something about the grace of God and how you need to find redemption because the world IS ending!! I roll my eyes and not stopping to see if anyone is going to help me, I look for the home intruder, damn Christian zealots. Mormon. That’s what was going on.

I run back towards the laundry room, I think the males make it there too to survey the damage. I hear a noise and throw open a nearby door down the hall, to walk-in linen closet/mud room. A middle-aged, blonde, chubby woman is in there, trying to stop the door from opening and peeking around her is a boy about 8 years old. I force the door open and exclaim a few things, like, why are you in my house!? She starts smiling because the jig is up. I grab her and struggle with her, dragging her to the living area where I show everyone the culprit, telling her I should call the police! I really should call the police! She starts pleading and laughing and telling me that it was God that told her to do this because He wants to save you. Surrounded by people, she doesn’t need to be restrained, but I’m on edge, ready to sprint after her if she tries anything funny. Her son has followed us there and is standing around. Finally calming down enough to make sense of things, and relieved that we caught the intruder, I have to chuckle and ask no one in particular,¬†how in the world did a little boy manage to shoot pee above the mirror???¬†

After a little while, no one’s called the cops yet, so I do because she can’t just squat in my home, vandalize it, and try to convert people. By the time they come and she’s out in the parking lot (like a store parking lot…) with them, it’s dark out. They don’t need me anymore, and will be more time to wait as they gather their information, so I go back into the house, which is no longer a house and looks like an arcade with games and fun carpeting. I see the little boy and I feel bad, so I walk with him and kneel down to talk to him, explaining that he needs to stand up for what’s right and not do things that he knows is wrong, no matter who it is telling him what to do. He’s an intelligent boy and he understands what I say. I’m happy to see this and take his hand, when all of the sudden I realize he has 6 fingers on his left hand! Polydactylism. I start exclaiming to my family at how interesting this kid is. They’re hesitant because, isn’t that the enemy? I’m very fond of the kid, though, and….

I wake up.

So very detailed and graphic. Hard to forget.

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Dogs, piggy, Donkey Kong

Two nights. Last night was more of nightmare-type of stuff. Didn’t sleep too terribly well.

Night 1:¬† I was in a house, my house. It was new and had 3 stories with lots of stairs and even a firehouse pole to slide down. Pretty narrow. The neighborhood seemed very mature and quiet with lots of trees but lots of hills too. I was walking my dogs, with Liana in the front happily smelling and Gable next to me. Then a little black pig walks underneath Liana and is walking with us. Some other dogs show up too, and all of the sudden I have this big pack of animals walking in this neighborhood. My mom then asks me why I didn’t bring her dog, a golden retriever/corgi mix named Goldenia (golden = Gardenia…) along? I said, well, we went on a walk and she didn’t care to come with, so I didn’t take her. Pretty lazy for a 3 year old new dog.

Night 2:¬†There was this video-game-like portion where I was in a covered merchant space outdoors. Something about hardcore battling different characters, but ending on this old lady with tentacles. Well, we end up standing in front of store once it’s all over (I think we win and honestly I don’t know who “we” are) and are about to walk home when our former old lady enemy comes up in a small sports car and asks us to get in to give us a ride home. My companion jumps right in and wants me to come, but the car’s so small and I have my dogs with me suddenly, so I say no. Then another car arrives and I say I’ll just ask this guy to give me a ride. It looks like Donkey Kong, but once I get in and he wordlessly starts driving, I have a bad feeling about it because this monkey’s fur isn’t plain brown, it’s got some gray mixed in to the darker brown. We end up at a strange building where I get knocked out when I try to prevent my dogs taken being taken from me. I wake up outside somewhere in some neighborhood and meet some people who eagerly assist me in retrieving them. When they’re able to return my dogs (3 of them…?) I am so very happy, but they say I have to be careful because they put devices in them. Lo and behold, I look at their butts and they’ve inserted 6 pins with large heads around each of their rectums. I start pulling them out of Gable and he’s OK until the last one. Then I proceed to do the same to the other dogs. We’re about to figure out what to do about the perpetrators when…I wake up.

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Song, tomato, assassin, bathroom

I hate bathroom dreams…they’re the worst! But let’s start the farthest back I can remember.

Somehow I had gotten my hands on 2 assassin’s creed articles of clothing! One was a woman’s long skirt, yellowish, flowing and with the Assassin’s emblem on it. The other was a man’s pants. Contrary to myself, I chose to wear the long skirt because it seemed more like the game! Even within the dream as I was either running away or towards something with a friend, I kept telling them that I never wear skirts, ever, but long skirts are OK (especially when it’s like the Assassins). There was this long stretch of stone road, empty next to the water. It led to a large stone gate of some sort and I sprinted down the way towards this arch either trying to assassinate someone or to get away from someone. There was a minor cutaway to an alternate time when I wore the pants instead, but my brain decided it liked the skirt better.

Jump to a backyard deck. It was large and the yard itself was a decent size, backed by trees. The sky was gray and getting to be evening time, but threatening to rain at the same time. I had all sorts of plants growing there and I vaguely remember some spider webs on them because the mosquitoes were attacking my flesh. Not uncommon. I go back inside and I can’t remember what happened here, but all of the sudden I’m back on the deck but this time my brother is with me and I’m exclaiming about all the fruits! The deck was butting up to the neighbor’s deck too and I think they had some plants, but not like mine. There was a pomegranate plant, tomato plant, and 3 trees of some sort of fruit. I only know that because I took my phone out and tried to take this cool outline photo of the 3 trees against the dusk sky. Try as I might I couldn’t get my hands to remain steady, so they all came out somewhat blurry, but rather cool. I pick a very ripe pomegranate off the tree, so ripe that it was starting to mold and fell right off the plant. I couldn’t wait to tell my mom about the plants. I took another look at the tomato plant, bursting with tomatoes and realized to my tremendous delight, that the thing I mistook for a very hardcore spider web was actually a¬†massive¬†round tomato (they were all green at the moment) almost guarded by the web. Like, easily 5x the size of the other tomatoes. I was thrilled beyond anything ever and took the pomegranate inside the house. My mom decided to move everything off of the deck so that I could power wash and re-seal the wood. I exclaimed that it’s too early because it’s still summer, the tree isn’t gone yet and also, I have to go to work, it’s not like I have the summer off, but I help bring things in.

Once further inside the house, we were on vacation. It was our first day at the beach house. I was wearing my swimming things and it was night so time to time to sleep. The bathroom I was using turned out to be the smallest thing you have ever seen with the oddest setup ever. When you walk in you see a very nice vanity (the bathroom must have just been renovated) facing the door, but it’s not backing a wall, behind it (not centered, just behind it) is the toilet and not 5 inches in front of that is the tub. I really had to poop and I needed to hurry up and poop so I could sleep or go somewhere, so I start pushing and standing on the vanity. Body doesn’t want to cooperate. Then the lights go out and I jump down and out to tell my brother to go flip the breaker. He says it’s not the switch, and realizes the problem is that he turned on the ceiling fan in his room. Whatever, it works now, so I go back and close the door and get on the sink again. Then it occurs to me that there’s a toilet in the bathroom, I just hadn’t seen it, so I go wedge myself around the vanity to sit on this cramped toilet. Colon finally starts giving and suddenly I realize that I never took off my swimming shorts. Oops. So I take those off and am finally properly using the toilet, but now I have to go wash my swimming stuff. Sigh. I get up to jump into the bath to take a shower and I wake up.

I¬†haaaate¬†poop and pee dreams. The dream ended because I was afraid of what I was doing in real life. Every time through the night a dream would change I’d get background music from Taylor Swift:¬†Wildest Dreams.¬†

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Work, water, sand, video game

I was at work, a building I’ve never been to before and don’t recognize. It may have even been on a stone terrace with hanging plants and decorative waterfalls. My coworker and I were trying to finish up our patients to leave because it was on a Saturday or some strange day. She goes off and does something. I’m seeing the wife of a patient that was seen earlier (an older couple). He’s supposed to come back and have a filling done, but the doctor doesn’t know what’s going on, so we’re supposed to help set him up and fill her in on what she’s about to do. I pull up the chart (apparently my coworker and I are switching off working on this patient) to read it so I can summarize for the dentist, and I become upset because you-know-who was the one who had seen him and we all hate her notes. At the beginning the note reads, “Pt has hyper____” I don’t remember what the term is now, but it was supposed to mean that the patient hates pain (not a real term, just something my brain made up I think…now I wish I remembered what it was because it was spelled out clear as day…it was a long word too). I decipher this and start telling everyone. The patient is about to arrive and the doctor is about to come in to start, so I instruct my coworker to go grab another dining room chair (why??? I have no idea) so we can seat the patient (not on it…so…why do we need 2 or any at all). I hurry and end up climbing the stone railings from the bottom level instead of taking the stairs because it was faster. Then the doctor sweeps in and next dream commence!

We were either preparing for or at vacation. It was just me and my brother at home so I was making dinner for us. We had this unfamiliar dining table with white tablecloth and had all of this food piled on it. Both of us were preparing and setting up at the same time, and we sit down on opposite ends of the table to eat. I filled the LARGE Brita pitcher thing even though we had a smaller one because we were very thirsty! I start talking to him about this game I’m playing and how it was like this old one we played and the new monsters and stuff and there was a cutaway to in-game footage on a cliff with monsters. Then it comes back to the house and my mom comes home several hours later. I’m cleaning up dishes and I put water into the large pitcher, and realize that it’s yellow. I go to the other part of the house where everyone was and laughing, told my brother about why it tasted a little funny. He laughed too and my mom said what? I said that it turns out the water we were drinking was a funny color and tasted funny because that pitcher was the same one we brought to the beach with us on vacation, remember? It’s yellow because of the sand! There was beach sand in the pitcher! Good thing it was filtering out the sand! Haha! We all laugh and I told her that amazingly with all that water we drank for dinner neither of us had to go to the bathroom at all! We must have been dehydrated! My brother agreed with me and we all laughed some more.

I wake up and as it turns out I¬†do¬†need to pee, but I’d been holding it apparently. #_# And what was so funny about drinking sandy water? At least I enjoyed that dream.

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New boyfriend, house, plants

Whenever I anticipate going back to work, the dreams are very interesting. The nice thing about having been on break was that I was relaxed so sleep came naturally and peacefully. So glad I was wearing my nightguard last night.

I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember trying to find a new bf. The first guy was a white guy, but he didn’t sit well. The next one was much nicer and I really liked him. Polite, caring, intelligent, gentle and honorable. He was either of Indian or middle eastern descent, about my age. He had a decent, nice car dark gray. He came to visit me and it was night time so we fell asleep (something felt like college, or some sort of event like that where there are other people around our age). He slept next to me and I remember his warmth next to me. I reached out to touch him in the morning, feeling attracted and even though I could tell he was attracted to me too, but we only knew each other one day and so he smiled, hugged me and left for the day.

Another dream saw me living in a new house. I asked my mom what plants we should have. It had been rather run down, but we had it fixed up and looked really nice. They were redo-ing the driveway and sidewalk. I wanted azaleas. Then I had to go look for either a venus fly trap or pitcher plants because of all the bugs. Used my phone to look up information. I wanted both and was planning on situating them between the azaleas.

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Garage, House, Vampire

It’s strange to be writing this at night time because I tend to write them in the morning when things are the most fresh. But.

The first portion of the dream centered around a garage. It was around dusk time and it was at a house unfamiliar to me. The details are a bit hazy now that it’s been all day, but it dealt with the darkening light, lawnmowers, gasoline and some bikes. The white lady came home (looked a bit like my boss except plumper) and we explained the situation to her (my brother, mom and me). She exchanged words with my mom and seeing myself no longer needed, I went inside. I was tired so I headed for the bathroom. It was on the main floor and there were steps heading to the lower of the split level where the family/living room was. I went into the dark hallway to reach the half bath on my left. From the darkness the face of a vampire-like guy appeared. At first I was a little irritated and hurried into the bathroom like he was one of the guys living in the house. Then I realized he was not allowing me to close the door. I fought with all my strength to close it as he pulled on the other side. I yanked it closed to the point where I could lock it, but alas somehow he had tricked me and the lock didn’t take at all. The door flew open and I flew back onto the ground. He smiled evilly down at me and immense fear gripped my being. I was about to be raped. Suddenly he pulled a black lady from behind the door and threw her in with me, her dreads whipped me in the face as she crawled over the corner with the toilet and hunkered down there. So he was doing to assault both of us?? That’s when he whipped out a homemade saw: made from a pink plastic hanger with the bottom portion cut off and a mean-looking metal razor-edged-string blade replacing it. OK, so not rape but torture. Pain. A second saw similar to the first was pulled out as he laughed at us.

There was nothing I could do, there was no way out of that half bathroom. Then he lay down on the floor in the doorway and after pointing the saw suggestively at me (I kept shaking my head and saying no, no, no) brought one of the saws up to his own neck and motioned the slitting of his neck, all the while smiling and his eyes never leaving me. I stared back in horror and confusion. He seemed to be feeding off of that, so he brought the blade even closer to himself. Alarmed, I grabbed the saw and yelled at him to stop! I must have known him at some point as I was more concerned about his health at that moment then escaping or my own. I yanked it from his grasp and threw it down. In response, he drew a knife and brought it down on his chest. The tip pierced his skin as I tried to wrestle it from his grasp. Why was he trying to hurt himself?? And always smiling!! He threw me¬†backwards and laughed maniacally, holding up to the saw and the knife. He was ready to hurt me. Maim me. Kill me. I knew my brother and 2 young adult males were in the house so I started yelling for help, but something was wrong with my voice. My very loud voice was soft and unhearable. On top of it all I could hear the TV blasting. They’d never hear me. I yelled my brother’s name to no avail. Then as he descended upon me one more name appeared on my tongue. I hesitated a little because he wasn’t even here. He’d never get there in time to help me, but I thought hard about him anyways, almost willing him to help me somehow. My assailant plunged his weapons as me and just as I was about to yell “M!”¬†…. I awoke.

The dreams these days are becoming very interesting. They seem to take no influence from anything recognizable to me…all I’d been doing this weekend was playing Zelda BoTW and reading Assassin’s Creed (Altair’s story). Nothing about lawnmowers, or vampires or rape. AND I’ve been having trouble waking up from them too. Like something doesn’t want me to wake up.

Hmm….I hope I haven’t been sleep travelling into other people’s dreams, or opening portals to roaming spirits. Maybe I need to take more control of my emotions? Let’s see what happens tonight.

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BF, dogs, squirrels, craziness

I’m getting good at remembering these!

  1. I let my girl out to chase squirrels, but the squirrel had an acorn so big in its mouth it didn’t see her. She grabbed it and I was horrified so I made her let it go, but she got it again! Then Gable came out and it got crazy, but I never did see blood so I hope the squirrel made it?
  2. This next set all go hand in hand with each other. It starts with me and my mom driving home from the store. I’m driving and it’s dreary out, but all of the sudden she’s right in front of me and I’m in the back seat driving the car so of course I can’t see. Then the car gets a bird’s eye view like when you’re up in the elevator car thing driving around in Watchdogs 2, and driving just like I drive in it in the game, crashing into other cars and stuff. I yell at her sit down and she kind of glitches out lol.
  3. Home now, it’s still dreary out like it’s going to snow and we’re in a smaller kitchen in a house I don’t recognize. My mom is out the back door and handing things to me and my brother to put into the pantry…except the things are like condensed milk and one has a note on it saying it expired 31 years ago. I’m like, WHY DO YOU HAVE THESE?????? She looks at me, clueless, like it’s normal to have canned goods and other food from 3 decades ago. So I put them down and continue helping bring in containers and stuff to organize the pantry.
  4. Then my mom morphs into a younger Asian woman. In the same kitchen. She’s going through a bunch of trinkets and old items, pulling out a plastic piece with¬† baby frozen on either side of it. Then she takes another plastic piece with 4 circles on the left and some names handwritten next to them. I ask her what those are and she says they’re her adoptive children that were never able to live past 4 years old and she hasn’t seen them in a while. Apparently there’s a way to resurrect them, so I say we should do it! She says it’s not without side effect, but we decide to try it anyways. It involves eating hardboiled eggs and something else. I end up eating 1/4 of the egg and she happily says, you get to take care of one of the 4! I’m like, huh??? Lo and behold we get a phone call! She picks up the phone and scrawls a few illegible things next to their names and get all excited! Then there’s a commotion in the backyard and look out to see a sock puppet moving at the bush. The lady exclaims, that’s one of them! That’s yours! I’m like, uhhhhhh, but don’t get a¬†chance to mull over it because a neighbor walks over and gets attacked by sock¬†puppet kid/person/thing. The¬†puppet-kid is really about to kill him, so I jump in and stop it, and it turns out the puppet-kid is only a sock puppet from the chest and up. The rest of him is a body wearing a blue suit. I bring him in and all of the sudden there are other monster-kids in the¬†kitchen.
  5. Next, the lady morphs into my bf’s mom. ¬†We’re sitting at the long kitchen table. I’m facing her. On my left is M and on the right is his adoptive sister (light-skinned black girl about late teens or early 20’s). Across the table his mom is talking to more of his adoptive brothers one of whom was just resurrected (also early 20’s) and apparently mostly Chinese but understands English and Vietnamese as she was speaking to him in a mix of the 3 languages. He was happy to be alive, chipper,¬†and getting ready to go somewhere. He wore a yellow shirt with writing on it and was clean shaven and clean cut. He and some guys left. I turn to my bf and proceed to hug him from behind. He didn’t seem to be wearing a shirt and I made sure not to push on his belly because he doesn’t like that. I hug his chest tightly, and push my head into his back¬†and¬†then grab onto his legs for better grip (brushed past a nipple at this point lol dunno why my brain decided to add that detail in there…that’s how I knew he was shirtless) ¬†and¬†I didn’t care that his mom and other sister (and maybe other people) were sitting there with us. We were murmuring about some old neighborhoods I grew up in (Bon Air, Brighton Green) and was familiar with and he apparently knew about them too. I have to say here that I never saw his face and only knew¬†that he was a bigger¬†guy and Asian. His sister sitting next to me didn’t seem to like that I was his gf and that I was holding him, so she asked what we were talking about. I didn’t care and then kissed his cheek loudly. Then he gets up¬†to go to the garage. His mom gives me a tray of raw beef and I go to put it in my backpack but the blood starts to drip everywhere so I try to put it in a plastic bag but it’s dripping all over the place and messing with the other papers and books in my bag. I’m getting ready to leave and have to¬†catch the bus to get back home, just over to visit for a little. ¬†He barges out of the garage excited about finishing something and then gets ready to leave himself. I say goodbye to his mom and turn around to glimpse him putting a blue stethoscope around his neck and wearing a white clinic jacket before waving excitedly to his mom and leaving. She puts a bunch of fruit on the table and wants me to take some, so I go investigate.


Analysis: I NEVER see M’s face through all of this, and honestly his “mom” didn’t look like his mom. Just some Asian lady who I¬† knew to be his mom. In retrospect no one looked like anyone, I just knew¬†who they were. Last night my brother and I were watching Resident Evil 7 vids because we’re not going to buy it. That’s probably what inspired all the weird monsters. I spent the second half of the day playing Watchdogs 2 (almost done!!!) which explains the driving part and the Asian lady with kids (Auntie Shu in the game). The beef was because I was cooking with beef last night.

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