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Storage unit, some lovin

Last night and the other night

After going through a large exhibition area where there was to be a convention (all the merchants were setting up) I decided to go tour a storage facility with my brother as we were thinking about renting a storage unit (true story btw). According to the computer this particular facility only has 4 other renters so we had the pick of the crop. We go through thr dimly lit hallways and peer into each “unit” though each one seemed more like a big room than a storage unit. In fact the storage facility seemed like an old office or school building. We played in one of them, doing cartwheels and somersaults while some kids came into the room to run around too. Carrying on, we found one where we were thinking through the logistics of mattresses and tires fitting in the area. Then I decided to go through another unit close by. Turns out it belonged to another person (why storage units have your run of the mill door with a knob I dunno) and they had the whole setup! Bed, lamp, dresser. Even a window. I turned to my brother, knowing that it was fully illegal to do this, but shrugged and said, “Well it’s certainly cheaper than renting an apartment.”

Last night’s dreams were less logical. In fact there were 2 instances of me trying to score. One with a guy I used to go to college with and the other was a woman I’d never met before…skinny, possibly asian, shoulder cut hair parted to the side. Since no one reads this, I think I’ll go into a little more detail. The setting was my place, which was like an apartment, white, bright and inviting, the sun pouring in through the large windows adorned with sheer white curtains. She sat down in a chair and leaned back, a smile on her face and relaxing. I walk up to her from in front, smiling myself in anticipation. Before I could touch her, though, she kicked off her heels and breathed a loud sigh of satisfaction. She had on a red tube dress with spaghetti straps, and I brush the straps aside, off her shoulders (and at this point apparently slid them off altogether). My view was of her armpits and up and it is only understood that she was naked, not actually shown. I begin by rubbing her shoulders, her thin, tone muscles, small under my hands. Then I start to work my way down and oops, on to the next person! Different day, same place. On the bed this time, is my old schoolmate. He is unclothed and on the bed, all white sheets and pillows and walls. I hop on and start playing with his body as he smiles knowingly at me. His tan skin and firm muscular body attractive in all ways. We’re about to get to the fun part, when my mom decides to walk by. I try to cover him up with the sheets, but he starts joking with me and we play-tussle while giggling. My mom looks at me with an annoyed look on her face, as if saying, really? Now? Then rolls her eyes and keeps walking. We giggle with each other some more and…

Next dream. BUMMER!!!!

This part is more confusing and sporadic, but I am at one point walking Gable along some streets and near crowds of people. I’m doing it on purpose as people take one look at him and utter words of amazement. We walk along a road, down a street, near the water, up another street. Just strutting our stuff and he’s being such a good boy. Then I’m in a mall-type open air place where I’m supposed to be working. My coworker is there and she asks me to take a PA of her teeth. I do and we compare them to the last one taken. She is missing her molars, just root tips remaining, while the premolars present with broken roots! No wonder he’s having pain. I tell her we have to let a doctor see it, and we wait until my boss looks at her teeth, but his face is all wrong…too long and with white fuzz growing from his face. Then all of the sudden I’m working for this really hard-ass guy who is making a big deal about some small instance and then…I wake up

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Work, greyhounds, spike strip, Red Burgundy

Been a while! I think I understand, now why sometimes I can’t remember my dreams well enough to put them down. Don’t worry I’ve had plenty of dreams…It’s when I play music. It has an immediate effect on memory recall for me.

So I dreamed about work again. I was running late, so I had to see my next patient in the hallway next to a co-worker’s room. It was this huge non-reclinable armchair and the patient sat there are and opened up like it was something totally normal. I’m trying to work and rush. Then I was tired and finished up with polish then got up for the doctor to do the exam. He looks in and suddenly picks up the floss and I’m like DANGIT I forgot to floss. Oh well. Then I went to the front  to see who my next patient is because I’m behind. He comes up to me after checking the patient and says to me, “Were you able to clean well in there?” I’m like, no, I’m tired, my arms are up in the air the whole time, the chair is uncomfortable, I couldn’t see anything and the patient was getting uncomfortable. Plus I forgot to floss. At the last statement he nodded his head and told me, “Well you rarely miss anything, you’re one of the better hygienists here. This was strange.” Then my next patient shows up who happens to be an old hygiene student a year ahead of me and I’m like, yesss she’s easy. Turns out her “son” is coming too but he’s like 20 years old (which doesn’t make sense because she has a 3 year old). Then there are like 4 greyhounds milling around and I’m running around with them. It takes me 40 minutes to finally get started on her and she gives me the most scathing look ever but doesn’t say anything. She lays down on the floor comfortably on my dog’s dog bed, the greyhounds all come over and lay down too. I have to step over all the dogs and finally start cleaning her teeth….except it is done somewhat remotely. I scratch away with my instrument on this chart of teeth and a robot does it for me. It keeps progress on where I’ve been and if I’m drawing blood. I’ve never been good at coloring within the lines, and being unable to feel things for myself, I’m not doing well, but she never says anything. 
Fast forward to next dream where I’m leaving from going shopping? at a warehouse? Somewhere dark. It’s raining outside (funny how dreams like to incorporate what’s going on in real life) and I’m driving down the road. Suddenly I see a car in front of me stuck on a piece of wood dragging on the ground behind a balloon truck. It dislodges itself and drives off quickly. Right then, the piece of wood comes free from the balloon truck and it has all of these spikes/nails sticking up like stop sticks. The car in front and to my right can’t escape and goes right over it. I swerve to the left around it and miss it altogether, but I see in my mirror that the car’s tires go flat immediately. Suddenly I see a balloon van this time stick on it and swerve way behind me. Because of this traffic incident there is a massive car jam ahead of me (how it translated into ahead of me and not behind me, I have no clue). Instead of me driving, I’m in the backseat with 3 black guys in the other seats. We roll down the window as the cops come up to each car asking if the tires were punctured. I try to turn down my stereo, but it won’t shut off and each time I get one source turned off another source of music turns on. Even turning it down to 0 volume doesn’t work. Whatever. I want to tell the cops what happened because I saw it firsthand, but they just tell everyone to follow the cones. Then it’s just me in the passenger seat and my brother is driving. The coned off detour ahead is so unbelievably confusing for everyone, we end up somewhere else and still manage to beat the line of cars to the checkpoint. It leaves me wondering how in the world they managed to cone off such a great distance so quickly from one incident! We get out of the car, after parking and go inside. Everyone is given a drink and we follow the crowd to this young woman who is the chief of some law enforcement thing. She tries everyone’s drinks. When it was my turn (I’ve been sipping on mine the whole time and it’s basically like the fruit smoothie I make at home…in fact I had some last night) she took a big swig of mine and was blown away by how good it tasted. She said, we’re done here! And the line broke off. I yelled after her the name on the bottle: RED BURGUNDY, and then went to go find my brother who was sitting on the curb with the other people.
Verrrrrrrrry interesting.

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Work, Popeyes, Biking

I’ve been having some sleepful nights as opposed to sleepless. It’s nice, but the dreams have been interesting too. The night before saw some weird stuff with guns, toilets and old classmates. Last night was more tame.

Let’s start with the college dream. Something about going back to college? Well I wanted to take a tour of campus to reacquaint myself with it (it was completely unfamiliar to my real life memory), so I took my bike and started pedaling on the “bike path.” There were other bikes too, but at one point I got a reflection glimpse of mine and the tires were absolutely massive. I even was wearing a seatbelt?? Because I wanted to stand up but the belt wouldn’t let me, so I decided to “risk it” and took off the seat belt to ride. Ooooo so dangerous! I remember passing by existing students and instructors, getting snippets of conversation. One kid in particular had his mom there because he was in trouble for doing drugs. His mom was very supportive and tried to make him feel better. On my second go-round, there was some sort of big social event going on that included the community. I ran into an old man, so I got off and escorted him, laughing hysterically to find his wife who was doing a comedy skit in front of their merchant kiosk, but because she was busy I brought him to watch a different show with a lady who was entertaining a large crowd. Both shows were quite funny!

Change scenes to work, and I was tired and wanted to go home, but my last patient was my brother. My boss was taking forever to come do the exam, and when she finally did she took it upon herself to polish some more and sat down for more scaling like I hadn’t done a good job at all. In the meantime, her patients were waiting and it was past 5, plus we had 2 more sets of walk-ins! The assistant couldn’t wait any longer so left for home. I was standing up front with my co-workers, waiting, when her patients didn’t want to wait anymore so they come up to us and hand us trays of food from Popeyes saying they found it at the airport they had come from and that we should enjoy it. My coworker and I were like oo because it was an exotic flavor of Popeyes, so we split the sweet, tropical chicken tenders and the drumstick. It was very good. One of the waiting patients was having an emergency of sorts and was very insistent on seeing the doctor. Dark haired, young man, I was like, that’s cool. By now she finally had gotten done with my brother and ran off to deal with the other people. I go to clean up and she had reprimanded me for my subpar cleaning ability. My dream translated that to cleaning as in cleaning things, so there was this whole scene where I’m washing tools and dishes, and the light hits this strainer such that I can see nematodes being left behind! I am devastated by this and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to wash these parasites away. I manage to get it off the strainer, but the instant it hits the sink it puffs up and starts to bubble. Little patches of…mold..? start growing on it and I immediately grab a bottle of chemical to squeeze onto it. Much like squeezing BBQ sauce on meat. Then ANOTHER clump of parasites appear so I slather it on that one too! The more I squeeze on them, the faster they are overwhelmed and sink into the bubbly pool of  liquid in the sink. Finally they are gone and I am happy.


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Vans, accident

I was driving a van much like an Astro van, but was sitting in the back  so it was a little hard to see out the front. Coming into make a left turn at a stoplight, but there were a group of Vietnamese people in the road. I honked at them, but instead of moving one threw something at some kids in the median for them to take away. Then I hit one of the people who didn’t care to move and drove over the other people in the group. Finally was able to stop the car at the red light, but as my sister yelled, “YOU RAN THEM OVER!!!!!!” I was seriously contemplating whether or not I should hightail it out of there instead of getting out and facing the brass.

Other dreams included co-workers, bosses, their house, kids, orchestra and someone either being very sick or dying…namely one of the bosses’ kids and I had to babysit the other 2.

Too much Top Gear last night, Gaming con this past weekend.

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Laser Tag, Boss Moving

1. This has stuck with me for several days now because it was so vivid and profound. I dreamed that my boss (V) was moving away. They happened to be living right near to where I was living and everyone was very sad. My coworker and I went to an Asian mart to buy something for her. I decided on dried bananas and my friend some dried plums. While shopping, all these people, presumably patients, kept coming up to her and crying and hugging and expressing sadness. A few minutes of wandering around the store (looked a bit like a Ukrop’s and an Asian mart mixed together, dimmer lights and green floors) with my mom, and I find out that of all the gifts, she liked my banana sheets the best. Then the day comes that they’re supposed to be moving so I come out of my apartment to see them off. THey emerge from the red brick building and line up their multiple children (they have 3 and in the dream there were like 10). My other boss shows up here and I wander inside to see if I can help out. All of the sudden it all morphs into something quite different, and I’m in the midst of a black people rally of some sort.

2. This morning I had to wake up, but I didn’t want to because I was having this awesome dream about laser tag. My oldest cousin was running it and even in the dream there was a sense of urgency because I was running out of time. Well we all split up into teams and start shooting each other (my siblings and others were in here). Then everyone stops shooting and start holing up high. I’m still trying to shoot people, unsure of what is going on. All of the sudden there is an alarm and storm troopers start spilling into the play area. I quickly climb up to an eagle’s nest and hunker down to watch the new enemy. I ready my gun to start picking them off, but they all sit down at tables, relaxing and taking off their helmets. My team whispers to each other and signal a girl who has a bazooka and an electrical control. She flips a switch, readies the weapon and fires a button which drops a bomb into the nearest group of troopers. That explains why I wasn’t supposed to start sniping yet! — of course that’s when I wake up…late because I tried to get the rest of the dream in.

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Teachers and tests

Before I woke up to the unbelievably bright blue light from my 3DS, I had a dream about school!

It looked to be 3rd grade or so, but the test I was supposed to be taking seemed older than that, so maybe it was 8th grade. We were sitting in my typical memory of school, typical classroom with the desks that have room underneath that you can store things in and unattached chairs, and somewhat dim lighting. Not a glamorous school, but functional. I had a male teacher the face of whom I have zero memory, so it seems my brain made up someone. We were supposed to be taking a test on multiple choice paper with room for an essay. I started writing the essay, but got up to go to his desk because I had to pee. He was taking care of another student, so I waited. He finally turned his attention to me and I asked to go to the restroom. He shook his head, but asked me to put my test on his desk, before he could give me the pass to go. Then he was busy with something else and I waited some more. Then it turned out that I had a cut on my knee that was bleeding a good amount. He asked me to come up to the front so he could help me take care of it, so I did, but then he went to the chalkboard and started drawing something to teach the class. I kept standing there waiting, and he looked over and noticed me and suddenly seemed to remember what I was doing up there. Then I walked over to the pencil sharpener and when I turned around he was gone, and replaced by one of my coworkers. I told her I still needed to use the restroom, so she told me to go, but I needed a pass, so she gave me a credit card. Relieved, I slipped it into my back pocket and left the room. The bathroom was only 2 doors down so I went in to find 20 stalls jammed in there with no door and nasty looking toilets. Did I my thing and flushed and all of the sudden everything was clean and sparkly and I left feeling satisfied.


I hate peeing dreams…I can already see myself wetting myself in my sleep when I’m old because that’s what I used to do as a kid. What a strange set of events!!! Dream 2 commence!

Very confusing chain of events here. Jumps from forests, to homes, to bug bites, but I do remember going to the movies or something with a date and they left me. On the way back to my car, I ran into J, an ex. There had been prior knowledge of some conversation he’d had with a friend about current gf prospects, mostly Japanese girls that I had no reason to be upset about because that was his business. I caught up to him and gave him a hug and we talked like old times. There was a bit of yearning there and we left on good terms, the idea of future get-togethers hanging in the air. Reaching my car, I see a bunch of girls hanging around. I don’t think much of it until 2 start rummaging around in my car. I tell them to get out and start driving, but they’ve shut themselves in the car! I slam on the brakes (making sure to turn on the E-brake…) and turn around to get rid of them from my car, but the more aggressive one refuses. I text a different coworker because they are her friends but my coworker tells me she can’t make them leave either. The 2nd one is weaker, but 2 against 1 is hard. I say OK and we end up driving around and I told them I will stop and drag them out of my car and leave them there. They start to freak out because we keep ending up in ghost towns and they wouldn’t have any way to escape. All of the sudden a guy shows up and joins us and takes the lead and we follow him around. I have no idea who it is but after being dragged around by him, the girls and I start getting along from necessity. THe best part of the dream was eating cold CHickfila fries. LOL


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