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Cops, running, patient, car, old house, caulk, amusement park

Here are some tidbits of dreams I no longer remember fully.

I was escaping the cops! They were chasing me and I don’t know what I did but I was running for my life! They booted me out of one vehicle and I hopped into another that just happened to be sitting there, going the opposite direction. Their cars were much faster than mine and so as we were driving on a highway bridge, I made the desperate decision while the car was moving (I guess it wasn’t in the US because I was on the right side of the car) and cops hemming in on both sides to open the door and jump off the side of the bridge. I felt fear, exhilaration and confusion as to why I was being chased like this. I could see the water coming closer and I thought I was going to be dashed upon the big rocks, but it was a dream, so I managed to direct myself into the water just short of them. Then I stood up and waded ashore, looking up to see the cops shouting at each other and at me. I wasn’t out of the woods yet. They had a clear view of where I was going even though it was dusk. Making it onto dry land, I ran through the trees and kept running. It was dark out now and I ended up across some railroad tracks in the parking lot of a Burger King. Suddenly a cop car shows up and the officer gets out and starts interrogating everyone. He goes through every person there as well as me and is about to go into Burger King to check on those people, when out of the nearby carwash walks a young black lady. Except she wasn’t a black person at all, just the culprit wearing a disguise, wig and makeup. I yell for the cop there she is! By the time he runs outside, she’s gotten into his squad car and is driving off. I hop into the passenger seat and off we go.

Then something about cars and a patient of mine in the same neighborhood. I’m driving the patient around and she needs a new car, so she ends up deciding on a car called the Chevrolet Diamond or something like that. She points at the road where I see a flat layer of dirt near the other cars parallel parked there and that will soon be her car, built literally from the ground up. I’m amazed at the technology.

Next day dream: I’m in our old house in the room I used to share with my sister and my mom is in there doing something with the windows. I get up and look at the ceiling because there’s something wrong with the paint. Turns out it’s not paint and spackle, it’s caulk, and too much of it. Clearly my dad had done this and I start making fun of it, poking at the excessive amount, when he walks into the room. I shut up instantly because he would get angry to hear me criticize him in any way. Then something happens.

Now my mom and I are sitting in my car in the rain and trying to figure out where we’re going. We’re looking at an old TV with built in VCR and I show her that we’re going to this island! Just the two us. Turns out it’s an amusement park! The big attraction for her being Temptation Island! There’s lots of shopping, too and for me an important casino. She’s really excited and we arrive there and–

–I wake up because I need to go to work. Sigh.



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Keanu Reeves, dollar bills, supermarket, outside

I was trapped in a grocery store with other people, about the size of an Aldi. One guy was the mastermind, and he looked exactly like Keanu Reeves, except that he was more silly like Michael Carbonaro. In order to escape, we had to get as much money as possible…money that was taped to everyone’s backs. I ran around as fast as possible snagging the bills off people’s backs, while trying not to have the money inevitably attached to mine taken. It seemed to never end. My predatory instincts kicked in and the other people in the market seemed to change to new blood. Finally I had enough and I tried to find Keanu Reeves to turn in the loot and escape. I couldn’t find him. I kept going up and down the aisles, but I couldn’t find him. Panic! Then, there he was. I ran up to him and proffered my big pile of dollar bills. He seemed displeased at my success and frowned at me. Soon, the place seemed very dangerous and I needed to escape. The aisles were blocked by fallen display shelves and debris. People were running everywhere! I made my way to the front, afraid to go outside, but it wasn’t guarded. Taking a deep breath, I leapt outside! FREEDOM!

It was dark outside and I didn’t recognize the place at all. As I made my way from the building behind me, I caught sight of people hanging around in the grass. Great. They were lounging until they saw me, then scrambled into their monster costumes. Guards. They were guarding the building! But I had nowhere to run because I could see more up the street. Defeated, I made my way to the group. Turns out they were nice, though. In order to leave, I needed to fill out a registration form. They bade me lay down in a body-indentation on the ground and placed a laptop on my chest with the form to fill out. The girl who was so kind and helping me out wanted to lay there with me, so I put my arm out and bade her lie down. She did so happily, and I wrapped my arm around her torso, pulling her close to me while I tried to fill out the form. She was so warm and comforting. My left side needed a body too, now and I looked around for another person to hug close, but then the others were starting to escape the building too. My cuddly time over, I get up to go home and realize I’m really far away.

Then I wake up.

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Target, car, parking, coat, sleep

I’m hoping that by starting to type that I’ll remember the dreams I was going to share this morning but then didn’t and now I forgot everything.

I’m shopping. I drive to a Target and park in the parking garage. There are plenty of spaces. I walk into the Target excited to do some shopping. I’m looking at stuff and a feeling of unease washes over me. Looking up, I see that the store has lowered a blast-shield type of wall in the front of the store. It’s purple with movable parts like blinds that allow them to open and close as much or little as they like. I’m on edge now, knowing the enemy is near. Sure enough, something flows in, as the shutters open a little. Time to jump into action.

I was really tired and wanted to go to sleep. Running around, dodging enemies and damage will do that to you. I make it to my house and sneak inside. I’m way too tired to care that there are two naked women and a black guy doing something (lots of giggling) in the dormer of the room. I hop into my bed, pull the blankets tight around me and try to sleep. The giggling women emerge from the dormer, one hops onto the other bed in the room and suggestively motions for the other woman to join her on the bed. The other one starts to go but then notices me trying to sleep and gasps with a start. The black guy comes out too and hops onto the bed next to me. I sigh with exasperation at this point because all I want to do is rest in my own bed.

Then I’m down in the dark quad area surrounded by apartment or business buildings. I’m trying to get into a car to leave, as there’s a strong feeling of “run! escape!” in my mind. The black guy from before comes running out just as I try to get into the car, yelling at me to “STOP! Don’t! There are explosives in there!” I’m like, WHAT?? and try to turn around to get away, but I don’t get too far because the enemy is shooting at us already. He runs up to me and pushes me against a wall with his body, covering from fire and explosion. Once the explosions are over, I’m there, sitting with some other people. It’s cold. A group of Asian people come wandering over, other survivors. I stand up and take the coat off of a kid and put it on. It’s mine now, even though it’s too small. Hey, it’s warm. Now I’m ready, so I turn and prepare to make the journey to my destination. It involves time, since the sky lightens and darkens as I travel. I’m sometimes in a car, and sometimes trudging on foot through rough terrain.

Then it jumps to me back at the Target, except this time I arrive from a different way and it’s unbelievably crowded. I try to park in different spots, but am having a hard time figuring out if you can park there or not. I keep moving to different parking spots that look good, but then when I get into the spot, it’s not so good. People are staring at me, so I eventually make my way to the gravel lot. There are no clearly marked spots, but everyone’s just parking everywhere, so I pull into a spot that another car just came out of. It’s raining and very cold when I get out of the car, and instead of making my way over to Target, I go into the nearby building. There I see a place that I’ve been to before in a past dream. There are vending machine type things everywhere, with touch screens and some have buttons below the screen. Some of the screens are arcade games and there’s a lady playing one happily. Other machines allow you to swipe your Harris Teeter card for points. Every day you can swipe for 30 points. You get more if you pay for stuff. I’m making my way through it all, but–

–the dream stops.

There are some nap-type dreams, but there it is.

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Lamprey agent, food

A very fitful night for not obvious reasons. It wasn’t too hot and yet I could not get comfortable and sleep well. So sleepy now.

I entered a building with revenge in my mind, my partner with me. We “snuck” around with the goal of not being detected by the large man dressed in business clothes. He had just been responsible for deaths of our people. Our mission wasn’t to kill him, but to make him suffer and scare him. We got off the elevator and there he was! He had no clue what was about to happen, but we had to get there quickly or else he’d get into that room and we’d have to abort our mission! I threw caution to the wind and half crawled, half ran despite seeing another person facing our way and also going towards our quarry. I got there first and jumped up, latching my lamprey mouth onto his right arm. He reeled and tried to shake me off, but my partner leapt up on the other side and did the same. I was sad because this arm was once familiar, strong and meant safety to me, but no more. Not after I was turned and after all his vile doings. Almost in defeat or maybe with something else in mind, he tried to shake and walk into his office at the same time, but I dug my hands into his body and hung on tight, still sucking/lapping at his blood. With both of us on him at once, he seemed to grow weaker from blood loss. I noticed that in his office there were other men, so I quickly disengaged, pulling and ripping as much as I could to encourage more pain and bleeding and we both ran for it out the office and towards the elevator. I smashed the elevator button and I could hear someone on our heels, thankfully our carriage opened and we leapt inside, waiting out of sight while I repeatedly pushed the close button, in the event someone would chase us. It seemed like an eternity for the door to close, but the solid doors finally did and we sighed in relief smiling at each other. Outside, we disappeared into the crowd of the event going on, I guess our mutations hidden once more. We noticed security at the exit, but we managed to slip out and meet up with more co-conspirators. Good outcome.

Then I was traveling and in need of quick food. The mall/food place was hopping and busy, and I couldn’t decide which place to eat. I kept going in and out of places, unable to make up my mind and chatting with my travel partner, analyzing the places and trying to come up with a decision. Finally I ended up at “Paisano’s” which ended up being a really fancy place. Finally making my decisions, I came up to the counter where an older lady was to take my order. She seemed very condescending, but the place was rather posh so I didn’t hold it against her. Plus, it seemed it had taken literally all day for me to pick a place because it was late at night. I ordered the Pluddichino, the lemon version which was supposed to be a small cheesecake looking thing with frappe inside? Then I wanted the oreo 4 inch cheesecake too. A side of fries on top of chicken fingers with fries. She kept making negative comments at my choices which annoyed me, but whatever, the food seemed good. And it was, though there weren’t enough fries for what they charged. Some other chicken dish and a large dessert. I sat there and ate it, planning to buy something to take home for my mom. My travel partner didn’t order anything but ended up eating the oreo cheesecake and some fries.

Analysis:  Read a vampire story before sleeping, and apparently I’m hungry?

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Hiding, safehouse, puzzle

I was leaving a house I was living in. My mom was with me. The area was a rural place, and we were walking down a dirt/gravel road that was very long and lined and filled with trees. I was carrying with me a large plastic bag full of…I believe it was water, because you can’t live without water. I joked with her as we stood where the dirt and the asphalt of the main road met, saying that we should go back and get the dolly too. Obviously we were trying to escape a situation. Turns out it was only a half joke…we didn’t want to go back, but this bag of water was very heavy. The sky was starting to get dark though, and my mom worriedly asked me where this safehouse we were supposed to get to was. I smiled easily to help try and alleviate any fears of hers and pointed to a rather drab and ugly building just a few yards to our right. She was relieved that we didn’t have far to go and we made our way quickly and as quietly as possible over, ever aware that our disappearance would be known at any time.

When I got there, my mom was no longer with me (and neither was the bag of water), but a bunch of other people were, in similar predicaments and trying to get into the safehouse before we were caught. There were those that already resided there, sitting up on high, watching us. The “leader” of group told us (about 4 others aside from me) that we had to use the tools down there and try to figure out how to make it up there. We were responsible for creating a ladder of sorts for each of us to use. I looked up at the 3 story wall of white masonry. It was a sheer face. How in the world was I supposed to do that??? However, the fear and sense of urgency was always close behind me and I set to work. It was all or nothing, no turning back. There was a guy next to me, average white guy with a fit build, around my age. My section was the farthest on the left, and the entrance or the goal we had to access was in the middle, 3 stories up. We sort of worked together, even though our sections were our own, working from the same ideas and materials. Both of us were the fastest. We had to secure these round, sturdy loops that looked like bracelets wrapped in a chain to the wall like stepping stones. Speed was of essence! About halfway through the project I could hear sirens in the distance calling out and an orange light growing in size coming in our direction. I secured as many as I had and could and just started climbing. The guy beside me did the same, but I was up higher and faster (obviously my dream self was much younger and more fit than my real self)! To my dismay, I realized that I would have to use my neighbor’s rungs to make it all the way over to the platform. Thank goodness we were on good terms. He was still struggling to climb his so I changed my stance to try and reach over to his without losing my grip and falling. Desperation aided me and so I jumped for it and made it!!!

Fast forward to success inside the safehouse. Looks like most people made it in before they were caught and we all were so relieved…the stress level dropped significantly. Easy laughter, happy sighs together as we collected in the hallway. Then we moved forward to inspect our temporary home. There was a greenhouse in the top level with windows for sunlight. I was worried they might see us through all of the clear panes, but the tour moved inside once more and we were assigned rooms. It was a small space, though, it mattered not who slept beside whom at this point, everyone was exhausted and glad to be safe. We could work all of that out the next morning. It was dark in that building, as expected, but rather depressing. Everyone was lighthearted and rejuvenated, ready to tackle our new duties in the housing unit. They had a room full of clothes for us and I went in to see what they had. The clothing seemed new! I picked up a character beanie and donned that, before picking up a Pikachu t-shirt and turning around to show the guy I had become friends with. He just laughed and went to look for something for himself. Then everyone went to the briefing to find out what their roles were going to be.

And I woke up. I wonder what happened to my mom and if that bag of water was useful at all.

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