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There was a part about traveling in a group to a wild place. I climbed my way up to the top of the cliff where I found a wild-woman who wasn’t wearing much in the way of clothing. When I turned to look down, the rest of the group were almost little specks and doing some sort of dance? martial art? It was just me, naked lady, and another person. I stood there, enjoying the scene and knowing that the wild lady was performing some dancing ritual. Then it was time to go back.

I was in a large office where I was supposed to be working/temping. I don’t know if it was a new job or what, but it was huge and I’d never been there before. The waiting room was the size of a busy hospital’s. I saw this patient who then started demanding a goody bag. I initially ignored her, but then during the exam, I was told to go get her stuff. I didn’t know where anything was, but she followed me until I found some. Floss, check, other thing, check, but when it came to the toothbrush, I just stood there staring at the pile in the wall-wire-basket. I hated those toothbrushes. I explained to the doctor who was now standing there, that the reason I hate giving out free brushes like that is because most of the time I don’t even recommend those toothbrushes. The doctor nodded and agreed, but I snagged one and gave it to the patient anyways. Then I made my way over to a large, interior, windowed room. Inside was my next patient. The assistant was hanging around and told me the situation. I looked at the x-rays on the screen and laughed derisively at the assistant. Then I started passive aggressively berating them about the quality of the image, because how in the world did they get that to begin with?? (I guess I was the doctor now). I asked the patient which tooth was in question and they pointed to the tooth the image showed. I sighed and asked the assistant for the device so that I could take it this time. How in the world did they get an image of the tooth with the cone beam at the apex, I have no idea. It was a premolar from the view of the mental foramen.

Then I was part of a dormitory. People from my current workplace and prior classmates where there. I was in the bathroom, groggy and wanting to get ready for work. It’s late but the dorm is still lively with girls being loud. I look at myself in the mirror, trying to wash my face, but then S2 from work asks if she can put some stuff on my face. I say, “ok,” though a bit defeated and she proceeds to put hair melting liquid all over my face, a bit judgmentally.  I tell her repeatedly that it doesn’t matter what she does, the hair’s just going to grow back. She ignores me and continues and I’m  more awake now so I see her point: I don’t know how, but I have these longish dark hairs all over my face. HOW?? Other girls are lining up with makeup to give me a makeover, I guess? I kind of like the attention, but I hate makeup and resolve to wash it off as soon as possible.

Then there was some drama from the other half of my class. The house I’m in is very and wildly successful in all we do. Our grades are good, the projects great, we’re strong fighters and everyone’s happy. One girl from the other half in a different dorm comes up to me and invites me over. She says she’s so jealous of our group. I told her I didn’t even know they were in a different group so far away. Their house, indeed, isn’t as nice as ours. The ground is different, the layout is less intuitive. When I get there, everyone’s morose and depressed. We all gather at the pier outside the home because a battle is about to start. The monsters that gather are easy, and I see the stealth bombers above preparing to provide fire at our command. At least…they’re easy for MY group. This group is just standing around. One of the scouting monsters appears near us and I take my violin bow and whack it hard. It breaks and dies. The classmates around me are surprised and elated that I killed one! The bigger ones starts showing up and we begin to take damage. We’re not doing very well and I about break my violin bow on the big monster that appears. I’m about to strategize, when–

–now I’m at work. I set my patient up in my room and I need x-rays, so I leave the room, but decide that I need to use the bathroom. I walk down the hall to the bathroom nearby and I run into my boss who is holding a camera. She smiles and greets me and takes a picture. I’m embarrassed because I’m not wearing any pants. She says I’m looking good and…pantless. I laugh and quickly run into the bathroom. As I prepare to sit down on the toilet, I look up and she’s in the doorway, sniggering again. I inwardly kick myself for not closing the door. Then I ask her to close the door for me and now I realize I’m completely naked. Geez. When I make it back to my patient, I’m trying to untangle the massive jungle of knots in the sensor and failing miserably.


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Teeth and work

I went to my workplace to have my teeth looked at because I was having tooth pain. Instead of the usual people, I got a new guy, so I proceeded to tell him what to do. It was a lower right premolar that I suspected had a cavity. He confirmed this and I instructed him to take an X-ray of it too. Then he found another one! I was like, huh? It was one above it, so I told him to take another image. Then I looked in the mirror myself and found that I had managed to break 2 premolars. They were not broken to pieces, but more split in 3. The x-rays came back looking awful and I had a huge abscess in the lower tooth. The doctor that came to look at me, I did not recognize. He was older, slower, but seemed very capable and very chill. He told me I needed to come back another day to do it, even though it didn’t seem busy at all. It was almost like he wanted to go home. I looked at the time and it was only 1pm. Nevertheless, he was the doctor and I was the patient, so I said, ok and considered making an appointment for 2 crowns and RCT. That’s when I decided to go seek out my bosses. I no longer worked there, I guess. Just a patient, and it must have been a few years hence the new faces. I first met with Dr. S and told him what happened. He scowled and mumbled about how the new doctor always goes home early even though he should be seeing more patients. I moved on and found Dr. V in her office. When she saw me she seemed a bit irritated (or perhaps mad? sad?) and I exclaimed, “You’re going to be so mad at me!” She shot me an annoyed look and I explained that I managed to break 2 teeth despite wearing a nightguard and now needed 2 crowns and RCT. That changed her expression to concern and I said Dr. So-and-so was going to do it. Her eyebrows shot up and she pulled up the schedule. I took that as a bad sign and asked if perhaps I should try to schedule with one of them instead?

I don’t know what happened after that because other dreams happened and now I’m at work again, but working this time. Some stuff about the Quip toothbrush, lots of patients and then ended up with a crowd of Asian people blocking the interstate as they surrounded some elder women. I seemed to be familiar with them, but then I was on the road again to my vacation destination somewhere.

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Something about getting ready to move, and I needed to really get the rest of the stuff out of the house because it’s time, but when I went to the house to get the last of the stuff, I found that it’s a LOT more than I originally thought and now I only have one night to get rid of it all.

I was at home and had just received some interesting dental stuff in the mail. There was a big catalog, a powered, cordless handpiece and an Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush. My family and I were playing with them and I couldn’t figure out what the cordless handpiece was. I’d thought it was a toothbrush or a polisher. Turns out it was a dental tool to dispense 2 composites at once, similar to how epoxy works.

Then I went to work. We had some downtime in the unfamiliar office layout, so I was showing my coworker the fun tools I’d gotten. My boss comes up to us and asks what we’re doing and I happily give him the cordless handpiece, cheerfully asking if he knows what it is. He nods and says something garbled and I’m amazed that he knows because I had no idea! I tell him that they can have it because I got it for free. He takes it and my coworker and I go down to the hygiene side where there is a large open area. I show her the oral-B toothbrush and everything that came with it which is a 2-layer robe-like vestment similar to a gambeson and tunic except much thinner (apparently you were expected to wear it when you brush your teeth?). She asks if I’m going to give a patient the Oral-B stuff and I shrug and say yes because why would I keep it? Suddenly the doctors’ extended family including cousins and such start parading through. We weren’t surprised because we were warned beforehand. My coworker and I ignore them. She finds a girly apron in my stuff and puts it on, curtseying and stuff. I laugh and say that my mom made it for me.

It’s time to get to work and get our patients back. I check the computer and am totally confused as to how to read the schedule. It’s not like any I’ve ever encountered. It looks a bit like the menu list from Ghost Recon complete with pictures. My schedule keeps changing too because the original patient didn’t come and then another came and then it got switched around. The office is no longer a private office. It’s one huge, busy school. It’s getting really late, so I say screw it and go out to get John Sobokitsu. The waiting room is extremely crowded and extremely loud and something is wrong with my voice. At first I yell for John, but no one got up. Just when one person decided to stand up, I yelled the last name and he sat back down because it wasn’t him. No one else got up and I suspected it got changed on me again. I go up to the nearest desk and look at the schedule. It did change and I still have no idea how to read the schedule. I ask the unfamiliar girl at that desk for help and she tells me my patient is the first column. I believe her because I’m new here. So I go call the patient who gets up immediately. Still suspicious, I ask if she’s here for a cleaning and she said no, she’s here about her elderly parent to check on them. I’m exasperated now and go to a different desk. The guy there is more helpful and tells me my patient is John Garcia. He even calls the patient for me who is the guy who initially got up. The patient is a little annoyed and I am irritated, because now I have, what, 15 minutes?

I lead him to the back and for the life of me I DO NOT KNOW WHERE I AM. I am lost. I have no CLUE where the hygiene rooms are. I recognize no one. I lead the patient past eateries, the cafeteria, a sauna, past many other places an institution has…how the heck big is this school? We walk and walk and keep walking and I’m getting more and more angry and panicky. Seeing a dental student in one room, I open the door next to it and tell the patient we’re going in there and he says he doesn’t want to because now he has to use the restroom. I’m running out of time and still have more patients, so I more forcefully tell him there’s a bathroom in there which there is except the room is also totally wet because it has a shower, a bath, a toilet and a dental chair right in the middle of it all. Someone had left all the water on, so I turn it off. He’s still peering in and I’m running through my mind ways to force him into the place so I can get the cleaning over with quickly when–

–I wake up.

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I was walking through a neighborhood to my grandma’s house. It was a very old neighborhood with smaller, quaint homes, similar to the neighborhood I grew up in. When I got to her house, I found my mom and sister discussing something. Looking around, I noticed that every single home had taped to them large signs apparently from the HOA. Along with the signs were large plastic zip bags with stuff in them. It looked like the HOA was trying to get the homes compliant…and honestly, they were right to do so. Initially I was confused because I was pretty sure my grandma’s neighborhood only had a civic association. Perhaps they were trying to clean the place up. I started walking around some more, taking in the homes and someone was with me. I explained to them that I agree with the HOA because, man, the homes needed a good push. Some properties were very well maintained, but many of them were falling apart, had grass up to your waist and other issues. I was also speculating about why the HOA was hitting this part so hard, especially since that area was very rich. Sidewalks vs. non.

Then I was inside of one of the small homes. My home. The living room was very small, but I didn’t care because it was mine. My brother was there and I’d just come home so I called out to Gable to come to me as I sat down on the couch. He ran over, but Liana came rushing over too, right to me. I remember being surprised and almost horrified. In my head I kept telling myself she was just an apparition, a wish, a memory, BUT she was solid. I touched her, hugged her, all the while in disbelief. I kept asking my brother is she was real and he just shrugged. She was solid. Eventually I allowed myself a little happiness despite still trying to work through it all. I got up to start dinner. Gable went in first and I herded Liana that way too, but as she was passing between the TV stand and the couch, she decided to lift her leg on the TV stand. I yelled a, “NO!” She stopped and kept moving but then decided she wanted to poop. Exasperated because it seemed like I was going to be unable to stop her, I scooped her up, held her upside down and marched with her into the kitchen. She managed to squeeze out 3 tiny poops before I stuck her bottom under the sink faucet. All I remember is she weighed nothing, though she was warm and furry in my hands. And very much alive.

I’m at work and I was to see a mom and her kid. I went to sit the kid in the chair, but mom decided she wanted to go first. The older son decided to sit on a chair in front of my computer while the younger son (my patient) ran off towards the window. I hadn’t realized he was so YOUNG, but hey, I’m already seeing a patient, so let’s just do it. I asked him if he wanted to be hefted up into the chair with his mom and he said yes, so I tried to pick him up to help, but I couldn’t squeeze my fat body between mom and the other son, so I didn’t. Then I proceeded to clean mom’s teeth. When she opened, her molars were JAMMED with Skittles! Smashed skittles, mush Skittles, whole Skittles, you name it all clogging up her occlusals. I was trying to figure out the best way to remove them when she suddenly asked for the suction. I confusedly gave her the small suction and she said, “No, the big one.” I don’t keep a tip on it, so I turned it on and held it out for her. She then proceeded to spit the Skittles in her mouth out one by one like watermelon seeds into it. I stood there holding the suction like, uuuhhhhhh, and wondering how clogged it was going to make the unit. It was taking a while despite me trying to go as fast as possible (I usually try to do the kids first because they get bored) and the kid kept complaining about why it wasn’t his turn. Finally, I just kicked mom out of the chair and had the kid sit in it. I asked my coworker to do me a favor and get me another instrument kit and she did, but begrudgingly, giving me a face. I’d have to deal with that later. Mom starting giving me a hard time about him not being able to finish some story about teeth in the  waiting room and he kept saying he wanted to know what happened! I tell them they can always read it on the way out. So then I get him to open up to start and am appalled by what I see. His little mouth was full of crowns, bridges and implants. To his credit, he was an amazing 5 year old in the chair, but then again, given how many restorations were in his mouth, it wasn’t all that surprising either. I picked around a bit, pulling what seemed like cottage cheese curds from under the bridges and then finished with that, I pronounced him done and was about to set off to find the dentist. A panoramic had shown up on my screen, showing his teeth and the kid basically just had 4 implants supporting all the bridges in the maxilla. Having walked away already, I realized that I hadn’t polished his teeth yet. NO one had complained until the doctor came into the room and he demanded that I do it. Since the family was no longer sitting in the operatory but was instead walking around inside a Kmart clothes section, I started chasing the kid around with a toothbrush and an unplugged suction, the hose trailing on the ground. I laughed at the absurdity in the dream, thinking about how nightmarish this all was.

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I was in school. But this school was strange because it was mostly held outside in classes open to the elements. There was one the class needed to migrate to and I was one of the first people there, but the landowner of the nearby property was causing havoc because he/she refused to allow us there even though it was a clearly demarcated school area. Old person. I think a few classmates and I took it into our own hands and did something with a red liquid resembling blood. We were waiting for the class to convene there, so I was eating my lunch sandwich. There seemed to be a delay, so I started wandering around and looking at things. I found an old/ancient elevator car, showing how old this dental school was. In the back of it was an inscription. The whole car looked to be made of cast iron. Then I had a flashback/history lesson that only I was experiencing. It showed 4 young men laughing and having a good time in the elevator car, and the narration explained that in those times, it was wholly acceptable, nay, expected that the male dentists would pair off and marry each other. It was a separate marriage than the ones they held with their existing wives. I was like, uhhhhh, and then it came back to reality. I walked back to the class area and explained the history to my few friends, but no one seemed all that interested.

We had that class, and then we moved to the next area which was inside a building. The class settled in the cafeteria-like classroom. It was taking so long for the teacher to show up, so I went into the room next door to find out what was going on. It looked like a very opulent and spacious bathroom. When I turned around there was the teacher. He was a big black man and right then had a white bath towel draped around himself. He announced his arrival and said we’d have to wait a bit because he just woke up and needed a shower. I’m still inside the bathroom with no doors and he introduced me to the assistant, a short, chubby woman who was overseeing the program ran smoothly. I ducked out quickly, but they never did close the door and I decided to wander in since the lady never left either. My classmates were waiting patiently in the classroom and I don’t know why I felt so nosy, but I went back into the bathroom where the assistant was now in a robe, brushing her hair in the mirror. The teacher was now only wearing the towel.

Now we’ve moved to yet another classroom, also indoors, a traditional classroom this time. One of my friends is there but she did not want to sit near me, which is cool because why do we have to? Then after some slides were shown, we were to get up and outside to learn a practical/clinical lesson. The class spread apart in the open area and since the normal groups paired off with each other, I moved to the back of the space where one very tall, large girl was standing by herself. Two other classmates followed me and the single girl breathed a sigh of relief and said that she was glad someone wanted to hang/talk with her.

Stuff happened, and now I’m sitting on a bench with my boss and coworker. His wife suddenly leans in and whispers loudly to him that she thinks we should create this awesome story! I chime in and say, yeah we should make an epic! And it should rhyme! We’re getting hyped about it and suddenly my boss has hair. I reach up to touch it and point it out to him and he bats my hand away laughing.

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Across 2 days

I was in a very large, abandoned building that resembled a campus library or even a college building. My family was there too, but all set in far off rooms. It was bed time and I returned to my room to go to sleep. I had everything there like my laptop, phone, chargers, just like home. It was super late, like 1am or so. My room is extremely large and ornate with the bed right in the middle. I climb up into it and under the covers, but I’m trying very hard not to be scared. You see, I hadn’t wanted to go to sleep for a reason and that’s because I could sense a spirit trying to overtake me or at least use me to cross over into this plane. My usual spiritual strength had been lacking, but I still knew that if I wasn’t afraid, that it couldn’t gain any power. It was lonely and creepy there, but soon, I fell asleep.

Then I was in a church during mass. I was preoccupied and had to get up to go to the back to take care of some things. By the time I carefully made my way back to the pew, it was communion time. However, one look at the priest offering it and I absolutely refused to go up. It was Trump dressed up as a priest! Pfft. No way, Jose. I sat back down. When Communion was over, for some reason, all the ministers put their golden bowls down on the ground. I could hear an organ playing and I had my two dogs with me. Instead of being obedient like they’d been being, they both wandered off, not listening to me. When they came back, they were both carrying a large load of communion wafers and dropped them at my feet, offering them to me. I was like, uh oh. A different priest came by and laughed jovially, saying that I was going to have to do quite a bit of praying tomorrow!

Then it was this crazy thing about big levels, up in a clock tower and setting down tracks to ride and escape, but the tracks were kind of crazy going over water, into the air, jumps and such.

Next day I’m dreaming about my coworkers in a workplace that is small. It’s in an old building like we’re in now, except that it involved an old coworker that left and is no longer in the state. The schedule at work was crazy and my coworkers and I were discussing how to best approach them. Then, I decided to bring Gable in because I didn’t want him sitting in the car all by himself. I go down to get him. It’s about to get dark. We see another guy from the building bringing his short-haired pointer in, and trying hard not to let my dog meet his. Fine by me. I’m a little afraid of Gable attempting the slippery and numerous stairs, but he’s fine. We go up to the 5th floor, then down to the 3rd floor, into the scary boiler room where the gone coworker’s husband was tending the fire. Gable had almost fallen into the pit and I was terrified of walking across the narrow bridge with no handles with him. Then we went to another floor (I’m amazed Gable has been so good about these stairs) where everyone complained about the trash lady not doing her job because the entire room was filled with bags and bags of trash. We decide to just leave ours there too. Back at work, I no longer have my dog, but it’s insane in there with ridiculous patients that should’ve been in an ER and not a dental office.

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My brother is playing a video game, but it’s in real life. He’s looking around for collectable monsters to kill. There are several of them and each has 10 you have to find an shoot. The place is this amusement park sized area and we spend a lot of time in the warehouse portion. Then some people show up. I follow the lady and now I’m in a healthcare setting. The problem is an moderate-severe autistic boy in his later teens. He’s a big guy and he’s yelling because he’s scared. I think it’s a specialty dental practice and I’m merely observing them as they try to work on him and treat him. He doesn’t sit long in one area, so they have to follow him throughout the building.

Now it’s my turn to go to the doctor. I call in and they give me an appointment on a Monday. I show up happily and suddenly realize that I forgot to ask them not to schedule me with the doctor I last saw. I see him behind the desk and I groan inwardly, but accept my fate. I take my seat in the crowded waiting room. The lady next to me is friendly and I try not to interact much with other people especially because this is a medical facility. I’m there for quite a while, people coming and going. The lady next to me gets up suddenly and goes up to the front desk exclaiming that the man on the other side of the waiting room has a life threatening illness and needs immediate assistance. I look at him and see that his hands are bleeding from all over like it’s melting. I wonder how the lady knew exactly what the condition was, but decided she’s a nurse or something. I get up to go the bathroom since it’s taking so long. I’m barefoot and the massive bathroom is all wet on the ground. Oh well. I take a stall and sit down to poop. I pull out my phone and start watching a funny video about animals. I’m laughing and apparently playing it loud enough for other poopers to hear. One guy asks me what I’m watching that’s so funny, so I proceed to explain the video as it plays. He laughs along. I finally leave and they’ve been looking for me because they’re ready. I go into the exam room and the doctor is already there. He seems in a much much better mood than when I’d seen him last…almost as if he knew my displeasure from the last time. The visit was rather pleasant as physician visits go.

Then something about work where I’ve finally gone back to work after my break, and I overhear one of my patients complain to another patient that last time he had to see another hygienist and not me. Well, he’s about to see that hygienist again, because once more he’s not on my schedule. A little bit about some patients and those patients.

And my girl starts being annoying so I wake up. It’s raining very hard outside.

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Yet another work dream. Sigh.

I was at work and seeing this patient. I remembered her from another dream because work idiot was unable to scale properly and left some serious calc behind. She was an Asian patient. So I get to work, falling into the usual autobot mode. Everything looks good as she has good hygiene. Finally, I get to the anteriors and WHAM, I am BLOWN AWAY at how much crap there is subg and how much boneloss she has! I grow angry because I suddenly remember why she was thrown onto my schedule. I grab the Cavitron, trying not to make the patient anxious and go at the part of the calc sheet closest to the coronal tooth structure. Ah hah! That did the trick and the patient emitted a sound of surprise, having felt the calculus sheet shifting. I stop and grab the loosened sheet coming apart in large pieces. I place the pieces on the tray, but then sections of her teeth start coming out too. Apparently the calculus was the only thing holding together the maxillary arch. I am astounded once more and the patient seemed a bit sheepish, but accepting. I am still beyond words about what I’ve seen now on this patient, the extent of the calculus sheet and how much boneloss she has. I stop then, having finished, and go to get the doctor for the exam. I wander off to the back of the office where they are speaking to each other about something important. My doctor goes off to do the exam (she has 2 now since my coworker is still waiting for an exam) and I ask what’s going on. My other doctor said that they gave up cable and are using a different service. I ask if they watch TV and he says, yeah only CBS. I’m like ohhh, ok. He says, excitedly that the day is done! We get to go home soon! Then I go over to my coworker who is sitting in a green armchair in the middle of the room, and lament to her, “DO you know how long my exam is going to taaaaake?” My coworker just smirks at me and I look at the schedule to see that my last patient has canceled. That makes me happy! I go out to see that the doctor has surprisingly gone to do my exam. I make my way over, seeing boxes of portable golfing greens sitting on the floor in the front of the office. The doc is talking talking talking. I walk over to a table sitting in front of my patient and a girl I don’t recognize is asking if everyone is ready for the giveaways!

Suddenly I’m sitting in an auditorium-like gathering with people that I am somewhat familiar with, like classmates. We’re all waiting for the announcer to give us things! They go through a couple of things that no one seems to want, like Kosher cookies, a bunch of Halloween decorations (very creepy ones at that), graves, that kind of thing. Then they ask who wants these other cookies and I raise my hand. The guy next to me does too and wait and wait as they hand out stuff. They run out and we didn’t get anything. Darn. Then they ask who wants leftover Christmas trees! I’m like, yes, I do!!! Same thing where despite me holding both arms high, they seem to give them to other people. Then all of the sudden a giant machine parks itself in front of my section of the audience and they call out the name of the guy beside me, saying that it’s his. I’m like, uhhh how’s he supposed to get that home, but he gets up and pushes this enormous machine towards the parking lot. Then a beat-up looking delivery truck drives in and the guy pulls out a Christmas tree, I wave my hands and he points at me. I’m like, YESSS, and go down to look at my tree. It’s partly artificial with real tree boughs that fold up like the artificial trees. Neato. I start folding it up, proud of myself, and thinking, yeah I can totally fit this in my car.

Then I wake up.

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Work, patient, shaving, convenience store, people, misunderstood

This was from this morning, but it wasn’t until now that I have gotten around to updating. Hopefully I can remember it all. It is also a result of me napping. I hate naps for good reason. A 2-hour nap, at that.

I was at work. The office itself was unfamiliar, but hey, it’s my workplace. I have a male patient that I need to take x-rays on because as I look into his mouth I see that he has a suspicious area around 2 crown-connected teeth. My explorer keeps sticking there. So,  I take him over to the x-ray operatory and take them, and clearly there is something wrong. I put my explorer in again to check it out and somehow manage to rock it off. The crown falls apart into 2 pieces and I scramble to snag the golden one that is threatening to fall down a grate. Inside his mouth, there really isn’t much for a crown to sit on, and I’m thinking, uh oh. However, at that point it’s no longer my problem.

Onto the next patient. This time I have a young lady maybe in her twenties. She’s thin, white, with brown, straight hair a bit past her shoulders. I have her on a chair in an op and something happened, but soon I find myself rolling up her pants so that I can shave her legs. She’s protesting, but I am adamant and 100% sternly confident that this needs to be done! She fights me at first mostly because I’m using Aveeno shaving cream and she’s never used that before, only Skintimate cream,  but after a while she relents, deferring to my expertise and knowledge. While I’m shaving her legs, arms, and basically her whole body, the scene travels until we end up in a convenience store. I’m still working on shaving her. At this point we’re fond of each other. Customers coming into the store start whispering to each other in alarm at what I’m doing and they yammer to the store clerk and amongst themselves that they need to call the cops because I’m clearly strong-arming this girl and have her groomed in such a way that I’m going to take her home and rape her. I try to tell them no, and I’m almost done shaving her anyways, but they don’t want to listen to how I’m doing this out of duty and merely for her benefit. I finish, finally, and leave. The young lady begs me not to go, but I exit into the night, pulling up my hoodie and with my hands in my pocket. I’m sad because just an act of caring is condemned by the public and I feel ashamed.

I walk until I reach my small, quaint house and I open the door and go into my room. Suddenly, the young female bursts in, removes all of her clothes, lays on the bed and thrust her naked hips at me crying desperately, “You forgot to shave here!!!” (As usual, my brain has censored out all inappropriate images with a large blur where her nether regions are). Her intention is obvious and I am torn among desire, duty, ethics and decorum. My heart aches from the internal clash of wills, biting my lip, while averting my eyes. The desperate tears on her face are killing me, as I care deeply for her and only wish to satisfy her in any way shape or form.  However, the patient-clinician relationship is taboo, and I could only do her and my reputation harm. My duty now is to end this inappropriate relationship now. I turn my eyes back to her blurriness, unable to control my movement towards her when–

–I wake up. And it’s 9:11am. Way past the time I usually get up!

WHY oh WHY do I never get to know what happens after scenes like this??? And how bizarre anyways.

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Mail Lady

Haven’t been sleeping well because of my puppy girl. There’s only one dream I remember from last night, though and it’s only a snippet of it.

We were at a house I don’t recognize, but I lived there with my mom and it was just as messy as usual. Especially my room and bathroom. We’re just going about our business and the mail lady is making her rounds. We can see and hear it. The neighborhood is nice and friendly and there are no mail boxes, you put it outside of your door and she drives around looking for them. I have a letter that needs to go out because it’s important so we set mine and my mom’s by the door and continue to prepare for work. As we’re going about doing things, the mail lady comes traipsing inside. She just takes a random tour of the house by herself and I’m sitting there hoping she doesn’t go into my bathroom. We leave her to her own devices and I happen to go upstairs and find her, of course, in my bathroom, using the sink. She doesn’t seem to mind the mess much and tells me about her daughter who is also messy. I leave and later she comes down to the kitchen where she starts to complain about her teeth. Suddenly I’m looking in her mouth as a clinician, maybe doing a cleaning, but definitely looking. She has 4 molars on the upper left and I start getting confused the more I count because she seems to have supernumeraries all over. Then I find a draining fistula and she all but flips out because she doesn’t want to go to the dentist. They told her before that something needs to be done, but she doesn’t want to and now doesn’t want to believe me. I try to show her in the mirror and she about loses it again. She pretty much tries to run from me out the door and I yell after her to go see a dentist and get an x-ray!!!

That’s it.

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