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Spiders, church

Spiders. Lots of spiders. I had a jungle of plants in pots on the deck of our old house. Interspersed were several and varied spiders of different colors and species as well as smaller insects. I was talking to my entomologist patient and he wanted me to collect them for him to ID and look at. I set about plucking them or knocking them into a container when I realized that they might prey on each other!!! Plus, they were quite large, some the size of my hand. I knocked a very aggressive one in and it started to climb out because it’s a spider and I hadn’t thought things out very well. I ran for it down the gravel driveway and while I wanted to let them loose in the thicket of trees I ended up spilling them in the stormwater line (apparently called a swale) that ran in the middle of the lawn. Oh well. Some people showed up and we played a bit. I was careful to try not to step on any of the spiders.

Then there was something about church. My mom and I were there and she talked so loudly I had to keep telling her that you shouldn’t talk so loudly in church but I was loud too, giggling at the bishop who was presiding.

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Yelling, house, yard, dog, car, police

Ugh. I could NOT sleep well last night.

I was in my mom’s house. Then we were shopping and then we went back. And I was yelling at her. A lot. The house was a complete disaster because there was so much stuff, and I just lost it. I yelled and yelled some more. She was mad at first, but then suddenly she saw the truth in it. Still annoyed, but inspired by her irritation, she cleaned everything up. I went to sleep and woke up and to my surprise, everything was tidy. Most of the excess stuff was gone. I don’t mind a little clutter because it makes a house warmer and more lived in, so I was happy, though reserved because who knows how long that would last.

Then I decided to go outside in the backyard. It was weird because instead of the moderate townhouse yard with our 6 ft wood privacy fence ringed inside by large bushes for further privacy, both sides of the fence were gone, leaving only the back part standing. In its place were low-lying stone fences. Very well made and pretty, but much too low. I followed the fence all the way back and while I initially thought our neighbors had installed it and were trying to sell their house, it extended our property all the way to the back to where the wooded path was. That’s when I thought perhaps the HOA did it? As I walked back, marveling at how much larger our property was now, the neighbor’s dog bounded up to me (no longer held in by a fence). I knelt down and pet her, exclaiming how good a dog she was and asking her why she was so matted? She bounded off again and I noted that we were going to need a lot more bushes now to make a living fence. I ran inside to tell my mom and asked her to come out. She was amazed and I walked her to the back to show her how big the property had gotten. I told her that we either construct a new fence next to their little stone retaining walls or now we could plant as many forsythias as she wanted and prune them into a living fence.

I was driving and it was super late and super dark. This one guy in a Nissan Altima was driving like a maniac and even though there was no one on the road, got very road ragey at me, so much so that he swerved around me and stopped across the double yellow to scream at me through his window. I got out to confront him and so did he, only I was a cop. I saw fear in his eyes which then turned right to rage. More screaming and how he hadn’t broken any laws at all and I had no reason to ticket him or anything. I scoffed and listed all of the laws he’d broken. Then I had him arrested and sent him away in a caged car. On the ground, I saw his car keys and picked them up. I was a rookie, so I asked dispatch or my partner what I was supposed to do with them, and was told to go to the station and drop them off. I was surprised there’d be anyone left at the station since it was 3am, but there they were. After I dropped it off, I went to leave when I heard a commotion and everyone pulled their guns. I picked a gun off the counter and aimed it in the direction everyone was pointing. While aiming, I moved to get a better look and a muscular female cop had brought in a raving and fighting perp. He was handcuffed but still going crazy. I returned the gun an went to leave to go home.

Then was I outside and it was daytime. I was standing in front of city hall or some government center. My friend J was with me and we saw her mom. I hadn’t seen her mom in a while! Her mom was in turn waiting for her son (J’s brother) whom I also hadn’t seen in years. He was a lot taller and bigger than I remember. Now I’m having a flashback of sorts back to a comic that I had drawn years ago. It was then an anime and I watched it on my computer. It was about an Indian merman monster person and his friend who was orange. It was clearly drawn in marker. Both of them were extremely muscular and it was about how the Indian one had been betrothed when he was young and was just now meeting his bride since they were of age to wed. The interesting detail was that both mermen lacked clothing and were very…um…distinctly, perkily male. I thought to myself, how embarrassing, did I really draw that?? But not only was it drawn, it was colored too! Must have been years ago! I hoped no one else could see this…

I am so unbelievably sleepy. Can’t keep my eyes open….

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Queen, Singing, Tomato plant, friend

I was in a posh palace in a small room off the cathedral-like, marble main entrance-way/nave. It was kind of dark there, looking like a private sitting room of sorts with a stone statue in the back of it. I was watering the plants with an overseer, squirting a hose. There on the pedestal of the statue was a pretty white flowering plant (looking suspiciously like the plant out front of my house) so I started spraying everything with water, not realizing until after I stopped that I’d sprayed it all over the furniture and walls too. Inside. A. Palace. We go up to get a better look at the plant. I ask where the Queen was today because she was supposed to be in this room eating food (the room I just sprayed with water….). My overseer responded sadly that she had refused all food because she didn’t like any of it and had retired to her chambers. Upon closer inspection of the plant, we were both amazed because it was a cherry tomato plant that had lots of fruit! It was really early to be having so much fruit, but there it was! The overseer said it’s probably not ripe yet, and touched a fruit to test, but it came right off in his hand! We both started smiling and then some other person tested one too that also came off easily. The three of us rushed off to the Queen’s chambers, convinced that she’ll eat that because it was fresh. We encountered the Bishop and a group of people instead and excitedly informed them about it. Everyone was ecstatic. Turns out the Queen went down to that room after all so everyone raced each other down there, wanting to be the first to tell her about the plant. The group of us had to go the regular way but the Bishop and another high-ranking official got to use the special doors. I was excited but disappointed because the high ranking people would get there first. I run around the doorway and–

–now I’m in a group meeting with those around my age. I’m one of the newest members and am unsure of whether I’m qualified or what goes on there. The group must be 50 large, just hanging around until they break up the group because there’s this big production that must be done. I get put into the layman’s group while my friend gets the honor of being one of the leaders. I go sit against the wall with the rest of us commoners, the two people beside me people that I know. We’re all crammed in together. I’m 5th from the front of the line and apparently just us 6 are the only ones focusing right now, so the conductor works with us. The first 3 are definitely accustomed to being in a choir and I realize, uncomfortably, that I’m meant to sing. I think I’m in over my head because while I’m not a bad singer, I’m for sure not professional at all. While the first 3 start singing Jingle Bells, I’m sitting here anxiety-ridden because she’s going to expect me to sing too. Sure enough, she keeps flashing me (ME!! Not the other 2 around me) looks, implying, why aren’t you singing, do you want to be kicked out? So she points at me, and I start singing along too. The words can’t be that hard, right? Jingle Bells? She’s satisfied when I start and the two beside me quietly join in too. That’s when I realize that the line is full now with the other commoners. Singing is much easier now that my voice can be hidden. The conductor stops the Jingle Bells and we move on to a different song that I don’t really know, but sing along anyways. Now it’s break time and I get up to see what my friend is doing. The bigwigs are hard at work, focused on creative portion of the production. Everyone had left while we were singing to go home and get their computers. All 6 of the those at the table had their CPU towers. I don’t want to bother them, so I look back at the line and I suddenly realize how much I have to pee. I don’t really want to though, nervous about going with strangers. There’s an inkling that I’ve seen this place in a dream before because I can already picture what the bathroom looks like.

Then I wake up.

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Family, bugs, internet frustration, cars

I dreamed that we were back where I grew up and that we were all the same age as we are now, but that life hadn’t ended up poorly for us. My dad took my siblings and me over to my aunt’s house using my mom’s current car. Despite her having a large driveway, everyone parked on the street. For some reason there were 3 other cars parallel parked in front of her house, including a Wrangler. I’m hanging around outside and my aunt is talking to someone, when I notice a red car back into my aunt’s driveway. I don’t know who it is and I don’t recognize them, but then again, I don’t recognize the other cars in front either. I just assume that we’re having some sort of party? I watch the occupants of the red car come out, a young husband and wife,  and then unload their 3 barking dogs. Now, I’m like, wait. Aren’t those the next door neighbors?? They walk their dogs into their house down a walkway they’d created to connect to my aunt’s property and disappear into the house. I’m in a fury that they have a perfectly good driveway of their own, but refuse to park in it, instead using my aunt’s! UGH!

There is movement in the front of the property now, and the other strange cars are leaving and more are coming. I’ve gone into the house now and walked around. My siblings have found my cousin and wasted no time in plopping in front of the TV to play video games. I have no desire to do that, so I go down into the garage. My aunt is there now, so I greet her. Then, to my delight, I see that my mom has arrived in a newer version of her car! I’m really happy because I don’t want to be with my dad. She comes out and I show her this weird contraption I found in the garage. It’s a neato scooter attached to top of one of those loader things at Lowes or Home Depot. We take it out the to road to try it out and I let loose enough to enjoy doing something I did a lot of as a kid. Down the hill to the cul-de-sac I ride, marveling at how the newly installed high-grade laminate ground they’ve put in place of asphalt feels. It doesn’t even scratch when I ride on it! There’s a strange patchwork of random flooring when I go back up the hill, but oh well. I bring my mom inside and there’s a bit of an awkwardness when I realize that my mom is no longer related to my aunt. My mom, aunt and I are preparing food and I try not to think about how our family got so dysfunctional.

Then I’m upstairs and it’s dark out. We’re hanging out with my cousin and I’m sitting on a bed. I look up and suddenly realize how far the property has fallen into disrepair since my aunt’s husband died and since she basically lives there by herself. The wall corners are all eaten away by termites and there is mold around that so that the drywall is coming apart. Someone had used packing tape to tape up the termite tunnel damage, but above that, more importantly, the mold is pervading. Even more, I scrutinize the ceiling again because I thought I saw something moving. Aside from the carpenter ants, there are some very long and very fast insects that suddenly start flying and jumping at me!! I scream and run for it, but some are stuck to me! I run into the room that my brother is in and complain about the bugs. Then I decide to get on my phone to try and figure out what kind of insects those are! However, it is extremely frustrating because I’ve been infested with mal-ware or ransom-ware and no matter how many times I try to search for “hatchflies” it brings me to some stupid site. No matter what I search, it keeps going back to that dumb site. I try to ask my brother for help and he’s trying to talk me through it, but I have no idea what I’m doing and my vision is not doing me any favors. He finally takes it from me and changes some settings regarding search history and refresh.

Ugh. Not fun to dream of bugs.

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Cops, running, patient, car, old house, caulk, amusement park

Here are some tidbits of dreams I no longer remember fully.

I was escaping the cops! They were chasing me and I don’t know what I did but I was running for my life! They booted me out of one vehicle and I hopped into another that just happened to be sitting there, going the opposite direction. Their cars were much faster than mine and so as we were driving on a highway bridge, I made the desperate decision while the car was moving (I guess it wasn’t in the US because I was on the right side of the car) and cops hemming in on both sides to open the door and jump off the side of the bridge. I felt fear, exhilaration and confusion as to why I was being chased like this. I could see the water coming closer and I thought I was going to be dashed upon the big rocks, but it was a dream, so I managed to direct myself into the water just short of them. Then I stood up and waded ashore, looking up to see the cops shouting at each other and at me. I wasn’t out of the woods yet. They had a clear view of where I was going even though it was dusk. Making it onto dry land, I ran through the trees and kept running. It was dark out now and I ended up across some railroad tracks in the parking lot of a Burger King. Suddenly a cop car shows up and the officer gets out and starts interrogating everyone. He goes through every person there as well as me and is about to go into Burger King to check on those people, when out of the nearby carwash walks a young black lady. Except she wasn’t a black person at all, just the culprit wearing a disguise, wig and makeup. I yell for the cop there she is! By the time he runs outside, she’s gotten into his squad car and is driving off. I hop into the passenger seat and off we go.

Then something about cars and a patient of mine in the same neighborhood. I’m driving the patient around and she needs a new car, so she ends up deciding on a car called the Chevrolet Diamond or something like that. She points at the road where I see a flat layer of dirt near the other cars parallel parked there and that will soon be her car, built literally from the ground up. I’m amazed at the technology.

Next day dream: I’m in our old house in the room I used to share with my sister and my mom is in there doing something with the windows. I get up and look at the ceiling because there’s something wrong with the paint. Turns out it’s not paint and spackle, it’s caulk, and too much of it. Clearly my dad had done this and I start making fun of it, poking at the excessive amount, when he walks into the room. I shut up instantly because he would get angry to hear me criticize him in any way. Then something happens.

Now my mom and I are sitting in my car in the rain and trying to figure out where we’re going. We’re looking at an old TV with built in VCR and I show her that we’re going to this island! Just the two us. Turns out it’s an amusement park! The big attraction for her being Temptation Island! There’s lots of shopping, too and for me an important casino. She’s really excited and we arrive there and–

–I wake up because I need to go to work. Sigh.


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Keanu Reeves, dollar bills, supermarket, outside

I was trapped in a grocery store with other people, about the size of an Aldi. One guy was the mastermind, and he looked exactly like Keanu Reeves, except that he was more silly like Michael Carbonaro. In order to escape, we had to get as much money as possible…money that was taped to everyone’s backs. I ran around as fast as possible snagging the bills off people’s backs, while trying not to have the money inevitably attached to mine taken. It seemed to never end. My predatory instincts kicked in and the other people in the market seemed to change to new blood. Finally I had enough and I tried to find Keanu Reeves to turn in the loot and escape. I couldn’t find him. I kept going up and down the aisles, but I couldn’t find him. Panic! Then, there he was. I ran up to him and proffered my big pile of dollar bills. He seemed displeased at my success and frowned at me. Soon, the place seemed very dangerous and I needed to escape. The aisles were blocked by fallen display shelves and debris. People were running everywhere! I made my way to the front, afraid to go outside, but it wasn’t guarded. Taking a deep breath, I leapt outside! FREEDOM!

It was dark outside and I didn’t recognize the place at all. As I made my way from the building behind me, I caught sight of people hanging around in the grass. Great. They were lounging until they saw me, then scrambled into their monster costumes. Guards. They were guarding the building! But I had nowhere to run because I could see more up the street. Defeated, I made my way to the group. Turns out they were nice, though. In order to leave, I needed to fill out a registration form. They bade me lay down in a body-indentation on the ground and placed a laptop on my chest with the form to fill out. The girl who was so kind and helping me out wanted to lay there with me, so I put my arm out and bade her lie down. She did so happily, and I wrapped my arm around her torso, pulling her close to me while I tried to fill out the form. She was so warm and comforting. My left side needed a body too, now and I looked around for another person to hug close, but then the others were starting to escape the building too. My cuddly time over, I get up to go home and realize I’m really far away.

Then I wake up.

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Ritual, classmates, nephew

The other day I forgot to record a significant dream and it plagued me the entire week. This is the real reason I started recording these dreams: to get them out of my head.

I was seated with my classmates in a large cafeteria-type of place. On cafeteria table/chair combos. We were listening to the authority figure as they were addressing us, and I was singled out for my role in the all-important ritual. My classmates all turned to look at me with pity or reverence or both. I donned my white gown, and with great anxiety I was escorted away to the chamber. Everyone was nervous, as this was for the sake of the population. The walk was lined with guards, and I entered the trial chamber. Inside, there was another person, a guide, I think, who was to objectively oversee my progress. I put some music on and took my seat on the bed/throne. Shortly thereafter, I received the test subject: my nephew. I had to comfort and protect him until he grew large and healthy enough in order to complete the challenge. There would be enemies, distractions and other events that would seek to cause my failure and therefore end the world. If he cried, I would fail. The temptations and distractions occurred, but I lay him on my chest. For a time I was having issues, but then I decided to flip him onto his stomach and he was happy. It was a success! I had saved the world! I emerged from the chambers, victorious and made my way back into the cafeteria. The guards all bowed to me. I entered the small chamber off the side of the auditorium, and a turncoat tried to approach, but my guards prevented them. I drew myself up, and calmed them, emerging in my light blue royal garments to face my enemy. I  was now a God and brimming with power.

Then stuff happened and we needed to escape. Into the hollow walls were a series of escape tunnels. There were scuffles and fire, but my loyal retainers sent me head and stayed back to buy me escape time. I didn’t know where to go so I just went!

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Lots of Crazy Dreams…

…that I can’t remember. For the last several days it’s been nuts with nutso dreams. I just can’t seem to remember what they’re about!

There was this one from work a few days back dealing with my boss and something kind of bad. I can’t seem to get it out of my mind, but can’t recall it either. Very frustrating.

Last night, I was at a retail store looking through clearance stuff with my mom. We go through the clothes racks, something about people, then we go through the toy section and I’m excited since my mom needs to get new toys for my nephew. Apparently there’s another 3yo that’s going to be coming soon too. The store’s toy section is dismally small and I complain to my sister. They seem to be forgoing toys these days in favor of beauty products and ear piercings. I look around at the rest of the store with irritation and then turn back to toys hoping to find something.

Then, in the middle of the toy section is my bathroom. I’m busy putting on makeup with colored pencils, pens and permanent marker. I’m by myself, but extremely happy and excited. My phone is going off somewhere, but it’s under the piles of rugs and colored implements I have going on. My wedding will start soon before I know! I have to be ready. I clean everything up, ready to go, but I need to find my phone because I know it went off. I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I’m lifting up rug after rug, the floor is so dirty with dog fur and dirt. There are different pens and other useful tools, but no phone! What?? I can’t believe this! I have to get going and now I don’t know where my spouse-to-be is or what he needs! I set off to find someone who knows things, then I wake up.

Earlier there was some dream about the US Capitol being on it’s own private island, because everything is on an island now. Then something really bad happens and time passes. I look at the island while swimming and boating in the endless water, only to see that it has been completely overrun by trees. We make our way over to it, to see if we can 1) find survivors, 2) find out what happened and 3) loot anything. Haha. I look around and see that the trees are all over the building and surrounding areas, but not on any asphalt. Cars have all long been immobilized. I exclaim that this is so fake, so fake because plants would totally have busted through asphalt. We go into the darkness of the Capitol which is now headquarters to a powerful group. I end up in the supermarket, which is Target. I’d come out to look for snacks, going through their chips aisle and trying to decide what kind of Cheeto brand item I want (there are A LOT to choose from). I go up to the cashier line which is long. Another lady calls me over and I’m happy. Then she tells me, “You may not realize it, but I’m the owner of this establishment.” I’m like, OK, neato. She rings me up and tells me that she knows exactly who I am because I always come with “that man.” I ask if she means my brother, and she just says, “that man,” kind of derisively. Then I bid her a good day and she says she’s sure to see me again soon with “that man.” I go by the vending machines and can’t believe my eyes at how much they’ve gouged prices since the apocalypse. A box of teeth whitening costs about $300 among other things like fruit drinks. Everything int he vending machine is at least $250. I continue to wonder what happened and then…

…I guess it melds into the retail store shopping part.

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“Work,” competition, friend, walking, villain, torture

I was at work, but it seemed more like school. I’m paired up with another hygienist and each group has their own table. My partner was not there that day, so I was performing the task by myself. I don’t remember clearly all the details, but I’d put on my own music for my station and got to work on all the objectives. For some reason it was about dissecting or carving or something to a recently killed subject on the table. I’d done very well on my own. Gotten a good grade and proud of myself. Then it was the real test. I had a partner this time around and it was a competition with the rest of the class to see who’d come up with the best project the fastest. We got our assignments (in the vein of Chopped and other Food Network shows) and everyone ran off to gather the provided materials. My partner and I quickly sketched out what we wanted and went to gather things. I seemed to be moving slowly but surely unlike everyone else who were freaking out. I got my music player to set up some music, construction paper, glue. Then, I decided to look at the blue binder on our workstation to find out all the rules. I carefully read through it, something I don’t think anyone else did, and found the scoring guide. When my partner finally returned with materials, I told her to get started and I would go next door to the fishing pond to get the fish we’d need. It was super crowded in there and the best fishing spots taken. I threw my line in anyways and caught a stingray. Everyone looked on in awe. I put that in my pocket and then moved to another hole where 2 boys were trying to find anything. I got my line all messed up and then suddenly went down into the power plant right next door. No one had gone yet, all tied up with their fishing, so I did, thinking I’d have time once they were all done. Some of the kids followed me and went to the right. It was getting crowded at the objective zone, so I decided to go where they hadn’t gone yet. I saw loads of explosives sitting around this giant metal door. Video game logic would have me blow it up, and lo and behold, one of the items given to me was an old hand cannon. I aimed it, fired and it blew up! I aimed and fired again, and there was a hole. I rush in because the commotion had garnered the kids’ attention and I see a big hole in the ground. Deep down, I can see the girl that was on our optional objective. If I can grab her, we’d get a 200-500 point bonus! I take out my fishing pole before anyone else can and eagerly try to hook her head. The other boys are wishing I’d fail so they could snag her, but I’m successful! Woohoo! In my pocket she goes!

I’m trying to get to work, so I’m driving a strange road I don’t remember. Everyone’s driving crazy and then all of the sudden I’m walking instead. There’s an anxiety that I’m not going to make it to work on time, so I try to find the fastest way there (still very unfamiliar place to me). I see an old friend from M high school, and so I catch up to her. She’s about to go up a road that is more than certainly a shortcut–and when I say up, I mean, up. She’s moving fast, so I grab onto her back as she makes one-handed consecutive jumps up this almost vertical inclining road. Another old classmate from the same school had grabbed on to my back too. I see the frustration in my friend’s face, but she can’t stop, moving so quickly as she is. Right when we’re about to reach the last, highest grab spot, she misses. In my mind I’m like, well crap, we made her too heavy. So we’re all 3 falling down to our dooms, when my brain says, nah, and rewinds time to before we start he ascent. The road wall is now gone and by the time I’ve come to my senses, both acquaintances are long gone and I can’t follow them. The only thing left is a skeleton frame of the ridiculous ascending road, so I do the most obvious thing and try my own hand at it. My friend must have been a werewolf or vampire because just like in real life, I can’t even support my own weight on one rung let alone jump one armed up. Instead, I walk along the sidewalk to the nearby building which looks kind of like a college except it’s a huge, fancy business building with restaurants.  At this point I’ve lost so much time, I pull out Google Maps on my phone and start wandering in the general direction of work. The business park is amazingly confusing and I end up going through parking garages, interior roads, factory and manufacturing places, a stark white laundry area, etc. There are people in these places and everyone stares but doesn’t say anything. I try to walk like I know what I’m doing.

Finally, I end up in a dark room with 6 other people. Somehow I know that this is where I was meant to end up, but then I disappear and start to see it all in 3rd person, like a movie. The people gathered look terrified and they should be because the villain walks in, a big, menacing man. He identifies all of them and as it turns out he’s been blackmailing and stalking all the people there for quite some time. Then he gathered them all there so he could play a grisly game with them. Two are siblings that don’t seem to like each other, and many of them seem so far gone with terror that it’s like they’re brainwashed to be his subjects. Some evil dialogue occurs and he suddenly rounds on one of the young siblings, telling her that he’s going to torture her with the help of the other men in the group and by the end she’s going to be begging for mercy. He doesn’t mean the girl he’s talking to, but her sister who seems to be the only one who’s still got her wits about her. As they start the torture session, the sane sister tries desperately to look the other way and cover her ears, but it’s impossible. She fights to muffle her own sobs and tears. I, being the ghost observer, bite my lip, and try to go see what they’re doing to the girl who seems to be enjoying this. I go in and see that the villain has cut her all over her body with a sharp knife. There is blood all over the girl’s white clothes. She is sitting on a stainless steel table with the dark clothed men all around her and the villain in front. She’s looking up at him, smiling and saying how good he is at torturing. It was extremely disturbing and–

–I woke up.

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Doctor’s office, old acquaintances, dancing, singing

I head into my super busy doctor’s office (unfamiliar) and go to sign in. While realizing that I’m about an hour and a half early, I notice that my old friend has an appointment later! I’m stoked to see her again as it has been years, so I go settle myself down in a chair. I happen to sit next to a couple who I think recognize me, but I don’t acknowledge them, pulling out my phone, a portable keyboard and some headphones. I want to plug in the headphones and play with the keyboard but I fail and end up playing aloud for about 10 minutes before I realize my mistake. The couple beside me aren’t mad, just humored. Another guy sits down on my other side after a while, but I’m trying to mind my own business with my keyboard and phone. When I finally look up, I’m surprised to see that it’s another old friend I haven’t seen in forever! He seems much older, has stubble, extremely tanned, and is also inches from my face. It doesn’t bother me though, and we exclaim at each other. I told him that our friend is coming too and I start scanning the waiting the room. It’s super busy like a hospital when I spot her. She’s just like how she was when I last saw her, except that I know all the history in between. I pop up to go visit her and to my disappointment she’s, as usual, surrounded by her friends. She excitedly says hi to me, but I’m not going to get an audience with her it seems. I tell her that her friend Megan is around too and point her out. My old friend hops up to go over there and then it’s suddenly my turn for an appointment.

I guess since I’d been waiting for so long, they let me back first, but the girl said my name so softly (or we were just too loud) I didn’t hear it at first. I go back and she takes my weight which for some reason is 133 pounds. Dude. I haven’t been that weight in YEARS, so I’m a little worried about having lost so much weight. She then proceeds to say a few things that rubs me the wrong way and I decide that she’s not a very nice medical assistant. In the room is another medical assistant and they argue with each other for a while.

Suddenly there are 7 other people in the room and Dr. H (a specialist) appears. I hadn’t realized I was going to be seeing him! He gathers everyone into the open side of the room and turn on some music. Looks like we’re doing some team building exercises now! We all start pairing off and dancing with each other to the music. I chose a girl because the male to female ratio is off. It’s all fun and we stop, standing in a line. Josh Groban’s version of “All I Ask of You” comes on and I start singing along with it. People start giving me funny looks and I realize that I’m singing the male and female parts. I don’t care, though, because I love that song. Then I grab one of the guys and dance with him. The next song is another of my favorites, Rascal Flatts “From Time to Time” which no one else knows except me. I grab another guy to dance with and try to sing it, but it just seems to come out offkey. I don’t seem to mind, I’m having too much fun!

Aaaaand I wake up with soundtracks in my head.

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