Doctor’s office, old acquaintances, dancing, singing

I head into my super busy doctor’s office (unfamiliar) and go to sign in. While realizing that I’m about an hour and a half early, I notice that my old friend has an appointment later! I’m stoked to see her again as it has been years, so I go settle myself down in a chair. I happen to sit next to a couple who I think recognize me, but I don’t acknowledge them, pulling out my phone, a portable keyboard and some headphones. I want to plug in the headphones and play with the keyboard but I fail and end up playing aloud for about 10 minutes before I realize my mistake. The couple beside me aren’t mad, just humored. Another guy sits down on my other side after a while, but I’m trying to mind my own business with my keyboard and phone. When I finally look up, I’m surprised to see that it’s another old friend I haven’t seen in forever! He seems much older, has stubble, extremely tanned, and is also inches from my face. It doesn’t bother me though, and we exclaim at each other. I told him that our friend is coming too and I start scanning the waiting the room. It’s super busy like a hospital when I spot her. She’s just like how she was when I last saw her, except that I know all the history in between. I pop up to go visit her and to my disappointment she’s, as usual, surrounded by her friends. She excitedly says hi to me, but I’m not going to get an audience with her it seems. I tell her that her friend Megan is around too and point her out. My old friend hops up to go over there and then it’s suddenly my turn for an appointment.

I guess since I’d been waiting for so long, they let me back first, but the girl said my name so softly (or we were just too loud) I didn’t hear it at first. I go back and she takes my weight which for some reason is 133 pounds. Dude. I haven’t been that weight in YEARS, so I’m a little worried about having lost so much weight. She then proceeds to say a few things that rubs me the wrong way and I decide that she’s not a very nice medical assistant. In the room is another medical assistant and they argue with each other for a while.

Suddenly there are 7 other people in the room and Dr. H (a specialist) appears. I hadn’t realized I was going to be seeing him! He gathers everyone into the open side of the room and turn on some music. Looks like we’re doing some team building exercises now! We all start pairing off and dancing with each other to the music. I chose a girl because the male to female ratio is off. It’s all fun and we stop, standing in a line. Josh Groban’s version of “All I Ask of You” comes on and I start singing along with it. People start giving me funny looks and I realize that I’m singing the male and female parts. I don’t care, though, because I love that song. Then I grab one of the guys and dance with him. The next song is another of my favorites, Rascal Flatts “From Time to Time” which no one else knows except me. I grab another guy to dance with and try to sing it, but it just seems to come out offkey. I don’t seem to mind, I’m having too much fun!

Aaaaand I wake up with soundtracks in my head.


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Another wedding, driving, Critical chef selfies

It was at a church I’ve never been to and I really didn’t want to do it, but my sister was getting married. Again. I’m not sure what the details about it were, something about they divorced and then got back together? Either way, my mom and I had roles in the wedding itself, but I didn’t know what was going on because the directions were very unclear and I couldn’t ask my sister because she was too busy. The church was kind of crazy, the altar elevated in the middle and the pews around the outside of it. We were trying to run through our roles quickly and I’m just super confused about my role and didn’t want to mess it up. My mom was to bring in the Book and I was supposed to bring in (initially) a heavy, small cross made up with palm leaves. I had no idea where I was supposed to put it. At first I needed to place it in front of wherever my mom was to leave the Book, or in front of the lectern, but when it came time for the actual ceremony, the little cross turned into this big pot-like urn. I tried to ask my sister where I was supposed to put this and she waved in the general location of the Book, irritated that I’d asked her 10 times now. I lugged it over to the spigot and filled it with water and was trying to transport it over to where I needed to be, when it fell from my hands and made a giant water mess. Then, my dad came out and commanded me to put it in the corner. I was like, whatever, and did, then went to sit down next to my brother. My sister was about to walk down the aisle and she was furious at me for leaving the urn somewhere else. I told her it was my dad that told me to and she was completely exasperated. I had to lug it down the aisle and left it under the lectern, hoping no old person was going to slip and fall in the mess I made.

Then the couple was sitting with the priest and were asked a series of questions, like, “Do you want marriage? Do you love each other.” Then he asked “Do you believe in kingdom come and life after death,” to which both replied, “No,” happily. I was furious at their answers! Did they seriously just say no?   Why in the HECK did they want a church wedding, then, if they refused any of the church’s core beliefs? For SHOW?? Not only that, but this was the SECOND wedding, not the first, so it’s not like there was a demand of them, you know? Idiots.

Then there was a bit in a parking garage with my grandparents resulting in even more confusion.

Then I was driving. Driving in the area around my workplace. That morphed quickly into a maze of roads and me walking. It seemed more like a video game village than anything else. I had a feeling people would start stopping to talk to me, so I tried to avoid the other characters walking around. The on-screen GPS directed me a certain way, the path weaving in and out and all around the myriad of buildings. Someone stopped me to ask if I know where the statue of a family was, and I told them I have no clue, continuing on. Finally I come upon an area close to my target location. It is full of people milling around and I catch sight of the famed critical critic of foods guy in his chef coat and signature round glasses. Behind me I see that statue that other person wanted to find and decided to finish the side objective for myself. All I had to do was take a selfie of myself and the statue. The  specific camera had a countdown and then it would take it. Click. Then 2 girls, one of whom was a coworker of mine, wanted selfies with the food critic. Turns out he was another of the side objectives. My phone pulled up a quick bio about him, highlighting his celebrity status for bashing anyone who would use iceberg lettuce in their food. There was even scientific evidence as to why adding it was a bad idea. I tried to take the selfie with him, but my coworker took it for me. Then it was my turn to take pictures of them. That objective camera was really obnoxious on an iPhone and while there were some great shots, I think they were all blurry. Stupid iPhones. For some reason there were now 4 people in the pictures with him.


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Work, food, guy, embarrass, ants

I didn’t update this as early as I wanted to, so memory is a bit hazy now.

I’m at work, but it looks more like my grandparents’ basement. It looks like the office is about to close for a week for vacation, but our new employee has begged to be able to work that week because she wouldn’t be able to feed herself without working that week. My doctor sits us all around my grandparents’ card table to discuss this, setting up appointments for her that week. I’m confused about the whole thing because she’s no hygienist and why would or could she be able to see patients. My doc doesn’t seem concerned about it and says it’s OK, we can handle it now. There are currently 2 patients sitting with the employee and I’m like, what’s going on, but doc now has the “slingshot” which is more like a nerf gun/crossbow/slingshot mix and is aiming it at the patients’ mouths. Then in quick succession she shoots twice and whatever it is lands into the patients’ mouths. I look back even more confused while my coworkers congratulate my doc for her spot-on aim. She looks smug and says, “That oughta take care of anything that builds up in the next 6 months.” I’m now amazed and worried because a tool like that would put me out of a job, though there seems to be an inkling that it’s only an overall not fine detail solution to tide everything over.

Then I’m walking along a paver walkway through a city. There are lots of people around, some of whom I’m familiar and most of whom I wasn’t. It was fun but crazy, and finally I’m walking alongside a guy that I’m comfortable with. His face is that of one of my ex-suitor friends, but his body most certainly is not, all firm, tone and manly. I come up to his shoulder and walk closely so that we’re mostly touching. It’s a tad cold and I’m going on and talking and exclaiming about stuff. Then I suddenly posit a question as to why boobs are so squishy. He doesn’t answer right away and I’m not sure why I’m being so bold as to ask him this question even though I know I’m not interested in him at all. Suddenly I’m pulling down and off my shirt, though I’m still wearing a jacket outside. Others can’t but he can clearly see my goods and I sense his unbearable embarrassment, but I continue on, asking and then answering my own question, as they jiggle and bounce along our walk. Soon, I realize the extent to what I’m doing and it’s cold so I put my shirt back on and as I come down off that weird high or whatever I was on, I’m feeling embarrassed. No, humiliated. And ashamed too, basically teasing him knowing full well that he still likes me and I don’t share the sentiment. We come up on a food court and I ask him if he wants some food. He does, anything to change the subject, and we order some food while I try to figure out what to do with this awkward situation I created. I want chicken tenders and fries and go find a table for us.

While waiting for him, I concoct this crazy scheme and when I see him start my way, I suddenly slump over, my head on the table. He comes to see if I’m OK, and I sit up, blinking blearily and dramatically as if I just woke up and am in a dizzy stupor. He’s concerned and I’m playing it all through as if I was drunk or high or on medications or even sleep walking and can’t remember any of what happened in the last hour or so. I ask him, worriedly, if I did anything weird, and his face turns red and can’t look at me. Inside, I’m happy that the acting is working.

Then I’m dreaming about what I’m about to do in real life later, collecting ants for my entomologist patient. I think there was something strange about it, but I no longer remember.

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Poop, pee, construction, beach, bug, lots of people

I haaaate bathroom dreams. Uuugh.

I’m driving by myself to the beach. No one is in the car with me and I’m just chillin’, but when I get there it’s amazing to see that many of the roads are closed off. I pretty much know how to get the house regardless, but I turn my GPS on anyways just in case. It’s kind of like a ghost town with just the locals wandering around on foot and cars. There are flooded streets and trees down, but my car has no trouble getting through that. It’s harder to navigate around the people milling around.

Then I’m not in my car anymore. I’m walking, having reached my destination. I guess there’s not much to do on the beach, so I decide I’m going to go work on the weeds that have collected in between the rubble of two buildings. I’d passed them on the way in, so I head over there now. It’s now not the beach, but a post-apocalyptic type of place. It’s going to be hard work, so I set up a boombox speaker for music and use it. Then all of the sudden, I can’t do that anymore because they’re shooting a movie in one of the abandoned buildings. I’m OK with that, wandering around rubble, when I realize that I’d left my music over there and they have to listen to it. It had been on a timer so it cut on every day from 7am to 5pm. You can hear and see the actor pretend to fall out of the parking garage, alongside my music. I eventually am able to go back to where I was living, also rubble. The room parts are OK, just a corner of the house is destroyed. I’m so happy to be able to sleep on my bed again. I look in to see that I’d been sharing the room with my sister. Some guy lives in one of the rooms down the hall. I had to pee really badly, so I find a large plastic container and decide I can use that, classical music coming in from outside. There are no doors and one of the walls is missing, but I don’t care much. Just as I was about to use it, my sister comes in. Ugh. I start gathering my stuff when suddenly it’s time we moved into a different home.

This home is fully functional and not destroyed, but it seems that it used to be a bar lounge. It’s currently empty of furniture, though. I have to live here with a bunch of other people, but my sister is there too. Everyone kind of knows each other (even though I don’t recognize anyone) so everyone is comfortable. There are tons of plants on the windowsill and I’m cold, so I go to close all of the windows to save heat. Everyone starts freaking out about their plants and I say, just leave them on the outside sill (made of brick) where they can get rain and sun and we can keep our heat inside. My sister grabs her special plants and takes them away. I’m like, whatever. While I’m trying to look around, a bee or wasp has gotten inside because of the plants and I’m freaking out. Everyone is laughing or not caring and I try not to, but the darn thing keeps following me around and landing on me.

Finally with everyone safe, I’ve been having to go to the bathroom forever. I head down to the basement. Everyone has set up several different “toilets.” They’re literally all ceramic cookie jar things with holes in it. I pick some up (ew) and examine them, trying to figure out how in the world I’d be able to use them. Then I see a larger one that has been unopened, so I undo the plastic wrap and look inside. This woman appears, sitting on one of the other ones and says, “yeah I wouldn’t eat that.” I re-examine the advertisement I’d ripped off the “toilet” and it implies that you can eat the cookies after you use the bathroom. Inside the top is a wrapped bag of brown cookies. I’m like, what? The lady just nods and laughs and I look in the lower part to see it is full of shredded mozzarella. I give her a quizzical look, but just shrug and get ready to poop since I really really have to go.

It cuts here to me back in that shared bedroom, looking for the pee container again. Apparently I hadn’t been back for a while and it was deserted there now. I find the container and now there are spider webs everywhere and I don’t really want to try and pee amidst spiders, so I work to remove the webs. There are 2 spiders in 2 different webs, so I return to my mom’s house to ask for a container. It looks suspiciously like the house I left down South. We’re moving back in apparently, so everything’s a mess. She’s not helpful at all, so I finally find some and go back to move the spiders. Finally, I can pee in peace. Relieved, then I see that the room is so unkempt, so I randomly decide to make the beds. There are some thin, old blankets to be used!

Cut back to the basement because I remembered I have to poop still. Another lady has shown up and they start whooping, telling me to “yeaaaah! Pull those blue panties down!” I’m mildly embarrassed, but whatever, in this time and place I guess this is how it is. Turns out, I was wearing pants, and my blue panties and for some reason black hiking shorts with the panty sling inside. Weird. I sit down to poop in the thing, trying not to fall inside, but then everyone in the housing unit comes spilling into the room, kids and all. I become very embarrassed and sink into it, but I HAVE TO GO SO BAD, so I keep trying to hurry it up without making grunting noises or anything, lest those ladies laugh at me again. However, it won’t come out of my butt, no matter how hard I try. It gets stuck halfway like there’s a block and I’m so humiliated with all the people around and I don’t know what to do, and where is the toilet paper and–

–I wake up. Turns out I’d had a wedgie while sleeping. UUUUUUGGGH

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Library, community college, food, ladders

Something about hot air balloons in a forest and trying to escape from enemies.

Then, it’s light out, and I have to get over to a particular location, but in order to get there I have to figure out the puzzle on this side of the fence that will allow me to reach the ladder, enter the door to the target area. I descend from the higher levels of this city scape down to the less safe part of town. In fact, the fence I just climbed over means that I’m now in gang territory. It was newly reclaimed by either Jackie Chan or my orchestra teacher, but it still feels dangerous and open to attack at any time. Thank goodness it’s still light out. I descend a series of ladders with a buddy and we take stock of the puzzle before us. We have to figure out how to move the blocks so we can climb it and continue with the level. I’m working the levers and knobs from afar just when my buddy decides to take a closer look. I thought I’d crushed them, but it just so happened that this was a 3-D block puzzle and by the grace of God my buddy just so happened to have a block with a cutout just their height fall on them. They come out with an incredulous face on and I tell them to get somewhere safe. I think I opened the path up, but we didn’t end up going to the target location because it was getting late.

Then it’s dark now. For some reason I decided to head back to the puzzle area on my own this time. Perhaps I forgot something there? Like a flashlight? Either way, I move to descend the ladders again, but get chased by baddies. I end up leaping off the platforms and onto the ground. Now I can’t get back up easily and there are bad guys, perhaps from the old gang coming up to get me. I’m no fighter, so I quickly look for another escape or way back up. Much to my relief I found a yellow ladder I didn’t see before (like the ones they leave in video games in case you fell down) that reached even higher than the other ladders I used. Quickly I climb, glad that bad guys can’t climb ladders easily. Unfortunately, at the top are floating baddies patrolling. Only 2 block my path, though, and I can hear the bad guys figuring out the ladder. I decide to go for it (the worst that could happen is that I have to start the level over) and duck and leap until I reach the safe platform. It’s getting to be morning now, and I run off to tell my instructor that the gang is still hanging around and tried to retake the area! He’s off in a side field, picking flowers in an overgrown garden with dead trees that needs restoring.

I poke around the garden before driving off to find some food. There’s some crazy traffic going on and bad drivers. I turn into the parking lot and head over to the library. I check in the mailbox there for any mail for me, marveling over how the mailbox knows each person is coming and has that particular person’s mail ready for them. Then when I get into the library, I look at my mail to see that I checked out a book recently on computer code or some such topic and it’s due like tomorrow. Only a week on those, I guess. I walk through the place and I’m looking for my brother. I round the corner of the maze-like place to see a sign from him saying, “Look at the grilled chicken!” Or some food. There are two heaping platefuls of hot, grilled food items. They look good, but I continue on.

Suddenly, someone is with me and it’s dark. I’m now in the Community College and taking a tour of the place. I’m thinking about returning to school, and someone’s giving me a tour. The first place we go through is the cooking/creative side. We go through several rooms and pass through a large area where they’re baking cakes and other goodies. I was confused because I thought school wasn’t in session right now. Well the dessert items not only looked amazing but were HUGE!! I asked the girl making them if I could buy it from her and she just gave me the massive chocolate cookie cake. Just. Gave. It. To. Me. I think I scarfed the whole thing down much to my sister’s disgust. I wanted some more stuff but my sister dragged me away to continue the tour. It was all great but I really wanted to see what the biology section looked like because the whole school was so darn NEW and awesome. The girl giving the tour pointed out at the biology building and said with a sneer that the stuck up biology brats were over there. I was taken aback by her distaste but wandered over anyways. It was disappointing. I was hoping there’d be a biology II section with high tech labs and such since I was getting excited and thinking about enrolling myself. It was time to go now and so we passed back through the food room which was now entrees instead of just dessert. I was about to pounce on things when

–I woke up.

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High school, driving, choosing minions, hair, grocery store

Didn’t sleep well and woke up late!

In the dream I was at a grocery store. Several grocery stores, in fact. It was all just before closing and the sky was either dark or gloomy out. I kept looking for the special sale items they were promising in those sections of the store. The bakery items were really what got me excited. I managed to snag a container of King Cake that looked much more like a Sara Lee pound cake jammed into a clear plastic container that store bakeries put cookies in. I was very excited even though it wasn’t one of the sale items. I placed that into the cart and carefully stepped around the wet tracks and puddles in the store. A few other people were hanging around us, trying to see what deals we were scoring. I looked around a bit, but didn’t find anything worthwhile.

Then I was more concerned about my hair than anything. I managed to bother my mom enough that she gave up all together and finally just cut my hair the way I wanted it, which was buzzed on my left side and a bit longer on the right. I was super stoked about it and though a little wary of what others would think, managed to hang around a young lady with red and gold hair colors who told me my hair looked awesome. Noting my reflection in the window, I noticed that I’d forgotten to make the longer side stand up, so it was flat. With a shrug, I told her I’d forgotten and she said that’d looked even cooler than it already did. Hearing that made me really happy.

Then I was in the house I’d grown up in, but it was weird: I was my current age and yet not at the same time. It was a big day for me because I was going to be a student at my first high school for a week. At first I was afraid I’d have to go stand at the bus stop with the other kids, but it turned out I had my car. With much relief and happiness, I bade my mom a good day and happily hopped into the car with my bag and wallet and phone. Couldn’t forget all the essentials! It was such a good feeling to be able to do high school again and the right way. As I drove carefully (since I was back in my old hometown where the pace is slower) through the neighborhood I was jittery with excitement, going over in my head the story and the plan. Maneuvering around kids and parents standing and waiting for the bus, I stopped for one and couldn’t believe my luck at not having to wait behind one that was loading kids. I turned and even the long line of traffic to get out of the neighborhood could deter me. I called my mom to finalize the story we were selling to the school about me. She said she’d put down her information on the paperwork so I could go to the school and I asked her what story we should have about whence we came. The line was crazy long and hadn’t moved, so I became engrossed in a text conversation, forgetting about everything. When I finally looked up, I first realized that I wasn’t alone in the car. There was a lady sitting in the passenger seat behind me. I looked back at her with distaste and “remembered” that she’d clambered into my car when she’d missed the bus. Then, I realized that I had stopped traffic. Distracted driver! Not a good way to start the school experience! I caught up to traffic and then suddenly I had reached a checkpoint where I was to walk. Hanger-on lady was following me, like my 2P. Finally making it to the save point, it was time to choose a minion/familiar to aid me in my quest. I gladly ditched bus stop lady (she literally flew away into the air and disappeared Team Rocket style) and was stoked to have enough experience this time to choose minions that weren’t pure basic level ones. I still couldn’t choose the high level ones because I’d skipped too much of the level and didn’t collect enough points, so I chose a mid-level one that I knew would level up into one of the most powerful ones. Satisfied and very happy, I proceeded to leave the save area, when–

–I WOKE UP WITH A START AND SAW I WAS 15 MINUTES LATE!!!! All this decision making stuff…

I seem to have major regret about my high school years. How many times have I dreamed about being able to re-do high school with a car this time and with the confidence of my adult self??

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Costco, stranger

I haven’t updated much lately, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t had memorable dreams!

The most memorable one of late saw me inside Costco. It was, as usual, crazy crowded and I had lost whomever I had come with, so I was just hanging around looking at stuff. I was squatting down, looking at bath rugs or something, and just happened to be talking to a young man standing there looking similarly flustered at being there. I amicably explained why I hate going to Costco and am hardly ever there. He agreed with me and I felt a strong connection to him, but thought nothing of it, figuring someone as friendly and young as he would certainly have a girlfriend (white guy, average height, stubble). Going through the different bath mats, I suddenly felt him swoop down and wrap his arms around my waist from behind. I was taken by surprise, but it was not uncomfortable. A smile appeared on my face and he slowly picked me up into a standing position, still wrapping his arms around me. I felt safe, secure, and loved, though a bit silly too. My heart felt all fuzzy. He let me go and suddenly turned into this old, severe looking man, looking bored at being at the store. He nonchalantly handed me his business card with contact information (email! text! number!) and I saw his nametag had some foreign sounding surname. My heart felt broken and I left, thanking him, and resolving not to call him despite the void in my heart.

Then there was some dream about underground parking spaces, and toilets, relatives and bad guys.

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Been a while, hasn’t it?

This morning was an interesting dream, a supposed sequel to a dream that had already happened. I can’t remember if the original did happen or not. I was at work and freaking out because the day is going so terribly slowly and I feel like I’ve been there for 10 hours already even though the schedule only shows that I’ve gotten through only half of my patients. I freak out even more when I see that I have 4 patients in the span of 2 hours, with 2 columns under my name. I have been double booked with no assistant to help me. The only good thing is that my coworker has the same issue. I try my best, and my doctor tells us to do our best. He then goes out to the waiting room to explain to the patients what is going on. I bring back my first double book patient (a real, existing patient in our office) and it’s so dark out. Turns out, though, that our “appointment” is just a talking session. We reminisce about our experiences from “last time” where we went to a convention and I saw her there. We speculate about whether it was in France or not, and then we both decide around the same time that it was actually in Maryland, not France. The patient laughs and remembers that we thought it was actual France because the convention was in a “Global Village” where different places were made to be like the countries, Busch Gardens style. We both share a plate of food I’d prepared as we talk and I realize I have to cut it short because I’ve spent 45 minutes with her. I’m not going to make it! I apologize and end the appointment with her, in order to accommodate my next patient which are actually the girl’s choir I made friends with at the convention too. I bring to a different table and pass around 2 plates of food and yummies while I talk to the young, teenage Indian girls wearing white dresses. We talk like old friends catching up and I ask what they’ve been up to. They’ve had gigs all over at different conventions singing and making themselves known. It seems like it has been years since I last saw them and they’ve gotten older and prettier and no doubt better with this singing. It’s getting harder to hear what they’re trying to say to me, and I struggle to seems like I can hear. I watch them each snag some broccoli before–

–I snap awake because I’m 10 minutes late waking up.

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X-rays, ex

A fitful night of vivid dreams and then waking up to pee a couple times.

It was a place I’d never been before. A unfamiliar map. My family was there and other familiars, but so was my ex. Except that he was very happy and relaxed and very much in love with me. I was hesitant because we’d broken up several times before but when he hugged me, I was the happiest. He followed me around as we explored the map and it was nice to have someone at my back. I felt safe. My mom told me that she always knew we’d get back together because we had something between us. I recalled my reasonings why we were better apart than together, but seeing as how he was a completely different person (always happy, helpful, and smiling/laughing, not a care in the world that my hair was so short) now I felt so much better. I wondered what happened to make him like that, but I wasn’t complaining. I was just plain happy. We decided to go to a clamshell on the map to eat. I asked if there was enough room inside for us, and there was. All I remember was spending an inordinate amount of time looking at how tanned my arms were. So tan in fact, they were burnt, like, black burnt.

I was at work, seeing a patient named Cynthia Rowley. I was happy yet agitated because I knew her to be a hard patient and on top of that she hadn’t been in since 2016. I run around a bit, looking for XCPs and happened by my doc’s room where I told the assistant that I was seeing this patient. She looked at me and said, “Oh I remember her. Hard patient!” And I rushed back to my operatory. There I dumped my pile of XCPs on the counter and was trying to take x-rays, but not only could I not get any of the XCPs to fit together properly, but I could not fit it into her mouth to take them! The images were coming up blurry and then like someone had taken a picture of her whole face which didn’t make sense considering the size of the sensor, I was switching between phosphor plates and sensors of different sizes and the only image that came out properly was so small it couldn’t diagnose anything. My coworker jumped in to help me because I was having SUCH a hard time and she took charge to get the image. I was glad to have her help but was also was disappointed in my lack of ability.

Then I was traveling down this dirt road. It seemed like a post or during-apocalyptic time. I was moving with around 3 or 4 other strangers (lady, black guy, all different backgrounds) down this road and we all start running because there was a large shadow coming up fast behind us. I was a huge plane! However, it wasn’t a threat at all because something else was and we all ended up running into this maze of walls, every man for himself. The end of the maze would put us into safety of the large city we were all traveling towards. I could hear the fighting and traps of the people stuck in the maze, but somehow I knew exactly where to go and there I was!

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Cousin’s Wedding, Prairie Dogs

We were on our way to my cousin’s wedding. When we got there, I had to hang out in this public spot. The place seemed more like the inside of a department store instead of a hotel or a home, the surroundings similar to a post-apocalyptic scene than anything else. Our designated waiting areas were walled off by anything around, like store shelving, book cases, etc. Anyways, I was in my spot vaguely with my family and one of my aunts show up with my youngest cousin. He has a disability, and my aunt seemed very very tired. He was making more noise than he should have but my aunt’s glazed and vacant eyes showed she pretty much wasn’t there. I talked to her a bit and she seemed sad, while my cousin was in the corner of my vision. He started screaming and crying and my aunt didn’t do anything, so he went over to a group of heavyset Latina women nearby and they were exclaiming over him, then asked if he was hungry and then the biggest woman decided to breastfeed him. I was like, uhhhhhh, and it took a while to snap my aunt out of it, and instead of being appalled, she just sighed, rolled her eyes and went to deal with it. I turned away, my attention drawn to the other family members starting to aggregate. Then it was time for everyone to head outside to the ceremony? Rehearsal? Pictures? I had no idea. Now this place looked more like a country club! I made my way out and had decided, having waited for so long earlier, to change out of the skirt I’d been wearing into pants. My aunt caught up with us and asked me where I’d gotten the skirt I was wearing before, like she liked it. I didn’t really answer her, and so she told me that next time I should braid the little long fringes at the bottom the next time and went ahead. When I saw my grand aunt coming out in a skirt, herself, I was like, oh, uh oh, is this not just the rehearsal? She asked me where my skirt was I said back there, then my mom told me to go put it on! Now! I’d be ruining the pictures! So I ran back (apparently I wasn’t wearing shoes either, just the pantyhose), through the doors, my male cousins standing at the doors, and actual ushers at the other doors. One was trying to prevent an unauthorized guest from entering and I ran past them. I put on the skirt I was wearing before (not the jean skirt, the tannish whitish one with the fringes), found some shoes and ran back. By the time I made it back outside I was super late. Then it was over and we went back to “our area” where I proudly told my mom that everyone liked my skirt, even though it wasn’t anything expensive at all, just a $30 one.

Now I was at a house as an inspector’s assistant. There had been a complaint about this man placing  prairie dog traps. He was only allowed 3 and he’d set up 15 around his house suburban home. We go to confront him, and he claimed he had no idea. We go through all the paperwork with him and my boss goes to demonstrate how it works and turns out, the inspector dives into ground and into the pipe of the trap to extract the animal.

Then we try to load my entire family into my car to go somewhere. I was like, huh? HOW?? My grand aunt is sitting in the driver’s seat and trying to leave enough space for me to sit there. No. Then my brother and sister pipe up that, whoohoo we have to use two cars!! I was like, obviously…

There was some repeating scene where I was supposed to meet my cousin and his fiancée, but I could never make it complete. It would just stop and keep trying.

And then I woke up.

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