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I was driving my route to work, and it happened that I had my sister and brother in the car with me. Driving around the place to look at things and then we made our way over to my paternal grandmother’s house who happened to live in the area (she doesn’t). We show up and one of my cousins is there too. It’s getting dark as it is late afternoon, and we sit on the couch of the very small dwelling my grandma lives in. My sister and cousin are making plans and announce all of the sudden that they want to go have pho. Like right now, near where my house is. I’m like, OK, I’m down with that if that’s what you want as everyone is a guest. My brother doesn’t want to and I kind of don’t, just wanna go home, but I’m trying to be a good host. They become more insistent and I remembered I have dogs and really need to go home. I say to them, well, why don’t we go home, and they go because I really need to get home to the dogs. It’s getting very late. All of the sudden there are more people there. A male cousin shows up, my uncle is there and my mom is there too The male cousin (I’ve not seen him in years) is getting petulant about something and his dad (my uncle, all on my dad’s side) explains that he’s very addicted to his shows on Netflix and needs to watch them without fail as soon as they come out. We still haven’t decided who is going for pho. I move couches to the other side of the small house and sit next to my mom. The only face I actually see clearly is my uncle’s face. The whole time everyone is still discussing the pho thing, I’m sitting there thinking in my head that my grandma is very quiet through all of this. Normally she’d recommend and be happy to make pho for everyone right then and there. Other dialogue comes up, which now I don’t remember, but overall the environment and atmosphere is easy and friendly.


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Game? Car? Patient, brother, food

It’s hard to remember what I dreamed about last night. I must have slept really well, or at least relatively so. Didn’t want to get up this morning. There are snippets, though.

It was village compound. Wooden and metal structures with lots of stairs which made me think of somewhere close to water. I think there was something that happened before arriving at the compound, but no matter what, I was on a mission FPS style. I ran up some stairs and into a room. Stuff happened and then I needed to find and earn some keys. There was some longer explanatory cut-scenes which I paid no attention to and tried to skip but couldn’t. I decided to do the stair mini-game because I needed those keys for later on and didn’t have time to find the real ones. It was simple enough, just climb some stairs within the time period, increasing increments to get more keys. I managed to get the first key, but then something happened and I cancelled the game to go find out what it was. I had spent too much time doing that and the game time counter was getting shorter and shorter. I went into another room where I saw someone who looked like my ex on the bed without a shirt. I jumped on his back and played a puzzle about hitting some numbers on his back that would light up (other things happened too, but I can’t remember). Then it was the boss fight! I ended up in my bathroom, naked, because I needed to shower and pee. The door wasn’t closing all the way (it doesn’t in real life until you push it hard into the latch), so my ex kept coming to the crack and looking in it playfully. I kept pushing it in his face before realizing I left something on the bed and asked him to get it for me. He did and handed it to me and I closed the door for real.

Then there was some convoluted storyline about shopping, my mom, my cousins? and a diva peer from hygiene school. A craft store, then we all were supposed to get into a car. A spattering of my family, friends and co-workers. I didn’t know how we were all going to fit in her Crosstrek, but I was the first to climb in from the trunk and sit in the back. Everyone else was going to go in my mom’s car instead and the remaining would go in her car (all males). I think we were going to a party or a wedding. The peer was just telling me that my look wasn’t good enough and she did not approve of the “makeup” I had on.

We went on our way and I ended up at work. The patients were a large family of black people. My patient was a young man, about 17 years old (even though he looked more like a 25 yo). We got to talking about cars and he told me he wanted a WRX. I basically spewed the same conversation I literally just had with my brother about cars in real life last night at him, while not only cleaning his teeth, but dismantling everything in his old red car. One piece had broken, so my brother and I removed everything but the frame and then replaced them all. My brother even gave him a new trash thing for the car. I left my brother to put it all back so I could go help pack my uncle’s van. It was so big they even had a chest of drawers in the back. By the time I went back to the patient, my dad was there, pulling a long usb cable out of the young man’s car. I scolded him not to pull too hard because my brother had just installed it. My dad frowned at me for disrespecting him, but I didn’t care. I was more concerned about the fact that my brother had already finished and left behind a lot of food for me: Popeye’s chicken strip, McDonald’s hamburgers, drinks, and a few other good food pieces.

Then I got a text and woke up.

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Ex, work, friends

It was nighttime and I was roaming around on a street and around inside a store. I was with some family? But my ex was there too. When he showed up, I was taken aback, but secretly excited as well. I strove to treat him like I treat anyone else, like a friend, but he was very enthusiastic about seeing and being around me. I enjoyed his presence, but there was a nagging warning in the back of my mind. He was happy, friendly…almost too friendly. As we traveled on together with my group, he kept pace with me, smiling, walking closely. He tried to hold my hand, which I acquiesced for a bit, but dropped because it just felt wrong. I’d told him that he was never going to hear from me ever again, so why was this happening? All the happy, nostalgic feelings were overshadowed by the knowledge that this can’t possibly be real because we were no more, and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t want it to happen again because my brain knew and knows that we weren’t meant to be together…it would never work out. Just end up the way it already has. We stopped on the street to watch some rescue crews deal with a car crash and he, being in the line of work, was very interested in watching how and what they did. I remember looking at his face which was so interested and trying to learn what they were doing in that particular instance. He later tried to kiss me and as I went in to return the kiss, our lips only brushed because I pulled away. None of this was possibly real. He would never do that in public and initiate it. He was never that kind of happy person, eager to learn new things. It was always me who picked up his hand to hold it. HE was the one who’d drop it first. As much as I wanted to feel his arms around me or his large warmth, My brain knew it was just a dream. So, the dream faded.

I was at work now. Juggling 3 patients. A kid, a middle aged woman and one of my greyhound friends. As I jumped chairs to the kid, the woman I saw before, next door, suddenly got up and ran to the front desk. I jumped up to intercept her and she was jamming of my instruments into her mouth and asking me why there was a space around a tooth the tissue. I put her back into the chair, appalled that I’d forgotten to clean her up well, and explained to her in the mirror why some areas were deeper. She’d freak out with sensitivity when I went into a deeper pocket, but was oddly interested in it all. My boss was checking the kid next door and I felt awful that she basically ended up doing the rest of the appt for me. I could feel the disappointment from her, but I had yet another patient to attend to. It was my greyhound friend and his wife! He was in the chair. I was surprised and a little worried, but I go in there and he’s got some deep pockets too. I’m talking to them and tell him that before he leaves I’ll give him a tool that will be useful to him. I get up to get the dentist and get caught up in other things and before I know it, it’s time to go. I grab my bags and coat and head out, but see my neighbor and realize I forgot to get him the tools I said I’d give him. So I run back to the rooms to find things (find that a room has tape on it and turns out some lady was using it as a sort of daycare room for kids. I break the tape and go in to find some kids and adults watching tv, so I go through the drawers and can’t find what I’m looking for, so I go to the lab area and we…don’t have any left? After lots of rooting around, I pick up 3 items and run to him. He’s talking with 2 other men (some of whom I recognize) and I hand him the stuff, quickly explaining what they are for. He asks for a deeper explanation, so I open each one up to show him, apologizing about not having the right tools, but telling him to either look online or go to the store. As it turns out, the one I thought was a brush was in fact a food sauce brush, and the brush handle was more like an exacto knife type of deal. I laughed loudly and so did everyone else, except my coworker who thought it was weird, but I was OK with it because I respect my friend’s intelligence to not destroy himself. Then I walked home with my coworker in the crowded, narrow street of the city where I came across a very old friend who for some reason was half my size. I tapped her on the head and said hello. She turned and saw me, and happily gave me a big hug. I was in a hurry so I said goodbye and kept going, smiling to myself.

Lots of smiling and happiness in the dreams last night!

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Bull, co-worker, dogs

It started when I was wandering around a neighborhood. Something about not parking near the playground and a contest, but suddenly I hear shouts of “there’s a bull!” and the corresponding screams and crashing noises. Thinking fast, I duck into the nearby copse of dense trees. It was late afternoon, so the shadows were plentiful and the trees low. I knew that bulls don’t see very well, so I tried to quietly make my way through the trees tot he other side so I could see what was going on, but not be detected. Suddenly, my co-worker was with me in the thicket. We whispered to each other and it seemed the bull had found some target somewhere else. We crept back to where I entered from and the coast was pretty much clear. Either way, I had to get to the target building, and suddenly we get a bird’s eye view of the busy country town layout. There was a symposium going on and as we moved quickly down the empty street, ever wary of the danger, I said with relief that the bull will certainly be attracted to the noise of the convention, leaving us room and time to get to the objective. We arrive at the building and have to find a way to get upstairs. Stress levels are high for me as there’s the invisible time limit for the mission as well as the impending bull danger. We go our own separate ways and I creep around behind the crowd getting lost. I ask an usher how to get up the stairs and he points it out to me. If I get up, the bull can’t follow, so I quickly get up and realize that my partner is gone somewhere. It’s OK, she can handle herself, so I staying low and possibly feeling lazy, I ride a few conveyor belts around until I get to a small square where a stone monument is tipped over. There are 2 piles of galette cookies on them, the green pile/pyramid untouched, while there are only 2 red ones. I point out the fact that the red ones were eaten to the investigators there who were discussing the misfortune of missing professor so and so’s meeting and trap by the enemy. They are unaware that I am a secret agent working the same subject matter, but with more important orders, and I am not about to disclose such information to them. I move on, noting the manager’s office and other administrative offices. Then, in annoyance, I realize my tardiness means I have to return to the ground floor to continue the mission. The presence of evil bull impeded me and now the danger lurks even nearer than before. I make it to the midst of the congregation, and alert level is so high as I anticipate the entrance of the bull, who no doubt, knows my whereabouts now that I failed an objective.

Then it was time to walk the dogs. Somehow I was also in charge of walking my uncle’s late Doberman as well as my cousin’s German Shepherd. 4 dogs? It was also late afternoon as I was gearing them all up. My dogs had their respective leashes and collars, and I had one for the Doberman, but for the Shepherd, I didn’t know what to use. In the end, I chose to use the chain choke collar my  cousin had provided, but I didn’t like it and couldn’t figure out how to put it on. It was all crazy because walkies time means crazy excitement time and I was unsure of how walking 4 dogs would be. Gable ended up walking off-leash by himself, me trusting that he wouldn’t run away from the pack, so that I could try and control the 2 relative dogs.

Never got a chance to know endings because I woke up!

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Dad, dates, pho, family

I drove my car back to the neighborhood I grew up in and parallel parked the car (scarily) higher up on the street. Then I decided to take a walk down the road to my old house. Unfortunately for me, my dad was home and I saw his car’s headlights turn on, like he was about to leave to go somewhere. 2 houses away, I decided to log-roll down the hill so that he wouldn’t see me and run behind the house. At that point I was unsure if he saw me or not, but I aborted my mission and ran behind the houses there and up the hill and behind more houses to get back to my car which I was worrying about because he would notice my distinct license plate. Got back in, drove out towards the exit of the neighborhood and watched as an orange Chevy Aveo used my grandma’s house’s driveway to turn around in.

Cut to later when I was inside my old house where my dad was living by himself. I was in a room, sitting on a bed with a guy. He was white, muscular, military, and not super bright. We were obviously dating and watching the screen of a laptop or a tablet together. As we were sitting there together, there was this dude in the wall ahead of us, with a headlamp on, and installing a hidden camera. I rolled my eyes and continued talking to my man. My bf was adjusting his shoes and asked me if I have croc-type shoes like him too. I said, yeah, I have them but they’re not Crocs, they’re Beach Basics, a generic brand. I love them and have had them for years (in real life, I can’t find them). He said, it’s OK, his aren’t brand name either. Then he asked me all of the sudden, in a nervous outburst, “C-can I go to the beach with you?” Worried that he would find it boring, I warned that we don’t do much when we’re at the beach, just enjoy it for being the beach. Then he nodded and said that he’s only ever been to the Caribbean. The whole time we were talking, I was becoming sadly more and more disappointed in his answers to things. Just how it used to be with my ex. Always afraid to offend him…he’d come across as laid back and go-with-the-flow, but his actions hinted otherwise. Not to mention his lack of intelligence and open-mindedness was getting to me. I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I realize, suddenly that my dad is home and pretending to walk by the room we were in, so I get up and go to the kitchen to get some snacks.

Now for last night’s dreams:

I was driving around in what appeared to be old streets and roads from my youth. My family was with me. We then go to a church-like place where an event was being held. I get out of the car and bring with me my furry blanket draped on my back. I didn’t realize how weird that was until I get inside the cafeteria and we get a seat. My grandparents and great aunt are already there at a table and so my brother and I sit at the end and I’m wondering why we need the entire table for just 6 people. Oh well. Minding my own business, I get up and go get my bowl of pho. I finish it and it was really good so I get up and get another. When I get back, the cafeteria is crowded now and people are trying to ask if we need our chairs (armchairs, btw). I ignore it all and focus on my delicious pho. When I get up a 3rd time for another bowl, I stop and look around at the event area. All of the other tables are eating pho now. I must have been so engrossed in eating that I ended up missing the event! I decide to take a seat on a couch in the small area next to his guy as these little kids are doing a neat demonstration of king fu and drums. It’s really very good. There is also a recap about the climbing obstacle/race demonstration that I’d missed. As the kids finish up, the guy next to me (everyone is Vietnamese, btw) is shivering, and complaining about how cold he is. In the small area we’re both touch each other. He leans heavily on me, and I lean back and ask him if he’s cold. I then laugh and say, well I’m not, and I have plenty of heat to spare (true fact, in real life). He grabs my arm and cuddles up close, burying his head in my armpit and breathing deeply. First, I’m trying to remember what happened to that blanket I brought in, and second, I start hoping that I wore deodorant that day. I think it’s both funny and heart warming that he’s doing this, we both end up mutually hugging. He then follows as I return to my family and sits down next to my brother.  Someone else has taken my seat. My mom and relatives greet him warmly and ask him questions. He’s more than happy to answer. I leave them to it to look for more snacks and he and my mom follow me. My mom is asking what his job is, and he said that he’s only in town for a few days, as he follows the event for a job. My mom approves, but tries to get him to stay in the area. She seems to really like him. I’m a little embarrassed, but happy because even though I don’t know much about him, I like him a lot too. He too seems to like the idea and said that he’s trying to find a way to do that.

Later, it’s nighttime, and we stop by a doughnut place before going home. I’d been wanting to go there. My brother specifies what he wants and go in to order it: a half a dozen doughnuts, the cheesecake, original with strawberry, other yummy flavors and specifically the strawberry topped flavor with extra jelly on top for my brother. The nice man takes them out for me and I am so happy to finally be able to eat these….when I wake up. D’oh!!

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Guns, camera, work

…when do I not dream about work is the better question.

In a futuristic world, a local war on an evil facility has just reached a conclusion. The populace celebrates in relief that the danger has passed and they can get on with their daily lives without fear for now. As part of the team and now part of the cleanup crew, I, too am happy that the imminent danger has passed, but there is knowledge that it’s not quite yet over. The computerized columns outside have been restored, meaning that the building itself is safe now, but my job is to go in and secure a very sensitive and integral object. To my knowledge a non-combat agent, like myself, is cleared to enter because the threat level is low. Regardless, I’m always carrying my standard issue Glock 9mm pistol. Upon entering the facility, I am struck by the difference now than before wherein the commotion, combat and sheer number of individuals is greatly diminished. I enter the elevator and hit button #17. On second thought, the lack of people around is starting to make me nervous and a feeling of dread fills my stomach. Suddenly, I have a partner, an armored combat unit. We get out onto floor 17 which is a large garage looking area for robots or other large weaponry. There are metal ramps leading to walkways above and large military containers strewn about. We proceed cautiously and turn to make it to the command room when suddenly there is movement. A large man in a suit is coming down the walkway to us, his semi-automatic rifle raised. The enemy lives?!?!?! I yell, “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!” and make a break for the shelter of the command room while pulling out my handgun. While running, I turn to fire at him and should have landed 3 perfect headshots, but he seemed unperturbed. My protection detail goes down in burst of blood, multiple bullets ending his life. I am disturbed by this, not being hard combat trained, but I ready my weapon and focus as I hide in the cover of the doorway. I peek around the corner and rapid fire into the oncoming enemy. This time he goes down. No time to stop and catch my breath, I quickly look around the command room for my target, but as suspected from the presence of the enemy, it is not there. I run out and up the walkway to where the enemy was coming from. Along the way, I check my magazine which is an extended one, and I only have one bullet left (and one which misfired, apparently). Before I have time to think about whether I have extra mags or not, I run into my brother, a combat agent. It appears that he too has run into more of the enemy. Before we know it, we are beset by 2 more of the enemy, this time one has a pump shotgun and the other a TMP. We both duck behind cover and thankfully he has a rifle. Suddenly, I pause the experience and ask my brother if maybe I should try a higher-powered weapon, since my pistol isn’t going to be too terribly useful on these harder enemies. He tell me that I should try the semi-automatic rifle too, and I think it’s a good idea, except I forgot to take it from the enemy down on the floor.

Then there’s a work dream about this whole camera system. My bosses are stressed out about it and I’m trying to help but they have a “specialist” there and I’m just sitting around, bored. I offer to go to a seminar for them. Then there’s a bunch of driving in off-road terrain with hippos and alligators in the rain. Gable sleeping too close to one of the mud puddles and I’m terrified that a hippo will come eat him, but he’s obviously bigger than them even. Then I watch in amusement as a huge group of people attempt to run their cars through the muddy, flooded terrain.

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Burger King, family, HS

I was driving/walking around the area I grew up, supposedly on my way to school, when we saw a Burger King. I mentioned to my brother and mom that for some reason I never see anyone at BK during night or day, but it’s always jam-packed for breakfast. My brother confirms, oh yeah, BK breakfast is the best. So we go in and it’s a small, tight, carpeted joint. We wander to the back nearest the kitchen and my brother sits down at 2 2-seater tables (definitely fast-food tables). He and I wait for a server as we’ve already been to this place before (in another dream). I warn everyone that I have to be done in 10 minutes because I have to make it to school. My mom looks around and sees some food sitting in a container covered with foil. I turn around to ask my brother when my sister, who was supposed to be meeting us there is coming and how we’re going to sit and eat, when my mom had already grabbed a plate and several char siu pieces and started eating it. She was commenting on the good taste, when the server comes out, sees her with it, grabs it out of her hand and tosses it aside before turning to us and asking for our order. She has an Eastern European accent and an exasperatedly gruff exterior, but friendly. I remember her from a prior dream and wonder if she remembers me too. At this point my sister has arrived and my brother has moved over to the table my mom and I are at which has morphed into a 4-person table. That’s good because people are streaming in and waiting for tables. My brother has already ordered, and then it’s my turn. I order the “Meal Maker” which is a sampler dish plus another dish, though the name escapes me at this point. She goes back into the kitchen to place our orders and I am super excited to be able to eat tater tots and  hash browns. Not too soon thereafter, my first dish arrives by an attractive younger woman possibly Asian or mixed, but with a Chinese accent. I think it’s an omelette with all the works on it. My mom asks me if she was Asian but I’m too busy digging into my food to answer, but I don’t need to because suddenly we hear a loud Vietnamese conversation coming from the kitchen area. I was a little surprised because I thought as a BK, it would be staffed like a fastfood place and not a restaurant. For some reason everyone kept referring to it as Rand Ally instead of BK. Anyways all of our food comes and as we eat, I laugh and notice that it’s no longer 6:50am, but more like 7:50am. I am one hour late. I start joking that I guess I’ll be missing first class today. Then I decide that it’s better to just miss the whole day because it works out: I had presentations and papers all due today but I’d done absolutely none of it all weekend…I knew I’d forgotten to do something. Then I laughed with my brother, asking, I can’t remember how I used to go to school? Was it school bus, because I have a car, so why not use it? My family confirmed that and said it was because it was a waste of money to go park my car at school. I disagreed since convenience was better than the parking pass payment, and now money isn’t a big problem. Later, even though I hadn’t meant to go to school, I wandered in anyways and walked down the quiet hall (my true elementary school hall). I caught a glimpse of my boss in real life, but in my dream a teacher, and booked it into the nearest bathroom which looked suspiciously like an old bathroom from our old house. I could see x-ray style through the door as she walked slowly by, suspicious of me, but distracted by commotion in the boy’s bathroom next door.

A prior dream saw me shopping in a very crowded place, filled with old classmates. It was a library/school store/retail store. Very full. I think I was living on campus, but I still had my dogs. I was getting bored because I couldn’t afford anything, when I noticed their massive Clearance section. Immediately drawn to it, I started picking through all the goodies, thinking about Christmas gifts and comparing prices. A worker was actively marking down items and I was criticizing the prices with my mom, because I was a price guru and knew what was a good deal and what wasn’t. So hah.


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Friend, B-Day

I was supposed to update this the other day, but I forgot, which means I might have forgotten the details. Let’s see…

Despite the fact that I told my friend I wouldn’t be coming to her birthday party, I felt so guilty and bad that I did anyways. It was pouring rain outside and night-time when I arrived at her place…with my brother in tow? I’d meant to only come by to say hi and give her a present and apologize face to face, but after I left my gift inside the door, my brother came up the stairs with me wearing a suit like he was going to a party! Made my way up the stairs and I see a few people have already arrived. I’m just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, very underdressed. It was very bright there and my friend sees me and gives me a look, like, why are YOU here. I start to try and explain, but she goes over to their bed where her fiancé is chilling and starts to cuddle up next to him, ignoring my presence. Then as more people arrive, she joins her mom who is sitting in a chair at the top of the staircase, greeting guests. I hadn’t noticed her mom was there, but the resemblance between the two were immense! I started talking to her when I realized my mom was talking to my friend’s fiancé who was still lounging in the bed, something about that’s not good, that’s not good. I leave her to greeting her guests and am about to leave, when I notice her cat on the ground. The adorably little guy sits in the middle of the floor, looks at me, and devours (gulps down) an entire lion completely nonchalantly. I’m like, WHAT?!?!?!??!

And I wake up.

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Hotel, Dental, Dog, Church

I was sitting in the Cathedral at mass, when a girl who looks like someone I went to school with years ago starts talking loudly to a girl next to her, saying she thinks that she has an infection in her mouth. They go back and forth, and finally I talk (not whisper) to her and say, after mass, there are xray units here in the church. I know because I used to do dental screenings here when I was in school, and even get a dream flashback to when I was doing it. She says, why does a church have dental units, and I say, it’s because a lot of kids don’t have access to dental care, but still come to church, so they offer it as a program. After mass, I look in her mouth and there really is something wrong. Then all of the sudden I’m working with two other dental professionals on children coming through the screening process. A little black girl comes in and I look in her mouth to see bleeding and several other cavities. I’m not in charge of xray, so I ask later what the treatment plan is. The other guy shakes his head and says we need extraction and several things. I’ve really taken to this girl and go over to talk and make her feel comfortable, knowing full well, that once she leaves I won’t see her again, but I hope for the best.

Then I was at work and went out to get a patient. I’d forgotten who she was, but I knew there was something special about her case. She started telling me about trying to maintain the lower front area and suddenly I remembered. She was the one whose attached tissues there were not attached anymore and would balloon out. She was supposed to try and clear out the holes that made them do that, but they are hard to reach. Apparently they looked better than the last time, but I took the Cavitron and blasted it out anyways, making the tissues fly around, so to do my job, I had to push down while scaling in order to prevent the tissues from billowing around. It did not seem to hurt the patient, and I used a neato, cordless ultrasonic device that was new, even if it doesn’t make sense how it worked. Why we didn’t refer her to a specialist, I don’t know. But. Then all of that morphed into me working while being surrounded by dental hygiene students. In reality they were the class after us, but in my dream I was a veteran in the field  and they were on their second year. They were talking about things and I was trying to clean my room (which wasn’t a room so much as a store aisle? I have no idea). I laughed and told them that good gravy, I don’t even know what they’re talking about anymore because I’ve been practicing and away from the “scientific and proper” terminology. Then I reminisced about being in their shoes too and thinking the same thing about my own faculty. Some were taking it in and other scoffed at my apparent stupidity like they would never make that mistake. I just smiled to myself and went about my knowing way.

I was then walking out with my coworker and right before I step outside, I get an advisory about a freak hurricane-like situation going on outside with wind and rain (interestingly it DID rain last night). I was like, uh oh, we’d better get going. She started going down the wooden stairs off this ridiculously steep cliff-like thing, and I decided to go the shortcut way and slid my way down the mud. I only sort of had to use my butt. We walk into the darkness to our cars (how far away is it??) and then there were a pack of dogs being trained to walk in a pack offleash. One of them wasn’t very well trained and was running ahead. I laughed, and she started walking with us and around us. Seeing that she was more interested in us than the pack, I decided to take the time to lead her back to the group. Gave her a little push on the tushie and she looked back at me before running off to where she was supposed to be.

We made our way to a city-like place and apparently I wasn’t going to make it home so we go into a hotel room that has been prepared for us. It was very futuristic, in a futuristic city altogether, and the hotel was heavily advertised for being extremely smart and safe. I walk in and see 3 males in there already. There were other modular rooms around it and apparently we were all going to stay there. I sat down with my friend (I don’t really know who it is anymore, just a friend) at the modern, plastic table, and the 3 guys, one of which was Asian and annoying were talking to me about the hotel and other things like my supposed mission. The other 3 would chime in, but the Asian guy was the primary. I got tired of listening and realized that I was wearing my sleeping clothes and therefore no bra which was awkward considering the three males and that I keep resting my boobs on the table, so I told him that I was going to go change my clothes really quickly in the bedroom right off to my left on the window-side. He was really upset that I would say that! I didn’t understand why he was so upset because I truly just wanted to change my clothes, and so despite his arguing, I went into the room anyways, glad to be away from his grating voice. The door was kind of neat, and locked behind me in my favor. The queen bed in there was unmade and messy. I wrinkled my nose when I realized I was meant to sleep in the bed and share it with someone else. There was a row of 4 windows looking out over the city which was pretty except that there was another hotel across the way with people watching my every move. I draw a curtain which has a big old hole in it, but I stand so that it doesn’t matter and was about to drop my pants when all of the sudden a giant screen on the wall behind the bed lights up and idiot Asian guy on a two-way audio laughs menacingly. The two other males open the door and walk in and I roll my eyes. He really didn’t want me to be alone in the room and change my clothes! WTF. I give up. So I leave the two males in the room to do whatever they were wanting to do and go back out to the shared area to have dinner since it’s now dark. I notice another bedroom off to the right side and make a mental note to get to it when no one’s looking because I’m tired. The Asian guy is talking still but I decide that I’m getting a pervy streak coming from him and now I’m going to play with him to make him uncomfortable and upset. I keep telling him that I have no problem whatsoever changing my clothes right then and there, and threaten to start taking them off. He says, with bravado, that it’s not nakedness he cares about, it’s principle. I start smiling and stand up, pull a chair up next to him very closely, and sit in it, rubbing his body and resting my head on his shoulder while giving him a hug. My friend starts laughing at my antics because he’s obviously uncomfortable and then he turns into a woman who has the feel of memory foam. I get up to leave to go on our mission and try to make a pitstop into the bedroom, but am denied.


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Lots of dreams

Been a while since I updated and I’ve had plentiful, memorable dreams, just not recorded.

The setting was a townhome-like place and my sister had her baby so the grandparents were there and she had had her son. Then shortly thereafter, I was in a supposed hospital setting and was apparently pregnant, but I didn’t know it. Bringing me back to the townhome, I’m carrying my baby girl to a table where my grandparents are sitting as well as my sister. My mom and brother are there too, but not in view, just their presence was noted. All of the sudden my aunt shows up, and I’m surprised again, but she says, matter of factly, that she’s here to see the baby. OK. So I leave my sister in charge of my girl because I’m supposed to be packing to move out of the townhouse. There are boxes everywhere and my mom and brother are supposed to be moving/packing stuff, that’s why I don’t see them. I remember thinking in my mind about the mess I got myself into having a baby. Then I wracked my brain for who the father could be, as the girl is distinctly half light-skinned (unclear what race) and with lighter hair. My brain then decided on a father and I felt ashamed because he was married. I vowed that he would never find out. Then I went back to look for my baby and I don’t see her anywhere. I ask my sister, in alarm, as she was supposed to be looking after her, but my sister’s still sitting at the table on her phone. Without bothering to look up, she shrugs, and says, I don’t know, she went that way, waving in a non-specific direction. I freak out in fear because it’s a townhome with a split level entrance. I run over to the staircase and exclaim, “WHAT IF SHE FELL DOWN THE STAIRS???” Again my sister seems to have no care. I run into the kitchen which is full of boxes and a little dark and call for my girl. She comes toddling out from a dark corner and I’m very relieved, but she seems to be growing at an alarming rate, just getting older and older as I look at her. She’s a big. Girl. BIG girl. Almost as tall as me now, attesting to her paternity. I am sad at my sister (beyond mad at her now, no energy to feel mad) for not caring, and continue moving boxes.

Tonight there were some interesting ones too. The most immediate memory is that I’m driving around in my old neighborhood and I am, to my surprise, engaged! I have an engagement ring! My mom and I drive to the old Sam’s Club near our house. I’m supposed to be waiting for my mom as she buys some quick things, but I get tired of waiting so I go in.  I see my mom at the self-checkout and suddenly see my grand-aunt too. I buy 2 small items and there’s this huge, exaggerated view of the cash payment portion of the self-checkout machine. I just need to pay $3 and a few cents. Then I go looking around for my mom who apparently went back into the store for more stuff. I then notice that some cashiers have dogs with them. They’re part of a new program for attracting customers. I am in LOVE with the idea. There is a Great Pyrenees and pit bull mutt. I take both dogs so the workers can go on break and walk them with leashes first and then without. Everyone’s impressed with how I’m  able to walk them so well. They walk right on either side of me very obediently and I am thrilled. I walk around a bit with them and then ask if they’re allowed to take breaks. The guy says, they usually don’t and I balk so I take them out myself so they can have a potty break.

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