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I was driving along in my car when all of the sudden a massive tractor trailer pulls up two lanes to my right and tips over, pinning me and 2 other cars underneath. I get out fine, my car apparently indestructible, but the small red beetle or versa is still stuck under the brunt of it and I’m worried for the girl inside, so I try to wriggle underneath without thinking about it to help get her out. Then I get stuck, the weight of the trailer pinning me near my car, but I’m just stuck, not crushed, and didn’t want to back up or be pulled out because then my shirt would come off in the growing crowd behind me. So I pretend to have been thrown out of the car like that and I could see, thankfully that the girl was fine, but stuck inside her car. My impervious car is holding all of the weight of the trailer. Eventually the rescue crews arrive and they hoist the trailer up, allowing me to stand up and everyone else to be rescued. I hop into my car and drive off like nothing happened.

Now I arrive at my destination which is in a mall-like area, except the particular place is haunted. It’s spooky and I take the elevator up with my cousins? siblings? friends? We wander around a bit. I think it was like a theme park or an amusement thing? Anyways, we’re a bit spooked, though I tend to be skeptical about things like that, and we’re riding the elevator back down. It seems darker in there than before and I get a feeling like someone is in there with us. I slowly look back, cinematic style, and all I can see are the most enormous hands I’ve ever seen. The dude is seriously double my height if not more and creepy as heck. I try to stay calm until the door opens and we all rush out breathless and scared and no one is in the elevator. So we leave.

Then I end up at work and it’s in a weird place that looks like a hotel or a hospital than a dental place. The receptionist is someone I don’t know and she’s very on it. I call my patient back and it’s one the kooky ones. She hands me 2 airwick wall-outlet air fresheners and tells me to plug those in. Ok. The receptionist nods that I got the patient and scans something on a paper to confirm that I brought the patient back. I dutifully go around removing wall outlet air fresheners and plugging in the new ones. Then I get side tracked and remove an old USB stick that is sitting in the wall and reminisce back an older dream where I put that in the wall to begin with. I open up the little thing in the shape of a train, and its cavernous interior puzzles me because why does it need like 20 batteries? It is neat though, to be able to store something in there without anyone the wiser. I start to tell my coworker about the creepy place I went to and she wanted to go so I take her in the nondescript locked door at the mall. We go up the elevator and go through the stuff at the top. I’ve already been through it all, so I’m mostly there to accompany my friend. I take the time to watch a running video I’d missed the first time about random X-ray  moving images detailing how different animals and people look like moving around at the skeletal level. There are dolphins swimming and then I see some dogs racing after each other. Then my friend rushes up to me and says we should leave. Now. So we take the ride down and I explain the large man I saw last time and she’s even more spooked than before. We get to the door and she tells me to hurry up and open it. I then realize that she has another, older woman with her that I hadn’t noticed and then fumble at the door which looks different now. Turns out it’s just a button push and we scramble out into safety.

That was my last dream, but I just remembered snippets of an earlier one where I owned a house. It was brand new, but of course, my brother had spent much more time in it than I had. I came down to check it out and it turned into a facility for the bad people! I was with cyborg of the Teen Titans Go!  team and we both went from lock to lock, trying to clear them all and defeat the bad guy, but when we reached the right half of the home, then it was mostly a domicile and not an evil facility with no alarm traps to disable (I checked) and I got to appreciate the home I’d bought. There was a weird, spooky hallway up some stone stairs that seemed to lead to nowhere because a stone slab had been placed there to prevent people from going up. I walked up it until I couldn’t go anymore and even though I could see the outdoors and the house behind mine from around it, I turned back around and figured I could deal with it later when I was settled in. Coming back into the living room, I see my sister pulling out her cello and starting to play on it. I wander down to the basement which is already cozily laid out and I start reading a comic book or playing a computer game. I was just relaxing when some kid visitors arrived and I begrudgingly put down my entertainment to play with them.


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Laughing, golf ride, underglow cars, locker, acquaintances, dental, monsters, beach house, bathroom

On this piece of property, like a vacation area of sorts, I get onto a cart ride on rails that runs through a golf course. It’s not all that exciting, but it’s a ride. It ends inside this huge stainless steel bucket atop the golf clubhouse with grass growing at the bottom. I get out and start driving in my car, I presume, back home. It’s dark now and the asphalt is shiny with wetness from a passing rain and suddenly there are these very sporty, low, expensive cars driving around with sponsorship all over them and surrounded by these electrical-looking fields on the ground. I exclaim, look at the underglow! so cool! The driver of my car starts trying to start something with one of them and I’m upset but thrilled at the same time, but the sporty car does not take the bait and instead turns around, still driving very slowly for such a fast car. There are more of them! Everywhere! I tell the driver to follow them and we lose track of the cars in a nondescript cluster of low, faded brick buildings with no windows. I get out of the car and the sign on one of the doors reads in boring lettering: Government Property. I figure this is where the suspicious activity is coming from, so I’m about to open the door to go in, when a tall man rushes at us from in between the buildings. Get out of here, he exclaims. You’re not supposed to be here! Then in a smaller tone, he whispers, you’re blowing my cover! Apparently I know this guy, so I leave as to not jeopardize his case, but I’m still disappointed because I wanted to see what was there.

Now I reach my destination which looks to be a row of lockers inside of a grocery store, adjacent to the dairy aisle. I’m with another person (I think I kept calling her Prentiss–as in Criminal Minds), and I explain to them that I need to stop by this spot to get some belongings (another glimpse of a dream just popped into my head, but it’s not clear at this point…something about a day care?). Lo and behold there is someone inside of my locker. An old friend! What are you doing in there? She explains that she’s been waiting for me and wants to hang out, but she’s been waiting too long and doesn’t want to hang out anymore. I laugh and apologize, but I have got to get to my assignment! So I grab what I need, close my locker and head off to my assigned location. It just so happens that I’m returning to this place from my dream past…a place that I’d spent some time as a dental hygiene student on rotation. And what a place: it was a dark, spooky, place full of old metal walkways and dark corridors, rusty ladders. I see lots of dental and hygiene students wandering around and doing their work, but it’s amazing to see this is the class of 2018 and 2020. My what a long time I have been working out in the field after graduation. As I walk around, I am acutely aware of the random encounters that I might experience like back then where I’d be expected to all of the sudden fight some very tough demons and ghosts and monsters that inhabit the dungeon. Even with all of the experience I’ve gained and my oversufficient level, the memory of the fear and anxiety from the past was real. I see my old hygiene classmate and an old dental friend, so I catch up with both of them. After a few hours there catching up and watching students perform the task they are supposed to, I’m ready to leave when on the screen pops up some text: “are you ready? Yes or no.” I laugh out loud at how much easier they’ve made this place that they give an option to fight, so I select no and continue my way out of there, passing the grisly dissections the students are performing.

Now I’ve arrived at the beach with my family. We troop into the beach house, and head out to the beach immediately. It’s at the very end of the island and to the right there is a steep, verdant hill leading up from the sand with cows or whatever animals populating it. Plenty of green plants are growing where the sand and dirt mingle and as I inspect it, I am satisfied, despite my initial disappointment at how far down the island we are, because my dogs have a good place to pee and walk and stuff. I can see on my mini map that the path isn’t too long, but just long enough for a good walk every day. I set our stuff out on the sand, choosing the soft, fluffy sand so that once I’m done with the umbrella, my dogs can lay with us. It’s a bit crowded. As I’m putting up the umbrella, I realize I’ve forgotten to bring out the sand bag that will weigh it down in the wind, but I’m too lazy to go get it. The lady digging in the sand behind me asks if I’m using my small shovel and wants to borrow it. I throw it at her and turn back to see my umbrella all blown inside out in the wind. The people around me laugh and I’m upset, trying to pull it back, only to be knocked silly by the powerful waves. I lose all of my stuff and go back inside. As it turns out the house is to be shared with another family. It is VERY tight with mismatched furniture and beds in weird places. I have to pee, so I look for the bathroom, but the only one in the house is a ridiculously and impossibly small completely see-through thing in the middle of the main floor. We all laugh incredulously. We are connected to this set of dungeon, dark, stone stair system, so i go check it out and there is a private toilet there! I go use it, but am terrified of the cold stone and creepy place, but it’s better to me than that impossible small, see-through one. We can’t get out of the rental because it would cost us $1000 to cancel. The other family agrees it’s a complete ripoff, but we try to make the best of it. I have to pee so badly again, that I decide that I’ve had enough and am just going to use the toilet when everyone’s “asleep.” We all laugh about it and the daughter from the other family starts playing her oboe. I’m never going to come back to this beach house ever and it’s getting a terrible review too.

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Amusement Park, Raven, Gun Range

I have an old suitor who technically still is one that I’ve been chatting with randomly online for years now. He’s always trying to get me to come over and play video games with him now that he’s bought a house but I’m always like, uhhh ok, because I still think he’s trying to get together with me and I just think of him as a friend. Anyways, I dreamt of him last night. I apparently had let him take me to an amusement park. It was like a weird mix of Disney, Busch Gardens and King’s Dominion and you had to go through Home Depot to get there? Well, we show up there and I’m kind of thinking, why in the heck did I let him talk me into this, because just like in real life I’m just not interested in him as a boyfriend or anything other than a friend. I know what’s going through his mind and what he wants in regards to “us.” I guess I really wanted to go to the park but didn’t have anyone to go with. So we go in and I’m excited because I haven’t been there in a while. We hit the very first main attraction which is definitely a Disney place. It’s a large dome that looks like Cinderella’s carriage! We go in and hop on the roller coaster that’s in there. Thank goodness the park isn’t crowded and the seats are singular, because they put him on one sit of the ride and me on the other. That was loads of fun and we get off. I head for the exit, but he brings me excitedly to the inner portion that’s more for kids. I look at it and the kids inside to humor him and there are doors everywhere that lead to different places inside the dome, but some are very difficult to reach unless you were a young person or a kid. He goes, ooh oooh! The door up there! Let’s go up! I look at the path to get there and not only am I too short to get up on that perilous path that seems to require a ridiculous amount of upper body strength, but I am NOT risking any body parts. I tell him, if I was 10 years younger than great! I would do it in a heartbeat, but I am, alas, not young. And neither is he being over 8 years old than me with back problems. So I head out the normal way and he scampers behind me. We head out 3 doors and back out to the dome entrance.

I decide to leave the dome and see a huge line of merchandise being sold and suddenly go into super excite mode again. There are fragrances you can load into a bag and figurines! Both of us love those things, but he seems much more eager to show me the rest of the park for some reason. I set about smelling each and every scent they have on display, find out that it costs too much, and look at the figurines which are awesome but also pricey. I think about the cash I’m carrying which is my budget to myself since I can’t be spending willy nilly given my finances (he paid for the park tickets), and decide to think about it while seeing the rest of the park. The sky is overcast. The next attraction is a water attraction. I walk up on it and there’s a 4 row, 30 seater that you sit on and it drops you down these rapids. Your choice is to secure yourself to the ride or attempt the no-restraint-challenge. The crowd and I watch with delight and laughter as those attempting the challenge tumble off of the ride as it comes down (@_@) and those who chose to attach themselves fall, but are restrained (think handcuff like devices). I think it’s the best thing and move to ride it myself. At this point I don’t know if he’s with me or not and it doesn’t matter because I’m having fun. I get on the ride with a bunch of big, muscular guys and no one on this go has enough commonsense to secure themselves. I decide not to either, but choose a seat in the back left corner so I don’t fall out. We all go down the rapids, yelling, screaming and having a great time while losing some folk, but then the ride breaks out of the ride area and down the paver hill of the park itself. Everyone is still laughing and having a great time (me included) and start yelling at me to stop the ride, I see a pole and so reach out to grab it, the ride and use my feet to stop our ride carriage. Whoo! What a thrill! We all get off all smiles and wander to the next attraction.

I remember standing in line with some people my age, possibly my friend who has stopped making recommendations, as we’re trying to get some food. Then it jumps back to the entrance, Home Depot, where I want to leave now. Suitor-man, sensing he hasn’t made any headway with me at all, is desperate and all of the sudden as we’re almost out of the park, says, WAIT, and jumps over to grab something that is sitting on a pallet they’re obviously moving out to stock. He rips it open and jumps over to the nearest checkout computer and starts typing or whatever on it. At this point I realize it’s a Home Depot Credit Card pack. I’m over being embarrassed at this point so I just hang around looking miserable as he’s my ride home. I give one of the nice worker guys a miserable smile and he looks over to see what Suitor is doing. Turns out his great idea was to open a Home Depot credit card in my name so that…..I don’t know actually. I already HAVE one. They exchange words and the nice worker man who is looking out for me says something to me along the line of you deserve much better than this guy, then turns around to further berate the guy for making poor decisions and not thinking about me. It was oddly satisfying.

Next dream: I was going through a large, opulent house with marble staircases and all. My siblings, Raven from Teen Titans Go, and a chubby brother (we look absolutely nothing alike) start being beset by an old woman ghost. She obviously doesn’t want us there. Stuff happens with her chasing and messing with each of us, and I turn to Raven who is familiar with this stuff and she tricks the old woman while we all run as fast as possible in the dark house (I have night vision somehow!) to a back room. We hear her gliding up to us and we quickly sit at the table and all 3 join hands while focusing on the space travel we’re about to do: to a dental appointment! Right as we were to warp, I could feel cold, strong hands enclose my neck! But we made it to the dentist office and the old woman is terrified! I count 9 operatories and am absolutely amazed that the doctor could fit so many into the small space!

Then I’m at a gun range with about 20 other people. I jump right in and start shooting at the target downrange like a n00B before remembering that I had taken a handgun class before and should know better. I immediately fix my stance and hold and suddenly I could shoot more accurately. Then they told us to put our guns down and I realize that everyone there is Vietnamese. This model lady is walking up and down in front of us and has obviously not been in the U.S for long. For some reason no one else can help her out with English translation except me and the girl next to me, which is sad because I know very little and pretending like I know so much. She told us that she didn’t understand things like the punctuation of period and comma and I start zoning her out and remembering snippets of trying to escape that ghost lady and wondering what happened to her.

And there you go!

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