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Videogame like, I was fast traveling around a map, away from the cliff with the massive monsters, when I guess I became stronger and subsequently braver and came back. The crawling, red dragon was still in the middle, but the Deviljho and the Manticore from Ni No Kuni II were missing. The red one started trying to ram me with it’s large, rhino horn and I would grab the horn and push it away, but it kept trying to charge at me. Apparently it wasn’t worth my time, but all of the sudden, I see a large green body and leapt over the side of the cliff onto a ledge, squishing my body down and into the ground against the wall. I hoped that the game defined walls that would block the monster’s detection of me and thankfully, it didn’t see me. When I was sure it passed, I scrambled up the Minecraft-ladder and ran to the edge of the cliff, unscathed. There I saw a woman, short, stocky, and about middle aged. She was wearing armor and had what I assumed to be a lot of hair on her head. She was a feisty one and was distressed about something. I wanted to take her optional quest, but would have to wait until a certain time to find her at “home.” I walked up a hill to the right and saw a group of people I could talk to. I managed to hit “talk” with one before the sun began to set, putting the map into evening and I quick jumped myself to her map location. It was a place I’d already been, but didn’t understand the significance of. Well there you go. I found her in the corner on a small pallet, surrounded by her few possessions in life. It was a safe zone, so I was not concerned. Her armor was off and as it turned out, her hair was buzzed. It must have been a helmet before. I got to see her clearly now and she was tired, older than I thought and had darker skin, though she still didn’t look her age. Morosely, she explained to me that her body had been feeling so strange lately and it was making her so depressed she didn’t want to live anymore. Her training wasn’t yielding anymore strength. She didn’t feel the same after she’d gone to the big city and seen a government doctor about it. It wasn’t pain, but it felt strange and no matter how many monsters she killed, she never leveled up. I had her roll onto her stomach and began my inspection (apparently I was well versed in diagnostics or something? Maybe it was my obligation as the protagonist) by running my hands all along her back. My eyes widened in surprise at what I saw and I let out a short laugh because the quest was easy. Her eyes were inquiring, but I wanted to do a complete examination before I gave a definitive diagnosis. I checked her scalp carefully, looking for numbers, moved her arms around…then I told her: “You’re a cyborg.” She looked at me incredulously. They had turned her into a cyborg. Her face seemed to comprehend and became sad as well as relieved. I wanted to ask her if she’d been seriously injured in the near past, because it seemed she’d lost both arms and a large part of her skull. Possibly even much of her torso. However, I never got to ask.

Suddenly I was in an above ground facility that wrapped around a mountain. Everything was connected by a maze of metal walkways suspended in the air. It was like a camp or something. My sleeping quarters were shared with my group. We all had our own sections, pallets or blankets on the ground and a few crates or small furnishings we did ourselves. I seemed to be one of the heads of a group of kids all wearing different colors depending on their head adult leader (like me). Each house/den had 3 different colors. We were supposed to be competing and playing war games with the other houses, but our house was particularly lazy and didn’t care about anything, even though we still participated. The kids from the other groups when “invading” ours would comment on our strange and lazy furnishings. I just laughed and directed at bare minimum. Then a meeting of all the houses were called and we were the last to arrive, of course. The other 2 groups and group heads in my house decided they wanted to rebel against the entire organization and situation we were in, so instead of standing quietly, they glowed red and rushed forward to attack and rebel against the bigwigs. The other houses were confused, but rushed up in a frenzy. I knew that the coup didn’t stand a chance of succeeding (even though I was so lazy and uncaring, it wasn’t from lack of ability…no one was aware of my full strength or legendary status), so I took the few kids I had and we resolutely but not panickedly returned to our house to quickly gather our meager belongings. I was going to get us out while the coup distraction was going on!

Turns out I was now with my family, extended too, and we were at a beach vacation. It was only supposed to last a week, and the days flew right on by until I happened to look at my phone and exclaim to everyone that OMG IT’S SATURDAY!!!! We were supposed to have gone home the day before, but we’d lost all track of time! No one else seemed bothered by it except me. I had to go back to work! I grabbed a huge bag of my laundry which was obviously not getting done before we left and I worried about having to wait to do it at home. My aunt (like everyone else) was not in any hurry at all and mentioned that before we left she wanted to stop by the gun store and buy some ammo. I was trying hard to be patient with everyone and wanted to go to the gun store too, but was I the only one worrying about having to pay for an extra day that we hadn’t planned on. Right when I was about to freak out some more that no one was taking this seriously…

…I woke up.


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Hiding, safehouse, puzzle

I was leaving a house I was living in. My mom was with me. The area was a rural place, and we were walking down a dirt/gravel road that was very long and lined and filled with trees. I was carrying with me a large plastic bag full of…I believe it was water, because you can’t live without water. I joked with her as we stood where the dirt and the asphalt of the main road met, saying that we should go back and get the dolly too. Obviously we were trying to escape a situation. Turns out it was only a half joke…we didn’t want to go back, but this bag of water was very heavy. The sky was starting to get dark though, and my mom worriedly asked me where this safehouse we were supposed to get to was. I smiled easily to help try and alleviate any fears of hers and pointed to a rather drab and ugly building just a few yards to our right. She was relieved that we didn’t have far to go and we made our way quickly and as quietly as possible over, ever aware that our disappearance would be known at any time.

When I got there, my mom was no longer with me (and neither was the bag of water), but a bunch of other people were, in similar predicaments and trying to get into the safehouse before we were caught. There were those that already resided there, sitting up on high, watching us. The “leader” of group told us (about 4 others aside from me) that we had to use the tools down there and try to figure out how to make it up there. We were responsible for creating a ladder of sorts for each of us to use. I looked up at the 3 story wall of white masonry. It was a sheer face. How in the world was I supposed to do that??? However, the fear and sense of urgency was always close behind me and I set to work. It was all or nothing, no turning back. There was a guy next to me, average white guy with a fit build, around my age. My section was the farthest on the left, and the entrance or the goal we had to access was in the middle, 3 stories up. We sort of worked together, even though our sections were our own, working from the same ideas and materials. Both of us were the fastest. We had to secure these round, sturdy loops that looked like bracelets wrapped in a chain to the wall like stepping stones. Speed was of essence! About halfway through the project I could hear sirens in the distance calling out and an orange light growing in size coming in our direction. I secured as many as I had and could and just started climbing. The guy beside me did the same, but I was up higher and faster (obviously my dream self was much younger and more fit than my real self)! To my dismay, I realized that I would have to use my neighbor’s rungs to make it all the way over to the platform. Thank goodness we were on good terms. He was still struggling to climb his so I changed my stance to try and reach over to his without losing my grip and falling. Desperation aided me and so I jumped for it and made it!!!

Fast forward to success inside the safehouse. Looks like most people made it in before they were caught and we all were so relieved…the stress level dropped significantly. Easy laughter, happy sighs together as we collected in the hallway. Then we moved forward to inspect our temporary home. There was a greenhouse in the top level with windows for sunlight. I was worried they might see us through all of the clear panes, but the tour moved inside once more and we were assigned rooms. It was a small space, though, it mattered not who slept beside whom at this point, everyone was exhausted and glad to be safe. We could work all of that out the next morning. It was dark in that building, as expected, but rather depressing. Everyone was lighthearted and rejuvenated, ready to tackle our new duties in the housing unit. They had a room full of clothes for us and I went in to see what they had. The clothing seemed new! I picked up a character beanie and donned that, before picking up a Pikachu t-shirt and turning around to show the guy I had become friends with. He just laughed and went to look for something for himself. Then everyone went to the briefing to find out what their roles were going to be.

And I woke up. I wonder what happened to my mom and if that bag of water was useful at all.

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Mall, ex, relative, animals, work

I was going to update much sooner than this, but got side tracked by looking for a gutter repair/cleaning service, so now I don’t remember as much.

I was at a mall, when I happened to walk by the freestanding hospital inside said mall. Suddenly, I see my ex who came up to me excitedly, introducing me to the woman beside him. From what I could tell she was taking care of him while he was at the hospital recovering from a work injury, and they had gotten to talking about me. The woman and I recognized each other in surprise and I greeted my aunt (dad’s sister). Upon recognizing me she turned and walked quickly away even though I kept calling after her, only turning back once. My ex had run off the moment I had recognized my aunt, so as she disappeared into the crowd, I turned to see where he went, but he’d gone too. I ran into the small, crowded hospital hoping he’d gone back in there, but he hadn’t so I trudged back out into the mall sadly. It’s not like I wanted our relationship back, but watching relationships dissolve around me is depressing. As I walked on, I had this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and that I missed him terribly. Not as a lover, but just as a friend. I just missed him. I continued through the mall, more hurriedly now to escape these feelings and ended up in a fancy clothes place that was having a wildlife event. I saw that there were many animals outside, so I went out without anyone knowing and saw with delight all the animals there in the small quad of grass! Foxes, baby foxes, snakes, birds and all sort of other animals. I whipped out my phone to take pictures, knowing full well I wasn’t supposed to be out there and that these were wild animals that could attack me.

There was also this whole section on work that was at the same time enjoyable and irritating. Gah I don’t remember anymore. I’m just getting this vision of the office space, some darkness, some coworkers and my boss.

Awwwww…I was SO excited to record these dreams too. I woke up and attempted to summarize and recall all of the details in order to record. It was a good sleep.

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Portal, pickup, family, bathroom, vaccines

I’m driving up and down this road some of it is in traffic. The weather changes from pouring rain to sun to humid and buggy. One moment I’m sitting there and in another instant I’m desperately trying to escape a bug attack or some other thing chasing me. My brother jumps in to help and I complain that how come a bee is always attacking me! I could feel it land on the back of my neck, and I think it got stuck in my clothes, but I didn’t end up getting stung at all. Something about houses that are mostly pillaged and picked clean.

Then I’m on the phone calling 2 different Target Pharmacies to ask them if they have the egg-less vaccines. The condition of the world has become dangerous, but thankfully scientists have developed and approved for release a myriad of vaccines for maladies such as Lyme, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, flu, etc. I was eager to have the vaccines especially with the egg-free thing! One pharmacy said they do and the other did not. I managed to get to one of them where I sat down at a table and started doing something to get a prescription filled. Then when I asked about “those vaccines” they informed me that I had the wrong pharmacy and it was the one further away. Disappointed, I wander off.

And back to my place which is in a mountainous, arid location. The building looks a bit run down, but it’s home….or is it work? Either way it doesn’t matter because I’m SUPER excited about driving my new pickup truck. It was impressive to own given the state of the world we lived in. The paint was chipped and rust evident in many areas, most notably the back trunk door. The bed was kind of neato as it was split into two areas, the larger, deeper area in the back and a more shallow “quick-access” area towards the front. It had an access cab, not quite a full cab, but ample room for some passengers. Despite the looks, it ran very well. I was supposed to give my coworker a ride and she was a bit excited too. She climbed up from the back bed to the shallow part, dropped her backpack and then made her way into the passenger seat. I smiled to myself, threw my own backpack in the shallow end and got into the driver seat. Off we went.

I ended up at a park of sorts with my immediate family. Still in a gray, rather dreary world. I’m not sure what kind of attraction it was, but it was exciting given the state of things. We were walking and I was trying to get them to the main attraction which was to be a portal. I had been needing desperately to pee, but I figured I’d just hold it until the trip was over. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it that far, so when we finally got to where the portal was, I had someone hold my jacket? object? and said I’d be back after a pit stop. I ran in, not sure what happened to my pants, still wearing underwear, but I hoped no one could see that it was already leaking out everywhere. I ran into one of the stalls and half stood over the bowl, but at this point it was worthless to pull the undies down because I was basically peeing through my underwear. It didn’t matter too much because I really needed this. My bladder was going to burst! There was a lot of talking going on from other visitors in the spacious bathroom (at least 15 stalls!). I grabbed the toilet paper to wipe as much as I could and pulled up my pants, hoping no one would notice the wetness, and cringing at the thought of having to wear peed-on clothing. To my delight, it was not uncomfortable at all–in fact, it seemed to have already dried back to normal. Then the lights went out. It came back on and woman rushes in yelling to everyone that the park was closing, everyone needed to leave! People expressed dismay and she explained that she was closing the park because a really fat woman demanded that she wanted her dental implant placed TOMORROW and that was just impossible and a ridiculous request. Everyone now needed to go home. Apparently that was a legitimate complaint, so with much grumbling everyone moved to leave. I went out to my family and explained the situation, thinking that I knew what fat lady she was referring to. We were so close, though! The portal! The lights kept dimming and coming back on, no doubt to signal the close of the park. Another park goer guy and I were staring at the portal, and considering whether we should go in. We caught each other’s eyes and silently agreed to just do it! We came all this way after all! I told my family we’re going to get in the portal quickly, so we do. There were two options and I chose the first option. We end up in a top floor of a small building where there was a funeral going on. I wandered into the food room, but there were only 2 weird looking dishes, so I decide to gather my family and leave, but they’re having fun looking at the dead body. There’s also the push of needing to leave the park before we get stuck in the portal…I go to grab my mom, when–

–I wake up because my bladder really is going to burst in real life, but I don’t want to get up.

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Poop stations, mask, dorm

The last few nights over the weekend have been all about disturbing zombie dreams. Last night was a welcome departure from all of that and I slept relatively well…so much so, in fact, that I was mad I had to go to the bathroom (watermelon before bed!!) and mess up the dream.

I was walking around in the area we grew up in as kids with my immediate family. It was pretty hot and although I didn’t realize my dogs were with me, I picked up a bag of poop. We were supposed to walk all the way back to our house, 100 miles away, and I have no idea what happened to our car. All of the sudden, I remembered that if we go to one of the poop stations and then open up the map on my phone, then that’s how I usually fast travel around and that would be the best approach! We had just passed one of the stations, so I turned to go and deposit my poop bag too, when all of the sudden, there was a line to use it. Where in the world these people came from, I have no clue. Eh, so whatever, I know there is another one down the way we were walking, so I said, why don’t we keep going down literal memory lane. As we neared, my brother asked if it was barred off from our use, and indeed you could see some bars around it, but upon closer inspection, it was made more apparent that it was just design for that particular station. It was still so hot and I was getting tired, so coming upon the target location was such a relief. I happened to be wearing a backpack similar to the one I wore in college, and just like in college, the left strap had a cell phone holder…but it was a flip phone. I wonder what happened to my smartphone, but something was better than nothing and thankfully, the flip phone happened to be touchscreen too. Unfortunately…it was small, not very responsive and the signal was awful. The function worked, and the map instantly lit up with fast travel points that I recognized, but the map would NOT cooperate and go high up enough. It stopped about 60 miles from our current location and I had never been there so i was unsure of what would happen, but I figured that at least it would set us closer and maybe the map would allow us up more if we were there. So I went to choose the location which I knew to be on a military base (not the prison). It finally it worked after much poking and prodding on the primitive screen. Man, I’d be so glad once I was safely back home.

Arriving at the base, I was alone, but the dream had jumped forward timeline-wise too. Suddenly I was roped into being at the school dorm. Vaguely in the back of my mind I realized that it was an all-male school and I was the one female. I shared the Spartan, prison-like room/cell, with 1 other person, but the room suite included another room and a bathroom. One person was playing with a big mask that looked like a tapeworm head and I asked to don it and try it out too. The curtain next door to the room with 3 guys was open and I pretended to be a worm, waiting for someone to notice. One guy laughed while another guy said, “that’s not funny.” So then I closed the curtain. Then I decided to “play” with one of my suitemates by detaining his arms behind him and “dragging” him like that to the other room in my suite as a prisoner. We were going to have some fun with him and he didn’t seem to protest much, but…

…then I had to wake up.

I just remembered about another major dream I had last night about a college campus, some classes, being an operative again, maybe it was an operative school? But I had privileges others didn’t, and then forgetting my phone when I went to the bathroom and coming back to find it missing the case and back case, then plugging the hard drive into a computer and seeing the last person who took it, confronting her and then confronting the main culprit who said she sold the case to a traveling dealer. I had her  (big girl!!)on the ground, both arms behind her back and one leg pushed up to prevent escape and fighting. Going through her bag despite protests (there was a huge crowd of students around us) and finding no phone, but a handgun.

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powerwash, AC unit, dynasty warrior, family

Our townhouse was inside of a large facility, indoor community which was a bit weird, but I guess that way they could control the weather. I can’t remember the events leading up to it, but eventually I was outside of the house (maybe they were just house faces, but the insides were built into the facility. A façade to make you feel like you were living out in the real world) and realized that thee brickwork seemed very faded. I know it had been raining a lot lately because the concrete porch and walkway were all darker, but it shouldn’t have been that dark. I commented on this and then suddenly remembered that my brother had given me a power wash attachment for my hose. I ran inside, grabbed it, and turned on the hose. Amazing! It wasn’t too powerful, but powerful enough that I had to be sure to hold it with 2 hands and it was making the brickwork seem newer. A male neighbor? came to watch and comment and I was so very pleased that I started on the concrete just to test it out. Wow. Just wow! I guess I spent the rest of the time doing that, went somewhere, came back and noticed that the neighbor the left of us had just gotten a large package that looked quite a bit like an air conditioning outside unit. Oh, they’re attempting to replace it themselves, eh? It’s about time, too, their unit is the original unit for the house.

Switch to a completely different dream. Some part about me sleeping and having an injury and healing it while I slept which meant that I couldn’t move or something. A lady that is not a relative in our family was visiting and sat near me at one point. Then my immediate family and I were at an amusement park, it seemed, eating food in the cafeteria. It was very crowded and we found a spot in a corner. When I was done, I picked up my tray, passed by a young teenage boy, and went to throw out everyone’s trays. Apparently I spilled some and needed a paper towel, but to get the paper towel which was just sitting on a counter filled with cleaning bottles, I had to reach in between all the of them. Very inconvenient. Then my mom asked if we wanted smoothies or tea because it was so hot and stuffy, and I thought it was a fantastic idea. She wanted a place that would make it with no milk. I get a weird flashback to an older dream where I had ordered from the same set of vendors, and my brain even recognized the familiarity, telling my family that we shouldn’t order from these people because if you wanted a smoothie, they wouldn’t have what you needed. Alas, I don’t know if we got any or not, because…

…I was a soldier in a military. We were blue and they were red. I was running along with the movement of the army and had to quickly choose my path which split into paths of the river. I accidentally chose too quickly and chose left instead of right. It seemed the right side folk would have it harder and I needed not only to be there for them, but to take the experience points. I ran into the water on the left as I was being pushed that way, but tried to make my way to the right path. There was a massive line of soldiers coming (single file) towards the right side soldiers which were the magic unit. Magic unit would certainly need help from an infantry unit like me! I knocked a few out, worried a bit about being electrocuted if the magic units decided to use a line of electricity to fry their enemy, but kept going. Since I was in the wrong section, I was being pushed strongly back onto my own path. I realized my folly because the side I had chosen were being defeated without me, so I tried to swim hard to get back there, but the current was so strong! Just as I thought we were going to be defeated, a huge group of blue soldiers showed up. They had just performed a pincer attack! The water level dropped and I stood up and the captain launched into dialogue. I wasn’t interested even though I was proud of our army, so I moved along the way forward.

And ended up going down a very narrow and creepy set of stairs into a basement. some tight rooms, dim light…and not much memory of what happened.

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Ex, game, baby, work

Where to start….

I was at work and it was raining outside, a little dreary. My patient was in the operatory (an office I am unfamiliar with) and I was talking to the people I worked with (also unfamiliar) having not started yet. The office was set up in a squarish shape with the front desk right in the middle and all of the ops, lab, etc in the surrounding square perimeter. By the time I got into my room to work on the patient, I only had 5 minutes left, so we told him that he was going to need to come back and apologized for the inconvenience. I wasn’t particularly sad…in fact I rather happy, if a little guilty, but apparently I had much sway and power that it didn’t matter at all. The patient (a man in his 60s or so, white beard, fit) was completely fine with it and made another appointment to come back.

Now without a patient and perhaps done with work, I went outside and started digging a hole in a strip of land not too far from the office. The clay was still moist from the rain, so it wasn’t hard to dig. It felt like I was trying to dig hole for a coffin, but it kept switching to giant top down view and ground view. While doing whatever in the dirt, I didn’t see her, but my ex’s mom started talking to me. I could see 2 dark haired guys standing to my right farther back looking at me, but didn’t bother to look up. I didn’t want to be rude to her, but her presence was not wanted there. She told me my ex had a new girl now. I responded with, that’s not surprising. He seems not to be able to be without a female. Either way, it doesn’t matter because that’s good for him. I’m glad for him. She started going on about something I don’t remember, possibly that she thinks I should go find someone, myself, but I wasn’t listening. Instead thinking to myself that maybe this time he’ll treat her well and something else I don’t remember.

Cut to a different location altogether. Something like a busy city. I’m visiting with my mom, and I think we’re at my sister’s new place? I’m not sure of the details. What I do know is that there’s a newborn infant and that it was imperative that I help. My mom picked up another older baby (maybe my nephew?) and I gently, but with the urgency of necessity picked up the newborn and held him close to my body. I had to protect him from something very dire. He was quiet and didn’t cry, but he also wasn’t the cutest baby in the world…then again, I guess newborns really aren’t.

Now it was the video game-like portion. I ran into a location, there was some dialogue and menu screens I needed to read to flesh out the story. Then I realized that the game didn’t pause while looking through these screens, so I quickly ran for cover inside a large building? cave? and my teammates made sure we closed the large door behind us this time. OK…now to review what I was trying to earlier. Whatever I chose, would make the story go along. The door behind us had several colored orbs embedded in it. Right now they were all lit, but I surmised that I would need to figure out this puzzle somehow. The whole time, the threat of whatever we just shut out was there, but for the moment it would be OK. The story seemed to be a Teen-Rated story…something about a woman in a dress and choosing the right questions to ask which would then trigger different story lines. Whenever it would seem to head in a more mature direction, the game would then switch to the next story. Only a tease. Whatever was chosen, would then affect what was happening in the live play.

It never amounted to much because when the sun is out, I’m up. It might be rainy, but it’s still bright. I managed to nap a little to try and get more of the story, but it never happened. 😦

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Haircut, friend, car, craziness

I am SOOOOOO sleeeeepyyyyyyyy.

It was a strange dream(s) that didn’t really make much sense, but here we go.

Let’s start with one involving my family. I think it was at the beach, with my relatives too. Something about sleeping on a bed in a room with other beds and pretending to be asleep only to wake up and happily pop a mini Nutter Butter bite into my mouth, catching the attention of a relative who kind of complained about it. Then I went to take a shower in a well-detailed bathroom, trying to figure out which towel to use. It felt good. Then something about driving around looking for fun attractions to go to.

Next dream. More driving but now in a residential type place. It was starting to get dark too, and I wasn’t familiar with the neighborhood. I think that it was a new place and I was just driving to familiarize myself with it. Well, I end up in the backseat instead of driving and by the time I get back to my townhouse community, it is dark. There’s something going on, though and suddenly I am with my old friend in the backseat and it seems we have won some sort of contest and this is the prize! We’re on TV, with a crowd of people standing outside in the neighborhood cheering us on! The car stops in one place and something happens and then we get back into the car and head to the next section of the community where an even bigger crowd of onlookers is cheering us. I swear they’re wearing costumes? Well the car stops and I get out. The onlooker crowd is walking single file over to stand behind us as backdrop for the camera. In the meantime, I examine the car there are some girls sitting in the back now. They tell me to punch out the window, so I lightly punch the car window and there’s now a hole in it. Since it’s a car window, it doesn’t shatter, so I punch it several more times more vigorously, while pulling the shards and pieces off the car. The girls inside pretend to be scared and for some reason it’s all making me very happy to be punching out a window. When I’m done and the crowd has arrived fully, the producer tells us to follow him. My friend and I run alongside him to keep up (he’s very tall) and start giving suggestions about how to make this show better. Mine was to make the crowd into zombies and have them surround the car and incorporate the window punching into it. That way it’ll be scarier!

We arrive at the strip mall/house place. This segment is where we’re supposed to have our hair cut. There are 2 to choose from and I end up not being able to make up my mind and then I go into where my friend chose. Her barber is a fat, balding with greasy hair, middle aged guy with a bit of a foreign accent and a rather rough demeanor, but he jumps right in. It’s a small place, but clean, and there is no one else there. I was about to keep her company and wait my turn, but then I realized that there are 2 places and 2 of us…they didn’t say it, but I think I’m supposed to go to the other one for time’s sake. So I leave that shop and head down the ramp to the other one on the ground floor of the strip mall. This place is much wider, but it’s more like a family run place. I sit down on the wooden chair and this very short guy with a big attitude and loud voice (similarly to the other guy, he’s dark haired, tan skin and rather rough) starts berating me a bit. His mother is sitting nearby and says things and argues a little with him. I’m preparing to get an awful haircut (it’s already very short, what else are they going to do with it?) but I’m OK with it, it’s just hair and there’s the show to think of. Instead of doing any haircutting, stuff happens and is being said, but I can’t remember any of it. What I do remember is looking up to see that lining the outer perimeter of the store are the onlookers sitting quietly and watching it all. About an hour of the antics later, my friend is done and comes in to sit nearby on another chair. Her hair has been trimmed and looks rather cute. The people ask her what she had done with her hair and she smiles, but I answer for her, saying they trimmed it to her shoulders, but when we were little, her hair used to be way down to her knees!

Then we all go outside, or maybe I just escape outside and by now it’s all changed and the whole place is grassy, some woods, with lots of people doing stuff everywhere. There’s a bit of a video game element to it all, mixed in with other convoluted themes. At one point, there are a bunch of cars sitting around and I sit in one only to realize that they’re like vending cars. Inside are money machines where you feed them money and you can drive them around (Zipper Cars, if I remember correctly). Then more craziness with a Tesla, some Segways, bikes, side quests. At the end, it’s finally time to clean everything up and go home. I manage to corral together the leaders of this whole thing and we get the message across to start cleanup and going home. Everyone’s scattered everywhere, so I check my on-screen map to track everyone down, but get sidetracked looking for the treasure/chests I missed on my play through. There’s even a police guy who was using one of the vending machines and when I say hi to him, he’s very friendly and asked me if I’d seen the “Pacific Malibu” drink he’d bought. I end up finding out that my friend had drank it already. There was free food everywhere.

Crazy, convoluted nonsense…it was like a Looney Tunes episode

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Medical, Dental

It must be springtime! Chill out, hormones and brain!

I walked into my new doctor’s office, not knowing what to expect (unsure at this point why I went). The office was a bit strange looking for a doctor’s office, much less warm and inviting than what I’m used to (and that’s saying a lot). There was this big, open bay with examination tables everywhere. In the middle towards the back wall was a large brick fireplace that extended to the roof. Lighting wasn’t very bright. It all seemed industrial. At first, I got a larger woman doctor (there were 3 that I could count). What the place lacked in comfort, the people made up for tenfold. They were very caring people. Everyone was dressed in different colored scrubs. I tell her what’s going on and she nods, doing doctor stuff. I remember thinking that she’s very thorough, and was worried that if she intended to do a full physical examination, then would she pull a curtain at least to give privacy? There’s some sort of commotion going on, and she’s distracted, but she continues with my treatment and gives me drops in my ears, bilaterally, saying this will numb your thyroid. In my dream mind, it made all sorts of sense because my ears connect to my throat and somehow the liquid would penetrate my tissues. I nod in understanding and she leaves, no doubt to let the medicament do its thing. Since the whole place was open bay, everyone could see everyone else. I tried to see what was going on while trying to be a good patient, but given that I was behind the big fireplace, I had no clue. However, I did work out that it seemed the whole place was split up like a restaurant where, in this case, it was 1 doctor to 2 examination table/beds. If you counted them, though, they seemed to be short-staffed. It had been plenty of time for the numbing drops to work and I was concerned that I would burn through the anesthetic too quickly, so I tried to get the doctor’s attention, but that commotion seemed to be an emergency, so I just sat back down and waited some more. It wasn’t like I had anywhere to go and I didn’t seem to be dying either. Well, after a bit of time, a male doctor in blue scrubs came up to me. It appeared that he was taking over for my initial doc. He seemed fit, young, with reddish brown hair and a neat full-beard (…same guy as in the last recorded dream?? This guy seemed slimmer and shorter) and a little bit unkempt. Extremely friendly, though, he moved liked he knew what he was doing, so I let him. Indeed, it seemed he was doing a full examination (was I in an ER???). At that point I didn’t seem to care much about anyone around me. His movements were quick and precise. Suddenly, he got on top of the table, straddled atop me, and started humping me, still clothed. I was taken way aback, but my body responded to my embarrassment and I gripped his butt with each thrust, trying desperately to control my breathing and voice. While he was doing this, I could lightly sense him touching my head all around, and pretty much figured out what he was doing: trying to distract me while examining a different place so that he could get an accurate exam without my “helpful” interference. When he was done, he stopped, and sat back, still astride me, with a very apologetic yet amused expression on his face, no doubt regarding my “encouraging” hands. My mind was still in a surprised and embarrassed haze at this point as he explained, people–women–think I’m hitting on them, but it’s the best way to…blah blah something. It was hard to focus given what just happened. He then thrust his ear in front of my mouth and told me to breathe. Then just breathe with my nose. He must have put some aromatic oil on his ear because it smelled good and I was terribly concerned that I hadn’t brushed my teeth well with him so close to my face. Plus, it was so VERY hard to control my breathing. That’s when I realized he didn’t have a stethoscope. My breathing was labored…I hoped it wouldn’t effect his diagnosis His next move was to check my pulse on my chest and I was excited yet worried about what his next surprising move would be: put his head on my chest? or pull up my shirt and put his head on my chest?? But alas–

–next dream. It was a work dream. The office was in a different place–a bigger place, but much older it seemed. There were actual rooms that worked as operatories with doors, except the doors were made of thick metal…I think the place used to be a prison. Dim lighting again. Each of the rooms had windows, but they were barred. The reception area was doored off from the rest, but the desk was absolutely massive. The waiting room was closed off from that area too and filled with patients lining each wall in the chairs, waiting. I was in the bathroom and came out to find that my patients were seated in my op already. An older couple whose names did not match at all what they looked like. I treat them both and go off to get the doctor for an exam. She happened to be reaching into a refrigerated display like in grocery stores to take out a couple packets of unleavened bread wafers. I tell her what’s going on and inform her that the patient wishes to come back for a 3 hour block to get everything done that needs to be done. She says “ok” and I wa der off to wait for her to go see them. I head back to tell them she’s coming and notice that my dumb coworker just brought back her patients and roll my eyes as she closes the door to her room. I tuck that into the back of my mind to gossip with my other coworker later. Then I head out to the reception area to see what another coworker is up to and she’s lamenting about how the piles of paperwork on her desk will take weeks, no, months to go through! I check the schedule and she gives me this look when I ask who “Queen of the year (something to that effect)” is. Uh oh. High maintenance patient. Great. I’m in no mood to deal with this. So I finally get her back and its dark outside now. The patient has been rather impatient but I can’t help that if my doctor is always behind. The first thing I ask her is what is her real name. She smiles at me, obviously not about to give up her secrets, and makes up some other ridiculous “name.” I then ask her for her license because we can’t treat her and submit to insurance without her real name. She just smiles again and I continue, asking if she drives. She does, so may we have her license. She looks about to launch into some self-entitled tirade so I book it to tell my doctor.

Then I wake up.

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Had rather graphic dream last night. Other dreams too, but one particularly hotttt one.

What follows is this dream, you are forewarned, so stop reading if you’d rather not read it.




A couple things happened beforehand, one of which saw me wandering alongside a road in the countryside and coming up on a line of cars which looks like supercars, or concept Euro high end cars. I was all like, man, I want that one, pointing to 2 seater convertible. All the electronics were on the wheel but there was another steering wheel in front of that wheel. The extra wheel was made of latex or foam or something rather out of the ordinary. All of the sudden, the car drives itself into this big tent. I follow into the tent and sit in the car. As it turns out you can’t test drive the car on the road, but you can simulate a test drive inside the tent. The simulation was really neato except that it turned into an immersive shooting game demo instead of a car one. Think like 4-D gaming. Once I exited the tent, the whole place had a bigger tent around it and there were game systems and demos going everywhere with convention goers swarming them.

Let’s backtrack here a bit. I remembered suddenly, that before all of that, I was driving around unfamiliar territory and called my brother asking if he wanted some Burger King which he said yes. However, I’d missed the Burger King and was looking for a Chickfila, but instead found McDonalds. I pull in, park and go in to order food. There’s suddenly this amazing long line and finally, I go sit down to eat my order which was a crispy chicken sandwich. It was oozing with mayo and tasted greeeeat! Then suddenly it was dark out and I was following behind my brother’s car. We were supposed to travel somewhere (something about waiting at a bus stop beforehand but then I remembered I can drive) but he wanted food, so he goes through the drive thru for Wendys. I follow him, but he’s making the order complex and had to circle around again only to go park and walk inside. They told him that he hadn’t paid for it all and owed $2. He gave the cashier a one dollar bill and then pulled out a huge handful of change and just dropped that in her hand. I was embarrassed about that as she had to pick out the correct amount he obviously couldn’t care to do himself. The worker sighed loudly and complained about what a terrible job it was. I was mad that she was acting like such a brat to a customer especially given there was a sea of other people waiting to order.

OK, picking up from the gaming place, I am suddenly part of a 3-man team coming from the convention. Our target is just down the street in the city. She is from another time parallel and needs to go back into her own dimension, or some such similar reason (bottom line she needed to be apprehended and warped back), but she refuses. It’s our job to send her back no matter what it takes. I’m not the lead operative on this, it’s all my partner, a sturdy white guy with reddish brown hair and a neat beard. He’s kind but firm, a perfect senpai, if you will. We arrive at the brownstone and she knows why we’re there. Her thin build and drooping shoulders signal her depression at her fate. Currently, her hair is loosely tied up in a ponytail. I sit down in front of her in the shadows of the house–thank goodness there is still light from the overcast day coming through the windows. It’s my first assignment, so I’m deferring to my partner. I feel myself being overcome by her emotion, though I try to remain tough and focused. She cries and pleads with my mentor who seems to know her story and predicament well. He then just sighs and concedes to her last wishes: he lays her down, placing himself behind her, spooning and she pulls up her shirt to show her naked flat chest and already tight nipples… Oh how they reacted instantly to his touch. My mouth just drops and eyes bug out at what is happening. My partner has reached into her shorts and is busy working on her as she moans and writhes in pleasure. She extracts his manly bits from his pants, pulls it towards her crotch and hand stimulates him (the interesting thing here is my mind decided to blur his parts out). I don’t know what to do, but I don’t have to do anything because they both climax. He wanders off into another part of the house to prepare her deportation, and perhaps to clean himself up, leaving me and her together. I am wholly entranced by her all of the sudden. Her demeanor has changed now that her lust has been sated. Her hair has come out of their bonds. She sits up, hair in her face, both sticky with ejaculate, looking seductively up at me from underneath them. I am caught in her spell and can’t stop myself.

The operative in me is powerless as I lean forward into her. I don’t remember if we kiss or not, but I’m caressing and squeezing her petite boobs, while playing with her resensitized nipples. She does the same to me. Her breaths and body entice me even closer and I press myself onto her. Her hands go right to the prize and I can do nothing to stop her. She is the one with authority and not just a willing victim this go round. My own breaths are ragged and my mind unreasonable and only able to see white. I can’t extricate myself from her no matter how I try. My partner comes back into the room (where the last guy in our party is I have no clue) and stops short as he spots us. With effort, I turn to him and reach a weak arm out in a plea for help. His face is one of exasperation and disappointment. Still atop her but being in her mercy, I continue to try and fight but I’m giving up and giving in to her seductive powers. Then I feel his firm grasp on my hand and he gently pulls me towards him. I collapse into his body and find that I’ve been crying. Relief washes over my being, safe in his powerful presence and he puts me down carefully befoee moving to deal with the seductress.

…was I visited by an incubus? Then who was my knight in shining armor??

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