Mall, ex, relative, animals, work

I was going to update much sooner than this, but got side tracked by looking for a gutter repair/cleaning service, so now I don’t remember as much.

I was at a mall, when I happened to walk by the freestanding hospital inside said mall. Suddenly, I see my ex who came up to me excitedly, introducing me to the woman beside him. From what I could tell she was taking care of him while he was at the hospital recovering from a work injury, and they had gotten to talking about me. The woman and I recognized each other in surprise and I greeted my aunt (dad’s sister). Upon recognizing me she turned and walked quickly away even though I kept calling after her, only turning back once. My ex had run off the moment I had recognized my aunt, so as she disappeared into the crowd, I turned to see where he went, but he’d gone too. I ran into the small, crowded hospital hoping he’d gone back in there, but he hadn’t so I trudged back out into the mall sadly. It’s not like I wanted our relationship back, but watching relationships dissolve around me is depressing. As I walked on, I had this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and that I missed him terribly. Not as a lover, but just as a friend. I just missed him. I continued through the mall, more hurriedly now to escape these feelings and ended up in a fancy clothes place that was having a wildlife event. I saw that there were many animals outside, so I went out without anyone knowing and saw with delight all the animals there in the small quad of grass! Foxes, baby foxes, snakes, birds and all sort of other animals. I whipped out my phone to take pictures, knowing full well I wasn’t supposed to be out there and that these were wild animals that could attack me.

There was also this whole section on work that was at the same time enjoyable and irritating. Gah I don’t remember anymore. I’m just getting this vision of the office space, some darkness, some coworkers and my boss.

Awwwww…I was SO excited to record these dreams too. I woke up and attempted to summarize and recall all of the details in order to record. It was a good sleep.


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