X-rays, ex

A fitful night of vivid dreams and then waking up to pee a couple times.

It was a place I’d never been before. A unfamiliar map. My family was there and other familiars, but so was my ex. Except that he was very happy and relaxed and very much in love with me. I was hesitant because we’d broken up several times before but when he hugged me, I was the happiest. He followed me around as we explored the map and it was nice to have someone at my back. I felt safe. My mom told me that she always knew we’d get back together because we had something between us. I recalled my reasonings why we were better apart than together, but seeing as how he was a completely different person (always happy, helpful, and smiling/laughing, not a care in the world that my hair was so short) now I felt so much better. I wondered what happened to make him like that, but I wasn’t complaining. I was just plain happy. We decided to go to a clamshell on the map to eat. I asked if there was enough room inside for us, and there was. All I remember was spending an inordinate amount of time looking at how tanned my arms were. So tan in fact, they were burnt, like, black burnt.

I was at work, seeing a patient named Cynthia Rowley. I was happy yet agitated because I knew her to be a hard patient and on top of that she hadn’t been in since 2016. I run around a bit, looking for XCPs and happened by my doc’s room where I told the assistant that I was seeing this patient. She looked at me and said, “Oh I remember her. Hard patient!” And I rushed back to my operatory. There I dumped my pile of XCPs on the counter and was trying to take x-rays, but not only could I not get any of the XCPs to fit together properly, but I could not fit it into her mouth to take them! The images were coming up blurry and then like someone had taken a picture of her whole face which didn’t make sense considering the size of the sensor, I was switching between phosphor plates and sensors of different sizes and the only image that came out properly was so small it couldn’t diagnose anything. My coworker jumped in to help me because I was having SUCH a hard time and she took charge to get the image. I was glad to have her help but was also was disappointed in my lack of ability.

Then I was traveling down this dirt road. It seemed like a post or during-apocalyptic time. I was moving with around 3 or 4 other strangers (lady, black guy, all different backgrounds) down this road and we all start running because there was a large shadow coming up fast behind us. I was a huge plane! However, it wasn’t a threat at all because something else was and we all ended up running into this maze of walls, every man for himself. The end of the maze would put us into safety of the large city we were all traveling towards. I could hear the fighting and traps of the people stuck in the maze, but somehow I knew exactly where to go and there I was!


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