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I think I was in a movie where I was one of the stars or at least the main character group. We were on a special mission. The large squad was driving our armored cars on the route I take to work. It was summer. Just as we were turning at a light up a hill, a massive quadcopter chupped up above us all and the machine transformed so that we could see the 2 operators inside. It was the arch nemesis! The crazy lady! She broadcast her evil plan loudly and then laughed maniacally as the quadcopter flew away. Our mission was set! We all had to try and contain the infection she intended to spread all over the area. The entire team split up and raced off to their destinations to help cover more ground faster. I took my partner and me up the road just a little (it wasn’t a busy suburb anymore, but farm land) and turned down a dirt road where I knew a small rural settlement was. The chance was a bit smaller that she’d infect them, but I had to check because I was responsible for this particular zone. We ride up in our big SUV and it turns out that they were blissfully unaware and were having a festival. I assume it was for the Lunar New Year, given all the Asian stuff being sold there. Our vehicle was too large, but no one batted an eye, so we just “patrolled” like it was routine. As I suspected, there was no evidence of any infection, so we left.

Then, all of the sudden I was walking through a mall. It was getting dark and I was still doing my duty as protector of the area. Nothing really suspicious was going on, but I came upon a very small school-like operation where they were selling stuff as a fundraiser for their group. This group belonged to a friend of mine that I’d never met in person because he’s all the way on the other side of the country. I looked through their stuff and wow, they were really cute! Plushies and neato things, but the price tag was ridiculous. I know they were trying to spin a profit but doggone if I was going to pay $73.99 for a turtle plushie. I just smiled, pretending to consider, and then trying to distract them by asking what the guy was drawing.

Then I had to get up and let Gable out to the bathroom

Now I was in a neighborhood. It was sunny. I kept driving back and forth and back and forth and seeing a setup in front of a house about using corn ethanol as car fuel. The last time I drove by to go somewhere, there were 4 nuns with boxes asking for donations and demonstrating how to create baking soda out of almonds. It was getting dark and I happened to be walking by this time. The 4 nuns were now 4 priests, but not just any priests…dark priests. You knew they were dark because their cossacks were a deep purple. Each priest had an animal affiliation. Something bad happened and now I was in  building. There had been a murder or something atrocious and I was standing in front of the scene of the crime. With the lights on, the room wasn’t particularly exciting, just stone walls, some torches, stone floors, some wooden chairs. The priests seemed innocent, just doing their religious normal. We all left and stood in front of the room. Someone turned off the lights of the room to save energy and there was a group of 5 standing with me there. I had my headlamp on, because I guess I was an investigator? The 5 people were probably my coworkers, but where just shadowy, detail-less entities, except one of them who was my newest co-worker. She asked me if I noticed anything weird and how the investigation was going. I happened to look into the dark room with my headlamp shining and realized something crazy! I told E to look into the room with me (trying to shine around the others who were standing still and blocking the way) and when I moved my headlamp around, the light would reflect a shining purple on images on the stone wall. There was also a suspect lectern in the corner! The large shining image was that of a wolf-head!!! Gosh darn that was one of the priests’ affiliation animals!!! They flipped the light back on and restarted the investigation, closing the door this time. I suspected that there would be more murders in each of the priests’ respective ritual chambers.

But for now, I needed to go pee, so I opened the door and closed it behind me. There on the floor was either a sloth or some such animal crawling on the floor. It snagged it’s claw on my foot which hurt a lot, but it was just a cute animal. Unbeknownst to me, it was one of the priests in animal form… I popped into the bathroom and sat down and peed on the toilet (I hate bathroom dreams). As I was going, I see the claw of the animal reaching under the door and trying to lift the door up. Now I was getting freaked out, but I couldn’t stop peeing! It squeezed it’s body under the door and reaching maliciously out towards me (still peeing). I FREAKED OUT, but couldn’t stop peeing. I was almost done, but it was also mostly in the small bathroom!! Finally I yelled for someone and someone opened the door just as I had jumped up off the toilet and trying to pull up my underwear. When the door was opened, the creature pretended to be innocent and harmless again.

–That’s when I jolted awake because I was late.


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Mouse, driving, cars, light, gift shop

First, there was some really action packed dreaming dealing with statues, jumping from high places, hiding, escaping and possible fighting.

I was driving around, trying to relocate a rat or a mouse I’d found in the bathroom. It seemed related to my earlier espionage-type dream and while I didn’t want to kill it, it could not be allowed to stay close either, and I couldn’t release it nearby because it would 1) try to get back into the house and 2) someone else would kill it. The drive was frustrating because with so much deforestation, there weren’t too many places to release the thing without risking it getting into someone else’s house or getting found or killed by those who wanted it dead. I eventually come upon a heavily wooded, older suburban neighborhood. Their HOA is doing grounds work, blowing leaves and such all around. I stop my car on the side of the road in some grass and get out, making my way through them and into the trees. They looked at me, but don’t say anything and I just acted like I belong here. I left the currently drugged rodent under some leaves (away from predators) near a water source and a bunch of trees and brushes. Hopefully the bugs wouldn’t start eating it and it’d wake up soon. My job is done and I hop back into my car, with a nervous conscience.

I’m driving again, and it’s dark. It’s nighttime and I’m still in this faraway wooded, old area. I don’t know where I’m going, I’m just driving straight. I think I’ve lost those tailing me by now and honestly it doesn’t matter because there’s a heaviness in my heart I can’t shake. At first there’s only one other car on the road, but soon these crazies start zooming up and around, passing us driving on the one-lane-in-either-direction road. I see flashing lights and see a school bus letting kids off. The fools just drive around it like it’s not there, and me and another car are patiently waiting like we’re supposed to. I grumble to myself about it and as I continue down the road, I see the telltale blue flashing lights. I’m happy and hoping they at least caught one of them, while slowing my own speed down. I’m trying to rubberneck, but all I see is a school-aged girl wearing a purple t-shirt and striped leggings, carrying her backpack and crying. She runs across the road in front of me and I’m glad that my car is small and that I’m driving slowly. I continue on my way, everyone having left me in their dust and I’m back to being tired and depressed. Soon, the visibility is terribly black even though my lights are on. I start trying to use my high beams, but even that doesn’t penetrate the darkness well. Finally I stop because I see in the dimness of my high beam, a little boy wearing the blue octopus head I had my girl wear for Halloween run out and pick something off the ground in front of me. I tell him that I like his hat and at that moment, I realize that I’m driving a motorcycle and it’s raining. No wonder it has been so dark! I whip out my phone to look at Google Maps, and find that I’ve somehow managed to drive all the way to the end of the road which is a dirt driveway of a home. The boy’s dad comes out and I tell him I’m just leaving. So I prepare my super headlamp, since that’s probably going to be much brighter than my bike’s lights will be. I’m worrying, though, that it’ll bother the other motorists eyes with its brightness.

I ride the opposite way through lots of rain and vending machines, and end up on the opposite end of the road which is in the mountains and a natural tourist spot. Something about conservation of the waterfall, mines, animals, rocks and such. It’s morning now. I go through the place and it’s not very busy. I overhear them saying that their financial situation is dire and I feel bad because no one these days cares much about the environment anymore. Knowing this, I look around their giftshop for something to buy. I see lots of greyhound stuff everywhere and I spend so much time it’s dark again and now the store is bustling with business! The workers there act like they know me well. I end up choosing 3 items: a small dog figurine for $1.99, a cute animal mason jar thing for $8.99 and a cute, soft plain colored bag (great for when I’m hopping on my bike like I did earlier…why hadn’t I packed a bag?) for 566 cents. Cents. Exactly. I don’t know. I’m thinking to myself as I walk around, that I’m so glad I chose this vacation because it’s so cheap! So much cheaper than the beach. It only cost me about $200 so far! I end up walking around in the live fish section and I’m going to leave to pay, when I see the t-shirts and…

…I wake up.

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Cousin’s Wedding, Prairie Dogs

We were on our way to my cousin’s wedding. When we got there, I had to hang out in this public spot. The place seemed more like the inside of a department store instead of a hotel or a home, the surroundings similar to a post-apocalyptic scene than anything else. Our designated waiting areas were walled off by anything around, like store shelving, book cases, etc. Anyways, I was in my spot vaguely with my family and one of my aunts show up with my youngest cousin. He has a disability, and my aunt seemed very very tired. He was making more noise than he should have but my aunt’s glazed and vacant eyes showed she pretty much wasn’t there. I talked to her a bit and she seemed sad, while my cousin was in the corner of my vision. He started screaming and crying and my aunt didn’t do anything, so he went over to a group of heavyset Latina women nearby and they were exclaiming over him, then asked if he was hungry and then the biggest woman decided to breastfeed him. I was like, uhhhhhh, and it took a while to snap my aunt out of it, and instead of being appalled, she just sighed, rolled her eyes and went to deal with it. I turned away, my attention drawn to the other family members starting to aggregate. Then it was time for everyone to head outside to the ceremony? Rehearsal? Pictures? I had no idea. Now this place looked more like a country club! I made my way out and had decided, having waited for so long earlier, to change out of the skirt I’d been wearing into pants. My aunt caught up with us and asked me where I’d gotten the skirt I was wearing before, like she liked it. I didn’t really answer her, and so she told me that next time I should braid the little long fringes at the bottom the next time and went ahead. When I saw my grand aunt coming out in a skirt, herself, I was like, oh, uh oh, is this not just the rehearsal? She asked me where my skirt was I said back there, then my mom told me to go put it on! Now! I’d be ruining the pictures! So I ran back (apparently I wasn’t wearing shoes either, just the pantyhose), through the doors, my male cousins standing at the doors, and actual ushers at the other doors. One was trying to prevent an unauthorized guest from entering and I ran past them. I put on the skirt I was wearing before (not the jean skirt, the tannish whitish one with the fringes), found some shoes and ran back. By the time I made it back outside I was super late. Then it was over and we went back to “our area” where I proudly told my mom that everyone liked my skirt, even though it wasn’t anything expensive at all, just a $30 one.

Now I was at a house as an inspector’s assistant. There had been a complaint about this man placing  prairie dog traps. He was only allowed 3 and he’d set up 15 around his house suburban home. We go to confront him, and he claimed he had no idea. We go through all the paperwork with him and my boss goes to demonstrate how it works and turns out, the inspector dives into ground and into the pipe of the trap to extract the animal.

Then we try to load my entire family into my car to go somewhere. I was like, huh? HOW?? My grand aunt is sitting in the driver’s seat and trying to leave enough space for me to sit there. No. Then my brother and sister pipe up that, whoohoo we have to use two cars!! I was like, obviously…

There was some repeating scene where I was supposed to meet my cousin and his fiancée, but I could never make it complete. It would just stop and keep trying.

And then I woke up.

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water, plane, bears, hideaway, dog, bridge, sweetgum tree

Wow what a night!

On the edge of a wood near suburbia, some other person and I were exploring and began building a hideaway system that ran for several miles. It was mostly made of wood and started small, but it kept getting bigger in some spots. So, basically it was a series of tunnels, or fortified walkways that linked bigger room-type spaces. The danger aspect wasn’t too bad as we were out near the woods, but it was present. The beginning of the project was scarier than the later because by the end of the project we were very confident in our skills and supplies. You could see between the slats in the wood, but we had all the amenities inside like rugs, counters, chairs, couches, food, etc. There was even a dog that came by and eventually became ours. It was a Corgi-like dog and I didn’t want to keep it at first because dogs make noise and would attract danger, but this dog was great and I spent a lot of time playing with it while it was lying on its back. At an expansion point, we threw open the wooden wall onto hinges and were about to build a new set of tunnels.

Then I was walking around in some water. It was a lake and the water came up to around my knees or so, maybe deeper in some spots, but you could see the bottom for the most part. I was going after some pieces of beef jerky littering the floor of the lake. My mom wanted to find some good meat for the dogs. I waded in after her just to be close enough in the event I was needed, but soon, I found something interesting: a beef jerky/large tree branch with an axe stuck to one end of it. I pulled it out of the water for a closer look and the axe didn’t come with it, but I laughed out loud at what I saw on it. My brother happened to have walked up to me at that point and I showed him the tiny little crab sitting on it, no doubt having dropped the axe it was carrying. It was fascinating and absurd at the same time. We put it back in the water, it grabbed ahold of its axe again and the piece of wood continued to move along the water. I followed the path, using my phone to record it all. Then I wanted a picture and had my brother pick it up again while I snapped a few photos of the crab which didn’t like having its picture taken.

We then get to later, when my coworker friend took me to a different lake and we waded into that. She said that I should sit down in the water and cool off with her, and I was like, beh, I don’t want to, but then I fell and ended up in the water anyways. She laughed and said, well there you go and I was irritated. Oh well, so I get into the water and it started raining or having some crazy weather/ water thing going on. I don’t know what possessed me to swim to the other end of the lake, but then the event started getting BAD and I was getting sucked into an A/C unit that was pulling in the overflowing water towards itself in torrents. My sister grabbed me and rescued me, as apparently she was a better swimmer, and I tried to help by pushing off with my tippy toes on the bottom of the lake since I was taller and with bigger leg muscles.

Then I was on a plane. Or at least I think it was a plane, some sort of transportation with strange seating. It was late, too, and there were business men traveling home. I guess it wasn’t too crowded so 3 of the men asked if they could stretch out and lay down to sleep during the trip. The attendant was flustered and didn’t know how to manage all of these people being rude and worrying about the other passengers. I offered my own advice to the logistics of using the seats as beds, but people just stared at me. I moved to my place which happened to be on the other side of a weird, large pillow barrier with a smiley face or some other cutesy design on it. Unfortunately, the little alcove there seated 4 and I had to be near these 2 babies. Evil. Babies. A male and female, that had the faces of adults and were maliciously singing with each other about how they were planning to use their baby statuses and genius brains to destroy people. The male one was saying that he looked like a girl, so people would be unassuming around him and honestly it was all a bit inappropriate and lewd. In the middle of their singing I got up to use the bathroom because I really had to go, but I could still hear their singing and planning.

Now I’m driving around near some suspension bridges, a rerun dream of sorts. In this one, I needed to keep Guan Yu alive, which I had failed the last time I tried this, so instead of turning right, we took a left. The Guan Yu character stopped, and I could clearly see the sniper hiding in the trees, waiting for him. I parked his car and my car around him to try and block any sniper attack, and found some other people to move their cars around him too. I could tell that this time I was successful in preventing his death for a little longer at least….

…then I woke up to use the bathroom because my bladder was about to burst.

Back in bed and back into dreamland, now I’m dreaming about the We Bare Bears. Grizz and Panda. I didn’t see Ice Bear anywhere. We were walking along in a forest and then had to stay overnight in a cabin. I showed them to their rooms and Grizz was really gung ho about everything. When we woke up the next morning to continue our adventure, Grizz started to get dizzy and weak because he was so hungry. My operator told me to look for birch trees because the sugar in the bark was exactly what Grizz needed, but there were no birch trees around and this was an emergency. Suddenly, Grizz fell over onto his back and I looked up to see a sweetgum tree! The leaves and gumballs were so high up, but we started fashioning slingshots and shooting at the tree. Somehow I got rubberbands and shared them with the bears. The slingshot escapade turned into a defense instead of retrieval of young gumballs and it was rather fun. I was using 3 rubber bands and smashing some bugs with them, the best shot of the three.


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Date, alligators, friend, neighborhood, dental

I walk into what’s supposed to be my house only to find to my horror that it was completely overrun by alligators. They were mostly small alligators but alligators nonetheless. Gators mixed with another animal that I now can’t remember but were relatively harmless, small and cute. I’m thinking small hippos but I could be wrong. Anyways, I have to fix the problem so I start picking up the nicer hippos and trying to pick up the small gators and putting them into containers, but they’re mean! And I’m scared!

Cut to some dream about 2 adult males and a woman…all interested in each other, love triangle, back and forth a some skin showing but nothing overtly graphic.

Then I’m walking around in my (unfamiliar) neighborhood. The foot traffic is tremendous here! I notice little details about my neighbors and find that I have an old friend from HS living nearby with her sister. Obviously her parents have moved and left the house to their kids. That’s really nice, I think to myself. I study the people wandering around and then I head back to my place because its dark out. Yet more gators. Just gators this time. I’m exasperated and start putting them in containers again but this time they’re even meaner and so I’m like, nope, and walk out of the house. I end up sitting on a covered, carpeted staircase that is part of the sidewalk and peeing because I can’t navigate the house. Just as I thought I was clear I hear people using the stairs behind me and something nudge my back. Turns out it’s a little dog, so trying to buy myself time to finish peeing so I can get out of the way of the dogwalker and her mom, I start petting it. Weirdly its face looks creepily like its owner’s face so I comment on that light heartedly and also notice that even their teeth misalignment is similar. Strange. But I’ve finished peeing and successfully distracted them so I run off.

That’s when I end up in a car with an old suitor. He’s taking me on a date to DC. He’s also wearing a nice suit and I’m just in my usual casual stuff. He’s very controlling and adamant about us doing things. Honestly, I know he’s got a happy relationship and I’m currently not interested in one, so I didn’t want to go but he was VERY insistent, so I go. We get out of the car, it’s nighttime, and he goes straight for this one tourist place. It’s like a museum, but like an acting museum if you will? So we’re in there and I’m enjoying myself, taking in everything (I LOVE museums) as the nerd that I am,  and we come up on an exhibit. They’re showing us something and I’m up front and I’m freaking out because it’s TINIEST little animal (there are other animals too…gators….what is up with the gators? But this critter is just adorable)!!!! I’m down looking at it, marveling at it (there’s a small crowd behind us that is the tour group we’re with), up close and personal. He’s there too, looking, but all of the sudden he tells me that he’s bored, so let’s leave. I’m like, guh, but he’s my ride so what am I supposed to do. I get up and leave with him with everyone else looking at us in disbelief. I try I hid my face because I’m embarrassed. We leave and I’ve had just about enough of him. The night life there is very busy as if there is a festival going on. He starts walking around and yelling at me to come with him we’re going to cross over into Maryland! However, I’m about ready to call a taxi or something to take me home because this is NOT the guy I remember! He goes off to look for food and I purposefully lag behind and run into my good childhood friend. We walk together for a bit and she sees the whole guy-being-a-jerk-thing, and informs me that this is not a good thing. I tell her that I’m well aware and wish I could get out of it. Suddenly I run to catch up with crazy guy and this older lady follows me. Some sort of insanity ensues with someone on the ground. If it was me or him I can’t remember, but I do remember the older lady following me saves me and wants to whisk me home through the air. I guess she’s a witch? Well I don’t remember what happens next, because I wake up.

Nap-Dream (I greatly dislike taking naps because they make me more tired, cranky and I can’t ever wake up):

I was at work and had come in late. It was hot and stuffy and dark. Sleep had not come well for me that night, so I was ridiculously tired; so much so that I hadn’t even bothered to put on my clinic jacket and had it wrapped around my neck. I sat down at my computer and saw that my first patient hadn’t arrived even though I was late. Thank goodness for that. I start playing Candy Crush on my phone while trying to stay awake, and hadn’t even bothered to go ask about my patient. Stuff is being said and things are happening around me and I keep telling myself I have to wake up, but I can’t. Suddenly, I jolt awake and realize that I’ve been napping and my next patient might be here! My brain doesn’t work right and I keep flipping through the schedule at work trying to find the right day. Why hadn’t anyone come to tell me what’s going on?? I’m going to be in so much trouble! I hear different voices coming from the front desk and my coworker comes back and I’m freaking out because I still don’t know which schedule is correct, my brain still will not wake up! My coworkers are giving me “you’re being lazy and weird” looks and I’m afraid to ask them which schedule is correct. My patient has been sitting quietly in the waiting room and I try to call her back but I got the name wrong. Wake up! WAKE UP!

That’s when I really do wake up and find that I’ve been napping for 1.5 hours. I hate naps. 

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Shower, dragons, dogs

Dreams can be hard to record because it’s difficult to go backwards in chronology and remember it to make a decent, coherent account. I remember it from end to beginning which would be too difficult to read.

I was living in this very mature community with lots of green space and greens while still housing a large amount of people. It was quiet. I seem to have been caring for my grandpa’s new dog, a young, energetic pup, a girl, alongside my own. It was only supposed to be for the weekend. Well, I go do something, perhaps take a nap, and look out front in the gated entrance area to the house (wrought iron fence with large gate). That’s when I FREAK OUT because my boy and my grandpa’s girl are not there. All that was left were a pile of what appeared to be feathers? Or just really soft, downy fur. My own girl was still chillin’ inside the house, and I start berating my mom about why she put the dogs out there without supervision and didn’t let them in, but I’m beside myself because I think it was my own fault and not anyone else’s. I can just picture their little faces standing at the door wanting in, but no one knowing. They probably started barking and then lured in by the noise, the dragon took them. The dragon. It all seems completely futile now, but I am convinced that I can fix this! I run outside to any of the green spaces to see where the dragon could have taken them to try and eat them. In my brain the prospect of finding them alive still is good and maybe I can just beat off the dragon, I don’t know, but it just has to be that way! The leftover Feathers/fur seemed extremely fresh, like still warm! Where, oh WHERE have my little dogs gone??? I run home in distress because I can’t find them and have no clue where to start. My mom is on the phone with my grandpa who wants to come pick up the dog because their trip was cut short, but she makes some excuse and tells them to come back in a couple days. I resolve to travel in a quest to find the dragon and make it pay for what it did. It was night time, but it was duty to do this, so I left home and headed to the ocean in the distance because across that is where I have to go.

When I arrive at the location objective, I’m inside a big wholesale club. The coordinates were correct for the place, so I start looking around and see that they have some water access points at the back of the store (think fish farm type things), but obviously I can’t just jump into them even though I know that’s where I’m supposed to go. I see a girl checking out some people, so I go up to her and ask a few unobtrusive questions to see what the security level is like and what I can possibly glean from her. She’s extremely friendly and we start talking about teeth and her and I ask her where she’s staying. The company is paying her and the team of workers to stay in their facility housing unit. Ah hah. There is some sort of dastardly plan going on here. She directs me to one of the tanks.

Then stuff happens that I can’t remember and suddenly I’m living in the said housing unit. Going undercover, I guess. At that moment in time I’m trying to go take a shower, having just established myself into the enemy company’s graces to become part of their team. I start training the next day, so it’s just acclimation time. I walk into the bathroom and there are 2 people there laughing at a stool display (it’s pretty opulent) which they kind of break and put back quickly before leaving. It’s a single bathroom, but then my sister and some other person is in there having a nice conversation. That cashier girl shows up all of the sudden as I’m about to jump into the shower and I ask her how’s it going. Apparently it has been some time since I’d last met her. She told me that her dentistry (ortho) was all finished now, and I was like, awesome, let me see! As I look at it, she says that it turns out that she has this conditioni where there are teeth growing out from the inside of her lip, I’m like, that is SO cool, but I’m more bothered by how the ortho they did was dumb and wrong. They gave her a fake set of teeth to put overtop the 2nd set of teeth she has to make them look aesthetically better, but it still doesn’t change that she has a shark mouth. Well, whatever, I get into the shower, take off my pants and suddenly realize that I’ve been wearing this obnoxious vest and shirt that are 4 sizes too small for me, and I can’t remove it by myself. I’d given her my pants from inside the shower to put somewhere which she is more than happy to do, but a little excited and shy since I have no pants on. Given the desperation of my predicament, I ask her to step into the shower with me and help me take the shirt off, and there’s a huge smile on her face. She opens the curtain and steps in behind me.

Then I’m back in the original house and I watch out the window as the black dragon I’ve been after comes by looking for a new treat. I am powerless, but to my great satisfaction, a white, Asian dragon (in the vein of Spirited Away) gives it chase. I am happy that it has come full circle even if I failed my mission and…I wake up.

Analysis: my neighbor’s dog, I saw some fake dragon thing online the other day, worrying about losing my boy because he’s such an old man now, and I managed to tangle myself up in ny top sheet something awful which explains why I’d been having trouble removing that too-small shirt. Also I really had to go to the bathroom, hence a bathroom dream.

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Dental, cat, bathroom, city

Some convoluted mess with tables, seeing patients at the tables with benches and cups of water and high maintenance peeps. Then it was time to go to a dental convention! I was really excited! I met up there with my co-worker and walked the very long path together to the place (think an amusement park walk from the parking lot to the venue). It was nice, though long and crowded, but with fountains and paver walkways. Finally we reached the place and we got into line together. In front of her, our old friend and classmate was there too, wearing a hoodie with the hood up, almost hiding in it. I recognized him instantly and I enthusiastically greeted him by name. He turned slightly to look at me. I caught a glimpse of his face where I saw white hair in his goatee but otherwise he looked exactly the same. He refused to look at me or respond and so I turned to my co-worker and we exchanged glances. I saw a bunch of other people I went to school with in the crowd but didn’t get a chance to greet anyone because the event was starting up. They started calling for different groups of people to proceed into the building and assigned rooms. I was super stoked because this event was supposed to be really fun where we’d break up into teams and compete in activities almost Wipeout style. We were the last group to be called in and we all had to sit and watch an intro video. I had to go to the bathroom so I left to do so since we had time before it started.

I get into the bathroom which looked really very nice like a residential bathroom and very roomy. Next door to it was another bathroom with adjoining doors. Unfortunately for me, I was having some serious trouble getting any of the doors to close or lock, but I was much more concerned with the fact that I was having my period unexpectedly. I mean, I literally had JUST had it days before, but there I was standing there with my pants down and a massive amounts of blood everywhere. Good thing I was wearing a liner! Because this was a dream I didn’t think it to be a medical emergency, though given that quality and quantity of blood, it should have been. Then I heard male voices and I started freaking out because 1) I was in a strange place, 2) I could neither lock nor close fully the door and 3) I’m standing around with my blood-pool-pants down not knowing what to do now. I jumped into the adjoining bathroom/room thing and closed the door quietly to not draw attention to myself. It worked and they passed by after looking into the other bathroom quickly, and I was back to square one, not knowing what to do and how to ask for help and humiliated by it all. Then to my surprise, a female around my age poked her head in and I suddenly felt relieved that I had someone who could help me. I asked her to go to my chair and get my bag from it. And yes, she knew the girl I  had come in with somehow. Things were looking up! She finally returned and I was grateful that I remembered to pack this massive box of feminine products (how it all fit in my bag? Dream magic). The box was like getting an assorted chocolate box except bigger and wider than my head, with compartments and labels. She was all interested in how neato this box was and I was just sorting through everything looking for the pad I needed. Alas, there were none left of the one I needed, since I had just had my cycle days before and hadn’t replenished them. She left at that point because she was done using the toilet. Then I saw a tampon and with joy proceeded to insert it with dream-detail, packed away that magic box and went back out to where I was supposed to be.

Everyone was gone. Except my friend who had turned herself into an orange tabby cat and a few stragglers who had nothing to do with the dental convention. It had all taken that long? I felt bad that she had to wait for me the whole time. I sat down on the bed next to her (yes, bed. The seats had turned into a giant bed that everyone just picked spots on to watch the big screen in front), picked up my coat, and asked her why she was a cat. She told me she had to turn herself into a cat because otherwise they wouldn’t have let her into the room. I assume it’s because she was part of the long-departed dental convention. We left then and started walking around the city (I think she was human then? I don’t know for sure) exploring it. It was currently cold and drizzling. Passed through some of the Asian places, saw some rappers, thugs, etc. I really wanted to do the street go-carts, but we were going to keep looking around before circling back to make a decision.

Then I wake up.

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Bull, co-worker, dogs

It started when I was wandering around a neighborhood. Something about not parking near the playground and a contest, but suddenly I hear shouts of “there’s a bull!” and the corresponding screams and crashing noises. Thinking fast, I duck into the nearby copse of dense trees. It was late afternoon, so the shadows were plentiful and the trees low. I knew that bulls don’t see very well, so I tried to quietly make my way through the trees tot he other side so I could see what was going on, but not be detected. Suddenly, my co-worker was with me in the thicket. We whispered to each other and it seemed the bull had found some target somewhere else. We crept back to where I entered from and the coast was pretty much clear. Either way, I had to get to the target building, and suddenly we get a bird’s eye view of the busy country town layout. There was a symposium going on and as we moved quickly down the empty street, ever wary of the danger, I said with relief that the bull will certainly be attracted to the noise of the convention, leaving us room and time to get to the objective. We arrive at the building and have to find a way to get upstairs. Stress levels are high for me as there’s the invisible time limit for the mission as well as the impending bull danger. We go our own separate ways and I creep around behind the crowd getting lost. I ask an usher how to get up the stairs and he points it out to me. If I get up, the bull can’t follow, so I quickly get up and realize that my partner is gone somewhere. It’s OK, she can handle herself, so I staying low and possibly feeling lazy, I ride a few conveyor belts around until I get to a small square where a stone monument is tipped over. There are 2 piles of galette cookies on them, the green pile/pyramid untouched, while there are only 2 red ones. I point out the fact that the red ones were eaten to the investigators there who were discussing the misfortune of missing professor so and so’s meeting and trap by the enemy. They are unaware that I am a secret agent working the same subject matter, but with more important orders, and I am not about to disclose such information to them. I move on, noting the manager’s office and other administrative offices. Then, in annoyance, I realize my tardiness means I have to return to the ground floor to continue the mission. The presence of evil bull impeded me and now the danger lurks even nearer than before. I make it to the midst of the congregation, and alert level is so high as I anticipate the entrance of the bull, who no doubt, knows my whereabouts now that I failed an objective.

Then it was time to walk the dogs. Somehow I was also in charge of walking my uncle’s late Doberman as well as my cousin’s German Shepherd. 4 dogs? It was also late afternoon as I was gearing them all up. My dogs had their respective leashes and collars, and I had one for the Doberman, but for the Shepherd, I didn’t know what to use. In the end, I chose to use the chain choke collar my  cousin had provided, but I didn’t like it and couldn’t figure out how to put it on. It was all crazy because walkies time means crazy excitement time and I was unsure of how walking 4 dogs would be. Gable ended up walking off-leash by himself, me trusting that he wouldn’t run away from the pack, so that I could try and control the 2 relative dogs.

Never got a chance to know endings because I woke up!

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Guns, camera, work

…when do I not dream about work is the better question.

In a futuristic world, a local war on an evil facility has just reached a conclusion. The populace celebrates in relief that the danger has passed and they can get on with their daily lives without fear for now. As part of the team and now part of the cleanup crew, I, too am happy that the imminent danger has passed, but there is knowledge that it’s not quite yet over. The computerized columns outside have been restored, meaning that the building itself is safe now, but my job is to go in and secure a very sensitive and integral object. To my knowledge a non-combat agent, like myself, is cleared to enter because the threat level is low. Regardless, I’m always carrying my standard issue Glock 9mm pistol. Upon entering the facility, I am struck by the difference now than before wherein the commotion, combat and sheer number of individuals is greatly diminished. I enter the elevator and hit button #17. On second thought, the lack of people around is starting to make me nervous and a feeling of dread fills my stomach. Suddenly, I have a partner, an armored combat unit. We get out onto floor 17 which is a large garage looking area for robots or other large weaponry. There are metal ramps leading to walkways above and large military containers strewn about. We proceed cautiously and turn to make it to the command room when suddenly there is movement. A large man in a suit is coming down the walkway to us, his semi-automatic rifle raised. The enemy lives?!?!?! I yell, “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!” and make a break for the shelter of the command room while pulling out my handgun. While running, I turn to fire at him and should have landed 3 perfect headshots, but he seemed unperturbed. My protection detail goes down in burst of blood, multiple bullets ending his life. I am disturbed by this, not being hard combat trained, but I ready my weapon and focus as I hide in the cover of the doorway. I peek around the corner and rapid fire into the oncoming enemy. This time he goes down. No time to stop and catch my breath, I quickly look around the command room for my target, but as suspected from the presence of the enemy, it is not there. I run out and up the walkway to where the enemy was coming from. Along the way, I check my magazine which is an extended one, and I only have one bullet left (and one which misfired, apparently). Before I have time to think about whether I have extra mags or not, I run into my brother, a combat agent. It appears that he too has run into more of the enemy. Before we know it, we are beset by 2 more of the enemy, this time one has a pump shotgun and the other a TMP. We both duck behind cover and thankfully he has a rifle. Suddenly, I pause the experience and ask my brother if maybe I should try a higher-powered weapon, since my pistol isn’t going to be too terribly useful on these harder enemies. He tell me that I should try the semi-automatic rifle too, and I think it’s a good idea, except I forgot to take it from the enemy down on the floor.

Then there’s a work dream about this whole camera system. My bosses are stressed out about it and I’m trying to help but they have a “specialist” there and I’m just sitting around, bored. I offer to go to a seminar for them. Then there’s a bunch of driving in off-road terrain with hippos and alligators in the rain. Gable sleeping too close to one of the mud puddles and I’m terrified that a hippo will come eat him, but he’s obviously bigger than them even. Then I watch in amusement as a huge group of people attempt to run their cars through the muddy, flooded terrain.

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Friend, B-Day

I was supposed to update this the other day, but I forgot, which means I might have forgotten the details. Let’s see…

Despite the fact that I told my friend I wouldn’t be coming to her birthday party, I felt so guilty and bad that I did anyways. It was pouring rain outside and night-time when I arrived at her place…with my brother in tow? I’d meant to only come by to say hi and give her a present and apologize face to face, but after I left my gift inside the door, my brother came up the stairs with me wearing a suit like he was going to a party! Made my way up the stairs and I see a few people have already arrived. I’m just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, very underdressed. It was very bright there and my friend sees me and gives me a look, like, why are YOU here. I start to try and explain, but she goes over to their bed where her fiancé is chilling and starts to cuddle up next to him, ignoring my presence. Then as more people arrive, she joins her mom who is sitting in a chair at the top of the staircase, greeting guests. I hadn’t noticed her mom was there, but the resemblance between the two were immense! I started talking to her when I realized my mom was talking to my friend’s fiancé who was still lounging in the bed, something about that’s not good, that’s not good. I leave her to greeting her guests and am about to leave, when I notice her cat on the ground. The adorably little guy sits in the middle of the floor, looks at me, and devours (gulps down) an entire lion completely nonchalantly. I’m like, WHAT?!?!?!??!

And I wake up.

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