I had some…interesting…dreams last night.

Are these even appropriate to share? I actually don’t remember too much about them, just the more prominent parts. Same subject matter, though…

I was bored and watching DVDs on the TV (at this current house for once!). I was using the Xbox to play them and there was a stack on the ground. Strangely it almost seemed like I was renting loads of them; either that or I had just stolen a bunch of rental DVDs, but I think they were either borrowed or rented because I wanted to be sure I was watching them before they needed to go back. Anyways, whatever I was watching ended even though I don’t think I was paying much attention to it, on my phone instead, but I wanted the background noise, so I went to put a new DVD in. The menu was set up to show several different clips of movies, like a sampler. I chose one and it played. I watched in horror and fascination as it featured a man and woman on a bed, the woman with a sleep dress on and the man was not clothed, but covered on his lower half by the white thin blanket. His body was tone, then this fatter naked guy decided to roll across both on them on the bed and I got a glimpse of the first man irritatingly grab the man’s erection and pull as if to punish him for doing that. The fat man stood beside the bed with erection and just laughed while the other man sat up, berated him, and rolled over to grab the still-sleeping woman, the movement of which moved the blanket so that you could see everything. My jaw dropped and I heard my mom coming down the stairs, so I quickly tried to reverse it to the beginning, but it decided to keep playing automatically and why a movie would start with a scene like that, I don’t know. In panic I tried to switch to something else, but everything on the screen seemed to be a porno. To my chagrin AND relief, she forgot something and went back upstairs. I wanted to see the rest of that first video, but my mom was taking FOREVER to come back down and leave for work, so I found a cartoon on the next menu page. It seemed safe, as it was a parody of Naruto (though it looked nothing like Naruto) with different art style. I had this sinking feeling as the video progressed that it would end up being a cartoon porno parody, but so far it was ok. My mom STILL hadn’t come down again and I was on pins with impatience to have the privacy to view these flicks with morbid curiosity.

I guess she finally left because the dream cut to a cartoon. It kept cutting from 3rd person to 1st person, full immersion. It was in a dark forest on the edge of the ocean and you could see a unicorn constellation in the sky. A white unicorn was singing and running along the coast shooting rainbows from it’s horn. The view showed a second, blue hued unicorn in the forest and the 1st one stops. Then it cuts to the sky again and shows, I guess, what’s coming up next: a woman’s shoe, a pirate sign. 3rd person me freezes because it suddenly realizes what’s going to happen next. Several close-up pans of 3 seemingly male cartoon characters, 2 smaller, cuter ones and one tall, lean-looking pirate lying seductively on the grass in the moonlight. One of the smaller crew members turns out to be a female in disguise. You can see the pirate ship off in the distance so I guess they came to the cliff for privacy. She climbs over on top of the pirate with a lascivious face. Then it cuts to the other pair which is the 2nd crew member that looks like a Luigi-Toad cross, and a very muscular pirate man person, also lying in a seductive pose, except that his bare, ripped body suddenly contracts and is somehow more attractive. The Luigi-Toad cartoonishly eye bulges and yells, “mamma-mia what a hot bucket” or something corny like that. He launches himself onto the rippling muscular torso and…proceeds to start pecking holes in the man’s abs. The camera pulls back to show that the Luigi-Toad now has a beak and is eating the man, pulling out his entrails. Cartoonishly. Then it cuts back to the first couple and the same thing is happening! WHAT????


In the same vein (apparently there’s a pattern going on here). The other day I was dreaming that I was on this island with very few inhabitants. There was a sort of celebration going on and I had been invited there to investigate a haunting that has been causing the few inhabitants to die off or forced to move away. My mission was to find the cause, and deal with it. The island was very nice, very small. With so few inhabitants most of the wildness had been preserved and I guess the ghost wished to rid the place of any people at all. There was indeed a ghost that hung out in an old, abandoned building near the water with a wooden signpost next to it. She had long hair and a dress of white and pink. Finding this out, I go to the town to tell the leader there, but there’s a festival of sorts going on and visitors are there to celebrate too. I see one of my friends there who pulls up in a military Jeep. He is wearing a black fleece jacket and glasses. I smile and invite him to follow me in between large stacks of crates and supplies. I lay on the ground and beckon him with my arms. He comes down on top of me and I grip his body. He kisses my forehead, but that’s not what I want, so I flip so that I’m on top of him and start kissing his lips. He’s nervous and doesn’t know what to do, so I do it, but he’s so stiff, I try to work apart his lips with my own to make him give in and relax. All I remember is that his lips seemed very small and very hard like a beak almost. He seemed to enjoy the make out session and I let him up finally because it was getting more awkward than anything and while his body seemed to want it, he was too scared and nervous. We both smiled at each other and I kissed his cheek. Then, I was off to fight the boss monster of the area! He was raining down destruction onto the island and I had to stop him! I ran along the wind/water/cloud pathway with my friend and other agents in tow, my speed and determination unmatched by anyone else! It was rough going because the path kept undulating and disappearing and reappearing with the massive storm the boss was generating! The ghost girl was helping the boss and probably summoned him. I looked back and saw that my friend had LONG disappeared and my fellow teammates were stuck way behind. It was all up to me. The storm boss was absolutely massive, like a genie/dragon! I jumped forward to attack, but fell down the constantly moving path.

And. That’s it.


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Dog, uncle, neighborhood, sea stars

I had interesting dreams last night. Nothing scary at least.

I was driving my mom around on the streets we grew up in, the old neighborhood. I remember that distinct intersection. Something happened while we were sitting at the intersection, but it didn’t concern us. Going down the road a bit, I come upon the fact that the houses on the right side were no longer houses, but transformed into entertainment businesses? There looks to be a miniature dog track where dogs can play and next to it, the owner has a dog sitting/kennel/grooming place. I walk over to the guy and ask if there are special rules for greyhound attendance. He kind of shrugs a bit, but hasn’t dealt with many greyhounds, so I nod and go back through the building to leave. There I see my uncle petting everyone’s dogs and I kind of hightail it out the door before he sees me, but I shouldn’t have been afraid, he was preoccupied with other people’s dogs. I proceed to walk to my house (my old house I grew up in), and almost instantly, I see a dog. A Doberman, a female, but she’s bad off. Something in my head told me this was my uncle’s new dog and I was mad because my uncle does NOT need a new dog!! He neither has time nor apparently care for it. I entreat her to come with me because I need to get this dog to safety! Surprisingly, she follows me. We have to navigate up this hill with wood and gravel. She’s in such a bad way I can see all of her bones, her fur is not healthy at all, and she barely has the strength to walk. I make sure to go behind her lest she fall, and nudge her forward every so often as her weak legs scrabble up the way. I make sure we take the path off the road, to limit the chance of being seen, but we have to get to my house and quick! We finally get there and I hide her in my room, telling my mom the situation. Suddenly my uncle bursts into the house and I tell my mom that he CAN’T FIND HER HERE and shut myself in the bathroom so that I don’t have to talk to him. I’ve got to protect and nurse this dog!

Then it changes to some crazy thing where I’m at the beach with a bunch of people and we’re supposed to go into this building, but it’s too hard because there are monster sea stars aggressively blocking our path and way. This sea-creature-human-person-lady comes to help, and I’m like, we can’t go in, and she’s like, no, they’re harmless, go on through, but I’m kind of scared and instead of going into the building, go around it and end up on the sandy beach. It was evening and getting dark.

Some other crazy yet fun situation involving driving around with a male friend. UPS, Staples, going out of business…hard to remember now after I just spent the morning filing my taxes.

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Friend, rooming, coworkers, food

We were in a place like it was a school, but the rooming situation was a little strange. It was definitely a school because we had to attend classes, but it was located in an open air compound that trained/schooled many different skill sets/jobs. It almost seemed military. My old friend and I were partnered up to be roommates. Our first “room” if you will which basically was just a place to sleep, was on the roof of a one story building. The ragged looking lady that was there was supposed to be vacating the area so that we could take use of the bed. She was very friendly and the area was well maintained, so we were OK with it. The bed was large and nice. We were about to put our stuff down, when we were informed that our rooming assignment had changed. Instead of on top of the roof, we were to be on ground level about 2 streets over. The nice part was that it was a covered area between 2 buildings, but that’s where the niceness ended. It was dark, for one, and we weren’t happy with that because darkness breeds vermin, illness etc. Then there was the bed: the metal bed frame was large, but the mattress was extremely thin and very poor quality. There was another mattress across the way from our little square of space that was empty, but it clearly belonged to another group of roommates. It’s not like we had much choice since those were our orders, so I put my stuff down. I chose the right side of the bed. I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep. The next thing I knew i awoke because I heard noises. My roommate had fallen asleep too, next to me, but I had been well equipped from home with nice bedding and a thick blanket. She had a very thin blanket. I felt bad and was about to wake her up and ask her if she wanted to share mine because I knew she gets cold easily. I heard the noise again, coming from my right side, and looked over to see that we were placed right outside the fire/EMS training building. The big group of trainees were out doing calisthenics and being yelled at military style by their instructors. It was still pitch black outside and there was no way we were going to be able to sleep through that. In the square across from us, 2 other females were waking up to the same realization. They were marveling at the fire heroes and exclaiming about how glamorous and hot they were. I became instantly upset and with my ex having been through the same thing and now a firefighter, I told them that I before him and before knowing some insider information, I used to revere fire and police too. I certainly still respect their duties to the people, but it’s not as glamorous as they think it is, and the people aren’t as caring as you think they are either.

There was a very slow chase scene whereupon either I was being chased or I was doing the chasing of and by a bratty child through narrow buildings and streets with common obstacles in the way.

Right after that we were out in the day taking courses. We were to pick a weapon set from the cart before us. I happened to choose the one with knives even though I kind of wanted the one with bows and arrows. No matter, knives of different sizes were really cool. I joined the others in my class sitting at a very long table like those found in grade school cafeterias. Everyone had set theirs in front of them and I was admiring mine. I don’t know what happened to my roommate who was supposed to be there, but it didn’t matter because I was super excited to be learning about whatever we were about to learn.

Well, I never got to learn it because all of the sudden I was in a grocery store. I was apparently staying in a living arrangement with one of my coworkers and we were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. I told her that it’s OK, I’ll cook tonight and I wanted to do one of my mom’s favorite meals. It would be easy, yummy, filling and fast. The target group was not picky at all. So as she was shopping for different items we’d need, I went around and picked up the ingredients I’d need. I had to call my mom to ask and make sure I was getting the right ingredients, and she hung up on me, but then I saw her wandering around the store. What?? OK, then that’s good because I was busy looking for the last and most important ingredient: a Marzetti raspberry vinaigrette. The particular grocery store was unfamiliar to me and I went to ask the workers there and they told me it was on the other end of the store in the aisle before the Mario Kart. I thanked them and thought, Mario Kart? They have A MARIO KART??? Wow. Anyways, I continue to search for the dressing. My coworker was already starting to check out, I was running out of time! Then, AH HAH! There! The packaging was completely different from what I remember it being, but there it is!

Cut to a different dream. Much more convoluted and not as clear. Driving, something about my dad, relatives, windy mountain roads. Maybe a relative’s house?

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school, coworker, work

My co-worker and I had made a conscious decision to go back in time to high school. My high school or maybe a mixture of our high schools. Either way, it was kind of like a chance to do it over again for me, with the confidence of my 30 year old self. I saw people I used to know, I talked to them, with no fear of fitting in because I had nothing to fear. I could attend events if I wanted and if no one wanted to sit with me at lunch, I’d either sit with them anyways, or be totally fine eating by myself. This particular lunch saw me talking to a classmate from far in the past, but it was weird because I was asking her about her baby. Then the main event came: I was waiting for the pep rally scheduled to start there in the courtyard/lunch area. When it began, I made my way forward to see it, getting closer to the front of the line and relying on the others to give me a clue as to how things were done around the school. Then, screw it, I just moved front and center to get a good view. It was interesting enough, and looking around, I saw younger kids and other taking videos with their phones, so I took my phone out to take a picture as a souvenir to prove I was there and to show my friend who was performing in the rally. I snap one picture, making sure the flash was off, when all of the sudden, someone took my phone from me as I was sticking it back into the back pocket of my jeans. I turned around in surprise and it was a teacher! He then grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to a kiosk with a computer in it. The person managing the computer asked me my name and information. I told him and he placed my infraction into the system. Great. I’d just messed up my future and I’d gone back to fix something. I’d tried to plead my case that I was new there and I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to take pictures. The teacher that caught me was sympathetic, but the principal/security guy was not and enforced the rule.

I later caught up to my coworker friend. We appeared both at work. It was a strange location, kind of a garage/auto shop type of setting. One of my docs had been seeing a patient, so I was familiar with what was going on. As I sat there with my coworker, we talked casually about how it’s weird that I have all the memories and feelings of being 30, but my body was only 24 in this particular time. I still have no idea what the point of going back in time was, because I ended up in the same job. Then it was time to see that patient. I basically picked up where my doc’s conversation ended, trying to convince the patient that we should try going for a partial that hooks on to the one tooth that is salvageable on the bottom arch, because complete denture set is just a nightmare to try and use. However, he was completely adamant that we not try to save any of his teeth, that despite all of the detriments to a full set of dentures, that is what he chooses. It was all or nothing. Seeing as he was so set on it, it was out of my hands, so I went to write up my notes for the patient. Determined to not leave anything out, I decided to write it on a pad of paper first before I write it up officially, for real (I guess this was before digital). As I was writing the draft, someone comes in and starts briefing everyone on how the upcoming wedding we’re all attending is going to go because as soon as work is over we’re all leaving, or at least anyone who is coming is going to. I’m listening out of one ear, not sure if I’m going or not, while writing and when I’m done, I go back to read the 3 and a half pages of notes I have down for the appointment. It was…all hooey. Completely unnecessary to write all of that down for a legal document. I had literally written down every single detail that happened in the appointment. In my head I narrowed the narrative down to about 2 paragraphs, but before I could write it officially…

…I was traveling down a hill in a car? On my belly? People were driving willy-nilly and apparently that was the custom there, so because i was such a small vehicle (I was scooting around on my belly) I maneuvered around everyone. Then all of the sudden, everyone was scooting on their bellies in this strange transportation system. The traffic light system was singular for each path and would beep and turn green for you on the ground when it was your time to go. It was a bit confusing where I was supposed to go, but there were police hanging around everywhere because a large event was occurring. I was traveling the not so popular way, so my path was clear, dragging myself along with my hands under and around police legs and following whatever path I had. I ended up in the closet of some college guys and wanted to ask where I was because I was lost and needed to find out where my workplace was. I bit back a question and pulled out my phone and map. I was well away from where I was supposed to be. Disheartened, I exited from their closet and start walking instead, giving up the hope that I was going to make it to my destination.

…I slept super well last night!


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Sister, church, old classmate, mom, Target, Bruce Willis

In the old cathedral we grew up attending mass in, we were congregating and it was OK before mass started that we were talking, but my sister had met one of her friends there (big, white guy) and they went to the back of the south portion of the pews to talk. It was amazingly loud, though, even if mass hadn’t started yet. In a big cathedral like that? I turned around and gestured at her to quiet down. The guy quieted down to a whisper, but she only lowered her voice a little. I rolled my eyes and left my seat to use the bathroom or something in the back. When I came back out, mass had started and some people had started to sit where we had been sitting, so I took my jacket and belongings and moved them to the place we had spent my childhood next to my mom. Unfortunately for me I had to sit next to my sister…When it was over, I spent a good amount of time in the back talking to some of the people there. It seems there was something going on, a mystery of sorts. Some views of the streets and houses surrounding the church later, some storyline, and I was back in the communal area of the church confronting a person I thought was named one name and with a certain face. I’d donated money to him, because he was the music minister for the church (he looked like the renaissance time guys with the point facial hair) and I thought he had a daughter (his house was right outside the church). In a fit of desperation, he removed all of his fake facial hair and it turned out that he was an old classmate of mine from high school! No wonder he was the music minister! Everyone was aghast. I’d caught him!

I was walking around Target with my mom. She was wearing her work clothes. We looked at a few things and I turned around, not seeing her. I looked up and saw her perched on top of a display end cap behind some products. Bemused, I asked her what she was doing. She didn’t respond, but I distinctly heard the sounds of water. She was peeing herself on top of the display shelf. I was completely astonished and horribly embarrassed about what was going on, but it was too late to stop her. I started worrying about how she’d have to come down afterwards and walk around, obviously having wet herself, and that the pee would definitely start flowing down the display shelf onto the floor. I looked around and no one seemed the wiser even though it was amazingly loud to. Interestingly, there were 2 black women also perched on top of the display shelf behind my mom. I decided to walk elsewhere around the store until she was done. She caught up to me and I asked her gently what that was all about. She said she had to pee, and I was like, you know there’s a bathroom just down the store, and that she should, she works there. She told me that she simply could not hold it in anymore. I was afraid she’d say that and so suggested she use adult diapers. She made a face and said because you could see them through her pants and I tried to argue that the newer ones are very discreet. Then I wandered off and started poking around in the employee only area in the back. Looked at the boxes, found some wrenches and bolts, generally observing things in a place I had no business being. There at the unloading bay was the guy from first dream. I guess he’d lost his job and was now working for Target. I emerged from the back area to see my mom talking to one of her team leads. I volunteered what I’d seen in the back area and the team lead scrutinized me. I finally realized that going back there was not something I should have done, and attempted to defend myself by saying I’d worked here shortly in the past. She didn’t believe me and didn’t care but I had information she needed.

Then I was working for this company who was expecting clients. The location was in a small building with 3 or so classrooms with desks like a school. I greeted a couple and then all of the sudden we were all on a field trip. My own family included. It was a planned trip so everyone was laden with backpacks and gear. I had a heavy backpack, a camera, and other things, one of the leaders of the trip. There were families from the school type place, one of whom was a man who looked remarkably like Bruce Willis. Eventually we made it to a sunny boardwalk, decked area around a pond or aquatic landscape. Everyone seemed hot and tired, so my mom recommended we find some benches to sit on. Green, blinking arrows indicated free benches, but no one seemed to want to sit on any of the bench clusters first. The Bruce Willis dad/grandpa guy was so tired he was having trouble walking, so I jumped in to help him walk even though there were plenty of strong, able-bodied males that could have done it. BW and I were getting along quite swimmingly and he started to feel like family to me. I helped him to the rest of the group and since no one else dared sit first, I jumped over into a cluster of benches and chose a prime seat in the shade. Finally, everyone was OK with sitting down there. I ran around and took stock of the members of the group and our gear because we were about to head back. All checked out! We head back and it seems that I’d forgotten the very first client who came to the building in one of the rooms…by now he’d found his son, though, so he was satisfied.

3 very different and very strange dreams. I’m happy, though, because these types of dreams are much more typical of me.


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Work, food, waterfall

Good, quality sleep is apparently incompatible with me, but don’t let my bizarre theories scare you, lol.

Some stuff in our neighborhood now. I’m parallel parked and we need to go somewhere, but I’m sick or something strange is going on. Cars. Heat. My brother, my mom. I want to eat food at this place, but I keep getting thwarted from the meal that I want because things keep happening. I’d been trying at least 3 or 4 times to order this exact meal that I want, but alas.

Then more crazy stuff. I was on some big missions. It was frigid cold and the crew consisting of big men and other families were passing through the next stop/mission point. I wasn’t particularly useful, just more like a supervisor than anything. We had just about finished up securing all of the supplies in that particular room. I went outside first to scope out what was going on next. There was word of rebellion or mutiny, so to escape Robin from Teen Titans loaded his crudely made high-tech boat onto a waterfall coming from where the crew was and rode it down (with me) the steep drop to the ocean below. It was water, but choked up with plants. The machine mostly stayed intact, but what could have survived a fall like that? I hid underneath the remaining pieces and Robin had some conversations with his teammates. We started swimming out into the vast ocean, to freedom, but then saw the enemy ship coming our way. They had seen the crash and would certainly investigate. All hope was lost.

I was at work, doing my job. I had brought back my patient while humming the Teen Titans! tune. I finished my 3pm patient had just gotten done in real-time graphics. Went to go get the doctor who was stressing out that she was so busy and not getting anything done. I briefed her quickly about the new patient I just saw (even the name came up clearly on the computer in the dream….Oda Robbins? Something like that) and she surprisingly came to do the exam and it was a quick exam too. I was elated. My next patient was my mom, as well as the last of the day. It was only 3:38pm, so we both took separate cars to this different office where I was applying for a job and they wanted a working interview. The parking lot looked very familiar from other dreams. We both go inside and it turns out that the office is attached to a Target. How convenient! I told my mom the plan which was to see the one patient they had for me and hopefully it will be quick enough that we can go back to my office and finish her appointment because she’s not a hard patient. As I was coming up on the dental place, I got a funny vibe. I left my mom to look at things in Target and worked my way to their front desk. They didn’t have any patients yet and it almost seemed like they weren’t even open yet. I got the attention of one person in the 7 person group in the front and told them who I was. The man nodded and started rifling through the papers there. I tried to smile at some of the other workers, but they were busy sizing me up. He then asked me if I was able to see patients from 6-8pm and I was like, wait, what? I thought they were closed in an hour. He said no, it was their late day which explained why nothing was being done yet. I wrinkled my nose and told him that I need to talk to my mom first. The girl told me that was about 3-4 patients. That wasn’t the original deal! I run out to my mom who is browsing and I tell her the situation, leaning towards ditching the place and going back to finish her appointment in my office. She told me not to and that she’ll become a new patient here so that I could clean her teeth, that way I won’t lose the opportunity at this new place. I told her I already don’t like it, so I don’t care, but she insisted, so I decided to agree to take the patients for her sake. I went back in and now the front desk area had all the workers sitting on the floor waiting for something…a meeting? There was a guy and a girl without any clothes on, just some bath towels and looking sheepish, though. Everyone else seemed as depressed as they did when I first came in. What a huge team! The office must be massive! I hate chains, and I can already tell there is drama here. I’m wandering through their halls looking for the guy and I wave at some of the other people who work there, but they just scowl at me and return to doing what they’re doing. I’m about to tell my mom we’re leaving, when I wake up.

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A couple days worth of dreams

I have NOT been able to sleep well at all the last few days. Here are the ones that stood out the most. In the few minutes I have.

I was in a strange house, rather nice, one story, very open. It was evening and getting into night time. My dad was “cooking” some broth. When I went to taste it, it was extremely bland and not good, so I set about trying to fix it, but couldn’t, so my mom gets home and I inform her of the situation. I’m all ears as she is teaching me how to fix it (which is by putting a ground meat mixture on bread rounds and sliding all of those into the broth). Indeed, I re-taste the soup and it is exactly how it’s supposed to be. The whole time, my dad is silently sitting in the living room in front of the TV, fuming and listening because he doesn’t actually know how to cook well, and he hates not being able to do things as well as people.

Back in the house I grew up in, it’s SO HOT. My brother and I open up the windows to help dissipate the heat, but as it turns out, it makes it worse because the outside air is extremely humid. The heat remains the same, but is now extra humid. I’m mad because just like in the past, it was because my dad is home and he refuses to let us turn on the air. I have an old friend visiting me out of the blue and I bring her on a tour of the house and we end up together in the bathtub, talking about things and catching up. It’s still so hot and I’m suddenly aware I didn’t shave my armpits, but she’s a physician, shouldn’t be an issue, I hope. I mention that my dad has been doing this thing to us with the temperature since forever and I can’t take it anymore so I go down and change the thermostat, but get caught. My mom, siblings and dad are there and because we have a guest in the house, he says, “Yeah, go ahead, turn on the AC” as if he never told anyone to turn it off or leave it off. No one asked, that’s all. He’s not the bad guy. It’s true, he used to do that too. If there were guests, heat and air would come right on. Lights too.

I was doing something last night that involved my ex and his family. I kept wandering through their house repeatedly (it was more like a warehouse-type place). His step-sister and mom were there. His mom and step-sister were very nice to me and wanted me to hang around, but he came home and when I went to greet him, he was irritated and wanted me out. I did, but I came back for some reason and his mom kept talking to me. When he came home again, he saw me and was annoyed but didn’t say anything because it was obvious his family liked and wanted me there. It made me sad to see his indifference and coldness to me, but I had a goal and an agenda and it didn’t matter whether he approved or not. I guess men and women can never be just friends.

There was one more dream here, starring my immediate family…it’s on the tip of my memory, but I forget now. I’m sure it’ll come back during the day today.

AH. I remember now. I was at my paternal grandma’s house and we were going to have after all these years a reunion of sorts. People were coming in and visiting and I was talking to my sister and suspected that it would last probably several days. I wondered how that wouldn’t impact the out of town-ers. I was playing and stuff with my cousins that were there and then I remembered that I’m the one that takes pictures, so I took out my phone and started taking pictures. Then that changed into a point and shoot digital camera. I went about and wishing that I’d remembered my DSLR, started taking images. The adults were all sitting in the dining room talking. My dad was noticeably not there. People I didn’t recognize were there and having a good time. It was still early in the event and we were waiting for a LOT more people to show up. A man went outside to the front porch to check on something on a trellis, and Gable wanted to follow him, so I took him by his collar since I didn’t have his leash handy, and brought him out so he could see what the man was doing. Then I brought him back in and told him to stay while I went to take some more pictures of my relatives and people I didn’t recognize. My mom was happy to be there and all smiles as I took her picture.

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Dentistry, Eye Doctor, Dogs, Costco…land?

I was driving down this road, I guess to check out the new eye doctor I was going to go to. It was a very large road, 6 lanes across, and for some reason I had to make a U-turn then take a left onto his smaller road. Then I did it again, this time with my brother driving because we both had eye appointments at the same time with different doctors. Him with Dr. Hale and me with Dr. Sakell. When we arrived, we walk up into this dark, but very spacious room. He went one way with a doctor and I went another. Since it was my first time there, she asked me a series of questions and I was wandering around the office. Then she asked me about my dogs. Like, seriously asked me about them. I said I have 2 greyhounds at home. And she typed some stuff up in the computer and said, “no, you have 3 of them.”

“…I do?”

“yes, 2 greyhounds, and a greyhound called something else (I can’t remember the term she used).”

“Oh, yeah. YEAH! That’s right I have 3!” Oh my goodness I’d completely forgotten about her! “Yeah! That’s right she’s a fawn!…wait…what is she? I thought she was a greyhound too.”

“No, she’s ____. Not a galgo, though.” Then I was confused because I couldn’t remember, but also extremely guilty because I hadn’t been feeding her and I didn’t even know where she was. Then the doctor showed me this picture of the 3 of them she found and I was like, omg I’m a terrible dog owner! It showed the 3 of them together, my other girl, a dark brindle with lots of brindles and a pink collar. Then, I tried to change the subject back to optometry, but she would have none of it. I never got that eye exam, just a tongue lashing about my dogs and how bad a person I was.

Then it jumped to this crazy, insane dream. It was set in Disney World/land? But it looked more like Costco in there? And the owner of the place was like Mom from Futurama: a real mean woman with money ambitions. MOM mixed with Oprah. There was some sort of rebellion going in where factions would seek to sabotage the place. My boss was caught up in messing with the production. You never knew who was for what side. I ended up buying a plushie at full price and another item at the bootleg price through the facility. The cashier girl would turn a blind eye to it all. After flying around on some transport units, I was sitting right outside the building, waiting for my family to get done with their shopping. I couldn’t wait, so I opened the bootleg item. As I was maneuvering the packaging, MOM walked out. I looked up in fear, and pretended I didn’t know that it was fake. She reached down and looked at it, and then at me accusingly. I held up my plushie and played the dumb customer card. I’d bought it at full price after all. I cooly asked her if I could pay the difference, trying not to look too desperate or scared that I would incriminate myself. She softened when she was that and believed my story.

Then a work dream, actually set in our office where there were 6 hygienists and I was trying to take x-rays on a kid while his mom was hovering around. I get it all done and wait for an exam, wandering into the basement/garage to pick a toy for myself, which turned out to be ripstop nylon fun scrubs. Then I got a song stuck in my head and started singing it while working. That was why I woke up late, because in my head I was already working and not late at all.



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Dental, cat, bathroom, city

Some convoluted mess with tables, seeing patients at the tables with benches and cups of water and high maintenance peeps. Then it was time to go to a dental convention! I was really excited! I met up there with my co-worker and walked the very long path together to the place (think an amusement park walk from the parking lot to the venue). It was nice, though long and crowded, but with fountains and paver walkways. Finally we reached the place and we got into line together. In front of her, our old friend and classmate was there too, wearing a hoodie with the hood up, almost hiding in it. I recognized him instantly and I enthusiastically greeted him by name. He turned slightly to look at me. I caught a glimpse of his face where I saw white hair in his goatee but otherwise he looked exactly the same. He refused to look at me or respond and so I turned to my co-worker and we exchanged glances. I saw a bunch of other people I went to school with in the crowd but didn’t get a chance to greet anyone because the event was starting up. They started calling for different groups of people to proceed into the building and assigned rooms. I was super stoked because this event was supposed to be really fun where we’d break up into teams and compete in activities almost Wipeout style. We were the last group to be called in and we all had to sit and watch an intro video. I had to go to the bathroom so I left to do so since we had time before it started.

I get into the bathroom which looked really very nice like a residential bathroom and very roomy. Next door to it was another bathroom with adjoining doors. Unfortunately for me, I was having some serious trouble getting any of the doors to close or lock, but I was much more concerned with the fact that I was having my period unexpectedly. I mean, I literally had JUST had it days before, but there I was standing there with my pants down and a massive amounts of blood everywhere. Good thing I was wearing a liner! Because this was a dream I didn’t think it to be a medical emergency, though given that quality and quantity of blood, it should have been. Then I heard male voices and I started freaking out because 1) I was in a strange place, 2) I could neither lock nor close fully the door and 3) I’m standing around with my blood-pool-pants down not knowing what to do now. I jumped into the adjoining bathroom/room thing and closed the door quietly to not draw attention to myself. It worked and they passed by after looking into the other bathroom quickly, and I was back to square one, not knowing what to do and how to ask for help and humiliated by it all. Then to my surprise, a female around my age poked her head in and I suddenly felt relieved that I had someone who could help me. I asked her to go to my chair and get my bag from it. And yes, she knew the girl I  had come in with somehow. Things were looking up! She finally returned and I was grateful that I remembered to pack this massive box of feminine products (how it all fit in my bag? Dream magic). The box was like getting an assorted chocolate box except bigger and wider than my head, with compartments and labels. She was all interested in how neato this box was and I was just sorting through everything looking for the pad I needed. Alas, there were none left of the one I needed, since I had just had my cycle days before and hadn’t replenished them. She left at that point because she was done using the toilet. Then I saw a tampon and with joy proceeded to insert it with dream-detail, packed away that magic box and went back out to where I was supposed to be.

Everyone was gone. Except my friend who had turned herself into an orange tabby cat and a few stragglers who had nothing to do with the dental convention. It had all taken that long? I felt bad that she had to wait for me the whole time. I sat down on the bed next to her (yes, bed. The seats had turned into a giant bed that everyone just picked spots on to watch the big screen in front), picked up my coat, and asked her why she was a cat. She told me she had to turn herself into a cat because otherwise they wouldn’t have let her into the room. I assume it’s because she was part of the long-departed dental convention. We left then and started walking around the city (I think she was human then? I don’t know for sure) exploring it. It was currently cold and drizzling. Passed through some of the Asian places, saw some rappers, thugs, etc. I really wanted to do the street go-carts, but we were going to keep looking around before circling back to make a decision.

Then I wake up.

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Spooky, orphanage, crazy, chickfila kibble, houses

Spanning 2 nights. This is what happens when you don’t wear your nightguard, worry about things and watch scary things before bed:

It’s been a while, so details are fuzzy, but because my dogs are as usual on food strike and I have to now run around like a crazy person looking for a kibble they might actually like while not giving them the runs, I was in a pet store looking for kibble. It was a very LARGE pet store, larger than I’ve ever been in before, almost like a wholesale club. I came in with my family as we were stopping by to pick up dog food. I wandered around for a bit, distracted by some agility trials and obedience training events going on, but then I see it, the golden item, the answer to all of my problems: Chick-fil-a kibble. Right in the middle of the store. I run over and find to my dismay that the bags of food are empty!! Gah! The sign says new item coming soon, so I run over to find a worker and ask them if they can please make an exception and fill the bag up for me! I didn’t expect it to work, but the worker says, sure, and goes over to the display kiosk and starts pushing buttons. After a little while she comes to me and says, sorry, it won’t let me. I am DEVASTATED, completely downtrodden. Apparently the store is really far away? Then the dream switches to a bunch of houses. It is unclear now what’s going on, just different houses and different people and that’s it.

Last night had some winners, but this one was the most significant to me. It started off in a variety of places, locations foreign to me, lots of trees, morning and night time. I ended up in a Target-looking store with a guy. A white guy. Friend of mine, apparently. Taller, skinny, brown hair, good sense of humor, all around nice guy. We were walking around and saw some zipper lunchboxes like I used to have in school. It was doing something creepy, though, because it would open up and just try to “bite” everyone, despite being zipped up again. We and some other customers were standing there going, what? A little humored, a little weirded out. It got out on the floor and started wandering around in the area trying to bite us. Some things led to a another and the short of it is that white guy becomes this insane, crazed serial rapist/killer guy and I kind of jump back and forth between being in the dream and just being omniscient 3rd person. The entire community is thrown into chaos and it’s (sometimes) up to me to work through this problem. I think we end up trapping the guy in the Target, power doesn’t work and things are all post-apocalyptic barricaded everywhere, even inside the store. He has instances where he’s lucid and where he’s demented. In the back of the store (after some elapsed time), there is a door that leads to an orphanage. I end up going into it for some necessity, and as it turns out, the orphanage is on such bad times that it has resorted to prostituting out the older girls…”sponsoring” the orphans if you will. As I walk through the front, there are a series of bedrooms on either side of the hall where I can see men old enough to be their grandfathers coming in and out and acting very familiar with the target of their sponsorships. I think I was going to a secret meeting to gain information on how to defeat the crazed monster, and that it had to be in that location because he didn’t attack the “orphanage” now that it is a whore-house. He approved of what was going on. With my knowledge, I bravely enter the Target to find my target (haa). It was pitch dark and I only had a small flashlight, though mostly relied on the dim darkness, hoping to not give away my position. Along the maze in the store, I was attacked by animate objects, and would hide and watch omnisciently as he chased, assaulted and graphically killed the females running around in the store. Eventually, I managed to chase him outside of the store where the crowds of survivors scattered in fear. He would attack as many as he could and I basically took the opportunity to stab him and kill him. It’s all very hazy, though, what happened and if I killed him at all, then it all morphed into my mission infiltrating a multi-storied fancy building, climbing through vents, elevators and making my way out through the basement and puzzles and through doors leading places I didn’t know without being caught.

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