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Dog, nightguard, toothbrush, gas station, house/war, my legs

I had the hardest time getting up this morning…similar to springtime! It smells like spring and feels a bit like it too! This weather is insane.

There was this group of 4 friends walking by an apartment complex when they see a black, young dog racing around out there. They manage to catch it and for whatever reason they become mad and upset at the owners for something, so they troop into the apartment the dog’s owner lives and already there is a problem. Only 2 of them managed to get inside the apartment door (a girl and guy, I remember mentioning that I’m so glad a guy made it in there) before it closed and I could hear loud yelling. I looked outside at a commotion and then looked back to see that the remaining 2 friends had been able to hold open the door. I yelled at them to take pictures and call the cops, and they started filming too. Then 4 big college guys begin to troop into the complex, ready to fight and saying, If that’s MY dog they’re arguing about, I’m about to open a can on them! I’m like, uh oh, and skedaddle. Useful, I know.

I end up in a store at the mall. I walk past this mannequin display with an interesting dental tool attached to it. Some random shopper runs up to me as soon as I pick it up in my hand to investigate, and asks, ARE YOU GOING TO BUY THAT?? As if, if I do, then she will. I say, I don’t know yet, and proceed to try out all the demo functions, each brush head (ridiculous ones too) on my face, etc. Then I tell her that the $69 price tag is too much and that if it was half of that, then I would. I look closer at the price tag and there’s a markdown etched into it! At first it said -2, which I took to mean minus two dollars, but looking even closer saw it said half off. I happily exclaimed to the customer that since it’s only $30 (yeah that’s not half…) and I have a coupon, I will definitely buy it! She claps her hands at my luck.

I don’t remember exactly what happened in this next one, but it dealt with really flavorful and delicious cuts of meat that I was unable to taste. Then my half awake dream brain remembered why, it was because I was wearing my night guard! Solution: remove the night guard and shove it under the pillow so that I could enjoy the scrumptious meal!

I was driving around at night, somewhere half familiar and half not. I end up at this park-like green space and I see some columns and lights, so I leave my car to investigate and it turns out to be a historical, pristine, relief carved in beautiful and perfect white marble. Not only that, but it’s not traditional vertical wall, it was carved into the terrain of the ground into the small hill there. So because it was historical and beautiful and I wanted to see all of it, I took off my shoes and proceeded to climb and crawl all over the preserved artifact, making sure to revel my feet in the cold rocky feel of it all. Turns out the images depicted on it are of some controversial nature as it was carved in honor of the Nazi’s but in ancient Chinese art style. I found my family and brought them over to see it so everyone could climb over it too. Then there was some strange thing melded to the dream where there was a war of sorts starting in a massive kitchen? And I needed to ferry supplies to that one base which then we had to quickly move because we’d been found out.

Drove out to a gas station to get gas and ended up sitting there watching another guy get gas. Then something about a flamethrower.

The very last one I remember involved my greyhound mentor and his wife. We were outside and somehow he had managed to fall off or jump off a half-constructed building and could not use his legs. I was staying in this place and somehow I had broken my leg or injured it too. I wanted to go to the grocery store, though, so his wife said she could take me since he couldn’t. I said I could drive, but then again, I was supposed to have one leg injured, so I went with it. Originally I’d intended to go in my pajama pants, but I decided to go change into jeans since that’d be embarrassing for them. I carefully put my legs into my pants and found that actually they didn’t hurt that badly. The room I was in, was my old room in the last house we had. I made sure to change the screen on my laptop before it burned into the screen, and then proceeded to meet his wife who would drive me. She had pulled up in this Formula 1 drag race car and almost couldn’t control it. I almost told her that I felt fine and could drive myself, but she insisted I get into the passenger seat. It was completely made of metal, and somehow I navigated my injured self into it. Then we were at Harris Teeter, and I shot off to shop on my own, because I didn’t need chaperones, thanks. They still followed me anyways and that was annoying, but I managed to pick a few items and then found a neato box in the dog food aisle that ha da picture of a greyhound on it. Inside contained cans of sardines and anchovies. I picked up a German shepherd box and that had dehydrated meal of kibble, spinach and carrots in it. I guess German shepherds like that. I showed it to my greyhound mentor who happened to be perfectly fine and we looked at the price ($39.79) and I complained that buying from Costco would be cheaper, but I guess it wasn’t too bad a price.

Then my body jolted awake 2 minutes before I was supposed to wake up.


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Game? Car? Patient, brother, food

It’s hard to remember what I dreamed about last night. I must have slept really well, or at least relatively so. Didn’t want to get up this morning. There are snippets, though.

It was village compound. Wooden and metal structures with lots of stairs which made me think of somewhere close to water. I think there was something that happened before arriving at the compound, but no matter what, I was on a mission FPS style. I ran up some stairs and into a room. Stuff happened and then I needed to find and earn some keys. There was some longer explanatory cut-scenes which I paid no attention to and tried to skip but couldn’t. I decided to do the stair mini-game because I needed those keys for later on and didn’t have time to find the real ones. It was simple enough, just climb some stairs within the time period, increasing increments to get more keys. I managed to get the first key, but then something happened and I cancelled the game to go find out what it was. I had spent too much time doing that and the game time counter was getting shorter and shorter. I went into another room where I saw someone who looked like my ex on the bed without a shirt. I jumped on his back and played a puzzle about hitting some numbers on his back that would light up (other things happened too, but I can’t remember). Then it was the boss fight! I ended up in my bathroom, naked, because I needed to shower and pee. The door wasn’t closing all the way (it doesn’t in real life until you push it hard into the latch), so my ex kept coming to the crack and looking in it playfully. I kept pushing it in his face before realizing I left something on the bed and asked him to get it for me. He did and handed it to me and I closed the door for real.

Then there was some convoluted storyline about shopping, my mom, my cousins? and a diva peer from hygiene school. A craft store, then we all were supposed to get into a car. A spattering of my family, friends and co-workers. I didn’t know how we were all going to fit in her Crosstrek, but I was the first to climb in from the trunk and sit in the back. Everyone else was going to go in my mom’s car instead and the remaining would go in her car (all males). I think we were going to a party or a wedding. The peer was just telling me that my look wasn’t good enough and she did not approve of the “makeup” I had on.

We went on our way and I ended up at work. The patients were a large family of black people. My patient was a young man, about 17 years old (even though he looked more like a 25 yo). We got to talking about cars and he told me he wanted a WRX. I basically spewed the same conversation I literally just had with my brother about cars in real life last night at him, while not only cleaning his teeth, but dismantling everything in his old red car. One piece had broken, so my brother and I removed everything but the frame and then replaced them all. My brother even gave him a new trash thing for the car. I left my brother to put it all back so I could go help pack my uncle’s van. It was so big they even had a chest of drawers in the back. By the time I went back to the patient, my dad was there, pulling a long usb cable out of the young man’s car. I scolded him not to pull too hard because my brother had just installed it. My dad frowned at me for disrespecting him, but I didn’t care. I was more concerned about the fact that my brother had already finished and left behind a lot of food for me: Popeye’s chicken strip, McDonald’s hamburgers, drinks, and a few other good food pieces.

Then I got a text and woke up.

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Guns, camera, work

…when do I not dream about work is the better question.

In a futuristic world, a local war on an evil facility has just reached a conclusion. The populace celebrates in relief that the danger has passed and they can get on with their daily lives without fear for now. As part of the team and now part of the cleanup crew, I, too am happy that the imminent danger has passed, but there is knowledge that it’s not quite yet over. The computerized columns outside have been restored, meaning that the building itself is safe now, but my job is to go in and secure a very sensitive and integral object. To my knowledge a non-combat agent, like myself, is cleared to enter because the threat level is low. Regardless, I’m always carrying my standard issue Glock 9mm pistol. Upon entering the facility, I am struck by the difference now than before wherein the commotion, combat and sheer number of individuals is greatly diminished. I enter the elevator and hit button #17. On second thought, the lack of people around is starting to make me nervous and a feeling of dread fills my stomach. Suddenly, I have a partner, an armored combat unit. We get out onto floor 17 which is a large garage looking area for robots or other large weaponry. There are metal ramps leading to walkways above and large military containers strewn about. We proceed cautiously and turn to make it to the command room when suddenly there is movement. A large man in a suit is coming down the walkway to us, his semi-automatic rifle raised. The enemy lives?!?!?! I yell, “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!” and make a break for the shelter of the command room while pulling out my handgun. While running, I turn to fire at him and should have landed 3 perfect headshots, but he seemed unperturbed. My protection detail goes down in burst of blood, multiple bullets ending his life. I am disturbed by this, not being hard combat trained, but I ready my weapon and focus as I hide in the cover of the doorway. I peek around the corner and rapid fire into the oncoming enemy. This time he goes down. No time to stop and catch my breath, I quickly look around the command room for my target, but as suspected from the presence of the enemy, it is not there. I run out and up the walkway to where the enemy was coming from. Along the way, I check my magazine which is an extended one, and I only have one bullet left (and one which misfired, apparently). Before I have time to think about whether I have extra mags or not, I run into my brother, a combat agent. It appears that he too has run into more of the enemy. Before we know it, we are beset by 2 more of the enemy, this time one has a pump shotgun and the other a TMP. We both duck behind cover and thankfully he has a rifle. Suddenly, I pause the experience and ask my brother if maybe I should try a higher-powered weapon, since my pistol isn’t going to be too terribly useful on these harder enemies. He tell me that I should try the semi-automatic rifle too, and I think it’s a good idea, except I forgot to take it from the enemy down on the floor.

Then there’s a work dream about this whole camera system. My bosses are stressed out about it and I’m trying to help but they have a “specialist” there and I’m just sitting around, bored. I offer to go to a seminar for them. Then there’s a bunch of driving in off-road terrain with hippos and alligators in the rain. Gable sleeping too close to one of the mud puddles and I’m terrified that a hippo will come eat him, but he’s obviously bigger than them even. Then I watch in amusement as a huge group of people attempt to run their cars through the muddy, flooded terrain.

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Car, retail stores, buying things

Lots of dreams last night. So. Tired.

Very early dream was a bit bothersome with an old house, needing to vacate the house, somewhat spooky, problems, darkness.

There was driving. I was driving in really bad traffic (basically my commute) in a work area lined with cones. The left lane was very backed up and moving very slowly, but the right lane was clear, so I switched lanes and going very quickly. Then I came up upon why it was so backed up. At the intersection there was a building…just so happened the building was were I used to work/working-but-on-hiatus. The sign had changed since I was last there and I got out to see what was going on. The hygienist in my place explained the situation with a patient and I nodded knowingly because I was familiar with the person as a patient.

I was in a car with an old classmate from college. He and his wife were there, she in the back and he in the front seat. I never saw the outside, but I knew it was a sporty car because he likes them. I was in the passenger seat, except that it was a right-side driving car. Also it was very messy inside. I remember commenting that it was a right-side driver and where did he import it from? Then was walking through a mall-type building and I come upon my refrigerator (old one) which was having some issues with the renters splattering paint all over it. The maintenance guy was trying to fix it by scraping off the paint from the outside. He was off the clock, so told me what to do and let me to it. I thanked him and turned to my brother saying, yeah, it’s not hard, I just need a putty knife and some green spray paint. We had to get this done that night because the next day I was going away for a while. We came out to the parking lot of the mall to get in a car and it turns out it was a similar car to that one. We all pile in (it wasn’t my car…maybe like a zipcar?) and it was another right sider. Also it was manual which I can’t drive, but no one else offered to drive, so after removing the seat cushion and laughing at the pink, hello kitty motif, off I drove. Thankfully, where we had to go was only 20mph with lots of traffic, so I just had to stay in gear one and coast around with light acceleration. We end up in the parking lot of another mall and start walking through the store. It seemed very empty inside with construction plastic everywhere, and I made small talk with the security guard. He informed us that Sears (which we were in) was changing their name due to an online campaign/contest. The name was being changed to “A Bee’s Knees.” We left the store and I got a glimpse of the new name on the building. I commented to my brother that it was a waste that Sears died, but the new owners really did need to transform the image of the company so it all made sense.

It was all pitch black at that point as we walked to the next store area, loosely thinking about spray paint. There was a guy standing in the darkness, but I wasn’t afraid because I wasn’t alone and so we get to the next place and I go “Oooo!” because there was a large clearance area on the outside of Sears. I start going through it and my mom was suddenly there with me. There were some great stuff with some great prices!! Totoro statues, Pok√©mon candy dispensers in increasing sizes ($2.50, $6.50, and $20), Totoro plant vase at $5, what I thought was an angel wall sconce holder, but turned out to be a huge cute penguin sconce holder for some small price. My mom was poking around too and my brother went off to get a cart. I piled things in and turned to find the price scanner hidden in a display behind us over a large glass ammo case which I was going to look through after the clearance shelf. I start price scanning things and they were the price they showed and put them all in the cart, thinking how my sister would love getting these for Christmas.

But then I woke up before I could go through more great finds. ūüė¶

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Car, dog, video game

I’m with my family and I’m driving my old car (with my mom’s license plate on it). I pull into a parking lot in a shopping center and my mom and I get out to go grocery shopping. The store allows dogs and I have my new dog, a Boston Terrier, with me (bulldog type) on a blue harness. We look at some dog treats and I can’t make up my mind so we go to the fitting rooms to test a treat out. I walk into the area and there are a few workers sitting at tables having a meeting. I see in a vacant room that someone else had tried a dog treat bag, and just left it on the floor. Suddenly I get cold feet about trying treats out because it felt wrong, so I pick up the Boston Terrier, cradling him? her? in my arms and go out to find my mom. I show her the way I’m holding the dog and say that they like it, and carry all 25lbs of it (getting heavier and heavier) around. We end up in either a different store or a different part of the store, still looking at dog treats. This place has shelves and products that go almost up to the ceiling. I spend time looking at the ingredients and my mom sees a little binder they’re selling about how to care for dogs (the cover looks like a license plate with silly sayings on it). She keeps asking me if I need one of the books and I repeat myself several times saying no, I don’t, I know how to take care of my dogs, thank you very much. But they talk about worms! No, I’m fine, thanks. Then we leave–the Boston Terrier is walking on its own now–and it’s gotten rather dark. Not night yet, but very close to it. I’m looking for my car, but have forgotten where I parked it, but spot it in the distance. My mom complains that we went the long way and I’m like, yeah I forgot where we parked, but it didn’t help that my brother had moved the car, while waiting for us. We get in, and I speed away like I always do when I drive, commenting about the automatic transmission as opposed to a CVT. As I come up to the light, a double turn lane, I overshoot the light sensor and end on asphalt that’s been milled, so I put it in reverse and back up. Just my luck that someone else is driving up behind me, so I stop. A big SUV and other cars start cutting in front of me, so I follow the car in front of me and get into the other turn lane. Light turns green and I shoot off after the other cars when suddenly it’s pitch black and I’m driving down this amazingly windy, downhill, part paved, part dirt road at about 80 miles an hour, dodging pedestrians and other cars as I follow traffic. Then the camera changes altogether to bumper cam and I can’t see a darn thing, except that there’s a police chase going on and I’m still trying to figure out my viewing camera and WTF is going on. Then it changes again to dual screen where the upper screen is the bumper cam craziness with blue lights and all, while the bottom cam is a top down of me in bit graphics having ditched the car and running into a series of tunnels underground. There are bosses I need to defeat while trying my hardest to get away. Soon it’s just the bottom screen that’s the focus and I’m trying to get items in chests while escaping with limited time on the clock. Obviously the items are just a lure. I hit turrets, dodge bosses and finally get out the other side of the cave towards the light.

Then there’s this convoluted, complicated series of platformer type video game adventures, and I end up driving around on an island. Old school, not many modern amenities. My sister is there and has been bitten by a very toxic bug. Something about the trunk of an old sedan, and not spreading the virus/bacteria to the mainland. Some swimming between islands, boats and sand. I can’t for the life of me remember it. Or maybe that was before the other adventure?

I didn’t even touch video games this weekend!

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Work, greyhounds, spike strip, Red Burgundy

Been a while! I think I understand, now why sometimes I can’t remember my dreams well enough to put them down. Don’t worry I’ve had plenty of dreams…It’s when I play music. It has an immediate effect on memory recall for me.

So I dreamed about work again. I was running late, so I had to see my next patient in the hallway next to a co-worker’s room. It was this huge non-reclinable armchair and the patient sat there are and opened up like it was something totally normal. I’m trying to work and rush. Then I was tired and finished up with polish then got up for the doctor to do the exam. He looks in and suddenly picks up the floss and I’m like DANGIT I forgot to floss. Oh well. Then I went to the front¬† to see who my next patient is because I’m behind. He comes up to me after checking the patient and says to me, “Were you able to clean well in there?” I’m like, no, I’m tired, my arms are up in the air the whole time, the chair is uncomfortable, I couldn’t see anything and the patient was getting uncomfortable. Plus I forgot to floss. At the last statement he nodded his head and told me, “Well you rarely miss anything, you’re one of the better hygienists here. This was strange.” Then my next patient shows up who happens to be an old hygiene student a year ahead of me and I’m like, yesss she’s easy. Turns out her “son” is coming too but he’s like 20 years old (which doesn’t make sense because she has a 3 year old). Then there are like 4 greyhounds milling around and I’m running around with them. It takes me 40 minutes to finally get started on her and she gives me the most scathing look ever but doesn’t say anything. She lays down on the floor comfortably on my dog’s dog bed, the greyhounds all come over and lay down too. I have to step over all the dogs and finally start cleaning her teeth….except it is done somewhat remotely. I scratch away with my instrument on this chart of teeth and a robot does it for me. It keeps progress on where I’ve been and if I’m drawing blood. I’ve never been good at coloring within the lines, and being unable to feel things for myself, I’m not doing well, but she never says anything.¬†
Fast forward to next dream where I’m leaving from going shopping? at a warehouse? Somewhere dark. It’s raining outside (funny how dreams like to incorporate what’s going on in real life) and I’m driving down the road. Suddenly I see a car in front of me stuck on a piece of wood dragging on the ground behind a balloon truck. It dislodges itself and drives off quickly. Right then, the piece of wood comes free from the balloon truck and it has all of these spikes/nails sticking up like stop sticks. The car in front and to my right can’t escape and goes right over it. I swerve to the left around it and miss it altogether, but I see in my mirror that the car’s tires go flat immediately. Suddenly I see a balloon van this time stick on it and swerve way behind me. Because of this traffic incident there is a massive car jam ahead of me (how it translated into ahead of me and not behind me, I have no clue). Instead of me driving, I’m in the backseat with 3 black guys in the other seats. We roll down the window as the cops come up to each car asking if the tires were punctured. I try to turn down my stereo, but it won’t shut off and each time I get one source turned off another source of music turns on. Even turning it down to 0 volume doesn’t work. Whatever. I want to tell the cops what happened because I saw it firsthand, but they just tell everyone to follow the cones. Then it’s just me in the passenger seat and my brother is driving. The coned off detour ahead is so unbelievably confusing for everyone, we end up somewhere else and still manage to beat the line of cars to the checkpoint. It leaves me wondering how in the world they managed to cone off such a great distance so quickly from one incident! We get out of the car, after parking and go inside. Everyone is given a drink and we follow the crowd to this young woman who is the chief of some law enforcement thing. She tries everyone’s drinks. When it was my turn (I’ve been sipping on mine the whole time and it’s basically like the fruit smoothie I make at home…in fact I had some last night) she took a big swig of mine and was blown away by how good it tasted. She said, we’re done here! And the line broke off. I yelled after her the name on the bottle: RED BURGUNDY, and then went to go find my brother who was sitting on the curb with the other people.
Verrrrrrrrry interesting.

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Driving, running over people

I was driving to work early in the morning down my normal path out of the neighborhood. It was very very dark and I was already starting to get impatient with the slow people. I was stuck behind a slow motorcyclist and for some reason was having a hard time seeing even with my lights on. I change lanes to go around the guy and decide to turn on my high beams to help me see. Just as I do, I see a bike with 3 people sitting on it in my way. It all happened in slow motion: I tried to swerve around them, but it was too late. One girl is sitting on the bike normally and a male and female were sitting in front of her on the bar, making out. In pitch darkness. I hit them going 60mph the impact sent things flying in all directions. For an instant I thought about just leaving and pretending I didn’t know anything, but I couldn’t do that, so I hit the brakes and back up. I get out of the car and am suddenly teleported to the hallway in my house where plastic debris sits all over the floor. I look for the bodies, but I don’t see them until I notice a large mound of blankets in the corner of the hall. I take off the top layer, and it’s the kissing guy. He stirs, so I pull him onto the ground. Next under another blanket is kissing girl. She smiles, hops off and goes to join her lover. Finally on the bottom layer is the biking girl. I poke her in the head until she wakes up and ask if she’s ok. She says she dislocated a shoulder and I move her just to be sure. She’s right and demands an ambulance. Now starts my predicament. I don’t want to call¬†911 because it’s not really and emergency emergency. I don’t want to call the cops because I need rescue. Also, I still need to get to work and it seems I’ll be late if I have to file a report. I’m not worried about getting into trouble with the law because what the heck were they¬†doing on the road just sitting there like that with no lights? And I have dashcam. Finally I call 911 and as I’m waiting to be connected, I talk to the¬†injured girl (the other two have started making out again). Apparently I’ve been connected to 911 for a while and didn’t respond so they mobilized swat and¬†pulled¬†all the stops. Transported again but¬†this time to¬†the front¬†of a Walmart. There are people EVERYWHERE, police, rescue, people in general, classmates,¬†teacher. Like it was a carnival. I stand there and wait for police to come talk to me, my story all ready, but no one ever does.¬†In fact, besides pointing at me, no one passes me another glance. The kissing couple have split up and gone away. The injured girl is lying in the shadows on a mattress on the ground and I go to talk to her. She’s been handcuffed and feet cuffed. I asked her why they were out on the road just sitting there like that, and she said matter-of-factly that they couldn’t stand¬†being in the house anymore. At least she didn’t lie. So I go out to the crowd again. The¬†law¬†sqauds have gone away and now it really is a carnival. People in cow costumes, singing, chanting. I am completely confused.

wth. I have no idea.

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BF, dogs, squirrels, craziness

I’m getting good at remembering these!

  1. I let my girl out to chase squirrels, but the squirrel had an acorn so big in its mouth it didn’t see her. She grabbed it and I was horrified so I made her let it go, but she got it again! Then Gable came out and it got crazy, but I never did see blood so I hope the squirrel made it?
  2. This next set all go hand in hand with each other. It starts with me and my mom driving home from the store. I’m driving and it’s dreary out, but all of the sudden she’s right in front of me and I’m in the back seat driving the car so of course I can’t see. Then the car gets a bird’s eye view like when you’re up in the elevator car thing driving around in Watchdogs 2, and driving just like I drive in it in the game, crashing into other cars and stuff. I yell at her sit down and she kind of glitches out lol.
  3. Home now, it’s still dreary out like it’s going to snow and we’re in a smaller kitchen in a house I don’t recognize. My mom is out the back door and handing things to me and my brother to put into the pantry…except the things are like condensed milk and one has a note on it saying it expired 31 years ago. I’m like, WHY DO YOU HAVE THESE?????? She looks at me, clueless, like it’s normal to have canned goods and other food from 3 decades ago. So I put them down and continue helping bring in containers and stuff to organize the pantry.
  4. Then my mom morphs into a younger Asian woman. In the same kitchen. She’s going through a bunch of trinkets and old items, pulling out a plastic piece with¬† baby frozen on either side of it. Then she takes another plastic piece with 4 circles on the left and some names handwritten next to them. I ask her what those are and she says they’re her adoptive children that were never able to live past 4 years old and she hasn’t seen them in a while. Apparently there’s a way to resurrect them, so I say we should do it! She says it’s not without side effect, but we decide to try it anyways. It involves eating hardboiled eggs and something else. I end up eating 1/4 of the egg and she happily says, you get to take care of one of the 4! I’m like, huh??? Lo and behold we get a phone call! She picks up the phone and scrawls a few illegible things next to their names and get all excited! Then there’s a commotion in the backyard and look out to see a sock puppet moving at the bush. The lady exclaims, that’s one of them! That’s yours! I’m like, uhhhhhh, but don’t get a¬†chance to mull over it because a neighbor walks over and gets attacked by sock¬†puppet kid/person/thing. The¬†puppet-kid is really about to kill him, so I jump in and stop it, and it turns out the puppet-kid is only a sock puppet from the chest and up. The rest of him is a body wearing a blue suit. I bring him in and all of the sudden there are other monster-kids in the¬†kitchen.
  5. Next, the lady morphs into my bf’s mom. ¬†We’re sitting at the long kitchen table. I’m facing her. On my left is M and on the right is his adoptive sister (light-skinned black girl about late teens or early 20’s). Across the table his mom is talking to more of his adoptive brothers one of whom was just resurrected (also early 20’s) and apparently mostly Chinese but understands English and Vietnamese as she was speaking to him in a mix of the 3 languages. He was happy to be alive, chipper,¬†and getting ready to go somewhere. He wore a yellow shirt with writing on it and was clean shaven and clean cut. He and some guys left. I turn to my bf and proceed to hug him from behind. He didn’t seem to be wearing a shirt and I made sure not to push on his belly because he doesn’t like that. I hug his chest tightly, and push my head into his back¬†and¬†then grab onto his legs for better grip (brushed past a nipple at this point lol dunno why my brain decided to add that detail in there…that’s how I knew he was shirtless) ¬†and¬†I didn’t care that his mom and other sister (and maybe other people) were sitting there with us. We were murmuring about some old neighborhoods I grew up in (Bon Air, Brighton Green) and was familiar with and he apparently knew about them too. I have to say here that I never saw his face and only knew¬†that he was a bigger¬†guy and Asian. His sister sitting next to me didn’t seem to like that I was his gf and that I was holding him, so she asked what we were talking about. I didn’t care and then kissed his cheek loudly. Then he gets up¬†to go to the garage. His mom gives me a tray of raw beef and I go to put it in my backpack but the blood starts to drip everywhere so I try to put it in a plastic bag but it’s dripping all over the place and messing with the other papers and books in my bag. I’m getting ready to leave and have to¬†catch the bus to get back home, just over to visit for a little. ¬†He barges out of the garage excited about finishing something and then gets ready to leave himself. I say goodbye to his mom and turn around to glimpse him putting a blue stethoscope around his neck and wearing a white clinic jacket before waving excitedly to his mom and leaving. She puts a bunch of fruit on the table and wants me to take some, so I go investigate.


Analysis: I NEVER see M’s face through all of this, and honestly his “mom” didn’t look like his mom. Just some Asian lady who I¬† knew to be his mom. In retrospect no one looked like anyone, I just knew¬†who they were. Last night my brother and I were watching Resident Evil 7 vids because we’re not going to buy it. That’s probably what inspired all the weird monsters. I spent the second half of the day playing Watchdogs 2 (almost done!!!) which explains the driving part and the Asian lady with kids (Auntie Shu in the game). The beef was because I was cooking with beef last night.

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Brother and Cars

My brother had bought a Honda motorcycle, very light, compact, powerful, and quiet (must have been fuel cell or electric). He took me and some other girl to the store on it at night (can fit 2 passengers!) but when we came out it was gone! Obviously someone had stolen it, because it wouldn’t have taken much to pick it up. He was devastated as he had JUST gotten it. So he thought about it and I drove him to a place he told me about. Along the way I tried to be helpful, recommending he get a Forester again, or better yet a Legacy like he used to have. The feeling for me is why he kept changing cars, and there was an implication that between the Forester and the motorcycle he had even another car. So this third party dealer was in a no named business warehouse place. Apparently I had brought my dogs with us. The guy brings out the car they had previously been in contact with and I join my brother for a test drive which was really cool because there was a driving course pitting the car through any obstacle (road, curves, bumpies, water, raging water, snow, ice chunks, rocks, and logs). The car did amazingly even though he smashed into the ice a bit and the last portion coming off of rocks proved that the ground clearance was great! He was satisfied this was the car he wanted so he drove back and he and the guy start talking. I walk around the car to get a better look and it was this ugly matte gray, very boxy and older Forester car. I kept trying to see if it was an XT, but maybe the emblem had come off at some point. My brother must have been low on funds to get an older car like that. We then move into the office to do paperwork and I suddenly realize that my dogs are missing. Turns out the workers (small, close-knit company) had taken them in with the other dogs. Liana was busy napping on the couch in the front office with other patrons and was lying on my lap as I sat there, but Gable was lounging in the back office (large warehouse space with computers and tables) on a bunch of dog beds with other dogs. I was relieved. When I took them and left after the deal was done, they sent me an animated¬†email card to say, “haha Gable left you because you neglected him and made lots of friends.” I was a bit amused.

Analysis: It bothers me that my brother is constantly saying things like I wish I’d chosen this/or I would’ve gotten this instead of this. Why can’t he just be happy with what car he bought? And I guess I’ve been worrying about my dogs.

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Standing prophy, bus, dog


Went to work and YNW took my chair. I was MAD, so instead of using another chair I decided to do a standing prophy until I could find a chance to steal my chair back. It’s a matter of principle!

The main story was of me as a bus driver for public transportation. The controls were very confusing and strange and as with most dreams the darn thing wouldn’t stop like a car usually stops when you hit the brake. There was a left and right lever and you had to use those two like a joystick/motorcycle handle. One twist was to go forward and the other turn was to go backwards. There was a foot brake set at the most odd angle underneath the seat but it didn’t work very well. Anyways I was driving it around pretending to be a bus driver because I wasn’t picking up people very well or if at all. People were making me mad the way they were driving like maniacs and I made a few mistakes myself, so instead I decided to drive in the back where there was no one. This was set in a very large area like an airport or a resort or a mall complex. There were shops and hotels and things but seemingly enclosed. I drove and was having fun but then crashed the bus behind a building. I was then thrown from the vehicle into the woods where Liana was also present. I had been warned previously (in bus training??) to beware the snakes in the area, so I was on high alert! Saw one chilling on a tree and then freaked out because obviously Liana was fighting one. I guess she got bitten because I hoisted her onto my back and paying no heed to my own injuries carried her the distance to the nearest building!

That building happened to be the lobby of a hotel, so I ran up to the desk and out of breath asked them if they had someone with anti-venin because she’d been bitten by a snake! They took her from me and rushed her off to safety. One of the guys asked me what type of snake and I described it as tan, with a square head and slitted eyes. To me it made a lot of sense and turns out it was called a “riki tiki” snake. They were all concerned as I looked pretty bad myself when I dramatically collapsed on the ground exhausted. None of my muscles would work and I couldn’t pick up my head, though for some reason I could sense what they were doing…my voluntary muscles would not work! I heard someone say that M was standing there at the desk, and “hey you’re an EMT do something!” I couldn’t see him but he poked me with his foot then left. I guess 911 was called because soon someone sent me through a series of diagnostic and therapeutic tests. They picked pieces of glass/debris from my butt and it was very painful, but I still could not move. My family shows up too. The tests included my ability to play smash bros with my eyes and then with my hands and that tool was what aroused my muscles! Then I proceed to tell my family what happened and there was suddenly a handy TV and playback of the events leading up to it all.

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