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Elephant, family, banquet, car, asian market

Something about being outside of a facility in the cloudy nighttime, dusk-ish looking sky. Vending machine? School? Buying groceries in college town being cheaper than other places?

Then in the TV room of the house I grew up in. Then I had just moved into what seemed like a shelter during hard times. It was time to go to sleep and the father (mine? Someone else’s? I didn’t recognize him and he was way too calm to be my dad) and sister (who acted like my sister but looked nothing at all like her) told me that my laptop cord was way too bright and would prevent everyone from sleeping. My bed and my brother’s bed would be underneath a loft where other people would sleep and it was a really nice setup in such bad times. We were allowed a curtain to lend us the precious little privacy it could, but the power source was a distance away which is the cord was hanging out in the room like that. Unfortunately they were right. That bright blue cord IS too bright at night. The girl was sniggering while complaining telling the dad to make me get rid of it. Since he was taking care of that dorm, I could tell he was trying to figure out a solution that benefited everyone there. While they exchanged words, I was was busy silently coloring the darn thing with an almost dry Sharpie. It worked and I triumphantly plugged it back in so everyone could see.

Then it changed to a banquet in a banquet hall. Everyone was wearing nice clothing. It was still nighttime and my brother and I had arrived late. I recognized very very few people. At first, I made my way over to where the biggest and oldest attendees were. My seat was smack in the middle at a table and I kept getting the feeling like this was a symphony and everyone here played an instrument. Everyone was white, so some of them were giving me weird looks, but it didn’t matter because my mom’s sister’s husband was there. While trying to ignore the lavender frilly dress I was wearing and picking politely at my food, I decided to ask my uncle how everything was going. I hadn’t seen any of them for a while. He nodded his head in that “ehhh” way and I was thinking, uh oh, in my head. Then he started explaining what was on his chest, but suddenly the group was entirely too loud and I could only understand snippets of what he was saying. I tried really hard but he was getting frustrated trying to be heard. I made out the words “black New Listing signs” and then it clicked in my head because my mom was telling me about this as her mom told it to her. So that’s what I told him, and then I tried to make it better, telling him that actually, my aunt (his wife) would make a very good real estate agent because you need someone who’s excited but more importantly, will get things done. And she certainly is good at hounding people until something happens. He made that face again.

I’m at a different table now, much further away from the clamorous crowd and with me are my family and relatives. Thank goodness. My brother had disappeared somewhere,  but I was sitting with my sister, some cousins and another aunt. I was getting excited while talking to that aunt and started exclaiming about it, when the aunt who is the wife of the uncle from before comes to sit down. I had just interrupted the first aunt and the second one looked at her sister and told her that I won’t let her talk, so don’t bother. I decided to stop talking then altogether and it was a bit awkward. 

Then my mom shows up and it’s time to go get ready for the next celebration. Second aunt is coming with us, my mom and brother too. One of my cousins whom I’d not seen in a while shows up in his new Forester to pick up the other cousins and I remember thinking, wow! They’re so grown up! He had a beard. I drive out to the light and I keep asking my mom where we’re going, but she’s so busy talking to her sister she doesn’t hear me. Then she realizes that I’m about to go the wrong way and tells me to go straight through the light into the shopping center. I can’t change over to the straight lane because there is a car there, so I tell her it’s ok I’ll just turn around. As it happens, right after the left turn there’s a opening to get into the shopping center. I start turning this way and that, not sure where to go but my mom is still yakking away and not paying attention. We need to pick up a few things at the asian marts so I just start driving, remembering that there’s one that she likes to go to. I’m not exactly sure what happens to my car, but I find the store which is right on the ocean front (the parking lot ends). It’s called “B.F.” The old people go shopping and I veer off to go to a different store. There, I pick up a shopping elephant and start gathering items. The shopping elephants are about Rottweiler sized creatures and I’m not exactly sure what they do, but it’s free for shoppers to use. At least I think so. I put several things in my cart and push it over to the B.F. store to wait outside for my mom since I don’t know if I can bring the shopping elephant into that store. While I wait outside for her, I see a bunch of other elephants, now freed from their shopper, rushing over to play in the waves. They’re pretty cute but then I notice them eating rocks. I look back at my elephant who is busy trying to steal a BBQ chip to eat and I realize how skinny it looks. That’s when it hits me that you need to pay the shopping elephant when you’re done with it. Payment with food. No one seems to know or care. I’m freaking out, so I give it 2 chips, which it accepts with its trunk gratefully, but I know that elephants shouldn’t eat chips. I decide in this emergency to run into the store, but I leave my cart of stuff and the elephant outside. I tell it to “stay!” hoping that it will both guard my stuff and not wander off. I rush in to find my mom in this fancy asian grocery (good thing I didn’t bring it in) and I tell her that I need a bag of apples. She’s not listening again. I don’t have any money, myself, otherwise I’d buy the apples myself. The cashier lady hears me and offers that a bag of apples if $6.76. I was like, bah, that’s too expensive and my mom tells me hush hush that it’s cheaper in another store. I rush away, placing the elephant into my cart this time. This store is cheaper looking and I don’t mind bringing my elephant in. There’s a queue like in an amusement park which is full, but it moves quickly. I make it to front and start running while pushing my elephant in the cart.

It’s now a game! I need to push, run and avoid the obstacles! I’m not doing that well because the cart is so heavy, but we make it through and surely enough, a bag of apples here is only $4.99. Success! 

Then I wake up because Gable is licking himself loudly.

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Fight, car, dad

My mom was driving and I was the passenger. She needed to go return her car which was a rental. We drove a distance away to Woodbridge in order to do so. As we neared the destination my mom slowed way way down to turn and while she at least had her signal on, I was really glad traffic was light. We go in and I point out a parking spot for her to park in. There’s a car with 2 men in it next to us and we’re early. My mom decides to go try to check in anyways but before she does that, she asks the two men if they’ve been waiting long. I’m a bit embarrassed but whatever. She comes back out with a map they gave her. Turns out that while we were early, they were very far behind. The map was of the attractions in the area, so my mom drives off again and I point out where to go. I recognize the place as a shopping center where we’d pull off for gas when we’d go to the beach. However, with the lockdown, I was surprised anything was open at all. There was  Wal-mart among a few others, but most of the boutiques were closed, of course. It was one of those outlet type of places where you could park and walk everywhere.

I went into a store that sold souvenirs and other fun things just to look around and kill time. Not surprisingly there aren’t too many people there. As I look around, I get the feeling that maybe they’re about to close as the time is around 5 or 6pm. I’m not buying anyways as I have no job and therefore no money. Then. I see my dad. Except he’s HUGE. Like FAT. ROUND. He’s wearing a white business shirt and slacks with a tie. Bigger than I’d ever seen him. And he was being very very friendly and nice to the women that work there. In fact, he’s at the checkout counter standing right next to a very obese woman. Everyone is thinking he’s such a nice guy. I wrinkle my face in disgust at the display, but I’m also extremely bothered by the fact that no one here is adhering to the 6 foot rule!!

The more I look around, the more I see everyone’s not only standing near each other, but NEAR each other. I walk away not only to avoid him seeing me, but to get away from people. There’s this younger kid around 12 or 14 or so with darker skin and black hair. He’s been running in front and all around me and it’s annoying, but whatever. I go look at a display to try and control my anger, but he stands so that his shoulders are touching me. I step back and then he’s on my other side reaching smack in front of me to get the item I was about to look at before me. I snap, pushing him away from and yelling at him to back off. Halfway through my exclamation for people to stay 6 feet away from each other, he starts attacking me for pushing him. I’m not only taken by surprise, but he’s coming at me full force. I don’t like hitting a kid, but I’m not about to take it either. We trade blows. He’s about as tall as I am and even though he’s much younger than me, I realize that I’m old and no longer have my strength or weight to back me up. If this goes on too long, I might lose. NO WAY! I see an opening, grab his nose in my fingers and pinch. HARD. Then twist. Instantly, he lets go of me and stops fighting. I remember thinking about how much trouble I’m going to be in after this, assaulting a child, but he absolutely started it and I was still furious about everything. After he surrenders, I shove him away. He doesn’t really complain, just runs off and no one else seems to care much at all.

That’s when I leave the store to go find my mom and tell her to stay away from there since my dad was in the store. Not only that, but we needed to leave because clearly these people care nothing about anyone else’s safety. Then something about little figurines.

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Fried rabbit, cousin, game, car

Some stuff about cars. Driving around at night, and then it turning into a video game where you could drive with each other virtually, more like an app than a console game, though, and it had sponsors like BP. I didn’t get gas from BP much, so my score was relatively low. Then I remembered that I was linked to a friend from a ways away, so I searched for him and it showed up. At that point, there was a race starting virtually, but I got to see it all 1st person. It count down from 5 and I hit the accelerator button too quickly and ended up last off at the starting line. Guh. Dodging obstacles (the location seemed like sonic racing meets Phantasy Star Online), there were many, many paths to take and I ended up just choosing the way at random. The others seemed to know where to go.

I’m not sure if I crashed my car or what, but I was walking, really, running. It was still a race and I hurried into a futuristic building filled with machines. A female guide there was blathering on about how, oh no, some machine broke down and needed the large battery to work. I saw the cursor to move the extra battery which was sitting on a large item moving machine that must have broken down. However, I kept missing the small window to activate the cursor to move it. Finally, I grabbed it properly and set it into the massive machine that needed powering. Now, I couldn’t figure out how to start it. Where was the on button?? I could hear other players rushing in behind me, so I started hitting everything.

Then I was in a home type of place, with bedrooms, kitchen, etc. I was still in a strange facility, except it felt more like I was a prisoner and not a player. The accommodations seemed archaic and dirty. I just had to endure it, though, because I knew that within a short time I’d be let out so that I could go home. With me were 3 or 4 other people. At one point, I sat down to eat dinner and found out that it was someone’s beloved rabbit. The meat tasted weird anyways. Stuff happened and my irritation was only growing. Then there was another meal, fried chicken this time. When I bit into it, I spit it back out and glared at the Asian girl next to me. She shrugged and said that she felt it was a waste if she wasn’t eating any animal in the house. I angrily threw the undercooked and nasty leg back into the bowl and crossed my arms like a petulant child. Then I remarked that the cook surely had something better and vowed to go find him. She blanched at that and tried to warn me about it. I started exploring the living area and found the kitchen. It was creepy in there. Unlike the rest of the place, it was like a medieval castle, all cold, stone walls, grates on the windows and dusty, dilapidated equipment. The cook, himself, was a big guy, Russian it seemed. I was indeed intimidated. I tried to make light conversation and then rushed out of there. I’d rather go hungry. Then I continued to explore the place, it’s dark wood trim, yellow lights, and dirty carpet very much unappealing. But to make best of the situation I started visualizing what each room could be used for. Then my cousin showed up and wanted to take over the spotlight. She’s so annoying. She wanted me to like her, but I kept going into a room she was not in. FINALLY, it was time to go and I went out onto the porch to watch people take jumps in the snow with their cars. Unfortunately, they kept landing in traffic, almost causing accidents. Then I hopped into a helicopter and flew away, enjoying the sparkling lights of the city below, and knowing I was escaping that hellhole.

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Liana, coworker, car, metro, driving, sports

I went out to meet up with my coworker in a parking lot on the weekend as she wanted. She was asking if I like Hong Kong food and I was like, the Hong Kong restaurant? Yeah I’ve been there before, but she also wanted to take me shopping in the Hong Kong market there. I agreed, as she was going to drive me there and I’d leave my car until we were done. To use the bathroom first, I stepped inside the nearby building and then went over to where she was standing beside her car and she wasn’t happy. I asked what was wrong and she indicated the car. I looked and somehow she had managed to back her car up and on top of an old, beige oldsmobile/mercedes type of car. What in the world? While she was talking on the phone and perhaps the owner of the car, I volunteered to go into the building I was just using the bathroom in. The guy glared at me when I came in (I guess because I didn’t buy anything and still used their bathroom) but when I asked if we could get an estimate outside, he perked up and was pleasant. He said he’d send a guy out right away and returned to my friend. An estimator came out and assessed the damage (it was a glass shop) at $3000. I cringed.

Then, I was visiting this place that was associated with the Metro. Someone was with me and explained to them that before it was the way it is now, where people drive themselves, park and then get on the metro, we used to stand in long lines, waiting to get on them. The line would wrap around the park-like enclosure and then we’d get on shuttles that would take us to the metro. Now it was merely a nice park kind of place with a brook, green, trees, flowers, around the building. I had Gable with me and he ran about but came right back to my side. Then I turned to my right and motioned for Liana to run around if she wanted. She did, and zoomed all around as happy as could be, stopping a few feet away in front of me, her tongue lolling and very happy. I just smiled at how happy she was, and walked Gable over closer to the building. There was a man sitting there who worked for the Metro. I was again talking to my unknown companion and then I was going through old reviews of the program before it shut down and people drove themselves. Apparently I had written a review. It’s always funny to read what you’d written years before.

Then there was something in that location about big fruits or costumes and a group of people. I went down the staircase before them and found a setup of hamsters around mini tables and baubles.

Now I’m in a car. I’m with a family from work and they’re driving me and their 2 boys to a sports event. I have no idea why I’m with them, but there you are. We make it out of town closer to where I am living in the suburbs. There are a lot more trees than in the town. They drive into the sports area and I start babbling about how this person told me that this and that and asking questions about their sport and then about soccer which none of them know about because they play something else. I go on and on and on. We’re all still inside the car, peering out at the location. The family feels uneasy here, like out of place. The townfolk have much more money than the suburb folk. I then mention that someone told me that it’s really hard to play out here because there are lots of Spanish/Latino kids and they’re extremely competitive because it’s soccer. The family nods and then changes their minds and leaves. I’m happy because I want to go home.

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Dad, driving, Target, video games, ziplines

My dad was driving the car and everyone was in it, in their respective seats. It was really dark out and the car was silent with a negative aura. All of the sudden, he just stops the car in the middle of a 2 lane road, at night in a wooded area. We were too early to reach our destination (as usual) and he didn’t want to get there too early, or we had been complaining or something, so he just stopped. We all start complaining and I am just angry because he always does stuff like this where he thinks of no one else but his pride or money or his love of making people suffer. So, I put my foot down on the accelerator that is behind the driver seat and the car starts moving. It seems to override the driver’s brake pedal, so we’re driving again, though slowly. 

Some stuff about shelves, a ride, going up high on something.

Now we’re walking and my dad is gone. It is coming up towards morning and we make it out of the tree line. My sister has never been here and I happily show her the improvements to this seaside place. There’s a zipline that runs from the top of the cliff to the port town below. Then there’s an advertisement with a buff beach guy for the brand new zipline that goes all the way to Haiti. I turn to my sister and say, I guess we’re going to visit Haiti! What a great way to travel! Instead of doing that, though, my siblings and I head into Target which is our destination. It is a quite large store, and I see a display that’s almost empty for the new Nintendo console, a more powerful switch-like thing. All the games, add-ons and console are out for pre-order. I snatch up the few remaining launch game pre-orders (Breath of the Wild 2, Animal Crossing, and then something else) as well at the add-on. I’m keenly aware that this is going to be a fortune, at least $1000, as well as the fact that I’m trying to save money, but every single time there’s a launch for a console, I’m all for it. I find some other things I’d like, and then I wander towards the front of the store. We’ve been in the store for a long time as it’s getting dark again outside. The store is closing in an hour, so I head over to guest services to pre-order my Nintendo console. The girl there is super happy to help and rings up everything. I hand her a $30 off a purchase of $89 or more coupon, and then when the total came up, I put in my giftcard which has $1500 on it. There’s still a balance, so I pay with my credit card, but I hadn’t known that the gift card was so large, so I’m very happy. I don’t get anything to bring home as everything is a pre-order, but I’m just happy in general. 

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Driving, kid

I was at work and my last patient was a kid, maybe 10 or 12 years old of the Murphy family. He needed a ride home as it was getting dark, so I volunteered to do it. I drove home my usual way, when I suddenly remembered he was in my car and I was already halfway home. He was excitedly chattering away at me and I asked him, “Wait, don’t you live in the city?” He nonchalantly acknowledged this fact and I was like, well I need to turn around. I go to change lanes and and he told me to go a different way instead because it’d be faster. I turned at the light he told me to and uh oh, I ended up on a highway! I’d never been on this highway before but I needed to go fast to keep my speed up. I missed some of the lines on the ground and he was a bit afraid. I told him that I’ve never driven this way before and that he’d need to tell me where to go. He turned out to be a terrible direction giver and would tell me to exit at the very last moment. Needless to say, I missed my turn. He was freaking out but I tried to calm the situation by saying, it’s ok, I’ll just take the next exit and we’ll figure it out. Well, there was no next exit because the highway ended up looping around to go back the opposite direction. Uh oh. I told him again that it’s okay because we’ll just take the exit we missed before and turn around. Not a big deal. Well. I don’t know where the road was taking us because none of the exits were making sense and we were in Maine somehow. It was positively gorgeous with the trees and waterfalls and I noted that no wonder his family wanted to live in this place, it was so pretty! I managed to find some small road dead ends where I collected 2 pine tree items and one key item. I don’t think I was supposed to necessarily go there yet. The kid was lamenting my exploration and I told him that I highly doubt I’d be going that way again, so nabbing items in the area now will save me a lot of backtracking time in the future.

I’m not sure if he ever got home. Maybe eventually.

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Crystals, escape, driving, police, browsing

There was something about a hospital.

Then the father and daughter from Dreamy Daddy were investigating at nighttime in the city. Their car would no longer work and they were snooping around a train yard in the heart of the city. The bad guy patrol was walking back and forth, but dad and daughter were hiding behind a large barrel type of thing. I controlled them to hide until the guards walked past and when they went around the bend, I had to maneuver them onto either side of the barrel and then use the clunky controls to have them lift the covering together. When it slid off the top, they both lifted the large, glowing white crystal up to get a better look. It was double the height of the dad and everyone’s jaws dropped. The characters and I were in disbelief. THAT’s what they were hiding here! They were receiving and sending these dangerous things! They were the reason that the car stopped working. I thought perhaps they’d escape now while they could and go get help, but they apparently needed to have a look at another shipment to be doubly sure there were more. Now the target was up on high. Of course, the dad character got detected and then the two split up, one to distract and I had to control the daughter. I get all the way up the ramps easily because the guards were all distracted by the dad and control the girl to lift the thing up on her own. This one was even bigger than the last one. Now it was hurrying to a car nearby to escape. I wasn’t sure what was going on here now, because she was getting chased by the cops. That’s when I realized they were attracting the cops to the train yard to get them to notice the contraband crystals of probable destruction.

Stuff happened and then I was sitting in the back of a police car while this guy was in the driver seat and the officer was in the passenger seat. The guy needed to pass this test in order regain his license. The cop would be administering the test. The guy backed the car out from under the awning and was doing okay until we were all walking through the course/garden with low hedges that broke the place up into rows. Suddenly we lost him. We all rush around looking for him and eventually find him inside the shed where he’d somehow managed to kill another guy. We were all exasperated at him. The cop was leading him back to try the test again, but he was starting to get belligerent. I rolled my eyes and decided to go browse one of the aisles while they worked that out. It was a clearance aisle with old holiday things thrown haphazardly there. They were nice things and I happily browsed with several other women.

Yesterday I dreamed a very long dream about being at work and waiting for exams. Something about MI Paste, too. And then I went to work for real and waited for exams all day. Ugh.

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School, recycle, police, bedroom

I had a bunch of glass I wanted to recycle and I just so happened to be driving by a place that I’d been before to drop them off. I parked my car, got out and started looking around confused, because it was at an elementary school which was very crowded. On a Saturday. I figured that perhaps there was an event, so I made my way over to where the purple bins were before to drop them off. Except. I couldn’t find them anywhere. As I kept walking all I kept seeing were booths and booths for whatever event was going on. I was hoping to drop off and get out of there fast before it got too crowded. Too late. All of the sudden I was inundated with kids holding bows and arrows. It was some sort of sporting/winter festival. I decided I should just leave and come back some other time, but the waves of kids were making it difficult to push through back towards the parking lot. The adults kept giving me suspicious and weird looks, so I redoubled my efforts to no avail. I decided instead to go the long way around instead of fighting the current and ignored the adults who were starting to yell at me. I tried to run/walk, but dreams are dreams. Eventually I made it onto the sidewalk to get back to the parking lot. At this point I was aware that they’d called the police or some high up administrator, so I biked, boarded and then straight ran towards the car. I was also dumping out a plastic water bottle that had ended up in my glass collection because it was expired. I was thirsty but didn’t want to get sick. Finally, I made it back to the parking lot which was extra full and then drove quickly away.

Back in my very small and crowded-with-crap dorm room, I thought I was safe, but a female cop appeared at the open door shortly after I got there giving me no time to breathe. She was kind and jovial, a sturdy woman with a face around my age. I remember thinking I would neither be able to outrun nor overpower this cop. She seemed to think the call wasn’t of much consequence and a misunderstanding, but she needed to do her job. I sat on my bed as she talked to me and then she handed me a black rectangular electronic device with an orange lit LCD screen and black lettering. She kept talking genially to me while I inspected the device, unsure of what to do with it. Then she got down to the point and asked me my name. I was really confused about the device but then it clicked in my mind and I realized it was a recording device. I was being investigated. She saw that I understood and nodded her head to acknowledge my correct guess. Then she asked me simple questions about the events that transpired at the school and I tried to answer as simply and as truthfully as possible. That’s when another officer showed up. This time it was a tall and thin…woman? Man? Sylvando from DQXI with small boobs? They took a quick peek into one of my neighbor’s rooms and then came back. She finished up her questions and I sat there, nervous, watching and listening to them talk to each other about it. They were both very friendly and aside from anxiety about the outcome, I wasn’t scared by them.

Even from when it was just the 1st cop, there had been some electricity in the room, but I thought it was just my nerves. The thin one started talking to me a bit while the 1st cop was on her phone/radio making a decision and reporting in. We exchanged some pleasantries. I was about to ask a question when Cop #1 suddenly announced that they were going to be performing a personal investigation now because I hadn’t been patted down yet. The two exchanged glances and smiles and while #1 went to close the door, #2 started removing their (his? her?) uniform. I gasped aloud. Under their uniforms, the two officers were clear mannequins. They had torsos of female mannequins but the bottoms of males, along with male genitalia — also clear except from the rubber-looking head. They had some internal organs, if you will, but their faces were now clear and empty. I was getting scared but aroused at the same time. I could feel cop #1 smirk with desire even though I could not see it and the entire room was oppressive. #1 crawled up the bed towards me (suddenly only wearing underwear and a tank-top) and positioned herself such that she was lying right on top of me. It was all very scary, exhilarating and erotic. That’s when I noticed movement and I had to swallow a few times before croaking a few words to #2 that my other neighbors were peeking in and giggling. #2 stalked over to their room, and suddenly caused their video game/movie/TV to horribly malfunction. Apparently that solved the issue and #2 returned to the task at hand. I barely registered anything because my body was ablaze with sensation. I didn’t know where to put my arms or my legs or if I should even move at all. To fill in the awkward stillness, my right hand lightly rubbed her arm. The expectation was it would feel plasticky like a mannequin, but it felt not only warm but very much like soft female skin. My left hand hesitantly rested on her clear hip, but just that touch caused bursts of heat within me. I was trembling violently, but she kept right on lying there, patiently, invitingly, expectantly, her pleasant weight on my body driving me wild. My shaking was so bad that my teeth were clacking.

I swallowed over and over to wet my very dry mouth and throat and squeaked out, “D-d-d-do y-y-y-ou w-w-w-w-want me t-t-t-to invess-s-t-t-t-igate yy-y-oooou?”

My breathing was humiliatingly ragged and I was so very embarrassed by this entire ordeal. I’d lost my cool so long ago. How was she, how were they, able to make my everything react so intensely? While my mind was mostly white and blank, a niggling in the back of it reminded me that there were TWO naked mannequin cops in the room. #1 hummed a chuckle into my chest where she was resting her head, which sent lightning coursing throughout me. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. If they intended to break me into spilling my guts, I wasn’t about to last much longer. She picked herself up to look down at me face-to-face, and I felt #2 approach me from the side. My body vibrated and tingled in hot anticipation.

And I jolted awake. Because it was an hour past my normal wake-up time. And my brain is a buzz-kill.

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We needed to go to a family function and we were at the house I grew up in, except we were adults now. Unfortunately, my dad was in there too. We waited outside while he did something inside the house and while waiting, I whispered to my brother to move his car out of the way. My brother exclaimed that it wasn’t his car blocking the large black Camry that was floating there, waiting for us to get in. I looked again and turns out that my brother’s car (a sporty sedan a bit like but bigger than an i8) looked quite a bit like the other car which could only be my dad’s car. I was uncomfortable with how things were set to turn out, so I hurriedly told everyone to pile into the car thinking maybe we could leave before he got out. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. The car was like the Astro van we grew up riding in. It was night. I was sitting right behind the driver’s seat, my mom in the front passenger seat, my brother near the door on the same bench, and my sister sprawled in the back. The driver was supposed to be my dad, but it was too happy to be him. Everyone was holding a dog. I’d like to say it was Gable with me, but it wasn’t at least part of the time. I was holding a small dog and then it was Gable. At one point, my mom told my brother to scoot in closer to me because there was a man we were about to pick up who would like to talk to the driver. Apparently we were going to meet with extended family I have never met. Instead of scooting closer to me, though, my brother went to the back with my sister because he didn’t want to sit next to a stranger. I just hugged Gable tighter to myself.

We arrived at the function which was my aunt’s house but seemed more like a large clubhouse instead. There were people everywhere, most of whom I did not recognize. I don’t like functions like that, so I just kind of wandered around until it was time to eat. Thankfully it was buffet and there were 2 or 3 different bars. I waited until everyone got their food before getting mine. My aunt came up to me and asked where I was eating. I looked all around at the tables and high school cafeteria tables and didn’t give an answer. Gable had gone somewhere at that point. My aunt wondered why I wasn’t eating a lot of her food and then told me that she wanted to make us pho with country ham later.

Then I was in a busy city in a flat with my coworker. I told her that this year is our hygiene class’s 10 year, but that no one has said anything about it. She said she wanted to do one and (now she’s someone else, blonde) I told her that we can, but with a deadline of only 3 months it would be really hard. First, though, we’d need money and lots of it. She did some math and said we’d need $16,000. I nodded sagely and offered perhaps doing a fundraising contest. T-shirts! We’d contact my other classmates and get them to sell shirts and whomever sold the most would win some great prizes. We then excitedly went over shirt designs.

Now I was in a kitchen and my grandparents were there. My grandpa was being double crossed and the bad guy dropped his gun, so he picked it up and started pointing it at the guy. My grandma yelled a lot and then my grandpa argued that he wasn’t using the bad guy’s gun he was using his own gun! The bad guy had dropped a long barreled revolver and my grandpa had a newer, semi-auto.

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I woke up with a literal smile on my face. Right before then I was leaning dangerously over a railing to reach and pet her. She was black, but more silver than black with lots of whiskers like she was very old and skinny. I pet her face and smiled broadly at her while she happily looked up at me. I reached down to kiss her face which is how I noticed her thick whiskers around her snout. I held her face in my hands and smiled at her like I used to, my heart bursting with love for her when my blasted alarm went off. GUH.

Before then, I was at a soccer game. The stadium was relatively small for a soccer game and the seats were maybe 70% full. I was on the red side and I’d come with an old ex. He was sitting to my right, though much more buff than before. He didn’t say anything at all and actually seemed to evolve over the course of the game from excited to embarrassed of being with me. I thought several times about hugging his arm or giving him a kiss, but his energy told me not to. I guess we were just there as friends? Anyways, the red team was losing something awful. The blue team was destroying them and the red team seemed to want to give up. The game threw out a few extra points in the way of a big bouncing ball. Whoever caught the ball when it stopped bouncing would get a flag and it would give that corresponding team an extra point. Two girls behind us higher up in the stands got the first one, but it was for the blue team. Then the second time I wanted it and had to pry it out of the hands of the black guy next to me insisting that I could make the red team win. I got them a point. When I yelled out “RED!” to the audience, there was only a spattering of applause unlike when the girls got it. The teams had gone into the locker rooms at that point, so the point didn’t matter yet. In the meantime we did the wave and some music played. Then they started coming back in. My cousin walked out with them with a microphone and asked the stadium who got the extra point. I thrust my fist in the air with the red flag and yelled “RED” at the top of my lungs again. She didn’t want to look at me and there was more applause than the first time I did it. She poked at something on a tablet and off she went. I was a little sad that she knew it was me but seemed annoyed, but we’d not seen each other in years so I guess it wasn’t too surprising. The red team got 3 points somehow.

Before that dream even, my brother had took my mom, me and my relatives to the mall. Everyone was everywhere and it was hard to keep track of everyone. I wandered around in a department store and they were having all sorts of clearance and sales. It was quite crowded. I kept looking for jeans in my size, but no dice. I ended up towards the back door where I had to squeeze around a cleaning cart and employees. There I saw a pallet of eggs. Very cheap! Only $0.01 an egg. Wow. You had to buy the whole big box, though, and I can’t really eat eggs anyways. Then there was another pallet with REALLY big eggs that had to have been ostrich eggs but those were $200 a piece. I touched one and then hurried to find my family.

Before even that dream I was with relatives in this weird place. The world seemed dangerous, but not too dangerous, just risky to be alive. My cousins were there too and then the adults left to go to a craft store. I decided it would be interesting to get into the car and drive around, so I did, but my cousins all went with me. It was one of those cargo/work vans but with no windows. I starting driving around, but it was slick and rainy. I ended up slipping the van down an embankment when I tried to back up and go forward. It was scary for everyone else but fun for me. Eventually I made it back to the parking space we were in initially and not a moment too soon. When finally the cousins were safe inside, the adults came back.

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