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Hiding, safehouse, puzzle

I was leaving a house I was living in. My mom was with me. The area was a rural place, and we were walking down a dirt/gravel road that was very long and lined and filled with trees. I was carrying with me a large plastic bag full of…I believe it was water, because you can’t live without water. I joked with her as we stood where the dirt and the asphalt of the main road met, saying that we should go back and get the dolly too. Obviously we were trying to escape a situation. Turns out it was only a half joke…we didn’t want to go back, but this bag of water was very heavy. The sky was starting to get dark though, and my mom worriedly asked me where this safehouse we were supposed to get to was. I smiled easily to help try and alleviate any fears of hers and pointed to a rather drab and ugly building just a few yards to our right. She was relieved that we didn’t have far to go and we made our way quickly and as quietly as possible over, ever aware that our disappearance would be known at any time.

When I got there, my mom was no longer with me (and neither was the bag of water), but a bunch of other people were, in similar predicaments and trying to get into the safehouse before we were caught. There were those that already resided there, sitting up on high, watching us. The “leader” of group told us (about 4 others aside from me) that we had to use the tools down there and try to figure out how to make it up there. We were responsible for creating a ladder of sorts for each of us to use. I looked up at the 3 story wall of white masonry. It was a sheer face. How in the world was I supposed to do that??? However, the fear and sense of urgency was always close behind me and I set to work. It was all or nothing, no turning back. There was a guy next to me, average white guy with a fit build, around my age. My section was the farthest on the left, and the entrance or the goal we had to access was in the middle, 3 stories up. We sort of worked together, even though our sections were our own, working from the same ideas and materials. Both of us were the fastest. We had to secure these round, sturdy loops that looked like bracelets wrapped in a chain to the wall like stepping stones. Speed was of essence! About halfway through the project I could hear sirens in the distance calling out and an orange light growing in size coming in our direction. I secured as many as I had and could and just started climbing. The guy beside me did the same, but I was up higher and faster (obviously my dream self was much younger and more fit than my real self)! To my dismay, I realized that I would have to use my neighbor’s rungs to make it all the way over to the platform. Thank goodness we were on good terms. He was still struggling to climb his so I changed my stance to try and reach over to his without losing my grip and falling. Desperation aided me and so I jumped for it and made it!!!

Fast forward to success inside the safehouse. Looks like most people made it in before they were caught and we all were so relieved…the stress level dropped significantly. Easy laughter, happy sighs together as we collected in the hallway. Then we moved forward to inspect our temporary home. There was a greenhouse in the top level with windows for sunlight. I was worried they might see us through all of the clear panes, but the tour moved inside once more and we were assigned rooms. It was a small space, though, it mattered not who slept beside whom at this point, everyone was exhausted and glad to be safe. We could work all of that out the next morning. It was dark in that building, as expected, but rather depressing. Everyone was lighthearted and rejuvenated, ready to tackle our new duties in the housing unit. They had a room full of clothes for us and I went in to see what they had. The clothing seemed new! I picked up a character beanie and donned that, before picking up a Pikachu t-shirt and turning around to show the guy I had become friends with. He just laughed and went to look for something for himself. Then everyone went to the briefing to find out what their roles were going to be.

And I woke up. I wonder what happened to my mom and if that bag of water was useful at all.


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powerwash, AC unit, dynasty warrior, family

Our townhouse was inside of a large facility, indoor community which was a bit weird, but I guess that way they could control the weather. I can’t remember the events leading up to it, but eventually I was outside of the house (maybe they were just house faces, but the insides were built into the facility. A façade to make you feel like you were living out in the real world) and realized that thee brickwork seemed very faded. I know it had been raining a lot lately because the concrete porch and walkway were all darker, but it shouldn’t have been that dark. I commented on this and then suddenly remembered that my brother had given me a power wash attachment for my hose. I ran inside, grabbed it, and turned on the hose. Amazing! It wasn’t too powerful, but powerful enough that I had to be sure to hold it with 2 hands and it was making the brickwork seem newer. A male neighbor? came to watch and comment and I was so very pleased that I started on the concrete just to test it out. Wow. Just wow! I guess I spent the rest of the time doing that, went somewhere, came back and noticed that the neighbor the left of us had just gotten a large package that looked quite a bit like an air conditioning outside unit. Oh, they’re attempting to replace it themselves, eh? It’s about time, too, their unit is the original unit for the house.

Switch to a completely different dream. Some part about me sleeping and having an injury and healing it while I slept which meant that I couldn’t move or something. A lady that is not a relative in our family was visiting and sat near me at one point. Then my immediate family and I were at an amusement park, it seemed, eating food in the cafeteria. It was very crowded and we found a spot in a corner. When I was done, I picked up my tray, passed by a young teenage boy, and went to throw out everyone’s trays. Apparently I spilled some and needed a paper towel, but to get the paper towel which was just sitting on a counter filled with cleaning bottles, I had to reach in between all the of them. Very inconvenient. Then my mom asked if we wanted smoothies or tea because it was so hot and stuffy, and I thought it was a fantastic idea. She wanted a place that would make it with no milk. I get a weird flashback to an older dream where I had ordered from the same set of vendors, and my brain even recognized the familiarity, telling my family that we shouldn’t order from these people because if you wanted a smoothie, they wouldn’t have what you needed. Alas, I don’t know if we got any or not, because…

…I was a soldier in a military. We were blue and they were red. I was running along with the movement of the army and had to quickly choose my path which split into paths of the river. I accidentally chose too quickly and chose left instead of right. It seemed the right side folk would have it harder and I needed not only to be there for them, but to take the experience points. I ran into the water on the left as I was being pushed that way, but tried to make my way to the right path. There was a massive line of soldiers coming (single file) towards the right side soldiers which were the magic unit. Magic unit would certainly need help from an infantry unit like me! I knocked a few out, worried a bit about being electrocuted if the magic units decided to use a line of electricity to fry their enemy, but kept going. Since I was in the wrong section, I was being pushed strongly back onto my own path. I realized my folly because the side I had chosen were being defeated without me, so I tried to swim hard to get back there, but the current was so strong! Just as I thought we were going to be defeated, a huge group of blue soldiers showed up. They had just performed a pincer attack! The water level dropped and I stood up and the captain launched into dialogue. I wasn’t interested even though I was proud of our army, so I moved along the way forward.

And ended up going down a very narrow and creepy set of stairs into a basement. some tight rooms, dim light…and not much memory of what happened.

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Food, cat, neighborhood, cops

My eye is twitching like crazy. I guess I didn’t sleep well. I also don’t remember too much.

We were eating at a restaurant. Initially, I thought it was just an Asian place, but turned out to be a buffet. Whoo! My immediate family and my grandparents were there and we came later, so I sit down. My grand aunt is already eating before everyone, so we all sit down and suddenly there is food on the table. Apparently there were 2 different types of the fried chicken chunks. One was a darker color than the other, and set either on top or bottom (I laid out my chicken drumsticks like that last night, lol). My grandma and sister were eating them. I just so happened to pick up the one with a REALLY long tail on it and everyone was like, uh oh, now you’ve done it! Turns out, my friend’s cat was there too and the instant I picked up the chicken, he started attacking the “tail” and making a general scene. Everyone was just laughing and my mom said that she wonders if she should just get a cat even though my dogs were at home. He pounces and runs and plays as I eat the meat tail and all.

Then I’m suddenly back in our neighborhood…or what looks like our neighborhood? They’re townhouses, but everything seems both new and old and the parking situation is much different. I happen to be home that day and my mom’s car was on the main road, so since everyone else had gone to work, I move her Fit inside, closer to the house. She might be upset that it’s somewhere else, but I’ll just have to tell her I moved it. So I go to parallel park it around one of those big construction dumpsters (the whole neighborhood is in the middle of construction with empty lots, unfinished street, ripped up grass, the works) and pull up to the front so that the car isn’t close to the dumpster. I go to put the car into park and suddenly I managed to mess up the gear shift which is now a really long stick. I try to turn it back to the way it was, but the whole console is somehow lifted up and apparently, what I didn’t know, was that you can remove and insert said stick into another, covered, spot on the console and drive it like a manual! Wow! Versatile! Easter Egg! Suddenly the car wouldn’t move, so I walk around outside of it to try and jump the car which is no longer a Fit, but a smaller SUV. But it doesn’t make sense and I didn’t want to mess it up, because while the car wouldn’t move, all of the electronics worked. Instead of jumping it, I sit back in the car and decide to go ask my brother.

I’m walking back to the house and it’s now getting dark. There is a massive swarm of cops and detectives standing there and looking 2 doors down from our townhouse. Suddenly there is an explosion and the interior of that house blows up. It only affects that one unit, though. I see that they’re running around and I ask a detective lady if I’m allowed into my house. She says it’s too dangerous and to stay here. I’m like, guh. They ask me who lives there and I’m like, I’m not sure, we just moved in. Then they have me walk up close, and follow me in plain clothes. We see that someone broke a basement window of the unit and got in, but there is a big sheepdog and on closer inspection, a fawn greyhound on the basement green couches. The cop lady is like, they have dogs. They have dogs! which apparently nixes anyone trying to climb into the basement too. I just want to go home and suddenly I’m aerial and watching someone spray paint a mural on top of that townhouse in question. Then I’m inside a townhouse with some other people. One is dressing up as Scully from X-files and the other is possibly Skinner? Or Squidward. They’re having a blast getting into character and having a great time and I realize that if they’re not lovers, they soon will be and I might be about to witness something rather hot hot hot!

Then I jolt awake because I’m 11 minutes late!!!!

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Date, alligators, friend, neighborhood, dental

I walk into what’s supposed to be my house only to find to my horror that it was completely overrun by alligators. They were mostly small alligators but alligators nonetheless. Gators mixed with another animal that I now can’t remember but were relatively harmless, small and cute. I’m thinking small hippos but I could be wrong. Anyways, I have to fix the problem so I start picking up the nicer hippos and trying to pick up the small gators and putting them into containers, but they’re mean! And I’m scared!

Cut to some dream about 2 adult males and a woman…all interested in each other, love triangle, back and forth a some skin showing but nothing overtly graphic.

Then I’m walking around in my (unfamiliar) neighborhood. The foot traffic is tremendous here! I notice little details about my neighbors and find that I have an old friend from HS living nearby with her sister. Obviously her parents have moved and left the house to their kids. That’s really nice, I think to myself. I study the people wandering around and then I head back to my place because its dark out. Yet more gators. Just gators this time. I’m exasperated and start putting them in containers again but this time they’re even meaner and so I’m like, nope, and walk out of the house. I end up sitting on a covered, carpeted staircase that is part of the sidewalk and peeing because I can’t navigate the house. Just as I thought I was clear I hear people using the stairs behind me and something nudge my back. Turns out it’s a little dog, so trying to buy myself time to finish peeing so I can get out of the way of the dogwalker and her mom, I start petting it. Weirdly its face looks creepily like its owner’s face so I comment on that light heartedly and also notice that even their teeth misalignment is similar. Strange. But I’ve finished peeing and successfully distracted them so I run off.

That’s when I end up in a car with an old suitor. He’s taking me on a date to DC. He’s also wearing a nice suit and I’m just in my usual casual stuff. He’s very controlling and adamant about us doing things. Honestly, I know he’s got a happy relationship and I’m currently not interested in one, so I didn’t want to go but he was VERY insistent, so I go. We get out of the car, it’s nighttime, and he goes straight for this one tourist place. It’s like a museum, but like an acting museum if you will? So we’re in there and I’m enjoying myself, taking in everything (I LOVE museums) as the nerd that I am,  and we come up on an exhibit. They’re showing us something and I’m up front and I’m freaking out because it’s TINIEST little animal (there are other animals too…gators….what is up with the gators? But this critter is just adorable)!!!! I’m down looking at it, marveling at it (there’s a small crowd behind us that is the tour group we’re with), up close and personal. He’s there too, looking, but all of the sudden he tells me that he’s bored, so let’s leave. I’m like, guh, but he’s my ride so what am I supposed to do. I get up and leave with him with everyone else looking at us in disbelief. I try I hid my face because I’m embarrassed. We leave and I’ve had just about enough of him. The night life there is very busy as if there is a festival going on. He starts walking around and yelling at me to come with him we’re going to cross over into Maryland! However, I’m about ready to call a taxi or something to take me home because this is NOT the guy I remember! He goes off to look for food and I purposefully lag behind and run into my good childhood friend. We walk together for a bit and she sees the whole guy-being-a-jerk-thing, and informs me that this is not a good thing. I tell her that I’m well aware and wish I could get out of it. Suddenly I run to catch up with crazy guy and this older lady follows me. Some sort of insanity ensues with someone on the ground. If it was me or him I can’t remember, but I do remember the older lady following me saves me and wants to whisk me home through the air. I guess she’s a witch? Well I don’t remember what happens next, because I wake up.

Nap-Dream (I greatly dislike taking naps because they make me more tired, cranky and I can’t ever wake up):

I was at work and had come in late. It was hot and stuffy and dark. Sleep had not come well for me that night, so I was ridiculously tired; so much so that I hadn’t even bothered to put on my clinic jacket and had it wrapped around my neck. I sat down at my computer and saw that my first patient hadn’t arrived even though I was late. Thank goodness for that. I start playing Candy Crush on my phone while trying to stay awake, and hadn’t even bothered to go ask about my patient. Stuff is being said and things are happening around me and I keep telling myself I have to wake up, but I can’t. Suddenly, I jolt awake and realize that I’ve been napping and my next patient might be here! My brain doesn’t work right and I keep flipping through the schedule at work trying to find the right day. Why hadn’t anyone come to tell me what’s going on?? I’m going to be in so much trouble! I hear different voices coming from the front desk and my coworker comes back and I’m freaking out because I still don’t know which schedule is correct, my brain still will not wake up! My coworkers are giving me “you’re being lazy and weird” looks and I’m afraid to ask them which schedule is correct. My patient has been sitting quietly in the waiting room and I try to call her back but I got the name wrong. Wake up! WAKE UP!

That’s when I really do wake up and find that I’ve been napping for 1.5 hours. I hate naps. 

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Dog, Home Improvement, Neighbors

I was out in the dark, driving around on the highway in a place I don’t recognize, when I came upon a dog. It was a black greyhound quite a bit like my own black greyhound. I wasn’t home, as we were on vacation or something, so I managed to grab it (didn’t have a leash) and directed it to this glass building in the middle of nowhere that was filled to the brim with junk and wrappers and other trash. My family came to join me and help. I was very excited because she obviously had no owner and reminded me so much of my own dog, I wanted to help her. I let her loose in the house as I ran to talk to my mom and find a leash and collar for her, possibly even a harness. She had been eating everything she could find, including the trash littering the floor, and was so fast and so energetic it was hard to catch her. It’s a good thing we made it to the enclosed area. Finally I got a collar on her so we could grab and direct her, but I sent someone to get a harness too because she was so rambunctious. Walking her was a no-no until the harness was found. Finally I could turn my attention onto her and my mom and I together tried to control her and prevent her from doing bad things, but she was SO crazy and high energy it was wholly frustrating. Then she slowed down, but only because she didn’t feel well having eaten all the trash. She sat down in front of me and I felt her torso and could hear the crinkles where she’d eaten plastic. I told everyone that the only thing we could do now was wait for her to poop and hope everything comes out. More than likely, I’d have to help things out. So she started pooping. Everywhere. I scrambled to keep up with it all and pick up the poops, but they weren’t solid and mixed in with the bits of trash. In my head, I thought that this is probably how Liana was as a young dog and what a good thing I hadn’t had to deal with that, as well as maybe it’ll be a good thing when I manage to get the 2 of them together to meet when we get home and she passes a vet exam.

Then I walked out of my current house. It was late afternoon and I looked over 2 doors down to see that they had been busy replacing their bathroom vanities in the house! Wow. A new car, new bathrooms…they’ve got themselves into some money lately! I stood there to watch a little and saw Tim Taylor from Home Improvements there to help them build things in their house. Randy, his son was helping him too. Then they all returned home to MY house and I guess I was supposed to be Brad. Randy was on the couch looking at me when I walked back in, morose because he wanted his cell phone back to play games on it. Tim walks into the house and I tell him, so he begrudgingly pulls out an old flip-phone and pokes a few buttons, handing it to me. I look at the screen and there is a long list of games MSDOS style, but with the graphics of a TI-83 scientific calculator. I hand it to Randy and he is so happy he sits down to play. That’s when the youngest son comes down the stairs with a mullet and wearing a 90’s jacket. He’s been out with a friend that no one approves of, and he shows me another flip-phone. I tsk at him and say, after he gloats about it, that I’m going to have to tell his mom. He looks at me in horror and I run down to the basement utility room, which is now not a utility room. Tim and his wife are in there talking and I walk in to tell them that their youngest has a phone now. Mom shakes her head sadly and says the name of the boy no one approves of. I nod gravely, and she laments that he’s only 10 years old! The kid walks into the room and arguing starts, but I wake up.

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Game, mission, house, kohls

I always wake up in the middle of the best dreams!

The other night I dreamed that my sister was finally moving out of my house. I was extremely happy and of course they still hadn’t fixed the siding like I asked them to so I had to do it but that’s ok becausr they were gone. Apparently I was going to do it myself but then my neighbor from here was helping me for some reason. He ripped all the nails out and we took off the broken siding then we replaced the piece and I left him to nail it back in but he did a horrible job and I had to try and fix it. Add in a trip to a home improvement store where I couldn’t find the siding I was looking for.

Then I was going to Kohls with my mom but when we got there the parking lot was empty and the lights were off inside the store. I assumed there was a power outage but we were upset so I got out of the car and walked along the sidewalk. Instead of just being stores, it became a stripmall and I passed the other stores looking to see what the problem was. Some had lights but some did not. There were some latino peopld standing around and I saw that as I walked the back portion of Kohls was lit. Then I woke up. There was something significant that occurred but I forget now.

Last night’s dream was pretty cool. Video game like. There was a carnival/fall festival portion where I was enjoying some games. Then it cut to a…TV show? Maybe I was playing a game? Anyways it was a race through a crazy obstacle course where it cycled between first person and tv-viewing. The characters were Gumball and Darwin from the cartoon tv show and the obstacles were water, ladders, walls, pipes, etc where you would have to navigate on a timed course. It was understood that you were 2 of several contestants and they/you were bottom dead last. Finally making it through the last tunnel, it ended up landing me on a cushion in a large room where the rest of the class (now it was apparently a class for training purposes). Given that I had just barely passed the course I begged the instructor to let me have another chance at it. They said OK, but now the whole group was placed on a large moving platform and sent to the other side of the compound outside where I got to see it all from up high. That course had been the 2nd level and now I was to complete the 3rd and final level with a burly male partner, and for some reason I had aced the previous test which allowed me special permission to represent our whole class with my partner on the course. I knew the stakes and significance of acing this course too so I carefully studied my mission and as much of the course as was visible.

We were both suited up with spec ops gear and the two of us transported to the entrance. As we made our way there it was pitch black so I flipped on my night vision goggles. My partner whispered to me asking what I had seen and I told him dead soldier bodies. Lots of them. We were worried…this was just practice right? They’re actors? We creep up to the door in the darkness, readying ourselves. Our earpieces told us to go and i we went, fast and efficient. I don’t even know what the mission was. The area was littered with fallen bodies of enemies and friendlies. Obviously a battle had been fought. We split up looking for key items like usb drives with data, and anything with intel or looking like a key to unlock the upper areas and to help us takr down the boss. At one point we were attacked by an enemy and since we were mostly unarmed, I pulled out my combat knife to defend myself. Those portions were fuzzy but we managed to fight them back, the sense of danger and urgency strong. I pilfered a bigger knife from my enemies and looked around for any other weapon. We found some data drives hidden that the enemy did not lay their hands on yet and both relieved that we still had each other to rely on. We were about to head forward to the next area when–

–I woke up. Baaaaaah!!!!!

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Former Presidents, house, pots, family, ex

Wasn’t a good night for sleeping…then again, I haven’t really been sleeping for a week. Very tired.

I was in a town house. It was new! We were having a housewarming party. I looked out from the kitchen and sitting at the counter were former presidents Clinton and W. Bush. My mom greeted them and after a little hesitation I came over to shake their hands too. Then I was bustling around being busy while the party was going on. My relatives were all here and there, sitting on the couch and eating food, talking, etc. I sat down on the couch with a row of my family and sitting and talking and laughing with them, and suddenly, I noticed that my ex was sitting 2 people down from me. Why was he there? I remember thinking to myself in the dream, had he been there the whole time? He was looking at me out of the corner of his eye and looking away. I decided to pretend he didn’t exist. I went back into the kitchen to make macaroni and cheese for myself, so I opened cabinets to find THE pot, but after opening 10 cabinets and looking through hundreds of pots and pans, I couldn’t find it! I couldn’t believe how many pots and pans there were! Then my mom told me that oh, it’s outside. My ex’s mom had a shed outdoors and my mom had gotten the OK to store her extra stuff in there. I went in and started poking around. There were lots of junk, but after lots of searching and visits from my ex’s family, I still couldn’t find my pot!

I never could make my macaroni and cheese. 😦

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Chameleon, Liana, car, family, aliens

Very interesting dreams last night. I didn’t sleep well through the night because I had to go to the bathroom but my body didn’t want to get out of bed

Something video-game like where my goal was to defeat this boss man. Dark like the devil! The setting was inside a building and at first it was RPG style buildings and walking styles, but soon I was talking to my family around a table. It looks like we were supposed to go to a cookout at this park with people from the community with games and everything for the whole family. We would meet up with family there. Time just kept going as I listened to everyone talking. My brother was going on about talking to some aliens, my sister was talking about something else, and the adults were too. I was busy having to go #2, but was trying to hold it (I guess because my body and brain realized that I was sleeping and didn’t want me to mess myself?) and finally when were preparing to leave, late, I said I have to go to the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom and finally my stomachache left me. Then I came out, changed my clothes and we all trooped outside. By now it was 9pm and pitch dark out. Liana wants to come too, and I couldn’t find her collar and leash, so I decide to use her old, black martingale and a long leash. As I waited for the door to be locked, and the car unlocked, I see two figures walk towards me from the dark. They were 2 midgets and in costume at that! I stare at them and suddenly exclaim, these are the aliens my brother was talking about! I complain to him that why did we wait so long to leave when they’ve been waiting out here for us the whole time??? We all start getting into the car, a long, huge American luxury sedan. Because I have Liana, I tell my mom and sister and brother to get in first so I can be closest to the door. It is extremely roomy and shouldn’t be any issue at all with the 4 of us back there. As we pile in, the sun starts to rise and keep telling them to watch out the little chameleon on the floor. We all get in and start driving as it is  morning now. I tell my sister to reach down and grab the chameleon. My brother instead gingerly picks it up and tosses at me. I scowl at him and pick it up. It’s nervous and starts squirming, but it’s totally adorable. As I look outside to see if I can run out and put it on a tree somewhere while the car is stopped, it starts squeezing my hands something awful. Like a vise. I look at it again and instead of 4 chameleon legs, it had 6-8 black spider legs! It was STRONG and I kept yelling ouch ouch ouch ouch! It must be an alien chameleon, it all makes sense now. We make it to the park where the gathering is and we stop the car because I see my grand aunt playing baseball with the neighborhood kids, running for bases and throwing the ball. We yell at each other through the windows and on the other side of the road are the rest of my family eating food. Obviously we are really late and they say we should go park and grab some chao tom. I yell at the driver to keep driving, why the hell are we parked in the middle of nowhere like this. So we keep driving and arrive at the house we’re staying at. It’s nice, but half open and half not. Then all of the sudden it starts to torrential downpour and I’m like, oh well. The chameleon was still pinching my hand and I put it on the palm tree. When I’m finally situated I ask my sister where Liana went because she’s not where I left her. I’m scared, but she just went into a carpeted room and was lying on the floor. I tell her to come back with me and fold up her blanket to have her lay near me, kicking myself for forgetting her bed. She doesn’t want to and lays on the ground instead and I finally make it to the bathroom to pee because my bladder is exploding.

Then in real life I wake up to empty my bladder because now I really have to go before I mess myself.

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Ex, kid, intruder, family, mormon

A very interesting dream. I had a lot of problems falling asleep for whatever reason (probably heartburn which is God-awful right now or playing video games all day). It never matters when I go to sleep, I’m always awake at the same time every day. Dogs or no dogs.

I was at home (not a home I totally recognize) and my grandma and grand aunt were there too. I was at the table eating food and they were watching some PBN. They were having problems figuring out how to make it play, so I help, but then it’s over and I put in another one, one I think they’ve never seen before. The music is loud and so they continue to watch it while talking to me, like they always do. I assume my mom is cooking in the kitchen as I am eating dinner food and the sun it setting outside. I don’t see him, but my brother is sitting in his usual spot and we’re all on our phones. Then appearing next to me is my ex, also eating and on his phone. People are talking to him like normal and I am not uncomfortable even though we did not break on good terms. In fact, he’s being so much more kind and friendly to me than he ever used to be. We both know that we’re not together anymore, and I’m not banking on it ever happening again, so I treat him like a brother or friend. I happen to look over as he’s texting a friend (he’s sitting very close to me) and I don’t really register the text, just looking to see what he’s doing. He sees me looking and profusely apologizes for what the text is saying, trying to explain the context. I’m like, no, no, I’m not looking at what you’re texting, it’s not my business, it’s OK, I’m not offended by anything. He seems relieved and I give him a familiar hug, pressing my head lightly onto his shoulder/arm, not trying to start anything, just a familiar hug. He smiles and I wander off to go to the bathroom which is located behind the kitchen on what is in reality the deck. It’s a full bathroom and I see to my horror that someone had peed all over the toilet, the ground and even sprayed above the mirror in a yellow line. Obviously it was male.

I go out into the kitchen and complain loudly to my brother or my ex as I wash my hands there. Both of them vehemently deny any involvement. I’m inclined to believe my brother’s excuse because yeah it’s true, my ex tries in vain to persuade me he didn’t do it, and I’m like, well there are only 2 males in the house!!! But, he’s being truthful, I can tell, so I’m like, well, so you mean there’s an intruder in the house? I guess I did leave the back sliding door unlocked and someone could have gotten in (the backyard doesn’t have a fence), so I let it go and move to start cleaning the mess up since it was about to get dark. I go into the laundry room (the house suddenly is very narrow and full of corridors and hallways) to grab cleaning things and see that the laundry machine was shoved off to one side and behind it is MORE pee on the wall, except it was dripping (a very unhealthy dark yellow color…) this time, which meant it was fresh! I burst through the door I came through, though I don’t remember closing it. A torn piece of paper with blue pen writing on it is jammed into the crack. I grab it and barely give it a glance as I run for my ex and my brother yelling, they’re here somewhere! Help me find them! I finally skim the paper and it says something about the grace of God and how you need to find redemption because the world IS ending!! I roll my eyes and not stopping to see if anyone is going to help me, I look for the home intruder, damn Christian zealots. Mormon. That’s what was going on.

I run back towards the laundry room, I think the males make it there too to survey the damage. I hear a noise and throw open a nearby door down the hall, to walk-in linen closet/mud room. A middle-aged, blonde, chubby woman is in there, trying to stop the door from opening and peeking around her is a boy about 8 years old. I force the door open and exclaim a few things, like, why are you in my house!? She starts smiling because the jig is up. I grab her and struggle with her, dragging her to the living area where I show everyone the culprit, telling her I should call the police! I really should call the police! She starts pleading and laughing and telling me that it was God that told her to do this because He wants to save you. Surrounded by people, she doesn’t need to be restrained, but I’m on edge, ready to sprint after her if she tries anything funny. Her son has followed us there and is standing around. Finally calming down enough to make sense of things, and relieved that we caught the intruder, I have to chuckle and ask no one in particular, how in the world did a little boy manage to shoot pee above the mirror??? 

After a little while, no one’s called the cops yet, so I do because she can’t just squat in my home, vandalize it, and try to convert people. By the time they come and she’s out in the parking lot (like a store parking lot…) with them, it’s dark out. They don’t need me anymore, and will be more time to wait as they gather their information, so I go back into the house, which is no longer a house and looks like an arcade with games and fun carpeting. I see the little boy and I feel bad, so I walk with him and kneel down to talk to him, explaining that he needs to stand up for what’s right and not do things that he knows is wrong, no matter who it is telling him what to do. He’s an intelligent boy and he understands what I say. I’m happy to see this and take his hand, when all of the sudden I realize he has 6 fingers on his left hand! Polydactylism. I start exclaiming to my family at how interesting this kid is. They’re hesitant because, isn’t that the enemy? I’m very fond of the kid, though, and….

I wake up.

So very detailed and graphic. Hard to forget.

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Dogs, piggy, Donkey Kong

Two nights. Last night was more of nightmare-type of stuff. Didn’t sleep too terribly well.

Night 1:  I was in a house, my house. It was new and had 3 stories with lots of stairs and even a firehouse pole to slide down. Pretty narrow. The neighborhood seemed very mature and quiet with lots of trees but lots of hills too. I was walking my dogs, with Liana in the front happily smelling and Gable next to me. Then a little black pig walks underneath Liana and is walking with us. Some other dogs show up too, and all of the sudden I have this big pack of animals walking in this neighborhood. My mom then asks me why I didn’t bring her dog, a golden retriever/corgi mix named Goldenia (golden = Gardenia…) along? I said, well, we went on a walk and she didn’t care to come with, so I didn’t take her. Pretty lazy for a 3 year old new dog.

Night 2: There was this video-game-like portion where I was in a covered merchant space outdoors. Something about hardcore battling different characters, but ending on this old lady with tentacles. Well, we end up standing in front of store once it’s all over (I think we win and honestly I don’t know who “we” are) and are about to walk home when our former old lady enemy comes up in a small sports car and asks us to get in to give us a ride home. My companion jumps right in and wants me to come, but the car’s so small and I have my dogs with me suddenly, so I say no. Then another car arrives and I say I’ll just ask this guy to give me a ride. It looks like Donkey Kong, but once I get in and he wordlessly starts driving, I have a bad feeling about it because this monkey’s fur isn’t plain brown, it’s got some gray mixed in to the darker brown. We end up at a strange building where I get knocked out when I try to prevent my dogs taken being taken from me. I wake up outside somewhere in some neighborhood and meet some people who eagerly assist me in retrieving them. When they’re able to return my dogs (3 of them…?) I am so very happy, but they say I have to be careful because they put devices in them. Lo and behold, I look at their butts and they’ve inserted 6 pins with large heads around each of their rectums. I start pulling them out of Gable and he’s OK until the last one. Then I proceed to do the same to the other dogs. We’re about to figure out what to do about the perpetrators when…I wake up.

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