Lamprey agent, food

A very fitful night for not obvious reasons. It wasn’t too hot and yet I could not get comfortable and sleep well. So sleepy now.

I entered a building with revenge in my mind, my partner with me. We “snuck” around with the goal of not being detected by the large man dressed in business clothes. He had just been responsible for deaths of our people. Our mission wasn’t to kill him, but to make him suffer and scare him. We got off the elevator and there he was! He had no clue what was about to happen, but we had to get there quickly or else he’d get into that room and we’d have to abort our mission! I threw caution to the wind and half crawled, half ran despite seeing another person facing our way and also going towards our quarry. I got there first and jumped up, latching my lamprey mouth onto his right arm. He reeled and tried to shake me off, but my partner leapt up on the other side and did the same. I was sad because this arm was once familiar, strong and meant safety to me, but no more. Not after I was turned and after all his vile doings. Almost in defeat or maybe with something else in mind, he tried to shake and walk into his office at the same time, but I dug my hands into his body and hung on tight, still sucking/lapping at his blood. With both of us on him at once, he seemed to grow weaker from blood loss. I noticed that in his office there were other men, so I quickly disengaged, pulling and ripping as much as I could to encourage more pain and bleeding and we both ran for it out the office and towards the elevator. I smashed the elevator button and I could hear someone on our heels, thankfully our carriage opened and we leapt inside, waiting out of sight while I repeatedly pushed the close button, in the event someone would chase us. It seemed like an eternity for the door to close, but the solid doors finally did and we sighed in relief smiling at each other. Outside, we disappeared into the crowd of the event going on, I guess our mutations hidden once more. We noticed security at the exit, but we managed to slip out and meet up with more co-conspirators. Good outcome.

Then I was traveling and in need of quick food. The mall/food place was hopping and busy, and I couldn’t decide which place to eat. I kept going in and out of places, unable to make up my mind and chatting with my travel partner, analyzing the places and trying to come up with a decision. Finally I ended up at “Paisano’s” which ended up being a really fancy place. Finally making my decisions, I came up to the counter where an older lady was to take my order. She seemed very condescending, but the place was rather posh so I didn’t hold it against her. Plus, it seemed it had taken literally all day for me to pick a place because it was late at night. I ordered the Pluddichino, the lemon version which was supposed to be a small cheesecake looking thing with frappe inside? Then I wanted the oreo 4 inch cheesecake too. A side of fries on top of chicken fingers with fries. She kept making negative comments at my choices which annoyed me, but whatever, the food seemed good. And it was, though there weren’t enough fries for what they charged. Some other chicken dish and a large dessert. I sat there and ate it, planning to buy something to take home for my mom. My travel partner didn’t order anything but ended up eating the oreo cheesecake and some fries.

Analysis:  Read a vampire story before sleeping, and apparently I’m hungry?


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