Truck, elevator, patients, house

I was driving along in my car when all of the sudden a massive tractor trailer pulls up two lanes to my right and tips over, pinning me and 2 other cars underneath. I get out fine, my car apparently indestructible, but the small red beetle or versa is still stuck under the brunt of it and I’m worried for the girl inside, so I try to wriggle underneath without thinking about it to help get her out. Then I get stuck, the weight of the trailer pinning me near my car, but I’m just stuck, not crushed, and didn’t want to back up or be pulled out because then my shirt would come off in the growing crowd behind me. So I pretend to have been thrown out of the car like that and I could see, thankfully that the girl was fine, but stuck inside her car. My impervious car is holding all of the weight of the trailer. Eventually the rescue crews arrive and they hoist the trailer up, allowing me to stand up and everyone else to be rescued. I hop into my car and drive off like nothing happened.

Now I arrive at my destination which is in a mall-like area, except the particular place is haunted. It’s spooky and I take the elevator up with my cousins? siblings? friends? We wander around a bit. I think it was like a theme park or an amusement thing? Anyways, we’re a bit spooked, though I tend to be skeptical about things like that, and we’re riding the elevator back down. It seems darker in there than before and I get a feeling like someone is in there with us. I slowly look back, cinematic style, and all I can see are the most enormous hands I’ve ever seen. The dude is seriously double my height if not more and creepy as heck. I try to stay calm until the door opens and we all rush out breathless and scared and no one is in the elevator. So we leave.

Then I end up at work and it’s in a weird place that looks like a hotel or a hospital than a dental place. The receptionist is someone I don’t know and she’s very on it. I call my patient back and it’s one the kooky ones. She hands me 2 airwick wall-outlet air fresheners and tells me to plug those in. Ok. The receptionist nods that I got the patient and scans something on a paper to confirm that I brought the patient back. I dutifully go around removing wall outlet air fresheners and plugging in the new ones. Then I get side tracked and remove an old USB stick that is sitting in the wall and reminisce back an older dream where I put that in the wall to begin with. I open up the little thing in the shape of a train, and its cavernous interior puzzles me because why does it need like 20 batteries? It is neat though, to be able to store something in there without anyone the wiser. I start to tell my coworker about the creepy place I went to and she wanted to go so I take her in the nondescript locked door at the mall. We go up the elevator and go through the stuff at the top. I’ve already been through it all, so I’m mostly there to accompany my friend. I take the time to watch a running video I’d missed the first time about random X-ray  moving images detailing how different animals and people look like moving around at the skeletal level. There are dolphins swimming and then I see some dogs racing after each other. Then my friend rushes up to me and says we should leave. Now. So we take the ride down and I explain the large man I saw last time and she’s even more spooked than before. We get to the door and she tells me to hurry up and open it. I then realize that she has another, older woman with her that I hadn’t noticed and then fumble at the door which looks different now. Turns out it’s just a button push and we scramble out into safety.

That was my last dream, but I just remembered snippets of an earlier one where I owned a house. It was brand new, but of course, my brother had spent much more time in it than I had. I came down to check it out and it turned into a facility for the bad people! I was with cyborg of the Teen Titans Go!  team and we both went from lock to lock, trying to clear them all and defeat the bad guy, but when we reached the right half of the home, then it was mostly a domicile and not an evil facility with no alarm traps to disable (I checked) and I got to appreciate the home I’d bought. There was a weird, spooky hallway up some stone stairs that seemed to lead to nowhere because a stone slab had been placed there to prevent people from going up. I walked up it until I couldn’t go anymore and even though I could see the outdoors and the house behind mine from around it, I turned back around and figured I could deal with it later when I was settled in. Coming back into the living room, I see my sister pulling out her cello and starting to play on it. I wander down to the basement which is already cozily laid out and I start reading a comic book or playing a computer game. I was just relaxing when some kid visitors arrived and I begrudgingly put down my entertainment to play with them.


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