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I was at my cousin’s house. We were outside doing something with a plastic yellow toolbox. Her mom told me that she was supposed to be doing homework for school during the quarantine. She wasn’t. I tried to help her, as we sat on the asphalt in front of the house, but she didn’t want it, so I started cutting my nails with clippers from the toolbox. My sister came over and said she needed to cut her nails. I told her there were about 4 in there to choose from. She looked and then curled her lip in disgust, asking if there were any without grime on the blade. I was like, huh? I hadn’t even bothered to look. Eep. Then we went inside and it seemed that my sister and I were to stay for the night. I was dreading all of this because my cousin always had a knack for wanting to sleep with me when we were younger. I kept waiting for it, but she was on her best behavior and merely asked if I needed a blanket. I told her, no and she nodded, then left. I guess I was going to use my jacket as a blanket. Somehow my sister managed to snag the blanket and the couch, while all I got was the armchair.

It was getting late and I was inside of a building. As I left, I saw an old, old acquaintance from college sitting at a table with chairs around it. She was emptying some large gelatinous, sticky balls onto the table and just had to go over and squeeze one. I asked what these were, enjoying the strange sensation. She said they were for her youth group and invited me to stay. I didn’t want to, but those big sticky balls were just awesome. Before I knew it, some people I didn’t know were sitting around the table and talking about stuff. I hadn’t heard a lick of what they’d been talking about, but decided to jump in at that moment, lamenting about how much rent costs for a single tenant vs. having a roommate. I was thinking about how I was stuck living in a situation with 3 other roommates and how I really just wanted to be on my own. The others just kind of stared at me.

Now, it’s daytime and I’m going to work. We aren’t seeing patients yet, just there for a consultation/orientation of sorts. They hand me a $55 check and I leave, telling me that it was my choice to cash it in or not. Some stuff happened with my car, leaving the check in it, etc.

Then I was inside of a house. It was a little dark, but I was by myself and the place seemed very new and mostly devoid of stuff. I was in one room and started searching, “guy’s sex room” on my phone. Two large cardboard pieces appeared in front of me and I laughed because apparently a guy’s sex room was all about wrestling, boxing and sporty things. Then I went to a different room and looked up “a girl’s sex room.” That ended up not amounting to much as the search engine pulled up images of stuffed animals, and benign things. I laughed again and then started watching the Simpsons.

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Work, boyfriend

I was at this gathering of family, but they weren’t family members I knew all that well. My older cousins were there and one of them mentioned my name, saying, let her find it. I went over to look and I couldn’t find it either. I decided to leave because I didn’t know anyone at all, but the congregation was dispersing anyways. I walked with my mom to the car, one of the last people to leave. As usual, I was parked way far away. Suddenly, we were being attacked! The enemy was in another car and firing upon my allies. I ran towards the gas station for cover. They saw me, though, so I ran full tilt towards my car. Suddenly, my car drove off. Without a plan, I raised my M4 and fired upon the enemy. That’s when my car, driven by an unknown man in black pulled up in front of me and yelled for me to get in. I threw open the door, lay my weapon on the seat and got in. I yelled at the man about my mom, but she happened to run up to the other side of the car. She threw her gun in the back too, and then hopped in the front passenger seat. The man hit the gas and we flew away.

Then I was in a mall-ish type place with lots of vendors indoors. I was walking around looking at things. That’s when a female (not familiar) with long brown hair started gushing all over me and decided that we were dating. I kind of went along with it, somehow being unable to tell her that I was not a male, but in fact, a female. We were so far in and she was so excited, though, that I just couldn’t bring myself to let her know, and decided that I had to find a way to let her down easy and never let her experience the humiliation of knowing that she thought I was an attractive male, when I was, in fact, totally female. I treated her as a boyfriend would, she hung on me, hugged me and honestly, I enjoyed the attention. She even decided that my hair needed brushing, so she sat me down and took a brush to it. It was so full of snags, it was sort of painful. She berated me about having such dirty hair and I laughed, telling her that I had been doing yardwork. With that much time being up close and personal, I just made sure to keep my arms crossed over my boobs (thankfully they were small), so that she wouldn’t find out. It seemed to work. We wound up in a vendor’s setup and I happened to catch sight of my old roommate who was wearing one of those ski coats. I darted over to her and begged her to help me out, quickly trying to explain the situation. She ended up just smiling as I was being dragged away by my “girlfriend.” Useful.

Now I was at work. It was our first day back since the lockdown started. I walked in late and found the waiting room extremely full of excited, happy patients. No one, not a one, was distancing themselves in the least, but they didn’t care. Young/old/middle aged, they sat in the chairs, smiling and laughing with each other. Everyone else was working except me who was tattling to my boss about what was going on. Then I hung out in the extra room talking to my coworker and then my other doctor came in and asked me why I wasn’t working. Turns out, even though my schedule was full, someone had booked the exact same patient on two schedules. He then joked that I could’ve been at home walking my dog around the block. I told him that yeah, I wish I could. Then I went into the back and saw so many masks and cups of water sitting back there. Another coworker was standing back there, but she didn’t look anything like I remember. I had meant to go down to my car, but I looked at the time and I had only 5 minutes before my next patient!

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Loughlin, naked, winning, ex

Something inside the Cathedral. A disjointed and rather disconcerting dream.

I was complaining while watching TV that it’s a shame that Lori Loughlin and that whole scandal thing happened because her show Garage Sale Mysteries was one of the best ones on the channel. The episode was one I’d never seen before and I spent half of it inside the episode and half watching it. The show involved medieval time period, magic and the like. Eventually I was in the dark castle area towards the end of the show. The big muscular/tank character was carrying this ridiculously heavy load up 3 levels by climbing the walls and even he was getting tired. He made it, though, and soon, it was time for everyone to go to sleep. I had the tank go take a shower as he would be pretty smelly. Then the midget/dwarf magical character purposefully wandered by while the tank was taking a shower in the very un-private stone area. The dwarf had a lecherous smile on his face.

All this time I had been kind of walking with these characters, following their movements. While things happened, I had a knowledge that I was being followed too, by my ex. He would come and go, but I’d detect the presence.

Then, I was attending a large gathering in City Hall with the rest of the townsfolk. Everyone was dressed nicely and excitedly chattering. I made my way through the crowded assembly room, all the way to the front of the group near the stage to sit down. There were a few minutes before the meeting started. That’s when I realized that I was chilly and quite naked. At least I was covered in a dark paint/muck from the castle area. I got up and tried to quickly leave without drawing too much attention to myself, but being naked does that. When I make it back (now wearing a skin-tight, purple getup) I made my way back up towards the front. The meeting had already started and the lady was now calling out the winning number. I was looking at the picture on my phone, but it was fuzzy and hard to make out. The announcer kept repeating the number and explaining what the image looked like. I half heard her as I was concentrating on the image in my phone. I had a feeling that I had the winning one as no one else was claiming it, but I couldn’t tell. I called out to her to repeat the numbers. Just as I looked back at my phone, suddenly it was clear, as if the item blocking what I needed to see was just removed. I DID have the winning number! I exclaimed as such and the people around me were annoyed and jealous at the same time. I showed the announcer my phone and she also had a hard time telling what the numbers said. A jealous woman from the crowd also got up to be sure. I had won!! Applause from the dapper-dressed crowd. I had won an apron. I remember being somewhat disappointed, as I’d wanted a car or money, but I’ll take it. I removed the apron from it’s display hanger and WOW it was substantial. Heavier than even a lead vest. It was the same orange, floral and white color with minute frills as how my mom likes aprons, so I walked over to the folding tables and plopped it in front of my mom. The people around started clapping for me winning and my mom was very happy.

As I left the venue to get to my car, I passed by two people talking. Turns out one was my ex and the other was my uncle Merle. My ex was telling my uncle, “–yeah I used to go to mass, but it was sooooOoOOoOooOoo difficult to keep that up!” My mood soured and I rolled my eyes. What is he doing in MY dream?

…why am I always naked in dreams??

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Walking, GD, poop

It was night and I was running along in the road. There was another person with me (female) and I didn’t really see them, I just knew they were there. They were quite fast and I ran ahead. We reached the bumpy construction part in the road and I realized suddenly that there were cars behind me. I ran carefully but quickly and tried to run past the part of the sidewalk where they had left a lot of debris. The lights behind me got closer and closer and I leapt up onto the sidewalk. By the time I got to the turn into the road leading home, it seemed like a festival or workshop on painting was just finishing up. Art easels were set up along the walkway and they had been painting their pet dogs. It seemed fun! After that section of the sidewalk, I realized how far we would have to walk before getting home and while I was all for exercise, it was dark and I was tired. I pulled out my phone and dialed my brother to see if he could come pick us up. My companion asked if this was cheating and I dismissed the notion with a “pffft.” My brother picked up and answered weird as if I was calling from someone else’s number. I asked him to come pick me up and he told me he couldn’t because something serious from work had just popped up. I was like, FINE and then hung up. Looks like we were going to have to walk the entire way home, ourselves. By the time I’d hung up, we’d gotten rather close to home, at the light turning onto the little road. I decided to call my mom and give it a shot anyways. As we turned the corner, she was standing there, waiting for me. She was going to lead us home in the dark. In a way, I was grateful, but then we both had to carry something heavy. My companion had to carry a heavy pot or something similar and I had to bring the teak rocking chair. They left ahead of me and I turned around to load it onto my back.

Then I was talking to Gamer Dude and asked him what he was going to do when he got home. He shrugged and said matter-of-factly that he’d play with his dolls. I laughed and had a strong feeling that he meant his sex dolls. He seemed both unabashed and abashed at the exact same time. I teased, asking, “So, you’re going to party with your dolls, eh?” He scowled but said, “Yes.” More laughter from me.

Then I was inside of a house, specifically inside of a bathroom. There I with an adult and a little girl. And poop. Lots of poop. At first it was the girl’s poop, like nonstop, but then I wasn’t sure if it was mine or hers. For some reason, I had the pleasure of making sure it got into the toilet and wiping her/my bottom. I washed my hands 3 times, thinking that each time it was done, but it wasn’t. Finally, I was sure that was it and I washed my hands again only to turn and find that a big ol’ hunk had somehow gotten stuck outside of the toilet bowl. I grabbed toilet paper and picked up the hefty, solid piece of poop, dropped it into the toilet and washed my hands. Then I hightailed it out before more poop could come out. Unbelievable how much that girl (or this girl) could poop!!!!

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I was in the house I grew up in. My brother and I had either acquired it or was fixing it. Above the sink, there were two recessed lights that kept alternately blinking. Not only that, but down the wall there was a hole in the drywall that kept glowing orange. I was afraid the entire house would burn down, so I ripped out that part of the wall, brought it over to the table where my brother was sitting (he had all the tools) and asked him to open it up. He ran a scalpel along it and I reaffixed the portion back up onto the house. I pulled the drywall off, but I never got a chance to see anything because suddenly everything was rumbling.

I had the distinct feeling like we were moving and both of us ran to the sink window. Sure enough, the house was hurtling along the way at speeds in excess of 60mph. We had no real option but to hang on. Eventually, the house got smaller and smaller until it was the size of an SUV and my brother was then driving it from where the sink was. I had my nose pressed up against windows taking in the view. He passed several optional dungeons and then we made it to a run-down deserted area. I commented that it would be awesome to turn one of the old auto garages into a house because you could live up top and have access to all of the garages and tools. Then we couldn’t go anymore. My brother kept ramming the vehicle into the chainlink fence gates which were chained and locked, but they wouldn’t break. We got out and tried to go into the shop there, but jumped backwards when a bunch of little girls and mudmen-type of beings exited. I grabbed what looked like the handle of a broom and start smacking the little girls. Eventually we won and I’d hit the girls so hard that my broom was splintered and broken in my hand. The four of us trooped into the store now and gathered around the counter where the guide there excitedly explained what we’d be doing next. I vaguely knew that the other team members were my family, only seeing my sister’s magic staff. I was proudly holding my splintered broom handle while listening. The man then asked the group who wanted to hold all the keys (effectively be responsible for the leading the group). No one wanted to so I raised my hand up high to volunteer. The guide didn’t really want to give it to me, but seeing as there were no takers, handed me not only the long strip of plastic keys, but another long thing. He explained that I would be getting a weapon upgrade. I exclaimed, “Wow! These are so much better than my old razor blades!” …except that I had been using a broom handle? Apparently I’d been using those tiny metal razor blades, and the long, blue, razors were definitely an upgrade.

Then we exited through the other door which led us into a network of caves. There we ventured through room after room, fighting and navigating the map. I just remember complaining that my brother was moving too quickly and missing too many things. The others were following his lead. Towards the obvious end of the level and game, I activated the save ring on the ground and decided to turn back on my own. My brother turned around to ask why I wasn’t moving forward and I told him he had missed all the powerups. He hesitated, clearly wanting to finish, but I adamantly moved backwards to gather the items that we would surely need on the last boss of the game. I wasn’t about to die.

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Mosquito, dog, poop

I was walking with Gable and we were in a building. That’s when I saw a second Gable except that one was not only younger but bigger. The original Gable wandered off when I dropped the leash because Gable 2 had just pooped and then laid in it. I kept smacking #2 to get up. Finally he did and I asked him why in the world he lay in his own poop. Gable 2 explained that he thought I wanted him to. Unfazed by the fact that he could talk, I threw my hands up in the air in disbelief and then moved on to trying to clean up both the dog and the mess. That’s when my nephew walked up next to me. He picked up his shoe-less little foot and showed it to me. I asked if he’d stepped in the poop and he said, “yes.” Great. I called over to my mom that now the kid was involved too , then asked my nephew to back up a little. He did and stepped into the poop again.

Then I was in the kitchen of my house dealing with a new crisis. My sister had just to visit and told me that the giant mosquito on the counter had Malaria and followed her from where she’d just been on vacation. It was huge, like the size of my hand and you could see the designs on its wings and back. I’d trapped it with a wire basket which was too small for it, and I yelled for the other person in the kitchen to watch it while I scrambled for a bigger device. I slapped another, slightly bigger hand sieve over top just before it was able to squeeze out from between the wire. It didn’t like that, but continued to try and escape. The contraption jumped and wiggled, the mosquito was so strong. I dove for the cabinet to find something else, but just as I turned around, it knocked everything onto the floor. I whirled around, but to my relief, somehow I’d jammed the hand sieve down so hard it had clasped in with the bottom part. I grabbed a melamine colander which was heavy and would totally contain it, but someone else had come in and let the mosquito outside. NOOOOOO! I shouted, and the perpetrator asked me why I needed it. I explained about the malaria and how because it escaped, it would infect everyone! The reason I hadn’t killed it and wanted it alive was so that I could give it to the proper authorities to research and study and hopefully find a cure. I stomped over to a phone book to look for the number for the infectious disease people. My mom asked me what I was doing and I explained that I had to report this. She was worried and suggested we don’t otherwise we’d get into trouble. I’d found the paper and showed her the highlighted words detailing the obligation to report on pain of prosecution. Plus, it was the right thing to do. I found the email address and remembered that I’d done this before too with something else.

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Elephant, family, banquet, car, asian market

Something about being outside of a facility in the cloudy nighttime, dusk-ish looking sky. Vending machine? School? Buying groceries in college town being cheaper than other places?

Then in the TV room of the house I grew up in. Then I had just moved into what seemed like a shelter during hard times. It was time to go to sleep and the father (mine? Someone else’s? I didn’t recognize him and he was way too calm to be my dad) and sister (who acted like my sister but looked nothing at all like her) told me that my laptop cord was way too bright and would prevent everyone from sleeping. My bed and my brother’s bed would be underneath a loft where other people would sleep and it was a really nice setup in such bad times. We were allowed a curtain to lend us the precious little privacy it could, but the power source was a distance away which is the cord was hanging out in the room like that. Unfortunately they were right. That bright blue cord IS too bright at night. The girl was sniggering while complaining telling the dad to make me get rid of it. Since he was taking care of that dorm, I could tell he was trying to figure out a solution that benefited everyone there. While they exchanged words, I was was busy silently coloring the darn thing with an almost dry Sharpie. It worked and I triumphantly plugged it back in so everyone could see.

Then it changed to a banquet in a banquet hall. Everyone was wearing nice clothing. It was still nighttime and my brother and I had arrived late. I recognized very very few people. At first, I made my way over to where the biggest and oldest attendees were. My seat was smack in the middle at a table and I kept getting the feeling like this was a symphony and everyone here played an instrument. Everyone was white, so some of them were giving me weird looks, but it didn’t matter because my mom’s sister’s husband was there. While trying to ignore the lavender frilly dress I was wearing and picking politely at my food, I decided to ask my uncle how everything was going. I hadn’t seen any of them for a while. He nodded his head in that “ehhh” way and I was thinking, uh oh, in my head. Then he started explaining what was on his chest, but suddenly the group was entirely too loud and I could only understand snippets of what he was saying. I tried really hard but he was getting frustrated trying to be heard. I made out the words “black New Listing signs” and then it clicked in my head because my mom was telling me about this as her mom told it to her. So that’s what I told him, and then I tried to make it better, telling him that actually, my aunt (his wife) would make a very good real estate agent because you need someone who’s excited but more importantly, will get things done. And she certainly is good at hounding people until something happens. He made that face again.

I’m at a different table now, much further away from the clamorous crowd and with me are my family and relatives. Thank goodness. My brother had disappeared somewhere,  but I was sitting with my sister, some cousins and another aunt. I was getting excited while talking to that aunt and started exclaiming about it, when the aunt who is the wife of the uncle from before comes to sit down. I had just interrupted the first aunt and the second one looked at her sister and told her that I won’t let her talk, so don’t bother. I decided to stop talking then altogether and it was a bit awkward. 

Then my mom shows up and it’s time to go get ready for the next celebration. Second aunt is coming with us, my mom and brother too. One of my cousins whom I’d not seen in a while shows up in his new Forester to pick up the other cousins and I remember thinking, wow! They’re so grown up! He had a beard. I drive out to the light and I keep asking my mom where we’re going, but she’s so busy talking to her sister she doesn’t hear me. Then she realizes that I’m about to go the wrong way and tells me to go straight through the light into the shopping center. I can’t change over to the straight lane because there is a car there, so I tell her it’s ok I’ll just turn around. As it happens, right after the left turn there’s a opening to get into the shopping center. I start turning this way and that, not sure where to go but my mom is still yakking away and not paying attention. We need to pick up a few things at the asian marts so I just start driving, remembering that there’s one that she likes to go to. I’m not exactly sure what happens to my car, but I find the store which is right on the ocean front (the parking lot ends). It’s called “B.F.” The old people go shopping and I veer off to go to a different store. There, I pick up a shopping elephant and start gathering items. The shopping elephants are about Rottweiler sized creatures and I’m not exactly sure what they do, but it’s free for shoppers to use. At least I think so. I put several things in my cart and push it over to the B.F. store to wait outside for my mom since I don’t know if I can bring the shopping elephant into that store. While I wait outside for her, I see a bunch of other elephants, now freed from their shopper, rushing over to play in the waves. They’re pretty cute but then I notice them eating rocks. I look back at my elephant who is busy trying to steal a BBQ chip to eat and I realize how skinny it looks. That’s when it hits me that you need to pay the shopping elephant when you’re done with it. Payment with food. No one seems to know or care. I’m freaking out, so I give it 2 chips, which it accepts with its trunk gratefully, but I know that elephants shouldn’t eat chips. I decide in this emergency to run into the store, but I leave my cart of stuff and the elephant outside. I tell it to “stay!” hoping that it will both guard my stuff and not wander off. I rush in to find my mom in this fancy asian grocery (good thing I didn’t bring it in) and I tell her that I need a bag of apples. She’s not listening again. I don’t have any money, myself, otherwise I’d buy the apples myself. The cashier lady hears me and offers that a bag of apples if $6.76. I was like, bah, that’s too expensive and my mom tells me hush hush that it’s cheaper in another store. I rush away, placing the elephant into my cart this time. This store is cheaper looking and I don’t mind bringing my elephant in. There’s a queue like in an amusement park which is full, but it moves quickly. I make it to front and start running while pushing my elephant in the cart.

It’s now a game! I need to push, run and avoid the obstacles! I’m not doing that well because the cart is so heavy, but we make it through and surely enough, a bag of apples here is only $4.99. Success! 

Then I wake up because Gable is licking himself loudly.

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Fight, car, dad

My mom was driving and I was the passenger. She needed to go return her car which was a rental. We drove a distance away to Woodbridge in order to do so. As we neared the destination my mom slowed way way down to turn and while she at least had her signal on, I was really glad traffic was light. We go in and I point out a parking spot for her to park in. There’s a car with 2 men in it next to us and we’re early. My mom decides to go try to check in anyways but before she does that, she asks the two men if they’ve been waiting long. I’m a bit embarrassed but whatever. She comes back out with a map they gave her. Turns out that while we were early, they were very far behind. The map was of the attractions in the area, so my mom drives off again and I point out where to go. I recognize the place as a shopping center where we’d pull off for gas when we’d go to the beach. However, with the lockdown, I was surprised anything was open at all. There was  Wal-mart among a few others, but most of the boutiques were closed, of course. It was one of those outlet type of places where you could park and walk everywhere.

I went into a store that sold souvenirs and other fun things just to look around and kill time. Not surprisingly there aren’t too many people there. As I look around, I get the feeling that maybe they’re about to close as the time is around 5 or 6pm. I’m not buying anyways as I have no job and therefore no money. Then. I see my dad. Except he’s HUGE. Like FAT. ROUND. He’s wearing a white business shirt and slacks with a tie. Bigger than I’d ever seen him. And he was being very very friendly and nice to the women that work there. In fact, he’s at the checkout counter standing right next to a very obese woman. Everyone is thinking he’s such a nice guy. I wrinkle my face in disgust at the display, but I’m also extremely bothered by the fact that no one here is adhering to the 6 foot rule!!

The more I look around, the more I see everyone’s not only standing near each other, but NEAR each other. I walk away not only to avoid him seeing me, but to get away from people. There’s this younger kid around 12 or 14 or so with darker skin and black hair. He’s been running in front and all around me and it’s annoying, but whatever. I go look at a display to try and control my anger, but he stands so that his shoulders are touching me. I step back and then he’s on my other side reaching smack in front of me to get the item I was about to look at before me. I snap, pushing him away from and yelling at him to back off. Halfway through my exclamation for people to stay 6 feet away from each other, he starts attacking me for pushing him. I’m not only taken by surprise, but he’s coming at me full force. I don’t like hitting a kid, but I’m not about to take it either. We trade blows. He’s about as tall as I am and even though he’s much younger than me, I realize that I’m old and no longer have my strength or weight to back me up. If this goes on too long, I might lose. NO WAY! I see an opening, grab his nose in my fingers and pinch. HARD. Then twist. Instantly, he lets go of me and stops fighting. I remember thinking about how much trouble I’m going to be in after this, assaulting a child, but he absolutely started it and I was still furious about everything. After he surrenders, I shove him away. He doesn’t really complain, just runs off and no one else seems to care much at all.

That’s when I leave the store to go find my mom and tell her to stay away from there since my dad was in the store. Not only that, but we needed to leave because clearly these people care nothing about anyone else’s safety. Then something about little figurines.

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Priests, parachute, friend, kitchen table, algae and not-bleach, work, teeth, store

In an unfamiliar church during mass. Everyone is sitting in the pews trying to follow along, but no one can hear and only the people in the front can see so I’m trying to follow cues from those people. The homily ended up being very short and we were all completely lost as to where we were in mass. I just kept up with the people in the front and the rest of the congregation around and behind me just followed suit.

There was something about a kitchen table and preparing for dinner. I had poured a small amount of alcohol into a small dish and was looking for a space to place it on the very crowded counter so that when I was going to use it in my fried rice dish (flip flopping my decision on what to make) I wouldn’t forget. I couldn’t even get mad with all the stuff on the counter and small island because there were a lot more mouths to feed at that point and my mom was trying her best to make food for everyone.

I was driving or running away and came upon an interesting part of the road. They were rails and at first I skated along and it was awesome, but then the next rail set was a jump that I was wholly unprepared for. I pulled my parachute cord and missed, so I went to join the group waiting for their next jump. Turns out it was a club for these enthusiasts and among them, on the jump point was my friend. She seemed annoyed to see me there, but I hadn’t joined them, just dropped in, literally. The leader prepared us and told us to jump. I jumped but missed the mark badly, descending too fast. We rewound and tried again as no one hit the target. Then I realized my problem, so I changed tactics and moved to the side. I figured that if I could make it up to the other rail track, I could get out of here. When it was time to jump, I hugged the tree line, leaned way back and managed to land pretty far into the track line. It was a tight squeeze there, only crawling room space. The announcer laughed when he told the others where I had landed. The group laughed too but I didn’t care because I just needed to get out of there. I crawled towards the drop down and looked around for the door. Finding it, I went down the dark staircase and opened the door at the end only to find myself back inside. What?? Another person joined me then, someone who also hoped to leave. I went around and left by the exit again and this time we emptied onto a street but there was something wrong. My companion pointed across the street and we watched as a man kept going in and out of walls and tugging on the building so that it moved the way he wanted it to. The building itself was ringed by blue-green and purple highlights. We watched one man walk away after seemingly buying something, and I walked up to the counter to find a fat Tim Allen saunter up to us with the knowing, mischievous smile.

The scene was the house I grew up in, but only in part. I felt like I kept being eaten alive by bugs or maybe the grass was so tall it made my legs itch, but that was apparently normal. I had found out that a liquid chemical I had was making things cleaner. My brother told me that it had the property to kill and cleanse nasty water. I retorted that while it did clear algae, it would also kill everything in it. Then I realized that algae choked water already had no life within it. So we went to test it because that house was so overgrown and unkempt that there was a bit of a nasty swampy place. I placed a few drops into the water and indeed it DID clean. And quickly too! Amazing! I wanted to try again and record it this time. A product better than bleach because it was environmentally friendly and non-toxic. I had created this. Me. If no one else stole my idea, I’d be rich!

At work, it was a disaster. The office was so unbelievably busy. It was a square office, with the MANY operatories lining the outside walls. At least the ones I walked by, there had to have been at least 20 ops. 3 of us hygienists had 3 friends and while I was busy asking someone something, my coworker came up and told me I needed to hurry because the 3 of them wanted to be done at the same time. This annoyed me, but I was going to try to help. I went over to my patient and found them to have had 7 baby teeth extracted and sitting in plastic cups like when they give samples at wholesale clubs. Annoyed more, I collected them, poured them all in the same cup and placed them in the room with the patient’s friend. My patient seemed very squeamish and girly. Stuff happened and I tried to find my doctor who was rushing around trying to get exams done. I pointed to his patient to warn him that the 3 girls wanted to be out. He frowned and nodded and then I showed him the baby teeth. He left to do something and I pulled out of a textbook to read. I hadn’t done my homework yet and had lost my place. I kept flipping through the pages to find my notes and finally, I found it.

There was something really exciting about a grocery store and me being justified in beating a man up in self-defense, and then being interrogated by the hot police officer with enough evidence and witnesses to surely absolve me of wrongdoing, no matter what my attacker said. I just remember feeling a smoldering pride in myself with a hint of fear that even though I told the truth, my enemy’s guile would incriminate me.

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Fried rabbit, cousin, game, car

Some stuff about cars. Driving around at night, and then it turning into a video game where you could drive with each other virtually, more like an app than a console game, though, and it had sponsors like BP. I didn’t get gas from BP much, so my score was relatively low. Then I remembered that I was linked to a friend from a ways away, so I searched for him and it showed up. At that point, there was a race starting virtually, but I got to see it all 1st person. It count down from 5 and I hit the accelerator button too quickly and ended up last off at the starting line. Guh. Dodging obstacles (the location seemed like sonic racing meets Phantasy Star Online), there were many, many paths to take and I ended up just choosing the way at random. The others seemed to know where to go.

I’m not sure if I crashed my car or what, but I was walking, really, running. It was still a race and I hurried into a futuristic building filled with machines. A female guide there was blathering on about how, oh no, some machine broke down and needed the large battery to work. I saw the cursor to move the extra battery which was sitting on a large item moving machine that must have broken down. However, I kept missing the small window to activate the cursor to move it. Finally, I grabbed it properly and set it into the massive machine that needed powering. Now, I couldn’t figure out how to start it. Where was the on button?? I could hear other players rushing in behind me, so I started hitting everything.

Then I was in a home type of place, with bedrooms, kitchen, etc. I was still in a strange facility, except it felt more like I was a prisoner and not a player. The accommodations seemed archaic and dirty. I just had to endure it, though, because I knew that within a short time I’d be let out so that I could go home. With me were 3 or 4 other people. At one point, I sat down to eat dinner and found out that it was someone’s beloved rabbit. The meat tasted weird anyways. Stuff happened and my irritation was only growing. Then there was another meal, fried chicken this time. When I bit into it, I spit it back out and glared at the Asian girl next to me. She shrugged and said that she felt it was a waste if she wasn’t eating any animal in the house. I angrily threw the undercooked and nasty leg back into the bowl and crossed my arms like a petulant child. Then I remarked that the cook surely had something better and vowed to go find him. She blanched at that and tried to warn me about it. I started exploring the living area and found the kitchen. It was creepy in there. Unlike the rest of the place, it was like a medieval castle, all cold, stone walls, grates on the windows and dusty, dilapidated equipment. The cook, himself, was a big guy, Russian it seemed. I was indeed intimidated. I tried to make light conversation and then rushed out of there. I’d rather go hungry. Then I continued to explore the place, it’s dark wood trim, yellow lights, and dirty carpet very much unappealing. But to make best of the situation I started visualizing what each room could be used for. Then my cousin showed up and wanted to take over the spotlight. She’s so annoying. She wanted me to like her, but I kept going into a room she was not in. FINALLY, it was time to go and I went out onto the porch to watch people take jumps in the snow with their cars. Unfortunately, they kept landing in traffic, almost causing accidents. Then I hopped into a helicopter and flew away, enjoying the sparkling lights of the city below, and knowing I was escaping that hellhole.

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