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Car, dog, video game

I’m with my family and I’m driving my old car (with my mom’s license plate on it). I pull into a parking lot in a shopping center and my mom and I get out to go grocery shopping. The store allows dogs and I have my new dog, a Boston Terrier, with me (bulldog type) on a blue harness. We look at some dog treats and I can’t make up my mind so we go to the fitting rooms to test a treat out. I walk into the area and there are a few workers sitting at tables having a meeting. I see in a vacant room that someone else had tried a dog treat bag, and just left it on the floor. Suddenly I get cold feet about trying treats out because it felt wrong, so I pick up the Boston Terrier, cradling him? her? in my arms and go out to find my mom. I show her the way I’m holding the dog and say that they like it, and carry all 25lbs of it (getting heavier and heavier) around. We end up in either a different store or a different part of the store, still looking at dog treats. This place has shelves and products that go almost up to the ceiling. I spend time looking at the ingredients and my mom sees a little binder they’re selling about how to care for dogs (the cover looks like a license plate with silly sayings on it). She keeps asking me if I need one of the books and I repeat myself several times saying no, I don’t, I know how to take care of my dogs, thank you very much. But they talk about worms! No, I’m fine, thanks. Then we leave–the Boston Terrier is walking on its own now–and it’s gotten rather dark. Not night yet, but very close to it. I’m looking for my car, but have forgotten where I parked it, but spot it in the distance. My mom complains that we went the long way and I’m like, yeah I forgot where we parked, but it didn’t help that my brother had moved the car, while waiting for us. We get in, and I speed away like I always do when I drive, commenting about the automatic transmission as opposed to a CVT. As I come up to the light, a double turn lane, I overshoot the light sensor and end on asphalt that’s been milled, so I put it in reverse and back up. Just my luck that someone else is driving up behind me, so I stop. A big SUV and other cars start cutting in front of me, so I follow the car in front of me and get into the other turn lane. Light turns green and I shoot off after the other cars when suddenly it’s pitch black and I’m driving down this amazingly windy, downhill, part paved, part dirt road at about 80 miles an hour, dodging pedestrians and other cars as I follow traffic. Then the camera changes altogether to bumper cam and I can’t see a darn thing, except that there’s a police chase going on and I’m still trying to figure out my viewing camera and WTF is going on. Then it changes again to dual screen where the upper screen is the bumper cam craziness with blue lights and all, while the bottom cam is a top down of me in bit graphics having ditched the car and running into a series of tunnels underground. There are bosses I need to defeat while trying my hardest to get away. Soon it’s just the bottom screen that’s the focus and I’m trying to get items in chests while escaping with limited time on the clock. Obviously the items are just a lure. I hit turrets, dodge bosses and finally get out the other side of the cave towards the light.

Then there’s this convoluted, complicated series of platformer type video game adventures, and I end up driving around on an island. Old school, not many modern amenities. My sister is there and has been bitten by a very toxic bug. Something about the trunk of an old sedan, and not spreading the virus/bacteria to the mainland. Some swimming between islands, boats and sand. I can’t for the life of me remember it. Or maybe that was before the other adventure?

I didn’t even touch video games this weekend!


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Song, tomato, assassin, bathroom

I hate bathroom dreams…they’re the worst! But let’s start the farthest back I can remember.

Somehow I had gotten my hands on 2 assassin’s creed articles of clothing! One was a woman’s long skirt, yellowish, flowing and with the Assassin’s emblem on it. The other was a man’s pants. Contrary to myself, I chose to wear the long skirt because it seemed more like the game! Even within the dream as I was either running away or towards something with a friend, I kept telling them that I never wear skirts, ever, but long skirts are OK (especially when it’s like the Assassins). There was this long stretch of stone road, empty next to the water. It led to a large stone gate of some sort and I sprinted down the way towards this arch either trying to assassinate someone or to get away from someone. There was a minor cutaway to an alternate time when I wore the pants instead, but my brain decided it liked the skirt better.

Jump to a backyard deck. It was large and the yard itself was a decent size, backed by trees. The sky was gray and getting to be evening time, but threatening to rain at the same time. I had all sorts of plants growing there and I vaguely remember some spider webs on them because the mosquitoes were attacking my flesh. Not uncommon. I go back inside and I can’t remember what happened here, but all of the sudden I’m back on the deck but this time my brother is with me and I’m exclaiming about all the fruits! The deck was butting up to the neighbor’s deck too and I think they had some plants, but not like mine. There was a pomegranate plant, tomato plant, and 3 trees of some sort of fruit. I only know that because I took my phone out and tried to take this cool outline photo of the 3 trees against the dusk sky. Try as I might I couldn’t get my hands to remain steady, so they all came out somewhat blurry, but rather cool. I pick a very ripe pomegranate off the tree, so ripe that it was starting to mold and fell right off the plant. I couldn’t wait to tell my mom about the plants. I took another look at the tomato plant, bursting with tomatoes and realized to my tremendous delight, that the thing I mistook for a very hardcore spider web was actually a massive round tomato (they were all green at the moment) almost guarded by the web. Like, easily 5x the size of the other tomatoes. I was thrilled beyond anything ever and took the pomegranate inside the house. My mom decided to move everything off of the deck so that I could power wash and re-seal the wood. I exclaimed that it’s too early because it’s still summer, the tree isn’t gone yet and also, I have to go to work, it’s not like I have the summer off, but I help bring things in.

Once further inside the house, we were on vacation. It was our first day at the beach house. I was wearing my swimming things and it was night so time to time to sleep. The bathroom I was using turned out to be the smallest thing you have ever seen with the oddest setup ever. When you walk in you see a very nice vanity (the bathroom must have just been renovated) facing the door, but it’s not backing a wall, behind it (not centered, just behind it) is the toilet and not 5 inches in front of that is the tub. I really had to poop and I needed to hurry up and poop so I could sleep or go somewhere, so I start pushing and standing on the vanity. Body doesn’t want to cooperate. Then the lights go out and I jump down and out to tell my brother to go flip the breaker. He says it’s not the switch, and realizes the problem is that he turned on the ceiling fan in his room. Whatever, it works now, so I go back and close the door and get on the sink again. Then it occurs to me that there’s a toilet in the bathroom, I just hadn’t seen it, so I go wedge myself around the vanity to sit on this cramped toilet. Colon finally starts giving and suddenly I realize that I never took off my swimming shorts. Oops. So I take those off and am finally properly using the toilet, but now I have to go wash my swimming stuff. Sigh. I get up to jump into the bath to take a shower and I wake up.

haaaate poop and pee dreams. The dream ended because I was afraid of what I was doing in real life. Every time through the night a dream would change I’d get background music from Taylor Swift: Wildest Dreams. 

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Beach, aunt, bf, fire, beans

Yesterday’s dream (or was it 2 days ago…?)still resonates with me because it was so vivid. It started out on a very crowded and windy beach. I wanted to go to the water instead of hanging out on the sand, but my family told me that the water was to dangerous to get into. I went to see it anyways, maybe trailed by my dogs. Standing in the vegetation buffer I could see what they were talking about: the band of water was very fast flowing and the cars driving in it were being tossed around like toys. Yes. Cars. The wind was unbelievably strong there but I refused to go back and against everyone’s advice went headlong into the waves, only to end up in an underground series of tunnels or even the other side of the world. Either way it was dark, secluded, but full of houses and businesses all nestled in cavelike indentations? People were walking around in the bustle of every day activity and as I walked along, I found my aunt whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. She was so very happy to see me and not only came up to hug me, but stayed at my side as she steered me around the area. I have to say that in real life she has never been that kind of person. In the dream I kept trying not to hit her padded boobs to no avail and they were very foamy. As it turned out she owned a jewelry store/spa and when I told her I needed to get back to my family she was sad, but asked me to come visit her.

Last night/this morning my boyfriend took me out to eat at the mall where he went to order food. He ordered himself at first a plate of fries for me and a beef patty without the bun, but then relented and ordered a cheeseburger for himself. Then for me a plate of beans. Having no say in this, my face must have reflected my feelings, but the workers there assured me that he had my back because he’d ordered me beans!! Because that makes him an amazing boyfriend! Then after that we took our food outside in the frigid snowstorm where he started a fire. I had a tree branch that I broke into little twigs and he started feeding the fire with it, but it fizzled out in the wind, so he poured some gasoline and lit that, but the fire travelled along the gas trail and we had a small fireball going. He unhurriedly went to get snow to put on it, but instead of using snow around us, he went and took it from a nearby camp. I wandered over to the other camp too and found that they were looking for someone who’d gone on an expedition and hadn’t come back. Turns out he wasn’t too far away from our own camp and not dead! …I never got to eat my beans.

There were other dreams involving giant brand generic laundry pods, packing to go to the beach, and navigating the dark waters full of bad guys but having cheat code powers that made me omnipotent.

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RV, packing for the beach

I don’t remember the chronology here much, but it definitely involved Dr. S driving a humungous RV the size of a tractor trailer around my childhood home of Snowhill for fun. I complained because he was making tire marks in my beautiful grass. And then inside the house in my old room shared with my sister, I was trying to pack stuff to go to the beach, but I kept being unable to find essential things like my bathing suits. There were plenty of shorts to wear though. Couldn’t fit it all in one bag so I had to pack my side backpack with either DVDs or video games. Meanwhile my BiL was in there sitting with me because my sister was taking a shower or off doing something, and I whispered to him that vacationing with my dad sucks and driving with him is even worse…not to mention that it would be in a giant RV. My dream self had a mental image of plowing over people on the highway. So apparently we were going to the beach but HE was coming along? My mom shows up at the doorway to say that this will be fun and I told her that it would have been more fun without HIM. She looks at me surprised and I ask her to remember to how much fun we’d had in the past without him.

The analysis: The feelings of resentment even in my dream are strong! For some reason whenever he is in my dream somewhere everyone makes him out to be this calm awesome guy, so that my dream self will have to sit there are remind everyone that this isn’t the case, which is interesting because of anyone my mom has the most and deep seated resentment for the man. My childhood home figures prominently in my dreams with vivid images and memories of small details like the intensity of the light bulbs, although of late I’d not dreamed about it…this was probably the first time in several months that I can remember. I wonder what brought that on? Other houses show up in my dreams too, but not nearly as often. The new development is that my BiL has appeared! haha.

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