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Yelling, house, yard, dog, car, police

Ugh. I could NOT sleep well last night.

I was in my mom’s house. Then we were shopping and then we went back. And I was yelling at her. A lot. The house was a complete disaster because there was so much stuff, and I just lost it. I yelled and yelled some more. She was mad at first, but then suddenly she saw the truth in it. Still annoyed, but inspired by her irritation, she cleaned everything up. I went to sleep and woke up and to my surprise, everything was tidy. Most of the excess stuff was gone. I don’t mind a little clutter because it makes a house warmer and more lived in, so I was happy, though reserved because who knows how long that would last.

Then I decided to go outside in the backyard. It was weird because instead of the moderate townhouse yard with our 6 ft wood privacy fence ringed inside by large bushes for further privacy, both sides of the fence were gone, leaving only the back part standing. In its place were low-lying stone fences. Very well made and pretty, but much too low. I followed the fence all the way back and while I initially thought our neighbors had installed it and were trying to sell their house, it extended our property all the way to the back to where the wooded path was. That’s when I thought perhaps the HOA did it? As I walked back, marveling at how much larger our property was now, the neighbor’s dog bounded up to me (no longer held in by a fence). I knelt down and pet her, exclaiming how good a dog she was and asking her why she was so matted? She bounded off again and I noted that we were going to need a lot more bushes now to make a living fence. I ran inside to tell my mom and asked her to come out. She was amazed and I walked her to the back to show her how big the property had gotten. I told her that we either construct a new fence next to their little stone retaining walls or now we could plant as many forsythias as she wanted and prune them into a living fence.

I was driving and it was super late and super dark. This one guy in a Nissan Altima was driving like a maniac and even though there was no one on the road, got very road ragey at me, so much so that he swerved around me and stopped across the double yellow to scream at me through his window. I got out to confront him and so did he, only I was a cop. I saw fear in his eyes which then turned right to rage. More screaming and how he hadn’t broken any laws at all and I had no reason to ticket him or anything. I scoffed and listed all of the laws he’d broken. Then I had him arrested and sent him away in a caged car. On the ground, I saw his car keys and picked them up. I was a rookie, so I asked dispatch or my partner what I was supposed to do with them, and was told to go to the station and drop them off. I was surprised there’d be anyone left at the station since it was 3am, but there they were. After I dropped it off, I went to leave when I heard a commotion and everyone pulled their guns. I picked a gun off the counter and aimed it in the direction everyone was pointing. While aiming, I moved to get a better look and a muscular female cop had brought in a raving and fighting perp. He was handcuffed but still going crazy. I returned the gun an went to leave to go home.

Then was I outside and it was daytime. I was standing in front of city hall or some government center. My friend J was with me and we saw her mom. I hadn’t seen her mom in a while! Her mom was in turn waiting for her son (J’s brother) whom I also hadn’t seen in years. He was a lot taller and bigger than I remember. Now I’m having a flashback of sorts back to a comic that I had drawn years ago. It was then an anime and I watched it on my computer. It was about an Indian merman monster person and his friend who was orange. It was clearly drawn in marker. Both of them were extremely muscular and it was about how the Indian one had been betrothed when he was young and was just now meeting his bride since they were of age to wed. The interesting detail was that both mermen lacked clothing and were very…um…distinctly, perkily male. I thought to myself, how embarrassing, did I really draw that?? But not only was it drawn, it was colored too! Must have been years ago! I hoped no one else could see this…

I am so unbelievably sleepy. Can’t keep my eyes open….


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Friends, work, farting, dog poop, shopping, clumsy, earrings

I was at work which didn’t look much like work, more like a house, but a house I don’t know. We were doing our stuff and there was this smell. At first, I didn’t pay it much heed, but it lingered and lingered. I started to complain to my coworker and we blamed it on the two pregnant people. That’s right, two. They denied it all and I was annoyed to even be working with a smell like that.

Then it was night and I was in the basement of the work house. An old friend of mine was dressed in her Navy uniform and I told her to go outside the sliding door and do something out there. It was raining steadily and hard. I didn’t want to go out. She protested that it’s raining and I said, “It’s ok, just go.” She looked back at me and did so. I felt kind of bad and grabbed a clean towel to dry her off when she came back in. I was worried that I had chosen a dog towel, but I spent a lot of time smelling it to be sure just before she came back in. She had completed whatever I told her to do and started trudging up the basement stairs to leave. I wrapped the towel around her from behind and gave her a big hug in the process, trying to help dry her off. She was upset at me. She kept walking straight ahead like a zombie with no reaction whatsoever.

Now I’m outside of the house walking around. It had snowed! There was this nasty smell like dog poop and I realized that the people walking their dogs around there had not been picking up after the pups!! I was upset. So I started pulling poop bags and more poop bags from the dispenser so that I could pick things up. I had a larger bag with me to put them all in. Other people saw me and wanted to help. The place started to smell better.

Jump to shopping in a huge grocery store. I’m drinking a caffeine-free Pepsi from a can while shopping. I see another old friend in an aisle and go to say hi, but trying to juggle the items in my arms plus the Pepsi resulted in my spilling the entire can on the ground. People were completely clueless and kept walking in it. I asked the friend to grab me something to help mop it up because were in the towel section, conveniently. He grabbed a cheapo bag of kitty litter and I’m like, huh? He says that it will help soak up the liquid for easy cleanup and I’m like, are you sure? I’ve never done it before. People are still tromping around in the sticky fluid, so I put the kitty litter back and go myself to look at the paper towel place. I see one canister of cleaning wipes and nab that, telling myself in my head that I’ll use it and then pay for it. I went to open the canister and found that it was half empty, I guess because others have done the same? I snag 2 wipes and start vigorously wiping the floor. When I’m done, I conveniently have forgotten to take the wipes canister with me.

My friend and I leave the aisle and continue walking the store, he’s telling me about his new roommate and life and such. I continually knock things over and end up crossing my arms because I am so clumsy, I’m going to break something else. I wander down the clearance aisle and he goes to the one next to it. I light upon earrings for $0.25 and to my delight find that they’re the ones with the backs I’ve been looking for! I’m happily picking through them, aware that the aisle has suddenly gotten very crowded, when a black woman yells, “NOBODY MOVE, OR YOU’LL REGRET IT.” I’m still picking earrings and when I’m done with that I finally look up to see everyone terrified and jammed into the aisle. I don’t know what’s going on and am about to leave to go find my friend and pay, but something tells me not to, that the danger is real, so I stand there with everyone until the black lady leaves. It’s all back to normal now. I follow her and she pushes her cart up to the front. I see my friend checking out who is now a patient of mine from work. She is unloading her cart and come up to her and ask with a low voice if that black lady who is now checking out next door to her is her roommate. She nods and I say that I suspect she’s dealing with terrorism. My patient is very mad now and starts going off on the black lady, telling her that if she doesn’t stop her heinous behavior that she’ll lose the $500 deposit. Black lady is pretending to be oblivious to the accusation while trying to unload her goods. My patient isn’t doing a good job of gaining the crowd’s favor, as no one knows what’s going on except that she’s harassing the black lady. I kind of slink away…

And now it’s like I’m in a Fast and Furious movie dealing with cars and such. I can’t remember now what happened, just a lot of drama with cars and things.

I wake up and realize that Gable has been repeatedly gas-bombing my room and it smells extra awful.

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Friend’s husband, lottery, haircut, shopping, chase

I’m hanging out with a good friend of mine. It’s time to head home and we both get on 66 with our cars. I’d followed her out of an apartment and as we were heading down the stairs I’d asked her about her husband. She says in a minorly irritated and flat tone that she didn’t know where he was. There was an implication that it didn’t matter either. Now back at her place, we’re riding up the elevator and I tell her that I’d just seen him at the prior apartment complex coming out of another room. She gets very angry at that, like she’d known but didn’t want to know. I apologize and said, I wish I hadn’t said that. She seethes that she doesn’t care what he does, but you can tell that she does care. I’d thought their young marriage was doing well, I had no intention of causing any problems. Oops. Out elevator opened and I see him ahead at their door. He waves good naturedly at us and my friend tells me, “You should go now.” Damn. Something big is about to go down. I’m walking slightly behind her at this point, so I wrap my arms around her from behind and plant a kiss on her shoulder. She pauses and I can feel her smile. Then I quickly make my exit down the stairs wishing I’d kept my big mouth shut.

I go through a college campus type of place, the housing units. It’s nighttime and dark and I am spotted by an old college-acquaintance who is visiting from California. I say a quick hi and continue on my way. She follows me to tell me that they’re going to the zoo! I’m like, “That’s awesome! You chose a good time to go because it’s not too hot and that animals will be out and about.” She’s super happy and tells me she has to go now. I bid her a good time.

Then, I was in a grocery store shopping with my mom as is normal. When it came time to check out, I was only buying a few items and asked the checkout guy, while waving $30 around, if I needed to go to the desk to buy lottery or if he could do it here. He looked at me to see if I was going to be a problem and then deciding it was a simple question, told me to go to the desk. I walk over from the registers and I have to go through a little hallway to get to the desk which is actually the backside of the customer service counter. I stand and wait because the older, white haired (probably in her 60s) lady who seems very confident which means she’s probably the store manager is on the phone. She looks at me every couple of seconds to show she knows I’m waiting. I’m looking around while waiting and I hear her say, “So just scan your card and go through the door.” I think she’s talking to me, so while I hear her finishing up on the phone, I take out my license and scan it on the door next to the counter. I open it as it unlocks and am trying to go in when I realize that she was on the phone and that this is probably the employee area. I come back out to the counter and she gives me a strange and annoyed look while I give her an apologetic one. I tell her I thought she was talking to me but she was still on the phone, and her face lightens up. She laughs seeing the humor in the situation and I give her my $30 for the lottery and the license. She looks at the license and stuffs it in an plastic cover. I stand there silently and patiently, not wanting to make another spectacle of myself. Apparently, buying scratchers here is a very long-winded process with lots of security. She didn’t even ask me which ones I want, she just bought me $30 worth of 2 and 3 dollar games which was saddening because I wanted at least a $10 ticket. Oh well. She starts filling out all sorts of forms and writing on a check-like thing, ripping it out like a check and handing it to me. I want to remind her about my license, but I don’t want to undermine her job. She has a great vantage point from her desk out to the store, no doubt to catch shoplifters. Finally she’s done and hands me another stack of papers and finally the plastic sleeve with my license and the scratchers. I turn to leave and see my mom coming over. I complain to her that I want a haircut because my hair is so long and hot and it’s hard to sleep. She says no because my grandmother likes it better when it’s long and I wail, “I DON’T CAAARE” while she’s walking away.

Suddenly, I’m on the run. I turn down the hallway and break for it. I’m being chased by the enemy and higher ups. Turns out I’m a double crosser. Then it’s no longer me, but a young, blonde haired woman wearing skin tight black operative suit. The underground facility is creepy and very maze-like but she seems to know where to go. Into rooms, up the stairs, running the enemy soldiers in circles and losing them all. She’s very good, but there’s a raw fear in her. The jig is up and she needs to desperately make it to safety–the odds are stacked against her and she knows it too. It’s going to take a miracle for her to escape. If they capture her it will be unspeakable torture. She’s making good headway, thought and steadily climbs the floors. If she can make it to the top her chances soar, literally because she’s going to sky glide out of there. She’s made it up the stone steps to the room right below the pinnacle when she’s caught. It’s a evil man and two massive dogs. Fear surges through her, recognizing the man as one of the major players and a sick, evil bastard. The tower room is small, though, and they are blocking the doorway to reach the upper levels. She is captured and is immediately subject to horrifying rape from the man and his dogs. It seems to go on forever, a monstrous and graphic scene. Excessively violent, screaming, laughing, impossibly sized body parts. The rest of the enemy is closing in. Then something happens and another person tries to jump off the tower only to get stuck on a large, plant monster with thorns all over it. They’re trying to hang on, but are slipping…slipping…

And that’s it. I wake up because it’s late.

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Queen, Singing, Tomato plant, friend

I was in a posh palace in a small room off the cathedral-like, marble main entrance-way/nave. It was kind of dark there, looking like a private sitting room of sorts with a stone statue in the back of it. I was watering the plants with an overseer, squirting a hose. There on the pedestal of the statue was a pretty white flowering plant (looking suspiciously like the plant out front of my house) so I started spraying everything with water, not realizing until after I stopped that I’d sprayed it all over the furniture and walls too. Inside. A. Palace. We go up to get a better look at the plant. I ask where the Queen was today because she was supposed to be in this room eating food (the room I just sprayed with water….). My overseer responded sadly that she had refused all food because she didn’t like any of it and had retired to her chambers. Upon closer inspection of the plant, we were both amazed because it was a cherry tomato plant that had lots of fruit! It was really early to be having so much fruit, but there it was! The overseer said it’s probably not ripe yet, and touched a fruit to test, but it came right off in his hand! We both started smiling and then some other person tested one too that also came off easily. The three of us rushed off to the Queen’s chambers, convinced that she’ll eat that because it was fresh. We encountered the Bishop and a group of people instead and excitedly informed them about it. Everyone was ecstatic. Turns out the Queen went down to that room after all so everyone raced each other down there, wanting to be the first to tell her about the plant. The group of us had to go the regular way but the Bishop and another high-ranking official got to use the special doors. I was excited but disappointed because the high ranking people would get there first. I run around the doorway and–

–now I’m in a group meeting with those around my age. I’m one of the newest members and am unsure of whether I’m qualified or what goes on there. The group must be 50 large, just hanging around until they break up the group because there’s this big production that must be done. I get put into the layman’s group while my friend gets the honor of being one of the leaders. I go sit against the wall with the rest of us commoners, the two people beside me people that I know. We’re all crammed in together. I’m 5th from the front of the line and apparently just us 6 are the only ones focusing right now, so the conductor works with us. The first 3 are definitely accustomed to being in a choir and I realize, uncomfortably, that I’m meant to sing. I think I’m in over my head because while I’m not a bad singer, I’m for sure not professional at all. While the first 3 start singing Jingle Bells, I’m sitting here anxiety-ridden because she’s going to expect me to sing too. Sure enough, she keeps flashing me (ME!! Not the other 2 around me) looks, implying, why aren’t you singing, do you want to be kicked out? So she points at me, and I start singing along too. The words can’t be that hard, right? Jingle Bells? She’s satisfied when I start and the two beside me quietly join in too. That’s when I realize that the line is full now with the other commoners. Singing is much easier now that my voice can be hidden. The conductor stops the Jingle Bells and we move on to a different song that I don’t really know, but sing along anyways. Now it’s break time and I get up to see what my friend is doing. The bigwigs are hard at work, focused on creative portion of the production. Everyone had left while we were singing to go home and get their computers. All 6 of the those at the table had their CPU towers. I don’t want to bother them, so I look back at the line and I suddenly realize how much I have to pee. I don’t really want to though, nervous about going with strangers. There’s an inkling that I’ve seen this place in a dream before because I can already picture what the bathroom looks like.

Then I wake up.

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Boss, school, friend

I was in school. But this school was strange because it was mostly held outside in classes open to the elements. There was one the class needed to migrate to and I was one of the first people there, but the landowner of the nearby property was causing havoc because he/she refused to allow us there even though it was a clearly demarcated school area. Old person. I think a few classmates and I took it into our own hands and did something with a red liquid resembling blood. We were waiting for the class to convene there, so I was eating my lunch sandwich. There seemed to be a delay, so I started wandering around and looking at things. I found an old/ancient elevator car, showing how old this dental school was. In the back of it was an inscription. The whole car looked to be made of cast iron. Then I had a flashback/history lesson that only I was experiencing. It showed 4 young men laughing and having a good time in the elevator car, and the narration explained that in those times, it was wholly acceptable, nay, expected that the male dentists would pair off and marry each other. It was a separate marriage than the ones they held with their existing wives. I was like, uhhhhh, and then it came back to reality. I walked back to the class area and explained the history to my few friends, but no one seemed all that interested.

We had that class, and then we moved to the next area which was inside a building. The class settled in the cafeteria-like classroom. It was taking so long for the teacher to show up, so I went into the room next door to find out what was going on. It looked like a very opulent and spacious bathroom. When I turned around there was the teacher. He was a big black man and right then had a white bath towel draped around himself. He announced his arrival and said we’d have to wait a bit because he just woke up and needed a shower. I’m still inside the bathroom with no doors and he introduced me to the assistant, a short, chubby woman who was overseeing the program ran smoothly. I ducked out quickly, but they never did close the door and I decided to wander in since the lady never left either. My classmates were waiting patiently in the classroom and I don’t know why I felt so nosy, but I went back into the bathroom where the assistant was now in a robe, brushing her hair in the mirror. The teacher was now only wearing the towel.

Now we’ve moved to yet another classroom, also indoors, a traditional classroom this time. One of my friends is there but she did not want to sit near me, which is cool because why do we have to? Then after some slides were shown, we were to get up and outside to learn a practical/clinical lesson. The class spread apart in the open area and since the normal groups paired off with each other, I moved to the back of the space where one very tall, large girl was standing by herself. Two other classmates followed me and the single girl breathed a sigh of relief and said that she was glad someone wanted to hang/talk with her.

Stuff happened, and now I’m sitting on a bench with my boss and coworker. His wife suddenly leans in and whispers loudly to him that she thinks we should create this awesome story! I chime in and say, yeah we should make an epic! And it should rhyme! We’re getting hyped about it and suddenly my boss has hair. I reach up to touch it and point it out to him and he bats my hand away laughing.

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Shopping, Candy, Police, Tickets, Car, friends

think I slept better than I have in a while? I could NOT get up this morning. So why then can I remember so many dreams…?

I was driving down this ridiculously wide road with 5 or 6 lanes in a relatively quiet suburban area. Then I did it again in what I assume was the 2nd or 3rd day consecutively. This time around I turned late into the turn lane to take a right at the light and as I started driving down the 2 lane-on-either-side road, I get lit up and pulled over. I’m very nervous since I’ve never ever been pulled over before. Cop comes up to the window and tells me that I’ve been pulled over for my back right brake light being out. I remember diving into my work bag for my license with extra exuberance. He looks around my messy car and asks me to step out. I do and he shows me my brake light which is indeed out. I am annoyed and incredulous because I recently replaced them myself, with gloves this time, so why is it out again??? He starts writing me up a ticket for it and I’m annoyed by that because it wasn’t a warning, but a ticket. In the mean time I admire his car because it’s so cool. He’s a nice guy other than the ticket part. We’re about to leave when he suddenly asks me to open up my hood. My car was sounding funny. He looks under it and uses his phone to help determine what’s wrong with the 6 valves I have (I only have a 4, fyi). Turns out, he shows me, that one of them is at -500 and I’m blown away because that explains why my car hasn’t been operating as strongly as it used to. Then I get worried because that 1) means my engine is busted and I need to go back to Subaru and wow engine work is going to be expensive, and 2) emission is out of whack and lo and behold, he’s whipped out his ticket book again. DAMN IT ALL. The first ticket was already $400 and now he’s given me 2 more! I have freaking 3 tickets plus repair. How can I possibly afford all of that? He’s writing me up and I’m standing around all miserable when I see another cop car had pulled over another car going the opposite way of traffic and it’s causing a major backup. Then as soon as that cop pulls away, some fools get into a crazy accident just as I am watching. I exclaim and tell my ticket-happy cop that it looks like he’s going to have his hands full after me. He looks up and is not happy.

Next dream sees me at a shopping center. I’m complaining to my brother and my boss about my 3 tickets and major car repair. I’m debating asking for more hours and am debating with my brother about just buying a new car instead of trying to fix mine because at this point it’s probably totaled. I think I’m supposed to be working at this outdoor retail location, but I’m not doing a good job with it. Then it’s time to go home but I putter around a bit, there’s some unknown about job positions, teleport portals, a girl. Now it’s dark and in the parking lot are lots of cars! Then, old friends, classmates and my family are there. We’re all supposed to meet up at a restaurant. My mom tells me to get in her car, another friend wants me to go with her, but I go with my coworker who then turns into a very old friend of mine. We giggle and rush around and get into a massive almost-limo-SUV (first, I open the door to some old lady’s car and apologize) trying to leave before anyone else realizes what we’re doing. Unfortunately for us–and especially for me–all of her friends find us and pile inside. I’m unhappy because I just wanted the two of us to catch up with each other, but then again, that’s how it always was before too (IRL we’ve lost touch with each other, our lives so different now). Oh well. We start driving the short distance away and now we’re in traffic. We get shot at by some grass-mounted, car-mounted, and truck-mounted gun devices. They’re tiny arrows, and different colored ping pong balls. When we get to the destination and park, I found that I have a dart in me. Everyone else is fine. They all leave and then I see my uncle show up and my family too.

We go inside, and now the world is different. I’m looking up some car ads, looking for possibly a used car to buy and save money. I hit upon an ad for a yellow, Nissan X-Terra Pro-4X. I go visit the townhouse and it turns out it’s a Frontier. I’m okay with that, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. Turns out, though, that they have 2 Doberman that they want to sell too. One of them is jumping all over me. Someone is talking to me. I think it’s my uncle, but I’m not paying any attention because I’m busy playing with the dog. Someone has cut its ears with scissors and I’m upset and really want to buy the dog. Unfortunately, the second one is cute too and I’m torn because I can’t afford 2 more dogs. They really like me. Because my uncle is there, I want very much to buy both in order to prevent him from getting either dog.

Now I’m driving up the opposite way on that large stretch of road from earlier. My family is with me and I’m bringing them to a shopping center. We’re going through a store and my mom has wandered off. I’m with my sister and we see some clearance stuff. There’s an earmuff that actually encloses your ears in the shape of a snowman head and I try it on because it’s super cute. Then I see French fry versions and some French fry slippers. The guy that’s standing there looking too, says he has the fry slippers and wouldn’t recommend them because they flop around. He tells me about the Willy Wonka store next door and I go there with my sister (I think it’s an outlet strip). I go down the nearest aisle and see a cool electronic game, candy dispenser. They let you demo it and I happen to win, causing candy balls to spill out the slot and onto the floor. I catch 2 and throw them into my mouth. Another lady comes over to look at it and tells me I must be a whizz to win so quickly like that. I say it’s totally beginner’s luck and go to the other side of the display. There is so much candy!!

Wow. What a night.

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Friends, car, enemy, priests, co-workers, animal, bathroom

I think I was in a movie where I was one of the stars or at least the main character group. We were on a special mission. The large squad was driving our armored cars on the route I take to work. It was summer. Just as we were turning at a light up a hill, a massive quadcopter chupped up above us all and the machine transformed so that we could see the 2 operators inside. It was the arch nemesis! The crazy lady! She broadcast her evil plan loudly and then laughed maniacally as the quadcopter flew away. Our mission was set! We all had to try and contain the infection she intended to spread all over the area. The entire team split up and raced off to their destinations to help cover more ground faster. I took my partner and me up the road just a little (it wasn’t a busy suburb anymore, but farm land) and turned down a dirt road where I knew a small rural settlement was. The chance was a bit smaller that she’d infect them, but I had to check because I was responsible for this particular zone. We ride up in our big SUV and it turns out that they were blissfully unaware and were having a festival. I assume it was for the Lunar New Year, given all the Asian stuff being sold there. Our vehicle was too large, but no one batted an eye, so we just “patrolled” like it was routine. As I suspected, there was no evidence of any infection, so we left.

Then, all of the sudden I was walking through a mall. It was getting dark and I was still doing my duty as protector of the area. Nothing really suspicious was going on, but I came upon a very small school-like operation where they were selling stuff as a fundraiser for their group. This group belonged to a friend of mine that I’d never met in person because he’s all the way on the other side of the country. I looked through their stuff and wow, they were really cute! Plushies and neato things, but the price tag was ridiculous. I know they were trying to spin a profit but doggone if I was going to pay $73.99 for a turtle plushie. I just smiled, pretending to consider, and then trying to distract them by asking what the guy was drawing.

Then I had to get up and let Gable out to the bathroom

Now I was in a neighborhood. It was sunny. I kept driving back and forth and back and forth and seeing a setup in front of a house about using corn ethanol as car fuel. The last time I drove by to go somewhere, there were 4 nuns with boxes asking for donations and demonstrating how to create baking soda out of almonds. It was getting dark and I happened to be walking by this time. The 4 nuns were now 4 priests, but not just any priests…dark priests. You knew they were dark because their cossacks were a deep purple. Each priest had an animal affiliation. Something bad happened and now I was in  building. There had been a murder or something atrocious and I was standing in front of the scene of the crime. With the lights on, the room wasn’t particularly exciting, just stone walls, some torches, stone floors, some wooden chairs. The priests seemed innocent, just doing their religious normal. We all left and stood in front of the room. Someone turned off the lights of the room to save energy and there was a group of 5 standing with me there. I had my headlamp on, because I guess I was an investigator? The 5 people were probably my coworkers, but where just shadowy, detail-less entities, except one of them who was my newest co-worker. She asked me if I noticed anything weird and how the investigation was going. I happened to look into the dark room with my headlamp shining and realized something crazy! I told E to look into the room with me (trying to shine around the others who were standing still and blocking the way) and when I moved my headlamp around, the light would reflect a shining purple on images on the stone wall. There was also a suspect lectern in the corner! The large shining image was that of a wolf-head!!! Gosh darn that was one of the priests’ affiliation animals!!! They flipped the light back on and restarted the investigation, closing the door this time. I suspected that there would be more murders in each of the priests’ respective ritual chambers.

But for now, I needed to go pee, so I opened the door and closed it behind me. There on the floor was either a sloth or some such animal crawling on the floor. It snagged it’s claw on my foot which hurt a lot, but it was just a cute animal. Unbeknownst to me, it was one of the priests in animal form… I popped into the bathroom and sat down and peed on the toilet (I hate bathroom dreams). As I was going, I see the claw of the animal reaching under the door and trying to lift the door up. Now I was getting freaked out, but I couldn’t stop peeing! It squeezed it’s body under the door and reaching maliciously out towards me (still peeing). I FREAKED OUT, but couldn’t stop peeing. I was almost done, but it was also mostly in the small bathroom!! Finally I yelled for someone and someone opened the door just as I had jumped up off the toilet and trying to pull up my underwear. When the door was opened, the creature pretended to be innocent and harmless again.

–That’s when I jolted awake because I was late.

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Food, work, escape, Old suitor, drawings

It was one of those nights where I kept waking up, nervous about waking up on time.

I was at work and I was behind. Pretty far behind at that. The judges weren’t going to be lenient, so I tried to pick up the pace but the others had already taken all the best ingredients. I was making simple sandwiches but it was a gamble because it had to be good. One of my instructors was helping me because she felt badly for my misfortune. I ran around looking for the perfect meat and perfect toppings. The meat was good, so I set that on the grill with the muenster cheese and ran to look for the lettuce and the tomatoes. My gosh why were the tomatoes so hard! And expensive!!! I could not for the life of me find a good enough tomato in the produce department because they were all about 2mm thick and weird looking. Pre-sliced ones were $1.85 each. I was aghast at the price and a customer said it aloud. I ran back after finding a semi-good tomato (too squishy and small but I had to go with it) only to find that the greens I ordered were all stem and minimal leaf. I was out of time but at least the meat came out well. Down to wire, I put it all together and–

–Now I’m with a group of people running for it in the desert. We just had to escape the zombies! My family got left behind somewhere so I just hightailed it and ran for the safehouse evacuation point door. I was the first there. The attendant inside sitting at the folding table greeted me like normal and handed me a Tires Plus paper to fill out my information. It was an application for extraction. My info was already on it so I was good, but as I stood there waiting my family burst in breathless one by one. Then we all piled into a car so we could make the trip to Pennsylvania.

Some stuff about playing cello poorly.

One of my good friends was sent some inappropriate fan-drawings of herself (I guess she was famous?). She decided she wanted to catch the guy, so we tracked him down to a store. I had a deja vu feeling, so I told her I’d handle it, knowing that this was actually a trap to abduct her. In my mind I already saw what would happen, which was that in the back of the shop somewhere, he’d drag her away, kidnap and assault her because he was obsessed with her. I had her stay near the entrance of the store while I looked for him. The worst part, was I knew him. He was one of my old suitors. I looked and tracked through the maze of the store, finding the backrooms and passing customers along the way. Eventually, I found him. He was inside of a dressing room, one of the ones that are closed with a full door and no gaps above or below. I approach him and he closes the door behind me. I’m berating him, like, what are you doing? He just smiles at me. I snatch up the notebook that he has and turn to the most well-worn page: one of the ones he sent to my friend, a pen drawing of her topless. I turn it and show it to him, asking, WHY? Really??? He just shrugs and smiles at me again. I start flipping through all of his drawings which are actually very good and not inappropriate, really, at all. Just the 2 or 3 of her. I say to him, I have to admit that these are very good. I’m marveling at how well he draws. I never knew that about him. His drawings tell a bit of a story about what he’d been going through, from overweight and flabby, to very fit and trim. He’d drawn himself, buff, had pictures in there to compare to. It all turned into a video scrapbook, flashback, blog, deal. The him now in the fitting room was normal. Not overly buff, but not fat either. Just healthy. We kind of just hung out there together. Then, all of the sudden, I was on my phone looking for porn of Sailor Chibi Moon.

…I don’t know and then I woke up to check the time.

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Bathroom, School, friend, video game

First Dream of 2019!

…of course it had to be bathroom dreams.

I really have to poop. I’m outside on the campus of a large workplace or school or institution. There are lots of other people out there. Right outside under the awning of an imposing building, I find my toilet. My toilet. The one I installed there. I set my fuzzy dog bed down on the ground, the one with all of my junk on it and prepare to poop on my toilet. It’s comfortable. It’s mine. It’s out in the open, just like everyone else’s. It’s not as extravagant or expensive as some, but it’s better than half of the commodes in the vicinity and with good location too! Under an awning! I’m getting a little nervous since there are so many other people on their toilets at the same time, but what can you do? I banter with a girl across the way, and give a verbal nod to Keanu Reeves chilling diagonally from me in his hot tub/commode. He smiles, completely relaxed and shifts in his warm tub. I wonder if he’s bathing or toileting, but then I’m done. The toilet paper stand seemed to have moved on its own, so I pick up my commode while sitting on it and movie it over a little until I can reach the TP. I’m concerned that I’ll break the plumbing, but it seems to be flexible and holding on just fine. To my irritation, the paper is extremely thin and cheap, so I get double and start wiping. Here comes the embarrassment again, knowing that everyone’s watching me, and of course since the paper is so cheapo, I sticks and breaks and gets all over my hands. Ugh. I hurry to move my stuff away and find a sink to wash, but my dog bed full of junk is too heavy to carry with one arm. I start throwing away the more worthless stuff (all of it is lacking in value, broken things) and finally can hoist the bed onto my head and shoulders, well aware that my hands are disgusting.

I make my way inside with an old college friend. The building is an Academy. A very old school that apparently we used to go to (very unfamiliar to me). We walk past the large reception area and see that the auditorium just let out. All we want to do is find a bathroom since now I need to pee really badly. With the efflux of students, the bathroom there is extremely full and there’s a line to use it. My friend said we should try the other bathrooms. I let her lead because this is all unfamiliar to me and she seemed to know where she was going. We wander this way and that, each bathroom full, going down hallways that just end suddenly and having to backtrack. Finally, we end up in a quad of sorts in the middle of the school with TWO bathrooms. I was like, YESSS. Unfortunately the previous bathroom lines had followed us. I set my dog bed down against the far wall next to a classroom that was fully green on the inside. By the time I get back to the bathrooms, the line has died down tremendously. We go into the one on the right side and right away I realize that these bathrooms are co-ed. It doesn’t bother me because I just needed to pee, like yesterday. The toilets in there are jammed in and very strange: everything is stainless steel. My friend ditches me for the right side of the bathroom, and leaves me with one of the stranger, reclining toilets. Once again, I put aside my bewilderedness so I can use it. Suddenly my one reclining toilet turned into 3 side by side like a roller coaster. There was a seat and these two leg flumes with running water. Effectively, you’d sit inside this running water. The sign in front of each seat said to pull down your pants and sit on it, because if you stand over it, the water won’t get warm. I was thinking about doing that, but darn it, I want that warmness. With a shrug, I turn to pull down my pants and sit in the water of the middle seat. On my left is a guy already sitting on his and the other units are full. Lo and behold, the water DOES get warm and quickly. I’m in the back row of the toilet units and in front of each column (there are 3 columns, each with about 3-4 rows) is a large TV screen. I see it’s a movie or footage of some ships shooting. The ships keeps dying though, so I grab onto the handles right in front of me and start hitting buttons. It works!!! I keep trying to tell everyone that it’s a video game, but no one wants to control it, so I do. I’m maneuvering, shooting and playing through the level and at that point everyone is enraptured with my playing. I’m sitting there, playing this arcade-like game and thinking, wow this is the best bathroom ever, with video game to play or watch as you do your thing, on a heated water toilet! I yell over at my brother on the far right column to join me as a 2P, but I don’t know if he hears me. I’m now onto a boss fight, trying to outmaneuver the missiles and rockets while attempting to hit the green square weakpoints of the large, massive robot. People are cheering me on and it’s so hard, I need a 2nd player.

Then suddenly it was over, and everyone gets up to leave. I finally find a sink and soap to wash my hands and go to retrieve my dog bed My friend and I walk up the narrow wooden staircase. She stops suddenly to pick up some pieces of wood from the staircase. I’m worried because the slats are coming apart, but she informed me that she placed them there and needed to take them home to build something. She makes her way out of the door where I’m waiting and I hoist my dog bed and off we go.

–Then I wake up because I’ve overslept an hour.

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Wheelchair, Sneaking around, Friend’s Husband, roommate, spaghetti and green beans

I was shopping in a store with my brother and it just so happened that I was sitting in a manual wheelchair. The wheelchair was not necessary, I could walk perfectly fine but for some reason I was having fun rolling around in it. More than likely I was just wanting to increase my arm strength, and maneuvering the wheelchair was bonus fun. Anyways, I soon realize how taboo it is to be in one when you don’t need one, so I quit pulling myself around with my legs (now working my leg muscles) and just focused on working it like I legitimately needed a wheelchair, playing it up with pitiful and morose demeanor. The public was adequately feeling sorry for me, so I bought what I wanted (it was the old MJ Designs store where I grew up) and told my brother I’d meet him at the car. I made sure to wheel myself out carefully but quickly. Thankfully we parked waaay in the back of the parking lot away from prying eyes. I opened the trunk, slowly stood up, using the car for support (just in case) and folded the chair away before carefully making my way into the car to wait. Then when we got back into the neighborhood (the old one where I grew up), I rode it all over the place again, except this time no one seemed to care and everyone else was on bikes, blades and other fun roll-y things.

Then there was a part where I was sneaking around the enemy temple at night. My teammates, or those that I cared about were scattered in there, needing to be rescued. Strange that this temple was so full of crap and flowing curtains set about in maze form. I’d find them here and there, all the while singing songs by Dalena. I was sneaking, but there were never any enemies, just the knowledge that I shouldn’t be in there.

My brain got tired of that (way too much Assassin’s Creed), and suddenly I’m in a room. There are two beds in it and various room furniture. It was nighttime too, and 3 or 4 people including me were in the room. We were having a relatively good time when it was time for 2 of them to leave. The one girl left, but the male still lay on one of the beds, lamenting that he didn’t want to go home. I didn’t think much about it until he solicited me to satisfy him. I’m like, HUH? What?! ME?! I’m a little flattered because no one would ever solicit me like that, but I’m more troubled than anything else. He’s begun to de-clothe, now in his underwear and seemingly in pain or just terribly desperate for some sexual stimulation. My body is seriously considering it, when I finally snap out of my brain fog. Unfortunately, I’m so flabbergasted and embarrassed I keep stumbling over my words. I look over for help from my roommate, but she has her head buried in her notes and homework and pointedly says, “I’m not interested in males.” Struggling to make some sense with my words, I berate him, “Your friend is my wife…I mean, MY friend is YOUR wife!!!” I keep mixing up the words and trying to tell him that he’s now married to my friend, my coworker. Why was he soliciting me? That’s something between him and her. His face falls with unspoken words and I get the implication somewhere along the line like, yes, he’s married to her, but she can’t satisfy him the way he wants and is sure that I can do a better job for him. He re-clothes, hangs his head and finally leaves.

I hop on my bed and turn to my roommate, lamenting and complaining about his audacity, and how he placed me in such an awkward position, and I don’t even know if I should tell my friend now about it. I pull up my bedclothes for emphasis, “And he wanted to defile MY BED with his infidelity!” She’s so over it at this point and settles in to her bed. It’s late and about time to sleep anyways. Right before I settle into my own, I notice her frustration, and am guilty for thinking only about me instead of paying attention to her too. So I ask what’s wrong with her. It’s her turn to lament and she spits out bitterly that she’s frustrated too, but her girlfriend didn’t want to satisfy her energy buildup. She kept complaining about how she didn’t get to run today because she was studying the whole time and now has excess sexual energy that needs draining.

I smile to myself. I’m still turned on from the little tizzy from before, so while she is repeating her grievances, I climb onto her bed, straddling her. Her eyes fly open wide and she stares at me in surprise, the unspoken wonder and question on her face. I’m into women, but you’re into men… her eyes say. She bites her lip in hesitancy, but not wanting to say no. It’s her turn to trip over words, but I ignore it all and bend my head to kiss her belly. Her frame is much smaller than mine and hidden under her clothing, so I try to judge landmarks from how her clothing sits on her body. Her head rolls back on her pillow and I try to kiss incrementally further south, while slowly worming my fingers under her jeans. She starts barking out orders like, “not to far up, don’t do this.” It’s impeding the mood, but I want to make her happy, so I oblige. I succeed in getting my fingers under the lip of her jeans, but she then stops me. She asks, breathlessly what I’m doing and say bluntly but irritatedly, “I’m trying to get your pants off, you know, how the romance novels all are the same?” Great. Smooth. Show off your romance arsenal that is from books. Real winner here. She just laughs instead of ridiculing me, though, and removes her belt and pants and underwear for me. I’m still fully clothed and part of me is sad that people just want me to satisfy them and never think to satisfy me, but once again I just want to make her happy. It’s all about her right now. I look down at her, my brain blurring it all from my vision, and proceed to continue my attack of her skin. I’m looking to prolong pleasure as much as possible, to tease and work it all up inside of her.

I’m working up and down her body and she’s starting to make a lot of noise and we are both suddenly well aware of how serious we’re getting into this. I jump off and run to close the door while she shuts the window and curtains. Lights go off last and we scramble back onto the bed…

…then my brain jumps to my roommate sleeping and I’m trying to eat spaghetti and green beans off the child seat of a shopping cart. It’s pretty good, even though it’s off a shopping cart. It seems I’m not afraid of getting sick. I suddenly remember my roommate and my brain is battling my consciousness to try and replay or play out this hot encounter with the naked girl in the bed to no avail. I have no idea if the deed was done or if she felt so good she just fell asleep. It IS morning now, so maybe it was done. Either way, I’m stewing in my depression, forever unsatisfied. Always the one doling and never on the receiving end. At least she looks peaceful.

Then I wake up for real because it’s so hot and my dogs are being annoying because it’s super late.

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