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I was watching some VN artists on TV and then it switched to real-life. Nguyen Hung was cooking on a portable flat top and putting the dishes out for the people at the table in this venue. He wasn’t doing a terribly nice job, but was all smiles for the camera. It kept flipping to different “clips” that I’d “seen on YouTube” and I told my mom,  look, these are the full videos of those clips we saw in the past! Apparently they do exist. Then I was watching one where it was of a smaller jungle-village with subpar modern amenities. All of the sudden, everyone was running away to hide because they were trying to capture all of the Vietnamese. I was with them. The dumb part is that most of us ran over to the storage house. I was one of the last ones in and since everyone else had taken all the hiding places, I took my place “collapsed” on the right side of the wall where the large, orange curtain/screen/gel barrier connected with the ground. I guess 2 people needed to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the others. There was no time to think about it because the enemy had arrived. Everyone was dead quiet and still. My thoughts kept turning towards my hawk and my dog, but like before, there was no time to dwell because I could hear the enemy searching. They called out to us to give up. I just lay on the ground next to the wall, my feet pressed up against the translucent barrier (at least on our side). Through it, I saw to my dismay, a woman coming up to it. She kept talking to us, telling us to give up. It was weird, though, that she couldn’t see through the thing. She pressed against it, she shoved it, she tried to push her way in (right in front of me, of course). I pushed back with all my might, but she managed to find the edge of the barrier/curtain and stuck her hand in to feel around. I swore up and down that she could see me, but she oddly could not. I had to keep my feet pressed against her continued efforts to push the barrier inwards, so I could not move, but I knew we were screwed. She felt my leg, my belly and then my boobs. As she was molesting my boob, she said, “Oh, that’s a nice boob,” as if she was confused. I guess it was warranted because I didn’t belong with the rest of the villagers who are small, thin people. Soon after, they broke their way in and everyone was captured. I was defeated and scared. I guess my defeated acting was so good, they didn’t even bother to secure my hands. I picked up the box with my hawk in it and slowly trudged to the military vans they were going to secure us in. I heard one say to the other, “Keep an eye on her lest she try to escape.” Another responded, “Nah, she won’t try anything.” I was emboldened by the first one who seemed to know who I was, and even moreso by the second one’s lack of confidence in my abilities. I waited until they had dropped their guard and then freed my hawk (which was much much bigger than they thought it was) and grabbed onto its feet. “FLY! FLY!” I yelled and it took off with me hanging on.

Now I’m at “my house.” It’s pretty much empty because I’m trying to sell it. The house itself was very narrow (longways), pressed up against a mountain with only a small, shared alley between it and the sheer mountainside. The rooms are expansive, just shallow. The neighborhood is nice. There’s one lady whom I meet at the bus stop where nice neighbors have set up couches, a large, fancy canopy and a plush floor for the kids and other residents. She is new to the area and laments that she really, really wants to buy a house there. I tell her excitedly that I’m about to put my house on the market! She says, “Really?!” and I say, yah! Cue my uncle who also wants to buy my house. I take him on a tour of the place and tell him that it’s too big for me, because I only use the office, the bedroom and the kitchen. You can see him planning where he’d put his stuff. He starts telling me that other houses close by are bigger and I say, yeah, but I like it small. I go on to explain that I was going to replace the carpet with hardwood, but I didn’t have enough time. That’s when I notice the large damage in the wall. He doesn’t, busy planning to have floor installers come in and replace things. I nod and smile and try to figure out how I’m going to repair the wall.

Then I wake up.


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Dairy Queen, coworkers, working, rain, bathroom

I was walking home in my scrubs. It was getting dark and I was very tired, unable to keep my eyes open, but I was almost home! Because it was raining, I really didn’t want my scrubs to get mud on them, so I decided to walk on the wood piece separating the mulch from the grass. It wasn’t perfectly straight, so I held on to some trees for support, but then there weren’t any trees. I lost my balance and stepped off to the right, preparing for the squelch of mud, but it was dry! yay! Almost near the pavement, I looked out and saw that the orange-red setting sun was making a neato scene, so I pulled out my phone and got low to take a picture that didn’t show any cars in it. I snapped 2 photos before I started hearing some noise. It was my neighbor’s daughter with her daughter. I suddenly was very self conscious, and went to walk into the building, but the girl kept dancing around me. I said “excuse me” and pushed into the building.

I wanted to go straight through the next set of doors into the dormitories, but passing in front of me in the same direction was an old co-worker and a new friend of hers. They were clearly just getting off shift from the Dairy Queen. My friend/coworker, Q, suddenly next to me, exclaimed a greeting at K which forced me to be nice and say hi, too. Instead of going the same way, we took the right and went to the DQ for food. Instead of food, they set us in seats away from each other and started going over the rules of employment. They thought we were new employees! Listening quietly to the strict rules, I thought to myself, why would anyone want to work here? but there were so many current employees there too! Then, a song came on and everyone had to stand. Three workers were up front singing and dancing to it in synchrony. I looked around and saw other employees dancing along. What…in…the…world…? My coworker seemed to be brainwashed by all of it. Was I the only one not taken in by all of this? Finally, it was over and they set meals in front of us. It wasn’t bad, honestly. I got some collard greens and mashed potatoes. By then, I just wanted to go the dormitory so I could sleep, but then everyone sat down as a big group and started listening to more presentations about employee expectations and rules. I swear I was being inducted into an evil cult. One guy with blonde hair in a bowl cut stood up and walked over to the door. I jumped up and followed him, aware that all eyes were on us. He looked back at the crowd which was pretending not to see us, but I could feel the disapproval. He seemed disappointed but entered the next area anyways. I was just grateful to have an excuse to leave. As we walked on, 2 more girls came with us, giggling and gossiping. He said something to the effect of, “I thought they were going to come with me to rebel.” Since it didn’t pertain to me, I didn’t respond.

Stuff happened and then I was back in the seating area because I was hungry again. The meeting had dispersed and there was an overseer doling out food. I took my seat again and coworker K came out to see what was going on. I was glad to see her. While eating, I looked around with new eyes and I could suddenly see the allure of working here. Everyone seemed to happy and fulfilled. Young to middle aged worked together, no doubt some of them having stayed for years on end. Reason dictated that it must be an awesome job for people to act the they were. A part of me wanted to quit my job and just come work there. Thankfully, I had to use the bathroom which pulled me back to my senses. I announced that I had to go to the bathroom and suddenly, the happiness of the place took a dive and all eyes came to rest suspiciously upon me. What was the problem with going to the bathroom? So I got up and confidently walked to the back of the room. Past the heavy, red grate, into the musty, expansive back area that looked like a massive storeroom. It was empty, though, and I swear I could smell earth. Like a series of tunnels would extend from it. There were signs everywhere saying “Stop,” “Do not Enter,” and “Authorized personnel only.” The sparse fluorescent light bulbs didn’t help the creepy factor in the least, but I really had to poop. I found the bathroom which was just as creepy but seemed to be clean enough. A severe-looking man in a red cap and janitor clothing glared at me, while utilizing his push broom right before I locked the heavy, metal door and pushed it closed. Then tried to poop. I was having a hard time getting anything to come out. Maybe the food wasn’t real after all.

Suddenly. I hear voices. My other “coworkers.” A girl just pushed her way into the bathroom which was perplexing because I swear I had already locked and closed it. I didn’t seem bothered much by the fact that people saw me sitting on the can. The door was now not a solid door, but the same heavy, metal gate as earlier. People were crowding around to look at me now and I kept trying to lock them out because this was getting really scary. I got the feeling like they suspected me of trying to escape or plot against them. Even if I was, this was just a job working at DQ, right? RIGHT?!?! THe door would just not stay closed! I was starting to panic, unable to poop properly (amazing constipation), and feeling like my life was in danger. Their excited, happy faces all around the door and pushing towards me. I uncomfortably realized that their eyes were vacant, like their brains. This place was evil! I needed to escape! Just after I successfully poop.

I didn’t.

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Friend’s husband, lottery, haircut, shopping, chase

I’m hanging out with a good friend of mine. It’s time to head home and we both get on 66 with our cars. I’d followed her out of an apartment and as we were heading down the stairs I’d asked her about her husband. She says in a minorly irritated and flat tone that she didn’t know where he was. There was an implication that it didn’t matter either. Now back at her place, we’re riding up the elevator and I tell her that I’d just seen him at the prior apartment complex coming out of another room. She gets very angry at that, like she’d known but didn’t want to know. I apologize and said, I wish I hadn’t said that. She seethes that she doesn’t care what he does, but you can tell that she does care. I’d thought their young marriage was doing well, I had no intention of causing any problems. Oops. Out elevator opened and I see him ahead at their door. He waves good naturedly at us and my friend tells me, “You should go now.” Damn. Something big is about to go down. I’m walking slightly behind her at this point, so I wrap my arms around her from behind and plant a kiss on her shoulder. She pauses and I can feel her smile. Then I quickly make my exit down the stairs wishing I’d kept my big mouth shut.

I go through a college campus type of place, the housing units. It’s nighttime and dark and I am spotted by an old college-acquaintance who is visiting from California. I say a quick hi and continue on my way. She follows me to tell me that they’re going to the zoo! I’m like, “That’s awesome! You chose a good time to go because it’s not too hot and that animals will be out and about.” She’s super happy and tells me she has to go now. I bid her a good time.

Then, I was in a grocery store shopping with my mom as is normal. When it came time to check out, I was only buying a few items and asked the checkout guy, while waving $30 around, if I needed to go to the desk to buy lottery or if he could do it here. He looked at me to see if I was going to be a problem and then deciding it was a simple question, told me to go to the desk. I walk over from the registers and I have to go through a little hallway to get to the desk which is actually the backside of the customer service counter. I stand and wait because the older, white haired (probably in her 60s) lady who seems very confident which means she’s probably the store manager is on the phone. She looks at me every couple of seconds to show she knows I’m waiting. I’m looking around while waiting and I hear her say, “So just scan your card and go through the door.” I think she’s talking to me, so while I hear her finishing up on the phone, I take out my license and scan it on the door next to the counter. I open it as it unlocks and am trying to go in when I realize that she was on the phone and that this is probably the employee area. I come back out to the counter and she gives me a strange and annoyed look while I give her an apologetic one. I tell her I thought she was talking to me but she was still on the phone, and her face lightens up. She laughs seeing the humor in the situation and I give her my $30 for the lottery and the license. She looks at the license and stuffs it in an plastic cover. I stand there silently and patiently, not wanting to make another spectacle of myself. Apparently, buying scratchers here is a very long-winded process with lots of security. She didn’t even ask me which ones I want, she just bought me $30 worth of 2 and 3 dollar games which was saddening because I wanted at least a $10 ticket. Oh well. She starts filling out all sorts of forms and writing on a check-like thing, ripping it out like a check and handing it to me. I want to remind her about my license, but I don’t want to undermine her job. She has a great vantage point from her desk out to the store, no doubt to catch shoplifters. Finally she’s done and hands me another stack of papers and finally the plastic sleeve with my license and the scratchers. I turn to leave and see my mom coming over. I complain to her that I want a haircut because my hair is so long and hot and it’s hard to sleep. She says no because my grandmother likes it better when it’s long and I wail, “I DON’T CAAARE” while she’s walking away.

Suddenly, I’m on the run. I turn down the hallway and break for it. I’m being chased by the enemy and higher ups. Turns out I’m a double crosser. Then it’s no longer me, but a young, blonde haired woman wearing skin tight black operative suit. The underground facility is creepy and very maze-like but she seems to know where to go. Into rooms, up the stairs, running the enemy soldiers in circles and losing them all. She’s very good, but there’s a raw fear in her. The jig is up and she needs to desperately make it to safety–the odds are stacked against her and she knows it too. It’s going to take a miracle for her to escape. If they capture her it will be unspeakable torture. She’s making good headway, thought and steadily climbs the floors. If she can make it to the top her chances soar, literally because she’s going to sky glide out of there. She’s made it up the stone steps to the room right below the pinnacle when she’s caught. It’s a evil man and two massive dogs. Fear surges through her, recognizing the man as one of the major players and a sick, evil bastard. The tower room is small, though, and they are blocking the doorway to reach the upper levels. She is captured and is immediately subject to horrifying rape from the man and his dogs. It seems to go on forever, a monstrous and graphic scene. Excessively violent, screaming, laughing, impossibly sized body parts. The rest of the enemy is closing in. Then something happens and another person tries to jump off the tower only to get stuck on a large, plant monster with thorns all over it. They’re trying to hang on, but are slipping…slipping…

And that’s it. I wake up because it’s late.

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Video game

I was with my brother and we started by playing a video game similar to Resident Evil, but more arcade-rail-shooter like House of the Dead. It wasn’t split screen, but a shared screen and 2 players. We both had handguns. Suddenly, it wasn’t an arcade game at all, but real life. The setting was in an abandoned mall type of place, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Not quite zombies, but monstrous and  human enemies. It only took one hit to kill you, so it was scary. We moved quickly and carefully through the drab, dark location, trying to find our way out. Like in real life and not in video games, there weren’t a lot of minion-type of baddies to encounter along the way before a boss. It was just, enemies. We reached a larger room, like a retail store, except there was large debris in the middle and everything else off to the side, as if something large fell in and exploded. We could see the enemies, one big, bad monstrosity (like radiation-turned monster) and a smaller one. My brother was doing most of the work, and I was sneaking around behind cover trying to get in shots. I had a dark-metal gun with wood handle and it was a revolver. I knew that if I was able to land a shot it would do a lot of damage, but I had to be conservative because it was a revolver. I think I got in a few shots, most of which missed, but I was terrified and eventually they died, though not with my help, much. I reloaded while we continued on, aware that the firefight had been loud. Through all the debris, we were able to squeeze down a non-working escalator, still trying to sneak around. It was the open portion of the mall, now and I could see a lot of enemies. Some stuff happened, and I was busy searching for items while my brother scouted, I think. Then, we were found! I backed up to where my brother was covering for me. I’d found a shotgun. As I backed up, I aimed to fire and kept firing, but for some reason my vision was suddenly fuzzy and out of focus. Perhaps I’d found goggles? I don’t know, but what I did know was I kept shooting, but they weren’t stopping. Either it was a horribly hard enemy, or I kept missing which didn’t seem right because I had a freaking shotgun! Considering the rest of the experience was realistic, I vote hard enemies. They were all mutated monsters after all. Thank goodness my brother was with me.

I think I gave him the shotgun and now we were in a room. Like an apartment. It was small, 2 room. We were crawling and staying low, away from light and the doorway because there were a LOT of enemies right outside and they were regular humans this time, not mutant monsters. The room held a puzzle that needed to be figured out before we could move away from this area. The door was somewhere inside the room, as well as the key. My brother was being useless here, just rummaging around for ammo and food. I hoped he wouldn’t start searching things too loudly, otherwise we’d draw attention to ourselves. It was up to me to figure out the puzzle. I searched around and you knew what  items weren’t useful because they were stuck to the ground and blacked out. Like a video game. There were some rubber pieces I needed to arrange around a candle and I’d found 3 out of 4, unable to figure out where the last one was (they looked suspiciously like the ore and charcoal pieces from Stardew Valley). I looked everywhere and couldn’t figure it out! So frustrating! The solution? Restart from the last checkpoint. I opened the low cabinet and lo and behold, all 4 pieces of rubber. It had been a glitch. Haha. I arranged them around the candle and–

–I woke up because Gable gassed my room.

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Work/school, shopping, finger/time travel/assassin, hot springs, bamboo

This is why naps are dangerous for me. They result in strange dreams that are oddly real.

I was traveling down an old road from my childhood, Buford road. I knew that going down far enough would take you to a church which has a preschool my mom used to work at. So we’re driving and then all of the sudden I crash the car and roll out (Ghost Recon style). I’m trying to stay low to avoid detection, but it’s hard because we’re high up on the slope and they’re down with no vegetation in the way, so we’re sitting ducks. I make my way down and I realize that it’s not a church and a preschool at all, it’s a spa. The spa building is to the right and the rest of the place is one huge hot spring type of place, surrounded by bamboo. I don’t think they’re open yet, but after some recon, I decide they’re not the enemy at all. The lady there is very friendly and invite me and the guys to bask in the relaxation of the water. They do, eagerly, leaving me to watch the lady work. She’s not old but not young. Relatively attractive, but I don’t really care about that. She wanders off to do something else, and I sit there in the peace of the place, taking it all in. The “hot spring” is interesting. I’m in the open side of it, closer to the road. There are trees dividing it from other properties, but it’s open air. It’s rather cool, but the sun is warm on my skin. I watch the birds and bunnies frolic and as it starts to get chillier, I think about joining my guys in the interior portion. Before I go, I watch the bunnies, which are apparently cold too, jump into a shallow hot spring pool and chillax in it. I dip my hand in and it’s very comfortable, so I follow the little stream/creek into the trees and come upon the pool. It’s very natural. The water comes up to my neck and in the non-hot spots it’s cold and rapidly churning like, well, rapids. A guy is in one of the hot pools, so I make my way over to sit in it too.

Now I’m in the spa building. The lady  is doing some bamboo work with cutting them and shaping them. I offer to help because I used to play with bamboo when I was young too, and have never been able to work with such large green poles before. She says no, so I just watch. Suddenly something happens and we’re being infiltrated. My guys are not with me. I retreat to a safer point to watch for the enemy. Stuff happens and now we need to escape. The lady gets sucked into some dimension. I prepare to follow. It’s like a limbo dimension. Not very large, but I see 4 cells. One of them is broken and I see her. Her name is Hina, or Rina or Rita. I call for her and find her in a small cell that looks more like a storage room with another guy. He’s been stuck there for much longer than her. She’s sitting on a stool, unsure of what to do and he’s raving and ranting at the cell door. I ignore him and reach my hand in to try and help her. She doesn’t move. I yell her name again because time is running out. She gets up to come towards me and then a blast dents the door. Now we can’t open it even if we try. The place is collapsing and I get stuck under some debris. Rina tells me to stick out my finger. I do with my free hand, though I cant feel it. She tells me to focus on that finger! Focus! I do with all my might and begin to feel it. I look up at her face and then now I’m back in the spa. Without her. Assassin stuff happens after that.

My mom is shopping. I’m bringing her. There are two stores together, Walmart and another store whose name I forget now. We walk into the other store and I say to my mom, “I thought you wanted to go to Walmart?” She said she still does, but she wants to look here first. I look around and we need to sign up for a member card to get the prices in this grocery store. I don’t know if she wants to buy anything here, so I don’t get one right away, but as it turns out, she does. She finds a big pack of toilet paper on sale for only $3.99 with card! I can’t deny it’s a good deal, so while she happily looks for other deals, I decide to go sign up for a card. Of course, when I want to get one, the line is crazy long, but it’s moving fast and finally it’s my turn. I go to the side where there is a table set up and see my name on one of the documents. I ask the lady if this is the paper to sign up and she said, it’s for the credit card. I ask for the member one, and she hands me a book. On the table is a large keyboard. She says, as I flip through the book to look for an empty sheet, the keyboard is a neato way to enter your information. The keys are like a keyboard. I tell her the book is full, so she gives me a new one and turns to help someone else. I’m totally into this neato way of entering information, so I read the instructions which is to hold the edge of the book up to the keyboard. It beeps to signal success and I put the book up on the stand and start hitting keys. Unfortunately it’s really hard to do. The keys are so soft that it keeps entering numbers in multiple times. After some error, I decide to just put it in by hand with pen. Saddening.

Now I’m at work. But I’m at my computer writing a paper. However, I’m goofing off instead of doing what I’m supposed to do. On my phone, browsing sites, watchign videos of people jumping from cars onto their apartment balcony from traffic, chatting online. I’d already written a paper. The teacher, my boss, is saying stuff and I don’t hear a lick of it. It’s quiet as we’re supposed to be doing our work. I’m lounging because I’m over-confident in my abilities, then I decide, as the time ticks down, I need to focus. It’s 4:19 when I find a book I’ve wanted to read (called the Jade–something). I’m excited to read the rest of the book and not just the part necessary for the paper, when I realize that I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. I whisper to my coworker/fellow student and ask what we’re supposed to be doing and she is irritated because she’s seen what I’d been doing. She tries to tell me, but the teacher yells out that there’s very little time left, only 30 minutes on the clock. Coworker hisses for me to look on the syllabus and I do. OMG. I am NOT prepared! I’ve been working on the WRONG assignment! I immediately regret all of my shenanigans and scramble to do it. I can still do it. I’m an ace student. I’m sweating, though. I hadn’t even read the text yet. Anxiety climbs, regret laughs, and–

–I wake up. Because it’s TWO HOURS after when I usually get up. I hate naps. I was up since 6am before these dreams. Good thing it’s a holiday today.


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Dad, laundry, apocalypse, grandparents’ house, tower, disease

The world (or game??) was about to be submerged under a ocean and pestilence and war. The good guy listened to the news of biological warfare with grim belief. Others weren’t so keen on believing the reports. He broke off from his faction of militants. There was so much rain that the world was pretty much now a bunch of islands. Swimming and boat travel were the only reliable ways of moving around, though swimming was dangerous with all the sharks. It was nighttime and so he stole into the water, diving off a small boat. The news was rife with stories of disease outbreak now, though even with that, many kept calling it “fake news.” The believers were retreating to several neutral totem-looking towers where they hoped they’d be safe from both the plague and war. The protagonist is one of them. He scaled the tower (the only way in) and upon reaching the top, it switched to 1st person view. A nun there poked her head out of the hatch to see who it was. Seeing me, she smiled. I had brought some food with me since provisions were hard to come by and as a peace offering lest they suspect me a spy. I made my way down the tower.

Now, it was a similar storyline, but I’m inside a house, which is understood to be my grandparents’ home, but they’re not there and it looks nothing like their house. It is certainly dated with red carpets, clutter and frilly pink drapery and furniture. My family and I have been traveling long and hard to make it here (I can’t remember all the stuff that happened before), but it’s just a pitstop and we need to keep going to keep ahead of the enemy. I’m exhausted, but we only have enough time for a short respite. We need to leave in just a few hours. It’s still dark out and I had been so busy worrying about everything else that my large load of laundry has yet to be washed. My mom commands me to quickly put my wash in with the rest of it, so I go into my grandparents’ room where the washer and dryer is. There are two washers next to each other. I don’t have time to dwell on this (perhaps this isn’t just a safehouse for us, but for other refugees) and try to start putting my stuff in. I can only put my clothes in the first one because the second machine is for my grandma’s linens. I have SO MUCH STUFF and am mad at myself for waiting until the last minute to try and do it. In my hurry, I dump the whole bag into the washer which is a mistake because not only is the machine super overloaded, but all of the gravel that I had in my clothing fell in too. I’m trying to rectify the issue, scooping the gravel out so it doesn’t mess up the machine, when my mom comes in and asks what’s taking so long. She sees my dilemma and is angry. Then, I hear my dad’s voice in the kitchen. Looks like he’d just come home from work and was loudly exclaiming about how he has to work more hours on Wednesday because of the women, implying that the women are so inept that he has to correct their work and do basically double, because they’re, well, female. I’m irritated by his presence, even though I’m still in the wash room, but —

–I wake up.

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Ghost, rock, magic, dog food store,

I was driving around in my car towards a specialty dog food store. It was locally owned and operated and while very expensive, I love supporting local business. It was in a rather run down area and as I drove around I realized that the area was almost abandoned compared to a few years ago when I had last been there. The 2 gas stations were out of business. I parked and went inside, going around the rough-hewn store shelves. Lots of other customers were there. I couldn’t find anything to buy, really, because it was all too expensive. Eventually I settled on 2 cans of dog food, the brand I usually buy at the regular store. This was $3.00 a can which was about double the price I pay. Oh well. Patronage, right? I go to leave and then–

–I’m back, but underground this time. Me and a group of 3 other women (I think I know them?) are making our way through the tunnels and toward the main hideout. We are unfamiliar with the path and eventually come upon a narrow sloping tunnel. The rest are hanging back, so I decide to go forward  myself when I spot the giant boulder coming our way. We all run back to where we entered and I was sure we’d get squished, but the rock stopped right before getting to us. When it rolled back the other way, I saw the markers hewn into the rock and realized that the rock would eventually stop (it was kind of like a tide chart) and we would be able to go. So we made it and stuff happened, and then I’m about to leave. The room right before the rock tunnel was a curious room, akin to a tomb like in the Egyptian pyramids. Apparently the room was a puzzle that no one had been able to solve. The ground had some tidal pools where I saw a bunch of little frogs. Someone told me that there was a fake frog in there. It was actually the wife of the dead prince cursed into the shape of a frog and someone put fake legs on it to make it look more realistic which was silly because if you looked closely, she was the only frog the color of a candy cane.

If you looked at the rock tunnel, to the right was a sealed entrance that reeked of evil spirits and to the left was more than likely the sealed entrance to the tomb itself. I was joined, now, by a supernatural being, a man who was filled with sadness, but very powerful. I suspected he was the entombed soul, but he was dressed in modern clothing. He gave more insight into the puzzles and tried to make me stay and figure them out. We eventually make it into the tomb, much to his delight, but only found more puzzles. There was a book to read that shed more insight into the sealed chamber across the way. It seemed to hold some very malicious entities that were responsible for the strange ill-weather plaguing the anteroom. I kept feeling like I was running out of time to help this guy out. Not only in the sense of the dream about to end and I would need to wake up, but also that in the dream I needed to leave either before I get killed by the escaping malicious spirits or I become late for work and miss my chance to escape the rock tunnel. Without actually begging me, he tried hard to nudge me in the direction of the puzzle solutions, unable to truly help. I felt very bad, but–

–I woke up.

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I was at a grocery store with my sister. We had a reservation at the in-house restaurant, so we went and sat down in the seats that were clearly not ours. I vaguely recognized the names as a lesbian patient couple from work, but we sat down anyways, pretending we didn’t know that there were assigned seats. I look at the menu in front of me and it’s all vegan, but the dishes sounded really good. Just as I was getting all excited about what to order, the real people who were supposed to be there showed up and we profusely apologized and moved down the table to our seats. The menu was not vegan (I am not a vegetarian by any means) and I was having a hard time picking a dish I wanted. My sister had chosen one fairly quickly, while I kept asking he waiter what this was and that was, since the words were all fancy (the descriptions were under them, I don’t know why I was being so obnoxious in this dream). Everything I wanted seemed to be fish dishes and I don’t eat seafood. I can’t remember what I actually chose.

Now I’m sitting in a class and the other students start filing into their seats. Everyone is wearing a uniform and it’s suddenly clear that I’m in a Firefighter Academy. One student is missing. I’m worried because I got to meet her earlier in the courtyard and she’s the ace student of the class and super nice. The instructor starts anyways, when suddenly, she bursts into the door, breathing heavily, injured, and very upset. She starts yelling at the instructor. Turns out, he greatly dislikes her and has set up a trap in the hopes that she would fail the program. Instead she was seriously injured. I stick up for her and now we’re both in hot water. I fear for my life, and so I run out of the facility and make a break for it.

I seem to be in an old Russia-type place, judging from the style of buildings and the way of life, and how cold it is outside. The enemy is catching up to me, and I’m getting tired, so I need to find a hiding place. I run into a barn/shed-type building detached from the main home. At first, to my dismay, I can’t find any good hiding place, but after a pause and a convenient change in story so that the people who own the property are compassionate to my cause, the building has very good hiding places because it’s full of thick blankets. I jump under a clearly marked hiding place and wait. The enemy surrounds the building, speaking in a language I don’t understand, but know is East European. They can’t find me, so I take the opportunity to quickly sneak to the main home. Unfortunately, they’re there too, so I keep creeping stealthily along under windows and close to the walls until I come upon an open window. I escape through there and start running again without looking back.

I make it to the city (all drab and cold and dinky) and come across signs all over that are looking to hire young girls. I think to myself that wow, this is the red-light district and that I can’t believe they’re okay with pedophilia. Wouldn’t you know it, I end up passing not one, not two, but three different loli brothels. By the time I get to the fourth one, the idea of hiding in one is more and more a good idea. They would never suspect me in one, not to mention there are so many to look through. I walk into the next one and now it’s a 3rd person perspective. The young, blonde, beautiful girl, no more than 12 or 13 walks up to the main office, to the Madam (who isn’t all that old, herself) and asks for a job. The Madam is very exuberant and happy to have fresh blood so willingly. She hustles the girl to the working area, and right away another girl, a little older and more experienced, smiles at her and tries to help out. There’s a man standing there too, a customer. He looks at the protagonist and smiles at her youth and beauty. He starts talking to her and realizes right away that she is fresh blood, but not only that, but she’s also very innocent. Back to 1st person. He asks if I know where I am. I tell him I do, not wanting to seem a newbie. He asks if I know what the girls do there. My new female friend is looking worriedly at me. He tells me that my job is to service men. With sex. I just look at him, unsure of what to say or what expression to have. I don’t know what sex is. I’m not just a common person. I’m a highborn noble that is running from those who would want to kill me because of my birth, but I’ve also been raised sheltered. Educated, but sheltered to the baseness of the world. He smiles nastily again, and my coworker jumps in, leading him away to her room. He doesn’t resist as she’s who he’s there for anyways. Then either the Madam or a male bouncer/worker takes me into a private room and proceeds to educate me on what my job entails. In the back of my mind I’m still perfectly aware that I need to stay on my guard. We emerge from the room some time later with me much wiser than when I went in.

Now I’m driving to work. I turn left onto the road, a way I don’t usually go. It’s dark and very foggy, and cold. Suddenly, I’m walking down the road instead of driving, but it’s really hard to push the stroller because the hills are very steep. When I arrive at the parking lot of work, my coworker is there. I’m surprised because it’s Saturday and she’s still there? I ask her and she happily shows me a tablet with the work schedule for next week. She tells me that she switched stuff around for me because she knows I’m coming back. Then she swipes the tablet and sees my drawings. One is of a random guy who happens to be loitering in the stairwell of the building. Uncanny. Then the next one is some fanart I drew of SSBM characters from years ago. She doesn’t understand why I drew it and I try to explain fanart.

Then we turn around and I see my boss digging in the ground near the road. People walking across the street yell that “that’s the biggest watermelon” they’d ever seen. True enough, there’s a massive watermelon sitting there next to the enormous hole she was digging. I walk over and ask if she needs help. She says no, and proceeds to remove a rock the size of a torpedo from the ground. Then She’s lugged the watermelon down into the hole, cut off the top rind and is drilling holes into the flesh. I ask her if she’s planting watermelon for her kids and she doesn’t really respond, but I understand the answer is “yes.” I advise that if she does that, then the plants will concentrate in the middle and not spread out. She says, yeah, and we start throwing watermelon seeds everywhere. Then it’s time to fill in the hole, but I realize that it’s all beach sand. I look at her incredulously, and ask, “Why didn’t you buy garden soil?” She tells me because it’s watermelon, but I argue that sand isn’t going to give it enough nutrients. She knows I’m right. I look down and see that she also has a bunch of tomato plants. I’m astounded again and ask if she’s also planting tomatoes. She says yes, and I wonder why in the heck does she not plant them at her house instead. Oh, when we were throwing seeds everywhere, the groundskeeper guy who takes care of the plants around the building, walks down into the giant hole and proceeds to test the sand with a contraption. He tells us the pH is good and then leaves.

Verrry strange.

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Cops, running, patient, car, old house, caulk, amusement park

Here are some tidbits of dreams I no longer remember fully.

I was escaping the cops! They were chasing me and I don’t know what I did but I was running for my life! They booted me out of one vehicle and I hopped into another that just happened to be sitting there, going the opposite direction. Their cars were much faster than mine and so as we were driving on a highway bridge, I made the desperate decision while the car was moving (I guess it wasn’t in the US because I was on the right side of the car) and cops hemming in on both sides to open the door and jump off the side of the bridge. I felt fear, exhilaration and confusion as to why I was being chased like this. I could see the water coming closer and I thought I was going to be dashed upon the big rocks, but it was a dream, so I managed to direct myself into the water just short of them. Then I stood up and waded ashore, looking up to see the cops shouting at each other and at me. I wasn’t out of the woods yet. They had a clear view of where I was going even though it was dusk. Making it onto dry land, I ran through the trees and kept running. It was dark out now and I ended up across some railroad tracks in the parking lot of a Burger King. Suddenly a cop car shows up and the officer gets out and starts interrogating everyone. He goes through every person there as well as me and is about to go into Burger King to check on those people, when out of the nearby carwash walks a young black lady. Except she wasn’t a black person at all, just the culprit wearing a disguise, wig and makeup. I yell for the cop there she is! By the time he runs outside, she’s gotten into his squad car and is driving off. I hop into the passenger seat and off we go.

Then something about cars and a patient of mine in the same neighborhood. I’m driving the patient around and she needs a new car, so she ends up deciding on a car called the Chevrolet Diamond or something like that. She points at the road where I see a flat layer of dirt near the other cars parallel parked there and that will soon be her car, built literally from the ground up. I’m amazed at the technology.

Next day dream: I’m in our old house in the room I used to share with my sister and my mom is in there doing something with the windows. I get up and look at the ceiling because there’s something wrong with the paint. Turns out it’s not paint and spackle, it’s caulk, and too much of it. Clearly my dad had done this and I start making fun of it, poking at the excessive amount, when he walks into the room. I shut up instantly because he would get angry to hear me criticize him in any way. Then something happens.

Now my mom and I are sitting in my car in the rain and trying to figure out where we’re going. We’re looking at an old TV with built in VCR and I show her that we’re going to this island! Just the two us. Turns out it’s an amusement park! The big attraction for her being Temptation Island! There’s lots of shopping, too and for me an important casino. She’s really excited and we arrive there and–

–I wake up because I need to go to work. Sigh.


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Keanu Reeves, dollar bills, supermarket, outside

I was trapped in a grocery store with other people, about the size of an Aldi. One guy was the mastermind, and he looked exactly like Keanu Reeves, except that he was more silly like Michael Carbonaro. In order to escape, we had to get as much money as possible…money that was taped to everyone’s backs. I ran around as fast as possible snagging the bills off people’s backs, while trying not to have the money inevitably attached to mine taken. It seemed to never end. My predatory instincts kicked in and the other people in the market seemed to change to new blood. Finally I had enough and I tried to find Keanu Reeves to turn in the loot and escape. I couldn’t find him. I kept going up and down the aisles, but I couldn’t find him. Panic! Then, there he was. I ran up to him and proffered my big pile of dollar bills. He seemed displeased at my success and frowned at me. Soon, the place seemed very dangerous and I needed to escape. The aisles were blocked by fallen display shelves and debris. People were running everywhere! I made my way to the front, afraid to go outside, but it wasn’t guarded. Taking a deep breath, I leapt outside! FREEDOM!

It was dark outside and I didn’t recognize the place at all. As I made my way from the building behind me, I caught sight of people hanging around in the grass. Great. They were lounging until they saw me, then scrambled into their monster costumes. Guards. They were guarding the building! But I had nowhere to run because I could see more up the street. Defeated, I made my way to the group. Turns out they were nice, though. In order to leave, I needed to fill out a registration form. They bade me lay down in a body-indentation on the ground and placed a laptop on my chest with the form to fill out. The girl who was so kind and helping me out wanted to lay there with me, so I put my arm out and bade her lie down. She did so happily, and I wrapped my arm around her torso, pulling her close to me while I tried to fill out the form. She was so warm and comforting. My left side needed a body too, now and I looked around for another person to hug close, but then the others were starting to escape the building too. My cuddly time over, I get up to go home and realize I’m really far away.

Then I wake up.

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