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Dog, uncle, neighborhood, sea stars

I had interesting dreams last night. Nothing scary at least.

I was driving my mom around on the streets we grew up in, the old neighborhood. I remember that distinct intersection. Something happened while we were sitting at the intersection, but it didn’t concern us. Going down the road a bit, I come upon the fact that the houses on the right side were no longer houses, but transformed into entertainment businesses? There looks to be a miniature dog track where dogs can play and next to it, the owner has a dog sitting/kennel/grooming place. I walk over to the guy and ask if there are special rules for greyhound attendance. He kind of shrugs a bit, but hasn’t dealt with many greyhounds, so I nod and go back through the building to leave. There I see my uncle petting everyone’s dogs and I kind of hightail it out the door before he sees me, but I shouldn’t have been afraid, he was preoccupied with other people’s dogs. I proceed to walk to my house (my old house I grew up in), and almost instantly, I see a dog. A Doberman, a female, but she’s bad off. Something in my head told me this was my uncle’s new dog and I was mad because my uncle does NOT need a new dog!! He neither has time nor apparently care for it. I entreat her to come with me because I need to get this dog to safety! Surprisingly, she follows me. We have to navigate up this hill with wood and gravel. She’s in such a bad way I can see all of her bones, her fur is not healthy at all, and she barely has the strength to walk. I make sure to go behind her lest she fall, and nudge her forward every so often as her weak legs scrabble up the way. I make sure we take the path off the road, to limit the chance of being seen, but we have to get to my house and quick! We finally get there and I hide her in my room, telling my mom the situation. Suddenly my uncle bursts into the house and I tell my mom that he CAN’T FIND HER HERE and shut myself in the bathroom so that I don’t have to talk to him. I’ve got to protect and nurse this dog!

Then it changes to some crazy thing where I’m at the beach with a bunch of people and we’re supposed to go into this building, but it’s too hard because there are monster sea stars aggressively blocking our path and way. This sea-creature-human-person-lady comes to help, and I’m like, we can’t go in, and she’s like, no, they’re harmless, go on through, but I’m kind of scared and instead of going into the building, go around it and end up on the sandy beach. It was evening and getting dark.

Some other crazy yet fun situation involving driving around with a male friend. UPS, Staples, going out of business…hard to remember now after I just spent the morning filing my taxes.


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Sister, church, old classmate, mom, Target, Bruce Willis

In the old cathedral we grew up attending mass in, we were congregating and it was OK before mass started that we were talking, but my sister had met one of her friends there (big, white guy) and they went to the back of the south portion of the pews to talk. It was amazingly loud, though, even if mass hadn’t started yet. In a big cathedral like that? I turned around and gestured at her to quiet down. The guy quieted down to a whisper, but she only lowered her voice a little. I rolled my eyes and left my seat to use the bathroom or something in the back. When I came back out, mass had started and some people had started to sit where we had been sitting, so I took my jacket and belongings and moved them to the place we had spent my childhood next to my mom. Unfortunately for me I had to sit next to my sister…When it was over, I spent a good amount of time in the back talking to some of the people there. It seems there was something going on, a mystery of sorts. Some views of the streets and houses surrounding the church later, some storyline, and I was back in the communal area of the church confronting a person I thought was named one name and with a certain face. I’d donated money to him, because he was the music minister for the church (he looked like the renaissance time guys with the point facial hair) and I thought he had a daughter (his house was right outside the church). In a fit of desperation, he removed all of his fake facial hair and it turned out that he was an old classmate of mine from high school! No wonder he was the music minister! Everyone was aghast. I’d caught him!

I was walking around Target with my mom. She was wearing her work clothes. We looked at a few things and I turned around, not seeing her. I looked up and saw her perched on top of a display end cap behind some products. Bemused, I asked her what she was doing. She didn’t respond, but I distinctly heard the sounds of water. She was peeing herself on top of the display shelf. I was completely astonished and horribly embarrassed about what was going on, but it was too late to stop her. I started worrying about how she’d have to come down afterwards and walk around, obviously having wet herself, and that the pee would definitely start flowing down the display shelf onto the floor. I looked around and no one seemed the wiser even though it was amazingly loud to. Interestingly, there were 2 black women also perched on top of the display shelf behind my mom. I decided to walk elsewhere around the store until she was done. She caught up to me and I asked her gently what that was all about. She said she had to pee, and I was like, you know there’s a bathroom just down the store, and that she should, she¬†works¬†there. She told me that she simply could not hold it in anymore. I was afraid she’d say that and so suggested she use adult diapers. She made a face and said because you could see them through her pants and I tried to argue that the newer ones are very discreet. Then I wandered off and started poking around in the employee only area in the back. Looked at the boxes, found some wrenches and bolts, generally observing things in a place I had no business being. There at the unloading bay was the guy from first dream. I guess he’d lost his job and was now working for Target. I emerged from the back area to see my mom talking to one of her team leads. I volunteered what I’d seen in the back area and the team lead scrutinized me. I finally realized that going back there was not something I should have done, and attempted to defend myself by saying I’d worked here shortly in the past. She didn’t believe me and didn’t care but I had information she needed.

Then I was working for this company who was expecting clients. The location was in a small building with 3 or so classrooms with desks like a school. I greeted a couple and then all of the sudden we were all on a field trip. My own family included. It was a planned trip so everyone was laden with backpacks and gear. I had a heavy backpack, a camera, and other things, one of the leaders of the trip. There were families from the school type place, one of whom was a man who looked remarkably like Bruce Willis. Eventually we made it to a sunny boardwalk, decked area around a pond or aquatic landscape. Everyone seemed hot and tired, so my mom recommended we find some benches to sit on. Green, blinking arrows indicated free benches, but no one seemed to want to sit on any of the bench clusters first. The Bruce Willis dad/grandpa guy was so tired he was having trouble walking, so I jumped in to help him walk even though there were plenty of strong, able-bodied males that could have done it. BW and I were getting along quite swimmingly and he started to feel like family to me. I helped him to the rest of the group and since no one else dared sit first, I jumped over into a cluster of benches and chose a prime seat in the shade. Finally, everyone was OK with sitting down there. I ran around and took stock of the members of the group and our gear because we were about to head back. All checked out! We head back and it seems that I’d forgotten the very first client who came to the building in one of the rooms…by now he’d found his son, though, so he was satisfied.

3 very different and very strange dreams. I’m happy, though, because these types of dreams are much more typical of me.


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Work, food, waterfall

Good, quality sleep is apparently incompatible with me, but don’t let my bizarre theories scare you, lol.

Some stuff in our neighborhood now. I’m parallel parked and we need to go somewhere, but I’m sick or something strange is going on. Cars. Heat. My brother, my mom. I want to eat food at this place, but I keep getting thwarted from the meal that I want because things keep happening. I’d been trying at least 3 or 4 times to order this exact meal that I want, but alas.

Then more crazy stuff. I was on some big missions. It was frigid cold and the crew consisting of big men and other families were passing through the next stop/mission point. I wasn’t particularly useful, just more like a supervisor than anything. We had just about finished up securing all of the supplies in that particular room. I went outside first to scope out what was going on next. There was word of rebellion or mutiny, so to escape Robin from Teen Titans loaded his crudely made high-tech boat onto a waterfall coming from where the crew was and rode it down (with me) the steep drop to the ocean below. It was water, but choked up with plants. The machine mostly stayed intact, but what could have survived a fall like that? I hid underneath the remaining pieces and Robin had some conversations with his teammates. We started swimming out into the vast ocean, to freedom, but then saw the enemy ship coming our way. They had seen the crash and would certainly investigate. All hope was lost.

I was at work, doing my job. I had brought back my patient while humming the Teen Titans! tune. I finished my 3pm patient had just gotten done in real-time graphics. Went to go get the doctor who was stressing out that she was so busy and not getting anything done. I briefed her quickly about the new patient I just saw (even the name came up clearly on the computer in the dream….Oda Robbins? Something like that) and she surprisingly came to do the exam and it was a quick exam too. I was elated. My next patient was my mom, as well as the last of the day. It was only 3:38pm, so we both took separate cars to this different office where I was applying for a job and they wanted a working interview. The parking lot looked very familiar from other dreams. We both go inside and it turns out that the office is attached to a Target. How convenient! I told my mom the plan which was to see the one patient they had for me and hopefully it will be quick enough that we can go back to my office and finish her appointment because she’s not a hard patient. As I was coming up on the dental place, I got a funny vibe. I left my mom to look at things in Target and worked my way to their front desk. They didn’t have any patients yet and it almost seemed like they weren’t even open yet. I got the attention of one person in the 7 person group in the front and told them who I was. The man nodded and started rifling through the papers there. I tried to smile at some of the other workers, but they were busy sizing me up. He then asked me if I was able to see patients from 6-8pm and I was like, wait, what? I thought they were closed in an hour. He said no, it was their late day which explained why nothing was being done yet. I wrinkled my nose and told him that I need to talk to my mom first. The girl told me that was about 3-4 patients. That wasn’t the original deal! I run out to my mom who is browsing and I tell her the situation, leaning towards ditching the place and going back to finish her appointment in my office. She told me not to and that she’ll become a new patient here so that I could clean her teeth, that way I won’t lose the opportunity at this new place. I told her I already don’t like it, so I don’t care, but she insisted, so I decided to agree to take the patients for her sake. I went back in and now the front desk area had all the workers sitting on the floor waiting for something…a meeting? There was a guy and a girl without any clothes on, just some bath towels and looking sheepish, though. Everyone else seemed as depressed as they did when I first came in. What a huge team! The office must be massive! I hate chains, and I can already tell there is drama here. I’m wandering through their halls looking for the guy and I wave at some of the other people who work there, but they just scowl at me and return to doing what they’re doing. I’m about to tell my mom we’re leaving, when I wake up.

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A couple days worth of dreams

I have NOT been able to sleep well at all the last few days. Here are the ones that stood out the most. In the few minutes I have.

I was in a strange house, rather nice, one story, very open. It was evening and getting into night time. My dad was “cooking” some broth. When I went to taste it, it was extremely bland and not good, so I set about trying to fix it, but couldn’t, so my mom gets home and I inform her of the situation. I’m all ears as she is teaching me how to fix it (which is by putting a ground meat mixture on bread rounds and sliding all of those into the broth). Indeed, I re-taste the soup and it is exactly how it’s supposed to be. The whole time, my dad is silently sitting in the living room in front of the TV, fuming and listening because he doesn’t actually know how to cook well, and he hates not being able to do things as well as people.

Back in the house I grew up in, it’s SO HOT. My brother and I open up the windows to help dissipate the heat, but as it turns out, it makes it worse because the outside air is extremely humid. The heat remains the same, but is now extra humid. I’m mad because just like in the past, it was because my dad is home and he refuses to let us turn on the air. I have an old friend visiting me out of the blue and I bring her on a tour of the house and we end up together in the bathtub, talking about things and catching up. It’s still so hot and I’m suddenly aware I didn’t shave my armpits, but she’s a physician, shouldn’t be an issue, I hope. I mention that my dad has been doing this thing to us with the temperature since forever and I can’t take it anymore so I go down and change the thermostat, but get caught. My mom, siblings and dad are there and because we have a guest in the house, he says, “Yeah, go ahead, turn on the AC” as if he never told anyone to turn it off or leave it off. No one asked, that’s all. He’s not the bad guy. It’s true, he used to do that too. If there were guests, heat and air would come right on. Lights too.

I was doing something last night that involved my ex and his family. I kept wandering through their house repeatedly (it was more like a warehouse-type place). His step-sister and mom were there. His mom and step-sister were very nice to me and wanted me to hang around, but he came home and when I went to greet him, he was irritated and wanted me out. I did, but I came back for some reason and his mom kept talking to me. When he came home again, he saw me and was annoyed but didn’t say anything because it was obvious his family liked and wanted me there. It made me sad to see his indifference and coldness to me, but I had a goal and an agenda and it didn’t matter whether he approved or not. I guess men and women can never be just friends.

There was one more dream here, starring my immediate family…it’s on the tip of my memory, but I forget now. I’m sure it’ll come back during the day today.

AH. I remember now. I was at my paternal grandma’s house and we were going to have after all these years a reunion of sorts. People were coming in and visiting and I was talking to my sister and suspected that it would last probably several days. I wondered how that wouldn’t impact the out of town-ers. I was playing and stuff with my cousins that were there and then I remembered that I’m the one that takes pictures, so I took out my phone and started taking pictures. Then that changed into a point and shoot digital camera. I went about and wishing that I’d remembered my DSLR, started taking images. The adults were all sitting in the dining room talking. My dad was noticeably not there. People I didn’t recognize were there and having a good time. It was still early in the event and we were waiting for a LOT more people to show up. A man went outside to the front porch to check on something on a trellis, and Gable wanted to follow him, so I took him by his collar since I didn’t have his leash handy, and brought him out so he could see what the man was doing. Then I brought him back in and told him to stay while I went to take some more pictures of my relatives and people I didn’t recognize. My mom was happy to be there and all smiles as I took her picture.

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Dog, nightguard, toothbrush, gas station, house/war, my legs

I had the hardest time getting up this morning…similar to springtime! It smells like spring and feels a bit like it too! This weather is insane.

There was this group of 4 friends walking by an apartment complex when they see a black, young dog racing around out there. They manage to catch it and for whatever reason they become mad and upset at the owners for something, so they troop into the apartment the dog’s owner lives and already there is a problem. Only 2 of them managed to get inside the apartment door (a girl and guy, I remember mentioning that I’m so glad a guy made it in there) before it closed and I could hear loud yelling. I looked outside at a commotion and then looked back to see that the remaining 2 friends had been able to hold open the door. I yelled at them to take pictures and call the cops, and they started filming too. Then 4 big college guys begin to troop into the complex, ready to fight and saying, If that’s MY dog they’re arguing about, I’m about to open a can on them! I’m like, uh oh, and skedaddle. Useful, I know.

I end up in a store at the mall. I walk past this mannequin display with an interesting dental tool attached to it. Some random shopper runs up to me as soon as I pick it up in my hand to investigate, and asks, ARE YOU GOING TO BUY THAT?? As if, if I do, then she will. I say, I don’t know yet, and proceed to try out all the demo functions, each brush head (ridiculous ones too) on my face, etc. Then I tell her that the $69 price tag is too much and that if it was half of that, then I would. I look closer at the price tag and there’s a markdown etched into it! At first it said -2, which I took to mean minus two dollars, but looking even closer saw it said half off. I happily exclaimed to the customer that since it’s only $30 (yeah that’s not half…) and I have a coupon, I will definitely buy it! She claps her hands at my luck.

I don’t remember exactly what happened in this next one, but it dealt with really flavorful and delicious cuts of meat that I was unable to taste. Then my half awake dream brain remembered why, it was because I was wearing my night guard! Solution: remove the night guard and shove it under the pillow so that I could enjoy the scrumptious meal!

I was driving around at night, somewhere half familiar and half not. I end up at this park-like green space and I see some columns and lights, so I leave my car to investigate and it turns out to be a historical, pristine, relief carved in beautiful and perfect white marble. Not only that, but it’s not traditional vertical wall, it was carved into the terrain of the ground into the small hill there. So because it was historical and beautiful and I wanted to see all of it, I took off my shoes and proceeded to climb and crawl all over the preserved artifact, making sure to revel my feet in the cold rocky feel of it all. Turns out the images depicted on it are of some controversial nature as it was carved in honor of the Nazi’s but in ancient Chinese art style. I found my family and brought them over to see it so everyone could climb over it too. Then there was some strange thing melded to the dream where there was a war of sorts starting in a massive kitchen? And I needed to ferry supplies to that one base which then we had to quickly move because we’d been found out.

Drove out to a gas station to get gas and ended up sitting there watching another guy get gas. Then something about a flamethrower.

The very last one I remember involved my greyhound mentor and his wife. We were outside and somehow he had managed to fall off or jump off a half-constructed building and could not use his legs. I was staying in this place and somehow I had broken my leg or injured it too. I wanted to go to the grocery store, though, so his wife said she could take me since he couldn’t. I said I could drive, but then again, I was supposed to have one leg injured, so I went with it. Originally I’d intended to go in my pajama pants, but I decided to go change into jeans since that’d be embarrassing for them. I carefully put my legs into my pants and found that actually they didn’t hurt that badly. The room I was in, was my old room in the last house we had. I made sure to change the screen on my laptop before it burned into the screen, and then proceeded to meet his wife who would drive me. She had pulled up in this Formula 1 drag race car and almost couldn’t control it. I almost told her that I felt fine and could drive myself, but she insisted I get into the passenger seat. It was completely made of metal, and somehow I navigated my injured self into it. Then we were at Harris Teeter, and I shot off to shop on my own, because I didn’t need chaperones, thanks. They still followed me anyways and that was annoying, but I managed to pick a few items and then found a neato box in the dog food aisle that ha da picture of a greyhound on it. Inside contained cans of sardines and anchovies. I picked up a German shepherd box and that had dehydrated meal of kibble, spinach and carrots in it. I guess German shepherds like that. I showed it to my greyhound mentor who happened to be perfectly fine and we looked at the price ($39.79) and I complained that buying from Costco would be cheaper, but I guess it wasn’t too bad a price.

Then my body jolted awake 2 minutes before I was supposed to wake up.

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Sister, BiL, friend

I don’t remember too much about my dreams lately. I barely remembered last night’s until I really tried hard to recall it this morning specifically for this blog! Maybe too much is in my mind about Christmas!

There was some hazy thing with family members, a very dark sky (dusk-like), cars. I was roaming around alone in a bustling city. It was cold, but I was warm because I had a winter coat on. I guess I had just moved to the city and was busy exploring it. Went through a few stores and eventually ended up in an indoor mall. I guess I got a call to return to my dwelling, because soon I was back in a house with many rooms. I was talking with someone about what furniture to put where. My sister and brother in law had just arrived and I took them on the exact same track I’d just taken through stores. They kept asking me about the places and I’d respond. Then we were in a house again, but this time it was a different place that wasn’t mine. Turns out it was my brother in law’s and sister’s place. The time was now late at night and I was very sleepy. My mom and I were there too to help them move in, but my brother in law was being irksome: he was busy playing video games and my mom reminded him he needed some vitamins. He got up and rummaged around a cabinet, but got mad because he couldn’t find it, so plopped back down in front of the video game again. My mom suggested her go unpack some boxes and find it then, and he said something in anger to her in the tune of “no.” I’m irked now, and open a nearby box myself. Lo and behold, there it is! I extract it wordlessly and put it on a small table nearby with a telephone and other things on it. My mom and I plan to leave because obviously we weren’t welcome, and I refuse to help unpack if he’s just going to be completely useless. I go to find my sister and tell her we’re leaving, and come in upon a strange sight. She’s in a room (strangely reminiscent but not exactly like our old room we grew up in) littered with things unpacked from a box. She is sitting on the floor, swallowing 2 swords. I watch for a bit as she practices, a sadness and anger in her. I finally ask what she’s doing, and she says she’s practicing to find a new husband because she doesn’t want to be married to hers anymore. I am sad for them, but don’t blame her because he’s being such a jerk about moving. I suspect a litany of arguments leading this but can’t do anything for them, only hope they can work on it, and tell her we’re leaving.

Back at my place, not in the city anymore, someone tells me to look out the window. I look out my front window to see Trump signs everywhere. I don’t want to care, but it looks like there’s going to be some live music, so I shrug and go out to listen to the musicians. There are 3 chairs and 3 young women sitting in them playing music. The instruments are 2 band instruments and a cello (trumpet? clarinet? It keeps changing). As the sun starts to set, suddenly they’re all playing cellos. The original cellist is great, the one in the middle is good, but the last one plays completely out of tune. I grin and think maybe I should ask if they want me to play, but then it’s over. One of them turns into my old college friend and she follows me into my house, asking me how I used to play string instruments in such cold weather. I say something nonsensical and pass it off as dream fact, and she is amazed. Then I mention that I rarely get cold anyways because my body is so warm all of the time. I take her hands to warm them up and they are cold. I rub them between my own and am about to say goodbye and go to sleep for the night.

I wake up.

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Not sure if this is appropriate, BUT I guess this is a dream blog after all, sooo here it goes.

Had a couple dreams (and managed to pull all the blankets to one side of the bed), but here are the memorable bits.

Vague memory of being around some large buildings, shopping. Well, as it turns out, for some reason I JUST found out after decades on this earth, that I not only had my own genitals, but that of a female and male on top of it. It was…perplexing…to say the least and I was not only embarrassed but unsure of what to do. People kept asking me to help them with things, men and women alike and I was extremely uncomfortably aware of the large bulge in my pants…not because of the man-bits doing things, but because the 2 add-on parts on top of my original had to have been visible? Pants aren’t made for conditions like that! Then the man-bits DID start acting up, of course, and locked myself in the bathroom for as long as I could get away with, panicking about what to do while simultaneously curious about what it was (after the initial shock started wearing away) and how it worked and what the HELL it all was. Speculation as to how it got there. I resolved to go visit a doctor about it and talk about having it removed…but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how vascular the genitals themselves tended to be. Well, wouldn’t know until I talked to someone.

Later, I was driving around with some family members and cousins and friends (they kept switching up) and we all decided to stop for this old Popeyes. We are first in line and this Popeyes is like a factory! Except the signs look like Long John Silvers. The rest of us order and sit down with our food. I’m eating my meal deal of chicken, savoring and ripping out meat and getting grease on my hands. My mom has just gotten out of the bathroom and went to go place her order. Well, my mom surely can’t see the menu well, so there’s some discussion going on at the counter, so as it starts getting heated, my brother and I stand up to go see if we can help. I get there first in time to catch the Asian man helping her yell at white lady in the back who is trying to help take the order. He tells her to go back to doing her job, that this is HIS role and he can do it. Embarrassed, I look around at the other workers standing at their stations and everyone has that ignore face on. Maybe it happens a lot. I didn’t help too much and my mom ends up ordering chicken tenders or something, so she pays and we all go sit down again. As we’re all eating I look around at the other customers, the environment, the menu. Looks like you can order a play to be performed if you wanted to, which I grinned at, imagining the workers donning the costumes to come out and dance for about 10 minutes. Then we leave and some mail is delivered to my mom by a courier who catches up to us. The message is, “Good news, the cook who made your tenders did not get struck by lightning!” We’re like what?? The courier explains to us that they don’t make honey maple tenders anymore because it’s so dangerous to make. Lightning really likes to strike those who make chicken tenders. That’s why they were arguing at the counter. I guess my mom really wanted her tenders.

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Had a very fitful night flopping around.

I had in my possession a handgun, a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun. I’d bought them from somewhere and after taking them home, I decided to go to the SEG range to try them out and have someone show me. For some reason I only brought the shotgun and one box of ammo. When I was there, I went up to the desk which was strangely empty, it must have been a slow day, and the instructor who did my handgun class was there. He went through everything, looked at the gun, and asked me if I wanted to use their dummy bullets first before the real ammo only for $69.99 deal with the range time which was from 2-4pm. I hesitated, not knowing what I wanted and he was getting impatient. Then I said, sure, and realized I’d forgotten my keys and wallet in the car. When I told him I’d be right back he was exasperated again, but let me go. As I ran out, I noticed my brother was sitting in my car. Let it be known that he hadn’t wanted to come with me because he seemed nervous about coming along to a place he didn’t know. I told him he can come or not, but he’d have to pay to use the range too and I wasn’t about to do it for him, he needed to be a big boy and do it himself, if he so desired. My sister seemed to be around for some reason too. Ran back inside only to find that the line was now ridiculously long and instead of forcing my way in, I decided to wait in line. 2 other people were helping to check in/out now. Waiting with me was suddenly my whole family. My brother got bored and began walking around, poking and looking into and out of doors, much to my embarrassment. When it was finally my turn again, the instructor picked up my shotgun which now looked more like an assault rifle with a thing in the middle. He decided to hold a class right then and there given that my family was with me. He asked all of the sudden what I thought the middle thing was and I’m like, huh? My brother chimes in that it’s a guide. The instructor approved and said yep. I had to add that oh, it’s for chainsaws, which was right, but he seemed annoyed with my lack of knowledge. Then he explained that it was to fake out the enemy. More talking happened and before I knew it we were all playing mini-games which annoyed me tremendously because my brother wasn’t even supposed to be there and why was my mom playing too? Then I look up and the instructor is gone and the counter is empty again. I’m tired of dealing with my family, so I turn to go find the range since I paid for some instruction time. I grab my shotgun (now a shotgun), ammo and dummy ammo and start to look for the door. There’s a sea of people sitting behind us like the DMV and had been watching us the whole time. I paid them no heed and proceeded to wander around the small facility for ages, getting lost and being afraid to go into certain doors. Then the place opens up into a large store/market kind of place and I ask people standing around where the range is. They direct me to the back of the place and I’m like, oh, duh. There’s yet another counter to stand and wait at in line, so I do. The girl there signs me up, has me fill out a few things and I show her my shotgun and she and a few others nod their approval since most people just use handguns. I see the holsters on everyone around me. As I sign my name and hit the green button on the credit card machine, they direct me to the range. FINALLY I can enter and be instructed on how to fire my shotgun and become competent…..

I wake up. Because it’s time to wake up.


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I was out in the dark, driving around on the highway in a place I don’t recognize, when I came upon a dog. It was a black greyhound quite a bit like my own black greyhound. I wasn’t home, as we were on vacation or something, so I managed to grab it (didn’t have a leash) and directed it to this glass building in the middle of nowhere that was filled to the brim with junk and wrappers and other trash. My family came to join me and help. I was very excited because she obviously had no owner and reminded me so much of my own dog, I wanted to help her. I let her loose in the house as I ran to talk to my mom and find a leash and collar for her, possibly even a harness. She had been eating everything she could find, including the trash littering the floor, and was so fast and so energetic it was hard to catch her. It’s a good thing we made it to the enclosed area. Finally I got a collar on her so we could grab and direct her, but I sent someone to get a harness too because she was so rambunctious. Walking her was a no-no until the harness was found. Finally I could turn my attention onto her and my mom and I together tried to control her and prevent her from doing bad things, but she was SO crazy and high energy it was wholly frustrating. Then she slowed down, but only because she didn’t feel well having eaten all the trash. She sat down in front of me and I felt her torso and could hear the crinkles where she’d eaten plastic. I told everyone that the only thing we could do now was wait for her to poop and hope everything comes out. More than likely, I’d have to help things out. So she started pooping. Everywhere. I scrambled to keep up with it all and pick up the poops, but they weren’t solid and mixed in with the bits of trash. In my head, I thought that this is probably how Liana was as a young dog and what a good thing I hadn’t had to deal with that, as well as maybe it’ll be a good thing when I manage to get the 2 of them together to meet when we get home and she passes a vet exam.

Then I walked out of my current house. It was late afternoon and I looked over 2 doors down to see that they had been busy replacing their bathroom vanities in the house! Wow. A new car, new bathrooms…they’ve got themselves into some money lately! I stood there to watch a little and saw Tim Taylor from Home Improvements there to help them build things in their house. Randy, his son was helping him too. Then they all returned home to MY house and I guess I was supposed to be Brad. Randy was on the couch looking at me when I walked back in, morose because he wanted his cell phone back to play games on it. Tim walks into the house and I tell him, so he begrudgingly pulls out an old flip-phone and pokes a few buttons, handing it to me. I look at the screen and there is a long list of games MSDOS style, but with the graphics of a TI-83 scientific calculator. I hand it to Randy and he is so happy he sits down to play. That’s when the youngest son comes down the stairs with a mullet and wearing a 90’s jacket. He’s been out with a friend that no one approves of, and he shows me another flip-phone. I tsk at him and say, after he gloats about it, that I’m going to have to tell his mom. He looks at me in horror and I run down to the basement utility room, which is now not a utility room. Tim and his wife are in there talking and I walk in to tell them that their youngest has a phone now. Mom shakes her head sadly and says the name of the boy no one approves of. I nod gravely, and she laments that he’s only 10 years old! The kid walks into the room and arguing starts, but I wake up.

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I was driving my route to work, and it happened that I had my sister and brother in the car with me. Driving around the place to look at things and then we made our way over to my paternal grandmother’s house who happened to live in the area (she doesn’t). We show up and one of my cousins is there too. It’s getting dark as it is late afternoon, and we sit on the couch of the very small dwelling my grandma lives in. My sister and cousin are making plans and announce all of the sudden that they want to go have pho. Like right now, near where my house is. I’m like, OK, I’m down with that if that’s what you want as everyone is a guest. My brother doesn’t want to and I kind of don’t, just wanna go home, but I’m trying to be a good host. They become more insistent and I remembered I have dogs and really need to go home. I say to them, well, why don’t we go home, and they go because I really need to get home to the dogs. It’s getting very late. All of the sudden there are more people there. A male cousin shows up, my uncle is there and my mom is there too The male cousin (I’ve not seen him in years) is getting petulant about something and his dad (my uncle, all on my dad’s side) explains that he’s very addicted to his shows on Netflix and needs to watch them without fail as soon as they come out. We still haven’t decided who is going for pho. I move couches to the other side of the small house and sit next to my mom. The only face I actually see clearly is my uncle’s face. The whole time everyone is still discussing the pho thing, I’m sitting there thinking in my head that my grandma is very quiet through all of this. Normally she’d recommend and be happy to make pho for everyone right then and there. Other dialogue comes up, which now I don’t remember, but overall the environment and atmosphere is easy and friendly.

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