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Ugh. I could NOT sleep well last night.

I was in my mom’s house. Then we were shopping and then we went back. And I was yelling at her. A lot. The house was a complete disaster because there was so much stuff, and I just lost it. I yelled and yelled some more. She was mad at first, but then suddenly she saw the truth in it. Still annoyed, but inspired by her irritation, she cleaned everything up. I went to sleep and woke up and to my surprise, everything was tidy. Most of the excess stuff was gone. I don’t mind a little clutter because it makes a house warmer and more lived in, so I was happy, though reserved because who knows how long that would last.

Then I decided to go outside in the backyard. It was weird because instead of the moderate townhouse yard with our 6 ft wood privacy fence ringed inside by large bushes for further privacy, both sides of the fence were gone, leaving only the back part standing. In its place were low-lying stone fences. Very well made and pretty, but much too low. I followed the fence all the way back and while I initially thought our neighbors had installed it and were trying to sell their house, it extended our property all the way to the back to where the wooded path was. That’s when I thought perhaps the HOA did it? As I walked back, marveling at how much larger our property was now, the neighbor’s dog bounded up to me (no longer held in by a fence). I knelt down and pet her, exclaiming how good a dog she was and asking her why she was so matted? She bounded off again and I noted that we were going to need a lot more bushes now to make a living fence. I ran inside to tell my mom and asked her to come out. She was amazed and I walked her to the back to show her how big the property had gotten. I told her that we either construct a new fence next to their little stone retaining walls or now we could plant as many forsythias as she wanted and prune them into a living fence.

I was driving and it was super late and super dark. This one guy in a Nissan Altima was driving like a maniac and even though there was no one on the road, got very road ragey at me, so much so that he swerved around me and stopped across the double yellow to scream at me through his window. I got out to confront him and so did he, only I was a cop. I saw fear in his eyes which then turned right to rage. More screaming and how he hadn’t broken any laws at all and I had no reason to ticket him or anything. I scoffed and listed all of the laws he’d broken. Then I had him arrested and sent him away in a caged car. On the ground, I saw his car keys and picked them up. I was a rookie, so I asked dispatch or my partner what I was supposed to do with them, and was told to go to the station and drop them off. I was surprised there’d be anyone left at the station since it was 3am, but there they were. After I dropped it off, I went to leave when I heard a commotion and everyone pulled their guns. I picked a gun off the counter and aimed it in the direction everyone was pointing. While aiming, I moved to get a better look and a muscular female cop had brought in a raving and fighting perp. He was handcuffed but still going crazy. I returned the gun an went to leave to go home.

Then was I outside and it was daytime. I was standing in front of city hall or some government center. My friend J was with me and we saw her mom. I hadn’t seen her mom in a while! Her mom was in turn waiting for her son (J’s brother) whom I also hadn’t seen in years. He was a lot taller and bigger than I remember. Now I’m having a flashback of sorts back to a comic that I had drawn years ago. It was then an anime and I watched it on my computer. It was about an Indian merman monster person and his friend who was orange. It was clearly drawn in marker. Both of them were extremely muscular and it was about how the Indian one had been betrothed when he was young and was just now meeting his bride since they were of age to wed. The interesting detail was that both mermen lacked clothing and were very…um…distinctly, perkily male. I thought to myself, how embarrassing, did I really draw that?? But not only was it drawn, it was colored too! Must have been years ago! I hoped no one else could see this…

I am so unbelievably sleepy. Can’t keep my eyes open….


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Teeth and work

I went to my workplace to have my teeth looked at because I was having tooth pain. Instead of the usual people, I got a new guy, so I proceeded to tell him what to do. It was a lower right premolar that I suspected had a cavity. He confirmed this and I instructed him to take an X-ray of it too. Then he found another one! I was like, huh? It was one above it, so I told him to take another image. Then I looked in the mirror myself and found that I had managed to break 2 premolars. They were not broken to pieces, but more split in 3. The x-rays came back looking awful and I had a huge abscess in the lower tooth. The doctor that came to look at me, I did not recognize. He was older, slower, but seemed very capable and very chill. He told me I needed to come back another day to do it, even though it didn’t seem busy at all. It was almost like he wanted to go home. I looked at the time and it was only 1pm. Nevertheless, he was the doctor and I was the patient, so I said, ok and considered making an appointment for 2 crowns and RCT. That’s when I decided to go seek out my bosses. I no longer worked there, I guess. Just a patient, and it must have been a few years hence the new faces. I first met with Dr. S and told him what happened. He scowled and mumbled about how the new doctor always goes home early even though he should be seeing more patients. I moved on and found Dr. V in her office. When she saw me she seemed a bit irritated (or perhaps mad? sad?) and I exclaimed, “You’re going to be so mad at me!” She shot me an annoyed look and I explained that I managed to break 2 teeth despite wearing a nightguard and now needed 2 crowns and RCT. That changed her expression to concern and I said Dr. So-and-so was going to do it. Her eyebrows shot up and she pulled up the schedule. I took that as a bad sign and asked if perhaps I should try to schedule with one of them instead?

I don’t know what happened after that because other dreams happened and now I’m at work again, but working this time. Some stuff about the Quip toothbrush, lots of patients and then ended up with a crowd of Asian people blocking the interstate as they surrounded some elder women. I seemed to be familiar with them, but then I was on the road again to my vacation destination somewhere.

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Crane game, house, sewing, Mother, procedure, lion

It’s been a while since I’ve logged an entry. I’ve had other vivid dreams, just never got around to typing them because I’m too lazy. Some involving computers, nuns, catastrophe and co-worker E.

I was in a dark house. It’s a rather blocky place, the walls brick and the floors both wood and green carpet. I was supposed to create the place (clearly, DQB2 inspired) but I hadn’t been back in a while. All of the sudden, I realized that I had to finish it! I surveyed the floorplan and created 2 crane games with the myriad of items I had in my possession. Super proud of myself for such a creative way of emptying my pockets, and making the crane game one that wouldn’t be a rip off (it cost $1 to play). Then I descended to the main foyer and my workers were all morose and depressed. Turned out I hadn’t had the spark in me for a while and had been neglecting them! Plus, there was a deadline because She was coming soon! I decided to right my wrongs and set up the 2 desks I had towards the far wall. Immediately, my people jumped on them and started working on their costumes. There were some words of inspiration and encouragement and I could feel the happiness return to the place. I had left over in my pockets 2 folding tables, so I set them down in front of the others and voila, 2 more workers hopped on as design and operations. I was feeling really good. It was bustling, busy and how it was supposed to be. That’s when I caught sight of something dropped on the floor. I picked it up and it turned out to be a small model of a praying mantis/ Scyther. Nostalgia washed over me because I had made this when my business was fledgling. It was a small scale costume. I wanted to do it. To make it. Myself. I ran outside to the coat closet (Like, outside, outside). The property was this massive horse-ranch-type place. It was fall, gorgeous and a bunch of girls were hanging around my closet/shed. I went through the coats hanging in there and decided I couldn’t cut into my favorite coats and jackets, but found some old ones that I would allow me enough fabric to accomplish what I needed! Brown, segmented jacket, bright green long coat…Perfect! I took them back inside and was suddenly aware that my mom might be upset at me for cutting up perfectly good pieces of clothing, so I rolled them up into a ball. And it was a good thing I did because when I entered the house, her messenger was there to tell me my mother wanted to see me.

I walked into the foyer, past my workers and into the uber busy main portion of the home where my parents ran their empire. Being so crowded, I caught a glimpse and heard her call my name, but pretended to not hear and then went into a nearby room to escape her. I went through 2 different sections and even started trying to run, but she ran faster and caught up to me. I pretended that I’d been looking for her because her messenger told me she’d wanted to see me. Mother would never think poorly of me because I was her star adopted child (she was some short white, blonde lady wearing a blue business suit dress). She told me she had some important business to discuss with me regarding my father (her ex-husband, so adoptive father) and that she wanted me to meet with her biological daughter for business reasons. I rolled my eyes inwardly because it seems she was trying to rope me into some business scheme I definitely didn’t want to be involved with. Also, I’d never met her daughter before. How I became her adopted daughter, I can’t remember. She probably had met me once, had a great experience and decided to adopt me for my talents. It’s not like I could denounce it all because she was the funding for the house, my family and my creative projects. Turned out she wanted to find out more about what her ex-husband had been gifting her children. He had decided to give the twin boys (10 or 12 in age, also blonde) king sized beds as a gift and Mother was morally opposed to such things. He hadn’t been able to get in contact with me to give me anything, and Mother was ranting to me as we walked about the negative ethical reasons on having such large beds at a young age. I, personally, thought it was a complete waste of money for children to have such large beds, but who cares, it’s just a bed and these people were super rich. We make it to one of her secretaries’ desks (Minh Tuyet) and the jovial people there suddenly jump to attention. They give Mother a report of what’s going on and as they’re conferring about appointments and business matters, I turn to one of the others there (I have a good relationship with most of the workers) and we exchange funny eye communication. When I was sure she wasn’t paying attention to us, I start telling the worker about the whole bed thing and how I’m only allowed to have a twin bed because I’m not old enough AND I’m single. We both share a big eyeroll together. When I turn around, Mother has left and given the messenger directions to bring me to wherever she wants me to go while she takes care of something. The messenger and I share good natured conversation while she leads me to the destination. Suddenly, I see notification lights everywhere, from Mother calling for assistants to pick up the comm lines, but I don’t see anyone around, so we just ignore it and continue on our way.

It suddenly jumps back to the crane game. I’m there with my real mother, nephew and his father. My mom is trying it out and it really is easy to play just like I designed it. My mom aims for a sport bra and ends up with something else instead, but she’s happy. My nephew wants to try and ends up snagging a bag of stuff he doesn’t need, so we put it back and give him another go. This time he snags a Pikachu toy and his dad and my mom all exclaim in excitement. I want to try too, so I do but I miss. Some other people play and then I try again and miss again. How in the world…my own game… I decide we should go to the other crane game and here my brother is playing. It’s the older of the 2 crane games and I see major flaws in the building of the room. Access is nigh impossible! I jump down to fix it and when it’s my turn to try the game, I FAIL AGAIN.

Then some crazy thing about a seaside place and chasing bad guys in an armored truck. Eventually it turns into a foot chase and I catch the guy. He’s smaller than me, older like middle age, a small scraggly beard around his mouth and upper lip and black hair. Not skinny and not fat. That’s when he spews profanity and curses at me. I’m much bigger than him so I grab him with my hands and drag him over to the water. Still spouting nasty things, I shove his head in the water to shut him up. This needs to end and fast. I try to squeeze his neck but I can’t because my hands are too small to get good purchase, plus it’s an awful way to kill somebody on account of the duration of time. Moreover, speed will prevent him from escaping me, so I twist his neck. I can feel the bones and cartilage slide over each other as I twist and he dies with a crunch and a pop. All in front of his son. It’s not a good feeling, but it needed to be done in the remote fishing village. He was an awful blight upon the world. My mission ia complete. I turn away and…

…end up in the dungeon-like basement of Mother’s house (think DQB2 flagstone and castle wall blocks). The messenger has succeeded in bringing me where I needed to go. A woman comes out of a room and says, “The daughter? Are you the daughter?” We both say yes and she beckons me into the room. It’s an medical exam room. I’m chattering away at her, good naturedly, but she’s impatient to get me onto the table. I guess they’re on a tight schedule. I tell her this and that and she keeps telling me over and over to get all the way on the table. I kick off my shoes and when I ask what she’s going to do, she says she needs to check and treat me for ulcers. I’m like, “Ulcers? I have ulcers?” She nods gravely. When I ask her how they’re going to remove ulcers, she says, “Just lay down.” I don’t remember taking off my clothes, but now I’m not wearing clothes and she’s looking at my skin with a strange magnifying device that allows her and me to see very closely. I lay there and wonder if she can see through my skin with it, when she says, what’s this. I look at the screen and it’s just a mole on my skin. She proceeds to pull it out with tweezers and it turns out to be a maggot/worm. Whoa. What? Is that what’s causing the ulcers? That’s when she notices that I’m covered in red welts. Itchy ones. She starts marking them and I say, oh it’s probably hives. They’re everywhere, though and increasing in number and I say, “Ah, that’s right, mosquito bites!” She doesn’t believe me and that’s when Mother comes into the room. She’s delighted that I’m getting a medical exam (I guess I was recently adopted?) but is worried with the onset of all the red bumps. I start telling them the show I watched on TV called The Monsters In Me how these people in South Africa had maggots in them from flies laying eggs on line-dried sheets that were not ironed. Suddenly a lioness jumped on the glass door to the room, knocking it off its hinges and onto Mother. The lioness went to chase someone else, but I yelled to Mother to block the whole doorway with the door so it doesn’t come in!

That’s when I woke up.

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uncle, house, hiding, hawk, capture

I was watching some VN artists on TV and then it switched to real-life. Nguyen Hung was cooking on a portable flat top and putting the dishes out for the people at the table in this venue. He wasn’t doing a terribly nice job, but was all smiles for the camera. It kept flipping to different “clips” that I’d “seen on YouTube” and I told my mom,  look, these are the full videos of those clips we saw in the past! Apparently they do exist. Then I was watching one where it was of a smaller jungle-village with subpar modern amenities. All of the sudden, everyone was running away to hide because they were trying to capture all of the Vietnamese. I was with them. The dumb part is that most of us ran over to the storage house. I was one of the last ones in and since everyone else had taken all the hiding places, I took my place “collapsed” on the right side of the wall where the large, orange curtain/screen/gel barrier connected with the ground. I guess 2 people needed to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the others. There was no time to think about it because the enemy had arrived. Everyone was dead quiet and still. My thoughts kept turning towards my hawk and my dog, but like before, there was no time to dwell because I could hear the enemy searching. They called out to us to give up. I just lay on the ground next to the wall, my feet pressed up against the translucent barrier (at least on our side). Through it, I saw to my dismay, a woman coming up to it. She kept talking to us, telling us to give up. It was weird, though, that she couldn’t see through the thing. She pressed against it, she shoved it, she tried to push her way in (right in front of me, of course). I pushed back with all my might, but she managed to find the edge of the barrier/curtain and stuck her hand in to feel around. I swore up and down that she could see me, but she oddly could not. I had to keep my feet pressed against her continued efforts to push the barrier inwards, so I could not move, but I knew we were screwed. She felt my leg, my belly and then my boobs. As she was molesting my boob, she said, “Oh, that’s a nice boob,” as if she was confused. I guess it was warranted because I didn’t belong with the rest of the villagers who are small, thin people. Soon after, they broke their way in and everyone was captured. I was defeated and scared. I guess my defeated acting was so good, they didn’t even bother to secure my hands. I picked up the box with my hawk in it and slowly trudged to the military vans they were going to secure us in. I heard one say to the other, “Keep an eye on her lest she try to escape.” Another responded, “Nah, she won’t try anything.” I was emboldened by the first one who seemed to know who I was, and even moreso by the second one’s lack of confidence in my abilities. I waited until they had dropped their guard and then freed my hawk (which was much much bigger than they thought it was) and grabbed onto its feet. “FLY! FLY!” I yelled and it took off with me hanging on.

Now I’m at “my house.” It’s pretty much empty because I’m trying to sell it. The house itself was very narrow (longways), pressed up against a mountain with only a small, shared alley between it and the sheer mountainside. The rooms are expansive, just shallow. The neighborhood is nice. There’s one lady whom I meet at the bus stop where nice neighbors have set up couches, a large, fancy canopy and a plush floor for the kids and other residents. She is new to the area and laments that she really, really wants to buy a house there. I tell her excitedly that I’m about to put my house on the market! She says, “Really?!” and I say, yah! Cue my uncle who also wants to buy my house. I take him on a tour of the place and tell him that it’s too big for me, because I only use the office, the bedroom and the kitchen. You can see him planning where he’d put his stuff. He starts telling me that other houses close by are bigger and I say, yeah, but I like it small. I go on to explain that I was going to replace the carpet with hardwood, but I didn’t have enough time. That’s when I notice the large damage in the wall. He doesn’t, busy planning to have floor installers come in and replace things. I nod and smile and try to figure out how I’m going to repair the wall.

Then I wake up.

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Kid, patient/client, landscaping

I was “working” and I got my  next patient. It was a black mom, her friend/relative and her daughter. The mom was saying that she’s decided to choose another child and that they want to buy a portion of the landscape. I’m looking at the kid (probably around 6yo) and I look up quickly at her, exclaiming, “What?? Are you sure?” The two women look at each other and then eventually say, “I want to get new appendages for my daughter.” I look back at the kid who now has no hands or feet. That I’m better with, so I go through the order with the patient which now has nothing to do with the kid and all to do with the landscape order. I pull out a diagram of the location (which is actually serving as my workplace, though all outside in the open) and start giving her options, asking her what she wants and where she wants it. Mostly, she just wants to go along with the existing theme. It’s not very creative, but I can see why she’d want to continue the pattern. A similar copse of trees there, similar bushes here. She wants 6 trees to make the area look good, but it has to be a mix of hardwood and ornamental. She gives me creative go-ahead there. I place them on the map with brown marker and number each one. We continue on the design until she’s happy and they leave. My boss eventually comes by while I’m browsing through the different options on my tablet (thankful that the client is giving me such creative space) and starts asking me what I think about a design for the place. I excitedly tell her that I’m working things through for a client and what the client wants. She seems a bit disappointed because it looks like she wants to expand or upgrade the current landscape, but now that the client has ordered elements, she’ll have to work around it. We talk shop for a while and I’m just super excited to be able to place everything and see it all come together.


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My baby, castle walls?

The problem with earlier-in-the-night dreams is that you forget about them.

I’m very very sure I dreamed of my baby girl. I vaguely remember now, her cute, exuberant self running around at top speed. I was smiling and she was smiling and it was the best being outside on an expansive green, grassy area in the warm sun. My happy girl. My happy Liana. She was perfectly gorgeous, jet black with no trace of graying fur anywhere. No collar, no leash, just free. She would run ahead of me and look back with that happy smile she always used to have when she was excited and wanted me to hurry and come with her.

Oh no. Now I can’t remember the other dreams. A lot of things dealing with castles. Bah humbug. This is why recording is the first thing I do, so I don’t forget.

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Serial Killer, store

Random driving around and through parking centers and such. Very busy places.

I was in a retail location similar to Target with a group of familiar people. I was browsing around and we were there waiting for people. I got tired of waiting, but we had to wait. I had a low-grade need to go poop, but I didn’t want anyone to know, so I went looking for the most private bathroom available. Looking, looking, looking, but everywhere I found one was right in the midst of people. Ugh! As I was searching, I saw what looked like a big horse stuffie on the ground at the end of an aisle. Didn’t think much about it until a bunch of Target security people with walkies rushed by and started reporting, “the killer is here again! This time it’s a horse!” I pretended to browse by and looked at the horse again. Huh. Scary. Bored, I kept hanging around trying to listen in but soon they moved on. What I got from it was that a serial killer had been hitting the store and this time they had been very bold, killing almost immediately after the bait was set. Apparently they were getting very close to figuring out who it was.

The place started to change as everything grew dark. I opened the door in the corner and finally found a private bathroom, but that had a door to the outside which had been left open. An angry, large hornet was in there and I turned and ran for it. It followed me! I hurried to find someone to help me and came upon the group of females I’d been with. It was all similar to anime movies where the other girls were all different types of hot with predictable personalities. One was very excited about our mission to help capture the serial killer and started rattling off how she would dress each of the girls to best bait the trap to draw the killer out. Each of the proposed costumes popped up in the air for viewing and as I looked at them, every one was so impractical. I sniggered and asked the girl who was going to make the costumes and she stopped then drooped because yeah no one knew how to make those and the fabric was just impossible to find. Then more discussion followed and then it was time for the girl we’d been waiting for to get off her workshift. She seemed to be the coolest and most experienced of the gaggle (signified by having the biggest boobs). And she was very calm, collected and gently assertive. She listened intently to the plan and while they were doing that, I decided it was time to check out the bathroom again. Woohoo! No more hornet and some had closed the door for me!

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Mixed Family, Beach, dog food, disabled kid, sweeping

I was going to my aunt’s mansion for a family get-together. We all know her house is big, but this was more like a manor mansion than a house. It had been years since I’d been to their house and I was the first one to arrive. They couldn’t be found, really, either, so I just wandered around, reminding myself of the house. I remember thinking about how awful it must be to maintain such a monstrous home especially now without any kids to inhabit it. They had left the kids’ playroom perfectly intact, toys strewn about like they’d never left. It was rather creepy. I saw my uncle’s man-cave and noticed a hidden room panel which I proceeded to try to unscrew the bolts from to get in. It was hard to unscrew quickly by hand and I didn’t make it before we were all called to the kitchen area. Other family members started piling in and weirdly enough, the family members were mostly the members from my mom’s family, not my dad’s. There was this thing about the chairs that were never done and the men started talking about it. I was trying to wrap my brain around what they were discussing. It was a DIY sofa where the seat sections sat on rails and could be slid around and reconfigured as desired. I didn’t like the idea but tried to contribute to the conversation by offering 2 ideas: 1) now I don’t remember, and 2) to give them a brake handle since they slide around on the metal tracks. My uncle gave me a weird, dismissive look and said they already have those. I was like, huh? All the men seemed embarrassed that I even had an opinion. My nice uncle from my mom’s side tried to give it all a positive spin like he usually does, in a practical way. By then my cousins (now from my dad’s side) had just arrived and they were the last ones expected. Then some announcement was made.

Then I was in a store with my cousins and my one cousin’s boyfriend. I hadn’t like him since we were in the house, but whatever, not my problem. He was not only extremely inappropriate, especially given all the kids around, but he kept trying to be the center of attention, which he wasn’t. We were all sitting at the end of an aisle and I was trying not to pay attention to the dumb boyfriend’s suggestive remarks and my cousin’s appalled-but-not faces. I walked over to a hallway where people were going to the bathroom and remarked, “Wow I wouldn’t go in there that is smellllllly (I assume Gable farted in my room).”

Eventually I went into one of the bathrooms and it turned into an academy where some groups of students were being forced to watch weird costume actors randomly come in and get beat up by a “hero.” There was some argument amongst the actors and there was some running around in the greenspace enclosed by a stone wall.

Now I’m at the beach. I go out to the water and try to fish in it. Whenever my hook touched something it would turn into something else. I kept asking people to grab the items for me before they floated away, but no one would do anything. Finally, I went to grab one and found out that I was not only the only one who could see them, but the only one who could touch them. Figures. I went back into the house only to come back out. It’s  nighttime. This time, though, the entire place was FILLED with other beachgoers and I had to pick my way through them. I walked around saying “excuse me” over and over again. Half of them moved, half of them didn’t (white people). I stepped over all sorts of small children. I eventually found an open space at the edge of a square of sand, but then a bunch of people piled up in front of me. Some stragglers came in and asked if there were any open spots. I pointed to the middle that I could clearly see was empty, when the couple in front of me gets mean saying, “There is NO spot there!” I’m like, uhhhh…I can see it. And kept pointing people to the spot. I think they just didn’t want people in front of them. Everyone’s too afraid to move. Their loss. That’s when the move starts and it’s about a young boy with Down syndrome being kept in poor conditions. He lives out of a stone bathroom. They give him one of those sample mattress squares to sleep on. While they feed him regularly, a faceless man would come in and abuse him. They never let him out. The movie goes on to chronicle his life. The dumb couple in front of me, is indignant about his abuse. We turn out to be the only people still hanging around and a cleaning lady comes by to vacuum everything up. The 3 of us were so moved by the movie that they pick up brooms each to help sweep all the dog food off the floor. I can’t stand watching these rich white people inadequately sweeping, so I pick up my own broom to fix their inadequacy. I go into the storage room where they keep the dog food and there are so many pieces on the ground! It’s never ending!

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Dairy Queen, coworkers, working, rain, bathroom

I was walking home in my scrubs. It was getting dark and I was very tired, unable to keep my eyes open, but I was almost home! Because it was raining, I really didn’t want my scrubs to get mud on them, so I decided to walk on the wood piece separating the mulch from the grass. It wasn’t perfectly straight, so I held on to some trees for support, but then there weren’t any trees. I lost my balance and stepped off to the right, preparing for the squelch of mud, but it was dry! yay! Almost near the pavement, I looked out and saw that the orange-red setting sun was making a neato scene, so I pulled out my phone and got low to take a picture that didn’t show any cars in it. I snapped 2 photos before I started hearing some noise. It was my neighbor’s daughter with her daughter. I suddenly was very self conscious, and went to walk into the building, but the girl kept dancing around me. I said “excuse me” and pushed into the building.

I wanted to go straight through the next set of doors into the dormitories, but passing in front of me in the same direction was an old co-worker and a new friend of hers. They were clearly just getting off shift from the Dairy Queen. My friend/coworker, Q, suddenly next to me, exclaimed a greeting at K which forced me to be nice and say hi, too. Instead of going the same way, we took the right and went to the DQ for food. Instead of food, they set us in seats away from each other and started going over the rules of employment. They thought we were new employees! Listening quietly to the strict rules, I thought to myself, why would anyone want to work here? but there were so many current employees there too! Then, a song came on and everyone had to stand. Three workers were up front singing and dancing to it in synchrony. I looked around and saw other employees dancing along. What…in…the…world…? My coworker seemed to be brainwashed by all of it. Was I the only one not taken in by all of this? Finally, it was over and they set meals in front of us. It wasn’t bad, honestly. I got some collard greens and mashed potatoes. By then, I just wanted to go the dormitory so I could sleep, but then everyone sat down as a big group and started listening to more presentations about employee expectations and rules. I swear I was being inducted into an evil cult. One guy with blonde hair in a bowl cut stood up and walked over to the door. I jumped up and followed him, aware that all eyes were on us. He looked back at the crowd which was pretending not to see us, but I could feel the disapproval. He seemed disappointed but entered the next area anyways. I was just grateful to have an excuse to leave. As we walked on, 2 more girls came with us, giggling and gossiping. He said something to the effect of, “I thought they were going to come with me to rebel.” Since it didn’t pertain to me, I didn’t respond.

Stuff happened and then I was back in the seating area because I was hungry again. The meeting had dispersed and there was an overseer doling out food. I took my seat again and coworker K came out to see what was going on. I was glad to see her. While eating, I looked around with new eyes and I could suddenly see the allure of working here. Everyone seemed to happy and fulfilled. Young to middle aged worked together, no doubt some of them having stayed for years on end. Reason dictated that it must be an awesome job for people to act the they were. A part of me wanted to quit my job and just come work there. Thankfully, I had to use the bathroom which pulled me back to my senses. I announced that I had to go to the bathroom and suddenly, the happiness of the place took a dive and all eyes came to rest suspiciously upon me. What was the problem with going to the bathroom? So I got up and confidently walked to the back of the room. Past the heavy, red grate, into the musty, expansive back area that looked like a massive storeroom. It was empty, though, and I swear I could smell earth. Like a series of tunnels would extend from it. There were signs everywhere saying “Stop,” “Do not Enter,” and “Authorized personnel only.” The sparse fluorescent light bulbs didn’t help the creepy factor in the least, but I really had to poop. I found the bathroom which was just as creepy but seemed to be clean enough. A severe-looking man in a red cap and janitor clothing glared at me, while utilizing his push broom right before I locked the heavy, metal door and pushed it closed. Then tried to poop. I was having a hard time getting anything to come out. Maybe the food wasn’t real after all.

Suddenly. I hear voices. My other “coworkers.” A girl just pushed her way into the bathroom which was perplexing because I swear I had already locked and closed it. I didn’t seem bothered much by the fact that people saw me sitting on the can. The door was now not a solid door, but the same heavy, metal gate as earlier. People were crowding around to look at me now and I kept trying to lock them out because this was getting really scary. I got the feeling like they suspected me of trying to escape or plot against them. Even if I was, this was just a job working at DQ, right? RIGHT?!?! THe door would just not stay closed! I was starting to panic, unable to poop properly (amazing constipation), and feeling like my life was in danger. Their excited, happy faces all around the door and pushing towards me. I uncomfortably realized that their eyes were vacant, like their brains. This place was evil! I needed to escape! Just after I successfully poop.

I didn’t.

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Relative, interview, plane, pushpins

It started when I was off of work for vacation. I pulled up my car in a neighborhood and started playing an old Gameboy style video game. I see in the house that my mom’s cousin had another child, a boy and they were both pretty old, like 7 and 10. Asian kids, wearing thank tops, caps and sandals. The younger one ran out and up to my car and then back to his mom. I smiled at them and then drove off. I ended up at a building parking lot. One side was a church-like place and the other was a different building I ended up parking on one side and then the other, trying to figure out if I was going to work or an interview. I ended up parking on the church side. I make my way in and proceed to the room I needed to be in. I stated my business and waited in a chair in front of the interviewer’s office door. There in the waiting room were stacks of books, written by the interviewer. I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was wearing jeans and that instead of being polite to the receptionist, I was being very informal. It was taking a while, so I started reading one of the books. It wasn’t bad, but it was a bit amateurish. Apparently, the fun thing about the books was that the characters were mirrors of the workers there. The receptionist saw me reading the book and rushed over to ask if I liked it. I didn’t answer right away, trying to weigh my response, but she got upset when I didn’t gush over it. I was like, “uhhh…” this interview wasn’t going to go well, was it?

Then I was playing a video game involving flying a plane and shooting things. The first level was easy enough until the plane was me and it was the ultimate level. I had no idea how I was supposed to fly the thing so vertically up to the main bad-guy island in the sky, but I did while being shot at from all sides. I jumped from the plane and tried to quickly find the target. Turns out it wasn’t atop the giant tree. It was just across from the pool and I had to climb a twisty root. At the top of the ceiling was a small square with Malroth’s bat insignia on it. I stuck my pushpin through the middle of it and boom, I won! I’d saved the world from the bad people!

There was an earlier dream about a candy factory, relatives and going to church where I was just wearing my home shorts and a t-shirt. I had been eating food while the service started, so I went to the kitchen to put my plate in the sink. The kitchen happened to be behind the altar, so I was extremely self-conscious walking back to my seat. I ended up meeting the Queen of England on the way back and I just smiled and nodded at her. As I walked away, I realized I was supposed to have bowed or done something more respect-worthy, but now it was too late and I was forever shamed. I walked over to the orchestra and told the cellist how much I loved this song from Dragon Quest Builders 2 because it featured cellos and basses prominently! Basses! You never have songs for basses! I said it really loudly. They just stared at me. Later I saw the Queen nasty-kissing Trump.

Then there was a part where I was sitting in a work van with a bunch of gangsters. I didn’t know the first thing about shooting the guns, but I was part of them and wanted to come along, dammit. They liked my attitude so they brought me along. I was given a pistol. We drove until we came upon a small town of a rival gang. Then the firefight started. I mostly hid behind stuff. Suddenly, everyone was buddy-buddy and the feud was over!

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