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Storage unit, some lovin

Last night and the other night

After going through a large exhibition area where there was to be a convention (all the merchants were setting up) I decided to go tour a storage facility with my brother as we were thinking about renting a storage unit (true story btw). According to the computer this particular facility only has 4 other renters so we had the pick of the crop. We go through thr dimly lit hallways and peer into each “unit” though each one seemed more like a big room than a storage unit. In fact the storage facility seemed like an old office or school building. We played in one of them, doing cartwheels and somersaults while some kids came into the room to run around too. Carrying on, we found one where we were thinking through the logistics of mattresses and tires fitting in the area. Then I decided to go through another unit close by. Turns out it belonged to another person (why storage units have your run of the mill door with a knob I dunno) and they had the whole setup! Bed, lamp, dresser. Even a window. I turned to my brother, knowing that it was fully illegal to do this, but shrugged and said, “Well it’s certainly cheaper than renting an apartment.”

Last night’s dreams were less logical. In fact there were 2 instances of me trying to score. One with a guy I used to go to college with and the other was a woman I’d never met before…skinny, possibly asian, shoulder cut hair parted to the side. Since no one reads this, I think I’ll go into a little more detail. The setting was my place, which was like an apartment, white, bright and inviting, the sun pouring in through the large windows adorned with sheer white curtains. She sat down in a chair and leaned back, a smile on her face and relaxing. I walk up to her from in front, smiling myself in anticipation. Before I could touch her, though, she kicked off her heels and breathed a loud sigh of satisfaction. She had on a red tube dress with spaghetti straps, and I brush the straps aside, off her shoulders (and at this point apparently slid them off altogether). My view was of her armpits and up and it is only understood that she was naked, not actually shown. I begin by rubbing her shoulders, her thin, tone muscles, small under my hands. Then I start to work my way down and oops, on to the next person! Different day, same place. On the bed this time, is my old schoolmate. He is unclothed and on the bed, all white sheets and pillows and walls. I hop on and start playing with his body as he smiles knowingly at me. His tan skin and firm muscular body attractive in all ways. We’re about to get to the fun part, when my mom decides to walk by. I try to cover him up with the sheets, but he starts joking with me and we play-tussle while giggling. My mom looks at me with an annoyed look on her face, as if saying, really? Now? Then rolls her eyes and keeps walking. We giggle with each other some more and…

Next dream. BUMMER!!!!

This part is more confusing and sporadic, but I am at one point walking Gable along some streets and near crowds of people. I’m doing it on purpose as people take one look at him and utter words of amazement. We walk along a road, down a street, near the water, up another street. Just strutting our stuff and he’s being such a good boy. Then I’m in a mall-type open air place where I’m supposed to be working. My coworker is there and she asks me to take a PA of her teeth. I do and we compare them to the last one taken. She is missing her molars, just root tips remaining, while the premolars present with broken roots! No wonder he’s having pain. I tell her we have to let a doctor see it, and we wait until my boss looks at her teeth, but his face is all wrong…too long and with white fuzz growing from his face. Then all of the sudden I’m working for this really hard-ass guy who is making a big deal about some small instance and then…I wake up

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Cartoon, Dan Schutte, greyhounds, vet, rocks

I’m back to weird dreams! Whoo! In no particular order.

I was supposed to bring my dogs to the vet. They had several locations and I needed to go to a particular one. My dogs and I make it to my normal vet…now you have to realize that these vet offices are inside and underneath large boulders. Large, flatish boulders with rock-hewn doors that I needed to kick in. Something martial happened, however, and I was chased away from my office. Now I need to find it again but I can’t remember which one. For some reason I am a giant and the boulder buildings and doors are  half of my height. I guess I was too tall to read the small signs, so I go around and kick in doors to peer in a see if the receptionist is right. Finally, we get to the right vet, but I don’t get to go in because onward to another dream!

I’m sitting in a pew in a very large, archaic looking church. My mom is somewhere nearby. I’m half listening to someone say something and half watching cartoons. Looking up, there is this one guy making a large commotion in the center aisle. He’s an average, plumpish fellow looking to be in his late 40s with glasses and a 5 o’clock shadow. He’s making everyone laugh who can hear him and was quite animated. As I watch he hangs on the end of a pew and speaks softly but excitedly to a younger female sitting there. She laughs and he rushes away to get something. I look down and then back up to see that the female has changed seats to sit right next to me. She has wide eyes and tells me that she doesn’t want anything to do with him and can she sit with me. I shrug and tell her he looks very familiar like I know him from somewhere. As I sort through my memories, I am sent back to the time that I did meet him.

Turns out I knew him because he had invited himself to spend the night at my place. He had met my grandma in the street and she invited him to my place for the night. His name was Dan Schutte (who in real life happens to be the author to several famous church hymns) and he needed a place to stay. I am reminded that he had brought his own pajamas, a matching set, white with brownish dots that were designs of some sort. A jolly sort of guy but borderline annoying.

Recollection stops and I tell my new friend about that. She’s like wow and asks me what cartoon I’m watching. The screens are holographic projected screens that are stacked in the air in front of me and those around me, for public use. I am watching a funny kid’s cartoon and we go through a few episodes. It’s getting late and the people around me are falling asleep, which means that my family-friendly shows are no more. The screen shows people living in futuristic pods on a ship. The man asks a pretty young woman to leave the pod she shares with her husband and to help another man inside his, she goes in and realizes he’s not in trouble but is trying to seduce her instead, so she protests and tries to leave, but she is locked from the outside in the cramped space with the lech. I try to switch the channel to something more suited to having my mom around, but everything is geared towards adults now. Even the revamped Animaniacs employs adult humor and swearing. I look over and notice my mom is sleeping soundly and with nothing else on, I shrug and settle in to sleep myself.

There is also a dream that I now remember only vaguely, obviously having been dreamed as one of the first dreams, but it dealt with a magnificent beach house, no windows only open air and gossamer curtains. Unfortunately disaster strikes! We are beset by those who wish us harm so the house becomes a tactical strategy game in the realm of XCOM and Fire Emblem!

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Special needs, corvette, dogs, poop, tacos

Video game type dreams!! I should really type these up immediately because I’ve already forgotten some of it.

I was a normal young person when all of the sudden I was hit with some sort of accident leaving my brain handicapped. Unable to think properly, move coordinatedly, not even speak well. Immense pain in my head and constant dizziness/nausea. I kept getting an image of a large void in my brain. My mom was extremely worried for me and brought me to the grocery store which is a public place and everyone got to see for themselves how invalid I was. A worried doctor met us there and kept me under his care, testing my reflexes and everything. It was a major blow because it was my or our job to infiltrate a facility, but now the main operative was down and out…what could I possibly do? Apparently I still needed to be there because they still took me to the place where our team was being ruthlessly overrun…but. AH HAH! It was all a ploy! As we pushed through level after level of obstacles and enemies (I guess I was still able to do minor supportive roles), we finally get to the end and the enemy’s guard was down give their arch-nemesis was rendered useless, and I sprang into action! At my sole decision, the void in my mind filled right up and WHAM. Victory for good guys! Even my team didn’t know the plan and so it was quite a stir!

Now cut to my extended family. I was taking pictures or something on a bed of one of my old classmates and there was this adorable French bulldog, dark brindle, sleeping there. I spilled water on everyone for some reason but the dog couldn’t even bring itself to care and kept sleeping. I rubbed its belly and it slowly slid over onto my lap where I fussed over it. So adorable! Then the dream became videogame-like where my extended family and I were participating in some quests/games like scavenger hunts and such in this large facility filled with different rooms. Kind of like a convention or a festival. I was doing pretty well looking for chests and looting from them before everyone else to get points. It was strange the way it would switch from digital playing to in-person lifelike. Anyways there was this one room where everyone’s dogs were there. I remember looking for my dogs and chasing after Gable who decided to poop in this place. I was very embarrassed and was looking for how to clean it up. The other dogs had pooped everywhere too and suddenly it was my job to clean everything up while everyone else stood around talking to each other. The weirdest part? The dogs had all pooped on these napkin squares and I had the hardest time trying to pick them up without spilling the poop off. I was trying to stack them and not to breathe in the smell or make a mess, but alas.

Jump (thankfully) to the next part where I wandered by myself after the above festivities with family to the rest of the convention type place. I passed by some sweepstakes for cars that I’d wanted to sign up for earlier but was afraid everyone else would complain for it being a scam. I saw one for a new Corvette and the sign said it was a Disney sweepstake so I started filling out the form, but noticed that it needed a code. I looked up to see a lady walked to me. Dread filled my stomach, fearing that I would have to sit through a sales pitch before being allowed to enter. She was very friendly, though and looked at my entry, saying, oh you’re a female. I was confused until I looked up and realized that the Corvette entry was for males and the pink picture over on the other side was for females. Instead of a Corvette, though, it was for a Lexus, small sporty car, but not anywhere on par with the Corvette. I pulled a face and told her let me just enter it and if they want a male as a winner then I can give them my brother because he’s the one who likes Corvettes anyways. She gave me the code and placed the entry for me and then invited me over to the big table so that I could partake of the tacos they had there. There were couples all eating tacos together. She made me a taco and had me sit down to eat. It. Was. GOOD. I got up to get some more after finishing the first one and eavesdropping on all the other conversations. I had to fight with another guy to get the remaining ingredients which were running low. So good!


The food and fighting for it was from eating Golden Corral for dinner. The dog poop was probably because there was a dog sleeping in my room and farting. I fed them a different food last night (came in the mail, free!) which typically lends to gas. Not sure where the other stuff came from because I didn’t play any video games at all yesterday. The headache might have been a real headache from sinuses or weird sleeping position.

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Dogs, old lady

It’s been a while since my last post!! Might be a good thing to not remember all these dreams, right? This one burned strongly in my memory when I awoke, which is interesting because typically  after I walk the dogs and do the whole shower then facebook routine, I’ve forgotten everything.

There was a dream where I was driving around on a road and trying to park my car in an area similar to where I work, but then I was with a small elderly lady (who was supposed to be a relative? great aunt? a patient? in the dream I was confused too) with hair all white. She parked her car and walked to a building. It looked like a house in a building with a parking lot and surrounded by lots of trees. It seemed like she was visiting some friends or relatives. Then it was time to go and she took her dog, a Boxer named Bella, with her and walked back to her car. I watched her from inside the house until I realized how active the dog was. I ran outside and followed behind them in case she didn’t want my help and didn’t want to insult her ability to walk her own dog. The Boxer had lots of energy and kept running back and forth and around her trying to play and in general extremely excited to be able to be outside. She jerked the old lady into cars and that’s when I judged it time for me to step in. By the time I caught up to them, Bella had wrapped the lady in her red harness-leash. I grabbed the woman before she could fall and Bella lunged forward at a parked van where a family was taking their greyhound out of the car. Old lady drops the leash and I’m preoccupied keeping her upright and took my eyes away from the dog for a second. It jumps forward in time where I’m trying to walk Bella and get control of her (too hard with a harness) while leading the lady back to her old white Pontiac. We’re approached by the owners of the greyhound who accuse Bella of biting their dog. I look at the greyhound and he looks totally fine, so I get the lady and Bella back into their car and address the greyhound owners, saying that I have a greyhound of my own and he looks fine. Interestingly I happen to have Gable in my own car, so I take him out to show them and he instantly goes up to one of the men and decides to empty his bladder on the man’s leg. I tried to push the man away, but instead of allowing me to help, he gets peed on. I kind of laugh at this point because Gable would never do that, so that fact that he did means this guy is bad news.

…I have no analysis for this except that it’s true Gable has super bladder and the old lady might be a simulation of some of the older patients I’ve helped walk around our office.

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Brother and Cars

My brother had bought a Honda motorcycle, very light, compact, powerful, and quiet (must have been fuel cell or electric). He took me and some other girl to the store on it at night (can fit 2 passengers!) but when we came out it was gone! Obviously someone had stolen it, because it wouldn’t have taken much to pick it up. He was devastated as he had JUST gotten it. So he thought about it and I drove him to a place he told me about. Along the way I tried to be helpful, recommending he get a Forester again, or better yet a Legacy like he used to have. The feeling for me is why he kept changing cars, and there was an implication that between the Forester and the motorcycle he had even another car. So this third party dealer was in a no named business warehouse place. Apparently I had brought my dogs with us. The guy brings out the car they had previously been in contact with and I join my brother for a test drive which was really cool because there was a driving course pitting the car through any obstacle (road, curves, bumpies, water, raging water, snow, ice chunks, rocks, and logs). The car did amazingly even though he smashed into the ice a bit and the last portion coming off of rocks proved that the ground clearance was great! He was satisfied this was the car he wanted so he drove back and he and the guy start talking. I walk around the car to get a better look and it was this ugly matte gray, very boxy and older Forester car. I kept trying to see if it was an XT, but maybe the emblem had come off at some point. My brother must have been low on funds to get an older car like that. We then move into the office to do paperwork and I suddenly realize that my dogs are missing. Turns out the workers (small, close-knit company) had taken them in with the other dogs. Liana was busy napping on the couch in the front office with other patrons and was lying on my lap as I sat there, but Gable was lounging in the back office (large warehouse space with computers and tables) on a bunch of dog beds with other dogs. I was relieved. When I took them and left after the deal was done, they sent me an animated email card to say, “haha Gable left you because you neglected him and made lots of friends.” I was a bit amused.

Analysis: It bothers me that my brother is constantly saying things like I wish I’d chosen this/or I would’ve gotten this instead of this. Why can’t he just be happy with what car he bought? And I guess I’ve been worrying about my dogs.

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Couple of dreams

I’ve been having dreams lately about houses. Last night I had no real dreams I remember because I didn’t actually sleep much. However the last few night have been rather memorable.

There was one about cars. I was at the Subaru dealer with my brother, when he decided to buy an old Ford Explorer. Like old, old, with the red, rusty color and all dusty and everything. So, similarly, I bought an old Dodge Viper. Like, OLD. And it was tiny. We went to park it somewhere and all I had to do was push it (not drive it) into a small area between a snow covered trailer, and another car. Then I went to lock the door with the manual key, but I had to get on my hands and knees to find the lock because the car was so small and it turned out the key hole was broken and we’d have to fix it. I decided I’d have to jump in because it was convertible anyways. While down that low, I found a bunch of coins from the previous owner stuck in the door that I’d have to look through later. We drove it “home” which happened to be a very nice, pink/red brick house probably around 3000 sq ft. It had a full paver driveway with a 2 car garage and lots of space on the driveway. There were 3 new cars there (from visitors) and my brother was there already, so I put my car along the side. My brother commented that it will probably need a cover, and I was wondering if it didn’t as the insides looked like it was made for weather. The annoying part was that my dad was there too. I spent some time complaining that he was there and saying he needed to leave but no one seemed bothered by it. Then I complained about having 2 houses and how maybe I should go live at the other house. He seemed interested in the car, and for some reason I’d unscrewed all the parts on the way over, so I tried to put it all back together with some difficulty.

Next dream was a different house, the next night. It was a much more homey house, not nearly as nice, but still in a quiet, tree-filled neighborhood. 2 stories, a beat up looking covered sunroom, and about 2100 sq ft, no garage. The yard in the back was pretty big and we had just had a new fence put in. Now before this house part there was a part with getting stopped by police checkpoint. My brother and I were eating FunDip and the police had to test the white powder substance in the baggie and our faces. The test turned red and the other cop said that we shouldn’t eat those they cause cavities. I got along really well with the cop and I gave him a big hug (his body reminded me of M) before we left. OK, back to the house: I had let Liana and Gable out but someone had knocked a section of our fence out so Liana ran off. I had Gable, but thankfully some other greyhound owners got her and she ran back to me. Then there was a section where some greyhound owners were having a meeting in our backyard and I had to listen to it. Turns out it was the neighborhood that busted out our fence because they were making a sidewalk. Then a guy said that he could move the end portion of the  fence to right before the sidewalk, because with it the way it was then, our appraised value of the house goes down since it messes with the nice view of the trees. I agreed and then made plans to plant things on the other side of the sidewalk, assuming that it was still ours.

strange, strange, strange.

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Running, Vet

It started out as a TV show or movie drama and me with some friends and family in an unfamiliar place with a large mall, trees, a large house with a basement and a mansion. I can’t tell if it was a museum or not, but it was like a mix between Richmond and DC. Many things happened including a large freight elevator but the big thing was that we came back after a shopping trip and I suddenly realized that I had a 9am appointment at the vet for Gable, without the use of a car I’d have to use the bus system which meant I had to get all the way out to the bus because I was running late. Made it to the bus and met a friend along the way not worried because I’d be only 5 minutes late, but I was busy talking and laughing and missed my stop (the office was located next to a Sears at the large mall), so I got off at the next stop which was very far away and proceeded to run. Thankfully I had a trusty minimap on my phone with GPS function and radar, so I had an idea of where I was going. However, it meant I had to navigate through a really shady part of the mall strip where contraband and homicides occurred on a regular basis. This was no exception it seemed and as I ran quickly through it (for once I was actually running and not moon running) many different incidents were ongoing. I went through unscathed and ended up in a food-heavy part of the mall where it was very crowded and I met up with my friend again. Side-tracked by good-looking food, I looked on the map and found that I was close but had overshot my destination so I wandered in. At that point I was very very late. Earlier I had called to say that I’d be late, but the lady just said it was OK. Now the same lady seemed a little stressed about how late I’d become…and moreso about the major oversight I’d performed….namely I FORGOT MY DOG.

Humiliated and super stressed out, I asked if I could go get him because otherwise we wouldn’t be in the area for too long, she gave me a look, laughed really hard, mumbled something about times and made me sign some paper of some sort. I considered calling my mom to have her bring Gable to me, but thought against it for whatever reason. Navigated my way back out of the building, consulted my trusty mini-map and found a shorter path to get back. Cut through behind the building and made my way back to the white mansion, through the park with instruments of all sorts being played and a passing a cart pulled but a giant giant poodle, whereupon I was promptly lost again because it didn’t look anything like it had before.

Then AWAKEN to use the restroom.

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Of dogs and bears

They say that you don’t remember dreams unless you wake up in the middle of them. They also say that an average person has about 4ish dreams a night. Furthermore, dreams about teeth usually signify active clenching/grinding. Do I need to cite my sources?

Dream #1: I can’t remember all of it, just he exciting snatches, but basically I’m in this indoors community that is big enough to have green space and small roads. Gable is with me, but not Liana. I head home through an elevator and step out into the housing level. We walk around the tree paths when I notice all the bears roaming around. They’re hungry, foraging and fighting with each other. We start hurrying towards shelter because they’re blocking my way to my destination. An older, tall, skinny black man in front of us is unloading himself and his giant dog into his home and I see that while he glances at the bears, they give him distance because of his dog. I come over to him and ask if he can escort us to my house. He looks at Gable, who is also big, but in my mind I’d already considered that skinny Gable, however tall, would not last in a fight very long. He nods and we set off, he and his dog between me and Gable and the bears. The bears are wary of his large dog, but are starting to  encroach, as hungry and aggressive as they are. We make it to the elevator doors and come into another area where other people and their large dogs have gathered. All of the sudden, like in a video game, there’s a top down view of bears and robots surrounding us. At this point I have 3 greyhounds (gable, a white one and a tan one) and even they are growling, ready to strike. The view switches back to top view and the battle starts and ends within a few seconds. We have won! I remember joking in proud amazement of how Gable actually growled and fought back for me.

Dream #2: As is customary more recently, I’ve been dreaming of teeth. Anyways, I’m in an orthodontist’s office trying to make an appointment for myself because somehow I’d managed to have all sorts of supernumerary teeth grow anteriorly to those in sextant 2…some of which look like primaries, but others are permanent. It is unbelievably crowded and people keep cutting in front of me making me wonder if I’m a vagrant/homeless person because no one wanted to help me either. Finally a very nice young lady helps me and no one cares to cut in front of me this time. I give her my papers and say that I’d like to make an appointment with one of the dentists. She seemed relieved that I hadn’t wanted to ask something else, but my brain couldn’t think of what I would have asked for otherwise. She prints out all these papers and happily makes me sign them all. I’d been a patient in the past, so my information was in there, even my mom’s information as the payer. I give her large D batteries that have my clinical pictures and radiographs in them and she is again relieved that I am prepared with information. I go to leave, thanking her, but things have fallen out of my large backpack. I try to stuff it back in as she looks on worriedly, but doesn’t move to help me nor does anyone else. Conscious of my being in the way of other patients, I try to push it all to one side, but nothing wants to stay in. I drag everything over to the side and proceed to stuff my blanket, food, and other necessities into the bulging pockets, my overly large coat hindering my speed…I guess I was homeless after all. How in the world would I pay for the badly needed treatment then? I remember worrying about how painful the inevitable extractions would be.


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House, Snake, dad

First dream entry….GO!

Location: We were in a house with white siding on a brick base. It’s not a new house, but considering the messy state of the yard we’d just recently moved in. Small deck on the side with a grill with a grill cover on it, muddy ground, leaves everywhere. The house itself was wider than it was tall, but 2 stories. A yard present, but ringed by trees…not a forest, but trees as you can make out other houses in the neighborhood behind and beside. Inside had a rustic feel, not super old, but homey. Overall the house needs work, but nothing I can’t tackle.

The lowdown: So my mom and I were walking around the house and I was complaining that I had to dig so many holes to plant new plants we wanted to place down. I kept walking back and forth as my mom went back into the house to cook or whatever to judge sunlight because my Camellia plant was dying and needed to be moved. I come around the side of the house, and I see Gable in obvious distress, dragging his back legs as he tried to crawl to me. Alarms go off in my head and I rush to make sure he wasn’t paralyzed. Thankfully he could stand, but his back paw had the distinct holes of a snake bite. I look around for Liana and find her sphynxing and not moving by the dark corner of the deck/brick wall and the side door. Hastily all feet are searched and a large bleeding area on her back left foot confirm the bite. I immediate look around for the snake, and suspect that it’s in amidst the leaves gathered in the corner. The Box (my dad) shows up and I say, there’s a snake here! Find it! I poke around in the leaves with a stick and the snake shows itself. Quickly I guide the dogs inside the house and turn back to try and find where the snake went. My dad is standing on the deck steps looking for it and I yell, there it is! Left! on the left! Turn LEFT! on the grill! He is still scanning and turning as slowly as possible and I watch in the confusion the snake jump into him aggressively. Some yelling (probably from me) ensues, and I hide behind the safety of the door. Peeking around the corner of the door, I’m concerned because I know that you can’t tense up and be scared with snakes. He slowly peels the snake (short, stout, with red, black and gold bands and diamonds) off and I yell, throw it over the side of the deck and get in here! Instead, he looks admiringly/lovingly at it, caresses its scaly skin and gently lobs it over the side of the deck. I scream again at him to get inside, but he just stands there almost entranced as the snake aggressively comes back up the deck railing to attack. Somehow he’s off the deck and the snake repeatedly attacks something on the deck railing, dripping venom everywhere!

Analysis: I was awoken to what seemed like someone shaking me to wake up, and I was glad to be able to stop the dream. Most of the dream can be explained from things seen/discussed the night before. The snake was from a show on Animal Planet about “World’s Biggest Pets” where a girl in Britain had a Burmese python that attacked her and was overall aggressive. The house was from a house for sale in our neighborhood. Different houses are a common theme in my dreams because we’re always thinking about new houses. The plants are because the plant I originally thought was a Camellia is indeed dying and I keep trying to make it live. I LOVE messed up yards because I love to be able to fix them and plant things in them. My dogs were because yesterday they were playing and Gable came in to get me to show me that somehow Liana’s paw got hurt and she was sitting in the living room with one paw up and trembling. Now my dad…well. He needs to stay the heck out of my dreams, but every so often there he is. And he always acts so weird!!!

There you have it! dream #1 on this blog. This time most of it is explainable.

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