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It was nighttime and I was roaming around on a street and around inside a store. I was with some family? But my ex was there too. When he showed up, I was taken aback, but secretly excited as well. I strove to treat him like I treat anyone else, like a friend, but he was very enthusiastic about seeing and being around me. I enjoyed his presence, but there was a nagging warning in the back of my mind. He was happy, friendly…almost too friendly. As we traveled on together with my group, he kept pace with me, smiling, walking closely. He tried to hold my hand, which I acquiesced for a bit, but dropped because it just felt wrong. I’d told him that he was never going to hear from me ever again, so why was this happening? All the happy, nostalgic feelings were overshadowed by the knowledge that this can’t possibly be real because we were no more, and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t want it to happen again because my brain knew and knows that we weren’t meant to be together…it would never work out. Just end up the way it already has. We stopped on the street to watch some rescue crews deal with a car crash and he, being in the line of work, was very interested in watching how and what they did. I remember looking at his face which was so interested and trying to learn what they were doing in that particular instance. He later tried to kiss me and as I went in to return the kiss, our lips only brushed because I pulled away. None of this was possibly real. He would never do that in public and initiate it. He was never that kind of happy person, eager to learn new things. It was always me who picked up his hand to hold it. HE was the one who’d drop it first. As much as I wanted to feel his arms around me or his large warmth, My brain knew it was just a dream. So, the dream faded.

I was at work now. Juggling 3 patients. A kid, a middle aged woman and one of my greyhound friends. As I jumped chairs to the kid, the woman I saw before, next door, suddenly got up and ran to the front desk. I jumped up to intercept her and she was jamming of my instruments into her mouth and asking me why there was a space around a tooth the tissue. I put her back into the chair, appalled that I’d forgotten to clean her up well, and explained to her in the mirror why some areas were deeper. She’d freak out with sensitivity when I went into a deeper pocket, but was oddly interested in it all. My boss was checking the kid next door and I felt awful that she basically ended up doing the rest of the appt for me. I could feel the disappointment from her, but I had yet another patient to attend to. It was my greyhound friend and his wife! He was in the chair. I was surprised and a little worried, but I go in there and he’s got some deep pockets too. I’m talking to them and tell him that before he leaves I’ll give him a tool that will be useful to him. I get up to get the dentist and get caught up in other things and before I know it, it’s time to go. I grab my bags and coat and head out, but see my neighbor and realize I forgot to get him the tools I said I’d give him. So I run back to the rooms to find things (find that a room has tape on it and turns out some lady was using it as a sort of daycare room for kids. I break the tape and go in to find some kids and adults watching tv, so I go through the drawers and can’t find what I’m looking for, so I go to the lab area and we…don’t have any left? After lots of rooting around, I pick up 3 items and run to him. He’s talking with 2 other men (some of whom I recognize) and I hand him the stuff, quickly explaining what they are for. He asks for a deeper explanation, so I open each one up to show him, apologizing about not having the right tools, but telling him to either look online or go to the store. As it turns out, the one I thought was a brush was in fact a food sauce brush, and the brush handle was more like an exacto knife type of deal. I laughed loudly and so did everyone else, except my coworker who thought it was weird, but I was OK with it because I respect my friend’s intelligence to not destroy himself. Then I walked home with my coworker in the crowded, narrow street of the city where I came across a very old friend who for some reason was half my size. I tapped her on the head and said hello. She turned and saw me, and happily gave me a big hug. I was in a hurry so I said goodbye and kept going, smiling to myself.

Lots of smiling and happiness in the dreams last night!


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Friend, B-Day

I was supposed to update this the other day, but I forgot, which means I might have forgotten the details. Let’s see…

Despite the fact that I told my friend I wouldn’t be coming to her birthday party, I felt so guilty and bad that I did anyways. It was pouring rain outside and night-time when I arrived at her place…with my brother in tow? I’d meant to only come by to say hi and give her a present and apologize face to face, but after I left my gift inside the door, my brother came up the stairs with me wearing a suit like he was going to a party! Made my way up the stairs and I see a few people have already arrived. I’m just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, very underdressed. It was very bright there and my friend sees me and gives me a look, like, why are YOU here. I start to try and explain, but she goes over to their bed where her fiancé is chilling and starts to cuddle up next to him, ignoring my presence. Then as more people arrive, she joins her mom who is sitting in a chair at the top of the staircase, greeting guests. I hadn’t noticed her mom was there, but the resemblance between the two were immense! I started talking to her when I realized my mom was talking to my friend’s fiancé who was still lounging in the bed, something about that’s not good, that’s not good. I leave her to greeting her guests and am about to leave, when I notice her cat on the ground. The adorably little guy sits in the middle of the floor, looks at me, and devours (gulps down) an entire lion completely nonchalantly. I’m like, WHAT?!?!?!??!

And I wake up.

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More work dreams, doughnuts

I dreamed of my coworkers and work AGAIN. Once again it was in a building I’ve never been in before. There was very little actual work being imaged in the dream. Some patients had brought some doughnuts and left them in the common area of this building. I followed me Dr. and my a couple other people came with us to grab some. I took one myself and bit into it, but good golly it was BAD. Dry, tasteless and no filling at all even though it looked like it should. Everyone else threw theirs away but I felt bad so on our way back to the office I managed to finish mine, but I felt bad after that. Then I was setting up a tray in a stairwell for the next day, because I don’t know why there would be a unit hookup but no chair in the stairwell.

There was something about me stepping on a random green Lego brick on the floor and warning others to stay away from it. My right foot.

There were other pretty interesting dreams, but now I can’t remember any of it.

Strike that, here is one.

It was a very long-winded and frustrating dream. I went back to college and was to stay in a dorm with a roommate. The first time I went to the room, I went straight to it and was like, OK, cool this is my dorm room with my roommate. I knew that I was older than most of the students there, but everything seemed so mature in this particular dorm. I walked around campus, possibly went to classes and then it was getting dark and time to get back to my room. I ended up forgetting what the room number was and where it was, so I kept roaming all the floors, trying to figure out which one is was, to no avail. At one point I saw my  cousin who greeted me warmly, but I turned down the hallway like I had somewhere to go, so she stopped by someone’s room and was flirting with him. Still wandering around, I finally decided to text my roommate and she text-laughed and basically told me that I was on the wrong floor altogether. Grateful I went to the right floor but STILL couldn’t find the room because the numbers and layout followed no logical order and was so confusing! Someone finally found me and helped me out. They walked me through the in-house grocery store/café/cafeteria and I was ogling everything. I tried some drink from the café and ended up burning my tongue and hands, but it was worth it. Then we finally made it up to my dorm room and to my roommate and I decided to put it all down into my phone this time so I wouldn’t forget. Then I decided to visit my old friend Bernie from years ago. He was down on the main floor or the basement but he wasn’t in, so I looked on my phone and found him at a restaurant with friends. I pressed the summon friend button and he was whisked away and came to me.

I swear, around this time of the year I get that irrational fear of forgetting the location of my locker and the combination. The scalding from the drink was from dinner where I did end up burning my mouth and tongue.


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Friend, dad, buffet, megaman

It’s always weird to have a night of dreams when you didn’t sleep much the night before.

In no particular order:

I dreamed I was with old friend D and they/we were planning on taking a car trip to the mountains and stopping off at a sketchy eatery. I was the odd one out, a little awkward, which would be true because those were not a group of friends that I have much history with and wouldn’t be overly comfortable hanging in. I remember being seated on the floor in a kitchen and it was dark out.

Then cut to a buffet which must have been a re-run because this time I was going with a group of relatives? friends? they kept changing but the constant was being with my brother. Apparently I had been through before because I knew what was going to happen. I remember being annoyed because we had to start a new account with the buffet chain since they were taken over by a bigger company (called something stupid lol, like poopilla or something), which meant that we wouldn’t be able to eat everything or drink everything we wanted to yet until the Tutorial section was over. I had eaten all my food and drank all my soda so we asked the serving lady if we could skip the tutorial, but she said it wasn’t allowed. Then my brother asked for water and she said she was allowed to do that and we were happy we’d found a loophole in the system. The other table behind us were a bunch of short people and they found that they had to be on “team raven” too and they wanted to be on “team dragon” instead. I explained that it’s OK, but team dragon just would have a better special attack. Before we sat down I was telling everyone that we had to defeat Snakeman as the first boss.

Next dream was shopping in a large mall for Christmas Presents. My siblings and I split up to look for things and I went into the Asian Bakeries to look for things to get for myself because they smelled really good and I was hungry. I went up looking in the cases and the guy asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted some Banh Khuc and he couldn’t find the price so he told me the cashier will take care of it. I look over and see m dad standing there smiling and waiting for his order, so I hightail it out because I didn’t want to stand anywhere near him and esp not to wait for an order. Unfortunately EVERY OTHER food place had him in it and I was getting really mad because how in the heck could he be EVERYWHERE I wanted to be and each time wearing different clothes? I ended up looking for a cute wallet in an Asian gift shop and then looking for my brother and sister to tell them.

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Teachers and tests

Before I woke up to the unbelievably bright blue light from my 3DS, I had a dream about school!

It looked to be 3rd grade or so, but the test I was supposed to be taking seemed older than that, so maybe it was 8th grade. We were sitting in my typical memory of school, typical classroom with the desks that have room underneath that you can store things in and unattached chairs, and somewhat dim lighting. Not a glamorous school, but functional. I had a male teacher the face of whom I have zero memory, so it seems my brain made up someone. We were supposed to be taking a test on multiple choice paper with room for an essay. I started writing the essay, but got up to go to his desk because I had to pee. He was taking care of another student, so I waited. He finally turned his attention to me and I asked to go to the restroom. He shook his head, but asked me to put my test on his desk, before he could give me the pass to go. Then he was busy with something else and I waited some more. Then it turned out that I had a cut on my knee that was bleeding a good amount. He asked me to come up to the front so he could help me take care of it, so I did, but then he went to the chalkboard and started drawing something to teach the class. I kept standing there waiting, and he looked over and noticed me and suddenly seemed to remember what I was doing up there. Then I walked over to the pencil sharpener and when I turned around he was gone, and replaced by one of my coworkers. I told her I still needed to use the restroom, so she told me to go, but I needed a pass, so she gave me a credit card. Relieved, I slipped it into my back pocket and left the room. The bathroom was only 2 doors down so I went in to find 20 stalls jammed in there with no door and nasty looking toilets. Did I my thing and flushed and all of the sudden everything was clean and sparkly and I left feeling satisfied.


I hate peeing dreams…I can already see myself wetting myself in my sleep when I’m old because that’s what I used to do as a kid. What a strange set of events!!! Dream 2 commence!

Very confusing chain of events here. Jumps from forests, to homes, to bug bites, but I do remember going to the movies or something with a date and they left me. On the way back to my car, I ran into J, an ex. There had been prior knowledge of some conversation he’d had with a friend about current gf prospects, mostly Japanese girls that I had no reason to be upset about because that was his business. I caught up to him and gave him a hug and we talked like old times. There was a bit of yearning there and we left on good terms, the idea of future get-togethers hanging in the air. Reaching my car, I see a bunch of girls hanging around. I don’t think much of it until 2 start rummaging around in my car. I tell them to get out and start driving, but they’ve shut themselves in the car! I slam on the brakes (making sure to turn on the E-brake…) and turn around to get rid of them from my car, but the more aggressive one refuses. I text a different coworker because they are her friends but my coworker tells me she can’t make them leave either. The 2nd one is weaker, but 2 against 1 is hard. I say OK and we end up driving around and I told them I will stop and drag them out of my car and leave them there. They start to freak out because we keep ending up in ghost towns and they wouldn’t have any way to escape. All of the sudden a guy shows up and joins us and takes the lead and we follow him around. I have no idea who it is but after being dragged around by him, the girls and I start getting along from necessity. THe best part of the dream was eating cold CHickfila fries. LOL


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