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Dad, dates, pho, family

I drove my car back to the neighborhood I grew up in and parallel parked the car (scarily) higher up on the street. Then I decided to take a walk down the road to my old house. Unfortunately for me, my dad was home and I saw his car’s headlights turn on, like he was about to leave to go somewhere. 2 houses away, I decided to log-roll down the hill so that he wouldn’t see me and run behind the house. At that point I was unsure if he saw me or not, but I aborted my mission and ran behind the houses there and up the hill and behind more houses to get back to my car which I was worrying about because he would notice my distinct license plate. Got back in, drove out towards the exit of the neighborhood and watched as an orange Chevy Aveo used my grandma’s house’s driveway to turn around in.

Cut to later when I was inside my old house where my dad was living by himself. I was in a room, sitting on a bed with a guy. He was white, muscular, military, and not super bright. We were obviously dating and watching the screen of a laptop or a tablet together. As we were sitting there together, there was this dude in the wall ahead of us, with a headlamp on, and installing a hidden camera. I rolled my eyes and continued talking to my man. My bf was adjusting his shoes and asked me if I have croc-type shoes like him too. I said, yeah, I have them but they’re not Crocs, they’re Beach Basics, a generic brand. I love them and have had them for years (in real life, I can’t find them). He said, it’s OK, his aren’t brand name either. Then he asked me all of the sudden, in a nervous outburst, “C-can I go to the beach with you?” Worried that he would find it boring, I warned that we don’t do much when we’re at the beach, just enjoy it for being the beach. Then he nodded and said that he’s only ever been to the Caribbean. The whole time we were talking, I was becoming sadly more and more disappointed in his answers to things. Just how it used to be with my ex. Always afraid to offend him…he’d come across as laid back and go-with-the-flow, but his actions hinted otherwise. Not to mention his lack of intelligence and open-mindedness was getting to me. I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I realize, suddenly that my dad is home and pretending to walk by the room we were in, so I get up and go to the kitchen to get some snacks.

Now for last night’s dreams:

I was driving around in what appeared to be old streets and roads from my youth. My family was with me. We then go to a church-like place where an event was being held. I get out of the car and bring with me my furry blanket draped on my back. I didn’t realize how weird that was until I get inside the cafeteria and we get a seat. My grandparents and great aunt are already there at a table and so my brother and I sit at the end and I’m wondering why we need the entire table for just 6 people. Oh well. Minding my own business, I get up and go get my bowl of pho. I finish it and it was really good so I get up and get another. When I get back, the cafeteria is crowded now and people are trying to ask if we need our chairs (armchairs, btw). I ignore it all and focus on my delicious pho. When I get up a 3rd time for another bowl, I stop and look around at the event area. All of the other tables are eating pho now. I must have been so engrossed in eating that I ended up missing the event! I decide to take a seat on a couch in the small area next to his guy as these little kids are doing a neat demonstration of king fu and drums. It’s really very good. There is also a recap about the climbing obstacle/race demonstration that I’d missed. As the kids finish up, the guy next to me (everyone is Vietnamese, btw) is shivering, and complaining about how cold he is. In the small area we’re both touch each other. He leans heavily on me, and I lean back and ask him if he’s cold. I then laugh and say, well I’m not, and I have plenty of heat to spare (true fact, in real life). He grabs my arm and cuddles up close, burying his head in my armpit and breathing deeply. First, I’m trying to remember what happened to that blanket I brought in, and second, I start hoping that I wore deodorant that day. I think it’s both funny and heart warming that he’s doing this, we both end up mutually hugging. He then follows as I return to my family and sits down next to my brother.  Someone else has taken my seat. My mom and relatives greet him warmly and ask him questions. He’s more than happy to answer. I leave them to it to look for more snacks and he and my mom follow me. My mom is asking what his job is, and he said that he’s only in town for a few days, as he follows the event for a job. My mom approves, but tries to get him to stay in the area. She seems to really like him. I’m a little embarrassed, but happy because even though I don’t know much about him, I like him a lot too. He too seems to like the idea and said that he’s trying to find a way to do that.

Later, it’s nighttime, and we stop by a doughnut place before going home. I’d been wanting to go there. My brother specifies what he wants and go in to order it: a half a dozen doughnuts, the cheesecake, original with strawberry, other yummy flavors and specifically the strawberry topped flavor with extra jelly on top for my brother. The nice man takes them out for me and I am so happy to finally be able to eat these….when I wake up. D’oh!!


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Ex, old friend, hygiene, curry

Sometimes I wake up with my eyes crusty and gooey. I guess I’d been crying in my sleep. That was me this morning.

The other night I dreamed of him. I was in a facility, building of some sort, an apartment building or something in a city. There were lots of friends, people and family. I look out the window and there is a fire at the building next to us with lots of fire trucks underneath, trying to fight it. The other building on the other side is burning too. I’m scared that we’re going to catch fire, and of course, fires make me think of one person. Suddenly I turn and see him, with great surprise I greet him, but he looks so different I don’t even recognize him. He’s skinny, oh so skinny and tired/haggard looking. Even his face is wrong, but I know it’s him. I hug him hard, even though I was afraid of hurting him, and am extremely worried at this point. He tells me that they won’t let him work any more than Sundays as a fireman and when asked why he says it’s because he’s a woman now. That he’s been turned into a woman and he’s at the end of his rope. A surge of resolve flows through me and I tell him that I’m going to help him make it right. We’re going to turn him back into a man so he can live his life again. Now it’s like a video game. He is so happy that I am going to help him, so we open up the map and we fly around until we get to the world I need to get to. The objective is a watery place where we need to find information and I get to a large mushroom that I need to climb because that’s where it is, the answer, when…I wake up. I tried so hard to go back to sleep and finish it, because he was waiting for me dammit! I NEED TO HELP HIM. …But…my brain refused to go back to that dream and I tossed and turned until I got tired of trying to dream.

It was very depressing and disturbing too. Just like in real life, I couldn’t help him even though I promised to, no matter how desperately I wanted it.

Last night was interesting and convoluted. I slept well even though I woke up with tears in my eyes.

There was a part where I was supposed to have been cleaning teeth for some young people but their 5 sisters were making it really hard for me. Still managed to, but overly frustrating and took a long time. Then I was back in my old house, except that I knew it wasn’t our house anymore because it was dark, cold and sterile because my dad has turned it that way.  At the table I was entertaining some friends and people I sort of know. My old friend was asking me about curry and where to get some, and I said, well, here in nova it’s easy to find. He said that he doesn’t like the preservatives in them, so I said there are plenty of alternative stores here too. Before he left I went to spice closet (in the laundry room…) to find our curry to show, but I couldn’t find anything. Then the bell rang and it was a package, but I didn’t want to answer the door because it’s my dad’s house and I didn’t want to know what it was in the box. He was busy hiding until he saw it was the mail carrier and went out to get it. Turns out it was something for my mom? Who was also there. Then suddenly I was outside and my old friend was sitting on the grass. I asked him if he could do cartwheels and he said he didn’t want to scare the rodents in the moss. So we both sat down and I felt like I wanted to sit next to him and have him hold me, but then that reminded me of my ex (I guess that’s where I cried) and I realized that I wasn’t ready to start another relationship yet, even though I wanted to. The heart and brain fighting again. So we both sat there as I poked at the moss on the ground and observed as police pulled over a car.



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Night visitor, Mall, old person, food

I am plagued. Absolutely plagued by these erotic dreams.

I was sleeping and woke up because my bf was suddenly on top of me. I was surprised but not put off. I asked him how he got in and turns out he had been away training intensely for covert ops and used his skills to come surprise me. I cried and asked him if this real or just a dream. He shushed me and told me to just give myself to him.

Later I was at a mall I’d never been to with my family, but we all split up. There was a large congregation and I was telling my mom that all the people here were in on a publicity stunt. There were schools of some really amazing young people and one girl in particular could jump up and down from ridiculous heights! I followed the crowd up to the top floor but by the time I’d made it up there it had all dispersed. My mom and I walked a little down the mall but it was too early and none of the stores were open. She saw the old bishop in full vestments and he flagged her down, so I left them to talk and went back to where the congregation had been. It was mostly empty and I saw this loud old woman and her caretaker pushing her along in her stroller/wheelchair thing. She was yelling at the top of her lungs asking for donations because she couldn’t pay for her medical bills and would accept any sort of food too. No one was paying her much attention when all of the sudden her ride flipped and she fell off, sliding away. She tried to get up but would fall down again. The caretaker tried to quickly upright the cart and rush over, but was having trouble. No one stopped to help, so I casually walked over, a little cautious, myself, but she really was legitimately handicapped. I picked her up an placed her back on her wheels (with no help from the caretaker at all) having to brace the vehicle from moving while trying to set her. Similar to the elderly, she was a tough old woman and very prideful despite her condition and asking for donations. We were nearby to a little ice cream store so an important man ordered an ice cream cake for her much to the applause of his admirers and the press. When they gave it to her and she pulled a face, I was busy thinking to myself that she doesn’t need sugar, she needs a decent meal. I left at that point, looking for food for myself because I was hungry. Stopped by a cookie/ice cream/pastry kiosk. They were happy and helpful at first, giving me and another lady a taste test of their grass flavored chocolate (interesting…) grated to look like hay and grass. It wasn’t that bad. I wanted to order some cookies and things, but all of the sudden it got REALLY busy and the girl got really irritated at me so I left. Never did find any other food. I did find my sister, however, and found a directory to look at, but the mall didn’t have many food places. Of course, when I went to the crude directory, a crowd of people suddenly wanted to look too.

Oh these dreams.

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Real Estate, BF

There was a house located at Creek Lake that I must have done an Air BnB for. The family consisted of a frazzled housewife and her 2 kids. They were looking to sell the house to help with financial troubles since her husband was no longer around. There was a realtor coming and I volunteered to help out. The realtor couldn’t find the house, so I went out to guide her there and gave her a tour of the place. Then we went and took an aerial view of the place, which wasn’t all that impressive, but when seen on the map, had easy and direct access to the lake, a good selling point. She seemed happy then and started to direct where furniture should be moved. We waited a few days and it was slow, because, well, the area wasn’t all that popular. I wanted to help the curb appeal, but never got a chance.

Then, I stepped out of the shower and stood in front of the vanity, looking into the mirror. All of the sudden, my bf surprises me by stepping into the bathroom and embracing me from behind. I melt into him, leaning back into his body, my heart at ease and enveloped in his warmth. He caresses my skin and I turn to plant kisses on his face and anywhere I can reach. We continue in this loving dance for a while, then he decides he’d like to take a shower too, as he has arrived to spend time with me, so strips to his undies. He asks me for some clean ones, so I leave to go back to my room to look. On my way out an older lady is looking in, hoping it was her turn in the bathroom and surprised to see a man in there. I grin at her and after l search through his spare clothes, I find that they haven’t been washed yet. He then leaves to buy some new ones. I must have been in living in a dorm-like situation? I dress inside my room and get back to business with the rest of the plot of my dream which includes seeing patients and dealing with some significant thing (probably some secret agent thing again). My bf having returned home and not seeing me there, called me, worried, asking if I needed help, knowing my line of business. I smile because he’s so sweet to ask, but I assured him he needn’t worry and to enjoy himself while I work my trade, and I’ll be back soon.

Ah. If only.

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Games, king cobra, guys, deli food, dad

Woke up not wanting to leave my beautifully soft pillow, but alas. The dreams were pretty fun, though, mostly set up in the form of video games.

As I was wandering around this video game world (1st person, my view), with items, objectives, and data to collects, I was playing with some friends and my brother, but I kept wandering off to do my own thing as they were launching assaults into other areas. I remember I opened a lock and one of my buddies ran in to grab the chest before I could in jest. I was exploring the map and was under fire from enemies so I took the nearest warp point which set me right at the feet of a mid-range monster. With no friends to help, I had to hit the little toes (Zelda Skyward Sword-style) to make it fall down, but I must have woken up or gotten hot, because the dream changed.

Now I was in a supermarket, at the deli counter, having gone through a small portion of the store already. I was debating (like in other dreams) what I should get, a little disappointed that unlike last time (other dream) their dessert section wasn’t nearly as expansive or fresh, but I told myself it was for the better because it’s healthier. Their freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches were too expensive ($2.88!!!) so I was longingly looking at the chicken, turkey and other meats fresh baked. Everything was too expensive and I couldn’t afford it. Just as I was going to leave, an enthusiastic worker who looked quite like a certain Oral Surgeon, came out with a large piece of solid yellow something. He touted to the large crowd gathered that it was fresh seasoning for the meat! He then climbed the ladder (much to the other worker’s irritation) and dripped this fat laden seasoning packet down onto the meats below. Everyone including me was so happy and they other worker started handing out samples of the newly seasoned products. It was HEAVENLY! I still couldn’t afford anything, but at that moment my mom arrived and I eagerly told her about the seasoned food! She seemed skeptical but the man came out to hawk the products again! Just as she was about to agree to buy some, the dream changed. More heat it think.

This next part was broken up into small parts partly because of heat, dogs and my need to use the restroom. Early morning usually sees that. I was doing something with one of my old suitors-still-friend guys, then it was time to meet up with other people to go for food with my dad. Obligation on my part. We were sitting in the back of a car together, must have been a taxi or an Uber, with me on the left side and he was sitting in the middle for some reason. Our legs and shoulders/arms were touching in the back of the small sedan and he was leaning purposefully on me. I remember thinking to myself that I felt very neutral about it all, very unlike how I feel when I sit next to my bf, and thought to myself that I should tell him that later. Anyways, we arrive at the food place and it was like a Checkers? You choose your food, pay with coins and choose the bigger entrees at the main counter. I took a small baguette that cost 75 cents but I didn’t have any quarters so I go tot he ATM and cash out an old gift card with $99.67 on it. Pay for that, and head to the table where my brother, dad, suitor friend and yet another online suitor friend was sitting. I remember whispering to one of them that my dad is very annoying and I wish I didn’t have to eat with him.

Dream switch to another video game dream. This time animals were involved and I was being chased by something, but I also had a King Cobra, its mortal enemy, so we crossed an ocean portion and I released the cobra in hopes that it would fight the other and give me a chance to escape. Instead, as I was trying to leave via swimming (my most vulnerable!) the Cobra suddenly jumped up, flew over top of me and aimed so that it was fall on my head. I remembered that snakes can swim and I freaked out because it was trying to kill me. Then the game paused. I guess I must have died or I don’t know. Next and last thing I did was relate to my brother this part of the game how this snake could fly and proceeded to attack me.

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New boyfriend, house, plants

Whenever I anticipate going back to work, the dreams are very interesting. The nice thing about having been on break was that I was relaxed so sleep came naturally and peacefully. So glad I was wearing my nightguard last night.

I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember trying to find a new bf. The first guy was a white guy, but he didn’t sit well. The next one was much nicer and I really liked him. Polite, caring, intelligent, gentle and honorable. He was either of Indian or middle eastern descent, about my age. He had a decent, nice car dark gray. He came to visit me and it was night time so we fell asleep (something felt like college, or some sort of event like that where there are other people around our age). He slept next to me and I remember his warmth next to me. I reached out to touch him in the morning, feeling attracted and even though I could tell he was attracted to me too, but we only knew each other one day and so he smiled, hugged me and left for the day.

Another dream saw me living in a new house. I asked my mom what plants we should have. It had been rather run down, but we had it fixed up and looked really nice. They were redo-ing the driveway and sidewalk. I wanted azaleas. Then I had to go look for either a venus fly trap or pitcher plants because of all the bugs. Used my phone to look up information. I wanted both and was planning on situating them between the azaleas.

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Mecha, chase

**Warning: part of the following in NSFW nor under 18 appropriate, so read at your own risk**

Now I don’t remember how it started, but I’m going to start where I was in this facility. It was darkish inside so I wasn’t sure if it was a tunnel or just a dark building. It was video game-like and a part…oh! I was in a neighborhood at a festival of some sort? Driving around with google maps and finally arriving. It was also evening. Out of the car, there was a prince who needed to get over a curtain to his dead father’s altar, but you weren’t allowed to go through the curtain, but jump over the top and over to the altar. If you fell in the water you’d lose. I attempted it a few times, hurting my feet on the tile, so I recommended the curtain be moved closer. Later when it mattered, someone had moved it farther away instead, so I gave up. I walked back the way I came, twixt 2 curtained off areas. To my left I saw my bf **this is where it gets NSFW, so you are warned** so I go to him. He’s on the ground and pulls me to his groin, desperately squeezing out a few words: I need a vacuum…and he does not mean a device. My own vacuum. He’s in distress, and I pick up on that. Remove his pants and staring at me are 4 – count ’em FOUR – penises, different sizes, and one painfully bulbous scrotum. I try my best, starting with one and moving to the others. Number 3 is the largest (and most normal looking) and it spits at me, hitting me in the face. I continue to try to alleviate his discomfort, but he then pushes me away and pulls up his pants, face still distorted, but not wanting me to have to continue. All of the sudden he gets up and leaves. I try to chase after him and he ends up in another curtained off area. By the time I reach him, he has a person pinned down on the ground, so I grab his shoulders try to see what’s wrong with him. The person escapes as I try to assess. My bf is still in major pain/discomfort from what I glean, out of control sexual backlog???? I try one more time to help him (we’re back to just one penis…I guess that’s progress…??) and just as we’re making headway (no pun intended) the festival or whatever we were at is over. I am frustrated because he didn’t get to finish. I’m throw on a blue robe and a white one on him. Even though I couldn’t solve the problem, he is better, but completely exhausted by now and falls asleep, so I carry him (impossible, but this is a dream) down the hall to whatever my destination is, trying to walk while covering him and myself up. People are spilling into the halls now.

Dream continues as I pass people I know, and eventually we come upon a garage of some sort as I get lost. He’s walking on his own now and we have clothes. In it are what seems to be military things and a large mecha that is being tested. On a whim and for fun I hop into the cockpit along with bf and we hijack the thing, taking it for a spin. SO MUCH FUN. A military grade mecha. On the on-board screen I’m killing robots and piloting it while my partner (now turned into my brother) is helping co-pilot. We can tell the military is trying to regain control, so I fly it as far as possible before they disable the machine. We run to my car which is conveniently parked in a strange parking lot and high tail it onto the highway, knowing that the military will take some time to locate it.


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Garage, House, Vampire

It’s strange to be writing this at night time because I tend to write them in the morning when things are the most fresh. But.

The first portion of the dream centered around a garage. It was around dusk time and it was at a house unfamiliar to me. The details are a bit hazy now that it’s been all day, but it dealt with the darkening light, lawnmowers, gasoline and some bikes. The white lady came home (looked a bit like my boss except plumper) and we explained the situation to her (my brother, mom and me). She exchanged words with my mom and seeing myself no longer needed, I went inside. I was tired so I headed for the bathroom. It was on the main floor and there were steps heading to the lower of the split level where the family/living room was. I went into the dark hallway to reach the half bath on my left. From the darkness the face of a vampire-like guy appeared. At first I was a little irritated and hurried into the bathroom like he was one of the guys living in the house. Then I realized he was not allowing me to close the door. I fought with all my strength to close it as he pulled on the other side. I yanked it closed to the point where I could lock it, but alas somehow he had tricked me and the lock didn’t take at all. The door flew open and I flew back onto the ground. He smiled evilly down at me and immense fear gripped my being. I was about to be raped. Suddenly he pulled a black lady from behind the door and threw her in with me, her dreads whipped me in the face as she crawled over the corner with the toilet and hunkered down there. So he was doing to assault both of us?? That’s when he whipped out a homemade saw: made from a pink plastic hanger with the bottom portion cut off and a mean-looking metal razor-edged-string blade replacing it. OK, so not rape but torture. Pain. A second saw similar to the first was pulled out as he laughed at us.

There was nothing I could do, there was no way out of that half bathroom. Then he lay down on the floor in the doorway and after pointing the saw suggestively at me (I kept shaking my head and saying no, no, no) brought one of the saws up to his own neck and motioned the slitting of his neck, all the while smiling and his eyes never leaving me. I stared back in horror and confusion. He seemed to be feeding off of that, so he brought the blade even closer to himself. Alarmed, I grabbed the saw and yelled at him to stop! I must have known him at some point as I was more concerned about his health at that moment then escaping or my own. I yanked it from his grasp and threw it down. In response, he drew a knife and brought it down on his chest. The tip pierced his skin as I tried to wrestle it from his grasp. Why was he trying to hurt himself?? And always smiling!! He threw me backwards and laughed maniacally, holding up to the saw and the knife. He was ready to hurt me. Maim me. Kill me. I knew my brother and 2 young adult males were in the house so I started yelling for help, but something was wrong with my voice. My very loud voice was soft and unhearable. On top of it all I could hear the TV blasting. They’d never hear me. I yelled my brother’s name to no avail. Then as he descended upon me one more name appeared on my tongue. I hesitated a little because he wasn’t even here. He’d never get there in time to help me, but I thought hard about him anyways, almost willing him to help me somehow. My assailant plunged his weapons as me and just as I was about to yell “M!” …. I awoke.

The dreams these days are becoming very interesting. They seem to take no influence from anything recognizable to me…all I’d been doing this weekend was playing Zelda BoTW and reading Assassin’s Creed (Altair’s story). Nothing about lawnmowers, or vampires or rape. AND I’ve been having trouble waking up from them too. Like something doesn’t want me to wake up.

Hmm….I hope I haven’t been sleep travelling into other people’s dreams, or opening portals to roaming spirits. Maybe I need to take more control of my emotions? Let’s see what happens tonight.

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BF, dogs, squirrels, craziness

I’m getting good at remembering these!

  1. I let my girl out to chase squirrels, but the squirrel had an acorn so big in its mouth it didn’t see her. She grabbed it and I was horrified so I made her let it go, but she got it again! Then Gable came out and it got crazy, but I never did see blood so I hope the squirrel made it?
  2. This next set all go hand in hand with each other. It starts with me and my mom driving home from the store. I’m driving and it’s dreary out, but all of the sudden she’s right in front of me and I’m in the back seat driving the car so of course I can’t see. Then the car gets a bird’s eye view like when you’re up in the elevator car thing driving around in Watchdogs 2, and driving just like I drive in it in the game, crashing into other cars and stuff. I yell at her sit down and she kind of glitches out lol.
  3. Home now, it’s still dreary out like it’s going to snow and we’re in a smaller kitchen in a house I don’t recognize. My mom is out the back door and handing things to me and my brother to put into the pantry…except the things are like condensed milk and one has a note on it saying it expired 31 years ago. I’m like, WHY DO YOU HAVE THESE?????? She looks at me, clueless, like it’s normal to have canned goods and other food from 3 decades ago. So I put them down and continue helping bring in containers and stuff to organize the pantry.
  4. Then my mom morphs into a younger Asian woman. In the same kitchen. She’s going through a bunch of trinkets and old items, pulling out a plastic piece with  baby frozen on either side of it. Then she takes another plastic piece with 4 circles on the left and some names handwritten next to them. I ask her what those are and she says they’re her adoptive children that were never able to live past 4 years old and she hasn’t seen them in a while. Apparently there’s a way to resurrect them, so I say we should do it! She says it’s not without side effect, but we decide to try it anyways. It involves eating hardboiled eggs and something else. I end up eating 1/4 of the egg and she happily says, you get to take care of one of the 4! I’m like, huh??? Lo and behold we get a phone call! She picks up the phone and scrawls a few illegible things next to their names and get all excited! Then there’s a commotion in the backyard and look out to see a sock puppet moving at the bush. The lady exclaims, that’s one of them! That’s yours! I’m like, uhhhhhh, but don’t get a chance to mull over it because a neighbor walks over and gets attacked by sock puppet kid/person/thing. The puppet-kid is really about to kill him, so I jump in and stop it, and it turns out the puppet-kid is only a sock puppet from the chest and up. The rest of him is a body wearing a blue suit. I bring him in and all of the sudden there are other monster-kids in the kitchen.
  5. Next, the lady morphs into my bf’s mom.  We’re sitting at the long kitchen table. I’m facing her. On my left is M and on the right is his adoptive sister (light-skinned black girl about late teens or early 20’s). Across the table his mom is talking to more of his adoptive brothers one of whom was just resurrected (also early 20’s) and apparently mostly Chinese but understands English and Vietnamese as she was speaking to him in a mix of the 3 languages. He was happy to be alive, chipper, and getting ready to go somewhere. He wore a yellow shirt with writing on it and was clean shaven and clean cut. He and some guys left. I turn to my bf and proceed to hug him from behind. He didn’t seem to be wearing a shirt and I made sure not to push on his belly because he doesn’t like that. I hug his chest tightly, and push my head into his back and then grab onto his legs for better grip (brushed past a nipple at this point lol dunno why my brain decided to add that detail in there…that’s how I knew he was shirtless)  and I didn’t care that his mom and other sister (and maybe other people) were sitting there with us. We were murmuring about some old neighborhoods I grew up in (Bon Air, Brighton Green) and was familiar with and he apparently knew about them too. I have to say here that I never saw his face and only knew that he was a bigger guy and Asian. His sister sitting next to me didn’t seem to like that I was his gf and that I was holding him, so she asked what we were talking about. I didn’t care and then kissed his cheek loudly. Then he gets up to go to the garage. His mom gives me a tray of raw beef and I go to put it in my backpack but the blood starts to drip everywhere so I try to put it in a plastic bag but it’s dripping all over the place and messing with the other papers and books in my bag. I’m getting ready to leave and have to catch the bus to get back home, just over to visit for a little.  He barges out of the garage excited about finishing something and then gets ready to leave himself. I say goodbye to his mom and turn around to glimpse him putting a blue stethoscope around his neck and wearing a white clinic jacket before waving excitedly to his mom and leaving. She puts a bunch of fruit on the table and wants me to take some, so I go investigate.


Analysis: I NEVER see M’s face through all of this, and honestly his “mom” didn’t look like his mom. Just some Asian lady who I  knew to be his mom. In retrospect no one looked like anyone, I just knew who they were. Last night my brother and I were watching Resident Evil 7 vids because we’re not going to buy it. That’s probably what inspired all the weird monsters. I spent the second half of the day playing Watchdogs 2 (almost done!!!) which explains the driving part and the Asian lady with kids (Auntie Shu in the game). The beef was because I was cooking with beef last night.

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Bras, Traffic, Dad, BF

Finally dreamed about my bf again. Also my dad. My mom and I were shopping for clothes, at this small, in-home/sewer/underground store. She kept asking me if I wanted this bra or that bra loudly and normally I’d be really embarrassed, but I was fine in the dream. Then she went to pay for it and we left. She shook her head saying it cost $300 and I was like let me pay for some, but she held up her hand signaling that it was OK. That was the end of the argument and we both got in her car to leave. We end up stuck in traffic and the sky is either darkening or about to rain.

Then we get home, the townhouse, and I’m sitting on the floor fiddling with something. My dad is there and he keep smacking me on my head or poking my ear, so after about the 5th time I told to stop and warned him aggressively not to do it again. In my mind I knew he’d do it again and sure enough, whap. Right on my ear. I get up to confront him and tries to physically knock me over (the way he used to sweep our feet out and knock us to the ground to show us how strong he is). At first I’m a little girl again, no match for him, but then I remembered that, actually, I’m not. I’m an adult, bigger and taller than he is and I’ve been working out. So I block his attempt to get me, and instead I move to flip him over my shoulder Aikido style (getting leverage right under his armpit) and taking him by surprise. I don’t go all the way through the move, but he gets the idea and disappears.

I am irritated and go into the half-bathroom to sit on the toilet. I start texting my bf. I calm down as the conversation goes on, and all of the sudden he texts to me “the truth” that he has low sex drive due to a medical condition. Considering this information, I text back that while I don’t require from him to be “on” every single day (and honestly prefer that not to be the case), I do need some physical loving from him. Cut to the next scene (after some road and motorcycle stuff)  and my family and M are at a vacation home. Somewhere I don’t recognize. It’s nighttime and M asks me giddily if I want to watch an erotic video with him. Obviously this is stemming from our text conversation from earlier and I guess he’s eager to please me, so I agree. My family has already gone upstairs to bed, so the two of us go into the living room. He rips off his shirt and gets onto the couch, so I join him. We ready a phone and all of the sudden I look up on the ceiling to see that my mom and sister are looking down at us and smiling! Then they burst into the room and shower us with gifts. The most notable are the scrubs they pile on us. Yes, us. My sister gives me a reversible Pokémon print scrub top and M is like, OMG THAT IS SO COOOL. He gets less than me but is extremely happy even though all the scrubs are bright and garish.

Then I wake up.

Analysis: M is apparently with us on the vacation home staying the night which is OK and I’m going to assume here that since my mom is there too that we’re married and probably just married given the dream overall and the gifts. My dad has been extremely docile in my dreams for a while so this is a change of pace here.

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