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Lamprey agent, food

A very fitful night for not obvious reasons. It wasn’t too hot and yet I could not get comfortable and sleep well. So sleepy now.

I entered a building with revenge in my mind, my partner with me. We “snuck” around with the goal of not being detected by the large man dressed in business clothes. He had just been responsible for deaths of our people. Our mission wasn’t to kill him, but to make him suffer and scare him. We got off the elevator and there he was! He had no clue what was about to happen, but we had to get there quickly or else he’d get into that room and we’d have to abort our mission! I threw caution to the wind and half crawled, half ran despite seeing another person facing our way and also going towards our quarry. I got there first and jumped up, latching my lamprey mouth onto his right arm. He reeled and tried to shake me off, but my partner leapt up on the other side and did the same. I was sad because this arm was once familiar, strong and meant safety to me, but no more. Not after I was turned and after all his vile doings. Almost in defeat or maybe with something else in mind, he tried to shake and walk into his office at the same time, but I dug my hands into his body and hung on tight, still sucking/lapping at his blood. With both of us on him at once, he seemed to grow weaker from blood loss. I noticed that in his office there were other men, so I quickly disengaged, pulling and ripping as much as I could to encourage more pain and bleeding and we both ran for it out the office and towards the elevator. I smashed the elevator button and I could hear someone on our heels, thankfully our carriage opened and we leapt inside, waiting out of sight while I repeatedly pushed the close button, in the event someone would chase us. It seemed like an eternity for the door to close, but the solid doors finally did and we sighed in relief smiling at each other. Outside, we disappeared into the crowd of the event going on, I guess our mutations hidden once more. We noticed security at the exit, but we managed to slip out and meet up with more co-conspirators. Good outcome.

Then I was traveling and in need of quick food. The mall/food place was hopping and busy, and I couldn’t decide which place to eat. I kept going in and out of places, unable to make up my mind and chatting with my travel partner, analyzing the places and trying to come up with a decision. Finally I ended up at “Paisano’s” which ended up being a really fancy place. Finally making my decisions, I came up to the counter where an older lady was to take my order. She seemed very condescending, but the place was rather posh so I didn’t hold it against her. Plus, it seemed it had taken literally all day for me to pick a place because it was late at night. I ordered the Pluddichino, the lemon version which was supposed to be a small cheesecake looking thing with frappe inside? Then I wanted the oreo 4 inch cheesecake too. A side of fries on top of chicken fingers with fries. She kept making negative comments at my choices which annoyed me, but whatever, the food seemed good. And it was, though there weren’t enough fries for what they charged. Some other chicken dish and a large dessert. I sat there and ate it, planning to buy something to take home for my mom. My travel partner didn’t order anything but ended up eating the oreo cheesecake and some fries.

Analysis:  Read a vampire story before sleeping, and apparently I’m hungry?


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powerwash, AC unit, dynasty warrior, family

Our townhouse was inside of a large facility, indoor community which was a bit weird, but I guess that way they could control the weather. I can’t remember the events leading up to it, but eventually I was outside of the house (maybe they were just house faces, but the insides were built into the facility. A façade to make you feel like you were living out in the real world) and realized that thee brickwork seemed very faded. I know it had been raining a lot lately because the concrete porch and walkway were all darker, but it shouldn’t have been that dark. I commented on this and then suddenly remembered that my brother had given me a power wash attachment for my hose. I ran inside, grabbed it, and turned on the hose. Amazing! It wasn’t too powerful, but powerful enough that I had to be sure to hold it with 2 hands and it was making the brickwork seem newer. A male neighbor? came to watch and comment and I was so very pleased that I started on the concrete just to test it out. Wow. Just wow! I guess I spent the rest of the time doing that, went somewhere, came back and noticed that the neighbor the left of us had just gotten a large package that looked quite a bit like an air conditioning outside unit. Oh, they’re attempting to replace it themselves, eh? It’s about time, too, their unit is the original unit for the house.

Switch to a completely different dream. Some part about me sleeping and having an injury and healing it while I slept which meant that I couldn’t move or something. A lady that is not a relative in our family was visiting and sat near me at one point. Then my immediate family and I were at an amusement park, it seemed, eating food in the cafeteria. It was very crowded and we found a spot in a corner. When I was done, I picked up my tray, passed by a young teenage boy, and went to throw out everyone’s trays. Apparently I spilled some and needed a paper towel, but to get the paper towel which was just sitting on a counter filled with cleaning bottles, I had to reach in between all the of them. Very inconvenient. Then my mom asked if we wanted smoothies or tea because it was so hot and stuffy, and I thought it was a fantastic idea. She wanted a place that would make it with no milk. I get a weird flashback to an older dream where I had ordered from the same set of vendors, and my brain even recognized the familiarity, telling my family that we shouldn’t order from these people because if you wanted a smoothie, they wouldn’t have what you needed. Alas, I don’t know if we got any or not, because…

…I was a soldier in a military. We were blue and they were red. I was running along with the movement of the army and had to quickly choose my path which split into paths of the river. I accidentally chose too quickly and chose left instead of right. It seemed the right side folk would have it harder and I needed not only to be there for them, but to take the experience points. I ran into the water on the left as I was being pushed that way, but tried to make my way to the right path. There was a massive line of soldiers coming (single file) towards the right side soldiers which were the magic unit. Magic unit would certainly need help from an infantry unit like me! I knocked a few out, worried a bit about being electrocuted if the magic units decided to use a line of electricity to fry their enemy, but kept going. Since I was in the wrong section, I was being pushed strongly back onto my own path. I realized my folly because the side I had chosen were being defeated without me, so I tried to swim hard to get back there, but the current was so strong! Just as I thought we were going to be defeated, a huge group of blue soldiers showed up. They had just performed a pincer attack! The water level dropped and I stood up and the captain launched into dialogue. I wasn’t interested even though I was proud of our army, so I moved along the way forward.

And ended up going down a very narrow and creepy set of stairs into a basement. some tight rooms, dim light…and not much memory of what happened.

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Haircut, friend, car, craziness

I am SOOOOOO sleeeeepyyyyyyyy.

It was a strange dream(s) that didn’t really make much sense, but here we go.

Let’s start with one involving my family. I think it was at the beach, with my relatives too. Something about sleeping on a bed in a room with other beds and pretending to be asleep only to wake up and happily pop a mini Nutter Butter bite into my mouth, catching the attention of a relative who kind of complained about it. Then I went to take a shower in a well-detailed bathroom, trying to figure out which towel to use. It felt good. Then something about driving around looking for fun attractions to go to.

Next dream. More driving but now in a residential type place. It was starting to get dark too, and I wasn’t familiar with the neighborhood. I think that it was a new place and I was just driving to familiarize myself with it. Well, I end up in the backseat instead of driving and by the time I get back to my townhouse community, it is dark. There’s something going on, though and suddenly I am with my old friend in the backseat and it seems we have won some sort of contest and this is the prize! We’re on TV, with a crowd of people standing outside in the neighborhood cheering us on! The car stops in one place and something happens and then we get back into the car and head to the next section of the community where an even bigger crowd of onlookers is cheering us. I swear they’re wearing costumes? Well the car stops and I get out. The onlooker crowd is walking single file over to stand behind us as backdrop for the camera. In the meantime, I examine the car there are some girls sitting in the back now. They tell me to punch out the window, so I lightly punch the car window and there’s now a hole in it. Since it’s a car window, it doesn’t shatter, so I punch it several more times more vigorously, while pulling the shards and pieces off the car. The girls inside pretend to be scared and for some reason it’s all making me very happy to be punching out a window. When I’m done and the crowd has arrived fully, the producer tells us to follow him. My friend and I run alongside him to keep up (he’s very tall) and start giving suggestions about how to make this show better. Mine was to make the crowd into zombies and have them surround the car and incorporate the window punching into it. That way it’ll be scarier!

We arrive at the strip mall/house place. This segment is where we’re supposed to have our hair cut. There are 2 to choose from and I end up not being able to make up my mind and then I go into where my friend chose. Her barber is a fat, balding with greasy hair, middle aged guy with a bit of a foreign accent and a rather rough demeanor, but he jumps right in. It’s a small place, but clean, and there is no one else there. I was about to keep her company and wait my turn, but then I realized that there are 2 places and 2 of us…they didn’t say it, but I think I’m supposed to go to the other one for time’s sake. So I leave that shop and head down the ramp to the other one on the ground floor of the strip mall. This place is much wider, but it’s more like a family run place. I sit down on the wooden chair and this very short guy with a big attitude and loud voice (similarly to the other guy, he’s dark haired, tan skin and rather rough) starts berating me a bit. His mother is sitting nearby and says things and argues a little with him. I’m preparing to get an awful haircut (it’s already very short, what else are they going to do with it?) but I’m OK with it, it’s just hair and there’s the show to think of. Instead of doing any haircutting, stuff happens and is being said, but I can’t remember any of it. What I do remember is looking up to see that lining the outer perimeter of the store are the onlookers sitting quietly and watching it all. About an hour of the antics later, my friend is done and comes in to sit nearby on another chair. Her hair has been trimmed and looks rather cute. The people ask her what she had done with her hair and she smiles, but I answer for her, saying they trimmed it to her shoulders, but when we were little, her hair used to be way down to her knees!

Then we all go outside, or maybe I just escape outside and by now it’s all changed and the whole place is grassy, some woods, with lots of people doing stuff everywhere. There’s a bit of a video game element to it all, mixed in with other convoluted themes. At one point, there are a bunch of cars sitting around and I sit in one only to realize that they’re like vending cars. Inside are money machines where you feed them money and you can drive them around (Zipper Cars, if I remember correctly). Then more craziness with a Tesla, some Segways, bikes, side quests. At the end, it’s finally time to clean everything up and go home. I manage to corral together the leaders of this whole thing and we get the message across to start cleanup and going home. Everyone’s scattered everywhere, so I check my on-screen map to track everyone down, but get sidetracked looking for the treasure/chests I missed on my play through. There’s even a police guy who was using one of the vending machines and when I say hi to him, he’s very friendly and asked me if I’d seen the “Pacific Malibu” drink he’d bought. I end up finding out that my friend had drank it already. There was free food everywhere.

Crazy, convoluted nonsense…it was like a Looney Tunes episode

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Girl, Asian group, roommate, meal

I was looking for a roommate to share a house/apartment/room with and so I ended up with this one girl. I think I chose her name? Anyways, before moving in, I get a letter from her, handwritten, saying that she was really very excited to have me as a roommate and oh so grateful to me for talking to her all those years ago. It was confusing because I didn’t remember any of that, but I was busy so I didn’t give it another thought until the day we were officially moved in together. It was a nice place, a flat with a large window? railing? overlooking the decidedly quaint yet bustling city. I mean, the road outside had no cars, was made up of pavers and was right on the bay. She was really friendly and somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t place her. White girl, dark brown curly hair down to her neck, short, average build. I was a bit nervous having a roommate because I’d had some poor experiences in college, the last time I had a roommate, but we started talking almost instantly on the couch/floor cushions. She mentioned again how grateful she was for me letting her room with me and how all those years ago I talked to her while we were standing on a street. I told her I don’t remember at all, and she described the scene and suddenly I got a picture in my head and was all like, “ohhHHHHHH!!” I apparently did remember. It was from years ago! Very obscure memory and I was kind of weirded out that she remembered from all this time, but kept it to myself. We started talking about other stuff and it was like she was the soul buddy I always had. We had the same thinking tendencies and I started getting into the more strange theories I had but she wasn’t scared away at all. I complained about how my hair was so awful long, but I had to wait for 2 weeks until I could cut it again and then it would be SUPER short again. She looked at me a little bit in shock that it was common for me to have such short hair, but saw that I wasn’t joking and was cool with it instead of berating me about my hair. Wow. I relaxed because this was going really very well.

A time later, we informed me that the other members of the Asian group was going to come. I was like, huh? The Asian club? And have a meeting? Here? But before I could comment, there they were, except they weren’t Asian at all, just 2 more white girls. So it was an Asian appreciation club? Ok….there was one more member, a guy, that was to come, but wasn’t there yet. So the 4 of us sit down in a circle and I’m already not liking these girls. They weren’t mean, but a little bit B, if you know what I mean, and stuck up. They seemed to like me OK, though. The other 3 pull out high end tablets or even beyond tablets and I’m sitting there self conscious until one girl said, where’s your tablet. I say I don’t have one, I only have my laptop, the inferior product, and waited for them to sneer at me, but the one girl just handed me my laptop sitting there on the table and said, get on to our website or whatever. I was relieved but still on edge. The guy showed up, an Asian guy, and I was interested in the possible dating sense.

Then it changed and I was looking out a big window in a run down part of the city. It was a BP gas station and around it were abandoned buildings with colorful graffiti all over them. I couldn’t hear what was going on around me except that I was doing a re-run of an older dream. I told the guy beside me that in a little bit, he’d be riding 3 pigs in a race right outside here. He was like, huh?

Then it changed again to a restaurant. Asian restaurant that was reserved for the large party of my family and relatives. No one else was there and we spanned 2 circular tables. it was a relatively fancy place and someone had ordered each person some food, but no one really ate anything because it wasn’t very good. I tried to eat mine anyways because someone had paid for it, but trying to dig the noodles out of the bottom of my soup bowl was proving almost impossible for me. The servers were distraught that no one was eating anything at all and it was a complete waste of food, but they took the dishes away and brought out a mountain of pate chaud and desserts. They asked if I wanted any dessert which was iced shrimp and I was like, noooo thank you. It looked like they were getting fed up with us and I managed to snag one of the pate chauds before they carted the entire pot away to throw. It was actually good. The whole meal was an absolute waste of money and I felt awful wasting that food. It was a fancier restaurant and I wondered who was footing the bills.

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Co-Worker, food, TV, Pokemon, cake

2 nights worth.

I was driving down a road, busy with other cars. My car turned into a bike and it was a 2 lane road. We were all commuting to work. I decided to go too fast down a windy, hilly portion and managed to crash my bike into the person beside me, who just so happened to be my co-worker. I was like, oh man, that wasn’t supposed to happen, and she was berating me about being too reckless. I said, I’m supposed to be able to pull off moves like that because of the special tires on my bike (they looked like bike versions of my light off-road tires on my car), but apparently not. The rest of the way ended up being walking and all of the sudden there was a massive traffic/walking jam. I try to look around the sea of bodies standing in line on the 2 lane road and I see that there’s a stop point. As we get closer, the stop point is where you were supposed to donate any food you had to those less fortunate. Considering it was a donation, that was a very aggressive campaign. I had a bag of food with me and I ended up giving away everything in it. I watched as the ladies sitting at the table sorted through the food and kept the good ones for themselves. But I was free to go now, being the good citizen I was. I wandered around the building behind the table which looked like a big college campus (I think this was my work place?) I remember being extremely self conscious because everyone was white, and they kept giving me that look as they passed by, that “ew wat are you doing here non-white person.” I was used to that treatment and wandered on as confidently as I could. There was a stage show, a talent show, where I watched very amateur people try to pass off talent. Then I appeared on top of a building where I watched as those who had donated food were made to wear Japanese bunny maid suits and set on this large river and waterfall.

I’m at my old house, the one I grew up in. I’d recently had new cable and internet installed at my place and it was a good experience. This house was to have the same company do it. My dad was there and he was being an absolute jerk on the phone and to my family around him. I didn’t want anything to do with it, so when the lady that had done it for me came, I told her that my dad was upstairs (she remembered me) and that I wasn’t going to go up there. I’d be downstairs if she needed me, but good LUCK with that. She’d been on the phone with him and gave me a wry smile before venturing upstairs. Not my problem.

I was driving around a wooded and quiet neighborhood, looking for Pokemon. My map indicator would show which ones I hadn’t caught yet and weren’t in my Pokedex, but I had the vast majority already. It would also indicate hidden items, but I was a veteran and had plenty. I did manage to get into a group fight with 8 other Pokémon, my single one being a Pikachu, but the Geodude used Magnitude (12!!) and not only wiped out the other Pokémon but also my Pikachu that was easily 8 levels above everyone else. Darn low defense Pikachu. I reach my destination in a house with 3 other guys and they come up with this great idea about making a cake. What a great idea! I’m not good at making cakes, but decorating one would be awesome. They crack jokes the whole time (I had just watched Whose Line is it Anyway before sleeping), and soon the cake comes out and we start decorating. To my discomfort, they start decorating with breasts, nipples, and penises. I’m standing there watching them as they’re so happy and excited and turned on by making this cake for their party which more than likely was going to be THAT kind of party. I go along with it, attaching a penis that was way too long and start drooping on the stick, and trying to make the parts more anatomically correct (men…). When they are finished it looks like a ball sex monster with weird projections. They turn it over to this other person who returns with some VERY detailed and accurate revisions to the pieces. Everyone is clapping and cheering and hugging on each other and the party is about to start. I’m stuck with no ride home, and then…I wake up.

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Friend, rooming, coworkers, food

We were in a place like it was a school, but the rooming situation was a little strange. It was definitely a school because we had to attend classes, but it was located in an open air compound that trained/schooled many different skill sets/jobs. It almost seemed military. My old friend and I were partnered up to be roommates. Our first “room” if you will which basically was just a place to sleep, was on the roof of a one story building. The ragged looking lady that was there was supposed to be vacating the area so that we could take use of the bed. She was very friendly and the area was well maintained, so we were OK with it. The bed was large and nice. We were about to put our stuff down, when we were informed that our rooming assignment had changed. Instead of on top of the roof, we were to be on ground level about 2 streets over. The nice part was that it was a covered area between 2 buildings, but that’s where the niceness ended. It was dark, for one, and we weren’t happy with that because darkness breeds vermin, illness etc. Then there was the bed: the metal bed frame was large, but the mattress was extremely thin and very poor quality. There was another mattress across the way from our little square of space that was empty, but it clearly belonged to another group of roommates. It’s not like we had much choice since those were our orders, so I put my stuff down. I chose the right side of the bed. I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep. The next thing I knew i awoke because I heard noises. My roommate had fallen asleep too, next to me, but I had been well equipped from home with nice bedding and a thick blanket. She had a very thin blanket. I felt bad and was about to wake her up and ask her if she wanted to share mine because I knew she gets cold easily. I heard the noise again, coming from my right side, and looked over to see that we were placed right outside the fire/EMS training building. The big group of trainees were out doing calisthenics and being yelled at military style by their instructors. It was still pitch black outside and there was no way we were going to be able to sleep through that. In the square across from us, 2 other females were waking up to the same realization. They were marveling at the fire heroes and exclaiming about how glamorous and hot they were. I became instantly upset and with my ex having been through the same thing and now a firefighter, I told them that I before him and before knowing some insider information, I used to revere fire and police too. I certainly still respect their duties to the people, but it’s not as glamorous as they think it is, and the people aren’t as caring as you think they are either.

There was a very slow chase scene whereupon either I was being chased or I was doing the chasing of and by a bratty child through narrow buildings and streets with common obstacles in the way.

Right after that we were out in the day taking courses. We were to pick a weapon set from the cart before us. I happened to choose the one with knives even though I kind of wanted the one with bows and arrows. No matter, knives of different sizes were really cool. I joined the others in my class sitting at a very long table like those found in grade school cafeterias. Everyone had set theirs in front of them and I was admiring mine. I don’t know what happened to my roommate who was supposed to be there, but it didn’t matter because I was super excited to be learning about whatever we were about to learn.

Well, I never got to learn it because all of the sudden I was in a grocery store. I was apparently staying in a living arrangement with one of my coworkers and we were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. I told her that it’s OK, I’ll cook tonight and I wanted to do one of my mom’s favorite meals. It would be easy, yummy, filling and fast. The target group was not picky at all. So as she was shopping for different items we’d need, I went around and picked up the ingredients I’d need. I had to call my mom to ask and make sure I was getting the right ingredients, and she hung up on me, but then I saw her wandering around the store. What?? OK, then that’s good because I was busy looking for the last and most important ingredient: a Marzetti raspberry vinaigrette. The particular grocery store was unfamiliar to me and I went to ask the workers there and they told me it was on the other end of the store in the aisle before the Mario Kart. I thanked them and thought, Mario Kart? They have A MARIO KART??? Wow. Anyways, I continue to search for the dressing. My coworker was already starting to check out, I was running out of time! Then, AH HAH! There! The packaging was completely different from what I remember it being, but there it is!

Cut to a different dream. Much more convoluted and not as clear. Driving, something about my dad, relatives, windy mountain roads. Maybe a relative’s house?

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Work, food, waterfall

Good, quality sleep is apparently incompatible with me, but don’t let my bizarre theories scare you, lol.

Some stuff in our neighborhood now. I’m parallel parked and we need to go somewhere, but I’m sick or something strange is going on. Cars. Heat. My brother, my mom. I want to eat food at this place, but I keep getting thwarted from the meal that I want because things keep happening. I’d been trying at least 3 or 4 times to order this exact meal that I want, but alas.

Then more crazy stuff. I was on some big missions. It was frigid cold and the crew consisting of big men and other families were passing through the next stop/mission point. I wasn’t particularly useful, just more like a supervisor than anything. We had just about finished up securing all of the supplies in that particular room. I went outside first to scope out what was going on next. There was word of rebellion or mutiny, so to escape Robin from Teen Titans loaded his crudely made high-tech boat onto a waterfall coming from where the crew was and rode it down (with me) the steep drop to the ocean below. It was water, but choked up with plants. The machine mostly stayed intact, but what could have survived a fall like that? I hid underneath the remaining pieces and Robin had some conversations with his teammates. We started swimming out into the vast ocean, to freedom, but then saw the enemy ship coming our way. They had seen the crash and would certainly investigate. All hope was lost.

I was at work, doing my job. I had brought back my patient while humming the Teen Titans! tune. I finished my 3pm patient had just gotten done in real-time graphics. Went to go get the doctor who was stressing out that she was so busy and not getting anything done. I briefed her quickly about the new patient I just saw (even the name came up clearly on the computer in the dream….Oda Robbins? Something like that) and she surprisingly came to do the exam and it was a quick exam too. I was elated. My next patient was my mom, as well as the last of the day. It was only 3:38pm, so we both took separate cars to this different office where I was applying for a job and they wanted a working interview. The parking lot looked very familiar from other dreams. We both go inside and it turns out that the office is attached to a Target. How convenient! I told my mom the plan which was to see the one patient they had for me and hopefully it will be quick enough that we can go back to my office and finish her appointment because she’s not a hard patient. As I was coming up on the dental place, I got a funny vibe. I left my mom to look at things in Target and worked my way to their front desk. They didn’t have any patients yet and it almost seemed like they weren’t even open yet. I got the attention of one person in the 7 person group in the front and told them who I was. The man nodded and started rifling through the papers there. I tried to smile at some of the other workers, but they were busy sizing me up. He then asked me if I was able to see patients from 6-8pm and I was like, wait, what? I thought they were closed in an hour. He said no, it was their late day which explained why nothing was being done yet. I wrinkled my nose and told him that I need to talk to my mom first. The girl told me that was about 3-4 patients. That wasn’t the original deal! I run out to my mom who is browsing and I tell her the situation, leaning towards ditching the place and going back to finish her appointment in my office. She told me not to and that she’ll become a new patient here so that I could clean her teeth, that way I won’t lose the opportunity at this new place. I told her I already don’t like it, so I don’t care, but she insisted, so I decided to agree to take the patients for her sake. I went back in and now the front desk area had all the workers sitting on the floor waiting for something…a meeting? There was a guy and a girl without any clothes on, just some bath towels and looking sheepish, though. Everyone else seemed as depressed as they did when I first came in. What a huge team! The office must be massive! I hate chains, and I can already tell there is drama here. I’m wandering through their halls looking for the guy and I wave at some of the other people who work there, but they just scowl at me and return to doing what they’re doing. I’m about to tell my mom we’re leaving, when I wake up.

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Dog, nightguard, toothbrush, gas station, house/war, my legs

I had the hardest time getting up this morning…similar to springtime! It smells like spring and feels a bit like it too! This weather is insane.

There was this group of 4 friends walking by an apartment complex when they see a black, young dog racing around out there. They manage to catch it and for whatever reason they become mad and upset at the owners for something, so they troop into the apartment the dog’s owner lives and already there is a problem. Only 2 of them managed to get inside the apartment door (a girl and guy, I remember mentioning that I’m so glad a guy made it in there) before it closed and I could hear loud yelling. I looked outside at a commotion and then looked back to see that the remaining 2 friends had been able to hold open the door. I yelled at them to take pictures and call the cops, and they started filming too. Then 4 big college guys begin to troop into the complex, ready to fight and saying, If that’s MY dog they’re arguing about, I’m about to open a can on them! I’m like, uh oh, and skedaddle. Useful, I know.

I end up in a store at the mall. I walk past this mannequin display with an interesting dental tool attached to it. Some random shopper runs up to me as soon as I pick it up in my hand to investigate, and asks, ARE YOU GOING TO BUY THAT?? As if, if I do, then she will. I say, I don’t know yet, and proceed to try out all the demo functions, each brush head (ridiculous ones too) on my face, etc. Then I tell her that the $69 price tag is too much and that if it was half of that, then I would. I look closer at the price tag and there’s a markdown etched into it! At first it said -2, which I took to mean minus two dollars, but looking even closer saw it said half off. I happily exclaimed to the customer that since it’s only $30 (yeah that’s not half…) and I have a coupon, I will definitely buy it! She claps her hands at my luck.

I don’t remember exactly what happened in this next one, but it dealt with really flavorful and delicious cuts of meat that I was unable to taste. Then my half awake dream brain remembered why, it was because I was wearing my night guard! Solution: remove the night guard and shove it under the pillow so that I could enjoy the scrumptious meal!

I was driving around at night, somewhere half familiar and half not. I end up at this park-like green space and I see some columns and lights, so I leave my car to investigate and it turns out to be a historical, pristine, relief carved in beautiful and perfect white marble. Not only that, but it’s not traditional vertical wall, it was carved into the terrain of the ground into the small hill there. So because it was historical and beautiful and I wanted to see all of it, I took off my shoes and proceeded to climb and crawl all over the preserved artifact, making sure to revel my feet in the cold rocky feel of it all. Turns out the images depicted on it are of some controversial nature as it was carved in honor of the Nazi’s but in ancient Chinese art style. I found my family and brought them over to see it so everyone could climb over it too. Then there was some strange thing melded to the dream where there was a war of sorts starting in a massive kitchen? And I needed to ferry supplies to that one base which then we had to quickly move because we’d been found out.

Drove out to a gas station to get gas and ended up sitting there watching another guy get gas. Then something about a flamethrower.

The very last one I remember involved my greyhound mentor and his wife. We were outside and somehow he had managed to fall off or jump off a half-constructed building and could not use his legs. I was staying in this place and somehow I had broken my leg or injured it too. I wanted to go to the grocery store, though, so his wife said she could take me since he couldn’t. I said I could drive, but then again, I was supposed to have one leg injured, so I went with it. Originally I’d intended to go in my pajama pants, but I decided to go change into jeans since that’d be embarrassing for them. I carefully put my legs into my pants and found that actually they didn’t hurt that badly. The room I was in, was my old room in the last house we had. I made sure to change the screen on my laptop before it burned into the screen, and then proceeded to meet his wife who would drive me. She had pulled up in this Formula 1 drag race car and almost couldn’t control it. I almost told her that I felt fine and could drive myself, but she insisted I get into the passenger seat. It was completely made of metal, and somehow I navigated my injured self into it. Then we were at Harris Teeter, and I shot off to shop on my own, because I didn’t need chaperones, thanks. They still followed me anyways and that was annoying, but I managed to pick a few items and then found a neato box in the dog food aisle that ha da picture of a greyhound on it. Inside contained cans of sardines and anchovies. I picked up a German shepherd box and that had dehydrated meal of kibble, spinach and carrots in it. I guess German shepherds like that. I showed it to my greyhound mentor who happened to be perfectly fine and we looked at the price ($39.79) and I complained that buying from Costco would be cheaper, but I guess it wasn’t too bad a price.

Then my body jolted awake 2 minutes before I was supposed to wake up.

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Avocado, class, Josh Groban

I was in my last semester of college and unlike other semesters (in previous dreams) I was actually going to attend class so that I could graduate! Loaded a couple classes into my schedule and attended my first day. I get into one class and the instructor looked like Josh Groban. He played with the lights a bit, demonstrating to the class what the lights would be like so that he could watch out for people sleeping (dark in the front, on in the back). I happened to be sitting in the very back corner next to this other dude. As the professor was saying that, I looked over in front of me where 3 rows up this Asian dude with glasses was straight up sleeping already. He starts class by drawing and writing on the right side chalkboard (projector was up front). “AVOCADO: and introductory course.” My eyes bug out and whisper to the kid next to me, “why in the hell am I taking a boring course like this?” Then it became apparent! I must be majoring in Biology? Because the parts of the avocado had names like Golgi apparatus, etc. I was like, OHHHHH!!! It’s because avocados are the perfect real life example of cell structure! Duh! Ok, this class is totally worth it now. We all write down notes as he says it and eventually as he talks he moves around the room to where I’m sitting against the wall of windows. I’ve been busy playing on my portable speaker some music and I keep trying to turn it down, but for some reason it keeps turning itself back up! As he stands there next to my desk, my music is loudly playing “Be Not Afraid,” a Christian church hymnal. I apologize and try to turn it down, but the lowest setting is still freaking loud. He just stands there, humming, and swaying to the song, otherwise enjoying it, until it ends and I turn it off, before returning to his lecture which at that point was just reading straight from the textbook. He moves to the front of the room, where he has an electric guitar and a complex, high tech amp/sound system he fiddles with. Obviously he’s about to serenade the class with some singing and music and by this time had turned into Josh Turner, not Josh Groban. Right before he’s about to strike the first cord….I wake up. GAAAAAHHH!!

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Not sure if this is appropriate, BUT I guess this is a dream blog after all, sooo here it goes.

Had a couple dreams (and managed to pull all the blankets to one side of the bed), but here are the memorable bits.

Vague memory of being around some large buildings, shopping. Well, as it turns out, for some reason I JUST found out after decades on this earth, that I not only had my own genitals, but that of a female and male on top of it. It was…perplexing…to say the least and I was not only embarrassed but unsure of what to do. People kept asking me to help them with things, men and women alike and I was extremely uncomfortably aware of the large bulge in my pants…not because of the man-bits doing things, but because the 2 add-on parts on top of my original had to have been visible? Pants aren’t made for conditions like that! Then the man-bits DID start acting up, of course, and locked myself in the bathroom for as long as I could get away with, panicking about what to do while simultaneously curious about what it was (after the initial shock started wearing away) and how it worked and what the HELL it all was. Speculation as to how it got there. I resolved to go visit a doctor about it and talk about having it removed…but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how vascular the genitals themselves tended to be. Well, wouldn’t know until I talked to someone.

Later, I was driving around with some family members and cousins and friends (they kept switching up) and we all decided to stop for this old Popeyes. We are first in line and this Popeyes is like a factory! Except the signs look like Long John Silvers. The rest of us order and sit down with our food. I’m eating my meal deal of chicken, savoring and ripping out meat and getting grease on my hands. My mom has just gotten out of the bathroom and went to go place her order. Well, my mom surely can’t see the menu well, so there’s some discussion going on at the counter, so as it starts getting heated, my brother and I stand up to go see if we can help. I get there first in time to catch the Asian man helping her yell at white lady in the back who is trying to help take the order. He tells her to go back to doing her job, that this is HIS role and he can do it. Embarrassed, I look around at the other workers standing at their stations and everyone has that ignore face on. Maybe it happens a lot. I didn’t help too much and my mom ends up ordering chicken tenders or something, so she pays and we all go sit down again. As we’re all eating I look around at the other customers, the environment, the menu. Looks like you can order a play to be performed if you wanted to, which I grinned at, imagining the workers donning the costumes to come out and dance for about 10 minutes. Then we leave and some mail is delivered to my mom by a courier who catches up to us. The message is, “Good news, the cook who made your tenders did not get struck by lightning!” We’re like what?? The courier explains to us that they don’t make honey maple tenders anymore because it’s so dangerous to make. Lightning really likes to strike those who make chicken tenders. That’s why they were arguing at the counter. I guess my mom really wanted her tenders.

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