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My family and I were decorating this place, like a house way up high on some mountains. It’s a gorgeous location, and the house/castle was set right on the cliff. I wander over to ask my mom something and then my sister shoves me backwards, hard. I stumble backwards past the unfinished walls and down the sheer cliff, bouncing off ledges along the way. I heard my mom yell at her. I come to a halt at the bottom of the mountain, uninjured, just annoyed, and get up to make my way to the top to tell her off. The mountainside is grassy and holds many trees. It’s so peaceful, I can’t stay mad for getting knocked off. Some stuff about family, including cousins.

Back in front of the castle, there’s already an established trade route. It’s nighttime now. The nearby traveling merchant has some chips that I want. The group I’m with buys everything and now I have to go even further to get those chips! The problem is that the further you get away from the castle, the more dangerous it gets. I’m looking carefully for the merchant because I WANT THOSE CHIPS, but I am aware of the large number of bandits/miscreants being rowdy around that area, even though it is well lit. I’m trying to figure out the best way to talk to the person when–

–I’m now in my grandparents’ basement. I’m either visiting or staying there temporarily. I have 7 infants ( think I only ever see 3 or 5) and they’re about to wake up hungry. There’s a mini fridge there with the TV on it and as the first one awakes, I open it up to grab some sustenance. At first I choose the milk, but my mom, who’s there, recommends that I use the ice cream since the baby will like it better. Perhaps the baby is teething? It’s a special newborn formulation. I take out the ice cream and the baby is super happy. The others start to wake up and I’m going through these containers of ice cream (1 per baby). Soon, there aren’t any ice creams left, only a Chinese soup container of some other newborn food. Without any other choice, I feed it to the remaining infants and they love it! I am impressed by it all, but since I am now out, I have to go buy more. At the store now, I snag the last 3 containers of the newborn soup and I can’t find the ice cream! Oh no!

Now I’m driving in the city I grew up in. I’m driving west bound in a Fit and am messing with the moonroof because the car is new and I’m trying to decide if I want that feature on my car too. The weird thing is that you can open the roof and then on the center console there’s this fabric cover you can use to cover up the open roof. I think it’s redundant and useless, so I take it down and close the roof. Traffic stops at the light. I’m now driving an Infinity. I accelerate on the green and the suddenly pull off to the side and get out. Everyone is walking/running now down the road. 2 people cut me off and I shove them away, mad because there are only 4 of us on the road and why couldn’t they pass behind me where there is literally no one (real life event from yesterday’s commute). I continue to jog and am quickly running out of steam. Suddenly I remember that I randomly parked the car in the middle of the road. I turn to the east bound lane and run that way, worried that they probably towed it by now. It’s not my car so I have to get it back. It’s now parked in the west bound lane with 10 other cars. What happened? There are tow trucks, tow equipment and broken cars scattered there. I briefly wondered how traffic would be able to drive through there, but am focused on locating and getting the Infinity out of there. I ask my brother to help and to my relief the car is right there! We both check carefully to be sure there aren’t any boots or other security devices on the car. If there are I’d just leave it and pay the fine. We take off a few yellow stickers and I hop in to drive it back to the house I grew up in. Almost a mile down, the car announces, “Police swarming. Police swarming.” My stomach drops. We missed a device! I keep driving, though, feverishly looking at my mirrors to glimpse any blue lights barreling towards me. I turn into the turn lane, all the while realizing I am a sitting duck. Nothing ever happens. I turn on th green and end up in the right turn lane for the post office. I am walking again. A man and a lady walk around me and I wait for them before changing lanes and walking down the road towards the house.

Everything is different. So much so that I’m inside a store. Like, an open air store. There are a bunch of people wearing safari gear hiding in the displays with microphones on the end of long poles. Oh no. They’re having some kind of promotion. I quickly find out what kind, walking by the first one. The guy says to me, “Do you need new underwear???? Are you wearing panties???” I laugh nervously and just keep going but these people are everywhere! They’re streaming all of this live, too! I lead Gable down the stairs and pretend to look through the greeting card section. I see stairs in the ground and proceed to climb down them. I have to go first because there’s no room for Gable but he jumps after me. Even on this floor there are more, so I descend another floor and find myself in a bookstore. My mom is there shopping and so is my friend. My mom keeps trying to give us Harp-piano books so we can play a duet, but I tell her that it has to be easy piano and intermediate harp. I’m looking excitedly through all the books and find a greyhound album. I pick it up and lay it on a table yo look through it even though it’s just an empty album you can buy. I’m opening it up when–

–I wake up and find that I desperately have to pee.


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Islands, cars

It was the house I grew up in and it was time for my brother and me to get cars because we were old enough. My mom’s sister owned the cars in the gravel driveway. They were all in disrepair having never been used. I saw the WRX first and asked my aunt if we could buy it from her. She was walking with my mom and said, “Yeah I’ll only charge you $125,000.” My mom was grateful at the steep discount (price should have been $300,000) and I was beyond excited. The car needed a little work, but it ran. Then my brother asked which he could have and she said he could have the big car under the tarp. My eyes bugged out when I saw what was underneath (I also forget what we were calling that car). It was a Local Motors car! Complete with massive tires and everything! I was extremely jealous because I wanted that car! My brother seemed pleased with himself. My aunt was talking with my mom again and so we opened the door. A bunch of decaying stuff fell out of it. I was like, Oh man, it needs a LOT of work. She’s going to have to give us a big discount. She gave us the key and told us to turn it over to see if it still ran. My brother enthusiastically hopped in and turned the ignition. It took a while, but it ran! And it sounded just impressive. Horribly jealous. We checked out the trunk which was a bit gross, but not bad. The water seal was working well. I still thought we needed leeway to fix the interior, but–

–I was with 2 others, a male and a female. The world was just a vast ocean with lots of islands. On the island I met them, my family with relatives were having a party of sorts. I left to go back to the giant car that had brought me there to get something. That’s when I met the two of them and away from the hubbub of the party, I got to explore the island it was on. As I stood at the edge of the water looking off into the distance, I could see the lights of yet undiscovered places. A guy who had a very strong, record holding rock-skipping arm was demonstrating, but his efforts seemed weak. Not only that, but one of the stones came bouncing back like a boomerang. That’s when the 3 of us decided to go to the other islands. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, so I jumped into the black water (it was sunset, so the sky was orange) and jumped my way over. I was starting to think about sharks and other monsters, when I saw a trio of shadows nearby. Excited, I veered that way and allowed myself to sink into the water to try and catch them! It was a trio of unicorns! Rare monsters! I locked onto the cursor on them and quickly tried to kiss the circle. It took like 10 kisses, but I got them! Woohoo! I mounted the biggest one and it took me to the island. There, it became a statue of a large unicorn/moose which I left on the grass, but the antlers were so heavy it toppled over. Oh well. I turned my attention to the other 2 who were exploring a single house. I jumped over and it looked almost like a witch’s home. They were fiddling with stuff and I saw the big bed which they had already looked through. It looked like 2 people had been sleeping in it and didn’t make the bed. I laughed out loud and asked why they’d messed up the bed. They didn’t respond. We explored the island and then took a look at the map. Most of the islands were uncovered there, so I charted the best route through all of them with the guy and he agreed. On the biggest isle, there was this woman that was crazy eating all of the mushrooms there. We ignored her and I made my way to the highest cliff. Way below the sheer drop, was some water and a cave. Clearly our destination. I walked Gable back over to the other 2, but he wanted to poop, so they found me instead while I was picking up his poop. I told them I’d found the cave, but we should explore the others first. We did, with me leading. That’s when I decided to warp to the food place for a bit because I was hungry. I was inside a buffet restaurant, but it was fancy. Anne Burrell was the head chef there and was very picky about how the food was coming out. The selection was very small, and things were running out, but I managed to snag something. There were no more plates so I just held the roll in my hand and left the building. Walking through a coned off driveway around the stone building, I walked towards the parking garage.

And then I woke up.

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Relative, interview, plane, pushpins

It started when I was off of work for vacation. I pulled up my car in a neighborhood and started playing an old Gameboy style video game. I see in the house that my mom’s cousin had another child, a boy and they were both pretty old, like 7 and 10. Asian kids, wearing thank tops, caps and sandals. The younger one ran out and up to my car and then back to his mom. I smiled at them and then drove off. I ended up at a building parking lot. One side was a church-like place and the other was a different building I ended up parking on one side and then the other, trying to figure out if I was going to work or an interview. I ended up parking on the church side. I make my way in and proceed to the room I needed to be in. I stated my business and waited in a chair in front of the interviewer’s office door. There in the waiting room were stacks of books, written by the interviewer. I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was wearing jeans and that instead of being polite to the receptionist, I was being very informal. It was taking a while, so I started reading one of the books. It wasn’t bad, but it was a bit amateurish. Apparently, the fun thing about the books was that the characters were mirrors of the workers there. The receptionist saw me reading the book and rushed over to ask if I liked it. I didn’t answer right away, trying to weigh my response, but she got upset when I didn’t gush over it. I was like, “uhhh…” this interview wasn’t going to go well, was it?

Then I was playing a video game involving flying a plane and shooting things. The first level was easy enough until the plane was me and it was the ultimate level. I had no idea how I was supposed to fly the thing so vertically up to the main bad-guy island in the sky, but I did while being shot at from all sides. I jumped from the plane and tried to quickly find the target. Turns out it wasn’t atop the giant tree. It was just across from the pool and I had to climb a twisty root. At the top of the ceiling was a small square with Malroth’s bat insignia on it. I stuck my pushpin through the middle of it and boom, I won! I’d saved the world from the bad people!

There was an earlier dream about a candy factory, relatives and going to church where I was just wearing my home shorts and a t-shirt. I had been eating food while the service started, so I went to the kitchen to put my plate in the sink. The kitchen happened to be behind the altar, so I was extremely self-conscious walking back to my seat. I ended up meeting the Queen of England on the way back and I just smiled and nodded at her. As I walked away, I realized I was supposed to have bowed or done something more respect-worthy, but now it was too late and I was forever shamed. I walked over to the orchestra and told the cellist how much I loved this song from Dragon Quest Builders 2 because it featured cellos and basses prominently! Basses! You never have songs for basses! I said it really loudly. They just stared at me. Later I saw the Queen nasty-kissing Trump.

Then there was a part where I was sitting in a work van with a bunch of gangsters. I didn’t know the first thing about shooting the guns, but I was part of them and wanted to come along, dammit. They liked my attitude so they brought me along. I was given a pistol. We drove until we came upon a small town of a rival gang. Then the firefight started. I mostly hid behind stuff. Suddenly, everyone was buddy-buddy and the feud was over!

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Friends, work, farting, dog poop, shopping, clumsy, earrings

I was at work which didn’t look much like work, more like a house, but a house I don’t know. We were doing our stuff and there was this smell. At first, I didn’t pay it much heed, but it lingered and lingered. I started to complain to my coworker and we blamed it on the two pregnant people. That’s right, two. They denied it all and I was annoyed to even be working with a smell like that.

Then it was night and I was in the basement of the work house. An old friend of mine was dressed in her Navy uniform and I told her to go outside the sliding door and do something out there. It was raining steadily and hard. I didn’t want to go out. She protested that it’s raining and I said, “It’s ok, just go.” She looked back at me and did so. I felt kind of bad and grabbed a clean towel to dry her off when she came back in. I was worried that I had chosen a dog towel, but I spent a lot of time smelling it to be sure just before she came back in. She had completed whatever I told her to do and started trudging up the basement stairs to leave. I wrapped the towel around her from behind and gave her a big hug in the process, trying to help dry her off. She was upset at me. She kept walking straight ahead like a zombie with no reaction whatsoever.

Now I’m outside of the house walking around. It had snowed! There was this nasty smell like dog poop and I realized that the people walking their dogs around there had not been picking up after the pups!! I was upset. So I started pulling poop bags and more poop bags from the dispenser so that I could pick things up. I had a larger bag with me to put them all in. Other people saw me and wanted to help. The place started to smell better.

Jump to shopping in a huge grocery store. I’m drinking a caffeine-free Pepsi from a can while shopping. I see another old friend in an aisle and go to say hi, but trying to juggle the items in my arms plus the Pepsi resulted in my spilling the entire can on the ground. People were completely clueless and kept walking in it. I asked the friend to grab me something to help mop it up because were in the towel section, conveniently. He grabbed a cheapo bag of kitty litter and I’m like, huh? He says that it will help soak up the liquid for easy cleanup and I’m like, are you sure? I’ve never done it before. People are still tromping around in the sticky fluid, so I put the kitty litter back and go myself to look at the paper towel place. I see one canister of cleaning wipes and nab that, telling myself in my head that I’ll use it and then pay for it. I went to open the canister and found that it was half empty, I guess because others have done the same? I snag 2 wipes and start vigorously wiping the floor. When I’m done, I conveniently have forgotten to take the wipes canister with me.

My friend and I leave the aisle and continue walking the store, he’s telling me about his new roommate and life and such. I continually knock things over and end up crossing my arms because I am so clumsy, I’m going to break something else. I wander down the clearance aisle and he goes to the one next to it. I light upon earrings for $0.25 and to my delight find that they’re the ones with the backs I’ve been looking for! I’m happily picking through them, aware that the aisle has suddenly gotten very crowded, when a black woman yells, “NOBODY MOVE, OR YOU’LL REGRET IT.” I’m still picking earrings and when I’m done with that I finally look up to see everyone terrified and jammed into the aisle. I don’t know what’s going on and am about to leave to go find my friend and pay, but something tells me not to, that the danger is real, so I stand there with everyone until the black lady leaves. It’s all back to normal now. I follow her and she pushes her cart up to the front. I see my friend checking out who is now a patient of mine from work. She is unloading her cart and come up to her and ask with a low voice if that black lady who is now checking out next door to her is her roommate. She nods and I say that I suspect she’s dealing with terrorism. My patient is very mad now and starts going off on the black lady, telling her that if she doesn’t stop her heinous behavior that she’ll lose the $500 deposit. Black lady is pretending to be oblivious to the accusation while trying to unload her goods. My patient isn’t doing a good job of gaining the crowd’s favor, as no one knows what’s going on except that she’s harassing the black lady. I kind of slink away…

And now it’s like I’m in a Fast and Furious movie dealing with cars and such. I can’t remember now what happened, just a lot of drama with cars and things.

I wake up and realize that Gable has been repeatedly gas-bombing my room and it smells extra awful.

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Ghost, random people, aunt’s old house

I was with this guy and he drove me back to his place. His roommate was there, too, and they were really nice guys. Apparently they’d just moved in as the roommate was busy hoisting himself on a large platform up to the 2nd floor. It had vaulted ceilings and an open floor concept. I had an inkling that I’d just been there with another set of roommate guys and it looked different but whatever. Now there’s a girl too and she is also living there. Also new. I start walking around the place and realized that this is my aunt’s old house in North Carolina, so I start telling the people there all about it and pointing out how different everything is now. I point to the staircase that is no longer there and where the guy was lifting the platform used to be a bedroom. He says, “yeah, it was weird how the hallway just ended so I’m setting up a captain’s quarter.” Now all 3 are sitting on the ground floor in their living room (which used to be the dining room in my aunt’s house) and they’re very serious. It’s getting gray outside. The girl tells me that it hasn’t been all fun and games in the house because it’s haunted. I’m like, really? And because I’m an expert in it (not…) I school them on how to deal with spirits. I explained it like I was talking about dogs. I just finish educating them when all of the sudden there’s a strong wind. At first I think there’s a fan blowing in the place or they left a door open and the storm outside is blowing in, but it increases exponentially in strength and I have to brace myself to stay upright. That doesn’t last very long because within seconds I have been blown off my feet and forcefully, violently it slams me into the wall behind. The other 3 are caught in it too and we all pick ourselves up. I’m a little afraid at this point, but I can’t let it affect me because I’d just gotten done telling them how it’s done. I stand up defiantly, and the others return to their seats. I continue my lesson, now that there is an example and bring myself up to deal with that spirit. Confidence, not anger, not fear. I allow myself some irritation and start stomping around as if looking for the spirit, almost daring it to try again. It doesn’t. It’s gone for that time. I’m not sure if it’s my lack of reaction that’s done it, but it’s time for me to go and they walk me out to my car. Except there are like 6 cars and there’s a jigsaw puzzle/tetris game to try and get my car out.

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Driving, crash, cop

I was driving waaay too fast on rt 17 to go South. I got into the left lane and started zoning out. Before I knew it, I needed to exit off. I sped up even more (way faster than the 45mph speed limit) and cut into the line of people exiting. I was just thinking that I was living way too dangerously and there could’ve been a cop or something around, when in front of me I watched a U-Haul box truck veer off from the exit (a single cloverleaf on the cloverleaf interchanges) road and up the huge hill. I slammed on the brakes and pulled over, hoping no one would hit me just as it came back down from the high elevation as if the accelerator was stuck and drove the other direction across the road before crashing at the guardrail. I witnessed a person getting thrown from the car. I got out of my car and wanted to run that way, when a red Jeep Wrangler did the SAME THING but crashed back on rt 17 against the mountain side. Since others were running towards the first crash, I ran for the other one that no one else seemed to see. It had crashed up a narrow strip of grass and the person had been thrown down next to the road. It was getting very dark out. I ran up to the man (a black man, tall and skinny, medium complexion) and I was freaking out. He was dying. I was trying to keep him talking all the while taking in what was going on with the first incident. Cops started rolling in from all directions and there was even a helicopter. It was getting super dark and I wasn’t sure anyone saw me and the man. Rescue arrived and I saw them load a person onto the gurney and put a white sheet on them. One of the cops turned and I waved wildly to get his attention. He came over rather slowly like he was sad and I indicated that we needed rescue. The cop looked at the man and radioed that we might have another survivor, but they’re looking all the other deceased. I was like, deceased? I pointed him to the Wrangler and he nodded, letting other officers know. They directed me to lay my dude in a particular place and I picked him up and walked with him in my arms (he weighed almost nothing) until I lay him on this heavily padded, convenient place. That’s when I realized he had expired. It was so sad. I was so sad. I went up to look at his car and of course he had been thrown from it, there was no top or restraints. I walked back to where I’d found him. There were many more people there now and raining. For the first time, I noticed the water on the ground was brown as if there had been blood and lots of it. It had been so dark I hadn’t realized how he’d bled out in my arms. A few tears escaped when the gravity of it all hit me. This stranger. This human had just died in front of me.

There was nothing left for me to do. I went to look for my car and asked an officer if I had to stay anymore. He thought about it and said no with a smile and that I could continue on my way. My car wasn’t where I’d left it and I found that the police had moved the 20 random cars so that they weren’t blocking the road, though no one was driving on it. Just then I remembered I had dashcam. I told the same cop that I actually have dash cam footage. His eyes opened wide and told me that in that case, I can’t leave yet. I went into my car to grab the memory card, hoping that I’d left the car running long enough for it to have recorded something. The officer I’d been talking to beckoned to me and hopped into a weird looking Grand Am. As he turned the car on he asked me what I’d done to the tires of my car. I asked him what he meant, and he said, did you color it and then bake it in? I said, no I bought it like that. I jumped into the passenger seat, having jammed everything into the pockets of my jeans. I thought maybe the car was a special setup to view memory cards securely on the road, but he started driving up the road. Suddenly, just as I thought he was taking me to the station, he hit a button on the car and floored it towards an unfinished overpass. I was so scared, I intertwined my arm within his and clung on for dear life as the car soared through the air like we’d gone up a ramp jump. He was clearly enjoying my fear, amused, and then it was like a tractor beam took hold of the car because we were being transported up.

That’s when I realized my old annoying roommate was in the back of the car. Ugh. We went into this strange facility. I started digging around in my pockets for the memory card. He set a large contraption in front of me after some mockingly scary colorful tubes dangled from the sky, but I wasn’t scared this time. The contraption was a silly drinking cup that combined 2 different liquids. My memory card had turned into a Frosty, so I dumped that into one of the liquid slots. Then the two of them drank from it and so did I and we were supposed to be able to see in our heads the contents of the SD card while drinking it. Needless to say,  it didn’t work, but no one seemed to care about that, just about drinking fun smoothies and giggling. I was exasperated because I still needed to get South.

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Neighbors, car, roads

I was driving around the area and I noticed that they finished some of the road work  finally. I stopped at the new stop sign and then saw that they posted the new speed limit: 85mph. While I understood that it was mostly for the new toll-road up ahead, I was still driving on a one lane road in the wooded residential area. I decided to text my brother (while driving) that they made the speed limit 85mph and how dangerous it was going to be when everyone starts to drive 100mph. Then I kept going but pulled over on the side of the road just before getting to the toll-road. Why? To watch the cars, I guess? No one seemed to be driving 85mph let alone 100. Just then, a firetruck crashed coming off of the highway. It had all happened so fast I missed it, but the news people had gotten the footage. They arrested this one guy for the mess and his family turned up screaming about unfairness. Turns out he was parked (or was driving?) on the right shoulder of the oncoming traffic lane: THE WRONG SIDE. His car was the county school maintenance truck. The firetruck smashed into it and crashed along with the ambulance. I felt bad for the guy, but the footage showed that not only was he facing the wrong way in traffic, but right after the accident, he quickly sped off onto the correct side of the road and tried to escape.

Now I’m at the townhouse. In front of it. The sky is cloudy and it’s a bit muggy too. I’d just come outside for some reason and find that all the neighbors are outside for some reason, collected into a big group. Then, they decide to start chanting a game of sorts and running across the street together. The chant was something puerile and you were “out” if you said (or didn’t say?) “blah blah blah FAG blah blah blah.” There was a lot of laughing and jeering and I threw my hands up and refused to be any part of it. I was trying to go back into the house but found that I was trying to get into my neighbor’s house instead. I happened to look up and saw that the roof looked TERRIBLE. Given how much rain we’d been having, I guess their roof was damaged because it looked like a asteroid had hit it and rolled off. It was sagging, had a huge indent…overall completely shot. I was blown away. I went inside my house and found my neighbor there looking very stressed out. He had his hands in his hair and face and I asked him about his roof. Hadn’t be just had it done? He said he wanted to get it fixed but didn’t know who to be able to trust since the last people only patched not fixed it. I started giving all sorts of stern advice (you know, because I’m a roof expert) like, you need to actually spend good money instead of some cheapo patch job. He looked sheepish like he knew he’d done wrong. Then I said to make sure the company is licensed, bonded and insured so that they could be held responsible for any future mistakes. I kept going on and on.

Until I woke up.

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Lion, flowers, waxing shop

Flowers. Lots of white flowers everywhere. That’s what I saw and subsequently remembered as I looked through an old photo album. It was of my mom’s oldest aunt’s husband’s memorial service. White flowers galore in the fields, up and down the glass elevator tower (underground evil lair style), shaped into humans like a museum, and everywhere in Arlington Cemetery. I looked back fondly on it, recalling a particular memory. And that memory…

…saw us in a car. The 3 of us siblings were small again in the backseat of the sedan being driven away after the memorial service. There were lots of cars related to the service leaving and I watched drama unfold from my 3rd person vantage point. Out behind us had been a large car towing a carriage. It was driving very quickly and all of the sudden the carriage unhooked from it and careened off to a side road parallel to the main road. Someone started spraying bullets at it and tongues of flame jumped from the now flat and open carriage onto the surrounding area. No one else seemed to notice for care and I’m sitting there trying to figure out how to call 911 to put out the flames, when I see a lion has broken free of its cage. A man stands up and starts cracking a whip at it, but it’s not working. The lion is absolutely massive! The entire carriage has come to a rest and it now fully engulfed in flames. The man who is dressed in old-style Indian soldier garb, complete with scimitar and turban, rushes over to the car which is sitting in lots of traffic. He tries to open the back door where my young siblings and I are still strapped in and everyone just sits there. He’s desperately trying to get in and the lion is stalking up to him from behind. Traffic starts to move and so does the car, so we don’t know what happens to him. I work out in my head that technically we could have saved him if the kids all scooted over a bit, but oh well.

Now I’m watching the car drive through a shady part of town. It’s dusk and a bit rainy out. We get to a small green store and I go in. Turns out it’s a waxing parlor. All the workers are young and super excited about everything. They sing a song Disney style except with naked people and when it’s over, they come over to a table, all smiles, and proceed to do something unspeakable to an infant lying there. I’m appalled and my mom who happens to be there puts a stop to it. I throw my voice in there too and the workers just stare at us, like, why are you a bunch of prudes? But they stop and walk away. My mom and I put the baby back in a diaper and I hold her, hoping my calmness will stop her from crying. It works, so I sit her on the table and we ask her questions. I’m astonished to hear this infant use actual words to speak to us, because my nephew who is 20 months doesn’t speak much at all yet. I give her to my mom because a large green container against the wall looks interesting. I walk over and look inside. I’m beginning to think waxing parlor is synonymous with sex shop. I don’t see who’s inside, but there are a couple vials inside. I take one, not sure what to do with it, when a male voice inside says to me, bored and exasperated at the injustice of his line of work, “It’s not fair. You always get to see mine. I’d like to see yours (meaning female bits) sometime too.” I laugh and promise him what when I’m finished and come back, that I’ll allow him that pleasure. He doesn’t seem to believe me, like he’s heard that before. I close the lid and start to ponder how I’m going to go through with my promise because I’m definitely going to honor my promise to him.

Then I start to watch a music video on TV

And I wake up.

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Re-run, ruin, car, police, indoor rides

I was in my old house but it was more like a dormitory because my classmates were there and we were all in middle school. I was all of them, but mostly I was the troubled kid. I drew something on pieces of paper and handed them out silently and solemnly to my classmates. A few minutes went by and then suddenly they came charging back, demanding answers as to why I gave these to them. One girl was so angry she was going to go tell the police or an adult about it. I didn’t know what was going on, like maybe I’d been possessed when creating them. They handed the pieces back to me and I expected there to be some disturbing image on them (as the old episode was) but instead, there was just written the entire link to a video in pencil. I guess each kid dutifully or curiously input the web address and pulled up a different video each. Someone pulled one up on their phone and it was a black and white video of something gruesome and scary. I shook my head, not wanting to see more, and terrified when I realized I had been manipulated by a spirit. The other kids were creeped out but didn’t believe me. I pointed to them the piece of paper on the floor. That paper didn’t get to go to the intended target because I’d had the presence of mind to tear it up and put it in the trashcan. I told them the story that I had torn it to shreds and thrown them away, but then when I turned around, there it was perfectly intact again. One of the kids picked it up and sure enough you could see the ripped lines all over it. They believed me now and everyone was terrified too!

Then I was driving in my car all over the place, wherever I wanted to go. Around mountains, up the coast, whatever. Apparently this gorgeous place I was driving by was the end of the Appalachian mountains. Some person said, “Yes, we’re in Atlanta, the very tip of the mountain range!” I had no idea it went that far and exclaimed in excitement. Suddenly it was nighttime and we were sitting in traffic on the heavily wooded road. Two cop cars light up behind, so I get out of the way. They stop beside me and I ask them what’s going on. I’m in the oncoming lane right now, but whatever. They’re chasing another car. I don’t know why they stopped. The reason for the long line is because the world is ending or some other large-scale disaster is occurring.

Now we’re inside this indoor tunnel, all futuristic looking, but it’s ruined. There’s no electricity and a huge line of survivors are trudging carefully through, trying not to hurt ourselves on the rubble. We’d made it underground and inside away from the calamity. It all seemed so very futile, but survive we must until the word comes that we can leave. We’re just following commands right now. I look in past some rubble and we’ve stumbled across a cafeteria! I exclaim to my section of the group and those that can make it, scramble in. Others have already seated themselves around on the cafeteria tables. Yet others are eating. I didn’t know I was so hungry. No one has eaten for a while. I grab some futuristic food cube and proceed to try and use the microwave. That seems to work. Actually, there is light in the cafeteria and possibly windows? No one thinks about it because we’re so hungry. I’m eagerly awaiting my food!

Then I’m walking through a very bright area and can see what looks to be a brand new indoor kid’s ride with dinosaur theme. I am so excited and hope that it allows adults on too because I want to ride it!! When we come back later, it’s almost open and there’s a line already. I start pushing buttons and looking at the display while everyone is staring at me.


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House, video game, cars, sword, store, officer

My siblings and I were dropped off at a house that I think was my dad’s. No one wanted to be there and weren’t necessarily wanted there either, but it was to fulfill a visitation requirement, I think. Anyways, there wasn’t anything to do so we found these super old computers and started trying to find games to play on them. I found some old movie/game thing and my brother came in to see what I was up to. We had to try and be quiet and couldn’t turn on any lights.

Then there were cars! I was traveling somewhere with a bunch of other cars. The roads were criss-crossy and very confusing. I see a road jam up ahead and my GPS tells me to go a certain way. It was jammed up but is now open. Then the road takes me behind the brand new wholesale store and there are 3 ways to turn. I decide to take the one in the middle and now I’m no longer driving, but pushing a large toy car around on these tracks. I almost fall off the path because the road abruptly turns a hairpin onto the main road and people are coming in fast. My GPS is driving me crazy, so I push the car onto this road and it leads to the main highway, which makes me happy because I just need to get to work!

Now I’m following the map coordinates silently and carefully into a cave. I have to be careful in case the enemy is lurking around. It’s nice to have my partner with me. Another set of eyes and ears are paramount to success and survival, and they keep a sharp lookout while I search for the item. The GPS is smack on correct because as we emerge from the dark tunnel into the candlelit cavern, the sword is right there, shining against the rock wall in a crevice. I breathe a sigh of relief and immediately snatch it up. I have the sword’s rightful scabbard belted on, and quickly slide the blade safely inside. Briefly, I marvel at the light weight and clear sharpness of the edge even though it’s been ages since the sword has been found, but I have no time to dwell on it. The cavern that we are in is enemy area and we need to clear it. We move against the wall, down the torchlit path. I almost pick up an unsheathed dagger on the ground near some skeletons, but I decide that it’s bad luck to take what could be an ages old ritual killing weapon. You know, in case the spirits are still around. When we get to the well-lit area, I am taken aback at the sight before me. It’s an underground supermarket! My partner is now my mom and we’re super excited to have found this hidden gem! I look at the displays with much interest and happiness. Sunkist brand, Kroger brand. This is awesome! There must have been a sale on cookware, too, because most of those are missing. We make our way up towards the checkout lane with the smiling employees. My brother is hanging around too and seeing all of the Kroger stuff, I jokingly ask him if he thinks the fast-travel in this world is strong enough to get us a couple hundred miles to a Kroger store.

Apparently it is. So much so in fact, that we’re driving in my car. That is one strong quick-jump. We pull into a parking spot that is long enough for 2 cars, but no one will block us in because a man is busy pushing carts into the space in front of us. We get out to go inside, my mom has her reusable bags handy and I start worrying about if the travel-ability is strong enough to get the car, us and groceries back. They’ve gone ahead and as I walk into the buffer zone past the automatic sliding doors and head towards the bathroom because I really have to pee, I suddenly am self conscious about the fact that I am holding an M6 carbine (I guess the sword turned into that when we traveled). I’m hesitating in the corner near the bathrooms, realizing that a gun like that would NOT be looked upon well by law enforcement, but I still have to pee. The thought crosses my mind that if I don’t figure something out, someone’s going to arrest me. Lo and behold, an officer comes around the corner. That was fast, I think to myself. She commands me to lower my weapon to the ground and I comply immediately (it is now the pump-action shotgun from resident Evil 4). I put my hands in the air, interlocking them behind my head and turning around even before she gets the words out of her mouth. I feel her pause behind me (probably holstering her gun) before she pats me down, starting from my shoulders and then to my legs. As she comes up my legs, I find her feeling my legs (I’m wearing jeans) rather slowly and thoroughly. I have been working out a lot lately. She slowly feels up my thighs and I’m rather enjoying the sensual massage before she becomes aware of what she’s doing and turns me around. I think I might be able to charm my way out of this predicament. I’m taller than her and broader than her and there’s a distinct seduction taking place. I can’t say that I’m not a sucker for a uniformed officer. She stares longingly at my face as I smile down at her, before catching herself again and deciding to look inside the fast food bag of food I happen to have. She’s slowly ripping the bag apart and getting all the more flustered, no doubt thinking about stripping something that’s not a paper bag. I keep trying to project sexy thoughts into her head. It’s working. She turns to address me once more and I step closer, asking if she’d like to finish her pat down because she never did check my torso or hips. Or better yet, my mouth, in case I’ve hidden some contraband or weapons in there too. She’s been breathing heavily and unable to think straight. I lower my head and move to wrap my arms around her smaller frame…

…and my dogs want attention because they want a walk. Plus, my bladder is fit to burst.

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