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“Work,” competition, friend, walking, villain, torture

I was at work, but it seemed more like school. I’m paired up with another hygienist and each group has their own table. My partner was not there that day, so I was performing the task by myself. I don’t remember clearly all the details, but I’d put on my own music for my station and got to work on all the objectives. For some reason it was about dissecting or carving or something to a recently killed subject on the table. I’d done very well on my own. Gotten a good grade and proud of myself. Then it was the real test. I had a partner this time around and it was a competition with the rest of the class to see who’d come up with the best project the fastest. We got our assignments (in the vein of Chopped and other Food Network shows) and everyone ran off to gather the provided materials. My partner and I quickly sketched out what we wanted and went to gather things. I seemed to be moving slowly but surely unlike everyone else who were freaking out. I got my music player to set up some music, construction paper, glue. Then, I decided to look at the blue binder on our workstation to find out all the rules. I carefully read through it, something I don’t think anyone else did, and found the scoring guide. When my partner finally returned with materials, I told her to get started and I would go next door to the fishing pond to get the fish we’d need. It was super crowded in there and the best fishing spots taken. I threw my line in anyways and caught a stingray. Everyone looked on in awe. I put that in my pocket and then moved to another hole where 2 boys were trying to find anything. I got my line all messed up and then suddenly went down into the power plant right next door. No one had gone yet, all tied up with their fishing, so I did, thinking I’d have time once they were all done. Some of the kids followed me and went to the right. It was getting crowded at the objective zone, so I decided to go where they hadn’t gone yet. I saw loads of explosives sitting around this giant metal door. Video game logic would have me blow it up, and lo and behold, one of the items given to me was an old hand cannon. I aimed it, fired and it blew up! I aimed and fired again, and there was a hole. I rush in because the commotion had garnered the kids’ attention and I see a big hole in the ground. Deep down, I can see the girl that was on our optional objective. If I can grab her, we’d get a 200-500 point bonus! I take out my fishing pole before anyone else can and eagerly try to hook her head. The other boys are wishing I’d fail so they could snag her, but I’m successful! Woohoo! In my pocket she goes!

I’m trying to get to work, so I’m driving a strange road I don’t remember. Everyone’s driving crazy and then all of the sudden I’m walking instead. There’s an anxiety that I’m not going to make it to work on time, so I try to find the fastest way there (still very unfamiliar place to me). I see an old friend from M high school, and so I catch up to her. She’s about to go up a road that is more than certainly a shortcut–and when I say up, I mean, up. She’s moving fast, so I grab onto her back as she makes one-handed consecutive jumps up this almost vertical inclining road. Another old classmate from the same school had grabbed on to my back too. I see the frustration in my friend’s face, but she can’t stop, moving so quickly as she is. Right when we’re about to reach the last, highest grab spot, she misses. In my mind I’m like, well crap, we made her too heavy. So we’re all 3 falling down to our dooms, when my brain says, nah, and rewinds time to before we start he ascent. The road wall is now gone and by the time I’ve come to my senses, both acquaintances are long gone and I can’t follow them. The only thing left is a skeleton frame of the ridiculous ascending road, so I do the most obvious thing and try my own hand at it. My friend must have been a werewolf or vampire because just like in real life, I can’t even support my own weight on one rung let alone jump one armed up. Instead, I walk along the sidewalk to the nearby building which looks kind of like a college except it’s a huge, fancy business building with restaurants.  At this point I’ve lost so much time, I pull out Google Maps on my phone and start wandering in the general direction of work. The business park is amazingly confusing and I end up going through parking garages, interior roads, factory and manufacturing places, a stark white laundry area, etc. There are people in these places and everyone stares but doesn’t say anything. I try to walk like I know what I’m doing.

Finally, I end up in a dark room with 6 other people. Somehow I know that this is where I was meant to end up, but then I disappear and start to see it all in 3rd person, like a movie. The people gathered look terrified and they should be because the villain walks in, a big, menacing man. He identifies all of them and as it turns out he’s been blackmailing and stalking all the people there for quite some time. Then he gathered them all there so he could play a grisly game with them. Two are siblings that don’t seem to like each other, and many of them seem so far gone with terror that it’s like they’re brainwashed to be his subjects. Some evil dialogue occurs and he suddenly rounds on one of the young siblings, telling her that he’s going to torture her with the help of the other men in the group and by the end she’s going to be begging for mercy. He doesn’t mean the girl he’s talking to, but her sister who seems to be the only one who’s still got her wits about her. As they start the torture session, the sane sister tries desperately to look the other way and cover her ears, but it’s impossible. She fights to muffle her own sobs and tears. I, being the ghost observer, bite my lip, and try to go see what they’re doing to the girl who seems to be enjoying this. I go in and see that the villain has cut her all over her body with a sharp knife. There is blood all over the girl’s white clothes. She is sitting on a stainless steel table with the dark clothed men all around her and the villain in front. She’s looking up at him, smiling and saying how good he is at torturing. It was extremely disturbing and–

–I woke up.


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Comforting a friend,actor

Dreams from different nights:

Shopping. Lots of shopping for different items in different stores. I was in what seemed to be an L.L.Bean store and I was exclaiming over rugged types of clothing and bags. I asked a store worker some questions and was really excited about buying the fuzzy slippers for my mom. Then I was walking around Target shopping and looking for Pokémon when somehow got cast in a movie. I’m no actor and I didn’t particularly want to get cast, but there you go. The role was for one of 6 big characters and I was to wear all black (they had different colors). They told me to just “go!” and everyone else was running, so I ran too through the store as fast as I could. It was exhilarating doing a chase scene, but I didn’t know my lines and yeah… After that take, the production team huddled up and conversed amongst themselves. That left me to wander around the set a bit. They had really torn up the Target for this, with enclosed, dark areas surrounded by building plastic sheets, I guess for showdown scenes, and outdoor setups with work near the local body of water. I walked around outside taking it all in and ended up shopping again, hiding behind the big aisles shoved towards the back of the store, when I heard the director call me by name to come to the front. Uh oh. He called me by name. So I wander out to the checkout area where the production team was all set up. The director himself came up to me and said, “Look, I’m sorry, but–” I shook my head with a smile and finished for him, “You’re going to kill me off, right?” He looked guilty and sheepish, but I just shook my head again. I know I can’t act well. Heck, I don’t even know what the movie is about, let alone my role or lines! They send me over to makeup and costume to give me a darker look. I think I get like 5 minutes of screen time total, and the rest of the “killing off scene” is done by a stunt person. The one fighting me is one of the other 6, the white girl. I guess it’s fitting, white vs. black, good vs. evil. I’m a bit jealous that the other girl can act and fight so well. Ah well.

I’m chilling in my apartment in a higher learning institution after “witnessing” a different dream clip (dealing with 3 guys who were gifted with a different set of girls every day, starting with hot girls and then to other body shapes. All erotic. Finally the last part were 5 heavy set, topless girls with black hair, and one of the guys exclaiming because one of the girls was actually a trans girl). I get up and wander around outside for some green therapy. There I run into a thin and tall severe looking girl (young woman, like my age, so not really a girl, but yeah) wearing a white dress and carrying some library books. She’s mumbling and fuming to herself, clearly about a relationship of some sort. She’s wearing a large ring on her hand it seems that it belongs to her SO or given by her SO. Then a look of determination and rage fills her face and off she goes. I just shrug and return home to take a nap before going to work. I get up, still sleepy, and wander over to my neighbor next door who is also getting up from a nap. Turns out it’s my friend/acquaintance from my grade school years, the one who got sexual reassignment surgery. He’s chilling on his bed too, and I’m still groggy, so I come over, look down on him, smile and completely out of character for me, take his hand and kiss it. He is taken by surprise, but smiles playfully although bemused. I don’t even know why I just did that either, though the kiss isn’t passionate at all. I go to leave for work and he calls out after me, “so is that for fun or do you love me?” I don’t answer and just leave. The unspoken words denoting the gesture as chaste.

I come back after work and hang out in his room again. He’s on the computer doing grad school work and I take a seat right next to him. It’s just a friendly, normal, neighborly, social visit which apparently I do a lot because neither of us find it strange. Suddenly, through the open door, comes severe girl, this time carrying bags of candy. She storms in and throws the large ring at my friend. No words are spoken but his face contorts in rage too. She throws the packets of candy down, he throws packets of candy at her and she leaves. Obviously their engagement/relationship is over. With her gone, his fury subsides and turns into raw anguish instead. My heart goes out and I know I need to comfort him, but I’m afraid of insinuating something I don’t mean to. The grief is so powerful, I have to be a good friend. I go from behind and slowly hug around his torso, because hugs are the best. It seems to work well, so I come around the side and give a big bear hug again. The tears stop, and he asks, “What’s the trick, how can I graduate as soon as possible?” I smile ruefully, and say, “I couldn’t have a relationship because I had to focus on school and nothing else at all. Relationships are…you know…” He nods and I see determination to finish school mix in with the grief.

So random.

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skiing, machine, friend’s husband, plane ride, pirates

I was in an academy of sorts with its large, historic buildings, a shuttle and dorms. Some classes come and go and I somehow manage to end up with my friend’s husband. He had decided that I was more adventurous and funny. I thought he was so intelligent and happy. We hung out together, went to class together, sat on the bus together and he had my back the whole time, but throughout it all I just felt like I’d done something majorly wrong. He started serenading and dancing with me in the rotunda of a building and I just don’t move well enough like that when my friend who was standing off to the side stepped forward. I smiled and brought them both together and told them that they are made for each other and they should be together. I liked him but not with all my heart and soul.

Then there was something about the Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain Jack Sparrow and the cursed coins. I was one of the pirates until I came up on an amusement park ride with 3 planes each one named Honda, Mazda, and Nissan. I was super stoked and wanted to ride them. They would fly on their own and then come together into a bigger plane and it seemed so neato. Instead they put me on a different ride since that one needed one more rider and I was told that the one I was riding in was nigh impossible to operate. No one had been able to do it successfully in years! The plane I was  placed in was off by itself away from the other two planes and it was my job to try and jump up and slam my butt down on the ride so that the other planes would operate properly. It required strength, coordination and timing. I kept trying over and over (I don’t want to think of what I was doing in real life) and I was getting very close to success…

…and then appeared at a skiing place. Except I wasn’t me, I was an old inventor character who wanted to go skiing. I walked right up to the starting point with my rental skis and tried to jam my feet into them, but my old man slippers weren’t going to cut it. I wanted to try, but the snow got in and my feet were freezing and I didn’t want frostbite, so I went to rent the boots and it turns out it was free! When I finally got back to the starting gate, the whippersnapper teenagers that were my assistants were already long down the slopes and I was left trying to figure out what my skis had suddenly turned into which was a giant ski machine thing. It wasn’t working properly. Of course. So I had to replace the CPU, put a new hard drive in because it was only given 32GB instead of the 2 TB it needed, and it just so happened that I had one on hand! Finally it was ski time

And I woke up because my leg was very cold.

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Dogs, xrays, old friends,

I haven’t slept too well of late, but I’ve also been dreaming of old friends for some reason.

Some old ones first:

I was at work and the usual receptionist was gone for her wedding, but in her place was someone else. Turns out it was the mother of a coworker that had just passed away. I remember being surprised to see her there working on the computer. After that I went around the “office” which had hallway rugs and big ruts in the floor where water flowed and it was raining outside.

After that I was driving and there was a group function in the park. It was nighttime, but I stopped by anyways because my friend was there now, heading the group, but they were packing up to leave and then left for their camping trip in another state. I never pegged her for a camping girl, but there you go. I came to visit and off they went, so I hung around their cabin/meeting place for a bit, feeling a bit sorry for myself because I was lonely and everyone had their own lives.

I was at home, here, and the house seemed like it belonged to me now because it was furnished but rather sparse and not furnished. I seemed to be running a business of my own out of it, a side business wherein I cleaned people’s various objects. I came downstairs and it seemed that someone had already let him in because my client was sitting at a small table in the kitchen filling out paperwork. I looked out on the deck (also sparsely furnished) and saw a school bus on it. I was like, uhhh. I turned to him and he had finished his paperwork but was on the phone. Turns out he wanted the bus battery to be cleaned because it was very corroded. Ok, easy job. On second glance at the school bus on my deck, I realized the bus was very clean and newish, and also that it wasn’t as big as I first thought, so it wouldn’t be hard to carry out of the house when I was done. I snooped around the table with his papers on it and found a lottery scratcher. He had only uncovered some of the non-winning numbers and gave up on the rest. So I decided to scratch the rest for him. I found $1.00 and then there was one that was very difficult to scratch, like an error from the machine. Lo and behold, $2,000!! I was so happy for the guy and eagerly showed him when he came back, and then told him that no problem, the battery would be cleaned up.

Now I’m at work and needed an xray of something, but I have to do it outside, so I grab a flash drive and bring the sensor with me outside to the parking lot. There, on the cart return pole are ports so that I can take the xrays I need. Some lady is already there trying to take xrays of her grandkids, so I wait a little, but then they leave so I step up. I mount the subject and plug everything in, a little unsure of how this worked without an XCP. I did it and swung the unit over to take the image. Suddenly 2 or 3 other people were hovering around trying to help me out even though I didn’t need it, but I understood their goodwill, so I let them. As I looked again at the woman beside me, I realized that it was an old classmate of mine who is now a dentist! I exclaimed at the recognition and ran to give her a hug.

Now there were a bunch of greyhounds everywhere, along with my two. Stuff was happening and I lost track of them, but we moved everyone to safety in a building. My grandpa was there and talking to some of the people and I was worriedly looking for my dogs, but one guy was holding them. I called their names and they came running to me, I was so relieved. The man wouldn’t let me take the makeshift collars and leashes off and was still holding them, reassuring me that he’ll look after them since I had more pressing responsibilities such as coordinating the crisis that we were having (unclear what it was). I reluctantly trusted him and returned to my duties. All I remember is a Brita pitcher and water, as well as lots of other water.

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Hiding, car, flood/mud, elevator, massage

I was in an unfamiliar house, but brought my laptop to a bed where I started browsing and ended up pulling open porno tabs. 2 or 3 other people showed up on the bed too, stripped naked and started going at it right there. I was like, uhhh, but then one of my family members showed up at the door. I quickly opened up a new tab, addressed them, as they wanted me to go help my grandpa, and pretended the people in my bed were just my friends sleeping under the blankets. They were doing a good job of snoring, and had wrapped their naked bodies inside the sheets. I said, OK, and shut my laptop. I got up and helped my grandpa in regard to something with a plant, and came back to my room. I opened up my laptop and the people continued their physical games. This time I legitimately wanted to just browse the internet, but everything that came up just happened to be porn in some way shape or form.

Then I was driving in my car. We were apparently back in my old hometown, but I did not recognize it at all. It was raining quite hard and as I went to leave, I found that there was a large washed out, rapid-type of blockage in the large parking lot. There were other areas where tons of mud was just sitting around. It was thrilling, and I decided to turn around to try and ford the water because it couldn’t be that deep and I just wanted to see how my car would handle it. Bummer, though, because the cops blocked it off. I was like, darn, and so zoomed out and around with everyone else. In order to do that, however, I had to leave the county line and suddenly, I stopped and got out of the car, walking on the grass and exclaiming, “Wow! I’m in Canada right now???!!!!”

Then this weird bit about standing in my grandparents’ house with my siblings and holding up quilts that we’d made back then and brought up here with us. My sister’s looked really nice like a coat of arms, my brother’s was, I don’t  know, and mine was good until you looked too closely. There was a big horse in the middle that still needed to be sewn on. I couldn’t believe (current me snatched the thing away from past me) that I hadn’t finished this marvelous thing. Why hadn’t I done that? I brought it over to the couch to get a better look at it and then saw why I’d abandoned the project: To the right of the horse were supposed to be 2 human figures except that the arms were drawn very poorly and completely disproportionate to the rest of the image. I laughed so hard at the image. NO WONDER!! Then I started trying to figure out how I could fix it and salvage the project, when…

…next dream. It was a Target run with some other girls, students in the same class as me. I had gotten the wrong futuristic add-on to a machine that I needed in order to complete a project for class. A very important project. Apparently I was very new to the program, but was still expected to catch up with the rest. The girls were very kind and were helping me out. I took the new one and the old one and went to pay for it, but then we got into a large elevator and started roaming around. Stuff happened, I guess, and then we were back into this ridiculously huge elevator that looked more like a moving, ornate room and not an elevator. Our next assignment had us go do something called, “legs and arms and back.” I was completely clueless, so was just following the others. Most of the girls and guys exited, like, ran off the elevator and I stayed behind to help another girl carry her stuff. I held the door which was very heavy as it tried to squish me, but I was bigger and older than everyone. We both get into the assigned area. The other 4 had split into 2 groups and darted into 2 of the 4 rooms, giggling with each other. Those 2 rooms happened to be the only 2 with doors. Obviously they knew something the other girl and I didn’t, so we each took the other 2 rooms, or alcoves, really. We put all of our bags and such down in our respective spaces. I studied the chair, shelves and counter in each one, then looked at the sign and realized that we were about to get massages. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that and the other girl didn’t either as we’d have to strip for it and our rooms didn’t have doors. I guess it was a physical assessment for the program? I looked on my phone which showed we were in the right place at the right time and then the “instructor” section was “loading” for a few seconds before showing  us who would be doing the massage. To my surprise, it was Mrs. Casella, one of my hygiene instructors. The other girl had her too. Hygiene was a prior program that the 2 of us had been a part of and I laughed at the other girl whose face was not happy at the turn of things. I wasn’t either, but I just laughed and laughed because while I didn’t really want her to do my massage, I knew the other girl really disliked her. And why was she here anyways, something that had nothing to do with hygiene. The main door swung open, and…

…I woke up.

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Girl, Asian group, roommate, meal

I was looking for a roommate to share a house/apartment/room with and so I ended up with this one girl. I think I chose her name? Anyways, before moving in, I get a letter from her, handwritten, saying that she was really very excited to have me as a roommate and oh so grateful to me for talking to her all those years ago. It was confusing because I didn’t remember any of that, but I was busy so I didn’t give it another thought until the day we were officially moved in together. It was a nice place, a flat with a large window? railing? overlooking the decidedly quaint yet bustling city. I mean, the road outside had no cars, was made up of pavers and was right on the bay. She was really friendly and somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t place her. White girl, dark brown curly hair down to her neck, short, average build. I was a bit nervous having a roommate because I’d had some poor experiences in college, the last time I had a roommate, but we started talking almost instantly on the couch/floor cushions. She mentioned again how grateful she was for me letting her room with me and how all those years ago I talked to her while we were standing on a street. I told her I don’t remember at all, and she described the scene and suddenly I got a picture in my head and was all like, “ohhHHHHHH!!” I apparently did remember. It was from years ago! Very obscure memory and I was kind of weirded out that she remembered from all this time, but kept it to myself. We started talking about other stuff and it was like she was the soul buddy I always had. We had the same thinking tendencies and I started getting into the more strange theories I had but she wasn’t scared away at all. I complained about how my hair was so awful long, but I had to wait for 2 weeks until I could cut it again and then it would be SUPER short again. She looked at me a little bit in shock that it was common for me to have such short hair, but saw that I wasn’t joking and was cool with it instead of berating me about my hair. Wow. I relaxed because this was going really very well.

A time later, we informed me that the other members of the Asian group was going to come. I was like, huh? The Asian club? And have a meeting? Here? But before I could comment, there they were, except they weren’t Asian at all, just 2 more white girls. So it was an Asian appreciation club? Ok….there was one more member, a guy, that was to come, but wasn’t there yet. So the 4 of us sit down in a circle and I’m already not liking these girls. They weren’t mean, but a little bit B, if you know what I mean, and stuck up. They seemed to like me OK, though. The other 3 pull out high end tablets or even beyond tablets and I’m sitting there self conscious until one girl said, where’s your tablet. I say I don’t have one, I only have my laptop, the inferior product, and waited for them to sneer at me, but the one girl just handed me my laptop sitting there on the table and said, get on to our website or whatever. I was relieved but still on edge. The guy showed up, an Asian guy, and I was interested in the possible dating sense.

Then it changed and I was looking out a big window in a run down part of the city. It was a BP gas station and around it were abandoned buildings with colorful graffiti all over them. I couldn’t hear what was going on around me except that I was doing a re-run of an older dream. I told the guy beside me that in a little bit, he’d be riding 3 pigs in a race right outside here. He was like, huh?

Then it changed again to a restaurant. Asian restaurant that was reserved for the large party of my family and relatives. No one else was there and we spanned 2 circular tables. it was a relatively fancy place and someone had ordered each person some food, but no one really ate anything because it wasn’t very good. I tried to eat mine anyways because someone had paid for it, but trying to dig the noodles out of the bottom of my soup bowl was proving almost impossible for me. The servers were distraught that no one was eating anything at all and it was a complete waste of food, but they took the dishes away and brought out a mountain of pate chaud and desserts. They asked if I wanted any dessert which was iced shrimp and I was like, noooo thank you. It looked like they were getting fed up with us and I managed to snag one of the pate chauds before they carted the entire pot away to throw. It was actually good. The whole meal was an absolute waste of money and I felt awful wasting that food. It was a fancier restaurant and I wondered who was footing the bills.

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Dog Poop, old friend

I had my dreams all perfectly recalled to relay on here when I awoke this morning as they were so memorable, but once I got outside to walk my dogs, they disappeared from my brain–all but the dog poop part.

Let’s start with the dog poop part. It was the backyard of the townhouse and (in real life I haven’t been down to pick up the poops, hence poopy-paws sometimes) I was supposed to haul out the trash can. However, there were so many dog poops that I got upset at everything and everyone including myself. I was in a hurry, though, so I had to get the trashcan out to the curb and I’d just have to deal with the poop later. Unfortunately for me, it was also rainy, so I ended up slipping, falling, the trashcan fell into the poop and I was just covered in POOP, no matter what I tried. There just so happened to be a wagon cart full of dirt, so I tried to dump the dirt on top of the poop in my path so I could at least get over and out with my task, but it just ended up making a big muddy mess and I was covered in poop. Fun times.

The major dream had something to do with an old college friend. There was a night portion where I went to visit the college where she was staying, and I was going to park my car. When I was there initially, there were many cars and I didn’t know where to park because there were designations for visitors and permits and some that didn’t have any direction at all. I’d park on place, then move to another, begin afraid to get towed, and move again. By the time I’d circled again, there were no cars! Whoo! I guess I’ll just park wherever and feign ignorance. I go to visit her inside the dorm. She’s managed to live in the double room as a single, and in my head I’m thinking, wow that must be expensive. We talk a bit about weird things and then somehow she knows my extended family and starts referring to them. I’m like, huh? No! My great aunt is dead! She’s been dead for several years now. These people are adamant she’s not. I say they’re crazy, bid my friend goodbye and go to find my car because I need to make my way to wherever my next destination is. Now the parking lot is full again, except now it’s a massive car mechanic garage. One of my great aunts is there too, doing something to her car. I see my car and my mom’s car. I think my brother is hanging around too. I go to close the door to my mom’s car and accidentally knock my great aunt over in the process. I didn’t see, but apparently she was moving the stuff from her old car into my mom’s car. She wasn’t too happy about being knocked over, and I was appalled at how much stuff she was trying to transfer over. Where’s my car? I’ve got to get to the bottom of what’s going on because no one’s told me anything and there are people unrelated to my family who are positive that my deceased aunt is still alive!


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I had some…interesting…dreams last night.

Are these even appropriate to share? I actually don’t remember too much about them, just the more prominent parts. Same subject matter, though…

I was bored and watching DVDs on the TV (at this current house for once!). I was using the Xbox to play them and there was a stack on the ground. Strangely it almost seemed like I was renting loads of them; either that or I had just stolen a bunch of rental DVDs, but I think they were either borrowed or rented because I wanted to be sure I was watching them before they needed to go back. Anyways, whatever I was watching ended even though I don’t think I was paying much attention to it, on my phone instead, but I wanted the background noise, so I went to put a new DVD in. The menu was set up to show several different clips of movies, like a sampler. I chose one and it played. I watched in horror and fascination as it featured a man and woman on a bed, the woman with a sleep dress on and the man was not clothed, but covered on his lower half by the white thin blanket. His body was tone, then this fatter naked guy decided to roll across both on them on the bed and I got a glimpse of the first man irritatingly grab the man’s erection and pull as if to punish him for doing that. The fat man stood beside the bed with erection and just laughed while the other man sat up, berated him, and rolled over to grab the still-sleeping woman, the movement of which moved the blanket so that you could see everything. My jaw dropped and I heard my mom coming down the stairs, so I quickly tried to reverse it to the beginning, but it decided to keep playing automatically and why a movie would start with a scene like that, I don’t know. In panic I tried to switch to something else, but everything on the screen seemed to be a porno. To my chagrin AND relief, she forgot something and went back upstairs. I wanted to see the rest of that first video, but my mom was taking FOREVER to come back down and leave for work, so I found a cartoon on the next menu page. It seemed safe, as it was a parody of Naruto (though it looked nothing like Naruto) with different art style. I had this sinking feeling as the video progressed that it would end up being a cartoon porno parody, but so far it was ok. My mom STILL hadn’t come down again and I was on pins with impatience to have the privacy to view these flicks with morbid curiosity.

I guess she finally left because the dream cut to a cartoon. It kept cutting from 3rd person to 1st person, full immersion. It was in a dark forest on the edge of the ocean and you could see a unicorn constellation in the sky. A white unicorn was singing and running along the coast shooting rainbows from it’s horn. The view showed a second, blue hued unicorn in the forest and the 1st one stops. Then it cuts to the sky again and shows, I guess, what’s coming up next: a woman’s shoe, a pirate sign. 3rd person me freezes because it suddenly realizes what’s going to happen next. Several close-up pans of 3 seemingly male cartoon characters, 2 smaller, cuter ones and one tall, lean-looking pirate lying seductively on the grass in the moonlight. One of the smaller crew members turns out to be a female in disguise. You can see the pirate ship off in the distance so I guess they came to the cliff for privacy. She climbs over on top of the pirate with a lascivious face. Then it cuts to the other pair which is the 2nd crew member that looks like a Luigi-Toad cross, and a very muscular pirate man person, also lying in a seductive pose, except that his bare, ripped body suddenly contracts and is somehow more attractive. The Luigi-Toad cartoonishly eye bulges and yells, “mamma-mia what a hot bucket” or something corny like that. He launches himself onto the rippling muscular torso and…proceeds to start pecking holes in the man’s abs. The camera pulls back to show that the Luigi-Toad now has a beak and is eating the man, pulling out his entrails. Cartoonishly. Then it cuts back to the first couple and the same thing is happening! WHAT????


In the same vein (apparently there’s a pattern going on here). The other day I was dreaming that I was on this island with very few inhabitants. There was a sort of celebration going on and I had been invited there to investigate a haunting that has been causing the few inhabitants to die off or forced to move away. My mission was to find the cause, and deal with it. The island was very nice, very small. With so few inhabitants most of the wildness had been preserved and I guess the ghost wished to rid the place of any people at all. There was indeed a ghost that hung out in an old, abandoned building near the water with a wooden signpost next to it. She had long hair and a dress of white and pink. Finding this out, I go to the town to tell the leader there, but there’s a festival of sorts going on and visitors are there to celebrate too. I see one of my friends there who pulls up in a military Jeep. He is wearing a black fleece jacket and glasses. I smile and invite him to follow me in between large stacks of crates and supplies. I lay on the ground and beckon him with my arms. He comes down on top of me and I grip his body. He kisses my forehead, but that’s not what I want, so I flip so that I’m on top of him and start kissing his lips. He’s nervous and doesn’t know what to do, so I do it, but he’s so stiff, I try to work apart his lips with my own to make him give in and relax. All I remember is that his lips seemed very small and very hard like a beak almost. He seemed to enjoy the make out session and I let him up finally because it was getting more awkward than anything and while his body seemed to want it, he was too scared and nervous. We both smiled at each other and I kissed his cheek. Then, I was off to fight the boss monster of the area! He was raining down destruction onto the island and I had to stop him! I ran along the wind/water/cloud pathway with my friend and other agents in tow, my speed and determination unmatched by anyone else! It was rough going because the path kept undulating and disappearing and reappearing with the massive storm the boss was generating! The ghost girl was helping the boss and probably summoned him. I looked back and saw that my friend had LONG disappeared and my fellow teammates were stuck way behind. It was all up to me. The storm boss was absolutely massive, like a genie/dragon! I jumped forward to attack, but fell down the constantly moving path.

And. That’s it.

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We were in a place like it was a school, but the rooming situation was a little strange. It was definitely a school because we had to attend classes, but it was located in an open air compound that trained/schooled many different skill sets/jobs. It almost seemed military. My old friend and I were partnered up to be roommates. Our first “room” if you will which basically was just a place to sleep, was on the roof of a one story building. The ragged looking lady that was there was supposed to be vacating the area so that we could take use of the bed. She was very friendly and the area was well maintained, so we were OK with it. The bed was large and nice. We were about to put our stuff down, when we were informed that our rooming assignment had changed. Instead of on top of the roof, we were to be on ground level about 2 streets over. The nice part was that it was a covered area between 2 buildings, but that’s where the niceness ended. It was dark, for one, and we weren’t happy with that because darkness breeds vermin, illness etc. Then there was the bed: the metal bed frame was large, but the mattress was extremely thin and very poor quality. There was another mattress across the way from our little square of space that was empty, but it clearly belonged to another group of roommates. It’s not like we had much choice since those were our orders, so I put my stuff down. I chose the right side of the bed. I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep. The next thing I knew i awoke because I heard noises. My roommate had fallen asleep too, next to me, but I had been well equipped from home with nice bedding and a thick blanket. She had a very thin blanket. I felt bad and was about to wake her up and ask her if she wanted to share mine because I knew she gets cold easily. I heard the noise again, coming from my right side, and looked over to see that we were placed right outside the fire/EMS training building. The big group of trainees were out doing calisthenics and being yelled at military style by their instructors. It was still pitch black outside and there was no way we were going to be able to sleep through that. In the square across from us, 2 other females were waking up to the same realization. They were marveling at the fire heroes and exclaiming about how glamorous and hot they were. I became instantly upset and with my ex having been through the same thing and now a firefighter, I told them that I before him and before knowing some insider information, I used to revere fire and police too. I certainly still respect their duties to the people, but it’s not as glamorous as they think it is, and the people aren’t as caring as you think they are either.

There was a very slow chase scene whereupon either I was being chased or I was doing the chasing of and by a bratty child through narrow buildings and streets with common obstacles in the way.

Right after that we were out in the day taking courses. We were to pick a weapon set from the cart before us. I happened to choose the one with knives even though I kind of wanted the one with bows and arrows. No matter, knives of different sizes were really cool. I joined the others in my class sitting at a very long table like those found in grade school cafeterias. Everyone had set theirs in front of them and I was admiring mine. I don’t know what happened to my roommate who was supposed to be there, but it didn’t matter because I was super excited to be learning about whatever we were about to learn.

Well, I never got to learn it because all of the sudden I was in a grocery store. I was apparently staying in a living arrangement with one of my coworkers and we were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. I told her that it’s OK, I’ll cook tonight and I wanted to do one of my mom’s favorite meals. It would be easy, yummy, filling and fast. The target group was not picky at all. So as she was shopping for different items we’d need, I went around and picked up the ingredients I’d need. I had to call my mom to ask and make sure I was getting the right ingredients, and she hung up on me, but then I saw her wandering around the store. What?? OK, then that’s good because I was busy looking for the last and most important ingredient: a Marzetti raspberry vinaigrette. The particular grocery store was unfamiliar to me and I went to ask the workers there and they told me it was on the other end of the store in the aisle before the Mario Kart. I thanked them and thought, Mario Kart? They have A MARIO KART??? Wow. Anyways, I continue to search for the dressing. My coworker was already starting to check out, I was running out of time! Then, AH HAH! There! The packaging was completely different from what I remember it being, but there it is!

Cut to a different dream. Much more convoluted and not as clear. Driving, something about my dad, relatives, windy mountain roads. Maybe a relative’s house?

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My co-worker and I had made a conscious decision to go back in time to high school. My high school or maybe a mixture of our high schools. Either way, it was kind of like a chance to do it over again for me, with the confidence of my 30 year old self. I saw people I used to know, I talked to them, with no fear of fitting in because I had nothing to fear. I could attend events if I wanted and if no one wanted to sit with me at lunch, I’d either sit with them anyways, or be totally fine eating by myself. This particular lunch saw me talking to a classmate from far in the past, but it was weird because I was asking her about her baby. Then the main event came: I was waiting for the pep rally scheduled to start there in the courtyard/lunch area. When it began, I made my way forward to see it, getting closer to the front of the line and relying on the others to give me a clue as to how things were done around the school. Then, screw it, I just moved front and center to get a good view. It was interesting enough, and looking around, I saw younger kids and other taking videos with their phones, so I took my phone out to take a picture as a souvenir to prove I was there and to show my friend who was performing in the rally. I snap one picture, making sure the flash was off, when all of the sudden, someone took my phone from me as I was sticking it back into the back pocket of my jeans. I turned around in surprise and it was a teacher! He then grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to a kiosk with a computer in it. The person managing the computer asked me my name and information. I told him and he placed my infraction into the system. Great. I’d just messed up my future and I’d gone back to fix something. I’d tried to plead my case that I was new there and I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to take pictures. The teacher that caught me was sympathetic, but the principal/security guy was not and enforced the rule.

I later caught up to my coworker friend. We appeared both at work. It was a strange location, kind of a garage/auto shop type of setting. One of my docs had been seeing a patient, so I was familiar with what was going on. As I sat there with my coworker, we talked casually about how it’s weird that I have all the memories and feelings of being 30, but my body was only 24 in this particular time. I still have no idea what the point of going back in time was, because I ended up in the same job. Then it was time to see that patient. I basically picked up where my doc’s conversation ended, trying to convince the patient that we should try going for a partial that hooks on to the one tooth that is salvageable on the bottom arch, because complete denture set is just a nightmare to try and use. However, he was completely adamant that we not try to save any of his teeth, that despite all of the detriments to a full set of dentures, that is what he chooses. It was all or nothing. Seeing as he was so set on it, it was out of my hands, so I went to write up my notes for the patient. Determined to not leave anything out, I decided to write it on a pad of paper first before I write it up officially, for real (I guess this was before digital). As I was writing the draft, someone comes in and starts briefing everyone on how the upcoming wedding we’re all attending is going to go because as soon as work is over we’re all leaving, or at least anyone who is coming is going to. I’m listening out of one ear, not sure if I’m going or not, while writing and when I’m done, I go back to read the 3 and a half pages of notes I have down for the appointment. It was…all hooey. Completely unnecessary to write all of that down for a legal document. I had literally written down every single detail that happened in the appointment. In my head I narrowed the narrative down to about 2 paragraphs, but before I could write it officially…

…I was traveling down a hill in a car? On my belly? People were driving willy-nilly and apparently that was the custom there, so because i was such a small vehicle (I was scooting around on my belly) I maneuvered around everyone. Then all of the sudden, everyone was scooting on their bellies in this strange transportation system. The traffic light system was singular for each path and would beep and turn green for you on the ground when it was your time to go. It was a bit confusing where I was supposed to go, but there were police hanging around everywhere because a large event was occurring. I was traveling the not so popular way, so my path was clear, dragging myself along with my hands under and around police legs and following whatever path I had. I ended up in the closet of some college guys and wanted to ask where I was because I was lost and needed to find out where my workplace was. I bit back a question and pulled out my phone and map. I was well away from where I was supposed to be. Disheartened, I exited from their closet and start walking instead, giving up the hope that I was going to make it to my destination.

…I slept super well last night!


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