skiing, machine, friend’s husband, plane ride, pirates

I was in an academy of sorts with its large, historic buildings, a shuttle and dorms. Some classes come and go and I somehow manage to end up with my friend’s husband. He had decided that I was more adventurous and funny. I thought he was so intelligent and happy. We hung out together, went to class together, sat on the bus together and he had my back the whole time, but throughout it all I just felt like I’d done something majorly wrong. He started serenading and dancing with me in the rotunda of a building and I just don’t move well enough like that when my friend who was standing off to the side stepped forward. I smiled and brought them both together and told them that they are made for each other and they should be together. I liked him but not with all my heart and soul.

Then there was something about the Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain Jack Sparrow and the cursed coins. I was one of the pirates until I came up on an amusement park ride with 3 planes each one named Honda, Mazda, and Nissan. I was super stoked and wanted to ride them. They would fly on their own and then come together into a bigger plane and it seemed so neato. Instead they put me on a different ride since that one needed one more rider and I was told that the one I was riding in was nigh impossible to operate. No one had been able to do it successfully in years! The plane I was  placed in was off by itself away from the other two planes and it was my job to try and jump up and slam my butt down on the ride so that the other planes would operate properly. It required strength, coordination and timing. I kept trying over and over (I don’t want to think of what I was doing in real life) and I was getting very close to success…

…and then appeared at a skiing place. Except I wasn’t me, I was an old inventor character who wanted to go skiing. I walked right up to the starting point with my rental skis and tried to jam my feet into them, but my old man slippers weren’t going to cut it. I wanted to try, but the snow got in and my feet were freezing and I didn’t want frostbite, so I went to rent the boots and it turns out it was free! When I finally got back to the starting gate, the whippersnapper teenagers that were my assistants were already long down the slopes and I was left trying to figure out what my skis had suddenly turned into which was a giant ski machine thing. It wasn’t working properly. Of course. So I had to replace the CPU, put a new hard drive in because it was only given 32GB instead of the 2 TB it needed, and it just so happened that I had one on hand! Finally it was ski time

And I woke up because my leg was very cold.


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