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A fitful night of vivid dreams and then waking up to pee a couple times.

It was a place I’d never been before. A unfamiliar map. My family was there and other familiars, but so was my ex. Except that he was very happy and relaxed and very much in love with me. I was hesitant because we’d broken up several times before but when he hugged me, I was the happiest. He followed me around as we explored the map and it was nice to have someone at my back. I felt safe. My mom told me that she always knew we’d get back together because we had something between us. I recalled my reasonings why we were better apart than together, but seeing as how he was a completely different person (always happy, helpful, and smiling/laughing, not a care in the world that my hair was so short) now I felt so much better. I wondered what happened to make him like that, but I wasn’t complaining. I was just plain happy. We decided to go to a clamshell on the map to eat. I asked if there was enough room inside for us, and there was. All I remember was spending an inordinate amount of time looking at how tanned my arms were. So tan in fact, they were burnt, like, black burnt.

I was at work, seeing a patient named Cynthia Rowley. I was happy yet agitated because I knew her to be a hard patient and on top of that she hadn’t been in since 2016. I run around a bit, looking for XCPs and happened by my doc’s room where I told the assistant that I was seeing this patient. She looked at me and said, “Oh I remember her. Hard patient!” And I rushed back to my operatory. There I dumped my pile of XCPs on the counter and was trying to take x-rays, but not only could I not get any of the XCPs to fit together properly, but I could not fit it into her mouth to take them! The images were coming up blurry and then like someone had taken a picture of her whole face which didn’t make sense considering the size of the sensor, I was switching between phosphor plates and sensors of different sizes and the only image that came out properly was so small it couldn’t diagnose anything. My coworker jumped in to help me because I was having SUCH a hard time and she took charge to get the image. I was glad to have her help but was also was disappointed in my lack of ability.

Then I was traveling down this dirt road. It seemed like a post or during-apocalyptic time. I was moving with around 3 or 4 other strangers (lady, black guy, all different backgrounds) down this road and we all start running because there was a large shadow coming up fast behind us. I was a huge plane! However, it wasn’t a threat at all because something else was and we all ended up running into this maze of walls, every man for himself. The end of the maze would put us into safety of the large city we were all traveling towards. I could hear the fighting and traps of the people stuck in the maze, but somehow I knew exactly where to go and there I was!


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Cousin’s Wedding, Prairie Dogs

We were on our way to my cousin’s wedding. When we got there, I had to hang out in this public spot. The place seemed more like the inside of a department store instead of a hotel or a home, the surroundings similar to a post-apocalyptic scene than anything else. Our designated waiting areas were walled off by anything around, like store shelving, book cases, etc. Anyways, I was in my spot vaguely with my family and one of my aunts show up with my youngest cousin. He has a disability, and my aunt seemed very very tired. He was making more noise than he should have but my aunt’s glazed and vacant eyes showed she pretty much wasn’t there. I talked to her a bit and she seemed sad, while my cousin was in the corner of my vision. He started screaming and crying and my aunt didn’t do anything, so he went over to a group of heavyset Latina women nearby and they were exclaiming over him, then asked if he was hungry and then the biggest woman decided to breastfeed him. I was like, uhhhhhh, and it took a while to snap my aunt out of it, and instead of being appalled, she just sighed, rolled her eyes and went to deal with it. I turned away, my attention drawn to the other family members starting to aggregate. Then it was time for everyone to head outside to the ceremony? Rehearsal? Pictures? I had no idea. Now this place looked more like a country club! I made my way out and had decided, having waited for so long earlier, to change out of the skirt I’d been wearing into pants. My aunt caught up with us and asked me where I’d gotten the skirt I was wearing before, like she liked it. I didn’t really answer her, and so she told me that next time I should braid the little long fringes at the bottom the next time and went ahead. When I saw my grand aunt coming out in a skirt, herself, I was like, oh, uh oh, is this not just the rehearsal? She asked me where my skirt was I said back there, then my mom told me to go put it on! Now! I’d be ruining the pictures! So I ran back (apparently I wasn’t wearing shoes either, just the pantyhose), through the doors, my male cousins standing at the doors, and actual ushers at the other doors. One was trying to prevent an unauthorized guest from entering and I ran past them. I put on the skirt I was wearing before (not the jean skirt, the tannish whitish one with the fringes), found some shoes and ran back. By the time I made it back outside I was super late. Then it was over and we went back to “our area” where I proudly told my mom that everyone liked my skirt, even though it wasn’t anything expensive at all, just a $30 one.

Now I was at a house as an inspector’s assistant. There had been a complaint about this man placing  prairie dog traps. He was only allowed 3 and he’d set up 15 around his house suburban home. We go to confront him, and he claimed he had no idea. We go through all the paperwork with him and my boss goes to demonstrate how it works and turns out, the inspector dives into ground and into the pipe of the trap to extract the animal.

Then we try to load my entire family into my car to go somewhere. I was like, huh? HOW?? My grand aunt is sitting in the driver’s seat and trying to leave enough space for me to sit there. No. Then my brother and sister pipe up that, whoohoo we have to use two cars!! I was like, obviously…

There was some repeating scene where I was supposed to meet my cousin and his fiancée, but I could never make it complete. It would just stop and keep trying.

And then I woke up.

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Truck, elevator, patients, house

I was driving along in my car when all of the sudden a massive tractor trailer pulls up two lanes to my right and tips over, pinning me and 2 other cars underneath. I get out fine, my car apparently indestructible, but the small red beetle or versa is still stuck under the brunt of it and I’m worried for the girl inside, so I try to wriggle underneath without thinking about it to help get her out. Then I get stuck, the weight of the trailer pinning me near my car, but I’m just stuck, not crushed, and didn’t want to back up or be pulled out because then my shirt would come off in the growing crowd behind me. So I pretend to have been thrown out of the car like that and I could see, thankfully that the girl was fine, but stuck inside her car. My impervious car is holding all of the weight of the trailer. Eventually the rescue crews arrive and they hoist the trailer up, allowing me to stand up and everyone else to be rescued. I hop into my car and drive off like nothing happened.

Now I arrive at my destination which is in a mall-like area, except the particular place is haunted. It’s spooky and I take the elevator up with my cousins? siblings? friends? We wander around a bit. I think it was like a theme park or an amusement thing? Anyways, we’re a bit spooked, though I tend to be skeptical about things like that, and we’re riding the elevator back down. It seems darker in there than before and I get a feeling like someone is in there with us. I slowly look back, cinematic style, and all I can see are the most enormous hands I’ve ever seen. The dude is seriously double my height if not more and creepy as heck. I try to stay calm until the door opens and we all rush out breathless and scared and no one is in the elevator. So we leave.

Then I end up at work and it’s in a weird place that looks like a hotel or a hospital than a dental place. The receptionist is someone I don’t know and she’s very on it. I call my patient back and it’s one the kooky ones. She hands me 2 airwick wall-outlet air fresheners and tells me to plug those in. Ok. The receptionist nods that I got the patient and scans something on a paper to confirm that I brought the patient back. I dutifully go around removing wall outlet air fresheners and plugging in the new ones. Then I get side tracked and remove an old USB stick that is sitting in the wall and reminisce back an older dream where I put that in the wall to begin with. I open up the little thing in the shape of a train, and its cavernous interior puzzles me because why does it need like 20 batteries? It is neat though, to be able to store something in there without anyone the wiser. I start to tell my coworker about the creepy place I went to and she wanted to go so I take her in the nondescript locked door at the mall. We go up the elevator and go through the stuff at the top. I’ve already been through it all, so I’m mostly there to accompany my friend. I take the time to watch a running video I’d missed the first time about random X-ray  moving images detailing how different animals and people look like moving around at the skeletal level. There are dolphins swimming and then I see some dogs racing after each other. Then my friend rushes up to me and says we should leave. Now. So we take the ride down and I explain the large man I saw last time and she’s even more spooked than before. We get to the door and she tells me to hurry up and open it. I then realize that she has another, older woman with her that I hadn’t noticed and then fumble at the door which looks different now. Turns out it’s just a button push and we scramble out into safety.

That was my last dream, but I just remembered snippets of an earlier one where I owned a house. It was brand new, but of course, my brother had spent much more time in it than I had. I came down to check it out and it turned into a facility for the bad people! I was with cyborg of the Teen Titans Go!  team and we both went from lock to lock, trying to clear them all and defeat the bad guy, but when we reached the right half of the home, then it was mostly a domicile and not an evil facility with no alarm traps to disable (I checked) and I got to appreciate the home I’d bought. There was a weird, spooky hallway up some stone stairs that seemed to lead to nowhere because a stone slab had been placed there to prevent people from going up. I walked up it until I couldn’t go anymore and even though I could see the outdoors and the house behind mine from around it, I turned back around and figured I could deal with it later when I was settled in. Coming back into the living room, I see my sister pulling out her cello and starting to play on it. I wander down to the basement which is already cozily laid out and I start reading a comic book or playing a computer game. I was just relaxing when some kid visitors arrived and I begrudgingly put down my entertainment to play with them.

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skiing, machine, friend’s husband, plane ride, pirates

I was in an academy of sorts with its large, historic buildings, a shuttle and dorms. Some classes come and go and I somehow manage to end up with my friend’s husband. He had decided that I was more adventurous and funny. I thought he was so intelligent and happy. We hung out together, went to class together, sat on the bus together and he had my back the whole time, but throughout it all I just felt like I’d done something majorly wrong. He started serenading and dancing with me in the rotunda of a building and I just don’t move well enough like that when my friend who was standing off to the side stepped forward. I smiled and brought them both together and told them that they are made for each other and they should be together. I liked him but not with all my heart and soul.

Then there was something about the Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain Jack Sparrow and the cursed coins. I was one of the pirates until I came up on an amusement park ride with 3 planes each one named Honda, Mazda, and Nissan. I was super stoked and wanted to ride them. They would fly on their own and then come together into a bigger plane and it seemed so neato. Instead they put me on a different ride since that one needed one more rider and I was told that the one I was riding in was nigh impossible to operate. No one had been able to do it successfully in years! The plane I was  placed in was off by itself away from the other two planes and it was my job to try and jump up and slam my butt down on the ride so that the other planes would operate properly. It required strength, coordination and timing. I kept trying over and over (I don’t want to think of what I was doing in real life) and I was getting very close to success…

…and then appeared at a skiing place. Except I wasn’t me, I was an old inventor character who wanted to go skiing. I walked right up to the starting point with my rental skis and tried to jam my feet into them, but my old man slippers weren’t going to cut it. I wanted to try, but the snow got in and my feet were freezing and I didn’t want frostbite, so I went to rent the boots and it turns out it was free! When I finally got back to the starting gate, the whippersnapper teenagers that were my assistants were already long down the slopes and I was left trying to figure out what my skis had suddenly turned into which was a giant ski machine thing. It wasn’t working properly. Of course. So I had to replace the CPU, put a new hard drive in because it was only given 32GB instead of the 2 TB it needed, and it just so happened that I had one on hand! Finally it was ski time

And I woke up because my leg was very cold.

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Coworker, mom, sister

One of the most moving dreams I’ve had in a while occurred on Saturday night into Sunday:

I was at work (always a different workplace), and I was walked into my operatory and sat down to work on an already seated patient. I guess I had a hygiene assistant. As I started working on her beautiful, white teeth, something was tugging at my recognition abilities. I stopped and looked at her again and she looked up at me smiling and radiant. I was completely astonished to see Brenda, my coworker who passed away 2 weeks ago! Completely caught off guard, all I could do was gape at her. She was beautiful! She had every single one of her teeth, her skin was smooth and young, even her hair had no shades of gray or white in them. She beamed at me and I kept thinking in my head, but, but you’re dead! I can’t remember if I asked her that out loud, but I could tell she knew what I was thinking and she never answered the question and just asked me how I had been. Other coworkers jumped into my room, all ecstatic and greeting her like she had just come back from a long trip, leaving me, the only one who could seemingly not process her presence there. By now everyone was in the hallway and she was standing up chatting with everyone–and by everyone I mean like 10 people. I went into a neighboring op and told the people in there, one of them was our assistant who nodded like she already knew and another assistant smiled while cleaning up. I didn’t recognize her. She was a Latina middle aged lady, short, chubby and I think her name started with an E. Or A? Back in the hall, Brenda was being mobbed by the 10ish people. Half of them were those who worked in my office and I didn’t recognize the others. She looked at me again, happy, and I felt a peace and acceptance wash over me.

Some other work dream, rather frustrating dealing with time that both went too fast and never ended. I hadn’t gone home from work in months.

Then it was a dream about living in this European Medieval seeming scene. I had just moved into a house on a cobblestone street. Everything seemed older and made of stone and I was having issues with water. I walked across the way to where my sister was staying. Perhaps renting a room? Anyways I go in to visit and she’s busy pestering her husband about something, to which he says a firm, “no.” I’m hanging out by the door and then she comes over to me and says, “You need to get a bigger car.” I’m like, what?? She continues berating me, “Your car is TOO SMALL. You need to get a bigger car!!” I’m getting upset. Why do I need a bigger car? What would I carry that I would need a bigger car?? I like my car!! I turn to leave, not wanting to deal with this anymore and my sister and I stop and go “awwwww” at the scene before us. In a dead leaf pile, there are two robins sitting on their nest of baby birds. My sister comments that she forgot about the bird nest.  Just as the mama sits on the nest, one of the babies escape and my sister and I both exclaim that wow the baby is flying now! I then walk off only to hear behind me my sister begging my brother-in-law, “Can we go bowling? Please? PLEAAAASE!?”

Then I’ve brought my mom to a Target we’ve never been to before. It is amazing inside! Very flashy, futuristic and wholly unlike any Target I’ve ever been in. She goes back to the clothes place and we both witness someone ask the fitting room young man where to find a certain person. He not only gives out their member number, but full name and where they are in the store. We are like, omg. My mom then walks up to them and starts giving them a hard time. I chime in that yeah, you shouldn’t because if someone was after them, etc. Then I wander off to let her berate them some more. The lights are dazzling and blinding me, so I put my sunglasses down when I hear my name. I turn to see my sister, my BiL and my brother all sitting on Adirondack chairs. Apparently my sister is waiting for a movie to start in the theater nearby. My brother has changed the overhead music to Shinobi game music at this point and starts biking with store provided bike to where my mom is. I walk back with him and thankfully she’s done. I tell her we need to go now and she starts exclaiming over the bike.

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Dogs, xrays, old friends,

I haven’t slept too well of late, but I’ve also been dreaming of old friends for some reason.

Some old ones first:

I was at work and the usual receptionist was gone for her wedding, but in her place was someone else. Turns out it was the mother of a coworker that had just passed away. I remember being surprised to see her there working on the computer. After that I went around the “office” which had hallway rugs and big ruts in the floor where water flowed and it was raining outside.

After that I was driving and there was a group function in the park. It was nighttime, but I stopped by anyways because my friend was there now, heading the group, but they were packing up to leave and then left for their camping trip in another state. I never pegged her for a camping girl, but there you go. I came to visit and off they went, so I hung around their cabin/meeting place for a bit, feeling a bit sorry for myself because I was lonely and everyone had their own lives.

I was at home, here, and the house seemed like it belonged to me now because it was furnished but rather sparse and not furnished. I seemed to be running a business of my own out of it, a side business wherein I cleaned people’s various objects. I came downstairs and it seemed that someone had already let him in because my client was sitting at a small table in the kitchen filling out paperwork. I looked out on the deck (also sparsely furnished) and saw a school bus on it. I was like, uhhh. I turned to him and he had finished his paperwork but was on the phone. Turns out he wanted the bus battery to be cleaned because it was very corroded. Ok, easy job. On second glance at the school bus on my deck, I realized the bus was very clean and newish, and also that it wasn’t as big as I first thought, so it wouldn’t be hard to carry out of the house when I was done. I snooped around the table with his papers on it and found a lottery scratcher. He had only uncovered some of the non-winning numbers and gave up on the rest. So I decided to scratch the rest for him. I found $1.00 and then there was one that was very difficult to scratch, like an error from the machine. Lo and behold, $2,000!! I was so happy for the guy and eagerly showed him when he came back, and then told him that no problem, the battery would be cleaned up.

Now I’m at work and needed an xray of something, but I have to do it outside, so I grab a flash drive and bring the sensor with me outside to the parking lot. There, on the cart return pole are ports so that I can take the xrays I need. Some lady is already there trying to take xrays of her grandkids, so I wait a little, but then they leave so I step up. I mount the subject and plug everything in, a little unsure of how this worked without an XCP. I did it and swung the unit over to take the image. Suddenly 2 or 3 other people were hovering around trying to help me out even though I didn’t need it, but I understood their goodwill, so I let them. As I looked again at the woman beside me, I realized that it was an old classmate of mine who is now a dentist! I exclaimed at the recognition and ran to give her a hug.

Now there were a bunch of greyhounds everywhere, along with my two. Stuff was happening and I lost track of them, but we moved everyone to safety in a building. My grandpa was there and talking to some of the people and I was worriedly looking for my dogs, but one guy was holding them. I called their names and they came running to me, I was so relieved. The man wouldn’t let me take the makeshift collars and leashes off and was still holding them, reassuring me that he’ll look after them since I had more pressing responsibilities such as coordinating the crisis that we were having (unclear what it was). I reluctantly trusted him and returned to my duties. All I remember is a Brita pitcher and water, as well as lots of other water.

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water, plane, bears, hideaway, dog, bridge, sweetgum tree

Wow what a night!

On the edge of a wood near suburbia, some other person and I were exploring and began building a hideaway system that ran for several miles. It was mostly made of wood and started small, but it kept getting bigger in some spots. So, basically it was a series of tunnels, or fortified walkways that linked bigger room-type spaces. The danger aspect wasn’t too bad as we were out near the woods, but it was present. The beginning of the project was scarier than the later because by the end of the project we were very confident in our skills and supplies. You could see between the slats in the wood, but we had all the amenities inside like rugs, counters, chairs, couches, food, etc. There was even a dog that came by and eventually became ours. It was a Corgi-like dog and I didn’t want to keep it at first because dogs make noise and would attract danger, but this dog was great and I spent a lot of time playing with it while it was lying on its back. At an expansion point, we threw open the wooden wall onto hinges and were about to build a new set of tunnels.

Then I was walking around in some water. It was a lake and the water came up to around my knees or so, maybe deeper in some spots, but you could see the bottom for the most part. I was going after some pieces of beef jerky littering the floor of the lake. My mom wanted to find some good meat for the dogs. I waded in after her just to be close enough in the event I was needed, but soon, I found something interesting: a beef jerky/large tree branch with an axe stuck to one end of it. I pulled it out of the water for a closer look and the axe didn’t come with it, but I laughed out loud at what I saw on it. My brother happened to have walked up to me at that point and I showed him the tiny little crab sitting on it, no doubt having dropped the axe it was carrying. It was fascinating and absurd at the same time. We put it back in the water, it grabbed ahold of its axe again and the piece of wood continued to move along the water. I followed the path, using my phone to record it all. Then I wanted a picture and had my brother pick it up again while I snapped a few photos of the crab which didn’t like having its picture taken.

We then get to later, when my coworker friend took me to a different lake and we waded into that. She said that I should sit down in the water and cool off with her, and I was like, beh, I don’t want to, but then I fell and ended up in the water anyways. She laughed and said, well there you go and I was irritated. Oh well, so I get into the water and it started raining or having some crazy weather/ water thing going on. I don’t know what possessed me to swim to the other end of the lake, but then the event started getting BAD and I was getting sucked into an A/C unit that was pulling in the overflowing water towards itself in torrents. My sister grabbed me and rescued me, as apparently she was a better swimmer, and I tried to help by pushing off with my tippy toes on the bottom of the lake since I was taller and with bigger leg muscles.

Then I was on a plane. Or at least I think it was a plane, some sort of transportation with strange seating. It was late, too, and there were business men traveling home. I guess it wasn’t too crowded so 3 of the men asked if they could stretch out and lay down to sleep during the trip. The attendant was flustered and didn’t know how to manage all of these people being rude and worrying about the other passengers. I offered my own advice to the logistics of using the seats as beds, but people just stared at me. I moved to my place which happened to be on the other side of a weird, large pillow barrier with a smiley face or some other cutesy design on it. Unfortunately, the little alcove there seated 4 and I had to be near these 2 babies. Evil. Babies. A male and female, that had the faces of adults and were maliciously singing with each other about how they were planning to use their baby statuses and genius brains to destroy people. The male one was saying that he looked like a girl, so people would be unassuming around him and honestly it was all a bit inappropriate and lewd. In the middle of their singing I got up to use the bathroom because I really had to go, but I could still hear their singing and planning.

Now I’m driving around near some suspension bridges, a rerun dream of sorts. In this one, I needed to keep Guan Yu alive, which I had failed the last time I tried this, so instead of turning right, we took a left. The Guan Yu character stopped, and I could clearly see the sniper hiding in the trees, waiting for him. I parked his car and my car around him to try and block any sniper attack, and found some other people to move their cars around him too. I could tell that this time I was successful in preventing his death for a little longer at least….

…then I woke up to use the bathroom because my bladder was about to burst.

Back in bed and back into dreamland, now I’m dreaming about the We Bare Bears. Grizz and Panda. I didn’t see Ice Bear anywhere. We were walking along in a forest and then had to stay overnight in a cabin. I showed them to their rooms and Grizz was really gung ho about everything. When we woke up the next morning to continue our adventure, Grizz started to get dizzy and weak because he was so hungry. My operator told me to look for birch trees because the sugar in the bark was exactly what Grizz needed, but there were no birch trees around and this was an emergency. Suddenly, Grizz fell over onto his back and I looked up to see a sweetgum tree! The leaves and gumballs were so high up, but we started fashioning slingshots and shooting at the tree. Somehow I got rubberbands and shared them with the bears. The slingshot escapade turned into a defense instead of retrieval of young gumballs and it was rather fun. I was using 3 rubber bands and smashing some bugs with them, the best shot of the three.


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Stethoscope, wedding

I’m lying here ready to sleep and I suddenly remembered my dream from the last night. Normally I wouldnt care but I found out this morning that one of my coworkers died in her sleep and decided that my dreams then were important to me.

It was around wedding time for one of my coworkers. She’d been trying for months to get me to go but I keep saying no (real life fact). In the dream I didn’t attend in the official sense, but I was dressed up and I was merely helping out a little with chairs, setup and other menial stuff. The reception was in full swing and I decided that my role was done so I went to leave which was great because it was getting too rambunctious and crazy. I’m walking through the small, red-rug-ed halls and ended up outside when my coworker in her wedding dress runs after me and asks why I’m leaving. It’s weird though because she’s riding on one of the dining chairs that I had bee moving around and that are suddenly moving like it’s on rails. I tell her I’m needed at home and she waves me off with a sad smile, while turning her Rail-chair around.

I get to “my” house and notice that its raining outside. While I’m glad I’m home, there are 3 strange yet familiar people in there with me sitting on the floor. A woman, a man and a smaller girl. They’re all rather large people. Nothing special is happening, but then I go over to a plastic tub and rummage through it, dumping it out on the ground. Randomly, I start listening to everyone’s heartbeats because for some reason it seemed urgent that I should check for a good pulse from everyone. I even pulled out a sphygmomanometer intending to use it but didn’t. The stethoscope I’m using is missing an ear pad on one side so everytime I put it in it digs into my right ear. The woman is fine and in good health. The kid is fine too, but wanted to try it herself, so I let her put it in her ears and she put the larger end on her chest. I put my ear on the smaller side as if I’d be able to hear anything and managed to hear her breathing. As for the guy (big, fatter guy wearing blue tank top), I was unable to hear anything at all. I even stuck my scope under his shirt from his shoulder area to get a good listen, and then same way on his back to hear his breathing, but I couldn’t hear anything. He seems to be alive still, but he’s not moving much besides sitting there. I am alarmed but I get no reaction from anyone at all…

Thats when I wake up.

Is this related to my coworker? I don’t know. I fancy myself some psychic-ness when it comes to creepily realistic dreams and dealing with people, but they don’t make sense until I wake up with it in my memory and figure out why I dreamed that. For the record, that day had nothing to do with stethoscope or blood pressure cuffs or respiratory rates. I just went to work, the coworker that passed away was there filling in for the usual receptionist who was at her bachelorette party in Vegas, it rained all day on Friday and that was about it.

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Hiding, car, flood/mud, elevator, massage

I was in an unfamiliar house, but brought my laptop to a bed where I started browsing and ended up pulling open porno tabs. 2 or 3 other people showed up on the bed too, stripped naked and started going at it right there. I was like, uhhh, but then one of my family members showed up at the door. I quickly opened up a new tab, addressed them, as they wanted me to go help my grandpa, and pretended the people in my bed were just my friends sleeping under the blankets. They were doing a good job of snoring, and had wrapped their naked bodies inside the sheets. I said, OK, and shut my laptop. I got up and helped my grandpa in regard to something with a plant, and came back to my room. I opened up my laptop and the people continued their physical games. This time I legitimately wanted to just browse the internet, but everything that came up just happened to be porn in some way shape or form.

Then I was driving in my car. We were apparently back in my old hometown, but I did not recognize it at all. It was raining quite hard and as I went to leave, I found that there was a large washed out, rapid-type of blockage in the large parking lot. There were other areas where tons of mud was just sitting around. It was thrilling, and I decided to turn around to try and ford the water because it couldn’t be that deep and I just wanted to see how my car would handle it. Bummer, though, because the cops blocked it off. I was like, darn, and so zoomed out and around with everyone else. In order to do that, however, I had to leave the county line and suddenly, I stopped and got out of the car, walking on the grass and exclaiming, “Wow! I’m in Canada right now???!!!!”

Then this weird bit about standing in my grandparents’ house with my siblings and holding up quilts that we’d made back then and brought up here with us. My sister’s looked really nice like a coat of arms, my brother’s was, I don’t  know, and mine was good until you looked too closely. There was a big horse in the middle that still needed to be sewn on. I couldn’t believe (current me snatched the thing away from past me) that I hadn’t finished this marvelous thing. Why hadn’t I done that? I brought it over to the couch to get a better look at it and then saw why I’d abandoned the project: To the right of the horse were supposed to be 2 human figures except that the arms were drawn very poorly and completely disproportionate to the rest of the image. I laughed so hard at the image. NO WONDER!! Then I started trying to figure out how I could fix it and salvage the project, when…

…next dream. It was a Target run with some other girls, students in the same class as me. I had gotten the wrong futuristic add-on to a machine that I needed in order to complete a project for class. A very important project. Apparently I was very new to the program, but was still expected to catch up with the rest. The girls were very kind and were helping me out. I took the new one and the old one and went to pay for it, but then we got into a large elevator and started roaming around. Stuff happened, I guess, and then we were back into this ridiculously huge elevator that looked more like a moving, ornate room and not an elevator. Our next assignment had us go do something called, “legs and arms and back.” I was completely clueless, so was just following the others. Most of the girls and guys exited, like, ran off the elevator and I stayed behind to help another girl carry her stuff. I held the door which was very heavy as it tried to squish me, but I was bigger and older than everyone. We both get into the assigned area. The other 4 had split into 2 groups and darted into 2 of the 4 rooms, giggling with each other. Those 2 rooms happened to be the only 2 with doors. Obviously they knew something the other girl and I didn’t, so we each took the other 2 rooms, or alcoves, really. We put all of our bags and such down in our respective spaces. I studied the chair, shelves and counter in each one, then looked at the sign and realized that we were about to get massages. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that and the other girl didn’t either as we’d have to strip for it and our rooms didn’t have doors. I guess it was a physical assessment for the program? I looked on my phone which showed we were in the right place at the right time and then the “instructor” section was “loading” for a few seconds before showing  us who would be doing the massage. To my surprise, it was Mrs. Casella, one of my hygiene instructors. The other girl had her too. Hygiene was a prior program that the 2 of us had been a part of and I laughed at the other girl whose face was not happy at the turn of things. I wasn’t either, but I just laughed and laughed because while I didn’t really want her to do my massage, I knew the other girl really disliked her. And why was she here anyways, something that had nothing to do with hygiene. The main door swung open, and…

…I woke up.

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Lamprey agent, food

A very fitful night for not obvious reasons. It wasn’t too hot and yet I could not get comfortable and sleep well. So sleepy now.

I entered a building with revenge in my mind, my partner with me. We “snuck” around with the goal of not being detected by the large man dressed in business clothes. He had just been responsible for deaths of our people. Our mission wasn’t to kill him, but to make him suffer and scare him. We got off the elevator and there he was! He had no clue what was about to happen, but we had to get there quickly or else he’d get into that room and we’d have to abort our mission! I threw caution to the wind and half crawled, half ran despite seeing another person facing our way and also going towards our quarry. I got there first and jumped up, latching my lamprey mouth onto his right arm. He reeled and tried to shake me off, but my partner leapt up on the other side and did the same. I was sad because this arm was once familiar, strong and meant safety to me, but no more. Not after I was turned and after all his vile doings. Almost in defeat or maybe with something else in mind, he tried to shake and walk into his office at the same time, but I dug my hands into his body and hung on tight, still sucking/lapping at his blood. With both of us on him at once, he seemed to grow weaker from blood loss. I noticed that in his office there were other men, so I quickly disengaged, pulling and ripping as much as I could to encourage more pain and bleeding and we both ran for it out the office and towards the elevator. I smashed the elevator button and I could hear someone on our heels, thankfully our carriage opened and we leapt inside, waiting out of sight while I repeatedly pushed the close button, in the event someone would chase us. It seemed like an eternity for the door to close, but the solid doors finally did and we sighed in relief smiling at each other. Outside, we disappeared into the crowd of the event going on, I guess our mutations hidden once more. We noticed security at the exit, but we managed to slip out and meet up with more co-conspirators. Good outcome.

Then I was traveling and in need of quick food. The mall/food place was hopping and busy, and I couldn’t decide which place to eat. I kept going in and out of places, unable to make up my mind and chatting with my travel partner, analyzing the places and trying to come up with a decision. Finally I ended up at “Paisano’s” which ended up being a really fancy place. Finally making my decisions, I came up to the counter where an older lady was to take my order. She seemed very condescending, but the place was rather posh so I didn’t hold it against her. Plus, it seemed it had taken literally all day for me to pick a place because it was late at night. I ordered the Pluddichino, the lemon version which was supposed to be a small cheesecake looking thing with frappe inside? Then I wanted the oreo 4 inch cheesecake too. A side of fries on top of chicken fingers with fries. She kept making negative comments at my choices which annoyed me, but whatever, the food seemed good. And it was, though there weren’t enough fries for what they charged. Some other chicken dish and a large dessert. I sat there and ate it, planning to buy something to take home for my mom. My travel partner didn’t order anything but ended up eating the oreo cheesecake and some fries.

Analysis:  Read a vampire story before sleeping, and apparently I’m hungry?

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