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Waking song: Felyne Adventuring song MHGU

I was sitting in the car, waiting for my family to come out of the house so that we could go to the place we needed to be, which was important like a wedding or some formal event. My mom started mowing the lawn, then it turned into my sister while my mom packed some things. As I watched, some relatives came out of the neighboring houses and I hoped no one would notice us because it was a new place and we didn’t even know those relatives were there. Then we were driving (my dad included, ugh) and first we had to go to a place called Glen something. It was right near the beach and I don’t even remember why we needed to go there because before I knew it we were driving again and it was dark. I got to see the shore and exclaimed because not only could I see golden, starry, translucent dinosaurs on the sand, but you could see the full orb of the sun AND the moon at the same time. The sun was at the horizon and then moon was high in the sky. Depending on how you looked at it, each orb would turn blue or purple. Just as we pulled away from the shore, a THIRD celestial orb could be seen!! I stated that I loved quaint places like that and wanted to come back in the future.

Then we arrived at the next destination where the event would be held and it was morning. The place was near a gas station with greyhound imaging all around and the name of the gas station was Nargacuga Gas. I was super stoked about that and told my brother that we needed to go there later. Then we lined up because we were the last ones to arrive and all of the sudden, I realized that I was severely underdressed. EVERYONE else was wearing nice clothes and there I was with shorts and my gym shirt from high school. I frantically asked my mom if I should change, but we were late and she told me that if anyone complained then I could change. We got into the line and filed in. Everyone else was so far ahead and moving so quickly that I was stuck in the back with a bunch of teenage/college aged boys. I started “running” like a silly person, which means I was dramatically/theatrically “running.” It ended up being faster than the kids behind me and the had the further benefit of not using any energy at all.

Eventually, the place turned into a store and the energy of it all changed. I was no longer following people to a destination, but running away from the guys behind me. It had suddenly turned into a chase and assault. I was glad that I’d been fake running the whole time and while I was sure of my abilities, there were so many of them to take on and they were all males. I tried to intimidate them with words so that they’d leave me alone, but one showed up swinging a metal bat, so I tricked him and stole the bat. Before he could recover from his shock, I bashed him in the knees and shin, knowing the it would hurt like heck and would disable him without causing killing him. Even though I didn’t want to kill them, I knew they wanted to kill me and who knows what else. Another rounded the bend and I did the same. A group converged, so knowing that I’d lose in that case, I bailed at the nearest exit. The gas station from before had turned into a bunch of tarp changing rooms. I heard them coming from behind, so I ran in amongst the tarp and then doubled back into the store. The faster ones were still not far behind, so I ran out to the tarps again and hid in one of them this time. I figured that if I could change my costume that they might not find me as easily. I hid in the folds of the changing pod while they scoured the place looking for me.

Then when the coast was clear, I ran for one of the booths nearby. I didn’t necessarily want to ask for help because I didn’t want to get anyone else in trouble and who knew whose side they’d be on. The lady in there, Emily, tried to ask me some questions, but eventually I left, only to jump into a nearby booth. The young lady there was wearing a purple long sleeve shirt with black rings. I sat down next to her and heard my pursuers running by and peering into the booths. I linked my arm with the booth tender and lay buried my head into her arm. At first she flinched, but then suddenly realized what was happening and then relaxed. It worked, and so I let go, thankful, but exhausted. I heard that Emily had been searching for me, so I buried my head in my arms like I was sleeping, so that no one could see my face and correlate it with my wanted status. Emily came over, relieved that I was okay and joked that I had let the other booth tender see my name at least, and asked to see my name tag. Without lifting my head too far, I showed her my name tag. The two boothers spoke with each other and it turned out they wanted to help me. Along with 5 more people, they concocted this crazy plan involving a “dead” monkey, water, an elephant and the nighttime.

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Grandparents, plants

I was visiting my grandparents and I was about to leave when I remembered their plants outside. I usually go check to see if there are any fruits on the plants. I turned on the lights and went out, only to find many more plants than I remembered. And all of them were fruiting. I called my mom out to look while I marveled at the little apples growing from a relatively small apple plant in the pot. I started pulling them off to give to her and trying to remember to take a picture with my phone, too. Then I moved on to a tomato plant that had XL tomatoes all over it. I just started pulling them off, having the time of my life and I couldn’t even carry them all in, there were so many!! We went inside to tell them the good news and my grandpa came out with me to look at the last tomato plant I’d forgotten to search. He was walking, just like he used to, and he asked me what I thought of the house, if I liked it. I didn’t want to give a yes or a no, so I exclaimed about the tomato pot when I saw it finally. It was very stunted and the plant held the smallest little green tomatoes. We both agreed that it needed better soil, but I went inside one, to avoid the question and two, I was eager to leave.

While my mom and I drove home, I kept getting stuck behind slow people. In fact, I got stuck behind 2 people on bikes, one with a road bike and helmet and the other a young girl with a backpack and no helmet. All of the sudden, she swerved into the next lane in front of a car without looking because there was a bus stopped there. I couldn’t get over, so I came to a stop. My mom and I took the moment to look at the plants we were taking home from my grandparents, exclaiming about all the fruits. That’s when I noticed on the XL tomato  tree (yes. a tree.) that there was a little squirrel busily eating a tomato and not noticing anything else around it. I began to worry, as it would certainly soon notice and we were away from my grandparents’ house and on the busy street. I tried to grab it like a hamster (really, it was very young and small), but it flailed and had bigger teeth than hamsters and I’d rather not get bitten. In the end, it ran off, to a nearby bush and I wished it the best.

Then there was a bit about work where it was crazy crowded, and while my doc did an exam, I went to finish a repair on the plumbing under the sink. The repair itself was just ridiculous and sure to break at the next opportunity, though I kept trying to my growing frustration.

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Dogs, lizard, spider, shot

I was very interested in adopting 2 more dogs. I had been browsing through my phone and wondering how I’d manage to get any during the whole quarantine process without meeting them. Before I knew what was happening, there were two dogs and a lizard in my care. One was a young male Doberman, full of energy, life and a shiny black coat. The other dog was an older (about 6 or 7) Doberman female mixed with a dachshund. She was more chill but more nervous too. I was surprised at this turn of events. Apparently the moment you pressed confirm on the phone website, they’d appear in your home for a small trial run. The lizard sat in the corner in its own aquarium tank and a cricket for food. All was well as they got comfortable and I went to sleep. The next morning I awoke and came to see them when I looked out the deck and saw the lizard dragging a black bag to the edge of the deck. A quick investigation showed that it managed to break the glass on the sliding door to get out. I hopped out  away from the glass and grabbed it before it jumped off the deck. Since the tank wasn’t doing a good job keeping it in check, I placed it in a spare hamster cage while I tried to clean up the glass. However, it was time to feed the animals! I looked around wildly, realizing I forgot about how to feed them. I had one leftover bag of kibble from my own dogs, but I couldn’t just feed them whatever or their stomachs would not like that. Thankfully, the adoption group had provided the food bags for the two dogs…very high end food at that. I made a mental note to wean them off of that and switch over to a more affordable food since I shouldn’t have any issues feeding these dogs like my greyhounds. The lizard was trying to escape again and I remembered that they didn’t give that any food at all. I’d have to go outside to find some crickets for it. No wonder it kept trying to get out. Even though it had only been 1 day, I’d decided that I would give the lizard back and keep that male Doberman (he was on the couch with me at that point). I had no real opinion about the other dog yet. That’s when I chided myself for making judgements after only a few hours with them. That’s why the trial run was for 2 weeks. They’d change drastically in a few days as they would grow accustomed to my routine and life.

A few weeks later, I was in a different house. My house. It was a small, one story type of deal with a relatively small fenced in yard. I loved it. In the corner was the lizard, still, as I was unable to give it back. Once again it was missing. This time it was nighttime and I roped a friend into looking for it with me. Thankfully, it only got to the fence line. I snatched it up, told myself this wasn’t going to work out after all, and that’s when I noticed a spider that it was probably trying to eat. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a black spider with a red hourglass on its butt. Even if the lizard was a big fella, I wasn’t sure it should be eating such a spider. And indeed, the lizard was completely uninterested in it. I turned to go back into the house when all of the sudden, the black spider followed us and started growing rapidly in size. At first, the sheer size of the web it was making was kinda cool until it started expanding to a terrifying scale. The spider itself was taking over the fence and was bigger than a basketball at that point. I had no idea what to do. The thought of putting a bullet through it crossed my mind, but I didn’t have a gun and I felt bad for it. My brain at that point tried to redo the dream from the beginning, but it ended the same way, with the giant black spider inside of the house this time and webs everywhere.

Then, I was rummaging through the pantry, looking for snacks to bring to work. That was exciting because I was going to a new location. After that, I came home very happy and exclaimed that it would be cool to move to that area so that my commute wouldn’t be so bad!

Now I was driving with my mom, brother, and sister. My sister asked if I bought a new house and I said yes, explaining that it was under construction because I’d redone the roof and turned the duplex into a single house. My mom nodded in approval and my sister told me that I had a good idea to do that. We arrived at our destination which turned out to be my dad’s house. I was flabbergasted by this turn of events, but went with it. I went to the brush pile and started looking around the yard. I told my mom that the last time I spread mulch there, I’d bought a zillion bags (or really, how ever many would fit in the Civic) and still hadn’t managed to even touch the scope of the yard size. She threw down a massive pile of branches and twigs. Then she, my sister, and my brother all went into the house. They asked me why I wasn’t coming in and I said that we need to get out of here soon because the energy was very bad. They nodded and I decided to wait in the car. While I waited there, I realized that my health bar kept decreasing. The only way I could keep it above the death line was to breathe heavily. That’s when an authority figure arrived on scene and said that someone called about a gunshot victim. She looked pointedly at me and I glanced down to see the blood on my shirt. WHAT?? I was still trying to keep that health bar up. I had been shot! My family rushed out then and she told them to bring me to the hospital because I needed surgery. My mom drove me quickly away towards the hospital. While on the way, I pulled up my shirt to see that, indeed, I had a gunshot hole under my right boob. It really didn’t hurt at all, but I knew I was dying and needed immediate surgery. The whole way there, I kept worrying about being able to pay the bill. I kept looking at my mom, but she never said anything, only looked straight ahead.

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Elephant, family, banquet, car, asian market

Something about being outside of a facility in the cloudy nighttime, dusk-ish looking sky. Vending machine? School? Buying groceries in college town being cheaper than other places?

Then in the TV room of the house I grew up in. Then I had just moved into what seemed like a shelter during hard times. It was time to go to sleep and the father (mine? Someone else’s? I didn’t recognize him and he was way too calm to be my dad) and sister (who acted like my sister but looked nothing at all like her) told me that my laptop cord was way too bright and would prevent everyone from sleeping. My bed and my brother’s bed would be underneath a loft where other people would sleep and it was a really nice setup in such bad times. We were allowed a curtain to lend us the precious little privacy it could, but the power source was a distance away which is the cord was hanging out in the room like that. Unfortunately they were right. That bright blue cord IS too bright at night. The girl was sniggering while complaining telling the dad to make me get rid of it. Since he was taking care of that dorm, I could tell he was trying to figure out a solution that benefited everyone there. While they exchanged words, I was was busy silently coloring the darn thing with an almost dry Sharpie. It worked and I triumphantly plugged it back in so everyone could see.

Then it changed to a banquet in a banquet hall. Everyone was wearing nice clothing. It was still nighttime and my brother and I had arrived late. I recognized very very few people. At first, I made my way over to where the biggest and oldest attendees were. My seat was smack in the middle at a table and I kept getting the feeling like this was a symphony and everyone here played an instrument. Everyone was white, so some of them were giving me weird looks, but it didn’t matter because my mom’s sister’s husband was there. While trying to ignore the lavender frilly dress I was wearing and picking politely at my food, I decided to ask my uncle how everything was going. I hadn’t seen any of them for a while. He nodded his head in that “ehhh” way and I was thinking, uh oh, in my head. Then he started explaining what was on his chest, but suddenly the group was entirely too loud and I could only understand snippets of what he was saying. I tried really hard but he was getting frustrated trying to be heard. I made out the words “black New Listing signs” and then it clicked in my head because my mom was telling me about this as her mom told it to her. So that’s what I told him, and then I tried to make it better, telling him that actually, my aunt (his wife) would make a very good real estate agent because you need someone who’s excited but more importantly, will get things done. And she certainly is good at hounding people until something happens. He made that face again.

I’m at a different table now, much further away from the clamorous crowd and with me are my family and relatives. Thank goodness. My brother had disappeared somewhere,  but I was sitting with my sister, some cousins and another aunt. I was getting excited while talking to that aunt and started exclaiming about it, when the aunt who is the wife of the uncle from before comes to sit down. I had just interrupted the first aunt and the second one looked at her sister and told her that I won’t let her talk, so don’t bother. I decided to stop talking then altogether and it was a bit awkward. 

Then my mom shows up and it’s time to go get ready for the next celebration. Second aunt is coming with us, my mom and brother too. One of my cousins whom I’d not seen in a while shows up in his new Forester to pick up the other cousins and I remember thinking, wow! They’re so grown up! He had a beard. I drive out to the light and I keep asking my mom where we’re going, but she’s so busy talking to her sister she doesn’t hear me. Then she realizes that I’m about to go the wrong way and tells me to go straight through the light into the shopping center. I can’t change over to the straight lane because there is a car there, so I tell her it’s ok I’ll just turn around. As it happens, right after the left turn there’s a opening to get into the shopping center. I start turning this way and that, not sure where to go but my mom is still yakking away and not paying attention. We need to pick up a few things at the asian marts so I just start driving, remembering that there’s one that she likes to go to. I’m not exactly sure what happens to my car, but I find the store which is right on the ocean front (the parking lot ends). It’s called “B.F.” The old people go shopping and I veer off to go to a different store. There, I pick up a shopping elephant and start gathering items. The shopping elephants are about Rottweiler sized creatures and I’m not exactly sure what they do, but it’s free for shoppers to use. At least I think so. I put several things in my cart and push it over to the B.F. store to wait outside for my mom since I don’t know if I can bring the shopping elephant into that store. While I wait outside for her, I see a bunch of other elephants, now freed from their shopper, rushing over to play in the waves. They’re pretty cute but then I notice them eating rocks. I look back at my elephant who is busy trying to steal a BBQ chip to eat and I realize how skinny it looks. That’s when it hits me that you need to pay the shopping elephant when you’re done with it. Payment with food. No one seems to know or care. I’m freaking out, so I give it 2 chips, which it accepts with its trunk gratefully, but I know that elephants shouldn’t eat chips. I decide in this emergency to run into the store, but I leave my cart of stuff and the elephant outside. I tell it to “stay!” hoping that it will both guard my stuff and not wander off. I rush in to find my mom in this fancy asian grocery (good thing I didn’t bring it in) and I tell her that I need a bag of apples. She’s not listening again. I don’t have any money, myself, otherwise I’d buy the apples myself. The cashier lady hears me and offers that a bag of apples if $6.76. I was like, bah, that’s too expensive and my mom tells me hush hush that it’s cheaper in another store. I rush away, placing the elephant into my cart this time. This store is cheaper looking and I don’t mind bringing my elephant in. There’s a queue like in an amusement park which is full, but it moves quickly. I make it to front and start running while pushing my elephant in the cart.

It’s now a game! I need to push, run and avoid the obstacles! I’m not doing that well because the cart is so heavy, but we make it through and surely enough, a bag of apples here is only $4.99. Success! 

Then I wake up because Gable is licking himself loudly.

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Sleeping, hamster, school

Leave it to going back to work soon for suddenly vivid dreams. The heat didn’t help at all, either. Lots of stuff happened, but I remember this one the best.

I was at a place that was half outside and half inside. My greyhound mentor was there along with other people I don’t know that well. My mentor and I were trying to go to sleep in the couch wing of the large house because it’s nighttime. I’d never been there before, but he had been in the past. As I prepared my sleeping couch (a love seat, I believe), I heard a lot of noise which was a bit aggravating upstairs. Then, I looked over towards the front door and the large cutout of the wall and saw a massive group of people trekking their way through the woods and fields. It was nighttime. While the full moon illuminated the way well, what were they doing and where were they going? My mentor had no respect for them in the least and I got the feeling they were a weird hippie cult going to a music/cult ritual experience in the woods. I decided to follow them to find out. I made it as far at the clearing they were using, but by that time I was disgusted by what they stood for and what they were worshiping. Plus, their music was loud. I returned to the house and tried to get to sleep before they were due back into the house. I relayed my fears to my mentor who was prepping his couch and smiled and said, “Yeah, they come marching through the living room to get to the couch room, but the entire floor of the house is fair game for mating.” I was flabbergasted. What???  Imaged flowed through my mind and I tried to shake them out. I asked him if it was going to be too loud to sleep there, because then I’ll just find another place to sleep and he said he doesn’t know because he’s always out cold when they return. Smart man. I had thoughts, then, about being groped or raped in the cult’s drunken lust, so I left the couch room to search for a safer place to sleep. That’s when I noticed movement on the ground. It was a hamster. I scooped it up and brought it over to a girl who was awake in the living room. She was one of the attendants of the house. I then let it outside, noting all of the cats inside the house, hoping that at least it would then have a better chance of survival. Unfortunately, a cat leapt out of the the darkness and killed it then brought it inside and dropped it on the floor. Okie dokie, then.

I’d waited too long. The cult was swarming in and my mentor was right. They were like beasts rutting anywhere and everywhere. I waded through them to grab my blanket, sheet and pillow, which were thankfully still untouched, and proceeded upstairs to find a place to sleep. I was very tired at that point, my eyes closing on me as I searched. The upstairs floor turned out to be classrooms. None of them were empty either. They all had at least one graduate student late-night studying in them. I went methodically through each one until I found a dark, empty classroom. I put my bedding down on a desk and left to find water or the bathroom. When I returned, the class was full of students and other teachers. Sigh. I pardoned myself and went to grab my bedding which had been neatly folded and placed on top of a stack of boxes in the back of the classroom. That’s when the students recognized me with excitement. Everyone, even the faculty, called out my name. I was like, uhhh. They told me that I’d gone missing and that everyone missed me because I was such a cool professor. My classes were the more creative and most interesting. I smiled and nodded and excused myself, still very tired. I looked around the classrooms again and decided on a room with only one guy with headphones on in it. I asked to see if it bothered him that I wanted to sleep in the one of the chairs. He shook his head and then moved to a different, empty room that I hadn’t noticed. Figures. As I gratefully set up my bedding, I was found by a female faculty member. She reiterated the earlier sentiment and asked me to come back and teach. Apparently we had been friends too. All I wanted to do was sleep and I couldn’t even do that. I was about to tell her this and then turn off the light, but–

–I woke up.

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Stuff, platforms, school, assembly, beasts, campus police, car ride

Some stuff happened, mostly dealing with floating platforms, sand paths, policing bad guys who are looting things on the platforms.

Then I was going back to college. This time, I was rooming on campus with an old friend who is now a doctor. It was the first day of school and the whole campus was to go to an assembly where we watched a movie about something. Everything was moving right along when suddenly everyone realized how late it was, so the entire auditorium got up and rushed out. I was worried because I had a presentation and several assignments I hadn’t done yet and it was 11:45pm. Thankfully, since I was close to the door, we were first out. I began running towards the dorm which was on the other side of campus. It was dark out and since I’d gone to this school over 10 years ago, I decided to cut through the back paths. Except, years later, it was all different. One of the other friends were right behind me and suddenly, I saw a predator (I called it a serval) come out of the trees. It was the size of a medium dog, tan with brown stripes on its back. I tried to back away initially, but it bared its teeth and came at me. I dodge and kicked, then picked up a metal pole. The friend exclaimed, “NO! Don’t hit it!” All this while being attacked. I couldn’t risk anyone getting hurt, so I swung the pole and managed to knock its head clean off. WTF. At least it was no longer a danger. I turned to continue on my way, when I hear the friends say, oh a baby bear! I was like, NOPE. Right when I ran for it, I heard them talking to a mama bear. Finally, I reached the dorm (running in dreams is the worst) and it was light. I was afraid to see what time it was, but I figured I had enough time to at least review a few things before class started. Unfortunately, before I could even walk in the door, a campus police officer came up to me. I groaned in frustration. He wanted to interview me about not wearing shoes on campus, not about the whole animal thing. I told him that I wasn’t going to the police office with him because it was too far away and I needed to get to class soon. So he asked to interview me at the fountain instead. As we discussed the incident, I explained it all to him plainly. Somewhere along the way, we became attracted to each other and I asked him if he wanted to catch lunch or something. That turned into asking him if he roomed on or off campus. He smiled and said, off-campus. Alone. I followed him happily.

As we walked through campus walk (at one point I hoisted him onto my shoulder and carried him like a roll of carpet), I was chewing gum but I was tired of chewing it, so I kept trying to clear my mouth of it, but it wouldn’t leave my mouth! Then when we got outside (of a mall) I saw his dog. He had a dog! Truly a wonderful guy. It was a white poodle and looked almost exactly like my boy with curly hair. The dog thing was so awesome, I forgave his lack of decent vehicle. It was an old white sportscar in very good condition. Just as I was about to get in his car, totally into this guy, his uncle and 2 cousins showed up in a similar car. His face fell and so did mine. He seemed embarrassed. His family wanted to go the same way, but then piled into his car which meant I had to travel with his uncle. He wasn’t happy about it, but couldn’t say much. We traveled like in a video game now, one car trying to race the other through crazy tracks with boost pads and turns, twists and loop de loops.

Finally, we got to his place without his family and–



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Mission, walking, cow

I was in an event location in which there was to be a high profile expo the next day. We were prepping, planning, and being debriefed on the mission. Honestly, it seemed rather disorganized to me, but regardless, the mission was a serious one – one that would impact the fate of the world. The enemy party would work to cause an international incident which would then plunge the world into war to benefit their interests. My team’s job was to prevent that from occurring in the lowest profile possible. As the team lead, I had the authority and I needed to choose 2 out of 3 backup options available. There were 3 types of booths. I don’t exactly remember them now, just that the middle one held the most firepower. I ended up choosing the other 2 and my teammates balked at my decision, but I figured that if we wanted to keep a low profile then we shouldn’t spook or provoke the enemy with a show of power. Yes, it would mean more danger if things go wrong, but I was there to be sure that it wouldn’t. I returned home afterwards and set up my pack for the operation. I had a backpack and a purse. Of course I would pack my trusty pistol and a few other necessary gadgets, but then I decided I’d need to also bring my TMP. For the moment it was loaded with umbrella arrows (11 of them) and I weighed switching it out for regular bullets, but I figured that it’s more stealthy than bullets and just as deadly. Still, I wanted to bring the bullets so I dug around in my closet, thankful that I pretty knew where it was, hiding under all of my crap. I decided to put that in my purse for easy snatching in the event that I needed it, but then worried about passing through the metal detector.

Now it’s the morning of and I was busy rucking through the roads of my neighborhood. Cars were driving around me and I waited for them all to go before turning onto a heavily wooded residential road that was all hills. Halfway up I remember thinking, why in the heck am I walking? but it was too late to get my car, so I kept going. I was running for a bit, but my backpack was heavy and I didn’t want to tire myself out too much (though I was so in shape it wouldn’t have been too bad) before the mission. There were 2 other guys rucking their sacks on the road too, but they thankfully went to the other side of the road. We reach the top of the hill and I see a large, white furry animal. I hear the other guys go, “Awww,” and I see the calf walk towards me. I smile and hold out my hands. It comes right to me and I am ecstatic it chose me and not the other guys. The guy continues to speak saying, “Of course it would go to the TEN year old first.” I just smile smugly. It’s warm and soft, so I pet its big head. Then I see mama cow, so I go over to her (there’s also a horse) and see that everyone’s wearing a blanket on their back because it’s cold. I wrap my arm around her neck and turn her so that we can see where she lives. I yell out at some women who live at a very large house, asking who the owner is. The woman yells back that they’re probably carriage pullers and proceed to ignore me. So much help that was. I continue down the road to try and find the owner–

–and then I jerk awake because I’m now 2 minutes late.

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Farm, sabotage, tea

I was in my neighborhood, but it was more rural than suburban. The family (not my family, we were like a clan) came back in after an exhausting day, ready to wind down. Everyone was watching TV (I was watching some super old Chinese movie) when suddenly one of the clansmen burst into the door exclaiming, “The wheatfields are being destroyed!” We all whip out our phones and it’s true! I keep tapping furiously on the phone to replant the areas that are being obliterated by our enemy. I hop up out of my seat, look at the male leader (a bulky, able guy with dark hair and facial hair wearing red plaid and jeans) and say assertively, “Let’s go!” One of the others continue to mobile-replant the fields while 3 or 4 of us total race out. We run past my car and I lament that we can’t use it because something’s wrong with the wheels. And the leader (my boyfriend? business partner? I dunno) runs past his pickup lamenting that we can’t use his either because it’s not drivable yet. We race to the 4 way stop and stop because the leader points to a large sheep and tells someone to get it off the train tracks before it derails a train. I start towards it, but it wanders off on its own. We turn right at the intersection and while running, I note that there’s a big goat off to the side. Then we see red robot floating lazily towards us. I run up, give it a good WHACK and hold onto it tight. It was more than likely what was busy destroying our fields.

We continue until we get into a small house near the fields. Inside we’re crammed in with 3 other people. Everyone is inspecting something on the table, gravely. Our enemy is seriously trying to thwart us. I’m still hanging onto the robot because with it we can prove that the enemy has been targeting us. Same with whatever was on the table. The situation is serious, indeed, and so the leader picks it up and we take it home. I insist that only the leader or I touch anything because when the police come to take fingerprints, the less there are, the less complicated it will be. Together we make an educated guess as to whom these implements belong to. It’s someone we know well because the thing on the table was apparently part of a set bought at Costco during a celebration. It’s a sad day when we realize the perpetrator.

There was another dream about a mall, family, waiting for the family, wandering around the mall, driving out to look for food and them coming back. Then when they’re finally done shopping, I tell them I want to go get food, but it’s so late (9pm) I wasn’t sure who was still open in the mall. I wanted Dairy Queen, but my mom wanted to go to a Japanese place. She came in the tiny place and ordered a tofu soup. Since we were there, I ordered a tea and something to eat. We have to climb way up onto these really tall stools to eat right at the glass counter. My tea had a hair in it, but I didn’t want to be annoying, so I drank it anyways.

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Crane game, house, sewing, Mother, procedure, lion

It’s been a while since I’ve logged an entry. I’ve had other vivid dreams, just never got around to typing them because I’m too lazy. Some involving computers, nuns, catastrophe and co-worker E.

I was in a dark house. It’s a rather blocky place, the walls brick and the floors both wood and green carpet. I was supposed to create the place (clearly, DQB2 inspired) but I hadn’t been back in a while. All of the sudden, I realized that I had to finish it! I surveyed the floorplan and created 2 crane games with the myriad of items I had in my possession. Super proud of myself for such a creative way of emptying my pockets, and making the crane game one that wouldn’t be a rip off (it cost $1 to play). Then I descended to the main foyer and my workers were all morose and depressed. Turned out I hadn’t had the spark in me for a while and had been neglecting them! Plus, there was a deadline because She was coming soon! I decided to right my wrongs and set up the 2 desks I had towards the far wall. Immediately, my people jumped on them and started working on their costumes. There were some words of inspiration and encouragement and I could feel the happiness return to the place. I had left over in my pockets 2 folding tables, so I set them down in front of the others and voila, 2 more workers hopped on as design and operations. I was feeling really good. It was bustling, busy and how it was supposed to be. That’s when I caught sight of something dropped on the floor. I picked it up and it turned out to be a small model of a praying mantis/ Scyther. Nostalgia washed over me because I had made this when my business was fledgling. It was a small scale costume. I wanted to do it. To make it. Myself. I ran outside to the coat closet (Like, outside, outside). The property was this massive horse-ranch-type place. It was fall, gorgeous and a bunch of girls were hanging around my closet/shed. I went through the coats hanging in there and decided I couldn’t cut into my favorite coats and jackets, but found some old ones that I would allow me enough fabric to accomplish what I needed! Brown, segmented jacket, bright green long coat…Perfect! I took them back inside and was suddenly aware that my mom might be upset at me for cutting up perfectly good pieces of clothing, so I rolled them up into a ball. And it was a good thing I did because when I entered the house, her messenger was there to tell me my mother wanted to see me.

I walked into the foyer, past my workers and into the uber busy main portion of the home where my parents ran their empire. Being so crowded, I caught a glimpse and heard her call my name, but pretended to not hear and then went into a nearby room to escape her. I went through 2 different sections and even started trying to run, but she ran faster and caught up to me. I pretended that I’d been looking for her because her messenger told me she’d wanted to see me. Mother would never think poorly of me because I was her star adopted child (she was some short white, blonde lady wearing a blue business suit dress). She told me she had some important business to discuss with me regarding my father (her ex-husband, so adoptive father) and that she wanted me to meet with her biological daughter for business reasons. I rolled my eyes inwardly because it seems she was trying to rope me into some business scheme I definitely didn’t want to be involved with. Also, I’d never met her daughter before. How I became her adopted daughter, I can’t remember. She probably had met me once, had a great experience and decided to adopt me for my talents. It’s not like I could denounce it all because she was the funding for the house, my family and my creative projects. Turned out she wanted to find out more about what her ex-husband had been gifting her children. He had decided to give the twin boys (10 or 12 in age, also blonde) king sized beds as a gift and Mother was morally opposed to such things. He hadn’t been able to get in contact with me to give me anything, and Mother was ranting to me as we walked about the negative ethical reasons on having such large beds at a young age. I, personally, thought it was a complete waste of money for children to have such large beds, but who cares, it’s just a bed and these people were super rich. We make it to one of her secretaries’ desks (Minh Tuyet) and the jovial people there suddenly jump to attention. They give Mother a report of what’s going on and as they’re conferring about appointments and business matters, I turn to one of the others there (I have a good relationship with most of the workers) and we exchange funny eye communication. When I was sure she wasn’t paying attention to us, I start telling the worker about the whole bed thing and how I’m only allowed to have a twin bed because I’m not old enough AND I’m single. We both share a big eyeroll together. When I turn around, Mother has left and given the messenger directions to bring me to wherever she wants me to go while she takes care of something. The messenger and I share good natured conversation while she leads me to the destination. Suddenly, I see notification lights everywhere, from Mother calling for assistants to pick up the comm lines, but I don’t see anyone around, so we just ignore it and continue on our way.

It suddenly jumps back to the crane game. I’m there with my real mother, nephew and his father. My mom is trying it out and it really is easy to play just like I designed it. My mom aims for a sport bra and ends up with something else instead, but she’s happy. My nephew wants to try and ends up snagging a bag of stuff he doesn’t need, so we put it back and give him another go. This time he snags a Pikachu toy and his dad and my mom all exclaim in excitement. I want to try too, so I do but I miss. Some other people play and then I try again and miss again. How in the world…my own game… I decide we should go to the other crane game and here my brother is playing. It’s the older of the 2 crane games and I see major flaws in the building of the room. Access is nigh impossible! I jump down to fix it and when it’s my turn to try the game, I FAIL AGAIN.

Then some crazy thing about a seaside place and chasing bad guys in an armored truck. Eventually it turns into a foot chase and I catch the guy. He’s smaller than me, older like middle age, a small scraggly beard around his mouth and upper lip and black hair. Not skinny and not fat. That’s when he spews profanity and curses at me. I’m much bigger than him so I grab him with my hands and drag him over to the water. Still spouting nasty things, I shove his head in the water to shut him up. This needs to end and fast. I try to squeeze his neck but I can’t because my hands are too small to get good purchase, plus it’s an awful way to kill somebody on account of the duration of time. Moreover, speed will prevent him from escaping me, so I twist his neck. I can feel the bones and cartilage slide over each other as I twist and he dies with a crunch and a pop. All in front of his son. It’s not a good feeling, but it needed to be done in the remote fishing village. He was an awful blight upon the world. My mission ia complete. I turn away and…

…end up in the dungeon-like basement of Mother’s house (think DQB2 flagstone and castle wall blocks). The messenger has succeeded in bringing me where I needed to go. A woman comes out of a room and says, “The daughter? Are you the daughter?” We both say yes and she beckons me into the room. It’s an medical exam room. I’m chattering away at her, good naturedly, but she’s impatient to get me onto the table. I guess they’re on a tight schedule. I tell her this and that and she keeps telling me over and over to get all the way on the table. I kick off my shoes and when I ask what she’s going to do, she says she needs to check and treat me for ulcers. I’m like, “Ulcers? I have ulcers?” She nods gravely. When I ask her how they’re going to remove ulcers, she says, “Just lay down.” I don’t remember taking off my clothes, but now I’m not wearing clothes and she’s looking at my skin with a strange magnifying device that allows her and me to see very closely. I lay there and wonder if she can see through my skin with it, when she says, what’s this. I look at the screen and it’s just a mole on my skin. She proceeds to pull it out with tweezers and it turns out to be a maggot/worm. Whoa. What? Is that what’s causing the ulcers? That’s when she notices that I’m covered in red welts. Itchy ones. She starts marking them and I say, oh it’s probably hives. They’re everywhere, though and increasing in number and I say, “Ah, that’s right, mosquito bites!” She doesn’t believe me and that’s when Mother comes into the room. She’s delighted that I’m getting a medical exam (I guess I was recently adopted?) but is worried with the onset of all the red bumps. I start telling them the show I watched on TV called The Monsters In Me how these people in South Africa had maggots in them from flies laying eggs on line-dried sheets that were not ironed. Suddenly a lioness jumped on the glass door to the room, knocking it off its hinges and onto Mother. The lioness went to chase someone else, but I yelled to Mother to block the whole doorway with the door so it doesn’t come in!

That’s when I woke up.

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uncle, house, hiding, hawk, capture

I was watching some VN artists on TV and then it switched to real-life. Nguyen Hung was cooking on a portable flat top and putting the dishes out for the people at the table in this venue. He wasn’t doing a terribly nice job, but was all smiles for the camera. It kept flipping to different “clips” that I’d “seen on YouTube” and I told my mom,  look, these are the full videos of those clips we saw in the past! Apparently they do exist. Then I was watching one where it was of a smaller jungle-village with subpar modern amenities. All of the sudden, everyone was running away to hide because they were trying to capture all of the Vietnamese. I was with them. The dumb part is that most of us ran over to the storage house. I was one of the last ones in and since everyone else had taken all the hiding places, I took my place “collapsed” on the right side of the wall where the large, orange curtain/screen/gel barrier connected with the ground. I guess 2 people needed to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the others. There was no time to think about it because the enemy had arrived. Everyone was dead quiet and still. My thoughts kept turning towards my hawk and my dog, but like before, there was no time to dwell because I could hear the enemy searching. They called out to us to give up. I just lay on the ground next to the wall, my feet pressed up against the translucent barrier (at least on our side). Through it, I saw to my dismay, a woman coming up to it. She kept talking to us, telling us to give up. It was weird, though, that she couldn’t see through the thing. She pressed against it, she shoved it, she tried to push her way in (right in front of me, of course). I pushed back with all my might, but she managed to find the edge of the barrier/curtain and stuck her hand in to feel around. I swore up and down that she could see me, but she oddly could not. I had to keep my feet pressed against her continued efforts to push the barrier inwards, so I could not move, but I knew we were screwed. She felt my leg, my belly and then my boobs. As she was molesting my boob, she said, “Oh, that’s a nice boob,” as if she was confused. I guess it was warranted because I didn’t belong with the rest of the villagers who are small, thin people. Soon after, they broke their way in and everyone was captured. I was defeated and scared. I guess my defeated acting was so good, they didn’t even bother to secure my hands. I picked up the box with my hawk in it and slowly trudged to the military vans they were going to secure us in. I heard one say to the other, “Keep an eye on her lest she try to escape.” Another responded, “Nah, she won’t try anything.” I was emboldened by the first one who seemed to know who I was, and even moreso by the second one’s lack of confidence in my abilities. I waited until they had dropped their guard and then freed my hawk (which was much much bigger than they thought it was) and grabbed onto its feet. “FLY! FLY!” I yelled and it took off with me hanging on.

Now I’m at “my house.” It’s pretty much empty because I’m trying to sell it. The house itself was very narrow (longways), pressed up against a mountain with only a small, shared alley between it and the sheer mountainside. The rooms are expansive, just shallow. The neighborhood is nice. There’s one lady whom I meet at the bus stop where nice neighbors have set up couches, a large, fancy canopy and a plush floor for the kids and other residents. She is new to the area and laments that she really, really wants to buy a house there. I tell her excitedly that I’m about to put my house on the market! She says, “Really?!” and I say, yah! Cue my uncle who also wants to buy my house. I take him on a tour of the place and tell him that it’s too big for me, because I only use the office, the bedroom and the kitchen. You can see him planning where he’d put his stuff. He starts telling me that other houses close by are bigger and I say, yeah, but I like it small. I go on to explain that I was going to replace the carpet with hardwood, but I didn’t have enough time. That’s when I notice the large damage in the wall. He doesn’t, busy planning to have floor installers come in and replace things. I nod and smile and try to figure out how I’m going to repair the wall.

Then I wake up.

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