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Over the span of several days.

I was in North Carolina in my cousins’ old house. The siblings were really excited and Mm was mostly so. She exclaimed to me that she and her siblings had taken control of the home and fixed it so that it was more comfortable and less negative. Indeed, it was different, but also much much larger than I remember. In one of the cathedral hallways, she had lots of kids toys like costumes. I donned one of the dinosaur ones and we ran around chasing each other. Then I ended up walking around the outdoor, covered walkway/balcony. It was dark out with clear skies. I felt sad. That’s where my cousin found me and then suddenly I was at a gas station getting gas. The station was crazy huge with more pumps than I’ve ever seen in one station before. It was all in a line wrapping around the building, but it wasn’t too busy at the time. We parked towards the end near the carwash.

Then I drove to a place where I was supposed to be spying on my mark. I was early and it made me nervous since I’d be conspicuous, but suddenly a lot of cars pulled in and it was okay. I got out and approached the outdoor conference area under one of those vinyl tents you commonly see at weddings. I took my seat around the large table, going over in my head my name and what my area of expertise at my university was. My mark showed up and it began.

Then I was at home and Gable had gotten to the point where he was fully incontinent. I knew the time was coming. The pee smell was very powerful and he looked mournful though he couldn’t help himself. So I jumped into the car with my mom, discussing which type of diaper to get him. A belly band with bladder leakage product, or an actual doggie diaper. I choose one and try to put it on him, but I never get to see the whole thing.

Now I’m at this run down apartment building. It’s really, really run-down and I’m confused as to how my life has changed for the worse that we have to live here. It’s only a few day’s rent to get us to the next place. I promised my mom in the grungy room that if she came with me, we wouldn’t have to do this. However, she’d paid for the few days already, so we’d stay since she couldn’t get a refund. I bade her stay in the house and went out to look for groceries and other foods. It was late afternoon at this point. Peeling paint, rust, cracked and broken concrete steps, and lots of lounging, suspicious people. I kept telling myself they’re just people who can’t afford to live in a nice apartment or detached home, down on their luck and that they’re not inherently dangerous, but I was on high alert. They all stared at me and my out-of-place nice clothing and teeth. Just then, something happened and I chased two perpetrators out of a wood-choked metal fence. Stuff happened and then it was dark.

I chased them over to a park in a city. There was a celebration or festival going on and it was filled with characters from old TV shows in the 90s. I was walking around taking everything in. Suddenly, I’m at work, a small office in that city, and my doctor is doing an exam for a child I had seen or was about to see. Something bad was happening in regards to the kids’ teeth, so she finished the exam to let me finish up while she talked to the parents. I left and ended up back at the festival, but this time, I was with the kids from the Loud House. Luan was cracking some jokes and I decided to go with her onto a large yacht. She had done something she shouldn’t have done for the sake of a prank, so her siblings were trying to find her. Some confusing action occurred and I ended up in the thick of it all, the cartoon characters no longer cartoon, but realistic. Somehow I was just as responsible as Luan for her antics. The siblings caught up to me on the side of the boat, demanding answers.



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Shopping, Candy, Police, Tickets, Car, friends

think I slept better than I have in a while? I could NOT get up this morning. So why then can I remember so many dreams…?

I was driving down this ridiculously wide road with 5 or 6 lanes in a relatively quiet suburban area. Then I did it again in what I assume was the 2nd or 3rd day consecutively. This time around I turned late into the turn lane to take a right at the light and as I started driving down the 2 lane-on-either-side road, I get lit up and pulled over. I’m very nervous since I’ve never ever been pulled over before. Cop comes up to the window and tells me that I’ve been pulled over for my back right brake light being out. I remember diving into my work bag for my license with extra exuberance. He looks around my messy car and asks me to step out. I do and he shows me my brake light which is indeed out. I am annoyed and incredulous because I recently replaced them myself, with gloves this time, so why is it out again??? He starts writing me up a ticket for it and I’m annoyed by that because it wasn’t a warning, but a ticket. In the mean time I admire his car because it’s so cool. He’s a nice guy other than the ticket part. We’re about to leave when he suddenly asks me to open up my hood. My car was sounding funny. He looks under it and uses his phone to help determine what’s wrong with the 6 valves I have (I only have a 4, fyi). Turns out, he shows me, that one of them is at -500 and I’m blown away because that explains why my car hasn’t been operating as strongly as it used to. Then I get worried because that 1) means my engine is busted and I need to go back to Subaru and wow engine work is going to be expensive, and 2) emission is out of whack and lo and behold, he’s whipped out his ticket book again. DAMN IT ALL. The first ticket was already $400 and now he’s given me 2 more! I have freaking 3 tickets plus repair. How can I possibly afford all of that? He’s writing me up and I’m standing around all miserable when I see another cop car had pulled over another car going the opposite way of traffic and it’s causing a major backup. Then as soon as that cop pulls away, some fools get into a crazy accident just as I am watching. I exclaim and tell my ticket-happy cop that it looks like he’s going to have his hands full after me. He looks up and is not happy.

Next dream sees me at a shopping center. I’m complaining to my brother and my boss about my 3 tickets and major car repair. I’m debating asking for more hours and am debating with my brother about just buying a new car instead of trying to fix mine because at this point it’s probably totaled. I think I’m supposed to be working at this outdoor retail location, but I’m not doing a good job with it. Then it’s time to go home but I putter around a bit, there’s some unknown about job positions, teleport portals, a girl. Now it’s dark and in the parking lot are lots of cars! Then, old friends, classmates and my family are there. We’re all supposed to meet up at a restaurant. My mom tells me to get in her car, another friend wants me to go with her, but I go with my coworker who then turns into a very old friend of mine. We giggle and rush around and get into a massive almost-limo-SUV (first, I open the door to some old lady’s car and apologize) trying to leave before anyone else realizes what we’re doing. Unfortunately for us–and especially for me–all of her friends find us and pile inside. I’m unhappy because I just wanted the two of us to catch up with each other, but then again, that’s how it always was before too (IRL we’ve lost touch with each other, our lives so different now). Oh well. We start driving the short distance away and now we’re in traffic. We get shot at by some grass-mounted, car-mounted, and truck-mounted gun devices. They’re tiny arrows, and different colored ping pong balls. When we get to the destination and park, I found that I have a dart in me. Everyone else is fine. They all leave and then I see my uncle show up and my family too.

We go inside, and now the world is different. I’m looking up some car ads, looking for possibly a used car to buy and save money. I hit upon an ad for a yellow, Nissan X-Terra Pro-4X. I go visit the townhouse and it turns out it’s a Frontier. I’m okay with that, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. Turns out, though, that they have 2 Doberman that they want to sell too. One of them is jumping all over me. Someone is talking to me. I think it’s my uncle, but I’m not paying any attention because I’m busy playing with the dog. Someone has cut its ears with scissors and I’m upset and really want to buy the dog. Unfortunately, the second one is cute too and I’m torn because I can’t afford 2 more dogs. They really like me. Because my uncle is there, I want very much to buy both in order to prevent him from getting either dog.

Now I’m driving up the opposite way on that large stretch of road from earlier. My family is with me and I’m bringing them to a shopping center. We’re going through a store and my mom has wandered off. I’m with my sister and we see some clearance stuff. There’s an earmuff that actually encloses your ears in the shape of a snowman head and I try it on because it’s super cute. Then I see French fry versions and some French fry slippers. The guy that’s standing there looking too, says he has the fry slippers and wouldn’t recommend them because they flop around. He tells me about the Willy Wonka store next door and I go there with my sister (I think it’s an outlet strip). I go down the nearest aisle and see a cool electronic game, candy dispenser. They let you demo it and I happen to win, causing candy balls to spill out the slot and onto the floor. I catch 2 and throw them into my mouth. Another lady comes over to look at it and tells me I must be a whizz to win so quickly like that. I say it’s totally beginner’s luck and go to the other side of the display. There is so much candy!!

Wow. What a night.

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Toilet, Water Heater

Some crazy stuff about a toilet, linking super powers or success with it. I was unable to succeed in my mission, so I did not receive the power up I should have from the toilet! Also involving Darwin and Gumball.

Then I was in the house I grew up in, walking through the hallway. The water in the house is going insane, water spurting out from everywhere and very hot at that. Washing machine, sinks, showers. It’s a huge mess! My boss is there too and we all venture downstairs to the basement because we all suspect the water heater. Sure enough the water heater is going crazy, spouting water, very very hot water, every which way. Apparently it’s been doing it for a while and no one’s caught it. My boss says, “I’ve had to turn this thing off an on at least 10 times this month! That’s it!” I chuckle and tell him to be careful because it’s scalding hot water. He runs in, exclaiming about how hot it is and turns off the water. I come in when the coast is clear, and see the major damage to the floor. It is burnt, black, wet and there’s a spot under the flooring where the water has clearly been hitting for a long time because it’s sunk in a circular shape. The water heater itself has seen better days and I am astounded at its size! No wonder it busted! I complain to him that this thing is entirely too small for the size of the house. He’s like, “yeah…” Then he picks up a metal scraper and starts removing the wood flooring. I’m about to complain about that too, putting hardwood flooring around a water heater–

–then wake up.

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Solid alcohol, dragon, work

I was in this building and eating basically spiked whipped cream. There were some people in there, so I started offering it to them too. They were happy to take some and that’s when I realized they were wearing jumpsuits from the fire department. When I ran into the first guy again, he had eaten so much there were stains on his clothing. I warned him about them, now realizing that they could get booted from the program for messing up with alcohol. The students all entered their classroom which left me alone in the hall.

I’m leaving the building and the scene is in ancient Asia around a Japanese-like castle. I’m in full metal armor, the best in the game. I’d just defeated the final boss, so I’m super strong and all kitted out, and wondering if there’s anything left to do in the game. I notice that I missed something in the pond nearby, so I jump in, target the item, and walk over to pick it up. Turns out it’s an egg. I remove my boots and manage to float back up to the surface where I see my green dragon friend hanging out above the water. Then, a red one shows up which is clearly female. They look like they’re a pair and I’ve just found an egg for them.

I don’t remember the one about work now. Something about the husband doctor.

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Cops, running, patient, car, old house, caulk, amusement park

Here are some tidbits of dreams I no longer remember fully.

I was escaping the cops! They were chasing me and I don’t know what I did but I was running for my life! They booted me out of one vehicle and I hopped into another that just happened to be sitting there, going the opposite direction. Their cars were much faster than mine and so as we were driving on a highway bridge, I made the desperate decision while the car was moving (I guess it wasn’t in the US because I was on the right side of the car) and cops hemming in on both sides to open the door and jump off the side of the bridge. I felt fear, exhilaration and confusion as to why I was being chased like this. I could see the water coming closer and I thought I was going to be dashed upon the big rocks, but it was a dream, so I managed to direct myself into the water just short of them. Then I stood up and waded ashore, looking up to see the cops shouting at each other and at me. I wasn’t out of the woods yet. They had a clear view of where I was going even though it was dusk. Making it onto dry land, I ran through the trees and kept running. It was dark out now and I ended up across some railroad tracks in the parking lot of a Burger King. Suddenly a cop car shows up and the officer gets out and starts interrogating everyone. He goes through every person there as well as me and is about to go into Burger King to check on those people, when out of the nearby carwash walks a young black lady. Except she wasn’t a black person at all, just the culprit wearing a disguise, wig and makeup. I yell for the cop there she is! By the time he runs outside, she’s gotten into his squad car and is driving off. I hop into the passenger seat and off we go.

Then something about cars and a patient of mine in the same neighborhood. I’m driving the patient around and she needs a new car, so she ends up deciding on a car called the Chevrolet Diamond or something like that. She points at the road where I see a flat layer of dirt near the other cars parallel parked there and that will soon be her car, built literally from the ground up. I’m amazed at the technology.

Next day dream: I’m in our old house in the room I used to share with my sister and my mom is in there doing something with the windows. I get up and look at the ceiling because there’s something wrong with the paint. Turns out it’s not paint and spackle, it’s caulk, and too much of it. Clearly my dad had done this and I start making fun of it, poking at the excessive amount, when he walks into the room. I shut up instantly because he would get angry to hear me criticize him in any way. Then something happens.

Now my mom and I are sitting in my car in the rain and trying to figure out where we’re going. We’re looking at an old TV with built in VCR and I show her that we’re going to this island! Just the two us. Turns out it’s an amusement park! The big attraction for her being Temptation Island! There’s lots of shopping, too and for me an important casino. She’s really excited and we arrive there and–

–I wake up because I need to go to work. Sigh.


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Work, car, lawnmower

I was at work and things were rolling right along when I happened to look outside of my op. There had just been an accident and a dark colored honda accord had somehow managed to land on the bushes!! I gaped and speculated about what happened. Two females emerged seemingly unscathed from the car. I ended up down in the parking lot where we’d just so happened to had moved our cars onto that side of the building. As it turned out, a car traveling on the road had crashed while driving so fast into the accord, pushing it onto the bushes. Debris from the impact was so damaging that my boss’s car’s door had fallen off altogether. As I got down there, ogling the crash, I saw these two guys come over to steal my boss’s car doors, so I yelled, “HEY!” and they backed off before running away. By that time my coworkers and employers had come down too.

Then we were all in my car driving. I had tried to leave the parking lot so quickly that I’d forgotten to put my car into the Drive gear, so I turned up this curvy, steep driveway so that I could stop and change gears without messing up traffic. I remember being confused that being in Neutral gear could drive so smoothly up the driveway. By the time I made it to the top, I realized that it was private property. THe homeowner came running out of her house yelling at me to get off her property. I put my car, which was now a lawnmower, in Drive gear and pushed it quickly down the driveway, making sure to run over all of the weeds along the way as an apology.

There was more to this, but WordPress wasn’t working properly and I’ve forgotten some.

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Friends, car, enemy, priests, co-workers, animal, bathroom

I think I was in a movie where I was one of the stars or at least the main character group. We were on a special mission. The large squad was driving our armored cars on the route I take to work. It was summer. Just as we were turning at a light up a hill, a massive quadcopter chupped up above us all and the machine transformed so that we could see the 2 operators inside. It was the arch nemesis! The crazy lady! She broadcast her evil plan loudly and then laughed maniacally as the quadcopter flew away. Our mission was set! We all had to try and contain the infection she intended to spread all over the area. The entire team split up and raced off to their destinations to help cover more ground faster. I took my partner and me up the road just a little (it wasn’t a busy suburb anymore, but farm land) and turned down a dirt road where I knew a small rural settlement was. The chance was a bit smaller that she’d infect them, but I had to check because I was responsible for this particular zone. We ride up in our big SUV and it turns out that they were blissfully unaware and were having a festival. I assume it was for the Lunar New Year, given all the Asian stuff being sold there. Our vehicle was too large, but no one batted an eye, so we just “patrolled” like it was routine. As I suspected, there was no evidence of any infection, so we left.

Then, all of the sudden I was walking through a mall. It was getting dark and I was still doing my duty as protector of the area. Nothing really suspicious was going on, but I came upon a very small school-like operation where they were selling stuff as a fundraiser for their group. This group belonged to a friend of mine that I’d never met in person because he’s all the way on the other side of the country. I looked through their stuff and wow, they were really cute! Plushies and neato things, but the price tag was ridiculous. I know they were trying to spin a profit but doggone if I was going to pay $73.99 for a turtle plushie. I just smiled, pretending to consider, and then trying to distract them by asking what the guy was drawing.

Then I had to get up and let Gable out to the bathroom

Now I was in a neighborhood. It was sunny. I kept driving back and forth and back and forth and seeing a setup in front of a house about using corn ethanol as car fuel. The last time I drove by to go somewhere, there were 4 nuns with boxes asking for donations and demonstrating how to create baking soda out of almonds. It was getting dark and I happened to be walking by this time. The 4 nuns were now 4 priests, but not just any priests…dark priests. You knew they were dark because their cossacks were a deep purple. Each priest had an animal affiliation. Something bad happened and now I was in  building. There had been a murder or something atrocious and I was standing in front of the scene of the crime. With the lights on, the room wasn’t particularly exciting, just stone walls, some torches, stone floors, some wooden chairs. The priests seemed innocent, just doing their religious normal. We all left and stood in front of the room. Someone turned off the lights of the room to save energy and there was a group of 5 standing with me there. I had my headlamp on, because I guess I was an investigator? The 5 people were probably my coworkers, but where just shadowy, detail-less entities, except one of them who was my newest co-worker. She asked me if I noticed anything weird and how the investigation was going. I happened to look into the dark room with my headlamp shining and realized something crazy! I told E to look into the room with me (trying to shine around the others who were standing still and blocking the way) and when I moved my headlamp around, the light would reflect a shining purple on images on the stone wall. There was also a suspect lectern in the corner! The large shining image was that of a wolf-head!!! Gosh darn that was one of the priests’ affiliation animals!!! They flipped the light back on and restarted the investigation, closing the door this time. I suspected that there would be more murders in each of the priests’ respective ritual chambers.

But for now, I needed to go pee, so I opened the door and closed it behind me. There on the floor was either a sloth or some such animal crawling on the floor. It snagged it’s claw on my foot which hurt a lot, but it was just a cute animal. Unbeknownst to me, it was one of the priests in animal form… I popped into the bathroom and sat down and peed on the toilet (I hate bathroom dreams). As I was going, I see the claw of the animal reaching under the door and trying to lift the door up. Now I was getting freaked out, but I couldn’t stop peeing! It squeezed it’s body under the door and reaching maliciously out towards me (still peeing). I FREAKED OUT, but couldn’t stop peeing. I was almost done, but it was also mostly in the small bathroom!! Finally I yelled for someone and someone opened the door just as I had jumped up off the toilet and trying to pull up my underwear. When the door was opened, the creature pretended to be innocent and harmless again.

–That’s when I jolted awake because I was late.

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Keanu Reeves, dollar bills, supermarket, outside

I was trapped in a grocery store with other people, about the size of an Aldi. One guy was the mastermind, and he looked exactly like Keanu Reeves, except that he was more silly like Michael Carbonaro. In order to escape, we had to get as much money as possible…money that was taped to everyone’s backs. I ran around as fast as possible snagging the bills off people’s backs, while trying not to have the money inevitably attached to mine taken. It seemed to never end. My predatory instincts kicked in and the other people in the market seemed to change to new blood. Finally I had enough and I tried to find Keanu Reeves to turn in the loot and escape. I couldn’t find him. I kept going up and down the aisles, but I couldn’t find him. Panic! Then, there he was. I ran up to him and proffered my big pile of dollar bills. He seemed displeased at my success and frowned at me. Soon, the place seemed very dangerous and I needed to escape. The aisles were blocked by fallen display shelves and debris. People were running everywhere! I made my way to the front, afraid to go outside, but it wasn’t guarded. Taking a deep breath, I leapt outside! FREEDOM!

It was dark outside and I didn’t recognize the place at all. As I made my way from the building behind me, I caught sight of people hanging around in the grass. Great. They were lounging until they saw me, then scrambled into their monster costumes. Guards. They were guarding the building! But I had nowhere to run because I could see more up the street. Defeated, I made my way to the group. Turns out they were nice, though. In order to leave, I needed to fill out a registration form. They bade me lay down in a body-indentation on the ground and placed a laptop on my chest with the form to fill out. The girl who was so kind and helping me out wanted to lay there with me, so I put my arm out and bade her lie down. She did so happily, and I wrapped my arm around her torso, pulling her close to me while I tried to fill out the form. She was so warm and comforting. My left side needed a body too, now and I looked around for another person to hug close, but then the others were starting to escape the building too. My cuddly time over, I get up to go home and realize I’m really far away.

Then I wake up.

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Ritual, classmates, nephew

The other day I forgot to record a significant dream and it plagued me the entire week. This is the real reason I started recording these dreams: to get them out of my head.

I was seated with my classmates in a large cafeteria-type of place. On cafeteria table/chair combos. We were listening to the authority figure as they were addressing us, and I was singled out for my role in the all-important ritual. My classmates all turned to look at me with pity or reverence or both. I donned my white gown, and with great anxiety I was escorted away to the chamber. Everyone was nervous, as this was for the sake of the population. The walk was lined with guards, and I entered the trial chamber. Inside, there was another person, a guide, I think, who was to objectively oversee my progress. I put some music on and took my seat on the bed/throne. Shortly thereafter, I received the test subject: my nephew. I had to comfort and protect him until he grew large and healthy enough in order to complete the challenge. There would be enemies, distractions and other events that would seek to cause my failure and therefore end the world. If he cried, I would fail. The temptations and distractions occurred, but I lay him on my chest. For a time I was having issues, but then I decided to flip him onto his stomach and he was happy. It was a success! I had saved the world! I emerged from the chambers, victorious and made my way back into the cafeteria. The guards all bowed to me. I entered the small chamber off the side of the auditorium, and a turncoat tried to approach, but my guards prevented them. I drew myself up, and calmed them, emerging in my light blue royal garments to face my enemy. I  was now a God and brimming with power.

Then stuff happened and we needed to escape. Into the hollow walls were a series of escape tunnels. There were scuffles and fire, but my loyal retainers sent me head and stayed back to buy me escape time. I didn’t know where to go so I just went!

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Driving, dog, game, Chinese food

One of those times where I remember the latest dream. Maybe I’ll remember as I type.

I was driving from “my house” to go to work. I’d just moved into a suburb. It was dawn, so it was a little dark. I’m driving and there’s a good amount of traffic. Google maps tells me there is another route to take and I’m feeling adventurous, so I decide to take it because why not. It’s the sidewalk. And I’m not the only one who is using it. I’d passed another girl in an old impala or something similar a while ago, but when I get stuck at a red light (I’m driving on the median now), she had somehow managed to get in front of me and beat me through the light. Then when it’s green again, I realize why: my muscles are crazy tired now and I can’t move nearly as quickly since apparently we’re pushing socks around as if they were toy cars. WTH. I make it to the left turn everyone else has taken into this off-road path, my leg muscles and arm muscles burning from fatigue. Girl from before is waiting for me, how kind of her.

We get to know each other and suddenly it changes to this mobile game kind of thing. Like, one of those build-your-city-and-interact-with-the-residents-games, with lives and energy and such. This particular game is about relationships (on par with Harvest Moon) and uses maps similar to Google maps. I find out that girl from before lives just the neighborhood over from me, but I get her confused with the girl that I’ve left my dogs with when I go to work. I’m done with work now, so I tap on her house to try and get my dogs back from her, but she wants me to pay a certain amount of exorbitant money that I don’t have. The game dialogue from her says then she will keep my dog because I’m not fit to keep her. I am dismayed!!! What?? I try everything I can, tapping all the options and it turns out that I have a chance of getting my dog back if I can convince her to go out with me, establishing a relationship. She’s a tough cookie, but her happiness meter is steadily rising…

Just remembered snippets of a dream that was probably from yesterday and not last night. Something about my dogs and a neighbor across the street and their dog. Taking the dog and needing to return it. Then something about the house I left before moving up here.

OH! That’s right, I remember the dream from last night now.

Some fun video game type stuff with mountains, forests, flying, maps, treasures and characters. Then I’m leading my mom and brother to “our home” which is top down visible on the map/viewing style. I lead them through a certain pathway, warning them that my dad might be traversing the area. Unfortunately, he is walking towards us down the path I was taking my family on, so I quickly usher them to the next walled off road and bid them hurry quickly. Alas, he has already seen us, though it takes him time to get around the wall, but my family cannot be hurried. We make it to the dingy alleyway entrance in Chinatown, where an old Asian lady is guarding. I push my family into the door and beg the woman not to let my dad in. She just stands there unmoving, so I lock us into the house. From the top-down view I can see my dad come to the door, but he can’t get in. I’m relieved, but annoyed that he knows where we are now. For the moment we can’t do anything, so I order Chinese food. It’s awesome and easy since we’re in Chinatown. For some reason there are 3 delivery men who are fighting over how and who will deliver it. I’d ordered 6 entrees, 3 of which were roast pork dishes (understood to be different dishes with roast pork), and the other 3 were lo mein, fried rice, and something else. It finally arrives and we open them up to eat and oh maaan, the sauce, the noodles…it’s so wonderful…

…very nice to be able to eat in your dreams. :p

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