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Dogs, xrays, old friends,

I haven’t slept too well of late, but I’ve also been dreaming of old friends for some reason.

Some old ones first:

I was at work and the usual receptionist was gone for her wedding, but in her place was someone else. Turns out it was the mother of a coworker that had just passed away. I remember being surprised to see her there working on the computer. After that I went around the “office” which had hallway rugs and big ruts in the floor where water flowed and it was raining outside.

After that I was driving and there was a group function in the park. It was nighttime, but I stopped by anyways because my friend was there now, heading the group, but they were packing up to leave and then left for their camping trip in another state. I never pegged her for a camping girl, but there you go. I came to visit and off they went, so I hung around their cabin/meeting place for a bit, feeling a bit sorry for myself because I was lonely and everyone had their own lives.

I was at home, here, and the house seemed like it belonged to me now because it was furnished but rather sparse and not furnished. I seemed to be running a business of my own out of it, a side business wherein I cleaned people’s various objects. I came downstairs and it seemed that someone had already let him in because my client was sitting at a small table in the kitchen filling out paperwork. I looked out on the deck (also sparsely furnished) and saw a school bus on it. I was like, uhhh. I turned to him and he had finished his paperwork but was on the phone. Turns out he wanted the bus battery to be cleaned because it was very corroded. Ok, easy job. On second glance at the school bus on my deck, I realized the bus was very clean and newish, and also that it wasn’t as big as I first thought, so it wouldn’t be hard to carry out of the house when I was done. I snooped around the table with his papers on it and found a lottery scratcher. He had only uncovered some of the non-winning numbers and gave up on the rest. So I decided to scratch the rest for him. I found $1.00 and then there was one that was very difficult to scratch, like an error from the machine. Lo and behold, $2,000!! I was so happy for the guy and eagerly showed him when he came back, and then told him that no problem, the battery would be cleaned up.

Now I’m at work and needed an xray of something, but I have to do it outside, so I grab a flash drive and bring the sensor with me outside to the parking lot. There, on the cart return pole are ports so that I can take the xrays I need. Some lady is already there trying to take xrays of her grandkids, so I wait a little, but then they leave so I step up. I mount the subject and plug everything in, a little unsure of how this worked without an XCP. I did it and swung the unit over to take the image. Suddenly 2 or 3 other people were hovering around trying to help me out even though I didn’t need it, but I understood their goodwill, so I let them. As I looked again at the woman beside me, I realized that it was an old classmate of mine who is now a dentist! I exclaimed at the recognition and ran to give her a hug.

Now there were a bunch of greyhounds everywhere, along with my two. Stuff was happening and I lost track of them, but we moved everyone to safety in a building. My grandpa was there and talking to some of the people and I was worriedly looking for my dogs, but one guy was holding them. I called their names and they came running to me, I was so relieved. The man wouldn’t let me take the makeshift collars and leashes off and was still holding them, reassuring me that he’ll look after them since I had more pressing responsibilities such as coordinating the crisis that we were having (unclear what it was). I reluctantly trusted him and returned to my duties. All I remember is a Brita pitcher and water, as well as lots of other water.


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Food, cat, neighborhood, cops

My eye is twitching like crazy. I guess I didn’t sleep well. I also don’t remember too much.

We were eating at a restaurant. Initially, I thought it was just an Asian place, but turned out to be a buffet. Whoo! My immediate family and my grandparents were there and we came later, so I sit down. My grand aunt is already eating before everyone, so we all sit down and suddenly there is food on the table. Apparently there were 2 different types of the fried chicken chunks. One was a darker color than the other, and set either on top or bottom (I laid out my chicken drumsticks like that last night, lol). My grandma and sister were eating them. I just so happened to pick up the one with a REALLY long tail on it and everyone was like, uh oh, now you’ve done it! Turns out, my friend’s cat was there too and the instant I picked up the chicken, he started attacking the “tail” and making a general scene. Everyone was just laughing and my mom said that she wonders if she should just get a cat even though my dogs were at home. He pounces and runs and plays as I eat the meat tail and all.

Then I’m suddenly back in our neighborhood…or what looks like our neighborhood? They’re townhouses, but everything seems both new and old and the parking situation is much different. I happen to be home that day and my mom’s car was on the main road, so since everyone else had gone to work, I move her Fit inside, closer to the house. She might be upset that it’s somewhere else, but I’ll just have to tell her I moved it. So I go to parallel park it around one of those big construction dumpsters (the whole neighborhood is in the middle of construction with empty lots, unfinished street, ripped up grass, the works) and pull up to the front so that the car isn’t close to the dumpster. I go to put the car into park and suddenly I managed to mess up the gear shift which is now a really long stick. I try to turn it back to the way it was, but the whole console is somehow lifted up and apparently, what I didn’t know, was that you can remove and insert said stick into another, covered, spot on the console and drive it like a manual! Wow! Versatile! Easter Egg! Suddenly the car wouldn’t move, so I walk around outside of it to try and jump the car which is no longer a Fit, but a smaller SUV. But it doesn’t make sense and I didn’t want to mess it up, because while the car wouldn’t move, all of the electronics worked. Instead of jumping it, I sit back in the car and decide to go ask my brother.

I’m walking back to the house and it’s now getting dark. There is a massive swarm of cops and detectives standing there and looking 2 doors down from our townhouse. Suddenly there is an explosion and the interior of that house blows up. It only affects that one unit, though. I see that they’re running around and I ask a detective lady if I’m allowed into my house. She says it’s too dangerous and to stay here. I’m like, guh. They ask me who lives there and I’m like, I’m not sure, we just moved in. Then they have me walk up close, and follow me in plain clothes. We see that someone broke a basement window of the unit and got in, but there is a big sheepdog and on closer inspection, a fawn greyhound on the basement green couches. The cop lady is like, they have dogs. They have dogs! which apparently nixes anyone trying to climb into the basement too. I just want to go home and suddenly I’m aerial and watching someone spray paint a mural on top of that townhouse in question. Then I’m inside a townhouse with some other people. One is dressing up as Scully from X-files and the other is possibly Skinner? Or Squidward. They’re having a blast getting into character and having a great time and I realize that if they’re not lovers, they soon will be and I might be about to witness something rather hot hot hot!

Then I jolt awake because I’m 11 minutes late!!!!

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Dog, dental

I was at work looking through the x-rays of a patient that is not particularly liked as a patient in our practice. I guess every time she came in she’d have a PANX taken so you could flip through all the images and see the massive deterioration. My coworkers and I were looking through and the doctor called over and said is that the L-Jaw Patient? We all though it was the most absolute hilarious thing ever…L-Jaw…apparently so named because she only had sextant 2, 5 and 6 remaining, but as you kept going forward those teeth would just break off, even the implants and now all she has are the sextants 2 and 5. She’s scheduled to come in again and we assume now she’s missing one of those too.

Then I’m working on a patient. Turns out, it’s my dog. He’s laying there on his side on the dental chair/table/thing, being a good boy and I get the bright idea that he’s being so good, let’s try to get an xray of his teeth! Our sensors are smaller than it should be for his mouth, but it’s OK, let’s try. I’m going to have to hold his mouth which means I can’t leave the room, so I pick up our lead vest and have the hardest time trying to get it on one-handed. I’d asked my doctor to help me, but she just came in, looked at me, asked what crazy thing I was going to do and then left. My coworkers were much more interested in helping because, well, dooog. Hello. So I’m fitting the PA XCP in there (why not the BW? Bc I’m too lazy to get it) to do a test image, he’s being a good boy, though he doesn’t like it of course, and then I say, hit the button. They do and we get through 3 of them before one of my coworkers mentions that it’s not taking the image. Oh man. Somehow the program messed itself up and I’m like dangit we don’t have much time before my boy starts acting up. I try to reach over and fix it and then, boom, I wake up, because the real boy is making a racket wanting to go on his walk about an hour before I’m scheduled to wake up.

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Dog Poop, old friend

I had my dreams all perfectly recalled to relay on here when I awoke this morning as they were so memorable, but once I got outside to walk my dogs, they disappeared from my brain–all but the dog poop part.

Let’s start with the dog poop part. It was the backyard of the townhouse and (in real life I haven’t been down to pick up the poops, hence poopy-paws sometimes) I was supposed to haul out the trash can. However, there were so many dog poops that I got upset at everything and everyone including myself. I was in a hurry, though, so I had to get the trashcan out to the curb and I’d just have to deal with the poop later. Unfortunately for me, it was also rainy, so I ended up slipping, falling, the trashcan fell into the poop and I was just covered in POOP, no matter what I tried. There just so happened to be a wagon cart full of dirt, so I tried to dump the dirt on top of the poop in my path so I could at least get over and out with my task, but it just ended up making a big muddy mess and I was covered in poop. Fun times.

The major dream had something to do with an old college friend. There was a night portion where I went to visit the college where she was staying, and I was going to park my car. When I was there initially, there were many cars and I didn’t know where to park because there were designations for visitors and permits and some that didn’t have any direction at all. I’d park on place, then move to another, begin afraid to get towed, and move again. By the time I’d circled again, there were no cars! Whoo! I guess I’ll just park wherever and feign ignorance. I go to visit her inside the dorm. She’s managed to live in the double room as a single, and in my head I’m thinking, wow that must be expensive. We talk a bit about weird things and then somehow she knows my extended family and starts referring to them. I’m like, huh? No! My great aunt is dead! She’s been dead for several years now. These people are adamant she’s not. I say they’re crazy, bid my friend goodbye and go to find my car because I need to make my way to wherever my next destination is. Now the parking lot is full again, except now it’s a massive car mechanic garage. One of my great aunts is there too, doing something to her car. I see my car and my mom’s car. I think my brother is hanging around too. I go to close the door to my mom’s car and accidentally knock my great aunt over in the process. I didn’t see, but apparently she was moving the stuff from her old car into my mom’s car. She wasn’t too happy about being knocked over, and I was appalled at how much stuff she was trying to transfer over. Where’s my car? I’ve got to get to the bottom of what’s going on because no one’s told me anything and there are people unrelated to my family who are positive that my deceased aunt is still alive!


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Shower, dragons, dogs

Dreams can be hard to record because it’s difficult to go backwards in chronology and remember it to make a decent, coherent account. I remember it from end to beginning which would be too difficult to read.

I was living in this very mature community with lots of green space and greens while still housing a large amount of people. It was quiet. I seem to have been caring for my grandpa’s new dog, a young, energetic pup, a girl, alongside my own. It was only supposed to be for the weekend. Well, I go do something, perhaps take a nap, and look out front in the gated entrance area to the house (wrought iron fence with large gate). That’s when I FREAK OUT because my boy and my grandpa’s girl are not there. All that was left were a pile of what appeared to be feathers? Or just really soft, downy fur. My own girl was still chillin’ inside the house, and I start berating my mom about why she put the dogs out there without supervision and didn’t let them in, but I’m beside myself because I think it was my own fault and not anyone else’s. I can just picture their little faces standing at the door wanting in, but no one knowing. They probably started barking and then lured in by the noise, the dragon took them. The dragon. It all seems completely futile now, but I am convinced that I can fix this! I run outside to any of the green spaces to see where the dragon could have taken them to try and eat them. In my brain the prospect of finding them alive still is good and maybe I can just beat off the dragon, I don’t know, but it just has to be that way! The leftover Feathers/fur seemed extremely fresh, like still warm! Where, oh WHERE have my little dogs gone??? I run home in distress because I can’t find them and have no clue where to start. My mom is on the phone with my grandpa who wants to come pick up the dog because their trip was cut short, but she makes some excuse and tells them to come back in a couple days. I resolve to travel in a quest to find the dragon and make it pay for what it did. It was night time, but it was duty to do this, so I left home and headed to the ocean in the distance because across that is where I have to go.

When I arrive at the location objective, I’m inside a big wholesale club. The coordinates were correct for the place, so I start looking around and see that they have some water access points at the back of the store (think fish farm type things), but obviously I can’t just jump into them even though I know that’s where I’m supposed to go. I see a girl checking out some people, so I go up to her and ask a few unobtrusive questions to see what the security level is like and what I can possibly glean from her. She’s extremely friendly and we start talking about teeth and her and I ask her where she’s staying. The company is paying her and the team of workers to stay in their facility housing unit. Ah hah. There is some sort of dastardly plan going on here. She directs me to one of the tanks.

Then stuff happens that I can’t remember and suddenly I’m living in the said housing unit. Going undercover, I guess. At that moment in time I’m trying to go take a shower, having just established myself into the enemy company’s graces to become part of their team. I start training the next day, so it’s just acclimation time. I walk into the bathroom and there are 2 people there laughing at a stool display (it’s pretty opulent) which they kind of break and put back quickly before leaving. It’s a single bathroom, but then my sister and some other person is in there having a nice conversation. That cashier girl shows up all of the sudden as I’m about to jump into the shower and I ask her how’s it going. Apparently it has been some time since I’d last met her. She told me that her dentistry (ortho) was all finished now, and I was like, awesome, let me see! As I look at it, she says that it turns out that she has this conditioni where there are teeth growing out from the inside of her lip, I’m like, that is SO cool, but I’m more bothered by how the ortho they did was dumb and wrong. They gave her a fake set of teeth to put overtop the 2nd set of teeth she has to make them look aesthetically better, but it still doesn’t change that she has a shark mouth. Well, whatever, I get into the shower, take off my pants and suddenly realize that I’ve been wearing this obnoxious vest and shirt that are 4 sizes too small for me, and I can’t remove it by myself. I’d given her my pants from inside the shower to put somewhere which she is more than happy to do, but a little excited and shy since I have no pants on. Given the desperation of my predicament, I ask her to step into the shower with me and help me take the shirt off, and there’s a huge smile on her face. She opens the curtain and steps in behind me.

Then I’m back in the original house and I watch out the window as the black dragon I’ve been after comes by looking for a new treat. I am powerless, but to my great satisfaction, a white, Asian dragon (in the vein of Spirited Away) gives it chase. I am happy that it has come full circle even if I failed my mission and…I wake up.

Analysis: my neighbor’s dog, I saw some fake dragon thing online the other day, worrying about losing my boy because he’s such an old man now, and I managed to tangle myself up in ny top sheet something awful which explains why I’d been having trouble removing that too-small shirt. Also I really had to go to the bathroom, hence a bathroom dream.

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Dog, uncle, neighborhood, sea stars

I had interesting dreams last night. Nothing scary at least.

I was driving my mom around on the streets we grew up in, the old neighborhood. I remember that distinct intersection. Something happened while we were sitting at the intersection, but it didn’t concern us. Going down the road a bit, I come upon the fact that the houses on the right side were no longer houses, but transformed into entertainment businesses? There looks to be a miniature dog track where dogs can play and next to it, the owner has a dog sitting/kennel/grooming place. I walk over to the guy and ask if there are special rules for greyhound attendance. He kind of shrugs a bit, but hasn’t dealt with many greyhounds, so I nod and go back through the building to leave. There I see my uncle petting everyone’s dogs and I kind of hightail it out the door before he sees me, but I shouldn’t have been afraid, he was preoccupied with other people’s dogs. I proceed to walk to my house (my old house I grew up in), and almost instantly, I see a dog. A Doberman, a female, but she’s bad off. Something in my head told me this was my uncle’s new dog and I was mad because my uncle does NOT need a new dog!! He neither has time nor apparently care for it. I entreat her to come with me because I need to get this dog to safety! Surprisingly, she follows me. We have to navigate up this hill with wood and gravel. She’s in such a bad way I can see all of her bones, her fur is not healthy at all, and she barely has the strength to walk. I make sure to go behind her lest she fall, and nudge her forward every so often as her weak legs scrabble up the way. I make sure we take the path off the road, to limit the chance of being seen, but we have to get to my house and quick! We finally get there and I hide her in my room, telling my mom the situation. Suddenly my uncle bursts into the house and I tell my mom that he CAN’T FIND HER HERE and shut myself in the bathroom so that I don’t have to talk to him. I’ve got to protect and nurse this dog!

Then it changes to some crazy thing where I’m at the beach with a bunch of people and we’re supposed to go into this building, but it’s too hard because there are monster sea stars aggressively blocking our path and way. This sea-creature-human-person-lady comes to help, and I’m like, we can’t go in, and she’s like, no, they’re harmless, go on through, but I’m kind of scared and instead of going into the building, go around it and end up on the sandy beach. It was evening and getting dark.

Some other crazy yet fun situation involving driving around with a male friend. UPS, Staples, going out of business…hard to remember now after I just spent the morning filing my taxes.

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Dentistry, Eye Doctor, Dogs, Costco…land?

I was driving down this road, I guess to check out the new eye doctor I was going to go to. It was a very large road, 6 lanes across, and for some reason I had to make a U-turn then take a left onto his smaller road. Then I did it again, this time with my brother driving because we both had eye appointments at the same time with different doctors. Him with Dr. Hale and me with Dr. Sakell. When we arrived, we walk up into this dark, but very spacious room. He went one way with a doctor and I went another. Since it was my first time there, she asked me a series of questions and I was wandering around the office. Then she asked me about my dogs. Like, seriously asked me about them. I said I have 2 greyhounds at home. And she typed some stuff up in the computer and said, “no, you have 3 of them.”

“…I do?”

“yes, 2 greyhounds, and a greyhound called something else (I can’t remember the term she used).”

“Oh, yeah. YEAH! That’s right I have 3!” Oh my goodness I’d completely forgotten about her! “Yeah! That’s right she’s a fawn!…wait…what is she? I thought she was a greyhound too.”

“No, she’s ____. Not a galgo, though.” Then I was confused because I couldn’t remember, but also extremely guilty because I hadn’t been feeding her and I didn’t even know where she was. Then the doctor showed me this picture of the 3 of them she found and I was like, omg I’m a terrible dog owner! It showed the 3 of them together, my other girl, a dark brindle with lots of brindles and a pink collar. Then, I tried to change the subject back to optometry, but she would have none of it. I never got that eye exam, just a tongue lashing about my dogs and how bad a person I was.

Then it jumped to this crazy, insane dream. It was set in Disney World/land? But it looked more like Costco in there? And the owner of the place was like Mom from Futurama: a real mean woman with money ambitions. MOM mixed with Oprah. There was some sort of rebellion going in where factions would seek to sabotage the place. My boss was caught up in messing with the production. You never knew who was for what side. I ended up buying a plushie at full price and another item at the bootleg price through the facility. The cashier girl would turn a blind eye to it all. After flying around on some transport units, I was sitting right outside the building, waiting for my family to get done with their shopping. I couldn’t wait, so I opened the bootleg item. As I was maneuvering the packaging, MOM walked out. I looked up in fear, and pretended I didn’t know that it was fake. She reached down and looked at it, and then at me accusingly. I held up my plushie and played the dumb customer card. I’d bought it at full price after all. I cooly asked her if I could pay the difference, trying not to look too desperate or scared that I would incriminate myself. She softened when she was that and believed my story.

Then a work dream, actually set in our office where there were 6 hygienists and I was trying to take x-rays on a kid while his mom was hovering around. I get it all done and wait for an exam, wandering into the basement/garage to pick a toy for myself, which turned out to be ripstop nylon fun scrubs. Then I got a song stuck in my head and started singing it while working. That was why I woke up late, because in my head I was already working and not late at all.



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Dog, nightguard, toothbrush, gas station, house/war, my legs

I had the hardest time getting up this morning…similar to springtime! It smells like spring and feels a bit like it too! This weather is insane.

There was this group of 4 friends walking by an apartment complex when they see a black, young dog racing around out there. They manage to catch it and for whatever reason they become mad and upset at the owners for something, so they troop into the apartment the dog’s owner lives and already there is a problem. Only 2 of them managed to get inside the apartment door (a girl and guy, I remember mentioning that I’m so glad a guy made it in there) before it closed and I could hear loud yelling. I looked outside at a commotion and then looked back to see that the remaining 2 friends had been able to hold open the door. I yelled at them to take pictures and call the cops, and they started filming too. Then 4 big college guys begin to troop into the complex, ready to fight and saying, If that’s MY dog they’re arguing about, I’m about to open a can on them! I’m like, uh oh, and skedaddle. Useful, I know.

I end up in a store at the mall. I walk past this mannequin display with an interesting dental tool attached to it. Some random shopper runs up to me as soon as I pick it up in my hand to investigate, and asks, ARE YOU GOING TO BUY THAT?? As if, if I do, then she will. I say, I don’t know yet, and proceed to try out all the demo functions, each brush head (ridiculous ones too) on my face, etc. Then I tell her that the $69 price tag is too much and that if it was half of that, then I would. I look closer at the price tag and there’s a markdown etched into it! At first it said -2, which I took to mean minus two dollars, but looking even closer saw it said half off. I happily exclaimed to the customer that since it’s only $30 (yeah that’s not half…) and I have a coupon, I will definitely buy it! She claps her hands at my luck.

I don’t remember exactly what happened in this next one, but it dealt with really flavorful and delicious cuts of meat that I was unable to taste. Then my half awake dream brain remembered why, it was because I was wearing my night guard! Solution: remove the night guard and shove it under the pillow so that I could enjoy the scrumptious meal!

I was driving around at night, somewhere half familiar and half not. I end up at this park-like green space and I see some columns and lights, so I leave my car to investigate and it turns out to be a historical, pristine, relief carved in beautiful and perfect white marble. Not only that, but it’s not traditional vertical wall, it was carved into the terrain of the ground into the small hill there. So because it was historical and beautiful and I wanted to see all of it, I took off my shoes and proceeded to climb and crawl all over the preserved artifact, making sure to revel my feet in the cold rocky feel of it all. Turns out the images depicted on it are of some controversial nature as it was carved in honor of the Nazi’s but in ancient Chinese art style. I found my family and brought them over to see it so everyone could climb over it too. Then there was some strange thing melded to the dream where there was a war of sorts starting in a massive kitchen? And I needed to ferry supplies to that one base which then we had to quickly move because we’d been found out.

Drove out to a gas station to get gas and ended up sitting there watching another guy get gas. Then something about a flamethrower.

The very last one I remember involved my greyhound mentor and his wife. We were outside and somehow he had managed to fall off or jump off a half-constructed building and could not use his legs. I was staying in this place and somehow I had broken my leg or injured it too. I wanted to go to the grocery store, though, so his wife said she could take me since he couldn’t. I said I could drive, but then again, I was supposed to have one leg injured, so I went with it. Originally I’d intended to go in my pajama pants, but I decided to go change into jeans since that’d be embarrassing for them. I carefully put my legs into my pants and found that actually they didn’t hurt that badly. The room I was in, was my old room in the last house we had. I made sure to change the screen on my laptop before it burned into the screen, and then proceeded to meet his wife who would drive me. She had pulled up in this Formula 1 drag race car and almost couldn’t control it. I almost told her that I felt fine and could drive myself, but she insisted I get into the passenger seat. It was completely made of metal, and somehow I navigated my injured self into it. Then we were at Harris Teeter, and I shot off to shop on my own, because I didn’t need chaperones, thanks. They still followed me anyways and that was annoying, but I managed to pick a few items and then found a neato box in the dog food aisle that ha da picture of a greyhound on it. Inside contained cans of sardines and anchovies. I picked up a German shepherd box and that had dehydrated meal of kibble, spinach and carrots in it. I guess German shepherds like that. I showed it to my greyhound mentor who happened to be perfectly fine and we looked at the price ($39.79) and I complained that buying from Costco would be cheaper, but I guess it wasn’t too bad a price.

Then my body jolted awake 2 minutes before I was supposed to wake up.

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Dog, Home Improvement, Neighbors

I was out in the dark, driving around on the highway in a place I don’t recognize, when I came upon a dog. It was a black greyhound quite a bit like my own black greyhound. I wasn’t home, as we were on vacation or something, so I managed to grab it (didn’t have a leash) and directed it to this glass building in the middle of nowhere that was filled to the brim with junk and wrappers and other trash. My family came to join me and help. I was very excited because she obviously had no owner and reminded me so much of my own dog, I wanted to help her. I let her loose in the house as I ran to talk to my mom and find a leash and collar for her, possibly even a harness. She had been eating everything she could find, including the trash littering the floor, and was so fast and so energetic it was hard to catch her. It’s a good thing we made it to the enclosed area. Finally I got a collar on her so we could grab and direct her, but I sent someone to get a harness too because she was so rambunctious. Walking her was a no-no until the harness was found. Finally I could turn my attention onto her and my mom and I together tried to control her and prevent her from doing bad things, but she was SO crazy and high energy it was wholly frustrating. Then she slowed down, but only because she didn’t feel well having eaten all the trash. She sat down in front of me and I felt her torso and could hear the crinkles where she’d eaten plastic. I told everyone that the only thing we could do now was wait for her to poop and hope everything comes out. More than likely, I’d have to help things out. So she started pooping. Everywhere. I scrambled to keep up with it all and pick up the poops, but they weren’t solid and mixed in with the bits of trash. In my head, I thought that this is probably how Liana was as a young dog and what a good thing I hadn’t had to deal with that, as well as maybe it’ll be a good thing when I manage to get the 2 of them together to meet when we get home and she passes a vet exam.

Then I walked out of my current house. It was late afternoon and I looked over 2 doors down to see that they had been busy replacing their bathroom vanities in the house! Wow. A new car, new bathrooms…they’ve got themselves into some money lately! I stood there to watch a little and saw Tim Taylor from Home Improvements there to help them build things in their house. Randy, his son was helping him too. Then they all returned home to MY house and I guess I was supposed to be Brad. Randy was on the couch looking at me when I walked back in, morose because he wanted his cell phone back to play games on it. Tim walks into the house and I tell him, so he begrudgingly pulls out an old flip-phone and pokes a few buttons, handing it to me. I look at the screen and there is a long list of games MSDOS style, but with the graphics of a TI-83 scientific calculator. I hand it to Randy and he is so happy he sits down to play. That’s when the youngest son comes down the stairs with a mullet and wearing a 90’s jacket. He’s been out with a friend that no one approves of, and he shows me another flip-phone. I tsk at him and say, after he gloats about it, that I’m going to have to tell his mom. He looks at me in horror and I run down to the basement utility room, which is now not a utility room. Tim and his wife are in there talking and I walk in to tell them that their youngest has a phone now. Mom shakes her head sadly and says the name of the boy no one approves of. I nod gravely, and she laments that he’s only 10 years old! The kid walks into the room and arguing starts, but I wake up.

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It started when I was wandering around a neighborhood. Something about not parking near the playground and a contest, but suddenly I hear shouts of “there’s a bull!” and the corresponding screams and crashing noises. Thinking fast, I duck into the nearby copse of dense trees. It was late afternoon, so the shadows were plentiful and the trees low. I knew that bulls don’t see very well, so I tried to quietly make my way through the trees tot he other side so I could see what was going on, but not be detected. Suddenly, my co-worker was with me in the thicket. We whispered to each other and it seemed the bull had found some target somewhere else. We crept back to where I entered from and the coast was pretty much clear. Either way, I had to get to the target building, and suddenly we get a bird’s eye view of the busy country town layout. There was a symposium going on and as we moved quickly down the empty street, ever wary of the danger, I said with relief that the bull will certainly be attracted to the noise of the convention, leaving us room and time to get to the objective. We arrive at the building and have to find a way to get upstairs. Stress levels are high for me as there’s the invisible time limit for the mission as well as the impending bull danger. We go our own separate ways and I creep around behind the crowd getting lost. I ask an usher how to get up the stairs and he points it out to me. If I get up, the bull can’t follow, so I quickly get up and realize that my partner is gone somewhere. It’s OK, she can handle herself, so I staying low and possibly feeling lazy, I ride a few conveyor belts around until I get to a small square where a stone monument is tipped over. There are 2 piles of galette cookies on them, the green pile/pyramid untouched, while there are only 2 red ones. I point out the fact that the red ones were eaten to the investigators there who were discussing the misfortune of missing professor so and so’s meeting and trap by the enemy. They are unaware that I am a secret agent working the same subject matter, but with more important orders, and I am not about to disclose such information to them. I move on, noting the manager’s office and other administrative offices. Then, in annoyance, I realize my tardiness means I have to return to the ground floor to continue the mission. The presence of evil bull impeded me and now the danger lurks even nearer than before. I make it to the midst of the congregation, and alert level is so high as I anticipate the entrance of the bull, who no doubt, knows my whereabouts now that I failed an objective.

Then it was time to walk the dogs. Somehow I was also in charge of walking my uncle’s late Doberman as well as my cousin’s German Shepherd. 4 dogs? It was also late afternoon as I was gearing them all up. My dogs had their respective leashes and collars, and I had one for the Doberman, but for the Shepherd, I didn’t know what to use. In the end, I chose to use the chain choke collar my  cousin had provided, but I didn’t like it and couldn’t figure out how to put it on. It was all crazy because walkies time means crazy excitement time and I was unsure of how walking 4 dogs would be. Gable ended up walking off-leash by himself, me trusting that he wouldn’t run away from the pack, so that I could try and control the 2 relative dogs.

Never got a chance to know endings because I woke up!

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