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Co-Worker, food, TV, Pokemon, cake

2 nights worth.

I was driving down a road, busy with other cars. My car turned into a bike and it was a 2 lane road. We were all commuting to work. I decided to go too fast down a windy, hilly portion and managed to crash my bike into the person beside me, who just so happened to be my co-worker. I was like, oh man, that wasn’t supposed to happen, and she was berating me about being too reckless. I said, I’m supposed to be able to pull off moves like that because of the special tires on my bike (they looked like bike versions of my light off-road tires on my car), but apparently not. The rest of the way ended up being walking and all of the sudden there was a massive traffic/walking jam. I try to look around the sea of bodies standing in line on the 2 lane road and I see that there’s a stop point. As we get closer, the stop point is where you were supposed to donate any food you had to those less fortunate. Considering it was a donation, that was a very aggressive campaign. I had a bag of food with me and I ended up giving away everything in it. I watched as the ladies sitting at the table sorted through the food and kept the good ones for themselves. But I was free to go now, being the good citizen I was. I wandered around the building behind the table which looked like a big college campus (I think this was my work place?) I remember being extremely self conscious because everyone was white, and they kept giving me that look as they passed by, that “ew wat are you doing here non-white person.” I was used to that treatment and wandered on as confidently as I could. There was a stage show, a talent show, where I watched very amateur people try to pass off talent. Then I appeared on top of a building where I watched as those who had donated food were made to wear Japanese bunny maid suits and set on this large river and waterfall.

I’m at my old house, the one I grew up in. I’d recently had new cable and internet installed at my place and it was a good experience. This house was to have the same company do it. My dad was there and he was being an absolute jerk on the phone and to my family around him. I didn’t want anything to do with it, so when the lady that had done it for me came, I told her that my dad was upstairs (she remembered me) and that I wasn’t going to go up there. I’d be downstairs if she needed me, but good LUCK with that. She’d been on the phone with him and gave me a wry smile before venturing upstairs. Not my problem.

I was driving around a wooded and quiet neighborhood, looking for Pokemon. My map indicator would show which ones I hadn’t caught yet and weren’t in my Pokedex, but I had the vast majority already. It would also indicate hidden items, but I was a veteran and had plenty. I did manage to get into a group fight with 8 other Pokémon, my single one being a Pikachu, but the Geodude used Magnitude (12!!) and not only wiped out the other Pokémon but also my Pikachu that was easily 8 levels above everyone else. Darn low defense Pikachu. I reach my destination in a house with 3 other guys and they come up with this great idea about making a cake. What a great idea! I’m not good at making cakes, but decorating one would be awesome. They crack jokes the whole time (I had just watched Whose Line is it Anyway before sleeping), and soon the cake comes out and we start decorating. To my discomfort, they start decorating with breasts, nipples, and penises. I’m standing there watching them as they’re so happy and excited and turned on by making this cake for their party which more than likely was going to be THAT kind of party. I go along with it, attaching a penis that was way too long and start drooping on the stick, and trying to make the parts more anatomically correct (men…). When they are finished it looks like a ball sex monster with weird projections. They turn it over to this other person who returns with some VERY detailed and accurate revisions to the pieces. Everyone is clapping and cheering and hugging on each other and the party is about to start. I’m stuck with no ride home, and then…I wake up.


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A couple days worth of dreams

I have NOT been able to sleep well at all the last few days. Here are the ones that stood out the most. In the few minutes I have.

I was in a strange house, rather nice, one story, very open. It was evening and getting into night time. My dad was “cooking” some broth. When I went to taste it, it was extremely bland and not good, so I set about trying to fix it, but couldn’t, so my mom gets home and I inform her of the situation. I’m all ears as she is teaching me how to fix it (which is by putting a ground meat mixture on bread rounds and sliding all of those into the broth). Indeed, I re-taste the soup and it is exactly how it’s supposed to be. The whole time, my dad is silently sitting in the living room in front of the TV, fuming and listening because he doesn’t actually know how to cook well, and he hates not being able to do things as well as people.

Back in the house I grew up in, it’s SO HOT. My brother and I open up the windows to help dissipate the heat, but as it turns out, it makes it worse because the outside air is extremely humid. The heat remains the same, but is now extra humid. I’m mad because just like in the past, it was because my dad is home and he refuses to let us turn on the air. I have an old friend visiting me out of the blue and I bring her on a tour of the house and we end up together in the bathtub, talking about things and catching up. It’s still so hot and I’m suddenly aware I didn’t shave my armpits, but she’s a physician, shouldn’t be an issue, I hope. I mention that my dad has been doing this thing to us with the temperature since forever and I can’t take it anymore so I go down and change the thermostat, but get caught. My mom, siblings and dad are there and because we have a guest in the house, he says, “Yeah, go ahead, turn on the AC” as if he never told anyone to turn it off or leave it off. No one asked, that’s all. He’s not the bad guy. It’s true, he used to do that too. If there were guests, heat and air would come right on. Lights too.

I was doing something last night that involved my ex and his family. I kept wandering through their house repeatedly (it was more like a warehouse-type place). His step-sister and mom were there. His mom and step-sister were very nice to me and wanted me to hang around, but he came home and when I went to greet him, he was irritated and wanted me out. I did, but I came back for some reason and his mom kept talking to me. When he came home again, he saw me and was annoyed but didn’t say anything because it was obvious his family liked and wanted me there. It made me sad to see his indifference and coldness to me, but I had a goal and an agenda and it didn’t matter whether he approved or not. I guess men and women can never be just friends.

There was one more dream here, starring my immediate family…it’s on the tip of my memory, but I forget now. I’m sure it’ll come back during the day today.

AH. I remember now. I was at my paternal grandma’s house and we were going to have after all these years a reunion of sorts. People were coming in and visiting and I was talking to my sister and suspected that it would last probably several days. I wondered how that wouldn’t impact the out of town-ers. I was playing and stuff with my cousins that were there and then I remembered that I’m the one that takes pictures, so I took out my phone and started taking pictures. Then that changed into a point and shoot digital camera. I went about and wishing that I’d remembered my DSLR, started taking images. The adults were all sitting in the dining room talking. My dad was noticeably not there. People I didn’t recognize were there and having a good time. It was still early in the event and we were waiting for a LOT more people to show up. A man went outside to the front porch to check on something on a trellis, and Gable wanted to follow him, so I took him by his collar since I didn’t have his leash handy, and brought him out so he could see what the man was doing. Then I brought him back in and told him to stay while I went to take some more pictures of my relatives and people I didn’t recognize. My mom was happy to be there and all smiles as I took her picture.

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Game? Car? Patient, brother, food

It’s hard to remember what I dreamed about last night. I must have slept really well, or at least relatively so. Didn’t want to get up this morning. There are snippets, though.

It was village compound. Wooden and metal structures with lots of stairs which made me think of somewhere close to water. I think there was something that happened before arriving at the compound, but no matter what, I was on a mission FPS style. I ran up some stairs and into a room. Stuff happened and then I needed to find and earn some keys. There was some longer explanatory cut-scenes which I paid no attention to and tried to skip but couldn’t. I decided to do the stair mini-game because I needed those keys for later on and didn’t have time to find the real ones. It was simple enough, just climb some stairs within the time period, increasing increments to get more keys. I managed to get the first key, but then something happened and I cancelled the game to go find out what it was. I had spent too much time doing that and the game time counter was getting shorter and shorter. I went into another room where I saw someone who looked like my ex on the bed without a shirt. I jumped on his back and played a puzzle about hitting some numbers on his back that would light up (other things happened too, but I can’t remember). Then it was the boss fight! I ended up in my bathroom, naked, because I needed to shower and pee. The door wasn’t closing all the way (it doesn’t in real life until you push it hard into the latch), so my ex kept coming to the crack and looking in it playfully. I kept pushing it in his face before realizing I left something on the bed and asked him to get it for me. He did and handed it to me and I closed the door for real.

Then there was some convoluted storyline about shopping, my mom, my cousins? and a diva peer from hygiene school. A craft store, then we all were supposed to get into a car. A spattering of my family, friends and co-workers. I didn’t know how we were all going to fit in her Crosstrek, but I was the first to climb in from the trunk and sit in the back. Everyone else was going to go in my mom’s car instead and the remaining would go in her car (all males). I think we were going to a party or a wedding. The peer was just telling me that my look wasn’t good enough and she did not approve of the “makeup” I had on.

We went on our way and I ended up at work. The patients were a large family of black people. My patient was a young man, about 17 years old (even though he looked more like a 25 yo). We got to talking about cars and he told me he wanted a WRX. I basically spewed the same conversation I literally just had with my brother about cars in real life last night at him, while not only cleaning his teeth, but dismantling everything in his old red car. One piece had broken, so my brother and I removed everything but the frame and then replaced them all. My brother even gave him a new trash thing for the car. I left my brother to put it all back so I could go help pack my uncle’s van. It was so big they even had a chest of drawers in the back. By the time I went back to the patient, my dad was there, pulling a long usb cable out of the young man’s car. I scolded him not to pull too hard because my brother had just installed it. My dad frowned at me for disrespecting him, but I didn’t care. I was more concerned about the fact that my brother had already finished and left behind a lot of food for me: Popeye’s chicken strip, McDonald’s hamburgers, drinks, and a few other good food pieces.

Then I got a text and woke up.

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Dad, dates, pho, family

I drove my car back to the neighborhood I grew up in and parallel parked the car (scarily) higher up on the street. Then I decided to take a walk down the road to my old house. Unfortunately for me, my dad was home and I saw his car’s headlights turn on, like he was about to leave to go somewhere. 2 houses away, I decided to log-roll down the hill so that he wouldn’t see me and run behind the house. At that point I was unsure if he saw me or not, but I aborted my mission and ran behind the houses there and up the hill and behind more houses to get back to my car which I was worrying about because he would notice my distinct license plate. Got back in, drove out towards the exit of the neighborhood and watched as an orange Chevy Aveo used my grandma’s house’s driveway to turn around in.

Cut to later when I was inside my old house where my dad was living by himself. I was in a room, sitting on a bed with a guy. He was white, muscular, military, and not super bright. We were obviously dating and watching the screen of a laptop or a tablet together. As we were sitting there together, there was this dude in the wall ahead of us, with a headlamp on, and installing a hidden camera. I rolled my eyes and continued talking to my man. My bf was adjusting his shoes and asked me if I have croc-type shoes like him too. I said, yeah, I have them but they’re not Crocs, they’re Beach Basics, a generic brand. I love them and have had them for years (in real life, I can’t find them). He said, it’s OK, his aren’t brand name either. Then he asked me all of the sudden, in a nervous outburst, “C-can I go to the beach with you?” Worried that he would find it boring, I warned that we don’t do much when we’re at the beach, just enjoy it for being the beach. Then he nodded and said that he’s only ever been to the Caribbean. The whole time we were talking, I was becoming sadly more and more disappointed in his answers to things. Just how it used to be with my ex. Always afraid to offend him…he’d come across as laid back and go-with-the-flow, but his actions hinted otherwise. Not to mention his lack of intelligence and open-mindedness was getting to me. I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I realize, suddenly that my dad is home and pretending to walk by the room we were in, so I get up and go to the kitchen to get some snacks.

Now for last night’s dreams:

I was driving around in what appeared to be old streets and roads from my youth. My family was with me. We then go to a church-like place where an event was being held. I get out of the car and bring with me my furry blanket draped on my back. I didn’t realize how weird that was until I get inside the cafeteria and we get a seat. My grandparents and great aunt are already there at a table and so my brother and I sit at the end and I’m wondering why we need the entire table for just 6 people. Oh well. Minding my own business, I get up and go get my bowl of pho. I finish it and it was really good so I get up and get another. When I get back, the cafeteria is crowded now and people are trying to ask if we need our chairs (armchairs, btw). I ignore it all and focus on my delicious pho. When I get up a 3rd time for another bowl, I stop and look around at the event area. All of the other tables are eating pho now. I must have been so engrossed in eating that I ended up missing the event! I decide to take a seat on a couch in the small area next to his guy as these little kids are doing a neat demonstration of king fu and drums. It’s really very good. There is also a recap about the climbing obstacle/race demonstration that I’d missed. As the kids finish up, the guy next to me (everyone is Vietnamese, btw) is shivering, and complaining about how cold he is. In the small area we’re both touch each other. He leans heavily on me, and I lean back and ask him if he’s cold. I then laugh and say, well I’m not, and I have plenty of heat to spare (true fact, in real life). He grabs my arm and cuddles up close, burying his head in my armpit and breathing deeply. First, I’m trying to remember what happened to that blanket I brought in, and second, I start hoping that I wore deodorant that day. I think it’s both funny and heart warming that he’s doing this, we both end up mutually hugging. He then follows as I return to my family and sits down next to my brother.  Someone else has taken my seat. My mom and relatives greet him warmly and ask him questions. He’s more than happy to answer. I leave them to it to look for more snacks and he and my mom follow me. My mom is asking what his job is, and he said that he’s only in town for a few days, as he follows the event for a job. My mom approves, but tries to get him to stay in the area. She seems to really like him. I’m a little embarrassed, but happy because even though I don’t know much about him, I like him a lot too. He too seems to like the idea and said that he’s trying to find a way to do that.

Later, it’s nighttime, and we stop by a doughnut place before going home. I’d been wanting to go there. My brother specifies what he wants and go in to order it: a half a dozen doughnuts, the cheesecake, original with strawberry, other yummy flavors and specifically the strawberry topped flavor with extra jelly on top for my brother. The nice man takes them out for me and I am so happy to finally be able to eat these….when I wake up. D’oh!!

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Ex, old friend, hygiene, curry

Sometimes I wake up with my eyes crusty and gooey. I guess I’d been crying in my sleep. That was me this morning.

The other night I dreamed of him. I was in a facility, building of some sort, an apartment building or something in a city. There were lots of friends, people and family. I look out the window and there is a fire at the building next to us with lots of fire trucks underneath, trying to fight it. The other building on the other side is burning too. I’m scared that we’re going to catch fire, and of course, fires make me think of one person. Suddenly I turn and see him, with great surprise I greet him, but he looks so different I don’t even recognize him. He’s skinny, oh so skinny and tired/haggard looking. Even his face is wrong, but I know it’s him. I hug him hard, even though I was afraid of hurting him, and am extremely worried at this point. He tells me that they won’t let him work any more than Sundays as a fireman and when asked why he says it’s because he’s a woman now. That he’s been turned into a woman and he’s at the end of his rope. A surge of resolve flows through me and I tell him that I’m going to help him make it right. We’re going to turn him back into a man so he can live his life again. Now it’s like a video game. He is so happy that I am going to help him, so we open up the map and we fly around until we get to the world I need to get to. The objective is a watery place where we need to find information and I get to a large mushroom that I need to climb because that’s where it is, the answer, when…I wake up. I tried so hard to go back to sleep and finish it, because he was waiting for me dammit! I NEED TO HELP HIM. …But…my brain refused to go back to that dream and I tossed and turned until I got tired of trying to dream.

It was very depressing and disturbing too. Just like in real life, I couldn’t help him even though I promised to, no matter how desperately I wanted it.

Last night was interesting and convoluted. I slept well even though I woke up with tears in my eyes.

There was a part where I was supposed to have been cleaning teeth for some young people but their 5 sisters were making it really hard for me. Still managed to, but overly frustrating and took a long time. Then I was back in my old house, except that I knew it wasn’t our house anymore because it was dark, cold and sterile because my dad has turned it that way.  At the table I was entertaining some friends and people I sort of know. My old friend was asking me about curry and where to get some, and I said, well, here in nova it’s easy to find. He said that he doesn’t like the preservatives in them, so I said there are plenty of alternative stores here too. Before he left I went to spice closet (in the laundry room…) to find our curry to show, but I couldn’t find anything. Then the bell rang and it was a package, but I didn’t want to answer the door because it’s my dad’s house and I didn’t want to know what it was in the box. He was busy hiding until he saw it was the mail carrier and went out to get it. Turns out it was something for my mom? Who was also there. Then suddenly I was outside and my old friend was sitting on the grass. I asked him if he could do cartwheels and he said he didn’t want to scare the rodents in the moss. So we both sat down and I felt like I wanted to sit next to him and have him hold me, but then that reminded me of my ex (I guess that’s where I cried) and I realized that I wasn’t ready to start another relationship yet, even though I wanted to. The heart and brain fighting again. So we both sat there as I poked at the moss on the ground and observed as police pulled over a car.



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Games, king cobra, guys, deli food, dad

Woke up not wanting to leave my beautifully soft pillow, but alas. The dreams were pretty fun, though, mostly set up in the form of video games.

As I was wandering around this video game world (1st person, my view), with items, objectives, and data to collects, I was playing with some friends and my brother, but I kept wandering off to do my own thing as they were launching assaults into other areas. I remember I opened a lock and one of my buddies ran in to grab the chest before I could in jest. I was exploring the map and was under fire from enemies so I took the nearest warp point which set me right at the feet of a mid-range monster. With no friends to help, I had to hit the little toes (Zelda Skyward Sword-style) to make it fall down, but I must have woken up or gotten hot, because the dream changed.

Now I was in a supermarket, at the deli counter, having gone through a small portion of the store already. I was debating (like in other dreams) what I should get, a little disappointed that unlike last time (other dream) their dessert section wasn’t nearly as expansive or fresh, but I told myself it was for the better because it’s healthier. Their freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches were too expensive ($2.88!!!) so I was longingly looking at the chicken, turkey and other meats fresh baked. Everything was too expensive and I couldn’t afford it. Just as I was going to leave, an enthusiastic worker who looked quite like a certain Oral Surgeon, came out with a large piece of solid yellow something. He touted to the large crowd gathered that it was fresh seasoning for the meat! He then climbed the ladder (much to the other worker’s irritation) and dripped this fat laden seasoning packet down onto the meats below. Everyone including me was so happy and they other worker started handing out samples of the newly seasoned products. It was HEAVENLY! I still couldn’t afford anything, but at that moment my mom arrived and I eagerly told her about the seasoned food! She seemed skeptical but the man came out to hawk the products again! Just as she was about to agree to buy some, the dream changed. More heat it think.

This next part was broken up into small parts partly because of heat, dogs and my need to use the restroom. Early morning usually sees that. I was doing something with one of my old suitors-still-friend guys, then it was time to meet up with other people to go for food with my dad. Obligation on my part. We were sitting in the back of a car together, must have been a taxi or an Uber, with me on the left side and he was sitting in the middle for some reason. Our legs and shoulders/arms were touching in the back of the small sedan and he was leaning purposefully on me. I remember thinking to myself that I felt very neutral about it all, very unlike how I feel when I sit next to my bf, and thought to myself that I should tell him that later. Anyways, we arrive at the food place and it was like a Checkers? You choose your food, pay with coins and choose the bigger entrees at the main counter. I took a small baguette that cost 75 cents but I didn’t have any quarters so I go tot he ATM and cash out an old gift card with $99.67 on it. Pay for that, and head to the table where my brother, dad, suitor friend and yet another online suitor friend was sitting. I remember whispering to one of them that my dad is very annoying and I wish I didn’t have to eat with him.

Dream switch to another video game dream. This time animals were involved and I was being chased by something, but I also had a King Cobra, its mortal enemy, so we crossed an ocean portion and I released the cobra in hopes that it would fight the other and give me a chance to escape. Instead, as I was trying to leave via swimming (my most vulnerable!) the Cobra suddenly jumped up, flew over top of me and aimed so that it was fall on my head. I remembered that snakes can swim and I freaked out because it was trying to kill me. Then the game paused. I guess I must have died or I don’t know. Next and last thing I did was relate to my brother this part of the game how this snake could fly and proceeded to attack me.

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Dad again!!! And food.

Ugh. Go AWAY.

Guess who was honoring me with his presence again? Causing more problems too. So we are on vacation with family members. A few strange things happen that I can’t remember, but my cousins are there. Anyways we are getting ready to go to sleep and we’re having trouble finding beds for everyone to sleep on because there are so many people there all of the sudden. They try to make me give up the twin bed I’m sleeping on for one of my cousins and without waiting for me to say anything, they take it. So I manage to arrange the “couch” which is a bunch of cushions into a small bed for myself, and not caring about what else is going on, I go to sleep…only to be awoken by a loud bang and someone yelling “WAKE THE F— UP!!!!” I open my eyes to see a middle aged white woman standing the room I’m in (the central living space) yelling and holding a gun to the ceiling. Everyone starts spilling out of rooms and beds, gathering around her. We all move into the kitchen and I see, astonished, more people than I could ever have imagined would be able to inhabit the space. Strangers and family!!! They had to have been all over the floor! The crowd goes out the door and into an open area where the authoritative lady starts berating my dad who looks really defiantly sheepish, and embarrassed. I roll my eyes when I realize it’s because the vacation home is only allowed to hold 8-10 people and as usual he’s tried to cheat the system. In disgust I push back into the dwelling past the crowd and find that someone was hiding in a kitchen cabinet (ground level)…and it happens to be Father Renniger from my childhood in full vestments! And a bottle of wine. He looks at me and continues to sit there, so I shrug and continue through the house. *cue waking*

Just remembered another dream I was having which involved my uncle and food. We were meeting him at a restaurant and started ordering food. He ordered pho version 3 and my mom was like, WHOA they have that here??? And he was like, YEAH they have everything here!! Like really excited too. Strangely I was uninterested and was conferring with my brother about the burgers and hotdogs that looked amazing (and amazingly heart-stopping).

Other dreams included mice, beds, a sad story about a teacher, picking up an adorable, soft rat with no tail (so a hamster??), an amusement park, some roller coasters.

Food dreams? Goooooood stuff. My coworker tells me that she never gets to eat the food in her dreams. I do…to the point where I even try to eat my own pillow in real life. Or my nightguard.

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Bothersome night

I can’t remember all the dreams but I do know there were negative emotions associated with them.

First there was the one where we were searching for a good Chinese place to eat. We found the old place we used to go to but everything was shutting down. We managed to snag a baked pork bun but when we came back again it was all closed. We went in anyways and it looked like they were just as surprised to be shut down. Then the places started cooking food anyways and a few of them got together to make a big feast. I wanted to start eating, but they were to wait until certain people showed up. I remember some big wigs were there and some were upset.

Then all of the sudden we jump into my dogs…namely my baby girl who was not doing well. Interestingly I don’t remember seeing her very clearly, but I felt it was her. I didn’t want to go to the vet, so I tried to research and buy the barbiturate to put her to sleep myself. It worked after some drama, and I remember my boy standing stock still, just staring at her.

I think I woke up at this point for whatever reason and when I went back to sleep, I dreamed of M, my bf. He was visiting me here in my house, and it was this big deal as I had al my family members around. I talked to him about video games, and then the dream delved into a video game, complete with complex story  where the characters took on the shape of a different character. My character wanted to kiss his character at the end of the game and I asked him, smiling, what if I’m not me and I’m so and so character. He just smiled at me and then it reverted back into “reality.” I kissed him for real a couple times, but there were so many people around we couldn’t do more. When I looked up, I saw my dad. Damn him why is he always in my dreams?!?!?!?! He fixated M with the most loathing hate. It infuriated me and I tried to chase him off. He finally left, but I was in an awful mood because he had destroyed everything being there. I threw things and slammed things in anger, and when I came back to M, I told him apologetically that I hated my dad. He just smiled and pulled me to him. Then it was time for him to leave and it was a big send off because we had all of this raw meat and food to send him off with. It started raining outside, but we helped load it into his car. I was very sad to see him go. My grandparents loaded themselves into his car and insisted  that he drive them home. I was confused and so was M, but they also wanted him to first bring them to a specific bank in order to open a bank account for him. My grandma was adamant about it and wanted to make it so that she could send him money while he was overseas. My grandma isn’t adamant about much, but when she is you don’t say no. M was bemused, but happy at the same time and went to oblige. When we got there, he walked off to go to the bank and his back was the last I saw of him. Him being overseas explained the reason for the big hullaballoo and why my emotions were off the charts.


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Couple of dreams

I’ve been having dreams lately about houses. Last night I had no real dreams I remember because I didn’t actually sleep much. However the last few night have been rather memorable.

There was one about cars. I was at the Subaru dealer with my brother, when he decided to buy an old Ford Explorer. Like old, old, with the red, rusty color and all dusty and everything. So, similarly, I bought an old Dodge Viper. Like, OLD. And it was tiny. We went to park it somewhere and all I had to do was push it (not drive it) into a small area between a snow covered trailer, and another car. Then I went to lock the door with the manual key, but I had to get on my hands and knees to find the lock because the car was so small and it turned out the key hole was broken and we’d have to fix it. I decided I’d have to jump in because it was convertible anyways. While down that low, I found a bunch of coins from the previous owner stuck in the door that I’d have to look through later. We drove it “home” which happened to be a very nice, pink/red brick house probably around 3000 sq ft. It had a full paver driveway with a 2 car garage and lots of space on the driveway. There were 3 new cars there (from visitors) and my brother was there already, so I put my car along the side. My brother commented that it will probably need a cover, and I was wondering if it didn’t as the insides looked like it was made for weather. The annoying part was that my dad was there too. I spent some time complaining that he was there and saying he needed to leave but no one seemed bothered by it. Then I complained about having 2 houses and how maybe I should go live at the other house. He seemed interested in the car, and for some reason I’d unscrewed all the parts on the way over, so I tried to put it all back together with some difficulty.

Next dream was a different house, the next night. It was a much more homey house, not nearly as nice, but still in a quiet, tree-filled neighborhood. 2 stories, a beat up looking covered sunroom, and about 2100 sq ft, no garage. The yard in the back was pretty big and we had just had a new fence put in. Now before this house part there was a part with getting stopped by police checkpoint. My brother and I were eating FunDip and the police had to test the white powder substance in the baggie and our faces. The test turned red and the other cop said that we shouldn’t eat those they cause cavities. I got along really well with the cop and I gave him a big hug (his body reminded me of M) before we left. OK, back to the house: I had let Liana and Gable out but someone had knocked a section of our fence out so Liana ran off. I had Gable, but thankfully some other greyhound owners got her and she ran back to me. Then there was a section where some greyhound owners were having a meeting in our backyard and I had to listen to it. Turns out it was the neighborhood that busted out our fence because they were making a sidewalk. Then a guy said that he could move the end portion of the  fence to right before the sidewalk, because with it the way it was then, our appraised value of the house goes down since it messes with the nice view of the trees. I agreed and then made plans to plant things on the other side of the sidewalk, assuming that it was still ours.

strange, strange, strange.

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Frogs, Windows, Magic, and Evil

Just a glimpse into a fitful night filled with dreams.

My dad decided to show his face again, and was trying to fix my room’s window in a new house which looked like a mix of our old house and my house. Popout windows, white siding, long drop to the driveway.  Looking at it from inside, there were little frogs living on it which he didn’t want to bother (atypical of him) or hurt. I saw spiders and spider eggs and was like ew. Then I wondered how easy it would be to escape if necessary, but the dropoff to the driveway was immense. The other window in the room was more doable because there was a tall evergreen with pink flowers I could potentially jump onto. Then I wandered over to the room next door where my sister was sleeping to look out the curtainless window and see what would be the escape route if necessary because below the window was the roof above the garage.

Cut to a call from my aunt (who is at the beach) to her stepson who was (in the dream) at home. She was very disappointed in him because he had some friends over and had somehow managed to flood the entire house. Disappointed would’ve been the least words I would have used if they were my kids, but whatever. I appeared in the house as a sentry of sorts in her stead and my step cousin felt rebellious towards me but not enough to refute my power. They were planning more mischief so while I was brushing my teeth to go to bed, I released my minions (in the form of little kids) to monitor and “add to the confusion of people” since he’d invited so many people over (like 5 people…) No one seemed to think the kids dressed in bland clothing out of place, but it worked to prevent other disasters in the house. Pleased, I went around getting rid of them with a flick of my wrist, trying to “not get found out” with my magical abilities, but I was unable to pull my last group out as if some power was blocking my magic. So I go into the room and see a skinny, glasses-wearing south Asian teenager boy sitting on a chair talking to my cousin (completely different cousin now). My 2nd layer eyes could see his glowing eyes and purple aura and the malice in him. Back in the reality layer my cousin was sitting on his lap kissing him when I jump in and in the most lackluster action sequence EVER take him to the ground. I even did it 2 or 3 times because my dream self couldn’t believe how little resistance he put up, trying to pin his arms behind his back. Anyways I menace him and threaten him and squeeze his neck trying to choke him (effective), and told him to call off the demons he summoned to storm the house. He disappears in a huff, and I pull my minions away. I go to leave and my cousin follows me concerned. I “collapse’ on the deck in exhaustion and get up to tell her I was OK, when I WAKE UP.

Just remembered an earlier dream here: Video game-like. My brother and I plus some other people (my sister?) were at an arcade with old games we used to play and we’re like, WHOA LET’S PLAY THIS. Then I’m in a video game where I’m a warrior who has to climb a mountain.


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