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water, plane, bears, hideaway, dog, bridge, sweetgum tree

Wow what a night!

On the edge of a wood near suburbia, some other person and I were exploring and began building a hideaway system that ran for several miles. It was mostly made of wood and started small, but it kept getting bigger in some spots. So, basically it was a series of tunnels, or fortified walkways that linked bigger room-type spaces. The danger aspect wasn’t too bad as we were out near the woods, but it was present. The beginning of the project was scarier than the later because by the end of the project we were very confident in our skills and supplies. You could see between the slats in the wood, but we had all the amenities inside like rugs, counters, chairs, couches, food, etc. There was even a dog that came by and eventually became ours. It was a Corgi-like dog and I didn’t want to keep it at first because dogs make noise and would attract danger, but this dog was great and I spent a lot of time playing with it while it was lying on its back. At an expansion point, we threw open the wooden wall onto hinges and were about to build a new set of tunnels.

Then I was walking around in some water. It was a lake and the water came up to around my knees or so, maybe deeper in some spots, but you could see the bottom for the most part. I was going after some pieces of beef jerky littering the floor of the lake. My mom wanted to find some good meat for the dogs. I waded in after her just to be close enough in the event I was needed, but soon, I found something interesting: a beef jerky/large tree branch with an axe stuck to one end of it. I pulled it out of the water for a closer look and the axe didn’t come with it, but I laughed out loud at what I saw on it. My brother happened to have walked up to me at that point and I showed him the tiny little crab sitting on it, no doubt having dropped the axe it was carrying. It was fascinating and absurd at the same time. We put it back in the water, it grabbed ahold of its axe again and the piece of wood continued to move along the water. I followed the path, using my phone to record it all. Then I wanted a picture and had my brother pick it up again while I snapped a few photos of the crab which didn’t like having its picture taken.

We then get to later, when my coworker friend took me to a different lake and we waded into that. She said that I should sit down in the water and cool off with her, and I was like, beh, I don’t want to, but then I fell and ended up in the water anyways. She laughed and said, well there you go and I was irritated. Oh well, so I get into the water and it started raining or having some crazy weather/ water thing going on. I don’t know what possessed me to swim to the other end of the lake, but then the event started getting BAD and I was getting sucked into an A/C unit that was pulling in the overflowing water towards itself in torrents. My sister grabbed me and rescued me, as apparently she was a better swimmer, and I tried to help by pushing off with my tippy toes on the bottom of the lake since I was taller and with bigger leg muscles.

Then I was on a plane. Or at least I think it was a plane, some sort of transportation with strange seating. It was late, too, and there were business men traveling home. I guess it wasn’t too crowded so 3 of the men asked if they could stretch out and lay down to sleep during the trip. The attendant was flustered and didn’t know how to manage all of these people being rude and worrying about the other passengers. I offered my own advice to the logistics of using the seats as beds, but people just stared at me. I moved to my place which happened to be on the other side of a weird, large pillow barrier with a smiley face or some other cutesy design on it. Unfortunately, the little alcove there seated 4 and I had to be near these 2 babies. Evil. Babies. A male and female, that had the faces of adults and were maliciously singing with each other about how they were planning to use their baby statuses and genius brains to destroy people. The male one was saying that he looked like a girl, so people would be unassuming around him and honestly it was all a bit inappropriate and lewd. In the middle of their singing I got up to use the bathroom because I really had to go, but I could still hear their singing and planning.

Now I’m driving around near some suspension bridges, a rerun dream of sorts. In this one, I needed to keep Guan Yu alive, which I had failed the last time I tried this, so instead of turning right, we took a left. The Guan Yu character stopped, and I could clearly see the sniper hiding in the trees, waiting for him. I parked his car and my car around him to try and block any sniper attack, and found some other people to move their cars around him too. I could tell that this time I was successful in preventing his death for a little longer at least….

…then I woke up to use the bathroom because my bladder was about to burst.

Back in bed and back into dreamland, now I’m dreaming about the We Bare Bears. Grizz and Panda. I didn’t see Ice Bear anywhere. We were walking along in a forest and then had to stay overnight in a cabin. I showed them to their rooms and Grizz was really gung ho about everything. When we woke up the next morning to continue our adventure, Grizz started to get dizzy and weak because he was so hungry. My operator told me to look for birch trees because the sugar in the bark was exactly what Grizz needed, but there were no birch trees around and this was an emergency. Suddenly, Grizz fell over onto his back and I looked up to see a sweetgum tree! The leaves and gumballs were so high up, but we started fashioning slingshots and shooting at the tree. Somehow I got rubberbands and shared them with the bears. The slingshot escapade turned into a defense instead of retrieval of young gumballs and it was rather fun. I was using 3 rubber bands and smashing some bugs with them, the best shot of the three.



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Hiding, car, flood/mud, elevator, massage

I was in an unfamiliar house, but brought my laptop to a bed where I started browsing and ended up pulling open porno tabs. 2 or 3 other people showed up on the bed too, stripped naked and started going at it right there. I was like, uhhh, but then one of my family members showed up at the door. I quickly opened up a new tab, addressed them, as they wanted me to go help my grandpa, and pretended the people in my bed were just my friends sleeping under the blankets. They were doing a good job of snoring, and had wrapped their naked bodies inside the sheets. I said, OK, and shut my laptop. I got up and helped my grandpa in regard to something with a plant, and came back to my room. I opened up my laptop and the people continued their physical games. This time I legitimately wanted to just browse the internet, but everything that came up just happened to be porn in some way shape or form.

Then I was driving in my car. We were apparently back in my old hometown, but I did not recognize it at all. It was raining quite hard and as I went to leave, I found that there was a large washed out, rapid-type of blockage in the large parking lot. There were other areas where tons of mud was just sitting around. It was thrilling, and I decided to turn around to try and ford the water because it couldn’t be that deep and I just wanted to see how my car would handle it. Bummer, though, because the cops blocked it off. I was like, darn, and so zoomed out and around with everyone else. In order to do that, however, I had to leave the county line and suddenly, I stopped and got out of the car, walking on the grass and exclaiming, “Wow! I’m in Canada right now???!!!!”

Then this weird bit about standing in my grandparents’ house with my siblings and holding up quilts that we’d made back then and brought up here with us. My sister’s looked really nice like a coat of arms, my brother’s was, I don’t  know, and mine was good until you looked too closely. There was a big horse in the middle that still needed to be sewn on. I couldn’t believe (current me snatched the thing away from past me) that I hadn’t finished this marvelous thing. Why hadn’t I done that? I brought it over to the couch to get a better look at it and then saw why I’d abandoned the project: To the right of the horse were supposed to be 2 human figures except that the arms were drawn very poorly and completely disproportionate to the rest of the image. I laughed so hard at the image. NO WONDER!! Then I started trying to figure out how I could fix it and salvage the project, when…

…next dream. It was a Target run with some other girls, students in the same class as me. I had gotten the wrong futuristic add-on to a machine that I needed in order to complete a project for class. A very important project. Apparently I was very new to the program, but was still expected to catch up with the rest. The girls were very kind and were helping me out. I took the new one and the old one and went to pay for it, but then we got into a large elevator and started roaming around. Stuff happened, I guess, and then we were back into this ridiculously huge elevator that looked more like a moving, ornate room and not an elevator. Our next assignment had us go do something called, “legs and arms and back.” I was completely clueless, so was just following the others. Most of the girls and guys exited, like, ran off the elevator and I stayed behind to help another girl carry her stuff. I held the door which was very heavy as it tried to squish me, but I was bigger and older than everyone. We both get into the assigned area. The other 4 had split into 2 groups and darted into 2 of the 4 rooms, giggling with each other. Those 2 rooms happened to be the only 2 with doors. Obviously they knew something the other girl and I didn’t, so we each took the other 2 rooms, or alcoves, really. We put all of our bags and such down in our respective spaces. I studied the chair, shelves and counter in each one, then looked at the sign and realized that we were about to get massages. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that and the other girl didn’t either as we’d have to strip for it and our rooms didn’t have doors. I guess it was a physical assessment for the program? I looked on my phone which showed we were in the right place at the right time and then the “instructor” section was “loading” for a few seconds before showing  us who would be doing the massage. To my surprise, it was Mrs. Casella, one of my hygiene instructors. The other girl had her too. Hygiene was a prior program that the 2 of us had been a part of and I laughed at the other girl whose face was not happy at the turn of things. I wasn’t either, but I just laughed and laughed because while I didn’t really want her to do my massage, I knew the other girl really disliked her. And why was she here anyways, something that had nothing to do with hygiene. The main door swung open, and…

…I woke up.

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Portal, pickup, family, bathroom, vaccines

I’m driving up and down this road some of it is in traffic. The weather changes from pouring rain to sun to humid and buggy. One moment I’m sitting there and in another instant I’m desperately trying to escape a bug attack or some other thing chasing me. My brother jumps in to help and I complain that how come a bee is always attacking me! I could feel it land on the back of my neck, and I think it got stuck in my clothes, but I didn’t end up getting stung at all. Something about houses that are mostly pillaged and picked clean.

Then I’m on the phone calling 2 different Target Pharmacies to ask them if they have the egg-less vaccines. The condition of the world has become dangerous, but thankfully scientists have developed and approved for release a myriad of vaccines for maladies such as Lyme, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, flu, etc. I was eager to have the vaccines especially with the egg-free thing! One pharmacy said they do and the other did not. I managed to get to one of them where I sat down at a table and started doing something to get a prescription filled. Then when I asked about “those vaccines” they informed me that I had the wrong pharmacy and it was the one further away. Disappointed, I wander off.

And back to my place which is in a mountainous, arid location. The building looks a bit run down, but it’s home….or is it work? Either way it doesn’t matter because I’m SUPER excited about driving my new pickup truck. It was impressive to own given the state of the world we lived in. The paint was chipped and rust evident in many areas, most notably the back trunk door. The bed was kind of neato as it was split into two areas, the larger, deeper area in the back and a more shallow “quick-access” area towards the front. It had an access cab, not quite a full cab, but ample room for some passengers. Despite the looks, it ran very well. I was supposed to give my coworker a ride and she was a bit excited too. She climbed up from the back bed to the shallow part, dropped her backpack and then made her way into the passenger seat. I smiled to myself, threw my own backpack in the shallow end and got into the driver seat. Off we went.

I ended up at a park of sorts with my immediate family. Still in a gray, rather dreary world. I’m not sure what kind of attraction it was, but it was exciting given the state of things. We were walking and I was trying to get them to the main attraction which was to be a portal. I had been needing desperately to pee, but I figured I’d just hold it until the trip was over. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it that far, so when we finally got to where the portal was, I had someone hold my jacket? object? and said I’d be back after a pit stop. I ran in, not sure what happened to my pants, still wearing underwear, but I hoped no one could see that it was already leaking out everywhere. I ran into one of the stalls and half stood over the bowl, but at this point it was worthless to pull the undies down because I was basically peeing through my underwear. It didn’t matter too much because I really needed this. My bladder was going to burst! There was a lot of talking going on from other visitors in the spacious bathroom (at least 15 stalls!). I grabbed the toilet paper to wipe as much as I could and pulled up my pants, hoping no one would notice the wetness, and cringing at the thought of having to wear peed-on clothing. To my delight, it was not uncomfortable at all–in fact, it seemed to have already dried back to normal. Then the lights went out. It came back on and woman rushes in yelling to everyone that the park was closing, everyone needed to leave! People expressed dismay and she explained that she was closing the park because a really fat woman demanded that she wanted her dental implant placed TOMORROW and that was just impossible and a ridiculous request. Everyone now needed to go home. Apparently that was a legitimate complaint, so with much grumbling everyone moved to leave. I went out to my family and explained the situation, thinking that I knew what fat lady she was referring to. We were so close, though! The portal! The lights kept dimming and coming back on, no doubt to signal the close of the park. Another park goer guy and I were staring at the portal, and considering whether we should go in. We caught each other’s eyes and silently agreed to just do it! We came all this way after all! I told my family we’re going to get in the portal quickly, so we do. There were two options and I chose the first option. We end up in a top floor of a small building where there was a funeral going on. I wandered into the food room, but there were only 2 weird looking dishes, so I decide to gather my family and leave, but they’re having fun looking at the dead body. There’s also the push of needing to leave the park before we get stuck in the portal…I go to grab my mom, when–

–I wake up because my bladder really is going to burst in real life, but I don’t want to get up.

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Haircut, friend, car, craziness

I am SOOOOOO sleeeeepyyyyyyyy.

It was a strange dream(s) that didn’t really make much sense, but here we go.

Let’s start with one involving my family. I think it was at the beach, with my relatives too. Something about sleeping on a bed in a room with other beds and pretending to be asleep only to wake up and happily pop a mini Nutter Butter bite into my mouth, catching the attention of a relative who kind of complained about it. Then I went to take a shower in a well-detailed bathroom, trying to figure out which towel to use. It felt good. Then something about driving around looking for fun attractions to go to.

Next dream. More driving but now in a residential type place. It was starting to get dark too, and I wasn’t familiar with the neighborhood. I think that it was a new place and I was just driving to familiarize myself with it. Well, I end up in the backseat instead of driving and by the time I get back to my townhouse community, it is dark. There’s something going on, though and suddenly I am with my old friend in the backseat and it seems we have won some sort of contest and this is the prize! We’re on TV, with a crowd of people standing outside in the neighborhood cheering us on! The car stops in one place and something happens and then we get back into the car and head to the next section of the community where an even bigger crowd of onlookers is cheering us. I swear they’re wearing costumes? Well the car stops and I get out. The onlooker crowd is walking single file over to stand behind us as backdrop for the camera. In the meantime, I examine the car there are some girls sitting in the back now. They tell me to punch out the window, so I lightly punch the car window and there’s now a hole in it. Since it’s a car window, it doesn’t shatter, so I punch it several more times more vigorously, while pulling the shards and pieces off the car. The girls inside pretend to be scared and for some reason it’s all making me very happy to be punching out a window. When I’m done and the crowd has arrived fully, the producer tells us to follow him. My friend and I run alongside him to keep up (he’s very tall) and start giving suggestions about how to make this show better. Mine was to make the crowd into zombies and have them surround the car and incorporate the window punching into it. That way it’ll be scarier!

We arrive at the strip mall/house place. This segment is where we’re supposed to have our hair cut. There are 2 to choose from and I end up not being able to make up my mind and then I go into where my friend chose. Her barber is a fat, balding with greasy hair, middle aged guy with a bit of a foreign accent and a rather rough demeanor, but he jumps right in. It’s a small place, but clean, and there is no one else there. I was about to keep her company and wait my turn, but then I realized that there are 2 places and 2 of us…they didn’t say it, but I think I’m supposed to go to the other one for time’s sake. So I leave that shop and head down the ramp to the other one on the ground floor of the strip mall. This place is much wider, but it’s more like a family run place. I sit down on the wooden chair and this very short guy with a big attitude and loud voice (similarly to the other guy, he’s dark haired, tan skin and rather rough) starts berating me a bit. His mother is sitting nearby and says things and argues a little with him. I’m preparing to get an awful haircut (it’s already very short, what else are they going to do with it?) but I’m OK with it, it’s just hair and there’s the show to think of. Instead of doing any haircutting, stuff happens and is being said, but I can’t remember any of it. What I do remember is looking up to see that lining the outer perimeter of the store are the onlookers sitting quietly and watching it all. About an hour of the antics later, my friend is done and comes in to sit nearby on another chair. Her hair has been trimmed and looks rather cute. The people ask her what she had done with her hair and she smiles, but I answer for her, saying they trimmed it to her shoulders, but when we were little, her hair used to be way down to her knees!

Then we all go outside, or maybe I just escape outside and by now it’s all changed and the whole place is grassy, some woods, with lots of people doing stuff everywhere. There’s a bit of a video game element to it all, mixed in with other convoluted themes. At one point, there are a bunch of cars sitting around and I sit in one only to realize that they’re like vending cars. Inside are money machines where you feed them money and you can drive them around (Zipper Cars, if I remember correctly). Then more craziness with a Tesla, some Segways, bikes, side quests. At the end, it’s finally time to clean everything up and go home. I manage to corral together the leaders of this whole thing and we get the message across to start cleanup and going home. Everyone’s scattered everywhere, so I check my on-screen map to track everyone down, but get sidetracked looking for the treasure/chests I missed on my play through. There’s even a police guy who was using one of the vending machines and when I say hi to him, he’s very friendly and asked me if I’d seen the “Pacific Malibu” drink he’d bought. I end up finding out that my friend had drank it already. There was free food everywhere.

Crazy, convoluted nonsense…it was like a Looney Tunes episode

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Convolution, mission, Nissin, enemy base

There were some very convoluted things going on last night. Didn’t help much, I guess, that my throat was killing me basically all night which meant that I couldn’t keep my night guard in, and it was both hot and cold at the same time. No matter what, I did not wish to get up, but prolong the dream, but alas.

No straight plotline that I can remember in the beginning. It was some images where things happened which no apparent cohesion. Vaguely I was in a place that was not my home, maybe a different place or a vacation, but it didn’t feel like vacation, more like work. The place was very crowded with many different people and happenings. I also had my laptop with me. The main thing was there was this ever growing stress, anxiety and fear. Something along the lines of treachery and escalating attacks that would soon arrive in the HQ location. Then it did arrive and it was just confusion all around. Convolution, paranoia and mystery that needed ASAP resolution. People started dying. As one of the main agents/protagonists, I fell onto me as one of the top, to figure this out and prevent more people from dying. Especially since my family was involved too. HQ seemed like a large housing unit.

Things got out of control and the HQ was a den of fear and violence. There was a night scene where I took a company car to get gas. It was well lit and busy with other customers. Obviously it was not my normal car so I pull up to an open pump and get out only to realize the tank is on the other side. It was only a minor issue, so I was switching to top-down mode to do a quick pick-up-and-turn-the-car-around-maneuver, when this young-middle aged woman comes out to greet me. Long, straight, dirty blonde hair and fit build. She had an aura of authority. She asks me how it’s going and I explain that I was just turning the car around to get it on the correct orientation for the pump. She smiles disarmingly and goes to pump the gas for me. Oh. I’d thought that it was a self-serve pump, shows how familiar I was the with area. She makes small talk with me and introduces herself as head of security there. I’m like, that’s cool, I’m here to resolve the imminent danger for the area and she relaxes a little. Then we’re done and I get in to leave and she surreptitiously gives me some vital information as I say goodbye. When I get back, I check my phone and find that she’d sent me an email in the Outlook. I carry my laptop into the HQ building and up the stairs.

Suddenly there’s an invasion and I escape to the city. I ditch the car and was walking around a not so upscale part of the urban locale. I had a location objective, but the overwhelming anxiety to hurry and eliminate the threat was looming over me. I end up wandering through the parking lot of some very large reddish /orange/brown brick buildings and am looking for an exit. Turns out it it’s a Nissin factory right in the city! I’m totally excited to see this and tuck the information away for later. I see the exit  which is up a very steep set of stairs. There are some tourists trying to leave too, but they’re busy taking pictures so I go around them. At the top of the steps is a large glass enclosed buffer zone with some heavy doors. Me and a male of my group are trying to hold the door for the tourists, a black family with 2 kids and a little one in a stroller. They go through and we continue on our way.

Now I’m in our target location building with my group of operatives and we’re looking for the target. This is it, we’re making progress in our mission. The 5 of us are walking around the place and keeping our eyes out for our target while remaining inconspicuous. We’re the last shot at resolving this conflict so the significance of our presence is well understood by all of us. It’s extremely crowded where we are; we have infiltrated the enemy base. Full of innocent people or at least those who are not our targets. We are moving forward very quickly. I try to keep the group together, but it seems we are closing in on the objective! The agent in front of me suddenly starts surging forward into the crowd and I do my best to keep up while keeping eyes on the rest of us (we are in the hornet’s nest, and I did not wish to lose anymore of those that matter to me). Then all of us are separated and I have no idea where he went. The 3 behind me finally catch up to me at what seems to be the far end of the building. I don’t know which way to go. We watch through the see-through entrances in the wall in front of us as operatives from the enemy side are entering the base. It’s rather ingenious, really: the general population were not at all aware of our presence–neither the enemy nor us–so what we would do is blend in and appear to simply walk into a nondescript building, but what’s happening is that once you walk through the “door” you walk into our reality, our realm, if you will, and are no longer merely a human. It was kind of neat to observe this from within the enemy side, but the most important thing was where do I go now? Where is my teammate? And where is the target???

I will never know unless I get to experience a sequel dream, because I didn’t want to get up, but I had to.

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Work, school, trolley from a dirt pile

I was at work and the 3 hygienists had patients at 10. There was only one doctor and the patients all pretty much looked alike. As I was going through them and reading histories and what we needed to do, the other 2 went and got their patients, but then one was switched on me at the last moment. Her name appeared on my computer screen (the name of one of the car service team ladies at the dealer) and apparently she had not arrived yet. My doctor arrived and started asking what was going on with the patients. I showed him my radiographs and was convinced that I would be able to update the PAs of her eye sockets in the posterior maxilla, except that she wasn’t there and looked to be a no-show. Seeing as how I was not busy, he asked someone to come help him with bringing a large letter decoration down from the attic. I volunteered myself since I didn’t have anything to do and I was taller and stronger than my other co-worker, and she couldn’t argue because it was true. Victorious, I ran down the hall after him. He no longer looked anything like my boss at this point, but a very good-looking, younger man just a bit older than me…and very much single. I helped him carry down the massive letter “A” about 5′ x 4′ in dimension. We made it to what I thought was a massive cargo elevator, and it opened up. He then carried it in on his own and I came after to make sure he didn’t need help, but then the door closed behind us. The elevator itself didn’t much look like an elevator at all, but more like a command center hidden in the wall with giant blast doors and an escape hatch in the back up some metal stairs. There were 2 large lines of rugged computers facing the doors of the “elevator” which doubled as huge screens. Some alarms started going off and we were trapped inside. I didn’t know what was going on, but I suspected a trap and started taking off all of my clothes–we were both wearing suits provided to us by our agency and they were fitted with all sorts of special tech, especially the large belt. I stripped off everything except my underwear in a panic that we had been betrayed and somehow our suits would harm us. My partner was just standing there, completely nonplussed, so I ran over and started ripping off his shirt for him. When I started undoing his belt to yank it and his pants off, he just laughed and told me to relax because there was no danger. I stopped and looked up at him, rippling bare torso, handsome, rugged face and his belt undone and pants halfway down. I was just wearing panties and a bewildered expression, while he was smiling seductively. My brain froze as he approached me…and–

–next dream. Some stuff happened while on a trip and I came upon the shore of a river where there was a massive pile of dirt with construction vehicles rolling all around it. Apparently it was an “anything goes” location and the public was encouraged to come see what they could salvage. Two Italian brothers emerged with their treasures, an old world trolley still in almost mint condition and I forget what the other one was (not a vehicle, but a large item…maybe a weapon?). They made fun of each other’s findings, and I moved closer to look at the trolley. It was completely devoid of seats with a few columns inside to hold onto. No doors to speak of except for the driver’s cab, open on both sides with a thin metal rail (I guess you had to climb in yourself). Suddenly I appeared inside along with a bunch of strangers and we were heading home from this trip. Given that there were no seats, I tried to stand and hold on to the column, while others smartly sat all around the outside perimeter against the walls. We’re driving along, I’m trying to maintain my balance when the vehicle brakes hard several times and I fall, sliding to the front and into a bunch of people. Everyone slides to the front creating a huge pile of bodies. I get to my destination and my trip has been wonderful. Myself and a bunch of my teenager group (I guess I was chaperoning a youth group) walk through their neighborhood proudly past the resident gangs and to a shopping center. The storeowner is my friend as I frequent her establishment. She asks me how the trip went and I beamed at her, indicating the well-behaved youth. Success! She is very happy for me and I ask where the dog/cat in the store was, while looking through her wares. She gets busy with customers and I’ll return that night to go hang out with her.

But now I’m at a school with some teenagers. A high school. They’re playing basketball and the facility reminds me more of a jail than a school. They’re a good group of kids, though, and I go inside because it starts snowing. We’re waiting on the new gym teacher to show up because the school can’t seem to hang onto good teachers (bad town I guess). One from my group of boys is walking down the dark hall (conserving energy) as I stand there and in bursts the new teacher. A black man who walks purposefully down the hall and smack into my teenager. I tell him the switch is on the wall and he meets the kids. They all go out to meet with the crew and later the teacher comes in to talk to me and he says, is it true that the shortest white boy, that “scrawny whitey” is the bully of the group? I confirm that this is the case. He is incredulous. And we all start eating cereal with milk as a group.

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Dog Poop, old friend

I had my dreams all perfectly recalled to relay on here when I awoke this morning as they were so memorable, but once I got outside to walk my dogs, they disappeared from my brain–all but the dog poop part.

Let’s start with the dog poop part. It was the backyard of the townhouse and (in real life I haven’t been down to pick up the poops, hence poopy-paws sometimes) I was supposed to haul out the trash can. However, there were so many dog poops that I got upset at everything and everyone including myself. I was in a hurry, though, so I had to get the trashcan out to the curb and I’d just have to deal with the poop later. Unfortunately for me, it was also rainy, so I ended up slipping, falling, the trashcan fell into the poop and I was just covered in POOP, no matter what I tried. There just so happened to be a wagon cart full of dirt, so I tried to dump the dirt on top of the poop in my path so I could at least get over and out with my task, but it just ended up making a big muddy mess and I was covered in poop. Fun times.

The major dream had something to do with an old college friend. There was a night portion where I went to visit the college where she was staying, and I was going to park my car. When I was there initially, there were many cars and I didn’t know where to park because there were designations for visitors and permits and some that didn’t have any direction at all. I’d park on place, then move to another, begin afraid to get towed, and move again. By the time I’d circled again, there were no cars! Whoo! I guess I’ll just park wherever and feign ignorance. I go to visit her inside the dorm. She’s managed to live in the double room as a single, and in my head I’m thinking, wow that must be expensive. We talk a bit about weird things and then somehow she knows my extended family and starts referring to them. I’m like, huh? No! My great aunt is dead! She’s been dead for several years now. These people are adamant she’s not. I say they’re crazy, bid my friend goodbye and go to find my car because I need to make my way to wherever my next destination is. Now the parking lot is full again, except now it’s a massive car mechanic garage. One of my great aunts is there too, doing something to her car. I see my car and my mom’s car. I think my brother is hanging around too. I go to close the door to my mom’s car and accidentally knock my great aunt over in the process. I didn’t see, but apparently she was moving the stuff from her old car into my mom’s car. She wasn’t too happy about being knocked over, and I was appalled at how much stuff she was trying to transfer over. Where’s my car? I’ve got to get to the bottom of what’s going on because no one’s told me anything and there are people unrelated to my family who are positive that my deceased aunt is still alive!


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Dog, nightguard, toothbrush, gas station, house/war, my legs

I had the hardest time getting up this morning…similar to springtime! It smells like spring and feels a bit like it too! This weather is insane.

There was this group of 4 friends walking by an apartment complex when they see a black, young dog racing around out there. They manage to catch it and for whatever reason they become mad and upset at the owners for something, so they troop into the apartment the dog’s owner lives and already there is a problem. Only 2 of them managed to get inside the apartment door (a girl and guy, I remember mentioning that I’m so glad a guy made it in there) before it closed and I could hear loud yelling. I looked outside at a commotion and then looked back to see that the remaining 2 friends had been able to hold open the door. I yelled at them to take pictures and call the cops, and they started filming too. Then 4 big college guys begin to troop into the complex, ready to fight and saying, If that’s MY dog they’re arguing about, I’m about to open a can on them! I’m like, uh oh, and skedaddle. Useful, I know.

I end up in a store at the mall. I walk past this mannequin display with an interesting dental tool attached to it. Some random shopper runs up to me as soon as I pick it up in my hand to investigate, and asks, ARE YOU GOING TO BUY THAT?? As if, if I do, then she will. I say, I don’t know yet, and proceed to try out all the demo functions, each brush head (ridiculous ones too) on my face, etc. Then I tell her that the $69 price tag is too much and that if it was half of that, then I would. I look closer at the price tag and there’s a markdown etched into it! At first it said -2, which I took to mean minus two dollars, but looking even closer saw it said half off. I happily exclaimed to the customer that since it’s only $30 (yeah that’s not half…) and I have a coupon, I will definitely buy it! She claps her hands at my luck.

I don’t remember exactly what happened in this next one, but it dealt with really flavorful and delicious cuts of meat that I was unable to taste. Then my half awake dream brain remembered why, it was because I was wearing my night guard! Solution: remove the night guard and shove it under the pillow so that I could enjoy the scrumptious meal!

I was driving around at night, somewhere half familiar and half not. I end up at this park-like green space and I see some columns and lights, so I leave my car to investigate and it turns out to be a historical, pristine, relief carved in beautiful and perfect white marble. Not only that, but it’s not traditional vertical wall, it was carved into the terrain of the ground into the small hill there. So because it was historical and beautiful and I wanted to see all of it, I took off my shoes and proceeded to climb and crawl all over the preserved artifact, making sure to revel my feet in the cold rocky feel of it all. Turns out the images depicted on it are of some controversial nature as it was carved in honor of the Nazi’s but in ancient Chinese art style. I found my family and brought them over to see it so everyone could climb over it too. Then there was some strange thing melded to the dream where there was a war of sorts starting in a massive kitchen? And I needed to ferry supplies to that one base which then we had to quickly move because we’d been found out.

Drove out to a gas station to get gas and ended up sitting there watching another guy get gas. Then something about a flamethrower.

The very last one I remember involved my greyhound mentor and his wife. We were outside and somehow he had managed to fall off or jump off a half-constructed building and could not use his legs. I was staying in this place and somehow I had broken my leg or injured it too. I wanted to go to the grocery store, though, so his wife said she could take me since he couldn’t. I said I could drive, but then again, I was supposed to have one leg injured, so I went with it. Originally I’d intended to go in my pajama pants, but I decided to go change into jeans since that’d be embarrassing for them. I carefully put my legs into my pants and found that actually they didn’t hurt that badly. The room I was in, was my old room in the last house we had. I made sure to change the screen on my laptop before it burned into the screen, and then proceeded to meet his wife who would drive me. She had pulled up in this Formula 1 drag race car and almost couldn’t control it. I almost told her that I felt fine and could drive myself, but she insisted I get into the passenger seat. It was completely made of metal, and somehow I navigated my injured self into it. Then we were at Harris Teeter, and I shot off to shop on my own, because I didn’t need chaperones, thanks. They still followed me anyways and that was annoying, but I managed to pick a few items and then found a neato box in the dog food aisle that ha da picture of a greyhound on it. Inside contained cans of sardines and anchovies. I picked up a German shepherd box and that had dehydrated meal of kibble, spinach and carrots in it. I guess German shepherds like that. I showed it to my greyhound mentor who happened to be perfectly fine and we looked at the price ($39.79) and I complained that buying from Costco would be cheaper, but I guess it wasn’t too bad a price.

Then my body jolted awake 2 minutes before I was supposed to wake up.

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Game? Car? Patient, brother, food

It’s hard to remember what I dreamed about last night. I must have slept really well, or at least relatively so. Didn’t want to get up this morning. There are snippets, though.

It was village compound. Wooden and metal structures with lots of stairs which made me think of somewhere close to water. I think there was something that happened before arriving at the compound, but no matter what, I was on a mission FPS style. I ran up some stairs and into a room. Stuff happened and then I needed to find and earn some keys. There was some longer explanatory cut-scenes which I paid no attention to and tried to skip but couldn’t. I decided to do the stair mini-game because I needed those keys for later on and didn’t have time to find the real ones. It was simple enough, just climb some stairs within the time period, increasing increments to get more keys. I managed to get the first key, but then something happened and I cancelled the game to go find out what it was. I had spent too much time doing that and the game time counter was getting shorter and shorter. I went into another room where I saw someone who looked like my ex on the bed without a shirt. I jumped on his back and played a puzzle about hitting some numbers on his back that would light up (other things happened too, but I can’t remember). Then it was the boss fight! I ended up in my bathroom, naked, because I needed to shower and pee. The door wasn’t closing all the way (it doesn’t in real life until you push it hard into the latch), so my ex kept coming to the crack and looking in it playfully. I kept pushing it in his face before realizing I left something on the bed and asked him to get it for me. He did and handed it to me and I closed the door for real.

Then there was some convoluted storyline about shopping, my mom, my cousins? and a diva peer from hygiene school. A craft store, then we all were supposed to get into a car. A spattering of my family, friends and co-workers. I didn’t know how we were all going to fit in her Crosstrek, but I was the first to climb in from the trunk and sit in the back. Everyone else was going to go in my mom’s car instead and the remaining would go in her car (all males). I think we were going to a party or a wedding. The peer was just telling me that my look wasn’t good enough and she did not approve of the “makeup” I had on.

We went on our way and I ended up at work. The patients were a large family of black people. My patient was a young man, about 17 years old (even though he looked more like a 25 yo). We got to talking about cars and he told me he wanted a WRX. I basically spewed the same conversation I literally just had with my brother about cars in real life last night at him, while not only cleaning his teeth, but dismantling everything in his old red car. One piece had broken, so my brother and I removed everything but the frame and then replaced them all. My brother even gave him a new trash thing for the car. I left my brother to put it all back so I could go help pack my uncle’s van. It was so big they even had a chest of drawers in the back. By the time I went back to the patient, my dad was there, pulling a long usb cable out of the young man’s car. I scolded him not to pull too hard because my brother had just installed it. My dad frowned at me for disrespecting him, but I didn’t care. I was more concerned about the fact that my brother had already finished and left behind a lot of food for me: Popeye’s chicken strip, McDonald’s hamburgers, drinks, and a few other good food pieces.

Then I got a text and woke up.

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Guns, camera, work

…when do I not dream about work is the better question.

In a futuristic world, a local war on an evil facility has just reached a conclusion. The populace celebrates in relief that the danger has passed and they can get on with their daily lives without fear for now. As part of the team and now part of the cleanup crew, I, too am happy that the imminent danger has passed, but there is knowledge that it’s not quite yet over. The computerized columns outside have been restored, meaning that the building itself is safe now, but my job is to go in and secure a very sensitive and integral object. To my knowledge a non-combat agent, like myself, is cleared to enter because the threat level is low. Regardless, I’m always carrying my standard issue Glock 9mm pistol. Upon entering the facility, I am struck by the difference now than before wherein the commotion, combat and sheer number of individuals is greatly diminished. I enter the elevator and hit button #17. On second thought, the lack of people around is starting to make me nervous and a feeling of dread fills my stomach. Suddenly, I have a partner, an armored combat unit. We get out onto floor 17 which is a large garage looking area for robots or other large weaponry. There are metal ramps leading to walkways above and large military containers strewn about. We proceed cautiously and turn to make it to the command room when suddenly there is movement. A large man in a suit is coming down the walkway to us, his semi-automatic rifle raised. The enemy lives?!?!?! I yell, “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!” and make a break for the shelter of the command room while pulling out my handgun. While running, I turn to fire at him and should have landed 3 perfect headshots, but he seemed unperturbed. My protection detail goes down in burst of blood, multiple bullets ending his life. I am disturbed by this, not being hard combat trained, but I ready my weapon and focus as I hide in the cover of the doorway. I peek around the corner and rapid fire into the oncoming enemy. This time he goes down. No time to stop and catch my breath, I quickly look around the command room for my target, but as suspected from the presence of the enemy, it is not there. I run out and up the walkway to where the enemy was coming from. Along the way, I check my magazine which is an extended one, and I only have one bullet left (and one which misfired, apparently). Before I have time to think about whether I have extra mags or not, I run into my brother, a combat agent. It appears that he too has run into more of the enemy. Before we know it, we are beset by 2 more of the enemy, this time one has a pump shotgun and the other a TMP. We both duck behind cover and thankfully he has a rifle. Suddenly, I pause the experience and ask my brother if maybe I should try a higher-powered weapon, since my pistol isn’t going to be too terribly useful on these harder enemies. He tell me that I should try the semi-automatic rifle too, and I think it’s a good idea, except I forgot to take it from the enemy down on the floor.

Then there’s a work dream about this whole camera system. My bosses are stressed out about it and I’m trying to help but they have a “specialist” there and I’m just sitting around, bored. I offer to go to a seminar for them. Then there’s a bunch of driving in off-road terrain with hippos and alligators in the rain. Gable sleeping too close to one of the mud puddles and I’m terrified that a hippo will come eat him, but he’s obviously bigger than them even. Then I watch in amusement as a huge group of people attempt to run their cars through the muddy, flooded terrain.

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